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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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comes around often. jeff: 2:345 in the morning a young woman driving east was hit by an survivor. both vehicles pulling over. investigators say a man got out of the s.u.v., then forcibly removed the woman from her car. dragged her into a ditch and sexual assaulted her over a two-hour period. >> i am sure it was terrifying for her. before a stafford county deputy arrived on scene to offer help to the woman. the suspect is hispanic male, 30 years old, 5'8", 130 pounds and black hair and short black beard. he left behind what could be a major clue. the plaid shirt he was wearing at the time. the dark s.u.v. may have orange paint on it from the crash and damage to the front
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we are horrified. >> they are asking for the help from the public. they want to remind drivers if you get into a crash, you don't not have to get out of your vehicle or roll down the window if you don't feel comfortable. you can call 911. larry: the national transportation safety board and the police are w a news conference on today's crash in baltimore and kevin lewis has details. kess we learned the six deceased are between 32 and 67 years old and that includes the driver of both school buses. the baltimore police call this a gruesome and a grueling process.
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inside the bus. >> tragedy beside a cemetery as a school bus collided with an m.t.a. commuter bus. six dead. ten others injured. >> this man working at a nearby gas station heard metal on metal and dialed 911. >> i told them there is a big accident. >> when i looked up, bus was on top of me. >> the school bus a retired d.c. cop who only sustained bumps and bruises recalled his thought before impact. >> cover up. that is it. cover up. >> baltimore city public schools confirm the school bus driver worked for a.a. affordable transportation, a contractor en route to pick up 18 children. today a manager and a baltimore bus depot called the
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alive. >> you see the bad stuff that goes on. kevin: the baltimore police believe there are data and video recorders between the buses that collided. brianne: five of the victims were brought here to baltimore shock trauma and now we know one of the patients has been treated and released from the hospital. there are four women brought here.
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we know one patient is in critical condition. another in serious condition and two others in fair condition. in total ten individuals involved in the crash injured. they will work to talk to all the surviving victims. >> thank you for that. larry: you can get breaking news, text alert from abc7 on your phone. this is just sign up at alison: only on 37 a judge's order is about to put the man accused of trying to kill two d.c. administrators in a halfway house. one of the victim's family member says a judge's apparent feud with the prosecutors has gone too far. >> about to be released to a halfway house.
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justin headspeath the man accused of shooting his son and an administrator from roosevelt high that he is afterway house bound because of an order from judge lee. lee thought the prosecutors took too long to indict him. he was arrested in february and so he ordered him from jail to a halfway house. two weeks later prosecutors had 17-count >> the pair were parked here. trying to dig themselves out of a smoe bank. the man came up firing. 11 shots. the victim knew him because he used to live in the neighborhood. they were there to give them money. in a hearing this friday, he
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rescind that order. he works in the school system. who is to say he doesn't come up to the school system and do the same thing. >> the attorney declined comment. the u.s. attorney office insisted they were in time for indictment. and we see what happens on friday. i'm sam ford, abc7 >> a reminder you can track crime in your neighborhood using the spot crime maps at while there you the sign up for the fighting back against crime newsletter at larry: following developments in the u.v.a. "rolling stone" defamation trial. in closing arguments nicole eramo said they willfully
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disproved her story. "rolling stone" attorneys will make their statement before the your begins deliberations. alison: bill cosby was back in court today. the cosby lawyers are asking them to disallow a deposition in a decade old lawsuit where he agreed to answer questions if he would not be charged. cosby admitted to giving women pills or alcohol before sex. larry: seven days left before the election. hillary clinton has three stops in a swing state of florida today. her husband, former president bill clinton and joe biden and president obama are all out on
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runningmate will campaign in pennsylvania today. paul ryan was also out campaigning for the ticket. ja today's instapoll is asking if you are ready for the election to be over? you can weigh in at we are getting the pulse of the people on the road to the white house. we are joined by brad bell in charlestown, west virginia. hi, brad: people are tired with the national election. they are focusing on the local issues now. downtown charles-up to is in the midst of upturn. the mayor says much of the misfortune is the casino and
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the name. >> it supported the city. >> when we ask what issues matter to them they talk local. >> we need to protect the horse racing industry. it affects so much. >> elsewhere coal is a dominant issue. trump is ahead in that hillary clinton is anti-coal. that means anti-west virginia. yet a billionaire democrat is leading the race for governor. the republican is embracing trump. >> if your state leads the nation in categories like these you need more than a
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>> there is a line all day long. >> the most important thing is everybody get out to vote. >> well, back live, you are looking at the historic jefferson county courthouse where the voting has been taking place. it is closed up for the day. >> the votes are in, and by 4-1 margin hillary clinton is the next president. according to outhouse turned voting booth. they filled out the ballots. clinton receiving 413 votes to trump 165. if you are wondering pinocchio got two votes. alison: with this election
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an outhouse in new hampshire? whatever. we'll be here for the real election next week. this is halloween night at the white house. the kids love going there to trick-or-treat. look at this. a lame duck. very, very clever. one of the funnier costumes we saw. ther white hair. obama said i am not that gray! you took it way too far. larry: on the morning show we had a 2-year-old prince with a mustache. got a picture they sent to us. >> good time. >> not quite lame duck.
