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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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immediate alameda -- media to let people know if they are okay. the president has been briefed now. president obama alerted as travel from the u.s., through the atatürk airport has been suspended as they look at what happened here. right now it looks like two attackers setting off suicide bombs inside atatürk airport. we are trying to figure out if there are more involved. we will stay on top of this and let you know as we learn more. leon: thank you. keep us posted. now we turn to "7 on your side" consumer alert. a massive recall aimed to prevent a child's death from falling furniture. this is the problem for 30 million pieces of the ikea furniture. three toddlers have died. dozens more have been injured. now the dressers are off the sales for
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experts say if you have one, take action now. abc7's senior investigate evening reporter lisa fletcher joins us to tell us more about this. first, what is the standard? why didn't ikea comply? lisa: the standard is something that the industry voluntary complies with. each chest has to withstand 50 pounds of weight while open without toppling over. most in industry abide by the idea. ikea decided instead they would provide wall anchors, something common in european homes but foreign to most u.s. consumers. in a matter of seconds, a curious child climbs up a piece of furniture and suddenly pinned beneath it. >> i went to the dresser. i saw his little head pokes up between the dresser and the bed. it had trapped his neck.
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lisa: gaucheries son -- jackie's son was the first to die from the dresser. >> enough is enough. elliott kay runs the consumer product safety commission and encouraged ikea to launch a recall a year ago. the company only agreed to a repair program offering free wall anchor it cans. 300,000 were claimed, it covered only 1% of the product sold. they are offering $2 billion in refund to customers but emphasize the wall anchors for furniture are essential and have always been an integral part of the recommended furniture assembly. >> we think we can lead the way of changing the culture. so you are attaching the products to the wall. we think if we do that we have accomplished a lot as a company. lisa: for the fa
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happy about the recall and the message it sends. >> send it back. get rid of it. it's a dangerous product. lisa: europeans generally anchor furniture to the wall but it took a while for them to learn how americans use their product. this is a couple of screws and a strap to anchor your furniture. every two weeks in the u.s. a child dies from a falling piece of furniture, tv or appliance. 10 million kids a year end up in the e.r. leon: thank you, lisa. right now we have a list of all the models affected by the recall. you will also found out how to contact ikea to fix the dresser or return it for a refund. alison: we are on storm watch tonight. with the risk of rain and some thunderstorms. going into the evening tonight. doug hill
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afternoon. doug: it has been. we have had the bells rings for warning coming out. we heard another set of tone so we have another warning shortly. start with the big picture, severe thunderstorm watch for the entire area. metro area in pink. well north and east as well. you will see the possibility of severe weather in a couple of spots. one warning area from warren county, fauquier county. we are keeping an eye on the area. severe thunderstorm warning from northeastern section of quackenbos county to northern prince william and another one now stretching just to the east out of frederick county to southern carroll county. all the showers and the storms are developing ahead of the cold front. for the moment, the immediate metro area, we will miss heavy storms north and southwest that will move to the southeast at 20-25 miles per hour. the first warning in effect until 5:30. a look at the heaviest storms that could aff
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area closer to howard county line. most of this action will remain north and east of metro washington area. the ones south and west, plains to hay market and manassas stay south and west of washington. a fresh update and anymore warnings we will pass them along immediately. alison: thank you. heavy rains last night caused problems for the early morning commuters. this was the scene on route 1 where water covered the roadway. even trapped one driver there. the road was closed for four hours but reopened in time for the bulk of morning drivers. remember, you can get urgent weather alert from the storm watch team and it can be sent to your phone. go to and sign up right there. leon: the white house is calling a report by house republicans on the 2012 benghazi terror attack an attempt to tear down hillary clinton. the report is the seventh congressional inquiry into the attack that killed four americans. the report cit
