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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 8, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on world news now, americans cast the vote for the next president of the united states. >> and after what seems like an eternity of campaigning, this is it. election day. the first votes already counted including the new numbers from early voters. we're going to preview what voters can expect at their polling places today and show you how the campaign trail. >> and redefining how your vote counts. the new mobile apps allowing americans to literally swap votes in order to swing the election, but is it legal? >> and if you need a little boost while performing a civic duty, get help from furry friends, and if you can't take a selfie at the polls, can't we at least pet a puppy? it is tuesday. it is november 8th. it's election day.
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"world news now." ? ? >> it's over. >> not quite, though. wait until tomorrow so we have all this elation. >> what a buzz kill. >> but we -- >> excited for all of it. >> a culmination to a very dramatic election season. >> after it more than shocking year and a half with allegations, back fighting, name calling, voters are just their final say, and casting ballots in a tiny town of dixville notch where polls open at midnight. a total of eight registered voters, hillary clinton won the town. >> many more people participated in early voting all across the country, and nearly 45 million ballots cast at polling stations or by mail. >> record levels of
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dropoff among black voters in north carolina from the historic levels that supported president obama four years ago. turnout is higher among hispanics in florida, nevada, and colorado. now, both candidates wrapped up campaigning with duelling midnight rallies running past 1:00. >> hillary clinton held her final event in north carolina akpoened by lady gaga and john bon jovi, and donald trump thousands of supporters that he will keep jobs from leaving the country. >> trump and clinton will both watch election night results in new york city blocks from each other, and clinton will be under the glass ceiling of the javitz convention center, and trump at the hiltop hotel. we have more now on this early morning day that we celebrate the end being near. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i like the song, kendis and
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country hitting badle ground states with nine stops between them monday, and touting famous friends. donald trump said tom brady voted for him, and hillary clinton, as you mentioned, bringing to her events lady ga did and the boss. hillary clinton, president obama, john bon jovi, and the boss pressing supporters. >> please make a plan to vote, no wednesday morning and wish we would have done more. >> i'm asking you to work as hard as you can this one last day to elect my foal low americans this fighter. this stateswoman. this mother. this grandmother. this patriot. our next president. >> reporter: the race, still close. clinton leading trump by four points in the latest abc news poll, and donald trump making one last battleground blitz,
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sounding nothing like an underdog. >> we're winning ohio. we're winning iowa. we're winning, we think, new hampshire. >> reporter: clinton putting that fbi e-mail investigation behind her. her team encouraged by long lines of early voters, mostly latino, in nevada, and by the tens of thousands turning out in key battlegrounds to see her famous friends. trump, lean while, lashing out at the fbi after director comey's announcement clears clinton a seconds time. >> so they wen e-mails in eight days. yeah right. >> reporter: trump taking shots at clinton for her star-studded final act. >> she gets beyonce and jay-z to
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they have been critical of the handling of the e-mail investigation, and what's for sure, they have to work together at some point because there's ten years of his term expiring in 2023. >> he plans to stay through the ten year tenure. it will be interesting how it plays out. investors like what they heard from the fbi director, the statement led to a block buster day on wall street.
