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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hospital because of concerns about potentially deadly bacterium. an ambulance from d.c. children's hospital pulled up this afternoon to take away the premies. in a statement the hospital center said the decision was made after two neonatal patients tested positive for the presence of the bacterium pseudomonas. they had a scare here in august when two babies died and they transferred the others. the bacterium can be deadly to babies. the hospital said it had done a thorough cleaning of the neonatal unit after the august shutdown. they found the bacterium in the water pipes and they treated the pipes then. but now, today's statement at this time there is no environmental indication or defined cause for the latest bacterium presence. therefore, out of an abundance of caution the decision was made to temporarily close the nicu. a spokeswoman told us the
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there are other babies still at prince george's hospital center but just premature infants in intenseive care who were transferred. the hospital says it will work with the county, state and the federal experts to find out why the babies tested positive in the recent case. reporting live, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: this is the second time the nicu shut down because of the bacterium. the f unit. when it reopened a month ago the hospital said it had new waterdy infection treatment, and filtering. it was discovered after a death of two infants. at this point no one at the hospital is blaming the deaths on the contamination. larry: a d.c. woman will be arraigned on friday on charges she killed her newborn son. prosecutors say lillian
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giving birth in a bathtub. her lawyers are arguing she is mentally unfit to stand trial. the crime was discovered when the bloody water leaked in the apartment below he's in 2013. alison: a d.c. man faces multiple charges after police say a security guard found a loaded gun in his 3-year-old son's backpack. officers arrested anthony child after the discovery tuesday at moton elementary school in southeast d.c. charges against him include recklessly emotional health. in addition to police, child and family services is investigating this. the agency says so far it has found no reason to remove the boy or his siblings from their home. larry: new information about the devastating crash yesterday in baltimore. we now know the identities of all six people killed when a school bus slammed into a commuter bus in the morning commute. richard reeve has spent his day in baltimore and he joins us now with what he is
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richard: so much raw emotion. this is the spot where the crash happened. growing memorial. look at the messages. rest in peace. god bless the families. so much hurt and pape here as authorities try to figure -- pain here as authorities try to figure out why it happened. a violent grinding crash. the schools but slamming nearly head on to the baltimore m.t.a. bus. 33-year-old ebonee b those killed. >> people are really stunned by what has happened. the emotions are really high. richard: active in her church active and the bus speeding down slammed in the ford mustang before hitting the m.t.a. bus driver side. charge city residents mourning the death of baker and her passengers. >> just in impact of the pain.
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to arrive, anticipating going home. life has a way of turning your life up sidedown. richard: the other driveer glenn chappell also killed. they hope to get answers from the videos on the m.t.a. bus from chappell's cell phone and other personal items. >> we want to get an the family members of victims on the buses. we want everyone to understand and know what occurred in this situation. richard: so many messages of love. you will always be my girl. that is for cherry yarborough, she is 51 years old. terance casey, 52. he was also one who passed. gerald holloway, 51 years old. there is a 46-year-old woman who has not been identified.
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why this happened in the first place. in baltimore, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: terrible crash, rich. thank you. an alarm tonight from the metro. brianne carter spoke to jack evans. why is he sounding the alarm. brianne: this comes from the editri this isn't the first time we have heard of a federal takeover suggestion. it's not the first time we have heard evans say the way of metro's board currently structured needs to change. in response to the editorial board post, time to consider a federal takeover. evans says while he supports change he says he would recommend something similar to the control board that took over d.c. council in the 1990's. he said metro needs a board with what he calls extraordinary powers. to deal with contracts and the
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fiduciary responsibility to the board and the jurisdiction they represent. he said he has been frustrated getting nowhere trying to work with others on the current financial situation at metro. >> we have to get rid of the governing structure and set something up new. realistically it is never going to happen. but again in response to the editorial today that is my view. brianne: in response to all of this, metro's largest union statement late this afternoon. the comments of jack evans on a federal takeover of metro to raise money and fire employees is completely irresponsible. yvonnes says it -- evans says it isn't irresponsible. it's just an idea. this comes ahead of a big battle that will get underway when the board gets to discuss the general manager's from oppose sal tomorrow. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: thanks. it isn't feeling like no. now not that we're complaining.
