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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is a breaking news alert. >> it literally looked like a bomb exploded in the bus. it's catastrophic damage. >> it was hard to look at. it's a mangled mess. >> this was a major incident. some seasoned individuals in my organization said they haven't seen this type of wreck in their career. alison: right now at 4:00, a disaster on the road. >> it's tough to believe how the impact of this thing, six people killed when two buses collided. michelle: this was the scene in balti ten others were hurt. two people are still in the hospital this everything. alison: the mangled school bus and the m.t.a. bus were pulled apart a couple hours ago. jonathan: but thankfully there were no children on the school bus. we have team coverage from baltimore. kevin lewis is at the crash scene. brianne carter has an update on the injuries. let's start with kevin. what do we know? kevin: well, jonathan, this happened around 6:35 this morning at the brink of rush
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into a gray ford mustang on frederick avenue in southwest baltimore. the bus ping-ponged its way down the street, crashes through the black cemetery fence. and then into a stone pillar. the bus then crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding with the m.t.a. commuter bus that was coming from dundalk. this is a bus, not to mention the driver's side of the m.t.a. bus was sliced off. for the potential cause, investigators are looking at all options including a medical emergency, mechanical issue, distracted driving and/or intentional act. sean braxton, the driver of the ford mustang revisited the crash scene after being released from the hospital with bumps and bruises.
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>> when i looked up, the bus was right on top of me. i tried to swerve to get out of the way. by the time i tried to swerve to get out of the way to the right, there was impact. >> i was trying to fix the speaker. it wasn't working good. so i stood up to see what was going on. kevin: right school bus loaded on the back of an industrialized size tow truck on the right-hand side of the road. we are waiting updated press conference from the mtsb and police officer. but now turn to transportation reporter brianne carter with more on the victims and the injuries. brianne: happening now awaiting updates on the
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individuals brought here. at least one was said to be in critical condition. at baltimore shock trauma it was all hands on deck. >> i can't give you details on the specific of the injuries. but injuries to facial bone, spinal column. brianne: the crash killed si hospitals including one man and four women who are being treated at the university of maryland medical center. the hospital chief of trauma telling abc7 two patients likely needing surgery. >> the patients will certainly be staying with us. another patient will be admitted for observation. at fourth patient will probably stay for a short period of time. i believe one patient will be
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driver of the school bus is among the dead. in a statement, baltimore public schools said the driver worked for contractor a.a. affordable transportation. adding in a statement, the bus in question provides service to 18 elementary school students who receive curb to curb transportation. this morning there were no students on the bus. however an aide on the bus was extricated from the wreckage. brianne: we reached out to the contractor operating the bus. we are waiting for a response from the company. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. so to recap this terrible crash for you in baltimore. the first emergency call came before 7:00 this morning. that something was horribly wrong. that was the initial report. in all six people were killed. the school bus driver and five people aboard the m.t .a. bus.
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the time. ten survivors were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. another in serious as she mentioned. the ntsb has a team heading to baltimore to investigate. jonathan: more breaking news on the roads. jamie sullivan? this is loudon county. jamie: skytrak7 overhead. step out so you can see. this is some activity. you can see slowing traffic. that is going to be on the westbound stretch of the road. talk about what we have going on. closure in place. this is a fatal accident. if you live in leesburg or loudon county it may affect you. eastbound route 7 blocked off at route nine. the solid red line of slowing. traffic diverted to dry mill road. westbound is not affected but we will keep you updated to let you know how slow it will get. that is a look at traffic.
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stay with abc7 for updates throughout the evening. when news breaks you are away from the tv don't miss out. head to to subscribe to text alerts. you will get updates to the phone from the news desk. alison: a disturbing crime in stafford county. a woman sexually assaulted on the side of kings highway after her car and the suspect's car collided. we showed you the sketch on abc7 at that suspect is still on the loose. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg at the "live desk" with new developments in the abc7 newsroom. jeff, what can you tell us? jeff: we will show you that in a moment. investigators are horrified. the investigators are chasing down tips, social madia post and traffic reports to try to get the suspect in custody. and as alison mentioned in the
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major clue in this case. this orange and blue flannel shirt that they believe the suspect was wearing at the time and lift behind. this is in a rural section of the county. a few miles from the nearest gas station. authorities say sometime at 2:45, 3:00, monday morning, a young woman driving east on king's highway hit by an s.u.v. over. at that point, investigators say a man got out of the s.u.v., then forcibly removed the woman there her car. dragged her into a ditch. sexually assaulted her for a two-hour period. the man drove off and the woman made it back to her car to call 911. a stafford county deputy happened to arrive on the scene to offer help to the woman. here now is one more look at the sketch of the suspect described as a hispanic male.
