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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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arrived. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> and voters are showing up in full effect. >> i'm just really excited. >> this is longer than i have ever seen before. >> to choose the 45th president of the united states. at the end, no matter who wins, history will be made. jonathan: all right. it is finally here. election day. the candidates have cast their ballots. michelle: there they are. we can count those four for the millions of others, well the polls are hours away from closing. welcome to our vote 2016 headquarters. alison: right here, you are looking at it. the nonstop coverage begins right now. we have team coverage for you. jonathan: the cool set-up. we have a lot of people out there covering this for you. chief political correspondent scott thuman in new york at trump headquarters. alison: we have the capitol hill bureau tracking the electoral maps.
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correspondent scott thuman. scott: well, donald trump calling it a victory party tonight. if there is one thing we learned is don't discount his chances. donald trump has shown new york city and the entire world that he should not be underestimated. in what a year ago may have seemed implausible, today a reality. donald trump casting a vote presumably for himself to be president of the united states. >> everything is very good. typical trump fashion with a tweet. "today we make america great again" he wrote. but to do so the one-time democratic and self-inscribed insider he has to surpass what romney did. in the lengthy process where he dispatched 16 other primary opponents, nothing has been orthodox. >> if we don't win i will consider this the single greatest waste of time,
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do you need energy for this. his message of draining the swamp rallied voters in a remarkable way. droves finding a passion that couldn't be ignored by his critics. and bringing many into the fold who previously had given up on the system. one trump claims daily now if he doesn't win must be rigged. in an interview he listed a handful of key states he believes he may win. being businessman to the reality tv star to commander-in-chief. in new york city, i'm scott thuman. michelle: it is only fitting that the two presidential candidates on opposite side of the spectrum are so close to each other tonight. both campaign watch parties in new york city tonight. lisa fletcher with the clinton camp. the former secretary of state is hoping to make history. lisa: absolutely! here is the the center in new
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the convent center. the stage shaped by united states and above is a glass ceiling. that says it all. we are not expecting the secretary of state to arrive for a little while. she had a late last night last and didn't get back until 3:30 this morning. she and bill votes cast the vote at 8:00 a.m. >> it's the most humbling feeling, dan, because i know how much responsibility goes with so many people are counting on the outcome of the election. lisa: new york does not have early balloting so everything happens at the polls today. trump does well upstate, clinton is expectedded to take new york. the difference between the election tonight and languishing is the biggest electoral prize east of the mississippi. florida. clinton relying heavily on the latino vote which is seeing a surge nationwide. clinton did a number of radio interviews in battleground states this morning after she
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of the day with chelsea and her two grand children. a trend at the polls for people supporting hillary, pantsuits. this woman kicked it off voting early in arizona for clinton. trump says he is not thinking about losing. the secretary of state prepared two speeches for this everything and no matter what happens she transition of power befitted of the democracy. michelle: describe what the feeling is like surrounding you in the space. i know a lot of people aren't there yet. what is the feeling out there? lisa: us' clich? to say the energy is palpable but holy cow, is it ever! thousands of member of the media on the risers that you can't see. both sides of the stage here. this is interesting because as
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feet. all eyes across the globe are focused here in new york tonight. this is a very exciting place to be. no matter the candidate that you are rooting for being part of this is an experience. michelle: that is for sure. the world is watching tonight. lisa fletcher live in new york city. alison: well, four and eight years ago when president obama won the white house he dominated the swing he turned red states blue. for donald trump to win the white house he has to pull off a similar feat. we look at the map from the capitol hill bureau with horace holmes. horace: i'm spending the night with the pad and pen counting votes. electoral votes for the presidential race. the map now is clean because the first polls aren't closing until 7:00. we will be adding up as the winners declare in each state
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the next president of the united states. we will take a look at the balance of power in congress. house of representatives all seats up for grabs. the interesting race is in the senate. where there are 34 senate seats that are up for election today. the democrats have ten seats. ten of the blue seats they have to defend. the republicans, 24. the important numbers are five and 50. if the democrats can swing five of these blue, the count is 50/50 and the tie would be broken by the new vice president of the united states. a very important night. alison: it's the race for the white house. michelle: it's also the race to vote. alison: throughout the day hot spots have seen the lines stretch for blocks. brianne carter is out and about in falls church.
