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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: that breaki prince george's hospital center is closing its neonatal intensive care unit for the second time since august. this comes after two infants tested positive for a deadly bacteria. the micu was close in august after three newborn -- was closed in august. this time five babies will be transferred to another facility.
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in yesterday's deadly bus crash in baltimore. authorities have released the names of five of the six victims who died. this comes as the ntsb is looking for witnesses who may be able to tell them what led to the crash. sam sweeney is at the live desk with the latest. sam: within the last hour, baltimore police released their names, ranging in age from 32 to 67. one person has not been identified. you can see the full list on your screen. all of baltimore community tries to make sense of the last 24 hours. before the sun came up this morning, baltimore residents begin showing up to a makeshift memorial to pay their respects to the six people killed. >> i wanted to pay my respects because i walk through here every morning between 6:45 and 7:30. sam: most people did not personally know the victims but
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when you throw a rock in the water, it travels all the way back. sam: 24 hours after the first 911 calls came in, we do not know why the school bus did not try to stop you are the ntsb is working alongside baltimore police to figure that out. the first victim identified, 33-year-old mta bus driver ebonee baker, a mother and a friend. >> she was always full of sam: the memorial is expected to continue to grow throughout the coming days. once full, organizers will give each family post board filled with condolences from friends and strangers alike, a similar -- a symbol that the entire families with them. tonight members of the baltimore community are invited to a candlelight vigil at the same of
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lack upstairs to you. jummy: also, victims of the apartment explosion of fire in silver spring are suing washington gas and the company that manages the low-rent complex. the group is looking for money. lawyers say it is all due to gross negligence. >> that announcement coming today from casa go civil lawsuits filed. washington gas and kay management are the two defendants in these lawsuits. you can see the residence of the flower branch apartments in silver spring, still joined here talking to members of the media. they wanted to show their support behind the two lawsuits. back in september, casa
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it has now been filed as of this morning. some two months later. these claims are of negligence at both washington gas' part and kay management toss part. -- and kay management's part. >> there was a complaint launched by residents three weeks before the explosion. the smell of gas. kay management and washington gas did not do anything to correct that. explosion and the fire that killed seven people and wounded 30. >> attorneys say d.c. superior court was the most suitable venue to file. they would not say just how much money they are looking for. reporting in northwest, i am kevin lewis. now back to you. jummy: developing now, police in iowa have arrested the man suspected in the ambush killings
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captured two hours ago in des moines. one of the officers he shot in their car was from the morning, the other from a suburb of urbandale. >> it is as if you lost someone close to you. these are our friends. jummy: greene has a criminal record, including arrests for assault. to be angry for being it just for my high school football game for displaying a confederate flag. let's switch gears and take a live look outside. you can see arlington and the pentagon, a wednesday warm up on the way, which is good news if you like a little bit of heat for your fall. we now have a look at the forecast with doug hill. doug: i try to avoid cliches
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the roller coaster temperatures -- we were 80 on sunday, 62 yesterday, 62 on monday. now we are talking about upper 70's, near 80. that is the pattern we are in. 63 at reagan national right now. southbound window 6. -- southbound wind at 6. it will be sunny throughout the afternoon, highs about 77. we put the high of 77, the entire area a maybe it will be 78, maybe 75. it is way above average. tomorrow, a couple degrees warmer than that, all because of high pressure, send to the south, southwesterly wind, ahead of a cold front. we will get a push of warm air tomorrow, and late in the afternoon and evening we will deal with the frontal system, likely to bring quick showers and thunderstorms. a partial look at the futurecast -- we will stay mostly clear,
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in about 10 minutes, we will have the complete timing, the effect of showers and possible thunderstorms, and we will update the weekend forecast as well. jummy: just six days to go until election day. the race is tightening. the latest abc news/washington post tracking poll has hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat. maggie joins us from northwest washington with how the candidates are fighting to the finish line. maggie: good afternoon, jummy. considered a longshot candidate for many stretches of the presidential race. in the final stretch, the gap tween the two candidates is rapidly shrinking. as the campaign scrambles for as many battleground states as possible, the candidates find themselves in a dead heat. hillary clinton and donald trump are tied, 46%-40 6%. trump hopes to tip the scales in
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any democratic voter, who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. >> telling the people who have already voted in wisconsin and michigan, their vote does not have to be a sure thing. mr. trump: you can change your vote to donald trump will make america great again. >> five heavy hitters in seven alone. this after 17 events yesterday. pres. obama: if you disrespected women before you were elected you will be disrespecting women once you are elected. >> one message yesterday in florida. mrs. clinton: it is not ok to insult people. it is not ok. look at what he does. he calls women ugly, disgusting,
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from the controversy surrounding her emails by delivering a blistering assault on donald trump and the many groups he insulted. mrs. clinton: it started with immigrants, moved on to latinos, african-americans, muslims, people with disabilities, prisoners of war. >> also in our tracking poll, for the first time donald trump is found to be more honest and trustworthy than hillary clinton. jummy: happening today, jury deliberation in the defamation lawsuit against rolling stone magazine over an article about a rape at the university of michigan you -- at the university of virginia. if they rule in the administrative's favor, they will consider how much money she deserves and damages. she says the magazine portrays her as a villain, for reporting
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the article was later redacted. bill cosby is back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. his lawyers and prosecutors continue to fight over what evidence can be used in the june trial in sex assault charges. yesterday's hearing focused on -- coming up on "abc 7 news at noon," a child brings a note to alert authorities. what the note said and how it saved that boys mother. this all may be the work of one person. at least our political process has not come to this. what led a lawmaker to lash out. jamie? jamie: we are seeing a few accidents this afternoon. we want to begin with what we have traveling closer to the
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there's a crash on the southeast southwest freeway. only the right lane is back up 395. the capital beltway not too bad. but 66 in, you already see how we are helping here. this is all due to an accident just before the capital beltway. you can see it taking out our two left lanes. if you live in fairfax and are trying to get close to foster
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?? stand by me ?? vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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gy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ?? stand by me ?? announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: listen to this dramatic story out of louisiana.