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battleground states and one that figures prominently in the last week of the election. alison: later -- >> i am happy to announce we made an arrest in one of the two homicides. >> a local police chief is making news on newschannel8 after a deadly house party over the weekend. >> month of november is off to a chilly start. i will tell coming up. >> i walked through here fairly late yesterday. alison: she wasn't alone.
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larry: two highway workers found a man trapped in the car in the the woods in ohio. alison: he had been there for two days. universities say the 38-year-old missed a curve, hit a tree and landed in a ditch. workers were removing a dead deer from the road.
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>> wi saw a car. that is when i told him to call 911. larry: the man was alert when flown to the hospital and is in stable condition today. they mend workers to find him before it was too late. larry: wow! alison: amazing to be >> wow! imagine being air lifted after an accident or medical emergency. the patients turn to "7 on your side" consumer reporter kimberly suiters to find a way to stop the sky high air
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kimberly: take for example a virginia man charged $46,000 for a 25-minute ride. >> you can't tell me it costs that much to fly a helicopter to the university. this is a scandal out there. the reason you haven't heard about it is realize they are being hosed. >> they are realizing it now. how do consumers fight this? we haved a vase for anyone facing a sky high medical bill. our special report is coming up at 6:00. see you then. alison: a lot of good information. thank you. >> shocking numbers, too. >> doug is here to talk about the weather today.
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>> yes, it was pleasant. then we turn to a new weather pattern. chilly the next couple of days are back to the late september. and warm. alison: again! doug: in the long run we set to a november pattern. this is from dave from waldorf. he made an entry to you have a few more days. the contest ends thursday evening. we pick a final winner announced friday mor the address is simple. go online to upload the photo to we will have clearing in the skies. look at the temperature trend. we get to 49 degrees in a
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november. by recess time we are going to warm in the mid-60's. we have warmer temperatures. the winds are going to turn south/southwesterly. to give us sunshine and push us to middle 70's tomorrow. in the afternoon the clouds will increase. climb to upper 70's to 80. then we will have showers and a rumble of thunder moving through. once again this will feel like november. tomorrow is delightful. 76.
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sunny and breezy. 57 degrees. roller coaster around the area. turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on night, look at the difference saturday. saturday and sunday sun rise and sunset. larry: lar i are will learn doug is a broken record. he will remind us and remind us. doug: have i told you to turn the clocks back yet? larry: no. doug: remind me. i'll do it again. alison: again and again.
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box to pull another one out. thank you. larry: first family is offering a glimpse inside the white house. alison: world series has a game six. >> d.c. fire and e.m.s. is implementing a pediatric system to save lives. i'm details ahead. >> a look at what is coming up tonight -- a new designated survivor. that is all followed by abc7
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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larry: tomorrow kidd o'shea live in nashville. that is starting 4:24 a.m. tomorrow. alison: providing emergency treatment for children can be stressful. d.c. fire and e.m.s. is implementing a new system to improve accuracy and treatment. ryan hughes shows us how the department is taking mass out
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>> this can be the most stressful situations for first responders. >> i knew there had to be a better way. >> training them how to use the new system for treating sick kids. it hemps them determine how much they need in an emergency. they go to the scene. >> the mobile application is customized for d.c. fire and e.m.s. when responding to a call all they do is plug in the patient's age and it will give the appropriate dosage on the situation. >> they have to measure the
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mental math to calculate the dosage. 50% of the time it's the wrong amount. >> this will be on every fire truck in every medic unit in the spring of next year. in northwest d.c., ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: still ahead at 5:00, battleground wi could make a difference a week from today. larry: then a metro station mired for years in the planning stages. >> the fans of the kids terrorize nation capital on halloween.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> a violent halloween night in district included a string of robbery by a pack of teenagers. stephen tschida is live with new information on the developing story. stephen: the most violent incident took place in the heart of georgetown on prospect at 34th street. a student walking open attacked, beaten, robbed by 20
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i got off the phone with m.b.d. and this crime is a biased crime. the university says the suspect used homophobic slurs while assaulting that student. police nabbed several suspects in connection with an early morning robbery at wisconsin and chesapeake street in northwest. at least a couple of those apprehended dressed >> i guess they took advantage of the fact that you can wear mask and get away with it. >> it prompted some to commit violent attacks. a group of eight boys and girls punched and kicked a man after knocking him to the ground. >> i don't think think were trick or treaters. >> this is just to get the
