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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, 9 final push. this is the last weekend of the campaign. hillary clinton getting celebrities support overnight from beyonce and jay z and the pantsuit squad. they're singing her praises. can she make history? >> a glass and for all. >> mad dash. donald trump's whirlwind tour, ten states in three days. taking aim at clinton's celebrity endorsements. >> i didn't have to bring j. lo or jay z. the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. >> all this as a former "people" magazine writer speaking out on camera for the first time accusing trump of sexual assault. plus our latest abc news tracking poll on the state of
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also this morning, more victims. the widening investigation after a woman was found chained inside of a shipping container. now a new and grisly find. the suspect's court appearance and what his alleged victim has told police. and taking the stand. the key witness who caught this police shooting on camera. now telling his story at the officer's murder >> he shoot the man running from him. >> the powerful testimony. hey, good morning. i can't believe it. here we are t-minus three days until the election and hillary clinton is waking up this morning with what could be characterized as a clear but not entirely comfortable lead. according to our latest abc news tracking poll there are the
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>> the two candidates with two different strategies in these final hours and days. there was hillary overnight with jay z and beyonce. i believe the pantsuit squad was nearby as well standing by ready to dance. surrogates including president obama and former president clinton fanning out across the battleground states. donald trump going mostly alone pointing out he was still able to draw a large crowd with no big celebrities by his side >> a point of pride for him. what is the outlook as we near the end of this long and anxiety-provoking campaign. our analysts standing by but we'll start this morning with abc's cecilia vega who has been covering the clinton campaign from the start and is ready for a nap. cecilia, good morning to you. >> reporter: can i just sleep right here? >> yes, you can. >> after you tell us what is happening. >> it is hard to believe but we are now down to just hours before election day. hillary clinton in her final push has that well-oiled democratic machine out in force on this last weekend. nearly a million volunteers
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doors making calls trying to get to a record number of voters and get them to the polls. not to mention calling in some famous friends. overnight in the battleground of ohio, the campaign trail looked like this. ? okay ? ? formation ? >> queen bey making a surprise appearance at a get out the vote rally for hillary clinton. wearing none other than a pantsuit of her own. >> the superstar not only >> less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote. look how far we've come from having no voice to being on the brink of making history. >> reporter: but also her ringing endorsement. >> i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. i'm with her. >> reporter: the power couple in cleveland. >> we are on the doorsteps of history.
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stepping into the spotlight. >> i am so energized after this concert and i got to say, didn't you love the pantsuits? >> reporter: potential payoff for clinton, huge. thousands lined up for a coveted ticket distributed not at all by chance right next to a polling site. her final push, a star-studded affair from stevie wonder in philadelphia. to mark cuban in pittsburgh. even in ohio, vice president joe biden in wisconsin and president obama jumping in the fray in north carolina mincing no words about trump's own words. >> who calls women pigs and dogs and slobs? it's like suddenly reality tv has entered into the race for the presidency. >> reporter: and clinton is now
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tonight, tomorrow lebron james, clinton heads back to ohio tomorrow. this will be her fourth trip there in just the last couple of week, it shows you how valuable that battleground is. >> cavalcade of stars for her. cecilia, thank you. trump was out on the trail speaking with pride about the size of the crowds he's attracting even without the aforementioned cavalcade of stars in the middle of a ten-state barnstorming tour in the final weekend before the election and holding a rally i tom llamas is right there. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. in these final day, donald trump is very much a party of one. his family is also out there campaigning, but at his rallies, donald trump usually is the only big name like most of his campaign, he's doing this on his own. >> i didn't have to bring j. lo or jay z. the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. >> reporter: overnight, donald
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in hershey, pennsylvania. >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: but amid the cheering and yelling, an emotional moment from a mother who just lost her son riley rone in a car accident. riley was a trump campaign volunteer. >> mr. trump said he would give everything he owned if it would bring my riley back. please, please, please vote for mr. donald trump in my son's honor. >> reporter: but after that moment, trump lit into hillary clinton saying decorated veterans who support him blasted her. >> and i refuse to tell you what they said. but it wasn't good. believe me. can you imagine these people taking orders, these great people taking orders from her? >> reporter: and the republican nominee repeating a false claim on the campaign trail. based on a bogus fox news story.