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seeing? brianne: this is the calm before the storm. we are at george c. marshall high school in falls church. this has been a steady stream of voters coming through the doors here to cast a ballot. the folks waited up to 45 minutes to be able to vote. they are expecting to get closer to the closing time of 7:00. they expect to see a crush of people coming in waiting to vote. this is as they are all righting reporting 45% in terms of the number of registered voters and those showing up a in the polls. on top of the 230% absentee ballots already cast ahead of today. but there will be a rush outside the beltway.
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in the last ten minutes we spoke to officials at the polling place asking about the problems. so far today they have not seen any here specifically. we'll know more as it gets closer. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: we are deploying our team throughout the region. we'll have breaking results and the speeches right here on abc7. on and our sister station jonathan: -- sister station, newschannel8. jonathan: now to breaking news. there is a house fire and the poll workers at a nearby school saw what was happening and they raced to the home to rescue her. ryan hughes is in kettering with more. what can you tell us?
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police tape. we are told the spire started in the basement and it spread to the first floor. kettering middle school, on election day this is used as a polling location. volunteers in the parking lot say a woman came staggering across the street asking for help. she said she was set on fire. this looks to be re domestic argument. they wrapped her in a blanket until the officers got on the scene. listen to the volunteer describing the moment. >> please call me, call 911. my husband set me on fire. i look at her and from head to toe she was completely burned. it was horrible. ryan: a man was rescued from the home.
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condition. a firefighter sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital. but we are told he is expected to be okay. again, the cause of the fire is still undetermined now but it's related to a domestic argument. it's under investigation by both the prince george's county fire department and the police department. that is the latest in kettering, ryan hughes, abc7 news. joth explosive problem. alison: and our election coverage continues. where the "i voted" sticker will get you free stuff. that is ahead. q: we are also live in front of international hotel. there were protests planned for the location today. i will let you know what happened in a live report. doug: we held on to sunshine and dry weather for the election day. cold front will bring rain tomorrow. we have the timing of that still to come in abc7 news.
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but in january the trump or
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jonathan: a giant twister in italy. look at the size of this.
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transformers on top of power polls. you think this is outside of tornado alley but it's not. it is outside of rome. michelle: look at this. this is the scene in japan. a giant sinkhole 50 feet deep opened up a major road. it consumed everything in the section of the road. street lights you it left 170 homes without power. authorities are investigating what caused the home to form. jonathan: biggest sinkhole we have seen. alison: unbelievable. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. just when you think it couldn't get worsen if samsung the headquarters in south korea were raided by authorities. they are looking into a an
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government. a close confidant of the country's president is accused of using her foundation to make money. jonathan: a few blocks away from the white house you find the trump hotel. michelle: all day you could see a visible police presence. q mccray is outside the hotel. what are you seeing now. q: this is pennsylvania avenue. in front of the trump international hotel. it's like a regular day here now but the trump hotel is not taking chances. they have an armed guard here and two security members on the front steps just in case. there were two protests here and both went off without a hitch. we showed up around 3:00 p.m. and one of them was wrapping
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this is 6:00 to 8 a.m. this morning the metropolitan police are here to make sure nothing happened to the building. we reported this in the past. there were two issues of vandalism of people and and have losing the building but -- and d vandalizing. but nothing now there are police officers who are not out here to protect the building. but they are here in case anything happens. j. ed guard hoover, the f.b.i. building the headquarters is two blocks down the street. they are patrolling that area as well. as it is now it's quiet in front of trump international hotel.