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error before, during, after the attack. but found no evidence of wrongdoing by the former secretary of state or anyone else. chairman of the committee denied any political motivations. >> speaker boehner, nor speaker ryan have ever asked me to do anything about 2016 presidential politics. speaker boehner asked me to find out what happened to four of our fellow citizens. i believe that is what i have done. >> the best way to honor the commitment and sacrifice of those we lost is redouble the efforts to provide resources and support that the diplomats and the development experts deserve. leon: this report took two years to complete and cost taxpayers $7 million. democrats feeling excluded from the process released their own report on monday. incredible video tonight of the aftermath of a freight train collision in pen-handle, texas. witnesses say two freight trains hit each other head on there. nearby residents have been evacuated. others are told t
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conservative water so firefighters won't run out of it. at least one person has been hurt. three others are missing. we will keep you new information as we learn it. alison: a mystery today for metro engineers after a track fire last night at the gallery place station. the mystery because the fire was caused by a fastener. it was on the opposite side of the track from the third rail. so that fastener is now being dissected at a lab. the incident twice, though, forced the station to close. however, no one was hurt. metro meanwhile preparing for the next surge in the year-long safetrack initiative. this time those headed downtown or to the airport will feel the bankrupt of the track work -- the brunt of the track work. our abc7 metro reporter covering this. brianne carter has what you need to know. brianne: if you come here and plan to use yellow or blue line station next week plan alternatives because surge three and four of safetrack. on
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yourself with these. both the local and the metro buses. and also those buss that will be helping you work around the shutdown. the returning -- return of the weekday grind after a long holiday weekend will come with major changes to commuters. starting july 5, the yellow and the blue lines will be shut down for seven days between braddock road and reagan national metro station. then july 12, rails from reagan national to pentagon city will close for a week. crystal city station will be closed to riders. >> it will be a huge impact. it's going to be a bit of a mess. >> during both safetrack surges three and four, bus bridges will be put in place. express metro bus to the pentagon is in place for $4 a ride. the recently completed metroway is free to riders. >> having metro here to
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between brad doc and pentagon city, running at six-minute headway. 12 minutes offpeak. brianne: many in the area may think of the holiday weekend plans metro is urging you to think about the impact this will have on and off the rails. >> it has a major impact because you are cutting service totally. brianne: you can see the volunteer handing out pamphlets. this will have a mayor impact if you plan to -- have a major impact you plan to travel out of reagan national in july. we have more on that at 6:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you be. the first to know when there are problems on metro. get alerts sent to your phone by texting "metro" to 43817. leon: closure today for the mother of a man killed defending a coworker. this video from 2013 shows the
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shot and killed jessie chavez. today the two men who helped weems, learned their fates. as maryland bureau chief brad bell reports today's sentencing was a tale of three mothers. brad: vivian chavez finally knows all three men involved in the murder of her beloved son jessie will be going to prison for a long time. >> the torture of waiting almost three years is finally over. i am very relieved. brad: security cameras at the oxon hill clarion hotel recorded the crime in october of 2013. a car pulls in. a gunman named deandre weems jumps the counter and robs the pregnant and terrified clerk. the video does not show then 26-year-old jessie chavez, the hotel beverage manager running to help and being shot point blank by weems. it also doesn't show the driver of the get-away car and the lookout man kimfrey williams and rinaldo washington. with weems already locked up for life, williams and washington today
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>> it will keep them off the streets for many years to come. >> they made the wrong choice. they have to pay for what they do. brad: a sentencing hearing that laid bare the pain a murder brings. williams and wash's mother also speaking out about now losing their sons to prison. >> my son is not a murderer at all. i'm sure of that. god knows. i'm very proud of my son. i stand behind my son. i love my son. >> he is definitely sorry that the man had to lose his life. brad: we heard from williams and washington themselves in court today. each uttering a one-sentence apology to the chavez family. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: still ahead at 5:00, concern over noise at reagan national airport has been heard. how bad the problems have become there and the solution now in the works. alison: plus, a record $15 billion settlement for volkswagen. what owners need to know to collect cash from
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leon: the complicated return for former d.c. delegate and civil rights leader. why walter fauntroy was jailed and what it took to get him free. alison: first, though, how basketball coaching legend pat summitt is being remembered for the changes she made far from the basketball court.