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criminal investigations going on hillary clinton, lots of bad things are happening. >> reporter: fox news calling the report a mistake. >> that just wasn't inartful, it was a mistake and for that i'm sorry. >> reporter: but trump still pushing the discredited story and also calling up president obama for campaigning with hillary. >> like a cheerleader. he's jumping up and down all over the place for hillary. he shouldn't be doing that he shouldn't be with her. he'sot >> reporter: now trump starts his day here in tampa, florida, then heads to north carolina, then nevada and he finishes in colorado with a late night rally. likely working till midnight. paula. >> a mad dash to the finish for trump, tom, thank you. with just three days to go before voters hit the polls a former "people" magazine writer is speaking out on camera for the first time since accusing donald trump of sexual assault with more on what she's says and why she's coming forward now
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good morning. >> reporter: paula, good morning. she had stayed quiet while trump denied her story and hit back at her on the campaign trail but natasha stoynoff says she's commenting now because she wants to support other women to share their stories. this morning, natasha stoynoff is speaking out on camera for the first time since accusing donald trump of sexual assault. three weeks after her claims were first published by "people," the magazine's former writer sits down with its editor in chief. >> i wanted to show all the women who wrote to me that i could be brave enough to do it because i feel like if i am brave enough to do this here, maybe they will be brave enough too. >> reporter: in her recent letter stoynoff alleged trump cornered her in 2005 at his mar-a-lago residence in florida while she was there to interview him and his then pregnant wife walking we walked into the room alone. and trump shut the door behind us. i turned around. and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my
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story has not been confirmed by abc news. the republican nominee has slammed stoynoff's story and other accusations of alleged misconduct as lies. >> trump has said that he is going to sue all the women who have come forward. does that worry you? >> i look at that as an attempt to silence women. >> reporter: now despite the personal pushback from trump stoynoff has no regrets about taking her story public, that the positive response from dan and paula. >> mary bruce, thank you. okay, for the latest analysis on this wild race let's bring in two abc news political analysts, matthew dowd and kristen soltis anderson, otherwise known as ksa. that's what we call her behind the scenes. three days out, what's your prediction for how this thing is going to go on tuesday, matt, we'll start with you and go to kristen. >> if you look at all of the data that's come together, the state poll, the national polls
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close proximity to what obama won in 2012, a three or four-point victory and our poll has it at four. others have it at two, one, all come together for a three or four-point victory. >> kristen, you're a professional pollster. what's your prognosis? >> it may be the case she winds up with a similar margin as obama but right now polli a early vote data in places like ohio that are looking pretty good for donald trump. wouldn't be a surprise to see that state go from democratic to republican territory. on the other hand, early vote data in places like florida and nevada are showing huge increases in hispanic turnout early on likely to benefit hillary clinton and put those states much more likely to be in her camp. so it remains to be seen how hillary clinton will -- which path she'll take but it is more likely than not she is going to win this election a few days from now.