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pounds, black hair and a short black beard. it is scary that it could happen and go on that long. no one saw or heard anything. >> everybody is pulling together and working hard. many, many resources are dedicated to the investigation of this. jeff: the suspect's dark s.u.v. may have orange paint on it from the collision and damage to the front passenger side. this. coming up we will have questions surrounding the collision before the assault and what you should do if you feel unsafe after a crash. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: closing arguments are underway less than 24 hours after a judge threw out u.v.a. administrator defamation case against "rolling stone." this is about the retracted article chronicling a gang
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nicole eramo claims she was portrayed as a village and wants $7.5 million. as soon as there is a verdict we will pass it along to you. in court today, embattled comedian claire mccaskill. today a key hear -- embattled comedian bill cosby. today they are looking at what evidence could be presented. the claim is he never would have given a deposition. a potential trial is several months away. jonathan: the battle for swing state continues. donald trump spending the first half of the day in pennsylvania. he gave a speech to pledge to have congress repeal affordable care about. trump will be in wisconsin tonight. that is not wisconsin.
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alison: we are looking live at hillary clinton trying to win florida. she is in did a city. she has two more stops tonight in stanford. and fort lauderdale. jonathan: we are eight days away from election day. we want to know how you feel about the election. are you just ready for it to end? head to to participate in the we have been taken the pulse of the electric each and every day. the votetrak 2016 hummer is in the swing states. brad bell is in charlestown, west virginia. what are you finding there? brad: we are in charlestown, west virginia. this is not a swing state. this is a state that is considered to be firmly red. this is trump country. but not in charlestown. we are watching people vote at
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the mayor has an idea about how to do something about it. there have been lines for early voting all day long in charlestown. people say despite reports of election fatigue, voters are tuned in. >> people are passionate about the brad: they are tired of the nasty campaign rhetoric. >> i don't like all of what is going on. i will be important to stick to the facts. brad: the mayor says in a town founded by george washington, the divide is upsetting. >> we're having a prayer service. >> she hopes when the vote is
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>> frightening to hear people say i don't like either one of them. we are still working on our story for 5:00, when we come back we will get into the issues. a clue, casino and horses. that is coming up at 5:00. michelle: wondering where he is taking votetrak 2016 next? join us tomorrow in alexandria, virginia. we will have reports the evening. jonathan: coming up next for us at 4:00, two shooting victims frightened by where a judge wants to put the accused shooter. michelle: next at 4:00, a little boy takes a car out with a spin with almost disastrous results. who came to his rescue coming up. alison: a first for butter ball. a new way to get help if you run into problems cooking the turkey. doug: on the first day of
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but the weather coming up may be more like september. we have the numbers in the forecast. seven minutes from now on the
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alison: did you see this video? frighting video from china. the boy on the car in the middle of the traffic in rush hour no less.
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miss him. a police officer comes to his rescue. the officer was duty and happened to spot the boy. my goodness. michelle: thank goodness the officer was there. michelle: to alabama. the pipeline that exploded yesterday is still burning. we told you this at one worker was killed and five others were hurt. jonathan: the man who say shot two d.c. public school administrators could walk out of jail because of a technicality. a judge ordered justin headspeath to a halfway house.
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next in case as prosecutors are scrambling. >> two d.c. school administrators were shot and wounded last january after they stopped here to give a student money. the student was about to take a trip. one of them said he recognized the shooter who lives here. he told us that the police a warrant was issued and he turned himself in. the judge is sending him the prosecution took too long before indicting him. one of the family members is incredulous. >> he is lucky to be alive. okay? his colleague just made it. my son was all right.