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scott: breaking news update from the news room at the attack at the the atatürk airport. 28 people have died. we have been reporting that there were ten deaths and 60-plus injuries. we now have confirmation that 28 people have died. there is also video that has been accessed from inside the terminal. showing the moment of the explosion. you see it right there. dramatic images caught here on television. as at least one of those bombs went off insde atatürk airport. keep in mind this is very busy, the third busiest airport in all of europe behind london
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people killed. 60-plus injured in what appeared to be a couple of suicide attacks. one of the attackers opening fire with a kalashnikov before detonating that bomb. we continuing to monitor the situation and waiting state department news if any americans have been injured or killed killed in the blast. at this point there are no reports of that being the case. we'll stay on top of it and have more from the newsroom. scott thuman. back to you. alison: thank you. keep us posted there. meanwhile tonight a growing memorial to pat summitt, the winningest coach in division i college basketball history. her legacy extends so far beyond the court. summitt died today at the age of 64. after a year's long fight against early on set dementia. tonight she is remembered as a foughter who shattered glass -- fighter who shattered glass ceilings. >> we would not have the same opportunities were it not for people like sum sun
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summitt and led the way and opened doors we walked through. alison: president obama awarded summitt the presidential medal of freedom called her an inspiring fighter. leon: former d.c. delegate walter fauntroy is headed home for the thirst time in years. the civil rights leader was released from jail this afternoon. he was arrested last night after his flight landed at dulles international airport. now our d.c. bureau chief sam ford will explain the charges and what is next for fauntroy. sam: walter fauntroy, 83, walked out of the jail a free man greeted first by his wife of 60 years dorothy as well as his two brothers william and ray. i was a rather complicated return for a man who left four years ago for dubai and didn't come home. last year friends held a news conference expressing concern about the absence and comp tense of the d.c. former congressman, pastor, civil rights leader. finally over the weekend two of them viola bradford and williams f
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brought him home only to see him arrested by customs officers. his lawyers spent much of the day that maryland decided to rescind the warrant of which he had been arrested. i involved his failure to appear in court to explain a bounced check. >> he was charged with a criminal warrant for being a fugitive. >> he was happy to get american food. he wanted hamburger, french fries and a coke. sam: on his release he got in a waiting van looking a lot like his old self. fauntroy's handlers did not allow him to caulk today and said in coming days they will make him available to the media so he can talk
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last four years. reporting from loudoun county, virginia, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. leon: part of the country are dealing with wild weather today. in north texas a truck was split in half when a parking garage came crashing down in high winds. the storms dumped heavy rain and caused flash flooding in the northeast. west irginia cleans up from record flooding. large hail shattered windows and totaled cars in the eastern plains. in california crews are battling multiple wildfires. doug: it's slowing down. hour, hour and a half we'll be out of woods. get you updated on the watches and the warnings in effect. the area in pink, metro through maryland, upper eastern shore, delaware, p
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thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. over prince william court and fauquier county and warren county and fauquier under warning until 5:45 this afternoon. we checked the weather bug sources. biggest gust we have seen was 44 miles per hour. this is a look right now from the udvar-hazy center in chantilly. looking west to middleburg. you can see the rain shaft, the shield. there is heavy rain and lightning as the cell moves east. do radar tour. here is a bigger warning to the north. that will affect the baltimore metro area. this region south and east. juicy cell there with heavy rain. not a lot of lightning. something we are watching closer to the metro area is a boundary in the atmosphere outflowing from
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thunderstorm. if you live in germantown or gaithersburg, you will notice gusty winds here with a boundary passing through with a storm to the north. same story south where there are gusty winds. we haven't received anything, 60 miles per hour or damage reports. clearly the northern storm is the most active scraping through montgomery village. but most is farther north and east to the baltimore area. timeline for the southwestern storm includes passing in gainesville at 5:42. manassas at 5:50. brentsville at the top of the hour later this afternoon. the storminess will come to an end later tonight. this suggests storms at 7:00 in the metro area. watching the progression of storms we think it will move through a little sooner than that. the good news is later tonight the whole system will get out of the area. high pressure will start to build in. winds will turn around in the north/northwest and we will get drier air overnight. set up in fine sha
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couple of days with sunshine, lower humidity and comfortable temperatures. as we get to the end of the week showers, thunderstorms are back in the forecast. more heat and humidity. sunday looks dry. monday did look dry but now models are suggesting maybe a shower or thunderstorm late in the afternoon on the fourth. clearing skies for the day on tuesday. in you are thinking to the beaches it looks fine. fourth of july weekend. it's never perfect. most of the day on saturday, sunday, monday should be fine. can't rule out the late day storms on saturday and monday afternoon. alison: a lot of people will be there. doug: tons. alison: perfect place. thank you. leon: f.a.a. is hearing calls for more quiet around reagan national airport. we will tell you about a plan in the works to help turn down the volume there. alison: plus, what drivers need to know to cash in on volkswagen's $15 billion settlement for the emissions cheating scandal.
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clarendon fitness, lisa reed fitness, action fitness and you are welcome to call them until 6:30 tonight. 703-236-9220. i want to show you something. every time we have phone bank participants or volunteers we give them snacks. look at the snacks. reese's peanut butter cups. probably not the best idea. one of the trainers here said getting lean and trim is 80% diet. 20% exercise. reporting down here in the "7 on your side" help center, i'm kimberly suiters. back to you in the studio. alison: okay. we'll see you shortly. still to come tonight at 5:00, the milestone on the way for the national mall that will affect january's presidential inauguration. >> what the giant gadget is doing in alexandria? it has to do with noise. the noise that is making some folks plain crazy. we'll explain in
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. leon: new information coming in about the airport attack in istanbul. scott thuman standing by at the "live desk." what is the latest? scott: new information trickling in the newsroom via state television in turkey. that istanbul's governor says there were three attackers.
