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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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strong and steady leadership or loose cannon. >> we will never have another opportunity. with supreme court justices peopled pouring into the country. this is it. larry: the latest battleground poll shows hillary leading by four points. alison: we have team coverage for the race to the white house. we check in with brad bell in votetrak 2016 security in a moment. but first we go to the chief political reporter scott thuman live in new york city with a look ahead. >> the on and the unanswerable question, what is the key for tomorrow? scott: you are right. turn-out is what it boils down to. but keep in mind they have been at this for months as far as getting people to the polls.
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have already shown up. this is more than 20% for the electorate for election day. how do you get those who haven't gone to the polls and the specifically the independents? two different paths. hillary clinton is out there with president obama stumping on her behalf. she has a mini documentary to explain why it should be her moment. on the flip side, donald trump hammering home the narrativ that everything is rigged, the media is back and she is crooked. he believes it will sway anyone who believe it or not is still undecided. it's about using whatever systems they have in place. the a gor ritms that the d.n.c. and r.n.c. are looking to refine to encourage those who have yet to get to a polling booth. alison: we will be here throughout the everything.
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when the polls start to close to give us an indication of how the race is going to go? scott: the polling that we have seen are the exit polling. it's really been analyzedded quickly. then you see the results jump out. suddenly you are declaring states that the poll closed at 7:00 and 7:1 the networks are saying we have ady fintive answer. more hesitant to do so this time around. keep in mind there is always the reserve right for legal challenge if states are too close. florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio. those states especially on the east coast, what trend we may see moving to the left. the trump steals a couple of them he has a chance. if hillary clinton wins three
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alison: we will be watching tomorrow. thank you. larry: the justice department is preparing for its own election day. we learned today 500 workers in the civil rights division will deploy to 67 counties and cities nationwide to monitor election. that includes prince william and fairfax county. the effort to protect the civil rights comes amid fear of violence at the polls. kevin lewis has reaction from voters. kevin: report that al-qaeda is concocting an election week attack in new york, texas, off. >> attack? i never heard of that. i didn't know. >> i'm numb to it. that's sad. it's no sur longer surprising -- no longer surprising. kevin: they don't specify certain target in any of the three states. still, reagan and dulles airports. plus metro rail are keeping vigilant as the f.b.i.
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intelligence on a daily basis and the agency is well postured to defend the u.s. >> we are ready to handle. >> arlington police haven't received credible threats but are upping the election day snapping as it has in the past. >> if you see something that needs immediate attention let us know. we will come investigate. >> i don't think it will happen. most are like optimistic american. >> i think we would catch it. kevin: many people are mildly concerned they are not letting it get in the way of the day-to-day lives. reporting in arlington, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: for the past month abc7 has been getting unfiltered views of the voters across the area with the votetrak 2016. today, it's making a final
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brad bell in fairfax with what people are saying. and a look back as well. brad? brad: yeah. so we are in the heart of the city of fairfax now. we are seeing the final election blitz here first-hand. there are clinton-kaine supporters down the way. show you something we did today. we put the sign up on the side of the votetrak 2016 hummer asking people to describe vote 2016 in a word. take a look at this one. "frightening." that 7-year-old boy. that is a sentiment we have heard a lot in the last four weeks. over the last four weeks votetrak 2016 has traveled from petersburg to philadelphia. germantown the clinton. there were trump voters in allentown. and clinton people in occoquan. >> i'm going to look at a
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future. for me. it's pretty clear cut. brad: by a large margin the feeling we heard most often in each of the towns is dissatisfaction with the both candidates. in philly -- >> it's more about their rivalry than that is going on right now. it has nothing to do with us. brad: cambridge. >> he is a loose candidate. it's a mess. brad: we have seeninger directed at the this person is a traitor by one and scum of the earth by another. this person explains it this way. >> hillary clinton is a crook. except stations like channel 7 and nbc and cbs and cnn will not cover it. brad: we see expressed on the message board the desire for it all to be over.