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to tim barber who is at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. tim? tim: indeed. we are in front of the north lawn. the vintage suspected the same. you can see the construction in front of the white house. who is going to be there in january? is it hillary clinton or donald trump? we have supporters from both sides here looking at the white house one last time before we fi take it over. the crowds aren't as big as normal since it's election day. we have members of the media from all over the world. if we tilt up, you can see over the buildings here with the lights shining down. we are going to walk around and gather the interviews to talk to people and give you the best vantage point. reporting live at the white
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thank you very much. abc7 on traffic watch. jamie sullivan has a look at the commute. i imagine it's busy. folks racing home from work to get a vote in. jamie: that is what we are seeing. we have had two accidents on 395 southbound in the past hour. you can see two of the left lanes blocked. only two right lanes are getting by. this accident causing a backup like i said. this starts well before the pentagon only averaging 6 miles per hour. heavy outbound on kenilworth avenue. 17 m it will take you from the 11 street bridge to take you to the baltimore washington parkway. on the capital beltway you can see the volume in both directions. crossing the american legion bridge. we have the typical volume. but the crash is on 395. heading to baltimore, 95 looks great in maryland. completely clear. if you are heading northbound at b.w. parkway near route 32, a little crowding. as you get closer to route 75. it's not too bad.
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that is it. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. a lot of folks are running around with the "i voted" sticker on. we had ours as well. if you kept it on, many of you were sporting that thing and you could find yourself getting some freebies out of it. alison: amy aubert put the sticker to the test. michelle: and shows us the freebies that you can score. amy? amy: i have been wearing my sticker all day for now we are at golds gym in arlington. check it out if you wear the ivoted sticker, you can work out for free. come this way. i just spoke with the workers who tell me that people have been coming in throughout the day taking advantage of the deal on election day. take look. so many people are working out today already. they tell me it is about 100 so far that they have seen. keep in mind that is
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we have found ten places offering deals if you have the sticker for payment. we started our day at krispy kreme where the line was packed full of voters. we then headed over to great american cookies where workers tell me they have been swamped throughout the day today. we checked out all about burger and california tortilla. bob evans is offering 30% off the order with a coupon and happening throughout d.c. on this election night. we are going to take you on the journey of freebies. that story is coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". for now we are live in arlington, amy aubert, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. it looks familiar. alison: i'd take the doughnut over the gym. jonathan: eat the doughnut on the way to the gym. alison: they're both free! michelle: the weather is
4:21 pm
but it's nice. 63 at reagan national. southerly wind. comfortable. more clouds roll in through the nighttime hours. the forecast is a continuation of the clouds increasing. it's slowly falling in the upper 50's. by the time the poll close at 8:00 in maryland, 58 d about the same at 7:00 when they close in virginia. overnight things will change at the cold front we have been tracking moves in. at this hour, raining in cleveland. good portion of ohio. rain stretches through southern illinois and northern section of kentucky. computer modeling will suggest that the front will weaken here across the area in several hours. over the mountains. this is :30 in the morning. cloud -- 4:30 in the morning.
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this is a front for us. there are a few hours of scattered showerers and rain. we are 4.5 inches. we need the rain but this won't do much to get rid of the rainfall deficit. 11:30 tomorrow morning. one batch of rain headed out. more mountain showers but they will wash out with any shower activity late tomorrow afternoon. gusty winds will bring us ri the skies might start to clear. passing shower at times in the afternoon near 60. veterans day look great. look at saturday. sunny highs and 49. if that is as high as it gets
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we jump up and beautiful autumn weather will continue next week. jonathan? jonathan: doug, thanks. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- when it is over, it's over. until the next election cycle begins. still, though, some are welcoming an upcoming break
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. would bomb the sh_t out of
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jonathan: clearly it's historic election in more ways than one in maryland. michelle: for the first time in decades the senate pick won't be barbara mikulski. she is retiring. jonathan: brad bell has a look at this race and others to watch in the free state. brad: at the top of the ticket, retarying senator mikulski hick. representative chris van hollen is the democrat. he is a career politician who says he runs for office because he wants to do somethin to be something. >> what separates us is teeny from what separates us from republican candidates donald trump. brad: he is opposed by a republican kathy is endorsed by the hugely popular governor larry hogan. her slogan is "we're fixing maryland. let's do the same in washington." the maryland ballot featuring two open congressional seats
4:27 pm
in that, mostly montgomery county race, state senator faces a republican dan cox. the maryland fourth district seat left open when incumbent donna edwards chose to mount unsuccessful senate bid. danny brown facing georges. and state senator pew is locked in a dead heat with the is running a write-in campaign. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- if you have a canvas, paint it. our building is the canvas tonight. wait until the sun goes down.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. kimberly: i'm kimberly suiters. happy election day. we are at fairfax and fort meyer drive. you are hearing a lot if you have a blank canvas, paint one. the van cas tonight is 1000 wilson boulevard.