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stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing of the change. doug: you will cruise through most of the day tomorrow. by mid-afternoon the showers and the thunderstorms will develop. it's gorgeous out there. sunshine for longer and partly cloudy skies. temperatures are mild in 60's. overnight we range between 55 and 60 with partly cloudy skies. early tomorrow morning and midday in the afternoon we have sunshine. the cold front will approach. as we get through the around the everything scattered showers and the thunderstorms are a good b clears out and turn breezy and chilly and feel like november all over again. alison: okay. thank you, doug. well, restaurant owners today are uniting. they are trying to fight a push to increase tax revenue in fairfax county. this afternoon they met to discuss ways to convince voters to turn down the so-called "meals tax." it would add up to 4% tax on
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added revenue to the county would go to schools and some other county services. larry: "7 on your side" with health matters. new study reinforcing what many parents know. children gain more weight over the summer when they are not in school. researchers say part of the reason is less sleep, more tv, less time outside because of the heat. the study recommends more summer programs, limits on screen time and not oversleeping. alison: easier said than done. all right. coming up at 5:00, a campaign to the 11 dangerous intersections police say will become more dangerous just days from now. larry: plus, what happened weeks before a deadly apartment building explosion that has people taking two companies to court. brad: votetrak 2016 is in old town, alexandria, where we are hearing heated words about the election. alison: speaking of heated
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message that greeted commuters in the area. not this one. another one. we will tell you why police
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alison: hire is more evidence if you needed it of the high tensions heading to election. last night they found this sign. one of the signs we won't show you called hillary clinton a word we can't show on television. the sign is supposed to tell people how to early vote. police acknowledge the incident but say because no. and they spray painted trump the building on fire. the attack on a predominant black church is a hate crime. no one was hurt in the fire. members of the congregation says this attack is similar to those against it in the 1950's and 1960's. no arrests. larry: tough word after president obama over comey's decision to disclose review of investigation with hillary
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norm when there is investigations. we don't operate on innuendo and we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. larry: the president went on to say he has confidence in comey. alison: the political wrangling over the f.b.i. renewed clinton's e-mail case is creating wavers. so, too, of fears of election rigging and the possible voter intimidation. brad bell and votetrak 2016 getting your views on this today. he is out and about in old town alexandria. hi, brad. beautiful day to be out there. brad: it's an absolutely gorgeous day in old town. we have the hummer parked here on king street. we set up the soapbox.
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the legendary local eateries that has been here a long time. we asked folks about one of the issues you mentioned. who do they make of -- what do they make of the f.b.i. and the e-mails investigation. >> he promised congress if you have any information he would let them know. perhaps reopen the investigation. that's what happened. i agree with that. >> i it troubles me. i think director comey made a mistake in july and he has compounded that. >> it went away now it's getting closer and closer for everyone to cast a vote. now let's bring it back. it's just something they are trying to defer people away from voting. >> i feel that the f.b.i. is
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their job. brad: as we have been saying we are offering people a soapbox. an open mic on the election. a little while ago extraordinary thing happened. with we waiting to do a live spot and two people came by and aggressively attacked us saying in fact we are not reporting the truth. so when we come back at 6:00, on the 6:00 news you will hear from some of the people who say there are problems with how the election is in alexandria, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. of course, you can join the conversation about the election. just use the hashtag. tomorrow watch for brad and votetrak 2016 in georgetown, maryland, as we count down to final days until the election. larry: getting close. alison: finally. larry: finally. yeah. alison: all right. meanwhile it feels like what? late summer? doug: yeah. end of september.
