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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: right now at 4:00, a possible road rage incident on the beltway. alison: at 495 near braddock road. one of the vehicles involved had a child inside. jonathan: northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in springfield with the developing story. i understand police just had an update there. what can you tell us? jeff: we just got an update but want to tell you the this is a shell station off braddock road. this is an active police investigation with the fairfax police. that was the vehicle driven by the victim in this situation. this is what fairfax police told us five minutes ago. this started 495 on the inner loop in national harbor in maryland. this vehicle, hyundai and another vehicle got into what appears to be a disagreement on the road.
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virginia. at one point the driver of the hyundai, noticed broken glass in the passenger side, thefront of the vehicle. noticed an injury bleeding on his finger. at that point he realized something happened, something entered the vehicle, the hyundai. he pulled off the beltway on braddock road to this shell station. recognized, called the police said he was injured. police were able to surmise there was some sort of a projectile fired into that hyundai. possib or a b.b. gun from another vehicle. they were able to track down the other vehicle in a white chevy track, sufficient to a restaurant in i haveianna -- s.u.v. to a restaurant in vienna. pull over the vehicle on vehicle description and license plate. we don't know if the drive and the suspect, the victim and the suspect knew one another. >> as far as i know there is no prior relationship between
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don't know the reason or the motivation behind the road rage incident or anything like that. jeff: obviously police still gathering information. the good news is only a minor injury suffered by the driver of the hyundai. the 4-month-old not injured. again, the police were able to track down the driver of the owe vehicle, the s.u.v. speaking with him. he is cooperating at restaurant in vienna right now. thankfully, no serious injuries as a result of the situation but the police continue to investiga led up to and what happened in the likely road rage incident. we will bring you more information as we get it. alison: thank you, jeff. be the first to get updates on the breaking stories like this. log on the and enter your phone number. we'll send you updates to your phone. in other news, melania trump
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husband republican presidential nominee donald trump. today giving her first big speech to supporters solo. lindsey mastis has the highly anticipated speech. lindsey: this is the first time that melania trump gave a speech since attending the republican national convention. she was accused of plagiarizing a speech made by michelle obama the last time around. today the melania trump said the u.s. got too mean and too rough and she focused on motivating the >> this is not an ordinary campaign. it's a movement. a movement for people to feel included, inspired and involved. i have seen it firsthand. lindsey: donald trump tweeted about the event watching from north carolina. i just check and he posted a picture inside the private
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michelle: thank you. meanwhile, donald trump is in concorde, north carolina. this is a look at him live speaking to the folks there at the rally. he is scheduled to hold another rally later today. earlier today he was in florida, a be day for him. jacksonville, florida. he wrapped up in north carolina he is heading to selma, north carolina to continue spending a lot of time in the battle ground state. jonathan: let's talk about north carolina. both candidates are crisscrossing the state. tonight clinton is in a rally with williams and bernie sanders on the same stage. earlier she was attending an early voting rally in north carolina. michelle: each and every day leading up to the election we are gaining the elocator rate. today votetrak 2016 is in georgetown. maryland bureau chief brad bell is there now. here we are five days out from election day.