5:30 pm
detonated. this video of one of the attacks inside the atatürk airport. at one of the terminals as the bomb went off in the fight. there was gunfire preceding it. the scene as chaotic as you might expect with trying to get so many of the injured to help. taxis and ambulances doing everything possible to usher the injured to the area hospitals. we know the numbers continue to go up. 28 killed. 60 injured. those are expected to rise as wel important to note all travel has been stopped going in and out of the airport. u.s. travel included in that. the state department is urging any americans who may be in the area to reach out publicly via social media and let everyone know they are okay. it was just yesterday that the state department reissued the warning to americans about
5:31 pm
turkey. we are waiting to see if isis claims responsibility. if that is who is responsible for the attack. the big e news we learned -- biggest news we learned preceding the report there were at least three attackers in the coordinated detonation of bombs inside that airport. we'll have much more throughout the evening's newscast. back to you. alison: get back to chief meteorologist doug hill who has a revere weather alert. doug: severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for prince william county. it's in effect until 6:15 this evening. you see the area of red in the western end of the box. wind gusts. passing
5:32 pm
we'll update the forecast for the region. alison: there is noise in the neighborhoods on both sides of the potomac at reagan national. richard reeve has more on just how loud things are. rich? richard: for the moment, quiet. planes fly over here every couple of minutes. we brought audio monitor here to measure how loud it gets here. we are not alone. the airport authority installed one there, too. everyone hoping for quiet. gravelly point in arlington, aviation fan's delight. it's noisy. 86 decibels. you have to shout to be heard. a loud talking point for the
5:33 pm
neighborhood. >> it's very frustrating. >> you are talk louder. >> yes. >> ty'm just use to doing it. richard: christy says the plane noise is her morning wake-up. the flight comes every couple of minutes. >> we will often be on the back porch. if there is a plane overhead we stop talking for 20 seconds until we hear each other again. richard: reagan airport is busy with 850 flights a day. now they start at 5:30 in the morning and continue until 11:30 or later. >> a few years ago there were just a handful of flights. but now there are several dozens. reporter: a new air traffic control called next gen concentrate flight paths along the potomac. the sound is magnified. listen to the interview we did with jim walker. >> we are having to talk a little bit louder. it's hard to converse when you have the noise going over?
5:34 pm
>> you just don't talk. you wait until it's gone and then start talking again. >> mike is pointing now at the many, many flights that fly over the exact spot. we pan down back here for a second. we have all the way up to 84 decibels in this area. that is how loud it got in the public park. they are hoping for a solution in about a year. live in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you. alison: just ahead the milestone for the national mall as it prepares for one of the biggest events of the year. >> three, two, one. fire. leon: coming up tonight at 6:00, this is what the future of space travel looks like. how the test plays a key role in getting to mars.
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leon: the largest sellalment of its kind. $15 billion settlement. alison: but that is just part of the offer that is now on the table for drivers. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has what drivers need to know. jeff: the volkswagen settlement may be unprecedented but many drivers still find the of
5:39 pm
unbelievable. >> i'm really shocked. jeff: raphael has been a loyal volkswagen owner for years but maybe not for much longer. >> i'm disappointed. i'll be honest with you. i cannot believe it. jeff: officials with the justice department announced v.w. agreed to pay record $14.7 billion to settle the emissions scandal. the company admitted last year to installing software on certain diesel models, limited emissions during the testing and release up to 40 times the allowable levels of pollutants on the road. >> volkswagen turned over half a million american drivers into unwitting accomplices. in an unprecedented assault on the country's environment. jeff: more than $10 billion will go to fix or buying back diesel vehicles across the u.s. car owners can sell them back for the value of the car before the scandal or
5:40 pm
for free. drivers are eligible to receive additional $5,000-$10,000 as part of the settlement. some are disappointed in v.w. but not enough to stay away from the dealership again. >> the price is good. leon: 42 state it and d.c. reached a settlement of $570 million with v.w. which increases what the company owes and if possible, executive of w.v. may face criminal charges. coming up, the fight so save lives with newt gingrich and patrick kennedy are battling ahead. alison: plus the milestone to the national mall and the big celebration about to begin.
