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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 3, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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coming up, reese witherspoon is helping women look and feel their best.
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my kabdy's gone! >> i ate it all! >> jimmy kimmel, hurting kids' feels once again aboutw his sixth annual i told my kids i ate their halloween candy you tube challenge. this is funny. >> i love this. we have got tantrums, lots of tears and even a choice words you. >> it yot! no! >> he also did it to his own 2-year-old daughter, jane. >> your father ate all your halloween candy. >> no. >> and it was delicious. >> it's not. >> too funny. let's see what other items are trending on social media today. >> president obama and first lady michele handing out candy for the trick or trooes treaters at the white house this.
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the president impressed by this costume. >> purple rain -- >> i bet that's the president's go-to karaoke song. >> he likes to sing. >> my favorite is when he saw a mini president obama and he had a spray painted silver head. and he was like i'm not in a gray. justin timberlake and jessica bie the set of her new movie shock and awe. and jennifer lawrence walking her dog pippi and sharing a lollypop with her new man, darren arlovskarlovski. s there is a age gap. >> i think it helps there. >> elizabeth hurley proving 51 is just a number when you have got a bikini body like this.
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maldives wearing her own swimwear. >> what is your guilty pleasure. >> i'm all about popcorn. >> i like popcorn and m&ms. >> i like hot tamales. >> yours? >> soft and warm chocolate chip cook east. >> soft and warm. >> they have to be soft and warm. i don't like hard cookies. >> gwynn stefanie is one of the women of the year. talking about her rocky divorce from gavin rossdale and why relationship with blake shelton totally works. >> we will see more of those two together next season on the voice. >> i like them as a couple. >> they seem to be going strong. >> yes. >> you can check out gwynn and more women who have had a breakout year in glamor tuesday. now reese witherspoon has been on countless best dressed lists. now she is hoping some of her style rubs off on you. >> reese is sharing a linlt of her own home with everyone here
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southern. grew up in the south. dressed. women like to look - >> reese witherspoon always dressed up. doesn't matter if it's the red carpet or running errands. >> i grew up in a place where you were supposed to dress up to go on an airplane. >> sharing her southern style with draper jeans and adam glassman at the dallas store. >> i like to dress up. i think it's fun and i want to make that easy for making it look easy. now so does her look alike daughter 17-year-old ava. >> there is my daughter ava. >> mini me. >> she is enjoying fashion. great to see her becoming a young woman. >> she walked her first red carpet solo recently. >> she did. >> what advice did you give her? >> feel confident and feel good about yourself. >> sharing this advice with
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put on a cute dress and sandals and you are done. >> you have life-style brand. what influences you. >> i grew up in the country. i think of all the people in between new york and l.a. what we wear to sporting events, to church. >> and giving back. >> it's important to give back to the communities that support us. we found girls, inc. they do afterschool programs into for more reese inspired styles go to and snoop dogg, best friends. >> for shizzle dizzle, drizzle, bazzle. plus elvis's former wife, priscilla presley reveals intimate details about life with the king. >> that's what's something about him that maybe we don't know. >> oh, gosh. rosey o'donnell is a guest star on "mom".
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is up on "extra".com. >> on point, on trend, on top. >> the new ultraconnected
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next "extra," john bon jovi, exclusive, opening up about the
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so when it comes to famous tv duos, you have got laverne and shirley, laurel and hardy, abbott and costello and the odd couple, felix and oscar, right. >> that's right. renee just sat down with what may be tv's oddest couple ever but for some reason you can see it work. >> " friendship ever and they are telling me everything. my friends all call berenizzle, because of you, obvious she. >> oh. >> what is martha's nickname. >> she is she's martha, we can't put nothing on that this is the queen. >> snoop dogg and martha teaming up for a hilarious new show. >> snap and martha's pot luck
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connection. >> to me it was. i always loved what she could. you could feel the chemistry. it's like magic. >> i'm learning a little bit of the language of snoop. >> what have you got so far. >> i've got the for shizzle drizzle. >> drizzle, bizzle, bazzle. >> what are cooking terms that you have learned. >> like the utensils she uses. her bling. i swear to god some of the stuff she uses in the kitchen, like i would put it chain. >> oh, man, look at this. a piece of weed. >> i know your herbs are a little bit different. >> my herbs come from a different part of the planet. >> he has the munchies. he has them bad. >> i have a game for you guys. martha, he want you to complete these snoop dogg lyrics. snoop weigh in. martha, finish the sentence, i've got my mind on my? >> i've got my mind on my fork and spoon. >> snoop?
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laid-back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. >> that is her focus the fork and the spoon. ding, ding, ding. >> martha didn't familiar with his huge hit, "gin and juice "but about this one? what does snoop like to drop .drop it like. >> drop it like it's cold you. >> know this one. >> hot, hot, hot. >> premiering on vh 1. collection of elvis classics. with me now priscilla presley. hello gorgeous. >> hello, how are you? >> i'm excited to find out we now have another album. >> yes. >> congratulations on this. >> starting number album. >> the wonder of you, pairing the king of rock's timeless voice and timeless songs with the 70 piece fill harmonic orchestra. ? >> why do you think he resonates over generation and generation.
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of music, diverse in his choice of songs. this gives him the tune to do what he wanted to do and never did. >> he would love this. >> it gives us another take on his beautiful voice. >> what is something about him that maybe we didn't know. >> when he would sip out of a cup he would never do it regular. else always sip out of the cup near the handle. never wanted to sip where somebody else had their months. he was very private. he never >> you are a delight. thank you for being here and sharing some wonderful things. tis is a wonderful album, make sure you pick it up "the wonder
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my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker.
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willie nelson thought of me. >> have you ever tried this stuff? >> yeah. i tried it once in college. you all know the jeningle. >> yeah. ? you'll forget your troubles every time >> i got the munchies now! >> yes, he does. pot jokes aside, they joked about the contents of the basket of deplorables. everyone was going home with it last night. >> political joking aside, though, last night's cma awards featured old school legends alongside fresh new names, and a pop music superstar who stole the show.
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from nashville. ? play me some mountain music ? >> reporter: a massive star-studded open not 50th annual country music awards. ? don't rock the jukebox ? >> reporter: including an emotional surprise to kick off country music's biggest night. >> randy travis. >> reporter: randy his first award show appearance since suffering a massive stroke in 2013, and then underwood and paisley opened their monologue with what else? the election. ? the election is taking forever and ever ? >> reporter: and a big award. >> entertainer of the year? garth brooks! >> we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music!
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>> reporter: from -- ? i'll always love you ? >> reporter: to legends of dolly honored with a lifetime achievement award. >> i just want to thank all my fans, everybody, for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. >> reporter: and then the surprise performance of the night, beyonce, with the dixie chicks. ? ? >> reporter: there you have it, so many great moments, and if you missed any of it, it's okay, because all the performances are posted right on kendis and linzie? >> good to know. >> good thing it's posted because so many were watching game seven of the world series. >> yes, they were.
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this morning on "world news now," hell has frozen over. >> the chicago cubs are world series champions. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> with game seven now in the books, the celebrations have begun. wrigleyville now a land of winners leaving the cleveland indians in the underdog dust. >> we'll have all the highlights heading into the championship city of chicago, my hometown, on this thursday, november 3rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hell has frozen over. >> hell has frozen over. apparently, there were sightings of pigs flying as well. the chicago cubs. >> it was an awesome game.


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