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brad: you know what? they are intently involved in this election. we have arrived here in the votetrak 2016 hummer. we're at the early voting center at the georgetown recreational center. you see the signs and there is table on the right with the republicans and a table on the left with the democrats. they are all campaigning to reach each voters before they cast a vote. they are focusing on another aspect, one part of the community much talked about this election of maryland's registered voters 200,000 are latinos. not a big number. but if you talk to the director and the democratted a slow kate they want to be heard. >> economy, jobs is very important. jonathan. brad: he says he has been
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hopes his vote sends a message. >> i respect the laws of the country. i follow the rules and try to do the right thing. brad: torres says less than half of the eligible latino voters are register he is going door to door to convince people to get involve and fears other will try to intimidate latinos at the polls. >> we will be there to make sure the community brad: inside the votetrak 2016 hummer, that is the computer and the story we are working on at 5:00. we will talk about the voter turnout at this early voting center and the others around the state. they are setting records. maryland has never seen anything like this before. in georgetown, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: follow votetrak 2016 hummer on the campaign trail to the white house. tomorrow brad goes back to
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many first-time voters will cast the ballot. jonathan: another beautiful day outside. it may be november. look how gorgeous the capitol looks. one of those days where it was warm. a brief shower blew through did not get in way of the record heat. chief meteorologist doug hill. this is a day you wish everybody had a couple hours for lunch to get out and enjoy it. doug: that would be nice. temperatures in the lower 80's. 83 in reagan normal. broke the record high o now the area of showers we had earlier is off to the lower eastern shore of the delmarva. southern maryland. north of the northern neck in northern virginia. that whether continue to move out. therefore, there are other for however, there are other areas of shower along the cold front itself moving to southern pennsylvania. see how it works out. sprinkles may come our way at 7:00 or 8:00 and that will be through and the skies will clear. you can watch the radar live on the phone.
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you can download it now and track the weather on your phone. available at app store and on google play. our hour-by-hour forecast tonight, it will turn cooler but not dramatically. it's just that storm temperatures aren't going to recover that much. a lot of sunshine. chill in the air. will it last through the weekend, through election day? we have that in the seven-day outlook coming our way in eight minutes. alison: we will see you then. thank you. two days argue it was a horrific -- two days ago it was a horrific accident. six people killed when a school bus and collided in baltimore. tonight we are learning more about the driver of the school bus killed in the crash and his experience behind the wheel. ryan hughes at the abc7 "live desk" now with the developing story today. ryan, what have you learned? ryan: we learn towed today from the motor vehicle administration that the school bus driver glenn chappell was operating the bus on a suspended commercial driver's license. abc7 obtained these two letters from the m.t.a. sent to chappell in july. another one in september
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exam certificate was about to expire. the video from the scene on tuesday is horrific. the baltimore police say the school bus hit a car, crashed into a pillar and barreled in the m.t.a. bus. six people including chappell were killed. according to the m.t.a. every c.d.l. driver must have a medical examine certificate on file. it's a federal requirement to make sure you are fit to drive. the m.t.a. says chappell's certificate expired a of this year. today we are hearing from his daughter two claims that her father did not have any medical issues that she was aware of. >> we want to wait to see what the medical examiner says. that's what we want to know. we don't know. we don't want to speculate or whatever. if there was a medical emergency then we will find out. ryan: it's still unclear if chappell had a medical issue on tuesday morning.
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weeking before an autopsy comes back with the results. now the ntsb is part of this investigation. today, we also reached out to the bus contractor that chappell worked for. a.a. affordable transportation service. as soon as we mentioned why we were calling them a worker hung up the phone. live in the satellite center, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: the idea of a gondola over the potomac river could be a reality. gondola to connect georgetown to rosalyn is feasible. it would cost $80 to $90 million and take two years to build. public meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 at the georgetown theater in northwest. jonathan: it's funny when they say it's feasible. if we can paut man on the moon we can make a gondola. michelle: next at 4:00 -- alison: "7 on your side" with
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jonathan: then there is this. >> cubs win the world series. jonathan: "cubs" and "win the world series" hasn't been used in the same sentence in a hundred years. next for us the celebrations planned in chicago. the a-list invite. there is a planned celebration in d.c. >> park police respond to an officer down. he was air lifted to the hospital.