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leon: we got an update. the crews are nearing completion of the mall's turf restoration process. look at the live shot here happening down there. we have pictures coming in from the washington monument. today's news conference is
5:44 pm
the eve of this year's festival. you can see here mike carter-conneen is already down there enjoying the site where the festival will be here in a little bit. the grass is great. at least for now. mike: it looks gorgeous, leon. this project started in 2007 at third street near the capitol building. slowly but surely the crews are making progress over the years rolling out a beautiful green grass through 12th street. today we saw them press the anti-compaction soil for the next round of sod tomorrow. by next month all of it will be done. 522,000 square feet. this construction impacted many events on the mall. this year they have more room to spread out but to protect the new grass, organizers must follow additional park service regulations.
5:45 pm
people are encouragedded to bring your own blankets because they will no longer set up lawn chairs. >> we are trying to help the grass looking good and protect the natural resource of the mall. we are working with the park service to make sure that the changes will help the park flourish and make sure that the festival is vibrant for the visitors. mike: the opening ceremony is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. next year the festival will return to the larger footprint stretching from 7th to 14th street. we should note that is because the mall will be reopened by then. in fact, because the sod is so fresh, it will remain closed off. but all of this will reopen in time for the i
5:46 pm
mall, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. there was drama at the d.c. council today. >> this is wrong what you are doing, mr. chairman. >> i would ask members vote yes. alison: councilmember clashed with the chairman over a decision to table contributional contributory legally jens law. i would stop pedestrians -- [inaudible] if they are involved in an accident. this would change it but it may raise insurance rates. >> they are making hyperbolic claims that the insurance would skyrocket. >> they are seeing big spike in the insurance rates anyway and it
5:47 pm
alison: after the back and forth the council voted to postpone action until july. check on the roadways. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: you can see how heavy the traffic is on the inner loop. bumper to bumper as you try to work your way from virginia to maryland. getting to montgomery county. no crashes to report. this is typical for us. sticking with virginia past 395. past the pentagon you can get an idea of how heavy we are. a nice break past duke street. in the teen osen -- teens on 66. we are moving at a slow pace that continues outbound to centreville. talk maryland now. heading out on branch avenue from the capital beltway, we're okay. but you see the red line here? yeah, that is due to an accident. southbound on branch avenue. just coming in after route 301. we have a lane blocked. everyone staying to the
5:48 pm
side. heavy traffic for you. that is a look at the delay. back to you. leon: thank you, jamie. look at the weather. we have serious stuff out there now. alison: a very active afternoon. doug, what is the latest? doug: we need to monitor showers and the heavy thunderstorms moving across the area. we remain the entire region under severe thunderstorm watch through 10:00 tonight. drill down to check out the details for you here. the yellow boxes under severe thunderstorm warning. fairfax until 6:45 this afternoon. until 6:15 rather. the area over baltimore should expire here shortly. heaviest downpours are to the north of the metro area. heavy rain. look at the lightning on the north side of baltimore. we have a smaller cell but still capable to produce a lot of rain and gusty winds moving southeast across northern prince william county. the southern southwestern section of fairfax county. as far as the motion to the southeast at 25 miles per
5:49 pm
time for manassas through 95. including manassas and lake ridge. mount vernon should pass over the river at 6:44 this afternoon. few more reports out west from the plains, numerous trees down. from the severe thunderstorm at 5:15. fauquier, in the town of halfway, same story. the wind damage from the trees down in the roadway. the forecast overnight the showers will probably be out of the viewing area by 7:30 this evening. otherwise clearing overnight 62 to 65. tomorrow and thursday are delightful. no other way to put it. low humidity, bright sunshine. comfortable temperatures. warmer and more humid on friday and saturday. 30% of late day shower and storms. dry sunday. monday the fourth is partly to mostly sunny. late afternoon, scattered showers and storms possible. clearing skies for the day on tuesday. that is the latest. any additional warnings come out we will ge
5:50 pm
air immediately. back to you. alison: okay, doug. thank you. leon: you know you hear the term about people on the mount rushmore of something. today we lost somebody who could be on the mount rushmore. erin: great point. pat summitt won more games than anybody in college basketball history man or woman died this morning. it has been five year since she was diagnosed with early on set dementia in the form of alzheimer's. she was 64 years old. summitt never had a losing record in the 38 seasons at the university of tennessee. she not only had a major impact on her players but athletes around the nation including right here in the d.m.v. >> she impacted so many lives with what she was able to do in her 38-year career. she never entertained defeat. erin: remembering pat summitt. pioneer of profound
5:51 pm