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shots. they survived but with serious injury. we have more 59:00. reporting, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: on a different note, an olympian and many activists are headlining glamour's 2016 women of the year. among those honored are the gymnast simone biles, model ashley graham and singer gwen stefani. michelle: also the founder of black lives matter are recognized. they are honoring bono as the first ever man of the year. good company. jonathan: "7 on your side" this afternoon with a consumer alert. butter ball the company that makes turkeys doesn't only want you to purchase the product because they want to step in and help you make it. in the past there has been a
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8448773456. text the number for help. the call-in hotline is open 24 hours a day. website features videos. so many people learn how to do stuff by going to the video. smart. michelle: your phone is greasy and gross while jonathan: wipe out before you text "help." abc7 is on traffic watch. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on it. how is it going? jamie: slow go in some spots but focus in on what we are watching. a closure in place. accident investigation with fatal crash. this is ostebound at route
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everything is open. closer to the beltway, this is 395. inside the beltway is a slow go. continuing south to get closer to the mixing bowl. you loosen up to duke street. you don't get a break from the g.w. parkway continuing north into silver spring. this is near the american legion bridge. you c stretch of slowing in bethesda. we will keep you updated but expect it will be blocked for the rest of the afternoon. back to you. doug: feels like fall. michelle: we are talking about butter ball turkeys.
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the next few days. it won't last a long time but close to 70 and maybe even 80. this is the story today. mark from rock creek sent a fall foliage image to and entered in the fourth and final week of the stormwatch7 fall foliage contest. get in on the action. tell us where you took the ima we have a cloudy evening. we will settle for 50 in the city. the future cast shows the
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the afternoon, there is plenty of sunshine. 76, 77 for a high. thursday, the winds strengthen a bit. as we head to the midday and the early afternoon hours. late afternoon the clouds increase ahead of the cold front. we get close to 80 on thursday. much-needed rain will move in the area for thursday night. that will clear out overnight. back to sunshine, breezy and chilly weather all 76 tomorrow. there is a 60% chance of thunder in the afternoon. a quick look at the election day weather. this looks good. no meteorological reason not to get out to make your vote.
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we want to show you video of the white house. there we go. president barack obama, his time in office coming to an end. look at the boy who turned the fact to a clever costume for the white house halloween event. another boy dressed as obama with white obama said i am not that gray. c'mon now! jonathan: very creative. michelle: bucket list status. trick-or-treating at the white house? alison: totally. jonathan: they did not get out broccoli. it's michelle's one exception where she puts candy in it. no broccoli. it's just candy. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:30, a crime alert.
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candy but people in the district last night. the series of robberies there and the arrest. >> why are so many men shaving
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michelle: because it's november. alison: lindsey mastis has more about the trend. lindsey: this a trend online as well. if you rook behind me you can see people that are participating. we have nick right here. i want to show you this. he is growing -- so basically he is growing it. this is not popping up. he is saying that november is giving him an excuse to grow the mustache. but he is trying to raise awareness for prostate cancer. we have another person who is doing it to raise awareness for emotional and mental distress. this the sixth year in a row he participated and he has raised $2,000 for prostate
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some people are doing competition to grow the better mustache. jonathan: we are awaiting an update on the deadly baltimore bus crash. there is a briefing and we will take you there live. stephen: scary people hit the scene and we are not talking trick-or-treaters. that's next. alison: new at 5:00. >> cafe aficionado in arlington but the coffee shot shut down last week following an investigation into credit card fraud. i'm cheryl conner. coming up why police think the
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: updating the big story, abc7 has been following it since 7:00. a deadly bus crash in baltimore. six people are dead after a school bus hit an m.t.a. city
4:32 pm
hurt. jonathan: there is a press briefing about the crash and when they do we will let you know what is going on. be the first to receive updates. just log on to a rash of violence halloween night. bands of violent children and teenagers left the victims washington. michelle: some of the violent incidents happened in georgetown. stephen is live for us. a george tourn university student said 20 kids, teenagers, children assaulted him. attacked him. beat him and robbed him.
4:33 pm
chief of police. saying there were youths that were apprehended and they were charged with a hate crime. >> they took them in custody after a robbery in northwest d.c. this was early morning incident. but the spate of attacks and the robber earlier. in 2400 of pennsylvania avenue at 7:30. eight turnovers or children, boys and girls attacked a man. punched and kicked him. the attack by groups continued throughout the everything in northwest. when the night was over, close to half a dozen people were robbed and left wounded or traumatized. >> they took advantage of the fact you can wear masks and
4:34 pm
>> if you hear something kids are so young acting violent that is sad. >> the young man georgetown university student injured and attacked and beaten on prospect street, the last we heard from him, he had been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. still seeing if he is hospitalized or if he has returned to the nearby home. we are checking on that. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. abc7 is fighting back against see what is happening in your neighborhood. log on to look under the "on your side" tab. we go live where they are giving us an update on the bus crash. >> baltimore is a big city and
4:35 pm
one relative from d.p.w. another friend from high school. another related to a mentor. they have deep connections to the city that makes the tragedy all the more rough for our city and for the families. i want to ask our city and those who are watching beyond jurisdiction to continue to pray for families as they deal i want to thank the commissioner, the police commissioner kevin davis. thank chief ford and the first responders who were here this morning who acted so swiftly. i want to thank the community surrounding the accident scene who worked with us to make sure first responders were able to get food and warm drinks while they respond to this horrific crime scene. thank you for being here.
