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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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other hand, and los angeles, 73. new recommendations about parents for ways to reduce the risk of sids or sudden infant death syndrome. they should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year, but not in the same bed, and if the baby is held skin to skin for the first hour of life, the risk of sids goes down. the risk also drops 50% if the baby is vaccinated. there's new evidence of for young brains, and a new study suggests that even after immediate concussion symptoms subside in kids, their participation in school and other activities is affected by prolonged symptoms. some of the symptoms can persist for weeks. okay. some of you may remember a stunt this year when we tried to get in on the water bottle flipping craze. it looks something like this.
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>> oh. >> yeah. remember, there was a kid who nailed it? so telling you we did it perfectly off camera. the craze is not dead yet. thanks to duke university's men's basketball team. look at sophomore chase jeter here after being introduced. oh, wait for it. in front of the entire crowd. >> this is a performance. >> does he nail it? yes! >> he made it look easy. >> and the >> maybe i just need to stand. >> wow. >> we're going to try to up the anti. got it? >> i think i don't have the right amount of water. >> i'll try two. >> double? not even close. >> no success. let me try this. can i flip this one?
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here we go. i don't want to break this. or break my back. >> we'll try that another time. >> woah! yes! we need to empty out some the water in that baby. coming up -- >> i'm not good. >> nailed it. >> >> app 8-year-old boy's good deed that's reaching across four states. >> what cameron smalls did with his mother that's helping at least a few other kids bounce back from historic flooding in louisiana, but first -- >> gadgets where you will be seen and heard. it's all here on "world news
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"world news now" weather
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and lysol that. one man dead after scaffolding collapsed in hollywood, florida. firefighters rescued two other men who were painting a mural on a condo under construction. the two men rescued were dangling 40 feet above the ground. firefigh 75 foot ladderment one of the painters is in serious condition. in california, a full-scale investigation to the deadliest highway accident in state history. a dozen people killed after a bus plowed into a tractor trailer. here's the latest details. >> reporter: the search for answers in the horrific collision between that tour bus and a semitruck on this california highway. >> there was no appearance of braking. there were no skid marks from
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there were no seat belts on that bus. officials investigating several possible causes including driver fatigue, a medical emergency, or mechanical problems. they are also running toxicology tests on the driver who was killed along with 12 others on sunday when returning from a casino. passengers saying most of them were asleep when the deadly collision happened at dawn. four survivors of the crash remain here in critical condition at this hospital. the about a week to complete their investigation. abc news, palm springs. moving on now to a glimmer of hope as parts of louisiana struggle to bounce back from historic flooding. >> so this photo of 8-year-old ethan went viral after his family lost everything in the flood in august, but four states away, another 8-year-old, cameron smalls, was moved by the photo he started raising money for the family.
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mom 2 hours from south carolina to deliver the donations, $4,000 and carloads of toys and gift cards. >> because when you do good things, it makes you feel good, and when you do things for others, god will bless you. >> how cool is that? the mom overwhelmed, telling cameron your mom is raising you right. i'd say so. >> he collected the money going around to churches, police planning a visit. ethan is visiting cameron in south carolina. >> quick friends. when asked how long they'll be friends, cameron said ten years, maybe more. >> maybe more. the most beautiful time of the year for bike riding. >> with the early sunsets, social security also the most dangerous. we have the hottest bicycle gadgets to keep you safe.
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? ? with the weather turning cool er us and the foliage turning brilliant, october is the perfect month for bicycling, and fresh off this bike show in
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gadgets to keep you and your bike safe is our giz wiz. >> he cut me off, did you not see me turn or going that way? >> i see where you're going there. i can -- i can see you from afar. with the signals. that's awesome. >> okay. but wait a minute. there's more. >> oh, my gosh. are my taillights on? yes. i'll go back the. there's a way to be seen. >> he's hysterical. that's one of the new gadgets? >> it's $83. breathable, water proof, but wait, there's more. >> there's more. >> now there's a helmet, lights front and back. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is on your handlebar, and when you make tsignals, everyone knows. >> this is for the biker at night in. >> absolutely.