4:31 pm
rosslyn. when the sun goes down, this is what it will look like. at least a little bit like this. we did a test last night to get an idea of what we are talking about. we will put up the election results as they come in. it's our literal election projection. coming up at 5:00, we will pull back the curtain and show you how we do it. you are welcome to come to rosslyn and join u reporting live in rosslyn, kimberly suiters, abc7 news. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the folks with apartments close by get to barbecue, lawn chairs, watch the results. best election night. doug: they look out and see eight-story high picture of elias face. get the curtains! jonathan: trust me. we wouldn't subject both to that. it's the candidates and the results are rolling in. doug: it's cool. it will be fun. jonathan: maybe we'll do
4:32 pm
today. we lucked out today. sunshine this morning, clouds. listen, no weather concerns at all. we are comfortable. the temperatures will drop in the 50's. rain come our way but not until the morning. in the forecast we call for increasing clouds. 47 to 52 degrees. area of rain likely for the morning commute as early as 6:00 or 7:00 with the southwesterly winds at 5 miles per hour. i may take the better part of the day to come through. 4:00 a.m. the showers should be west of the metro. we will see the hours of the shower. it could be late afternoon
4:33 pm
750% of rain tomorrow with a front. veterans day is beautiful. 62. another cold front at night. breezy, sunny and chilly. 49 on saturday. 58 on sunday. next week looks beautiful. sunshine and temperatures in the lower 60's. jonathan: we need the rain. michelle: for sure. jonathan: it's not all about the race for the white house. there are a lot of key swing districts out there as well. michelle: republican congresswoman barbara comstock is trying to ward off a seen and -- probably seen and heard the ads. jeff goldberg has the latest. jeff: this is a closely watched race for the house. comstock is trying to defend her title. if she is the victor here are the keys she was able to carry
4:34 pm
e is a known enty any the district. he was an aid for -- she was an aid for frank wolf who held this seat for 35 years. name recognition. this is a solidly republican district. so december pilot that trump is not popular in northern virginia, comstock hoping to hold on to win tonight. regardless of trump. if the democrat luann bennett pulls off an upset a lot will probably have to do with trump and clinton. she is a business owner. she does not have any experience in politics. this is her first race for elected office. she hopes that the popularity of hillary clinton in northern virginia and lack of the popularity in northern virginia for trump will translate to a victory for her.
4:35 pm
this race has been watched closely across the country. there is a possibility. slight if you listen to the analysts this could tip the balance of representative should bennett win the race. this district as we know is seen as a bellwether. when it comes to the swing districts and the swing states. there is so much money going in the race. analysts will watch to see if bennett pulls off we have been seeing the ads for weeks or months. so many people are fed up hearing about the tenth district. mike carter-conneen spoke to the venters ready for this to be over. the voters felt like they
4:36 pm
>> it's over. >> i hope it's over. >> in virginia tenth congressional district voters decide a competitive race between comstock and her challenger bennett. the voters complain that the last few weeks it's impossible to avoid nonstop negative adds. there were a full two minute of ads attack each >> roe v. wade should be overturned. >> she will be happy to take your money. >> i'm tired of it. >> voters are nervous. praying for clarity and unity. >> i'm glad it's over.