athletes in general, not just basketball, to get respect there was. incredible legacy. erin: mystics assistant coach marion stanley was the head coach in michigan. >> i was 20. she was in her 20's at tennessee. we competed head to head quite a few times. i know personally and firsthand the competitive nature that is pat summitt. >> mystics guard ivory latta says she was recruited by pat summitt before she decided on north carolina. >> i met her. you are a kid in high school. i look and she is like how are you doing? i'm just like -- >> for her to leave the game at a young age is heartbreaking. but the impact that she left on the game will live
5:52 pm
you have a purpose in life. she lived that purpose in her life. death doesn't define her. her life defines her. all the seeds she left behind that will continue to grow in the woman's game. leon: absolutely. especially i love to hear the story -- erin: i love to hear the story about the impact she had on so many people. leon: absolutely. the seeds she planted will be there for years to come. all right. she will be missed. political opposites but they are joining forces. alison: the sweeping changes propose's in how two -- proposed in how two former lawmakers hope to help fight
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alison: "7 on your side" with health matters and helping kick-start your fitness routine. hey, everybody, down there. call the help center now. 703-236-9220. to ask the fitness instructor. we have the experts standing by. and among them a
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trainer for miss d.c., miss maryland and miss virginia and others. phone lines are open until 6:30. you still have a little bit of time. leon: now to a "7 on your side" health matters report. american academy of pediatrics is asking doctors the talk to teens about the risk factors behind suicide. similar to the story you heard this evening, doctors are saying teens living in a home with a gun are more likely to commit suicide. research shows lgbt teens are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts. bullying and internet can lead to it but can be prevented by identifying the signs. alison: more people now die from drug overdoses than car accidents. and so much of that is due to opioid overdoses. as we report, two unlikely allies are teaming up now to bring forth sweeping change in how to deal with these addictions. reporter:
5:57 pm
patrick kennedy the issue is a personal one. >> i have been under medication treatment for my opioid addiction. i had to find a doctor who could prescribe for it. that is very difficult these days to do. reporter: his partner in the project "advocates for opioid recovery" is former speaker of the house newt gingrich who says the stigma of addiction often gets in way of looking as it as a disease. >> there is a myth that everyone can will themselves off of it. imagine if we said you know we shouldn't give people insulin. they have to will themselves to the correct diet and exercise and giving them insulin makes them weaker. reporter: heroin was once thought to be reserved for inner city and back alley. with the massive increase in opioids like oxycontin and heroin and the deaths from both skyrocketed. kennedy a democrat and gingrich a republican are
5:58 pm
can block opiate receptors more mainstream. critics say they themselves can become addicted and the only way to end an addiction is total abstinence from any drug. but kennedy says that is based on outdated science. >> they do not know that recovery can be stability. maintaining a job, providing for your family. reporter: they are also fighting to increase mental health treatment and transform the way society views addiction. but convincing the former colleagues in washington could be a major challenge. reporter: this isn't just adding a drug but changing the system. >> this is a challenge to the system over all. how do we treat this illness? reporter: a question they say has been answered and now needs to
5:59 pm
news at 5:00". here is what is coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- 28 now dead and more than 60 people injured in an airport attack in turkey. what we are learning at this hour. plus, summer storms underway. the weather team tracking timing now of some severe storms moving through our area. it's almost time for safetrack surges three and four. the bad news if you ride the blue and the yellow lines and how it will impact getting to the airport. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: this is a breaking news alert. maureen: we begin with another deadly terror attack at an airport. this time terrorists hit istanbul's main international airport. leon: jonathan elias in the newsroom monitoring the latest developments. what is the latest? jonathan: we are getting troubling and disturbing vid
6:00 pm
out of the area. 28 dead. 60 others injured. maybe ten seriously of those 60. we got a video shows the blast taking place. we understand three separate suicide bombers targeted the airport. that is a check point outside the actual terminal. it was there that the man apparently lifted his jacket, pulled out an ak-47 and opened fire. when security guards returned fire that is when he detonated the bomb. again, two bombs, we understand, did go off. of the suspects we know that two of them, one of them is dead obviously. he blew himself up. the other one we believe was shot. again, live pictures of the airport starting to get some idea of what happened there. now these are live pictures now of the aftermath there. you can imagine first responders all over the place trying to help those who have been wounded in this attack. they opened fire at a crowded international terminal entrance. that was one of the entrances. he blew himself up. that was the video we saw. police ended up


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