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anymore. this is really focus on the sound bites. brad: when we come back at 6:00, it's the turn of the voters to be heard. we will get out the soapbox. you hear what people have to say unedited and unfiltered. in fairfax, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the election coverage continues ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00". with the push by the trump campaign to win virginia. how the clinton campaign is fighting back. we will take you beyond the election. with the preparations are underway to get d.c. ready for the next president. larry: of course, you want to be with abc7 news throughout election night. team of reporters are spread all across the area to give you unprecedented coverage of the election. the coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. at abc7 run ands nonstop
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the weather will be no excuse to stay home. alison: that is the good news but you may need to plan ahead if you are going early in the morning to the polls. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill has the first look. doug: it's forecasty in the morning. the temperatures are widespread in the 30's. if you are heading outside, 59 at the reagan national airport. a cold it will get darker until we get to the december 18 and the 20. in the meantime we just enjoy nature at it finest. the clear, crisp, the cool conditions. overnight, we drop to 40 by 8:00. early in the morning the large area under the frost advisory in lighter blue and freeze warning darker blue. after frosty start to the morning with the wakeup temperatures that are ranging from 30 and 37 across the
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nice warmup through the day. plenty of sunshine. highs hitting 67 degrees. alison: thank you. the country's first female attorney general has died. janet reno died this morning of complications from parkinson's disease. she led the justice department during bill clinton's presidency. sworn in after a month of the 13993 world trade c bombing. her tenure included deadly raid on branch davidian compound and custody battle over elian afghanistan. -- elian gonzalez. larry: authorities in south carolina are trying to figure out if a man they arrested is responsible for half a dozen killings. q mccray is monitoring the situation for us from the "live desk."
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a man in custody is todd kohlhepp. in the beginning he was accused of holding a woman captive. he dropped a bombshell confession about a 13-year-old cold case. he admitted to gunning down four people back in 2003. this is what we know. kohlhepp is charged with kidnapping kayla brown who disappeared in august with her boyfriend charles david carver. the search teams are scouring the important where brown was ankle, locked in a shipping container and where the investigators found her boyfriend, his body in a shall ow grave saying he was shot multiple times but since kohlhepp showed investigators two more graves on the land. there was a body in one of them. >> they is supposed to be one more down here. we will keep searching. q: he seemingly lived a normal
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successful realtor. he is facing charges for 2003 quadruple murder. they are searching other properties and any other cases for connections to kohlhepp. that is the latest. i'm q mccray. back to you. alison: breaking right now. a woman is dead and another in custody after an incident in a new york city subway station this afternoon. are a woman pushed the victim to the t approached the time square station. they don't know what the motive might have been for the attack. larry: still ahead at 5:00, presidential history hitting the auction block. three key items for sale and the final price the documents signed by every president from washington to f.d.r. alison: plus, one day from election day. the count is already on for the inauguration. it will be here before you know it. the big change underway to
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district. >> a.a.a. says with rush hour back in darkness and the sidewalks that are in the shape they are in, be careful. i'm sam ford.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living
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i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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larry: the latest earthquake to rattle central oklahoma. the vay leapt quake hit cushing. no serious injuries but the older buildings were damaged. the quakes have been caused by pumping wastewater underground in the oil and the natural gas production. alison: we are all seeing effect of the switchback to the standard time. the sun is already setting and that is prompting an warning for the area. watch where you step. sam ford joins us live to explain. sam? sam: walking in darkness is the issue. you should be careful. notice the cracked uneven upen
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injury themselves but they sometimes suffer head injuries and die. they also noted it's unlikely you will win a judgment against the city. so a.a.a. praises the sidewalk improvement campaign that should reach all sidewalks in three years. we found there are still problems. >> one-fourth of an inch gap in the side someone to slip and fall. >> you can't really walk without tripping. i have big chunky heels on so it's easier today but few you stilettos on you can't walk on them. >> do you wear heels? >> not on this. >> even i trip up and i don't wear heels. >> a number of the pedestrians today told us brick is the worst. but as we see here on third
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e and d street concrete is a problem. the city has a campaign to fix sidewalks but it's still in the works. sam ford, abc7 news. larry: okay. thank you, sam. alison: let's talk about the weather. we talk about the weather when it comes to the voter ton-out but it sounds like it is not an issue tomorrow. let's get started to give you a look at the time lapse. this is in charles county. 49 degrees throughout the day.