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then we get back to where we should be this time of year. this is a time lapse from idaho avenueoff wisconsin. this is 70 degrees now. it has take an good part of the day to clear it out. votetrakbut it cleared out inde. i turned into a beautiful area. 70 in northwest washington. other area temperatur are heading out this weekend after work, to dine outside. west of the city especially, much warmer temperatures. it has to do with the wind directions. 66 in annapolis. 65 in lexington park. patuxent river naval air station. warm weather. we will see all of it repeat tomorrow before the cold front arrives. so our forecast through the everything is mild. partly cloudy skies. slow and a steady drop tonight
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we start the day with sunshine. we see clouds increase. 56 in georgetown and ashburn. 58 in dale city. waldorf is 57. largo, 58 by early tomorrow morning. the future cast shows clouds approaching as we get through the day. this is set on 8:00. some clouds to the south and to the west. partly sunny and really build temperatures up. by the mid-afternoon. everything changes. the front wi most cold fronts showers develop ahead of the front. they accompany the front when it goes through. on the weather map, cold front is a straight line. the frontal area could be 60, 70, 80 miles wide. it takes a few hours to move through. we have showers here by 7:30 in the everything. but by that time the winds kick northwest. that is bringing in the gusty winds and the cooler and drier air. that will set the stage for the return of november,
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plenty of sunshine. chilly. you can track the radar yourself. you can track it on your phone. it's available on app store and google play. as far as what we check for the morning. it should be great for the kids. partly cloudy skies. pickup time. 73 at recess. close to 80 dismissal time. right as the schools get out is the time we expect the showers and move in the area. the forecast for seven days, 79 tomorrow. 57 with a breeze on friday. weekend is terrific. lower to mid-60's with sunshine. monday is beautiful. tuesday, election day. gorgeous. 65 with sunshine. maybe a shower on wednesday. another reminder that saturday night before you go to bed turn your clocks back one hour as we turn to eastern standard time. sunrise saturday and sunday. sunset saturday and sunday. you see the difference.
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smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide monitors, too. alison: good reminder. all right. see you in a few. still ahead right here, why 11 dangerous intersections in one local county will get more dangerous in the coming days. larry: plus, a devastating explosion that claimed seven lives. what happened weeks earlier that has survivors going to court and demanding justice. kidd: good evening. i'm kidd o'shea live in nashville for the c.m.a.'s. we have your preview of
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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alison: taylor swift tourette has her anywhere but in the red. forbes said the 26-year-old performer pulled in $170 million thi that is tops on the highest paid women in music list. it's double the income of the second person on the list who happens to be adele. can you believe that? madonna, rihanna and beyonc? round out the top five. alison: incredible. she is 26. larry: just getting started. alison: speaking of the stars, the stars are going to be out in nashville tonight in the 50th annual c.m.a. awards.
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kidd o'shea joins us from the red carpet. you have been rubbing elbows with the biggest stars out there. kidd: that is correct. good evening to you. this is quiet right now. the country stars and the selects are at home still getting ready for tonight's big show. we are hearing a lot of rumors about the big acts that will be showing up. i thought up with laura spencer from "good morning america" this morning and gave away a hint of who we may see on stage tonight. >> hey, the c.m.a.'s? >> hey. >> you handed out c.m.a.'s. >> he was dominated in both categories that we handed out live on g.m.a. i was happy to open up the second envelope for musical event of the year. i knew he was five feet behind me. it was a treat to share that with him live.
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you had to leave. you couldn't stay for the red carpet. >> i have been to 21 oscars and never c.m.a. i feel like a giddy school year. i love country music and i love the energy and i love nashville. kidd: hollywood is here tonight, and the biggest stars are here. oscar winners do you think? musical act who might be considered royalty by some. celebrate 50 years of c.m.a.'s and dolly parton. kidd: the celebrity some consider royalty she may have
5:25 pm
be beyonc? to perform tonight. don't miss the first eight minutes of the show for collaborations and so much more. live on the red carpet. we have more after 6:00. larry: you can watch the c.m.a.'s tonight. alison: coming up at intersections -- 11 intersections dangerous for pedestrians and the police say the risk will increase days from now. larry: plus, a story to inspire you. homeschool student by day, d.j. by night. the local teenager whose career is taking off and sacrifices that help make it happen. >> i will explain why washington gas and the owner of the apartment complex had a rough wednesday when "abc7
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? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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announcer: you're watching "7 on your side." larry: unforgettable site. the residents are fighting back. today they filed a pair of lawsuits against companies
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people and leveled a building. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis following new developments. >> yes, we can. >> explosion survivors chanted outside of washington gas d.c. headquarters as building security guards kept a watchful eye. seven people died. >> the group's anticipated announcement, two civil lawsuits filed today in d.c.'s superior court against management, accusing both of ignoring residents' complaints about the smell of natural gas. >> my apartment lost everything. >> this man came home to a fiery destruction. this woman rescued from it. both are covered by the lawsuits. >> all of my property damage. everything.