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>> a woman on 29th street assaulted when she got out of the car. they torment and assaulted a man as he tried to get away. >> it is sad. >> thank you very much. >> we move to the presidential election. it is only seven days away. in the last 19 months we have gone from the 27 major candidates to two. of course, the race is getting tighter by the minute. a new "washington post" poll gives trump a one-point edge
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that poll has margin of error of three percentage points. scott thuman is live from the battleground state of wisconsin. so, i guess off the bat, what do you think the poll with so tight. what does it mean for trump and the supporters. >> what i'm going to show you behind me is a of confidence from the supporters. they feel like they can do something that seem improbable a week ago. win wisconsin. not since 1984 have they voted for the republican in the white house. that was reagan. george w. busch came close. the trump supporters might
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>> they have a renewed sense of optimism or motivation. the other thing is everyone in line to tell me they believe there is a large contingency of the voters who are in favor of supporting trump but they are not vocal of on election day that will show regardless of what polls indicate. >> so we see people lined up there. how would a wing change the math here? scott: if you considered wisconsin leaning left, now people say it's a dozen or so, quote/unquote, tossup states.
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a mistake. it doesn't help to have the loss somewhere else. but it would allow someone else to win. this is a difficult math. if you look at the poll showing he is up by one. there is a margin of error. this is just one poll but it does change where we sit seven days out. it may deliver an easier path. >> with 80 days left of the obama presidency a rare look inside the white house's private residence. architectural digest got access to the second floor of the white house. in the past most images come from the white house photographers. >> there is a fascination how would people with power live
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you can see personal touches and how they want to live. larry: while each first family leave the mark but the biggest contribution is in the choice of the artwork. alison: fascinating. coming up at 5:00 -- hello cleveland. the indians head home with hope of a decisive win in game six of the w >> there are patients inside this shop in arlington. i'm cheryl conner with why police think the case could grow and why there could be more victims. larry: new at 6:00, the nationwide effect of an explosion in alabama and the warning to half a dozen state about the gasoline supply.
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steve: this is tuesday. we are looking to the upcoming weekend. a lot going on. daylight savings time come to an end and we fall back by an hour sunday morning. 62 degrees for a high on saturday. 63 on sunday. for those who may get up early sunday morning for across the bay 10k it starts early. temperatures are uppe the 50's. we will rebound to the 60-degree range. this is a seven-day outlook. middle 60's on monday. there is no excuse not to vote. beautiful day on tuesday. a lot of sunshine. highs in the upper 60's. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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larry: clay allen is in preview with very important game six outside the field. clay? >> no cubby love here.
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day and you wear a parka. this is game six of the world series. 70-plus. i have ball ricochet here in the cage. we met an interesting guy today. he learned his mom was ill and he rushed to her side. she later passed and so that 13997 world series and her death has left a hole in his heart. he says tonight if the indians can get it done it will exorcise demons and give him closure. i realize all of you cub fans
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you need to win tonight. >> it has been a great month for baseball. it's been exciting. >> coming up at 5:00 -- >> every day i strive to make him proud. larry: she has a heavy heart inspiring the team. the rising star takes us to
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i am happy to announce we have made an arrest in one of the two homicides. larry: you heard this first on news talk. tonight richard reeve has the latest on the investigation in the deadly shooting at a house party in capitol heights over
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windows in a terrifying shooting. >> back-to-back. >> six people gunned down. two dead. cruding 14-year-old todd webb. honor student at the suitland high school. >> i think he was on his way home and got caught in the gunfire. >> what began in halloween party turned into gathering of 120 people. they began taking part or watching a the process by which it began and it got out of hand. >> shots rang out. brian davis was killed in the gunfire. minutes later freeman went inside a building. got a gun and shot and killed webb. >> you can see that the windows are shattered from the
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they believe freeman shot the 14-year-old the back. >> he wanted to grow up and be a police officer. every year for halloween he was a swat member. >> freeman faces murder charges and they are looking for more suspects. his family is now planning a vigil in his honor. >> covering metro for you tonight. in the last two hours we learn that the planned potomac yard station in a received environmental approval from the federal government. the potomac yard station scheduled to open in 2020. check on the roads now. jamie is on traffic watch. james -- jamie: we have been watching two areas blocked off.