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how big of an influence, how important of a role does that minority blockbu will be. >> if she wins she will have won with the most diverse coalition than any president has ever won with when you look at african-american votes, asian votes and latino votes. i think there is a possibility that the story on election night is this huge wave of latino votes. it's funny the trump campaign has been talking about the secret hidden vote that's going to show up at the polls. right now from looking at the early data the secret hidden vote seems to be a huge latino wave sweeping across the country. >> kristen, can we look at the map with you. how unprecedented is it that both new hampshire which is traditionally a blue state i believe has voted blue in last five of the six races and georgia seem to be up for grabs this close to the election? >> exactly. there are a lot of states that because of the demographics of the state are likely to flip columns in the end. so new hampshire, a state where the population is not
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those noncollege white voters that donald trump does so well with, that's a state that was potentially off the table that has come back on the table in recent days. on the other hand, north carolina and along with it, georgia, states that have large african-american populations, lots of college educated voters, groups that have tended to break for hillary clinton so the traditional red/blue divide is starting to cut a little differently because of the new demographic coalitions that these candidates are putting together. >> all right, >> or the notorious ksa. >> 72 hours or less if you count daylight saving time. >> we have to wait one more hour to vote. reminder, you can download the abc news app to get live streaming breaking news reports on the final days from the campaign trail and we'll be here right when the polls close, george stephanopoulos will be anchoring live coverage all
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at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. dan, you will be headlining our digital coverage and have a special report on "nightline" throughout the opening, as well. >> it'll be a long, exciting and historic night and abc news will be with you every step of the way. major headline involving chris christie. two of his former aides convicted of conspiracy and fraud in the so-called bridgegate scandal. christie has now canceled a plan trip for trump and hey, david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and there is the bridge that gave the scandal its name. it looks beautiful this morning but this was the scene of a traffic jam caused on purpose with serious repercussions even now. governor christie was due to be out on the campaign trail with donald trump today until those guilty verdicts came back, now we won't see him. this morning, the traffic jam that brought the george washington bridge to a
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making it happen. allegedly as payback for a new jersey mayor who refused to endorse new jersey governor chris christie. bridget anne kelly and bill baroni were both top christie aides. this. >> this is not over. >> reporter: both of them vicked friday on all nine counts. >> i am innocent of these charges. >> reporter: christie felt it necessary to reassert his innocence, that may be clear said i had no knowledge prior to or during these lane reassignments and had no role in authorizing them. no believable evidence was presented to contradict that fact. but in the trial witnesses testified he was deeply involved in the traffic jam and the cover-up. even as he insisted otherwise. the scandal crippled christie's candidacy for president. it also may have cost him a shot at the vice presidency too. trump reportedly offered him the job but withdrew it out of
7:15 am
might end up being a distraction. even though trump has made it clear he likes christie. >> i do have confidence in him and i hope it all works out well for him. >> reporter: christie is now in charge of the transition team if trump should win on tuesday. his aides, they're headed to jail. these convictions carry a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars, but they'll likely get a lot less time. paula. >> interesting to see if they'll stay on that transition team. david, thank you. we want to move to that disturbing story out of on the property where a missing woman was found alive chained and caged like an animal and now they have made yet another grisly discovery. fearing they could have a serial killer on their hands and abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this morning, the search for more victims after a grisly find in these south carolina woods. an unidentified body. >> we're not going to be done here until we like i said
7:16 am