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an example of how beautiful it has been across the area. we are getting in a widespread frost advisory. prince williams, spotsylvania have freeze warning in effect. early in in many spots. but you get over it and it will warm. temperatures in the 50's. 55 in washington. 55 in luray. 57 in culpeper. by tomorrow morning a lot of locations in the western zones are in the lower 30's for
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in the rails -- it's 38 on the bay. 37 in southern prince george's county. we have a large area of high pressure in control. the high is going to drop south. it will turn the winds around. we will warm up sunshine. increasing cloudiness. the cold front will come through wednesday morning with the scatter showers and push through clearing and breezy cooler weather behind the front. coast to coast a quick look. we don't normally look at national weather but because it's a news story let's talk about the west coast. quiet. the rocky mountains are quiet. no weather issues. comfortable conditions. the cold front. stretch through michigan in the day tomorrow.
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showers. the large portion of ohio get passing showers. northeast and southeastern texas with showers but nothing dramatic. showers along the louisiana coast and the east coast of florida passing showers. ienly for election day it's -- generally for election day it's pristine weather coast to coast. locally a frosty start and -- plenty of sunshine. we get 67 for election day. ideal voting w wednesday, 40% chance of the showers especially in the morning with the cold front. highs in the 60. clearing in the afternoon. thursday is 59 and partly cloudy. friday is 62. looks fine. the weekend looks chillier. behind a friday cold front saturday. partly cloudy and breezy. highs of 49. warming up in the upper 50's on sunday and monday. i've done my job.
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the clock is ticking in the fight for virginia. trump campaign's full court push to win virginia voters and how clinton campaign is firing back. >> if you are heading to
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alison: updating a story from friday. several pieces of presidential history went up for auction over the weekend. document with sicktures from every president from george washington to f.d.r. sold for $50,000. this french chandelier sold for $8,000. this letter from the first lady jacquelyn kennedy she wrote to the new owners of the georgetown home trying to get it amount. larry: wow! alison: amazing. larry: that is. while we won't know who the next president will be tomorrow at the soonest, work is underway for his or her inauguration. ryan hughes joins us live from outside the white house with the work already underway. hey, ryan. ryan: hey, larry. you may have noticed the workers building the platform at the capitol. workers are building the reviewing stand on the other side of the fence outside the
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now more than two months away. >> it is a choice between division or unity. >> on november 8, we are going to do something so special. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are making closing arguments the final hours of the campaign. tomorrow, america will decide who will be moving in the white house. but preparations are already made for inauguration day. >> the secret facebook and fema are the three event sharers for the planning for this. >> chain link fence now stands in front of the north side in front of the white house to block off pennsylvania avenue and lafayette square. inside the perimeter, the workers are building the reviewing stand for the parade. >> even though we haven't got to elections yet we have to prepare because there will be a president elected in the white house. might as well get everything ready to go. >> special agent chris caruso
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meetings on the impact on the road closure and the security plan. >> this is an historic event. american public and the international body at large want to see this. >> it will be one person or the other. they know it's going to be an inauguration. but it depends who it will be. get moving with it. rain: they did not give specifics about the plan for inauguration but more information will be released but whoever wins tomorrow, they will be sworn in on january 20. live outside the white house, ryan hughes, abc7 news. larry: thanks. still ahead at 5:00, a local call center comes to life to help preserve democracy. the calls are already getting for help and what they expect tomorrow. >> plus the new tech that promises to hack your way to a trimmer waist. how goggles could help you lose weight.
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>> tiffany and ivanka trump come to manassas, virginia. despite the polls they are feeling good about virginia. i'm stephen tschida. feeling good about virginia. i'm stephen tschida. i will hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know : and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side.
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has been a surge in virginia from the trump campaign. this morning, donald trump himself rallying voters in loudoun county. alison: earlier in the weekend, g.o.p. v.p. candidate mike pence delivers pizzas in richmond. now it is daughter's ivanka's turn. we have that part of the story. stephen: a big crowd of trump supporters lined all the way around the event center today. they came to see trump. they both talked up their fathers and talk about the experiences on the campaign. they arrived hours before the polls open. it was a q&a session. it started off with a gaffe. >> we are so excited to have you here in virginia. we are going to wrap this up
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>> ivanka and tiffany trump in manassas to answer question, praise the father and express gratitude. >> thank you all so much for hard work that you are putting in. >> stephen: in the final moments of the campaign that has driven her life nonstop, ivanka, the mother of two reflected on the experience hours before it ends. >> it has been a beautiful thing to experience. the love the american people have for the c turning democrat but many of those turned up if event say they believe there are voters not showing up in the polls. ivanka shares the opinion. >> i feel very good about virginia. [applause] stephen: they have history to backup the assertion.