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>> good to know. >> these lights you can turn on and off. >> a little geeky? >> you know, i like it, and i don't have a bike. i use it on the scooter. so this is the helmet. if you don't need all the lights, so maybe this is more your speed. this is from fabric, an f30. this is a belt here, goes behind the seat -- >> oh, okay. >> have it blinking if you want. >> that's great. >> and what's nice about this, it'sar bike, but i just did it now, but when you start this will turn bright red. >> oh, okay. >> so the person behind you knows. that's $40. >> okay. lighting making sure you're safe out there. >> exactly. this thing, orp, this is the whale tail, and this is a horn and a light so you will be seen and heard, so if you want the friendly tone, you lift it up.
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>> that's the friendly tone. if someone is annoying you, you do -- >> wow. can i keep that for the set when diane starts laughing? >> i don't think she'll like that. >> or she starts singing. >> and there's an optional remote control for the handle bar if you want. >> okay. >> that's $65 and the little guy is $15. i met a kid, i think he was 12, invented bike tones, and these are a little get out of my way do yours. >> all right. >> that's like church hill downs. >> this is road runner. >> and bike tones are under $20. >> okay. >> and then -- >> this is great. >> biggest name in bike locks is crypt night.
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about it lock. it locks it on both sides. it is hardening steal, a pick proof cylinder. the key goes in either way. >> okay. >> you don't worry at night it's in the wrong way. go in the lock, goes in this way also, comes with three keys, but one is illuminated, leds, and it's covered in vinyl. >> how heavy? >> also for weight lifting. for areas, you know, where you don't want to lose your bike or you have an expensive bike. >> i love the name. >> they make one with a giant chape, but i'm afraid we'd scratch the table. >> all right. >> ready -- >> thanks for all of that, and if you want more on the gadgets, check out your website which is?
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? ? there were so many different >> now i have to see it. >> oh, man. it's great, incorporates everything, the new running man. >> oh? >> oh, yeah. >> all right. i i have to study up. >> brush up on it. new music to really old tunes that were actually hits the last time the indians and cubs won a world series. so -- ? ? >> the last time the indians won 1948 when truman was president. the good old days, the year the
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the way, and charting on the radio then, "a tree in the meadow," no. 1 that summer. >> oh, it's soothing. >> yes, it is. insomnia song. >> by the way, another fun fact from that year -- >> uh-huh? >> the first land camera on sale for inflation adujusted 893, an it's the year scrabble was introduced. last time the way, 1908, roosevelt in the white house, the american flag had 49 stars, neither radio or television invented, but if you owned a -- this was no. 16 on the charts that year. ? one, two, three strikes you're out ? >> can you believe that?
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the top of the charts then. >> only 14% of homes had bathtubs hooked up to plumbing. >> thankfully jay-z is here this era. going back to the future where there's going to be a special cubs fan in the stands at progressive field in cleveland tonight. >> cubs' superfan, wally, has been to every single one of the last 32 world series, and every time he wears his cubs jersey and cap playing. >> and this will be the first year he'll go to a world series to see his beloved cubs. >> i'll be more than one cubs jersey in the stands in cleveland this time. >> apparently they made fun of him every year, but this year, he laughs, and for those not headed to cleveland, the television coverage of the game, the world series begins at 8:00 p.m. on fox and streaming on
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this morning on "world news now," how the latest polling numbers affect both the trump and clinton campaigns. >> as a number of polls put clinton ahead of trump two weeks ahead of election day, the republican candidate calls the polls phoney and parted a rigged system. looking at the system and why trump is no longer referencing them o iraq, the all-out assault from the u.s. air force providing cover for troops on the ground. we go to the center of the battle against isis and how the never-ending violence is taking a toll on families caught in the cross hairs. traumatic images show a plane plummeting to the ground and exploding on impact killing the crew on board. investigators trying to learn what happened to the aircraft that was on a mission to keep others safe.


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