over. >> reporter: local real estate agent todd kohlhepp appearing in court charged in the kidnapping of kala brown allegedly held captive for two months before being rescued from a steel shipping container on his property. >> this is super tragic. i mean, this is bad. >> reporter: brown telling police her boyfriend charles carver who disappeared with her in late august was killed at the hands of the suspect. >> she witnessed the defendant shoot charles david carver. >> reporter: carver's family to solicitor barry barnett lay out the details before a judge. the chief prosecutor saying investigators honed in on this rural area after tracing brown's last cell phone pings to a nearby tower and finding social media conversations between brown and kohlhepp. during their search of the property, they heard desperate banging from the container and found brown. >> she was -- had a neck to her chain as well as to her ankle. the argue go was locked several ties with several different
7:17 am
get to her. >> reporter: kohlhepp has not yet entered a plea on this case. but in a statement to abc news his mother had only this to say. i'm so, so sorry. i just can't believe this. kohlhepp does not have an attorney at this time. as for investigators, they will spend the weekend searching that property. they have a lot of work ahead of them. almost 100 acres to go through. dan and paula. >> eva, just an awful story, thank you for your reporting let's send things over to rob marciano for a look at the weather. good morning, rob. >> have some incredible pictures to show you out of el paso, texas. hail that accumulated across el paso. at times shutting down interstate 10 with some drainage piling up three, four, five, six inches of accumulation, not snow. hail and this is from a stubborn low pressure over the four corners and look for rain across parts of new mexico. flash flooding there yesterday. probably see a little more
7:18 am
getting into texas, as well and ahead of that, though, we continue this very, very mild trend across the center part of the country, way above normal >e are off to a cold start for this morning. 34 in cumberland. at 47 in d.c.. take your heavy coats. we have a frost advisory in effect stafford county. it does include orange county. into the afternoon, we should heat up into the mid-60's. above average and mostly sunny college football, new york city marathon and something called the election all impacted by weather. more on that in about 15 minutes. guy, back to you. >> quite a tease. >> thank you, sir. >> what's cooking in the news department? >> a lot of news. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with a
7:19 am
"rolling stone" magazine. a federal jury founding them and their publisher defamed a dean by sabrina rubin who claimed a coed was raped on campus. it was later retracted. uva dean nicole eramo said her reputation was harmed. she is seeking $7.5 million in damages. breaking news overnight from oakland, california, at least five outside a nightclub a block away from city hall. as many as three gunmen involved in that and doesn't seem those injured were light threatening injuries. so far no arrests. brandon vandenburg who allegedly encouraged teammates to sexually assault an unconscious female student has been sentenced to 17 years behind bars. that incident occurred three years ago. one of his former teammates is already serving a sentence for rape.
7:20 am
police apologizing for the t takedown of an unarmed man bitten by a k9. police admit they had the wrong man. the officer was too quick to release his dog. the officer suspended and the victim who spent two weeks in the hospital intends to sue the city. and new york real estate heir robert durst featured in a popular tv documentary about his wife's disappearance, he's charges. durst is due to be arraigned on monday charged with killing his friend susan berman back in the year 2000. he's been serving time in louisiana on a federal weapons conviction. and finally, it was a party more than a century in the making, chicago celebrating its world series winning cubs. paula. >> say it again. >> a glimpse. >> you hear the pain in ron's voice having to read this story.
7:21 am
magnificent mile ending up in grant park, chicago river dyed blue for the occasion. >> 5 million people. the seventh largest gathering in human history. i believe rob and i still believe last weekend when they were down 3-1 so did you, diane. >> i predicted cleveland would win. >> america needs to see this. look into the camera. can we get a close-up of ron. >> i was wrong. i was wrong. takes a big man to admit a mistake in it looks good on you. you want it? want to keep it? >> doesn't smaller head. >> you wear it well. >> maybe harris size. >> you also said the cubs would not win. >> i don't want to mess up my toupee. the man who recorded this shooting in north carolina takes the tan in the trial of the officer who pulled the trigger. it is an emotional story that's coming up here. donald trump and hillary clinton supporters in the same room and things can get combustible.