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candidates had comfortable leads in the polls and barely squeaked victory on election day. stephen tschida, abc7 news. larry: now another look at the other side of the race for the white house. jay korff is at george mason university where gates are opening for a 10k. >> the secret service is doing a security sweep. but as you can see behind me this is the plaza starting to gather at a gate for the event that is going to take place outside. this is the second to the last campaign stop for u.s. senator tim kaine before election day. clinton's running mate is going on stage with his wife and vice president joe b.i.d. and dr. jill biden. earlier today they were in
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they are really trying to inspire people to get out and vote and in particular they are targeting women and minorities. they have been honing in on the swing state and the other states because of this particular little factoid. clinton camp is enthusiastic about. there is an uptick in the latinos involved in the early swing states like of course florida, nevada and north carolina. the clinton camp uses this as encouraging news. the remarks are expected to begin around 8:45, 9:00 p.m. the final event in richmond. larry: abc7's coverage of vote 2016 continues tonight as we
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country. a whirlwind tour of the critical states hours until the polls open at 2:00 on the sister station -- at 7:00 on newschannel8. alison: turning to other news. developing story in the david black murder trial. the jury heard closing arguments. black is accused of killing his estranged wife bonnie in arlington last year. her body was discovered in the bedroom of her home by the couple's before her death she expressed concerns about her safety. university of maryland police look for the person who shot three students with a b.b. gun. it happened sunday night. all three students are okay. if you know anything please give police a call. larry: toy poodle found clinging life in the potomac
5:35 pm
after hearing whimpering along the rocks near the water. the caretakers named her cub e. bear. she is recovering at a vet. after therapy is almost ready for adoption. alison: ah, good news. "7 on your side" with a health alert. researchers at the university of tokyo found a new way to lose weight. virtual reality diet goggles. they can apparently hack into your senses reduce your appetite, make the low-fat food taste better and alter perception of the portion size. the invent store says it can reduce -- inventor says it can reduce the amount of food a person eats by 10%. larry: a local call center has what to expect tomorrow. q: have you seen this man? he is wanted for a knife
5:36 pm
why are bicycle repairs and sales going up in the area? what one bike owner is crediting to the booming
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steve: election day is tomorrow. clouds will increase but it will stay dry out there. let's talk looking on the cool side of things. one of the coolest days in a long time on saturday. only in the upper 40's. the upper 50's for sunday. still a nice mix of the sun and the clouds. take you out to look at the extended outlook from storm watch 7. next best chance of rain is wednesday morning. 60 for a high. temperatures in the upper 50's on thursday. veterans day is in the lower 60's. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have five people on the wall tonight. one of them is wanted for severely wounding his victim. d.c. metropolitan police say
5:40 pm
person leaving a store. argued and then knifed him. he is wanted for assault with a dangerous weapon. also wanted is glenn for aggravated assault and whitfield for aggravated assault while armed. prince william county police are searching for imani for strangulation, abduction and assault and battery. and luis antonio perez for aggravated assault and battery and indecent liberties. let's put the wall of jus the police are searching for imani after he hit a woman in the face an tried to keep her in a house in woodbridge. >> in the house it escalated and the accused grabbed the woman by the throat and assaulted her. q: he is 5'11", 220 pounds. he is wanted for strangulation, abduction and assault and battery. if you have information,
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against crime. i'm q mccray. alison: police in arlington say someone broke in 20 vehicles over the weekend. but didn't steal anything. it happened in south scott street between 2:00 and 6:30 sunday morning. several vehicles suffered proben windows and had items rummaged through but nothing seemed to be missing. there are no suspects. stay up to date with crime where you live by going to wjla.c the abc7 fighting back against crime newsletter. larry: just ahead -- >> all i've ever known is competing on the men's side in the high school level, collegiate level, professional ranks. larry: a local legend in men's college basketball joined the coaching ranks. the women's coaching ranks. >> they call it election protection. these folks' job is to aid voters who are having problems at the polls. i'm sam ford.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i essage and respectfully ask for your vote. larry: right now to the race for the white house.