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overall, the mark's largest gain in eight months. abc with the details. >> reporter: from the minute wall street learned the fbi cleared clinton, stocks rallied. the dow surging at the open, having the best day in eight months. wall street sees clinton as the status quo candidate, basically know what to expect from her. trump is the wild card. investors hate that uncertainty. they like to know what exactly they are betting on, which is why mor a trump win that stocks automatically fall whereas with the clinton win, stocks would stabilize or even rally. abc news, new york. our thanks to rebecca there. focusing on the other end of pennsylvania avenue. >> it's not just about the white house, but congress. joining us now with some of the races to watch today, good
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just as important as democrats try to take control. here's what you need to know. the senate is made up of 46 democrats and 54 republicans. in order to win back the majority, democrats need to flip five seats. tuesday watches missouri and wisconsin, races that just recently became tossups. in missouri, the state secretary of state, a democrat, a challenging the republican senator, roy blunt. kand veteran, he assembled a gun blindfolded here. that race is tightened in recent weeks as he's painting blunt as a washington insider. in wisconsin, there's a senate rematch. republican senator ron johnson is facing off against finegold, a democratic senator he defeated in dwen. this race was leaning towards
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but now it's a dead heat. they poured millions of dollars into the race. we'll see who wins in round two of the wisconsin senator race. in the house, democrats need 30 house to take control. it's a big feat, but they could chip away at the republican majority. diane, kendis? >> so much to watch tonight. >> many, many races to entertain us, and we hope everything comes to a nice peaceful resolution no matter who wins. >> no need to assemble a gun >> no need at all. >> thank you. stay tuned next half hour, she's back to quiz us on our election day knowledge. >> uh-oh. >> now we're nervous. count on abc news tonight as results come in. we are live starting at 7:00 eastern to give you the latest information as we get it. >> yep. coming up, swapping votes on this election day. >> the new app that voters use in order to have their voice weighted more than others in their home state. we'll explain how it works.
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dozens of building sustained damage after that 5.0 earthquake that struck an oklahoma town home to one of the world's key oil hubs, but officials in
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the state is expected to announce new restrictions on salt water disposal wells linked to the numerous recent quakes in oklahoma. overseas progress reported in a battle for mosul. they entered a town northeast of mosul after launching at the mill tamts there. it's a christian city believed to be deserted by civil yaps at this point, but they discovered a in syria, the u.s. led coalition provided air cover as fighters advanced against the isis state in raqqa, the only large city controlled by the militants, and they consider raqqa to be the capital. they held the city for three years now, but they warned retaking raqqa could be a long campaign. back here, authorities in south carolina search for more evidence and more potential
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killer. >> the investigation sparked by officials finding a missing woman chained up on the man's property. here's the latest. >> reporter: seven bodies now linked to a possible serial killer in south carolina. >> we did find two more bodies here. >> reporter: found in grave sites he reportedly pointed out on the same property she was choined by the neck locked i boyfriend's body in a shallow grave. this comes as he confessed to gunning down four people in a motorcycle shop in 2003, a 13-year-old cold case. >> just tell you that i bet my farm, your farm, and everybody else's farm i have the right perp. >> reporter: the county sheriff chuck wright described him as cooperative and remorseful saying in exchange for information, he made three requests, he wanted to give his
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helping raise. search teams now saying they don't believe there are anymore bodies on the former realtor's nearly 100 acre property. the local sheriff's department says it is aware of chilling amazon reviews possibly linked to him, one about a padlock, have five on a shipping container, won't stop them, but it will slow them down. >> amazon reviews, we're aware and are >> reporter: investigators are looking into that and others related. the corps says he'll be working to identify the two latest bodies found on the property. abc news, new york. >> thanks. a dean at the university of virginia awarded $3 million in damages as a result of the discredited rolling stone article on campus rape. a federal jury found the article
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indifferent to the allegations of gang rape on campus. she testified as a result of the article losing professional credibility and was the subject of threats. rolling stone since retracted the article. former u.s. attorney general reno is remembered this morning as a plain spoken independent. she was the first woman to serve as head of the justice department died yesterday at the age of 78. she was attorney general for the entire clinton administration. president obama called her an american original who inspired a generation of lawyers. >> under. an australian diver is recovering after being lost at sea for 18 hours. rescuers said it was like finding a needle in a hay stack when they spotsed the man. he's been on a solo dive trip when strong currents separated him from his boat. he was found about 30 miles from where he had first gone in. absolutely incredible. >> testhe was diving by himself forgot the locater beacon.
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>> after only 18 hours. i say only 18 hours, but it's amazing the amount of work that goes into finding anybody who is out there lost at sea. >> well done by those rescuers. >> yeah. up next, an election day quiz, and we're on the receiving end. our white house reporter is along to test both kendis and myself on how much we know about our presidential election history. you don't want to miss it. >> i didn't know it was history. >> first, if you to have more of an impact in this year's election, there's an app for that. how vote swapping apps could have a major impact on who is in the oval office. you're watching "world news now."