5:30 pm
practice law. today kay management said the apartments are well kept and the residents well cared for. washington gas claims it can't talk to pending ntsb investigation. >> we are equals in court and we will take washington gas to court and kay management to court and get justice for the people. >> a tarped covered chain linked fence still surrounds the devastated building there is no word on demolition plans. we know the federal investigation will likely go through next summer. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: police in montgomery county hope surveillance video help catch a sue burglar. they believe the same man broke into 13 different businesses in the past year. the recent burglary took place
5:31 pm
burtonsville. no one has been hurt in the crimes. larry: community in mourning after the ambush killing of two police officers. officeer justin martin and sergeant tony beminio were downed down this morning. the suspected killer cary greene captured near des moines several hours later. police say he surrendered. >> he has been taken to the hospital as >> they are looking into a youtube video that shows a man believed to be greene angry over being ejected from a high school football game for displaying a confederate flag. alison: now a dramatic story out of louisiana where a school note saved a mother's life. it started with 11-year-old boy bringing a note for his teacher. the note was a cry for help from the boy's mother who sid she was being held hostage.
5:32 pm
found suspected kidnapper hiding in a closet. >> there is a chill that goes through you when you understand the child may have been going through a bad environment. alison: the suspect is behind bars facing a long list of criminal charges. larry: now to a series called "inspire." people with ways to inspire you. alison: we talk to a cash-strapped d.c. family forced to make tough choices to help the daughter with what at the time was a hobby for her. the outcome is a sweet melody that the family would never want to remix. >> they like to underestimate me because i'm a female.
5:33 pm
will smith. i have events three or four times a week. >> home school by day. she is nowed as d.j. beauty and the beats is 15. she masters her mixes in the living room. she started scratching at 6:00. >> my first dig was at age eight. >> we don't have a choice. we have to back >> every day is filled filled wh music but the sound wasn't so sweet. when the mom and dad lost their jobs the records almost stopped spinning. >> when the market crashed
5:34 pm
we ate noodles. we couldn't afford meat. is there we had turn tables. >> the needles keep break something we had to find needles. this is an investment. >> they were forced to restart and rebuild. now others taking notice of d.j. beauty and the beats. >> i'm proud of how far she has come. >> i want to be a traveling d.j. i want to venture as a d.j. and be entrepreneurial overall and produce music for artists. >> i would encourage parents to invest in your kids. >> she is driven and has a great support system. d.j. beauty and the beats is a radio d.j. that is one way to listen to the mixes. she is in a new add for smithsonian. is there someone who inspires you that has overcome great challenges and now they help
5:35 pm
larry: michelle, thanks. i'm inspired by her and the whole family. alison: i love she said we don't have a choice. she is so good at what she does. i can't wait to see what she does. larry: a growing danger in a local community. the intersections police crack down on now to prevent tragedy with the dangers increase in days. alison: plus, the chicago cubs force a game sevn. in cleveland. tonight they have a date with destiny. we are live outside the ballpark up next. >> the d.c. council passed legislation to make voter registration automatic in the district. i'm mike carter-conneen.
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steve: here we are already wednesday looking forward to the upcoming weekend. it promises to be nice out there. lower 60's on saturday. good deal of sunshine. sunday, you will get an extra hour to enjoy it. daylight savings time comes to an ends. we fall back by an hour. temperatures around 65 degrees in the midday. don't forget about across the bay 10k on sunday. cool start. upper 40's. making it to 60 by the noontime hour. take you out with a look at the storm watch 7 extended outloo 62 on monday. election day tuesday is dry with the temperatures around 65 degrees. chance for a few showers on wednesday.