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are not running into problems casting the ballot. d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us that there is help available in our backyard. sam: in the basement office in downtown d.c., volunteers with the national lawyers committee for civil rights under law are staffing the phones and taking questions and complaints from people trying to vote. >> we have gotten some complaints about voter intimidation. every instance when we get these calls we get on the officials. we get on the phone with the secretary of state. sam: tomorrow, they will have this center and 22 others operating from california to new york. >> you may cast a regular ballot. sam: these are lawyers. others are working with local activists as the voting problems arrived. melanie back from observing early voting in north carolina is with the center opening at howard university tomorrow. >> we saw a lot of hateful things going on in the state.
5:46 pm
tomorrow. sam: you think people will try to stop people from voting? >> yes, i do. sam: at the lawyers committee is lot of the work is explaining the law to the local officials. arizona didn't want to let a g.i. serving in texas vote absentee. >> we are able to tell them there is a federal law that protects the rights of folks that are deployed. sam: they sent him aball. they -- sent him a ballot. they will be here before it the last poll closes. sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you. watchdog investigator chris papst found out after moving a bit in the last few years that he is still registered to vote in three states. now chris didn't do anything wrong here but tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00", we are going to explain how he and
5:47 pm
registrations and what could happen if people could cast vote in several places. tonight at 6:00, he shows us what happened when he went to all three of the polling places and hear from the election officials concerned about a common problem on voter rolls. that is tonight at 6:00. larry: all right. a term you will hear a lot tomorrow night. "election projections." trying to project who will win. alison: abc7 is putting a different twist on the projections. horace holmes is live outside the arlington studios to explain. horace: this is neat. you will like it. i'm on freedom plaza outside the studios. we have a big projector over here if you go all the way around about half a block from iwo jima. the guys are there now. tomorrow night, the election results start coming in we will be projecting those results up on the side of this building 1000 wilson
5:48 pm
out right now throughout the evening. as the results come in, as they change, they will appear up there on the top of the building. you can see that for as far as you can see the top of the 1000 building here in rosslyn. this is neat and a service for all of you in the area to come look at this. if you live several miles away you can probably see the results projected on the side of the building in arlington. that is tune in tomorrow. come and you can see the results on the side of the building. alison: i can't wait to see that. very cool. abc7 is on your side for the election. the team of reporters will be spread across the area to give you unprecedented coverage. coverage begins at 7:00 on abc7 and will run nonstop on newschannel8. larry: time for a check on the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic
5:49 pm
this everything. mainly westbound side. inside capital beltway is fine. just outside. in the stretch between centreville and the capital beltway. the biggest thing you need to worry about is the slowing heading westbound. under 30 minutes from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. take a look. this is how much heavy traffic we have. bumper to bumper delays. no crashes now. we had an eastbound accident that slowed you down. inside the capital beltway, 395 to kenilworth and d.c. 295 heaviest from van dorn to the wilson bridge. look at this in the northwest corner. it feels like christmas. all of the lights really on the beltway near old dominion are heavy. it doesn't usually look at this. it's just the time change. looking in the district. this is 395 crossing the 14th street bridge. a same thing. sluggish ride. no crashes up ahead.
5:50 pm
it's so dark. doug: it's sunset at 5:00. we won't see the sunrise until after 5:00, until january 4. like 49 days from now. get used to it. winter is coming. but first we have gorgeous fall weather. look at the advisory. it's not uncommon to have the frost advisories and the free warnings. freeze warning in prince william, spotsylvania, and everybody else is under frost advisory through the overnight hours as well. the temperatures at the moment if you hav do you. 59 in washington. 52 at luray. 59 in hagerstown. 50 in fredericksburg. forecast overnight is clear to cold and light to calm winds. 30 to 42 degrees in the morning. we will get frost in many locations. the future cast shows the clouds increasing. good chance we see scattered showers but not until we hit hours of wednesday.