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afternoon, temperatures getting into the mid 60's. we will warm up and feel comfortable. temperatures are above average for this time of year. mostly sunny skies expected today. a look at your forecast, set the clocks for tomorrow. we will fall back at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. into the afternoon, we will be in the mid-60's with lots of sunshine. into the rest of the week, it is looking nice. we will have temperatures in t
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the final push with just three days left before the election, the candidates are out stumping across the country trying to get people out to the polls. preferably their supporters. some superstars taking the stage for hillary clinton overnight while donald trump went solo days. >> also right now, the u.n. sponsored paris climate agreement is officially law. almost 100 world leaders pledging to actively combat climate change and john kerry traveling to antarctica next week, the harshest climate in the word. the biggest cruise ship in the world is making its debut. the royal caribbean "harmony of the seas" is expected to dock in ft. lauderdale this afternoon
7:31 am
from barcelona. it features 18 deck, more than 2700 cabins. seven so-called neighborhoods. a ten-story slide and 127 signature cocktails so you and 6, 780 of your closest friends can get on that big ship. >> all right. >> how about that? >> i like the signature cocktails. >> 127 of them. >> cocktails and a waterslide. what more could you want? cocktails down the waterslide. >> potentially a lethal mix, ladies and gentlemen. this is turn nothing a public service attempting something of a social experiment with so many people so freaked out about this election we went to the battleground state of pennsylvania, we put together a group of clinton supporters and trump supporters and got them to meditate together. did it work? we'll show you the results in a few minutes but first here the police officer who is on trial for murder over an infamous fatal shooting caught on camera. >> the video showing officer michael slager shooting walter scott was played in court as the man who captured that video told his story on the witness stand
7:32 am
us in studio with more. >> reporter: it is video that's been viewed millions of types sparking outrage and protests and is a key piece of evidence in this trial. scott's mother was too emotional to stay in the courtroom as it was played and the bystander who recorded it testified about what he called an injustice he'll never forget. for the first time jurors seeing this now infamous video police say shows former north charleston police officer michael slager shooting and the man who recorded those eight gunshots taking the stand friday. >> he shoot the man running from him. >> reporter: feidin santana describing that april day in 2015 coming across officer slager running after scott an unarmed man he just pulled over for a broken taillight. describing hearing a taser just before he hit record. >> i didn't know what was happening and just the electric sound right at the beginning caught my attention.
7:33 am
surfaced and has pleaded not guilty to murder maintains he shot scott because while they were on the ground scott grabbed his taser and pointed it at him. something santana says he didn't see. >> did you see walter scott coming at officer slager? >> that never happened. >> reporter: the defense grilling santana on why he waited to turn the video in to investigators questioning whether he's biased against police. >> those who must defend us the worst criminals. who can i trust, tell me? those are your words. >> undermine the credibility of the person taking it trying to show there's some sort of ulterior motive. if you can't fight the videotape certainly fight the messenger. >> the defense tried unsuccessfully to keep the video from being played for the nearly all white jury. arguing it doesn't show the full picture of what happened. if convicted slager faces 30 years to life in prison. >> this is a trial we're going to continue to follow, marci,
7:34 am
again, back over to rob. hey, man. >> hey, dan, the west coast, northwest enduring one of its wettest okays on record that includes northern california and lake tahoe. they'll get a front coming in today. this is not a huge one as far as wind and rain like we had in october but certainly going to be a soggy saturday with rainfall amounting from 2 to 4 inches along the coast range and big waves coming into central and southern california as well with this. meanwhile, in the northeast looking at seasonably chilly air that's been kind of the ongoing thing with there. another cool front drops in with temperatures getting into the 40s. new york city marathon is tomorrow so we start it off in staten island, go to brooklyn, queen, the bronx and manhattan, temperatures will be right around 50 degrees so pretty good running weather albeit a little chilly to start that. all right. game time:00 on abc, the huskers take on ohio state at the horseshoe. 53 degrees, mostly clear, light wind, it would be a huge win for coach riley and the huskers if they can pull it off.