4:37 pm
>> there was bipartisan pride from this presink. in chantilly, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jeff: a close watched race. 's coming up at 5:15 we hear from bennett and why she thinks she will win and why didn't hear from barbara comstock. we will be here watching results from the democrats in virginia. a big and a business night. michelle: now the lighter side of the campaign. the mannequin challenge. it made its way to the clinton campaign plane. here it is. everyone pumming off the poses
4:38 pm
jonathan: all the way to the front where you can see hillary is jamming with bon jovi. that is good stuff. lindsey mastis has the social media campaign. this is take off like wildfire. lindsey: all the hashtags had something to do with the election and people are still posting election day ballots. yes, that is a guy posing with a gun there and his ballot. a lot of people wanting to show everyone who they are voting for. i also want when it comes to the hashtags we are seeing. take a look at this #i'mwithher. this is a heat map showing where it's used throughout the country. compare it to the trump train hashtag as well. you can see where the shot spots are -- hot spots are. we put them up together in a hashtag battle as it's called -- what i did. we have i'm with her that
4:39 pm
are two hashtags used. it's trump train and vote trump. even though, this is all from today. right now it looks like #imwithher is outdoing the trump hashtags so with social media more people are talking about hillary clinton on social media. back to you. michelle: all right. jonathan: thanks. make sure you stay with abc7 and newschannel8 all night long. we have you covered on every angle. the election team is completely deployed from headquarters in new york to the d.m.v. we have it all covered. we invite you to stay with us throughout the evening. we have the early results as they come in. michelle: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the november surprise for this family. you won't believe how close they were to missing the vote
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>> some say voting is a birthright. in this case it comes before birth. michelle: a pregnant woman in colorado due to have her first child on election day. the baby wasn't going to wait. before she gave birth she did her civic duty. >> we ran over there and made
4:43 pm
shortly after that it's time. we have to get to the hospital. michelle: she gave birth to a beautiful girl named bella rose. her partner max was with her when she went to labor and made sure he voted. good time management there. jonathan: that baby is adorable. sleeping quietly now but they won't see sleep for six months. michelle: they will be able to tell them little bella this was a historic day. not just because she was born but everything else jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- continuing coverage on election day. we take you to the national harbor the two ways to take it in with us on the capitol hill -- capital wheel. michelle: campaign coverage continues next on abc7. announcer: you're watching live coverage of vote 2016. >> when we win on november 8,
4:44 pm
swamp. >> i hope you are able to say you voted, you voted for a better, stronger, fairer
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michelle: check this out. abc7's sam sweeney and his photographer, had to speed up the video to show how long of a walk it was to get inside the building to vote. how are things right now? d.c. bureau chief sam ford continues the team coverage from southeast. sam? we are in front of eastern market. the voters have been coming and going in a stream all afternoon here. this is in very democratic d.c., a situation where the election for the most part was held in june when they had the d.c. democratic primary. the turnout was phenomenal because of the presidential election. here is the seven-second look
4:48 pm
a steady row of voters. among the familiar faces at the eastern market is the d.c. delegate to congress eleanor holmes norton. running for her 14th term. with no serious opposition. >> i said come to the polls with me. this is the last chance. maybe the last chance for the country. this is an important election. we say every election is more important than the rest. sam: there is an initiative on the ballot where voters saying they want the city government
4:49 pm
the polls will be open in the city at 8:00. michelle: we have been checking on the pulse of the voters. jonathan: beautiful hummer. votetrak 2016 is out and about heading across the region. stephen tschida in greenbelt maryland. >> the biggest issue we have had is the single scanner.