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americans living in solidly blue or red states thanks to our electoral college system, it feels like votes don't count. >> it's not surprising why apps pop up to allow discouraged voter in other states to swap their votes. is it legal? we're up owl nightline. >> get out and vote. >> come out and vote. >> reporter: in the home stretch of what's become a razor election, but campaigns out in full force. their message? every vote counts. going to vote? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: it's a message taken to heart, but in a surprising way. >> i'm voting for jill stein. do you support her? >> i support hill ri. >> reporter: putting democracy's precious gift, his vote, in the hands of a complete stranger. >> reporter: why? >> i can help third party
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they help me out in a swing state and vote for hillary clinton. >> reporter: good spirit and trust? >> yes. >> reporter: vote swapping with the help of an app, he'll vote for third party candidate jill stein in new york while his swap partner says she'll vote for clip ton in arizona. >> feel like i making a bigger difference than i can in new york. >> reporter: so vote swapping traders, and others help voters redefine how their vote counts. seems hard to believe, but vote swapping is actually legal. it's not a new idea. maryland state senator proposed vote swapping back in 2000 to help green party candidate ralph nader get enough of the popular vote without taking votes from al gore. vote swapping websites popped up, but they were quickly called into question.
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finally in 2007, it was decided that vote trading is totally kosher as long as no money or anything else of value trades hands. can vote swapping really affect the outcome of the election? >> we have to remember it's very small percentage of the public that engage in this voting behavior, but if the race is as tight as polls show, vote swapping and third party voters could impact this election. >> reporter: but if this is app indicator, democracy only continue to collide. >> i think it's democracy at its best. it is a complex way to work it out when you feel options are limited. >> reporter: if hillary clinton wins arizona by one vote, we're going an interview. >> a lot of people will be seeing me. >> reporter: for nightline, new york. >> it is, though, an interesting concept. i lived in d.c., registered in d.c. there's not much competition
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? ? we are exciting early because election day is almost over, however, another reason to be excited, particularly if you're voting in providence and in pennsy >> you got puppies at the polls. >> puppies at the polls. >> a lot get out the vote initiatives, but this is most effective. it is what it sounds like. bringing pupties to the polls with the goal to get puppies to get young voters. >> okay. >> into the polling places to cast their votes, and puppies do the trick. studies shows that voter turner increases anywhere between 2%. question being, if you're only
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puppies, are you really an informed voter? is that really who we want to lure to the polls? >> yes, absolutely. >> no, who is running again? i just came for the puppies. you cannot play with the puppies until you vote. >> oh, that is just wrong. here's another reason to vote today. free donuts. yeah. incentives, show your sticker and get a free free donut at participating locations anywhere. there's also, like, a lot of different places offering free coffee and white castle, when you order online and use the code usa, you get free iced tea. >> listen, i love free stuff as much as the next person, but i hope this is not the main reason anybody goes out and votes.
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>> it's a sad state for democracy if people are going out to vote because they need donut and puppies. >> sad state for democracy? have you seen the last 18 months? >> fair enough. better news, aol, remember that, you got mail? >> yes. >> well, that voice was a mystery for quite some time, and no longer thanks to brandy barker who is riding in uber in ohio when her driver turned to her and said this, check it out. >> welcome, you've >> do it again! >> welcome, you got mail. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is right. my friends, that's elwood edwards, he's the aol you got mail guy, and her reaction was mine when i i saw the video, oh, my gosh, do it again. he's an uber driver, but i met the phone guy, same reaction, and asked him to record my voice mail. >> he said no. >> brought to you by the new
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this morning on "worlds news now, election day, it's here. americans making their choice for the next president, donald trump, hillary clinton on a whirlwind tour overnight. where they land as the attention turns to voters. as millions of american head to the polls, how the candidates have been rushing around in the final hours. how some have uprooted their lives to get you to your polling places. new this half hour, a presidential pop quiz. >> kendis and i are having an election day challenge. who is the better study on presidential history? it is a political faceoff you don't want to miss. >> the answer is, it's me. on the eve of the election night -- >> going down. >> and the rapper who made a last ditch call to get out the


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