4:36 pm
>> thank you, mayor. on behalf of the baltimore police department, we extend our thoughts and the prayers to the victims and their families but the coworkers as well. baltimore is a small town. the first responders fire and the police responded bravely and incident. they assured the first responders were fed. mountain manner a treatment center down the road came out to make sure that the first
4:37 pm
we got in touch with the first responders. it takes a toll on them as well. we thank the partners with the national transportation -- jonathan: we are monitoring a live news conference happening now about the baltimore bus crash. horrible scene. we will continue a live briefing on the sister station newschannel8. if you want to listen in, you can do so. for the first time since m hillary clinton in a popular poll out today. national correspondent lisa fletcher is in orlando going beyond the podium with a powerful group of swing voter voters. lisa: they want an economy that works for everyone. >> a big issue here in the state of florida. >> we need help with the
4:38 pm
>> their vote counts a lot. >> as puerto ricans continue to flee the economically distressed islands there are record number of voters in florida. >> as soon as they arrive in florida they are eligible to vote. so they are inflating the rolls. >> some have voter registration up by 30%. this is why particularly clinton spent so much time there. >> she has tied her economy argument with the cost of healthcare. and the cost of education. the notion of making everything accessible to them is appealing proposal. >> in the research only 10 to 17 percept of hispanics in florida support donald trump. most view the comments as offensive to latinos.
4:39 pm
we will get them out. [speaking spanish ] >> in contra, kaine's ability to engage latinos in conversation about issues is a plus at the polls. even sew for so puerto ricans neither candidate has said nor done enough to win her vote. >> there are things that are important to me with the election. but it doesn't matter because neither candidate jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- are you ready for winter? montgomery county is preparing. we will show you the mock snowstorm up next. michelle: more money, more problems. the british pound has a major flaw. you can't use it across the u.k. we explain where it doesn't u.k. we explain where it doesn't work after the fios is not cable. we're wired differently. u.k. we explain where it doesn't work after the we guarantee to make switching easier. we' show up on time. you're right on time.
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jonathan: this pound. it's attracttive as a coin goes but there is something wrong with the pound. michelle: it's too big. i will start circulating in march but the u.k. businesses are scratching their heads because the coin won't fit in most existing vending machines. why didn't they think about that? jonathan: somebody messed up. the automatic vending association, which does exist estimate it could cost millions to ensure 500,000 machines across the u.k. will
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coming up next shaking continues in italy. you won't believe how many aftershocks have registered just since sunday's big one. thousands are searching for new places to live. michelle: a big break in a murder investigation. two teens killed and others injured after a weekend house party. we broke news of an arrest earlier today.
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michelle: a developing story outside of mississippi. a mother and two children highway with no visibility street lights. seven others were injured. six of which are now listed in critical condition. neither driver was charged. jonathan: the strongest earthquake in italy hit over the weekend. the aftershock continue at incredible rate. several per hour. more than 1na -- 1,110
4:47 pm
the big one on sunday. 15,000 are in temporary shelters. 2,000 lost the home in the earthquake in august that killed hundredsment there are no deaths reported. michelle: first, an arrest in a deadly shooting over the weekend. jonathan: a house party ending with several shot and two teens killed. the news broke on the sister station this afternoon. michelle: richard reeve has a big break in the case. >> you can still see the wio gunfire. family members tell us webb wasn't at the party. he was walking home. >> terrifying shooting scene. six people gunned down, two dead and 134-year-old todd webb. police say what began at a holiday party turned to a gathering of 100 people in the parking lot. among them, 22-year-old bravon freeman the organizer who
4:48 pm
a dice game. shots rang out to open fire on the group. minutes later he went inside the building, got a gun. the police apprehended him at the if someone arms themselves and the shots are fired. jonathan: the police
4:49 pm
trial of council on american-islamic -- the explaine holdup in the case of deonte carraway. the case has been delayed. here is why. >> serial abuse of children are difficult cases. we work with the partner at the f.b.i. this is led by the federal and then the local michelle: this is one of the life-saving services you hope you never need. you assume you never need it. jonathan: every minute and a half someone is transported by a medical helicopter to save their life. some patients say the trauma does not ent there. consumer reporter kimberly suiters joins us with the story. this is going to catch a lot of people off-guard.