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on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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the cubs win the world series! jonathan: it was a game for the ages. an epic game. look what happened out in front of wrigley. this is 12:40 this morning. they had a rain delay. i went to extra innings. it was insane. after 108 years the drought for the cubbies is over. your chicago cubs are the world series us. alison: there is a live picture right now of wrigley field. a lot of people celebrating. jonathan: some people never left last night. alison: the victory parade will take place tomorrow in chicago. the mayor of chicago said there is no specific route. just go stand anywhere and you will see it jonathan. they don't have experience with this. michelle: it has been a while. people are still partying in chicago as we mentioned. as richard reeve shows us
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celebrating as well. >> we are at the billy goat tavern in downtown d.c. there is one in chicago. i bet you can guess what the cubs fans are tackling about. along with the sizzle on the grill there is a taste of victory at the tavern. this watering hole for the cubs fan still wowed by the world series win. the manager doesn't have a man cave at home so he has filled this bar with the memorabilia. not only that, there is tantalizing connection, the curse of the billy goat. legendary to cubs fans. the tavern owner who was asked to leave wrigley field in 13945 world series because of the smell of his goat leading some to believe the continuation of the drought is the uncle of the owner. he says it's time if curse was lifted. >> incredible. pandemonium. champagne going off.
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bill murray, win for him and chicago. >> so much emotion. coming up at 5:00, hear from the fans talking about what is it like the day after. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: you have heard a huge cubs fan is that guy. bill murray. the express on his face said it -- express on his face said it all. he also walked on the field. wanted to honk ben zobrist's then he interviewed them in locker room as a pseudo fox reporter. he said i have been a cubs fan longer than you have been growing than beard, which is only two months. michelle: president obama is from chicago but he is a white sox fan. he did take to twitter with this -- actually yesterday. it happened at cubs win world series. that is changed even this southsider can believe in.
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nice invide. you know they do. hillary clinton is a cubs fan. she tweeted they did it. 108 days later, the drought is over. way to make history. fly the w. jonathan: a ton of the bandwagon cubs fans. time to get traffic situation and jamie, you go out today and you saw a lot of people the blue cubs fans. did you see it on the road? jamie: yeah. i wasn't one of them. i'm from cleveland so i was cheering on my night. trying not to look. but i'm excited though for the city of chicago. closer to the baltimore parkway. nothing typical. if you are traveling around the beltway, the bottom is not
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we are going to be the heaviest right now. there is volume as you travel through the stretch to silver spring. 66, we are seeing heavy volume starting near the beltway and continuing outbound. we take a live look at the traffic on 66. as you head out, you get a good idea of the volume. no crashes, though. that is a look at what we h jonathan: how long have you been a cubs fan? >> you see she was wearing the tribe protest. alison: our weather is fantastic. doug: we set a record today. high. 83 is the official high. i will show you the old record. we will talk about the
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the old record on their -- record at the b.w.i. and reagan. winds blowing as much. we warmed up to 83 degrees. even at 779 in washington. fredericksburg, joint base andrews and annapolis. 72 in frederick. we often see a cold front on the map, blue line and the blue triangle. you get a sense of a sharp line. cold front is the leading edge and cooler and a drier air mass. it's wide. we see it with the showers developing ahead of the front.
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we have a chance for showers tonight. depending the model, all the rain or it's this pattern and this model, developing heavy rain from here. more substantial rain. we will monitor this for you in the next few hours. in any case tomorrow we it's sunny and breezy and chilly. high of 60. 62 on saturday mostly sunny both days. for early november it's beautiful weather for outdoor activities. monday, 62. election day forecast. it will turn cooler as we head through the middle and the end of next week. seven days in a row without rain. we need rain at that. triia time.