7:35 am
problem, maybe across the >> goods saturday morning. off to a cool star for manassas into d.c.. we have a frost advisory in effect for prince william >> this weather report is brought to you by mcdonald's. do not forget to turn your clocks back tonight. we fall back an extra hour of dr. jen ashton will be with us to talk about whether or not we should sleep in. i don't know. i think the answer to that question is pretty easy. >> if you do a morning show or have children, good luck. >> kids will be difficult. >> the happiest day of the year for morning professionals. more on daylight saving time coming up. >> singular. >> no "s" on saving. there's a term for election stress disorder. one couple at each other's throats and then we'll convene a
7:36 am
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well, we are three days just, three days from the election, a lot of us are stressing over our picks for president as well as who our friends and loved ones are voting for. i thought we weren't supposed to talk about this. >> it's getting to that point. let's face it, it's been a raging anxiety-producing dumpster fire of a campaign and ran an experiment and put a bunch of clinton and trump supporters in one room and got them to meditate together. this election leaving you with insomnia, heart palpitation, stomach problems, you might be suffering from election stress disorder. is it an actual disorder. >> i think it's a little tongue in cheek but definitely stress impacting people around this election. >> reporter: in fact, according to one study more than half of americans are feeling anxious or stressed over this election. >> they're looking at worst case scenario possibilities if their candidate doesn't win. >> reporter: it's even turning
7:41 am
battlegrounds. >> having his finger that close to a nuclear weapon scares the hell out of me. >> i do not trust military at all. i think people are tired of the same old politics and i think that's why donald is going to get elected. >> no. >> big believer in women's rights. >> so why would you vote for donald? >> reporter: they've been married for 25 years and say this is the first time this has ever happened to them. what do you advise in a situation like that? >> don't talk about politics. >> reporter: but the experts also recommend turning off your tv, not right now, however, unplugging from social media, exercising and then there's another method that i personally swear by, meditation. i'm going to make america calm again. >> exactly. >> which is why we brought in a nonpartisan ringer meditation teacher jeff warren who is from canada. are people here feeling tress about the election? >> i had it. i'm tired of the social media. i'm tired of watching my friends, my family fight with each other. >> reporter: everyone including
7:42 am
15 minutes of meditation can do. >> we have to see each other as more than label, as more than republican, as more than just trump supporters, hillary supporters, people first. >> is it stressful to be in the same room with people supporting the other candidate? >> oh, no. i believe weaver we're all entitled to our opinion. one of us is right, one of us is wrong. kidding. i was trying to be funny. >> yeah, meditation doesn't solve everything. one thing that helped the teacher we brought is a friend of mine, jeff fight. that put everybody at ease >> a little neutrality. >> i should say that we -- if you want a guided meditation for your election stress we posted one for free in the 10% happier podcast wherever you get it, google play, go for it. >> all over the place. >> from canadian jeff just in case you're worried about nonpartisanship. >> and all of the world's problems will be resolved by wednesday, correct? >> probably not. we're going to need
7:43 am
of sleep. coming up on "good morning america," falling back to standard time. how to get your body clock back on track. that's straight ahead in our "weekend download." rob's going to have that story. . i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something 'll do that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin. plus, it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that's what i wanted to know. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and, in rare cases, fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily.
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passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. welcome back. it is happening tonight. time to turn the clocks back. today's "weekend download" we are saying good-bye to daylight saving time falling back to standard time just hours from now and with advice on how to make that adjustment easier is abc news chief women's correspondent dr. jen ashton. good morning, jen. >> good morning, rob. thank you. >> look, i'd ask should most people sleep in but i know the answer, but what time should we go to bed tomorrow night?
7:47 am
probably the unhappiest night of the year for anyone working the night shift. i did many of them because, again, you get that extra hour of work while everyone else gets the extra hour of sleep. this is not really a big deal. most people adjust. this is a one-hour difference so if you feel more tired tomorrow night shut it down early. >> well, you know, your babies may not have that -- they'll wake up when they want. what do you do to help your kid as just. >> so for school-aged children, high school kid, adult, a couple of days to a week we're back on infants, toddlers and pet, those people are not going to read the memo so tomorrow they'll be up an hour earlier in the middle of the night, dark, you just have to give them time and try to keep them on a routine schedule. >> those of us on this schedule often need some help. i am guilty will take a sleep aid sometimes. should we do that? what about melatonin. >> not for this. melatonin is great with people with certain types of insomnia.
7:48 am
rhythm take effect. >> 'tis the season to hibernate a little bit. >> i'll go hibernate right now right when i get home. >> sunset is before 5:00 so that's going to be an adjustment. thanks for waking up with us. sleep in an hour. "pop news" after this break. stay with us. fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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"good morning america" is brought to you by rocket mortgage by quicken ? so, paula, rob, ron and i don't agree on much. we argue all the time but there's one thing we agree on which is diane macedo is awesome. >> macedo. >> on the desk doing "pop news" again. keep going. >> are you sure because -- >> this is my time. >> take your time. >> i will have a question. have you ever met a celebrity and thought to yourself just be cool, play it cool, keep it together. >> brad pitt.