5:39 pm
larry: clay hall has a preview of game seven tonight, cubs and indians. winner take all.
5:40 pm
we are going to play the biggest game in baseball weather. lebron james often says there is no two better words in sports than game seven. this is an epic game seven. stub hub reports that th dugout for $19,500. each. each. if saving grace for the
5:41 pm
their ace. corey kluber has already won two games in the world series. he goes for a third tonight. it hasn't been done since 18968. the tigers beating the cardinals. they have the ace reliever in miller, the american league championship series m.v.p. this place will play to 38,000 folks, a little over. but in ten to 20 years may be a hundred or a million people who said they were hear for the great game seven in 2016. larry: i grew up a cubs fan in illinois so this is haley's comet for me. i don't root anymore but i root for them to bin but i think the indians will take it. kluber has been unbelievable. alison: we will see what happens. you do know sports.
5:42 pm
people at the center of the world series. other than larry. as robert burton looks ahead to game seven and a big night for d.c. sports as well. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner on a walk along with the police as they catch pedestrians moving outside of the crosswalk.
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larry: sunset is a short time from now. but after sunday's time change the dark comes earlier. that is causing concern in fairfax county where the pedestrian deaths rivals the number of homicides. cher cracking down on jaywalkers searching for a short cut. cheryl: right in front of police officers in uniform we spotted people crossing against the light. it's exactly what fairfax county police are targeting. >> i shouldn't have to walk all the way down there to come back to my house. >> he tried to argue his case but he still got a ticket. >> i don't have money to pay tickets all the time for something they once in a while
5:46 pm
cheryl: the turnpike has been identified as dangerous based on the number of serious and the deadly pedestrian crashes in the last five years. more than five in the area. >> you need to be predictable. that is crossing where people expect to see you. people might misjudge how much distance a car can travel at the speed limit. chyles lieutenant says drivers need to watch their studies show pedestrians are more likely to survive with a car hits them going 42 versus 50. >> we spotted a couple walking. anthony makes a happen out of jaywalking because it's convenient. he was given a safety reminder around a warning. >> it's cool to see cops out when they are friendly. cheryl: fairfax county mapped out 11 troubled areas based on the crash rate.
5:47 pm
increase walkers and drivers as the days get walker and walking near traffic is riskier. >> cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: let's check on the roadways. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. >> it has been rough in virginia especially this afternoon as well as into the rush this evening. as you head south under 40ment from the beltway to the occoquan. are used to, what we usually would see. this is the 14th street bridge. we have slowing heading inbound. you see flashing lights right there. that is the right lane taken out with an accidented. northbound traffic is slow. but outbound past the pentagon to the mixing bowl i should say were slow. it's jammed from the mixing
5:48 pm
we are seeing slowing. no crashes to report here but a lot of volume we see this evening. that is a look at traffic. back to you. larry: okay. thanks. back to breaking news. 30 children taken to the hospital after an incident on board a school bus. stephen tschida joining us live from the scene. what can you tell us? stephen: 14 children were taken to the hospital for evaluation as the school bus pulled of the of the elementary school here. a child was showing another child a canister of pepper spray and it went off. that is what the authorities are telling us went down. 14 students taken to the hospital to be evaluated with not serious issues going on we understand. the others were taken into the school. the parents came and got them. at this point appears to have been an accident.
5:49 pm
went off and that caused confusion and concern. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. let's switch gears and talk about the weather now. larry: i was sweating this afternoon as i walk into work. that is about to change. doug: one more warm day where it's close to 80 tomorrow. 60's with clear skies. the forecast only calling for temperatures to drop between 55 and 60 overnight. partly cloudy. winds diminish. very pleasant. cold front approaches. before the front gets here in the mid-to-the late afternoon. we have sunshine and warm winds. we push to near 80 in many
5:50 pm
later tonight it will clear out. look at the five-day temperature trend. 79 tomorrow. boom. 57 on friday. low 60's like we should be as we go through the weekend next week. re back an hour as we fall back to the eastern standard time. 6:03 sunset on saturday. 5:02 on sunday. the weather for early november looks spectacular. across the viewing area temperatures in the mid-60's and sunshine. that is the latest. back to you. larry: busy night in sports. game seven of the world series. and the wizards home opener at verizon center.