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65 degrees? 72 degrees? think about that. think about that. coming up in 11 minutes and ten seconds. more or less. back to you. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" health matters report. alison: we'll have health for new mothers to answer questions you may have from pregnancy to the pediatric care. jonathan: presidential candidates all o candidates are desperate to win that state. i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans,
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that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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michelle: we answer questions from child birth to pediatric care and much, much more. kimberly suiters on the "7 on your side" health center. for one of the guests this is a serious mission for her. kimberly: right. it is a serious mission. it's personal. you will hear a lot about that in the next two hours. this is the phone bank. help for new moms. i was inspired by a wonderful arlingtonian, jennifer busch lawson. devoted mother who tragically lost her life struck by a
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children's elementary school two years ago in february. you may remember, in 20134. joining us now is her husband who developed a foundation in her name. the jennifer bush lawson foundation because of love for your wife but for her love for helping others. you discovered since her untimely passing a deep need for help. >> every year there are about a thousand kids who are four years or younger who are in the same demographic and there are a lot of people who don't have the same access that many of us enjoy. kimberly: right. what is your foundation able to do for the families? >> we are able to provide funding for things like cribs for children who don't have a safe place to sleep. this year, we are providing funding for 12 months of
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in arlington. we are providing transportation and help people navigate the system. kimberly: neil will be with us for two hours as we take your calls. we have areas from area hospitals and nurses and midwives. the number to call if you need help or know someone who needs help who is about to be a new mom or is one, 703-236-9220. the phone lines will be phone in the next few minutes al until 6:30 tonight. reporting live in the newsroom, kimberly suiters. back to you in the studio. jonathan: great resource. thank you for that. facebook made new friends. actually several million of them. we'll tell you how close they now are to getting over that 2 billion user mark. >> it's fall but the temperatures climbs climbs in te record books. i'm cheryl conner live in rosslyn. we'll tell you who had to work harder on the warm day.
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frustrated but it's causing concern for people in a nearby neighborhood. we explain why coming up onen "abc7 news at 5:00". why are yoch i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". alison: doug is back. doug: the storm watch weather team will pick a winner for this week. the final week for the contest. tomorrow morning, "good morning washington" will announce the winner and show the pictures and send them momentum from the weather center. michelle: this is gorgeous. doug: this is downtown frederick. why don't we have color like this around d.c.? the maybe we are not at peak locally. michelle: by the cemetery there are orange ones. doug: let's tell you the weather story heading through thursday. part of the front is through. prefrontal showers are over. meanwhile north and west another line is forming on the cold front itself. it will head southeast across the mason-dixon line. so a chance of a few more showers tonight and that will be it. what will change tonight with
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breezy, sunny and chilly. highs in the 50's to near 60. over the weekend, spectacular for outdoor activities. we fall back one hour before going to bed and going back to eastern standard time. otherwise you are out of step with the area if you don't do that. it's gorgeous. 60 to 62. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. last time a few minutes ago, 11 minutes and ten seconds ago we talked about breaking the record. setting a recor the question is what was the high temperature on this date november 3, last year? was it 56? 65? or 72? at home or studio wherever you are watching shout it out loud your answer. 56, 6,5, 72? michelle: 56. doug: 72. on top of that we are talking about a november that is warmer than this november has been.
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5:00. in the meantime, abc7's cheryl conner spent the afternoon in rosslyn outside seeing how people are dealing with the awful weather. 83! terrible. cheryl: terrible, doug. on a day like that, i have been keeping the sun glasses in one hand, the umbrella in the other after listening to the abc7 news forecast all day. we watch people getting outside in tank tops. their kids were in shorts. i have tell you we stopped by the pentagon row ice rink. people there have to there is a guy napping in the sun. tails are wagging to eat outside. if you need a reminder, this is november 3. not september. >> i like it. i'm a little concerned about global warming. cheryl: new mom looks for any reason to get out with 4-month-old elizabeth and her dog. >> i leaier up, the socks and the cardigans.
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cheryl: as the temperature climbed close to 80 the kids climbed the wall, smiled while swinging and knew that something was different. >> this is unusual for november i think. >> kim montgomery leads fit for mom classes outside. >> when it's sunny and blue skies and it's warm, it makes everyone happy. obviously it brings more moms out to class. >> one thing struggling in warmer than normal te pentagon row. they have underground chillers to offset the heat. >> it's like a refrigerator. the more stuff in the fridge the harder it is to keep cold. the less ice we have the easier to keep frozen. >> i like the warm weather. i love the d.c. weather. this is lovely. cheerleads we are holding on to the umbrella just in case. people taking care of the ice rink tell us customers come out at 40 degrees or 80.