4:50 pm
as long as they expected. so if you are voting in prince george's county be prepared for a longer wait to get through the polling process because of the scanners. in other counties like montgomery county, polling places are required to have two. not the cates here. slower going when it's busy. jonathan: thank you. we have you covered at every angle. that motorcade is former secretary of clinton. she is making her way to her headquarters for the evening where they will either have a celebration and a victory speech or they will have a more demure party. they will have a concession speech. she wrote both speeches today. trump's people saying they are doing the same. they have to write two speeches because they are off the campaign trail. this is a time to exhale. they have been putting in time. if you encountered any problems at the pols or if you have questions we have the
4:51 pm
online. throughout the election we have seen unique perspectives. michelle: now we are giving you one. jay korff is at national harbor. we have the biggest pie chart in d.c. in this area. >> we want to really dazzle you with something on this historic evening. not only can you ride on this on the 42 gone low das heated in the winter and have air conditioning in the summer. but there is 1.6 million lights. trump is in the red. clinton is in the blue. as the night progresses, the
4:52 pm
percentage of the vote that has come in. we will keep you updated here. there is much more to come. stay tuned. whether he check out the weather that is breezy and delightful he. steve: it looks nice. temperatures around 60 degrees. daylight hours are continuing to shrink. the overnight lows in the uper 40 to the 50's. clouds on the increase. the highs are around 60. the winds may be high as 20 miles per hour.
4:53 pm
that are chilly early on in the 30s. we will rebound by the afternoon hours. the weekend outlook calls for high of 49 degrees on saturday. make it coldest day so far. sunday with the daytime highs around 58. quick look at storm watch 7 seven-day outlook. after a cool first half. the temperatures moderate a bit. lower 60' tuesday. check on traffic for election day evening. jamie: a crash cleared away. 395 heading southbound behind this board. the delay is bumper to bumper. we are in the single digits continuing to closer to duke street where the crash. 7:00 at the verizon center we have the washington capitals game.
4:54 pm
bridge. a lot of
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i love my curls. it's what makes me, me. >> 12-year-old alexis wants girls with curly hair to hold the head high. >> a lot of people like to touch my hair. your hair is so big. >> just the way she likes it. the academy's sixth grader is so passionate about her curls, she wrote a coloring book to encourage or girls to show off theirs. she dedicates them to curly girls around the world to wear them big, board, proud. >> curly girl around the world be proud of your shiny curls. don't be ashamed to embrace your hair. >> it's caught the attending of a main stream women magazine. "essence" writes about her and the book in the november issue. >> are you awesome? are we serious? a student in the classroom
4:58 pm
>> a good inspir ra towel girls who -- inspiration to the girls who can do what they want to do. >> having your own hair style is good for you. straight, curly, doesn't matter. kellye: what matters to lexi is encouraging others. she hopes to write more inspirational books through the publishing company books for >> i feel good to help people. >> helping them embrace their hair and themselves. alison: tonight with a sense of civic pride -- >> all elections are important. we should all vote but this is really important. alison: sigh of relief. >> are you glad it's over? >> yes. alison: area voters descend on polling places on election day in 2016.
4:59 pm
river, abc7 wall-to-wall coverage continues with the first results hours away. announcer: this is live coverage of vote 2016. from abc7 news. alison: they have cast their ballot and now all they can do is wait. hopefully in a few hours we will know who is the next president of the united states. from the presidential candidates headquarters in new york to the local candidate the abc7 will be with you until the races are called. we are in the trump campaign in new york city. >> the election reaches the a extoday. the republican nominee seemed light hearted. >> tough decision. >> for many americans it has been tough. >> it's been a very difficult process. it's not about this year who
5:00 pm
are voting against. >> the latest poll show battle with trump on twitter with a final appeal. >> everybody is talking about the record turnout at the polls. it's amazing. go to the polls. we have a movement going on. we have never seen anything like it. >> the trump campaign tried to file a lawsuit in nevada over an early polling location they maintain remained open too late. the judge decided to throw it out. however, it may be an indication they c after tonight. from trump campaign headquarters in new york. alison: police set up presence outside the trump hotel along pennsylvania avenue in case protesters decided to head there. several groups demonstrated outside the hotel in the last few weeks but today it has been quiet. larry: the latest estimates more than 41 million people voted early in this election.


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