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to school to give to his teacher, from the boy's mother, saying she was being held hostage. authorities were notified, and they went to the house where they found the suspect hiding in the closet. >> there is always a chill that goes through you that maybe the child was going through a very bad environment and the mother may be captives, maybe worse than what we found. jummy: neither the woman nor child were hurt or the suspect, who had previous warrants against him, is facing s to montgomery county, where police are trying to solve a string of crimes that may be the work of one person. a new video may be helping police close in on the suspect. john gonzalez has the story. john: there has been one of these break-ins pretty much every month for the past year, and montgomery county police are releasing surveillance video of the guy they believe was responsible for all of them, the first one right here -- the
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october. the guy walks around the parking lot, comes up calmly to the front door, and pops the lock. a few weeks ago, this is the last place the guy has hit, a dry cleaners. he jimmies the door and gets in. he does not break the glass. take a look at the surveillance video police have just released. this guy does not break any glass. he does carry a bag with a strap . he goes back and forth inside tremendously impatient or in a rush or in a hurry. police say once he is inside, the suspect is able to disarm the cameras and security system. these burglaries have been widespread throughout silver spring, wheaton, bethesda, colesville, hitting everything from restaurants, gas stations, to laundromats. police in montgomery county believe the same guy is responsible for at least 13 different burglaries. no injuries involved, but police
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jummy: there is no question this year's race for the white house has turned nasty at times, but it has not reached a level of what took place between lawmakers in hong kong. two lawmakers were barred from parliament but they rushed into today's weekly meeting trying to retake their oath. security guards tried to throw them out, but their defense. that set off quite the scuffle. i am sure our congress has been close. some folks wanted to rush the front. doug: that is the same back here in the weather center during the wintertime, when we are doing 8 to 10 inches, or 10 to 12. and it is done. jimmy has spoken.
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is a spring forecast, in the upper 70's, maybe 80 degrees tomorrow. then it will be back to november weather for friday and the end of the weekend. here is your hour-by-hour. if you're making plans for this afternoon, you will not need a coat or jacket. not to say you could not take one. i would never presuppose that. i'm just suggesting it is shirtsleeve weather. perhaps a couple degrees warmer at it took a while for the suns it has and it will stay around all day. we will wake up to temperatures tomorrow that are a few degrees below our normal highs, so a very mild evening and overnight, temperatures in the 50's. futurecast keeps us with clear skies here through the rest of today and tonight. we get into tomorrow morning, a couple of clouds show up. the cloud level increases for the afternoon. this model has showers moving west of the metro area by 3:30
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the weather could affect your drive home. afterschool activities tomorrow, super sales is your favorite store. but then it will quickly clear out tomorrow night, and it turns breezy and cooler. it will be in fine shape although cool for the weekend. at the bus stop this morning, 65 degrees. 70 for the kids at recess time. it will be close to 80 degrees. showers and isolated thunder will follow shortly thereafter. the next several days, 77 then we turned sunny, breezy, and cooler. sunny and pleasant on monday. mostly sunny on tuesday, election day. we remind you to turn the clocks back one hour as we fall back to eastern standard time between saturday and sunday. 6:41 a.m. sunrise, and then 5:02 it sets.
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day, all night, too. maybe i should be in alaska. jummy: or iceland or something. tonight at 5:00, we want you to check out a new series called "inspire," featuring young people overcoming obstacles and excelling in ways that should inspire you. tonight, a teenage dj who is heavy and demand these days. she has played at the white house and a list events in new york city. would you believe she was once homeless? help her achieve her goal. coming up on "news at noon," the impact of this explosion in
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>> the hard traveling vote track 2016 hummer is parked in alexandria today. we are in old town, talking to people about a number of issues in the election as the race hits the home stretch. we have been asking folks, what do they think of this latest issue with the emails and the fbi and hillary clinton? some of the responses we got at a local in teixeira restaurant are fascinating. restaurant are fascinating. we also asked about intimidation and vote fraud this election cycle. we will be live in old town alexandria this afternoon at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. brad bell, abc 7 news. jummy: we moved to a 7 on your side consumer alert about monday's pipeline explosion in alabama.
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and that is because of it. gasoline futures shot up as much as 15% tuesday. it will not reopen until at least saturday. there are apps for your smartphones for just about everything, but can they keep you safe? from sounding alarm to notifying your contacts, tonight at 11:00, scott taylor takes you inside some of these apps that could attack victim. and also tonight, we are less than eight hours from country music's biggest night, the cma's airing right here on abc 7. kidd o'shea is in nashville. kidd: nashville is ready for country's biggest night, all taking place inside the bridgestone arena, set up well under way. take a look at this video per this is rehearsal video from yesterday, when everyone was
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insiders, and they tell us there will be so many performers tonight, that you will not want to miss. including the first eight minutes of the show. that will set the tone for the rest of the evening. there are also a lot of awards. if the brian wins entertainer of the year, that would be his third win in a row. we asked him how he feels going into tonight's award show. >> if i win another one, what a night. what an amazing opportunity. you never put it perspective until you say no one has won three in a row before. kidd: it is quiet on broadway now, but later tonight it will be packed with people. in nashville, i am kidd o'shea. jummy: after the break, vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening.
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global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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jummy: here is some must-see is not safe to go back in the water. you can see a shark just at the surface of the water as the surfers go about their business. it left without hurting anybody. doug: no way. here is our story today. it will be beautiful, in the upper 70's. near 80 with showers and storms.
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