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live in rosslyn, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" helping new moms. the phone bank is open. volunteers are here to answer your question about motherhood from pregnancy to pediatric care. the number to call on your screen. 703-236-9220. jonathan: if you have been counting it down, five days to go. both candidates in the same state at the same time which win over north carolina. what is it about north carolina that has trump and hillary concerned? the chief political correspondent scott thuman takes us beyond the podium. what is it about north carolina? scott: yeah, hey, donald trump since june has been in this state 11 times. that is a hair more than hillary clinton who has been here ten times. it is a toss-up. there is good reason for the
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republicans can win here. also, there is still opportunity to take advantage of some precious voters out there. there are nine other states with more electoral votes than north carolina but don't tell that to tar heels who say based on the signs, the ads and the candidate appearances have become the ultimate political priority. >> you expect it. christmas season. expect youto see lines. election season you expect to see >> be glad when it's over. >> too much? >> yes. especially this election for sure. >> why an electoral lynch pin? trump sees it as must-win. clinton is a checkmate state. >> if hillary clinton wins here she will be president, period. >> it's a do or die state for trump. if he don't win north carolina, i don't think he will win. scott: if there is a tossup this is it. obama barely won in 2008. romney got the edge in 2012.
4:36 pm
clinton to pull in undecided or third party supporters here so he is admittedly trying to avoid controversies. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. no sidetracks, donald. nice and easy. scott: while he struggles with the black vote here -- >> do you know people doing early voting? >> of course, yes. scott: nothing north carolinians say are certain anymore. it's more about problems. >> it's not about taking care of the people in north carolina and really paying attention to what, is are affects people here. they are just trying to get numbers. >> this is a personality contest. "american idol" or something like that. >> people vote a lot for "american idol," too. scott speaking of numbers, more than 2 million north carolinians have cast ballots. that is perhaps around 40% of
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arrive here in selma, north carolina, for another appearance, republicans really do believe that they may have cracked the code, finally. broken the trend that democrats for so long have been so dominant before election day arrives. they think they have figured it out here in north carolina. live in selma, i'm scott thuman. back to you. jonathan: thanks. stay with abc7. in one hour, we go beyond the podium with lisa fletcher, along with the clinton campaign in north carolina this evening again, that is at 5:30 on abc7 news. michelle: the road to the white house has been anything but ordinary. here is just one sign. literally a sign. abc7 viewer sent to us this picture from clarksburg. at the brand new outlet mall. it's the second pro-trump sign in the area. it has some voters annoyed. pinalmontgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains how it happened. kevin: tens of thousands of
4:38 pm
outlets. the mall rented electronic signs to help control the traffic flow. the thing is they never locked the control panel. one twist of the arm shows you can access the computer and keyboard and look here, the password written in plain sight. this morning, sarah was driving to work with her daughter in the car when she passed the sign which read "trump 2016." irritated she took a photo with her smartphone and it h sun belt rentals which owns the electronic signs told us it supplies all of its renters with keys in turn making the renter's responsibility to keep the control box locked. when we stop by the mall management office an employee told us we were trespassing and needed to leave immediately. >> on some level that is not a
4:39 pm
it's irresponsible of them in general to leave it with no safeguard. kevin: a spokesperson for the mall's indianapolis parent company told me by phone today that as soon as staff here found out about the trump 2016 message they shut the machine off. why the control box is still open for anyone to access, that we don't know. reporting in clarksburg, i'm kevin lewis, back to you. michelle: facebook is the social media giant. it's nearing a milestone third quarter results showed 1.79 billion active users on facebook. majority of the 3.2 billion people who have internet access. think about this for a second when facebook reaches two. all right. next for us at 4:00 an accident one policeman didn't see coming. the reason the officers shot himself in the foot. jonathan: i hate when that happens. the reason home prices could soon be on the rise.
