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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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captions paid for by cbs television distribution secretary clinton: this is painful and it will be for a long time. jonathan: the next president of the united states spent today inside trump tower. michelle: supporters -- announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: all right. united states spent his day inside trump tower. michelle: supporters and reporters gathered outside of trump's 5th avenue address hoping to catch a glimpse of the president-elect. alison: donald trump is due to be in washington, d.c., tomorrow. we heard he is set to meet with president obama at the white house to talk about a peaceful transition of power in the months ahead. jonathan: invite extended by the president just before noon.
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speech and she called on the nation to come together and accept the outcome of the presidential election. she had a message for her younger supporters moving forward. secretary clinton: i have, as tim said, spent my entire adult life fighting for what i believe in. i have had successes and i have had setbacks. sometimes really painful ones. many of you are at the beginning of your professional public and setbacks, too. this loss hurts. but please never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it. jonathan: clinton's running mate virginia governor tim kaine spoke in new york with tears in his eyes. he thanked his family and the ticket supporters for all they had done. alison: stock futures painted
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overnight. some estimates that the dow would fall nearly 1,000 points after the opening bell. after a brief dip in double digits blue chips stayed in the black all day. the markets just closed. they finished up about 255 points. jonathan: it was a good day on wall street. the market estimators weren't the only ones wrong when it came to the election. just about every pollster, analyst and political insider in the country thought hillary clinton would walk away with house. marci gonzalez takes a look at how trump came away with the upset. marci: this is not the kind of history that pundits and the polls predicted would be made in this presidential race. from the primaries up until election day. >> if he wins every one of the tossup states he is still short of the 270 he needs. marci: most called a donald trump presidency nearly impossible. the billionaire businessman received fewer overall votes
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their losses, he cleared electoral thresholds claiming the must-win battleground states, turning traditionally democratic states and banking crucial wins in the industrial midwest. his biggest group of supporters white voters without a college degree. while hillary clinton carried nonwhite voters as expected the democratic turnout fell short, helping to fuel trump's victory. million democrats that did not show up to vote yesterday in the course of this election. this election will have the lowest turnout percentage wise in 20 years. marci: pollsters looking at how they got it so wrong. while there are no clear answers some point to the possibility of unexpected change of heart by some clinton supporters following the f.b.i. announcing it was again looking into her e-mails. others say there may have been trump supporters too embarrassed to admit to pollsters which candidate they were supporting.
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abc7 news. michelle: for the last month, votetrak 2016 has been making its way around the region to get the pulse of the people leading in the presidential election. this morning brad bell said after doing that, he wasn't surprised by the outcome. brad went to northern virginia today to hear what people are now saying in one county that trump one and another that the president-elect lost. so, brad, what did you find? brad: well, you know what? i'm the election but the beauty of what we have been doing with votetrak 2016 is fe have been out talking to people not necessarily looking at the polls. when reported the other day, we were starting to see a passion for trump. you look at the state of virginia where we are now. it went for hillary clinton but there is a divide. 54.5 for clinton. stafford county, 51.9. for trump, you are right,
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people why that is. votetrak 2016 has been a great listening tool for our coverage. open forum for voters. and today people are once again speaking out. >> i wasn't surprised at all, actually. i knew that trump was going to win. brad: that stafford county resident said the poll she listened to was the comments of her friends. another tells us why he thinks stafford went for trump even as the neighboring prince william voted clinton. >> the rest of the state, l heard. and their needs and wants to be addressed. brad: up the road in manassas where clinton won a different reaction. >> i feel sad for my sister. my sister called me today and said she couldn't stop crying this morning. brad: so we are still out here in manassas and working for our story at 5:00. at 5:00, you will hear the
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this divide. essentially between neighbors. in manassas, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. today we heard the same plea from both the president and the speaker of the house in the wake of this election. president obama: that is what the country needs. a sense of unity, a sense of inclusion. a respect for our institutions, our way of life, rule of and a respect for each other. >> now as we do every four years, we have to work to heal the divisions of a long campaign. jonathan: today's abc7 instapoll is asking if you think the country will unite behind president-elect donald trump. cast your vote now. stephen tschida is live at the national cathedral.