5:51 pm
win of the season tonight? robert: if they do it's not a takewalk. they are opening up at home against the raptors who went to the finals and lost to the champions cleveland cavaliers, lebron james. i step out of the way. players on the floor to get warm-up. bradley beal the wizards are 0-2 coming in to tonight. we talk to the wizard guard about the urgency tonight. >> everyone moderated more. after the two losses we were close. we played good game but we had bad moments in the game. >> scott brooks calling this a must-win or no? >> said in the locker room, someone said in the locker room a must win.
5:52 pm
comes from. we want to open in best way and thinking about a victory. robert: hopefully they get a big win. the other big game is game seven, cleveland indians and the cubs. that brings us to the instapoll question. who do you think will take it all? who will win the world series and who has a big champagne party by the end of the night. to vote on that, go here is what the indans manager terry flancona said about the never in game years game seven. >> i don't think momentum is part of the equation tonight. every game is its own entity. i felt like that even when we won a couple in a row. the pitchers tonight have a
5:53 pm
momentum stay when the game starts in a neutral direction. hopefully ours. robert: tell larry i was a southsider growing up. i think he knows that. i can't say "go cubs." larry: you can. break out for once. you can. it's okay. just between you and me. i won't tell anybody else. alison: i don't think it will happen. don't hold your breath. all right. good to see you. larry: nice job. alison: coming up next at i'm kellye lynn in northeast where the students are improving reading ability thanks to a special partner. i'll tell you about it coming
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my giant. alison: reading is the foundation of learning. today kellye lynn looks at a program designed to bring
5:57 pm
>> excellent. keep going. kellye: 7-year-old cracker makes reading a priority -- 7-year-old clark makes reading a priority to read a book every day. he is doing exactly that with the help of an organization known as the reading partners. >> students enrolled are a few months behind grade level in reading to two and a half years behind the grade level in reading. we work with a tailored year to close literacy gap. kellye: it places volunteers tutors in the neediest schools. the goal is to have them reading at the grade level by the fourth grade. how important are the strong reading skills? students who are not reading at grade level by the fourth grade are four times more lakely to not graduate for high school on time. >> they get the individualized attention something that a class room teacher with multiple students can't
5:58 pm
invited reading partners to share detail of success to my brother's keeper showcase. >> 87% of the students in the past year were able to gain essentials it will rasly skills they need to be on track to be proficient reading. kellye: partnership to promote reading and being successful in life. alison: if you would like to learn more or volunteer as a tutor go to that is it for us at 5:00. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a hospital nicu shut down for a second time. the bacteria that is causing concern and what is done about it. plus an alarming situation at d.c. elementary school. how did a 3-year-old end up
5:59 pm
backpack. and who is suggesting a complete overhaul of metro? that is next as "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: first at 6:00, a loaded semi-automatic gun at elementary school. a security guard found it in a toddler's backpack this week. maureen: the child's father is under arrest and the school comm us -- q mccray is joining us live with the investigation happening now. that is quite a find in a toddler's backpack. q: no doubt about that. i just got the latest information about what led up to this the child to clap but
6:00 pm
school. >> this is serious stuff. >> all the children were in danger. >> parents are more than upset at moton elementary school. a loaded glock found inside a 3-year-olders backpack. >> he is 3. where did he get it from? where was it at in the home? i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> i'm upset and it is alarming. i could have lost my son yesterday. q: the troubling discovery reported police 9:30 on tuesday. we went inside the school. security guards and the police walk the campus. it does not have the metal detectives. parents say the school district should consider them now. >> do they check all the children's bags walking in? >> they never check my grand kids. q: the boy's father was arrested. according to the incident report the school security saw him walking the boy to school. they search the boy's bag and found the gun.


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