4:50 pm
kimberly: we hit a nervous. it's expensive to fly. medical helicopters are a flying e.r. with equipment and specialist. sometimes they land in remote, his i can terrain. even the patient -- risky terrain and patients are hit with the sky-high bills. upward of $50,000. >> i had my jaw wired shut for five weeks. i lost part of my lip and i had a bunch of things. pain as this helicopter ordeal especially because it's been ten months. >> that is rachel and her medical helicopter ride was $50,000. the report has been spreading and we hear from people. a i go called me today, $49,000.
4:51 pm
it goes on and on. we heard from the insurance industry. we tie all of this together. do not miss the sky-high cost of an air ambulance. back to you. jonathan: we'll watch that. thank you. starting tomorrow on the "good morning washington," kidd o'shea takes scene with live reports from nashville. if you love country music, don't miss it. steve: talk about the weather. a nice armup on the way that beginning tomorrow. cool nesh the northern and the western suburbs and milder
4:52 pm
i can only get better than thatment daylight's saving time early sunday morning from a sunrise around 7:40 to 6:40. notice the sun set 689 big changes are on the way. the forecast for the day on sunday. we have the across the bay 10k. starts a nice rebound. 60 by noontime. tomorrow is 76. 78 degrees to near 80 thursday. showers arrive. it's cooler on friday. don't forget to get out there and vote. there is no excuses. temperatures with a lot of --
4:53 pm
jamie sullivan has traffic. jamie: there is a fatal accident. so heading eastbound you are diverted to dry mill road. we are not seeing a delay. if you are on the westbound stretch we are in teens. something we are not seeing today is a sun clair. big picture is not too bad at all for the bottom stretch. we look good in virginia. this is just as you get to maryland. inside the beltway is heavy. in is heavy as you cross the bridge. look at traffic and back to you.
4:54 pm
four-letter word some can't wait for. snow. montgomery county mock snowstorm. we let you know how they are preparing for winter next. ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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jonathan: montgomery county preparing for snow. crews are running an all-day test of the county snow fleet before winter hits. stormwatch7 meteorologist josh
4:57 pm
response. >> we are at the largest salt barn east of the mississippi. today finally looking and feeling a little bit closer to winter. jeff, the chief of the field operations. we are in montgomery county for a snow rodeo. what are we getting ready for? >> this is a mock snow day we do every year. this is we are going through the standard practices to hit the emergency routes. it takes an hour and a half or two hours. we are not putting salt down. we have employees to get familiar with a route they will be assigned to. make sure the equipment is
4:58 pm
show. every year you don't know what you will face. two years ago we had 28 tomorrows but mainly ice. they are more of a challenge than six to ten inches of snow. every year is different. we are right on the line. we get a precip but you don't know if it is ice, snow and rain. everything depends on us. >> thank you. it will be 80 on thursday, winter is still coming. get ready for it. alison: a car accident turns into a driver's hour-long nightmare by the side of the road. tonight a manhunt for a sexual predator. a bus accident leaves several passengers dead and they count on a survivor for answers. local neighborhood terrorized on halloween.
4:59 pm
account of a teenage mob on the attack. >> in the last hour and a half police released a clue trying to find a man who sexual assaulted a woman after a minor traffic accident in remote stafford county. jeff goldberg is monitoring the developmentsments from the "live desk." jeff: a lot happening in the case. first, an update on the victim who is recovering at ho the awful crime. in contact with investigators. she did not know the suspect. the authorities have not determined whether this crash was accidental or intentional. late this afternoon, we got to look at a piece of clothing that could be key to the case. the crime scene is as an expected -- >> blocked traffic. looking all over the place. >> as the crime was horrific. >> it was awful.
5:00 pm
comes around often. jeff: 2:345 in the morning a young woman driving east was hit by an survivor. both vehicles pulling over. investigators say a man got out of the s.u.v., then forcibly removed the woman from her car. dragged her into a ditch and sexual assaulted her over a two-hour period. >> i am sure it was terrifying for her. before a stafford county deputy arrived on scene to offer help to the woman. the suspect is hispanic male, 30 years old, 5'8", 130 pounds and black hair and short black beard. he left behind what could be a major clue. the plaid shirt he was wearing at the time. the dark s.u.v. may have orange paint on it from the crash and damage to the front


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