5:51 pm
thereafter. a quick look at the next forecast period. which is the big one tomorrow for election day. sunshine all day. highs to 67. a few clouds in the afternoon. you will show up on the seven-day. showers on wednesday. clearing in the afternoon. stretch of beautiful weather, chilly. it looks like saturday may be the coldest day of the season with highs of 49 degrees with the partly cloudy skies. that is the latest. back to you. alison: thank you. la with sports. interesting story. erin: he needs no introduction at all. just say maryland 2002 ncaa national title m.v.p. everyone knows what i'm talking about. he is playing a new role on the court now. it's not far from home. robert burton has the story. robert: a familiar face to the d.m.v.
5:52 pm
juan dixon. he is the new u.d.c. women head basketball coach. >> good shot. >> head coach juan dixon. how does it sound? >> it sounds like it was meant to be. >> did you ever think you would be coaching on the women's side? >> never. because all i have ever known is competing on the men's side. at the high school level. collegiate level. i worked with women before. i had all women camp but one thing i know for sure, these young ladies working with women, they pay attention to detail. it's very important in my coaching style. robert: for players like oliver she gets to say she played for a local legend, nba player on her senior year.
5:53 pm
family. i followed his career. i love him. i'm happy and ready for season. robert: no question, juan has had plenty of teachers along the way. >> the late flinn saunders and eddie jordan. they will experience everything i dealt with. my job is to help them prepare for life. on and off the court. erin: sunday show not long ago and he seems so happy about the new role. alison: so does the players. especially lucky ladies. larry: talented. his passion will come through. good luck to him. thanks. next at 5:00, raising a glass to a milestone. the latest evidence of the big recovery in ellicott city
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ok, so they crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, and guess what? this is the safest f-150 ever built. the only pickup to pull the government's 5-star safety rating and earn an i i h s top safety pick. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: battle tested. this is the ford f-150.
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alison: a lasting, powerful
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good samaritans joining together to save a stranger. in the end, the flood killed two people. and dozens of businesses were shut down. just last month hard hit main street reopened. as mike carter-conneen reports the residents are raising their glasses to another milestone. mike: it requires grain, hops, yeast and water. ellicott city mill brewing company was nearly destroyed by the fourth ingredient as flooding turned ellicott city street to a raging river. >> the water never stopped. >> three months later the brewery is celebrating the upstairs reopening and will soon welcome reopening the basement bar. >> we went to kegs and we had two on tap. >> the wine bin escaped damage but the owner is helping the displaced chocolatier with the
5:58 pm
pairing to red wine. i'm excited that she stayed in business. we need her business in town. >> tough summer on main street. >> we had 58 inches of water in here. we lost the first floor. >> now with less plywood and more open signs the locals are focusing on the future. >> six months come spring time it's back to normal and you will never we had a flood. >> after so much construction and reconstruction many feel optimistic at the brewery. they are feeling hoppy, if you will with perspective. >> it's overwhelming. the amount of love poured toward this little town. it keeps you going and makes you want to be here. >> ellicott city mills hope to resume brewing this week. nfl then the customers look forward to the happy hour. in ellicott city, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: that is all for us tonight at 5:00. but right now at 6:00 -- the candidates and the voters counting down the hours until the polls open. what you need to know about
5:59 pm
voter security at the polls. "7 on your side" i-team- investigator chris papst uncovered something startling. when he went to register to vote, he was already registered. see what happened next. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: in 13 hours, voters will go to the polls to cast ballot l become one of the most contentious election in history. jonathan: but 43 million early votes have been cast in the race. and today hillary clinton and donald trump hitting up the battle ground state for a final push toward the white house. running mate hitting the trail in the states where wins are a must. maureen: everyone is wondering what we can expect in the final hours. chief political correspondent scott thuman is live in new york city to begin the day before the election team coverage.
6:00 pm
scott: maureen, what you can expect is how much can we fit in 24 hours? that is what the candidates are doing. we see them crisscrossing the country with the sur grits in tow to double the appearance -- surrogates in tow to double appearance and presence in the pivotal key state. there are a does than are tossups now. they are both in tossup states and florida. hillary clinton's message is about inclusion. trump emoting confidence saying don't think we can't win this. this is a bit of the last-second stumping we heard today. >> if you give me the honor to be your president i will do everything i can to get this


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