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the westbound lanes are open. you drop to 12 miles per hour. this is 66 outbound. we don't have to worry about sun glare. but it has been lighter in it's heavy throughout. the northwest corner you can see how much volume we have. no crashes on the interstate. >> plenty of folks are driving along skyline drive to check out the leafs but check out
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share your photos with us. go to alison: i don't think jim can win the contest. no employees can win. >> beautiful pictures. >> this is the long box weather time -- lunchbox weather time. we insped in the public charter school for a lunch box weather program. we give them a behind the scenes look of how to forecast and how we do this on tv. she did the weather experiments for them. running the kid cam was london mcgee. we have a question, a cool
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>> my question is what do you do to train to be a meteorologist? >> that is probably the number one question we get when we go to career days in school. what do you do? i will give you basic ideas. the first thing you do is the have the training. be in school. math and science and train in meteorology or atmospheric science. after that the training never comes to an end. everything is always changing and involving the business. a lot of it is outdated. if you get a chance to be an intern or any chance for weather as a hobby that is a good start when you are young. by the time you are old enough to get in the field it will change so dramatically it's
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math and science. this is going to change dramatically. alison: you get new certification. doug you can keep up with the training points and yeah, it never ends. larry: the erthing in common is they -- the other thing in common they all love t alison: i wasn't going to say that. >> a desire. doug: the fun never stops. you think you see all the weather. it's new. larry: thank you. erin: just like sports. i'm a sports geek. we have breaking redskins news. trent williams the team's best player has been suspended without pay for the team's next four games.
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policy and the program for substances of abuse. the skins have a buy and the home game against the vikings and the packers before a game at dallas. we have much more coming up at 6:00. no baseball. this could be the night. game six is in cleveland where indianaians have a chance to win it all. what do you t cubs force game seven? head to paul levota for your prediction -- head to for your prediction. i know who jamie sullivan is rooting for. the wristband remind a team to affect for the family affected
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>> this is team z. >> we wear wristbands, too. >> bulldogs are playing for the ziegler family. last year carolyn lost her older brother michael to brain cancer. he was 25. every day i strive to make him proud. >> today cancer fight. her mother is battling stage four breast cancer. >> she is a very good daughter. carolyn has her sights on west point. >> michael is buried there.
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this stands out to me. >> a leader for her team, her family and maybe our country. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. that is incredible. erin: the family has been through so much. so strong. we wish them the best. larry: inspiring >> volcano erupted yesterday and it still threatening the area. it blew ashes in the sky and erupted 136 times today. it's been dormant for four centuries. an eruption in 2014 killed several people.
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maureen: we have new information in a coffee shop credit card scheme. what investigators recovered in a search warrant. alison: there could be more victims. cheryl conner brings us the latest on cafe aficionado. cheryl: the pastries look fresh but no customers are allowed inside in arlington sis >> i don't know if it was because of this but this is a heck of a coincidence. >> the coffee shop owners were making more than the beloved mocha. they cuse them of using credit cards that were spent at cafe aficionado.
5:58 pm
thousands of dollars stolen. >> they carried out two other serge warrant in the 1700 of clarendon boulevard and another on ninth street in northwest washington. >> four or five times they changed the point of sale system. they would have an ipad swipe the credit card. >> take time to look at the credit card statement if it was swiped at the coffee shop. a man who lives out of the area said his credit card was swiped in the county. >> that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but at 6:00 --
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>> when i look up, the bus was on top of me. >> what we learned about what happened and the man behind the sweel. produce sky-cost of life-saving technology. what is done to protect consumers from death after an air ambulance rescue. a c man assaults the woman. evidence his want you to see. >> "abc7 news at 6:00" on your side. maureen: first it was a horrifying crash with devastating results. six people are dead and ten hurt after a school bus ran into an bus in baltimore. tonight homicide detectives join the investigation to find out what went wrong. kevin lewis has the search for answers.
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>> 6:35 a.m. a school bus slams into a commuter bus in southwest baltimore. the wreckage startling even to veteran cops. >> this was a grueling process of removing bodies. all six people dead on the scene. >> both bus drivers died in the crash. three men, three women all between 32 and 67 years old. eight investigators on the scene. >> the ntsb is assisting baltimore police. they note there are no skid marks on the road. they are interviewing the victims and reviewing the data recorders on at least one bus. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news.


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