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kimberly: i'm "7 on your side" consumer investigator in the help center. we are giving help to new moms. if you need help getting the doctor's appointment, if your baby needs a crib you need postpartum depression support we have gathered people here.
4:43 pm
hospital and we have folks from the stork education group. call 703-236-9220. everyone will be standing by to take your calls or give you help or someone you might know. we're here until 6:30. back to you. michelle: thank you. an african-american church burn and vandalized in mississippi. now the incredible show of support for the wait until you hear how much money they raised. jonathan: a local policeman goes toe to toe with a raccoon. it doesn't end ?
4:44 pm
? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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michelle: u.s. park police officer is recovering after shooting himself in the foot. this is video as he was being rushed to the hospital. the department says he was attacked on a raccoon on horse stable lane in northwest d.c. q mccray has an update on the officer and the bizarre story you will only see on 7. >> they are medevacing a cop. q: matt rhodes captured the cell phone footage, u.s. park
4:47 pm
duty. the scene was hectic. >> the cop flying in here, the helicopter comes in. people all over the place. >> you can see the limping officer helped to the chopper in this clip. all because of a raccoon. it all started here in the garden. this is where someone noticed the raccoon rummaging around and acting oddly. they dialed 911. this raccoon had no respect for the law. >> there was an officer. some shots were fired. >> heard two gunshots. were they gunshots? what? i heard five more. >> at least one of those shots hit the officer's foot. he accidentally shot himself. >> weren't really worried about the raccoon at that point. you know, unless they threw him in a chopper, too. q: the animal was shot and killed by a second officer. they believe it was rapid. animal control was called in. so were crime scene techs to search if area for shell
4:48 pm
news. jonathan: now to a story you will only see on 7. the "7 on your side" investigation found alarming increase in the number of the local students taking weapons to school. i-team watchdog investigator chris papst learned, parents haven't been told. chris: we are at frederick douglas hospital where a 14-year-old brought a knife to school and stabbed a 16-year-old. this video a fight between the 14-year-old and the 16-year-old. you can hear the screams. the injured student was taken by ambulance to hospital by treatment. the other teen was taken into complete custody. side said i-team investigation learned similar situations to this one are happening more often in the area. we compiled data from the largest district and we learned nearly all of them have seen notable increasescrean the number of students taking
4:49 pm
in arlington public schools the number spiked 50% in the last three years. from 18 incidents to 27. >> we are always cognizant of what the data tells us. we try to be proactive of what we need to do in response to the data. the increase is one we would be monitoring very closely. >> what district have seen the largest spike in the students bringing weapons to school and what are th about it? that part of the story tonight at 11:00. in prince george's county, chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert this evening. buying a home is becoming more expensive. mortgage rates jump to the highest level since june, which is a sign of a strengthening economy. that is what some economists say. the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage surged topping 3.5%. that is still, though, a historically low borrowing rate.
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check this out. you are looking out the window of the bus as it was hit by a guy who runs a stop sign. that happened there. then the bus goes into a house. there were cameras. this is in san antonio, texas, this happened. the bus did smash into a home. after it go t-boned by the truck that hit him. the camera footage caught everything. the truck, you see the guy in the truck who hit the bus? they ended up backing up and taking off. of the truck. the police are investigating. the bus driver is expected to be okay. really scary. michelle: burned and and havizeed with the words "vote trump" while the f.b.i. investigates an attack on a black church in mississippi. we are seeing support for the congregation pouring in. go fund me page is growing to surpass the number. last check was $176,000 have
4:51 pm
are busy today as the voters take advantage of the last day for the early voting in the state. you have until 8:00 to get your vote in. more than 300,000 people have voted this year compared to 2012. election officials say three tons as many democrats have showed up at the polls when you compare it to republicans. many people are early voting to beat the rush. >> it was wonderful. this so much easier than waiting for the regular voting counted. >> i usually vote on election day. this time i wasn't sure i would be able to make it. i want to make sure i come here. this is my first time voting early. michelle: if you want to be one of the early birds you have three hours left to hit the polls and cast the vote
4:52 pm
steve: tomorrow we look at temperatures around 60 degrees. all right. 60 degrees tomorrow. this is the forecast for this weekend. 62 degrees on saturday. 64 on sunday. don't forget daylight saving time goes into effect early sunday morning. we are going to fall back by one hour. that means that the sun will set come monday before 5:00. so big changes are on the bay 10k. if you wake up early the temperatures are upper 40's. upper 50's by so:00. 60 by the noontime hour. look at the extended outlook. pleasant weekend ahead with the temperatures in the 60's. 62 on monday. middle 60's on tuesday. that is election day. we will see around 60 both wednesday and thursday. with the nighttime lows that will be in the 40's to the lower 50's.