7:53 am
bob the cat. the former stray got to meet kate middleton at the london premiere of his movie called "a street cat named bob." he nailed that whole be cool vibe. if anything, she actually seems more starstruck than he does. bob the whole time barely even looked at kate. more concerned with just make sure you keep stroking me. >> bob is like do you have any kibble for me. if not, go your way. >> everyone else is fawning over her and the cat is right there. >> cats really don't care in theyon nature. >> bob kept it up. kit kat is giving one kansas state university student much more than a break. it started when hunter found a note on his car from a passer-by who couldn't resist opening the unlocked door to snag a lone kit kat bar. he shared the note on social media. the hershey company saw it and responded by filling his car with 6500 kit kats. one for every student at the school. hopefully this will satisfy any
7:54 am
if everybody wants one -- >> are you positive he's going to share them with all -- >> he wanted 6500. >> i'm sure he skimmed a little off the top for his own little. >> i don't think there was a lot of fine print in the gift. let him do with them what he will. a utah family is taking the father/daughter wedding dance to new heights. take a look. ? good time ? ? >> whoa, whoa. >> go. >> it's the mash-up to end all mash-ups. i mean they do just about every move in the book. >> michaela is a trained dancer but dad is not and i think we can all agree he's definitely a fast learner. racked up 228,000 views on youtube. >> i'm getting the chills. he's amazing. >> if you would have said one of
7:55 am
the dad. >> he gets into it. >> she genetically had the influence and had the passion for it. >> gets it from dad. our month long mission pawsible is still under way. to celebrate all those dogs who found their forever families we have a special announcement. drum roll, please. over a thousand dogs have been adopted. >> nice. >> all right. >> oh. >> many more still need loving hopes so rounding out this puppy peter from the humane society. george visited us -- >> the human gets second billing. >> sorry, peter. it's all about george right now. >> yes, he is. >> a four-year-old pointer mix and still up for adoption. the mission runs through november 22nd. we've helped lots of dogs like these and you can follow it live on facebook. it will be in san antonio. >> that cat was unfazed. this dog just yawned.
7:56 am
dog, cat, bunny. >> save a life. >> look at him. >> save a life and improve your own in one fell swoop. see you back here tomorrow morning, guys. thank you. great job, diane. >> bow wow. >> good saturday morning. if you are just waking up it is looking great. not a cloud in the sky at national harbor. however, is off to a chilly start. 32 in cumberland. 36 in winchester.
7:57 am
a little warmer in the metro at 47. we have a frost advisory until 10:00 a.m. that includes the purple counties, prince william county, and stafford county. cool enough for frost in the higher elevations. a few degrees above average with mostly sunny skies, getting away with short sleeves. high pressure will be moving in this will lead to abundant sunshine. lots of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather. overnight, middle 30's to upper 40's. mainly clear. another chilly night coming up. your seven day extended forecast, we are falling sunday morning. do not forget to set your clock or change or batteries and fire alarms. a daytime high of 67 with
7:58 am
into the work week, looking comfortable and seasonable on monday. it looks nice on tuesday with a high of 67. the first front coming on wednesday could increase cloud, but dry for the most part. sunny on thursday with a chance of showers late friday into next weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." to find spectacular species, we usually head into the wild. esmond: jack, look what we found. jack: but today, we'll visit a city park that has rhinos and lions-- look at this. this is beautiful. a beach shared by people and penguins-- sue: the penguins look like they just want to start a conversation with you. jack: and a california highway where zebras are a common sight. steven: you can see the skid marks where people have actually slid to a stop when they saw them. plus, my blooper of the week.


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