4:53 pm
jamie sullivan? jamie: we have traffic heavy in most areas. that's typical for us at this time. 17 minutes it will take you outbound on kenilworth avenue. 11th street bridge continuing to the b.w. parkway. big picture look more red getting further in the afternoon rush. starting out in virginia outbound passing by the pentagon on 395. 66 is not too bad. bottom stretch of the beltway approaching the wilson bridge. if you are heading northbound, trying to get from tysons closer to 66 as well as you are heading outbound right now. we are seeing the heavy volume. it doesn't just stay in this area near the vienna metro. it does continue to the fairfax county parkway to centreville. the average speed once you get to maryland on the inner loop 13 miles per hour. here is what you have crossing the american legion bridge. like i said, a lot of volume. no major crashes to report right now. that is a look at traffic.
4:54 pm
michelle: thank you. our team player is killing it on the volleyball court. >> it's a good feeling to work this hard and come this far. michelle: her incredible milestone and where she is taking the talents to at the collegiate level after this. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza?
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jonathan: haley recently recorded her 1,000 kill as a senior at loudoun county high school. erin: loudoun county high school haley is one of virginia's most dominant outside hitter. >> i just love to play. the team aspect of it is amazing. >> in her senior season she became the second player in school history to break a thousand did it mean to you? >> it was a great feeling to work this hard and come this far and my team behind me. >> that says a lot. they have won eight titles. >> it's been great and it continues to now. >> next year, haley plans to take the talents to the
4:58 pm
going to the university of new mexico. >> before she heads southwest she wants to help loudoun county win a fifth consecutive state title. >> she is always looking out for the teammates. not looking to be the shining, you know, the kid that gets all the attention. congratulations, haley. you are this week's team player. alison: tonight, troubling information surfaced about one of deadly bus crash. records that show he shouldn't have been driving. mayhem in the alley. a neighborhood staying on the toes to stay safe during the beach drive project. plus, cub fans fly w in a d.c. bar with a deep connection to a curse that haunted chicago
4:59 pm
breaking news of the of springfield where police are investigating possible case of roadway on the beltway. jeff goldberg is river on if scene. what have you learned in the last hour, jeff? >> authorities are speaking to the suspect in the case. we can tell you that the 4-month-old child in the vehicle of the victim is doing okay. no injuries. this is an active scene. we are just off 495 by the beltway. this is what happened. there was hyundai sedan and a white chevy track. survivor that got in a dispute on the inner loop of the beltway in national harbor. the driver of is sedan noticed that it was broken on the passenger side front window and that he was bleeding from an injury.
5:00 pm
the fairfax police arrive and they determine it came from a projectile fired from a pellet or a b.b. gun. authorities were able to track down the vehicle by the suspect to a restaurant in vienna. they are speaking to him. he is cooperating. they do not know what led up to the incidents or what the nature of the >> there are several actions by the driver and shattering of the window. >> so after this took place, the driver of the hyundai pulled up to the shell station. he spoke to authorities and told them what happened. the 4-month-old child is doing okay.


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