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that in years past as well. stephen: we have. one political analyst described the atmosphere in the nation's capital today as funerial. a political his attorney said the concern, the fear that people fear isn't just understandable. he said it's justifiable. the day after an election that left some exhausted, therapy dogs on capitol hill to help with the post election recovery. >> we hope stressed out people on capitol hill got some relief as well. >> the healing will come in time. you don't heal on the first day. you absorb. take in. >> at the national cathedral they held a service for prayer and reconciliation.
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>> i woke up to a 6-1/2-year-old daughter i had to console and reassure that donald trump was not going to close her school. and that he wasn't going to send her friends away. stephen: not that this concern is valid but just to illustrate how much fear there is out there in the nation's capital, a woman we interviewed at the national cathedral came up to us moments later and said please don't put me on television. i administration to know that i'm an opponent. reports live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: looking ahead. the grand stand and the inauguration platform is already being built. alison: 72 days before donald trump will be sworn into office. what will a trump presidency look like? richard reeve with a look at the possibilities.
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transition. we have protesters outside the white house right now. these are trump folks here with the make america great ball caps here. yards away, we have a group of folks who are not so happy with mr. trump. you see a guy wearing a resist trump te-shirt. the call by president obama and others to have a smooth transition. mr. obama saying eight years ago the bush administration worked with my people. we made this work. we can do this again. this is a tradition that smooth transition. this isn't something we just respect. it's something we cherish. we will hear more from the leaders coming up at 5:00 about their thoughts about how smoothly this transition can happen. reporting live from the white house, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, thanks. we have plenty of election coverage still ahead including a lack at the shift in the electoral map. alison: plus we are speaking with women who supported trump through thick and thin in
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oval office glass ceiling shattered. michelle: we are monitoring social media to for reaction to the election. jonathan: tonight at 7:00 join me for a round table discussion on "america's decision." it begins at 7:00 on the sister station on newschannel8 what has doctors saying that the set of once conjoined twins doing better than expected. doug: we had a batch of rain and cold front coming through this morning and another coming now. but check out drone trak 7 over montgomery county. a rainbow. that is a beautiful scene. clearing skies on the way.
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michelle: right now students at american university are protesting the results on campus. protest that included one man burning the american flag. this is cell phone video of that. we are live with the developing story. analisa? reporter: michelle, take a look at what we are seeing now outside the mary graden center. a lot of students are standing around. some clinton and trump supporters.
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issues. according to an american university spokesperson right now this is in response to the election results. let's go to the video and take a look at the video posted a few hours ago to twitter. it shows someone turning the american flag. it was shot by a junior here at american university. she says while the flag was burning some people were denouncing donald trump and saying things like america is dead. and america doesn't represent me. we are joined by one that flag. his name is isaiah. can you step over here for me? tell me why you did that? >> america, for example, has been founded off the backs of the people of color. specifically indigenous people and black people as well. other people who have not been represented in like any laws. to people are not interested in being american.
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themment that is what it came to? >> is this in response to the election? >> i knew donald trump was going to win. i knew it. i always felt this way about america. i always felt disdain about america. every since i was little i knew america does like people who look like me who are like queer and poor, low income. >> thank some people are not happy with the decision he just mentioned. not everyone wanted to see something like this. some people are expressing their frustration with the seeing the american flag being burned. we will be here throughout the night. covering the protest. we'll be sure to have updates on air and online. live at american university, abc7 news.
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one in oakland broke out after the election was called. #notmypresident has been trending online all day. alison: but in front of trump tower in new york, celebrations as the supporters there were cheering on the next president. jonathan: lindsey mastis is here now tracking reaction on social media. and man has social media exploded today. lindsey: people are sharing their feelings on social media today. this is a sign of the times. the celebrated to the devastated. there are people tweeting about the election until trump was announced. the clinton supporters are sounding off and looking to the next four years. there is the #notmypresident they were chanting moment ago. there is also #stillwithher. as i mentioned, 2020 is what people are looking forward.
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give one day. #michelle2020. they are talking about michelle obama and looking to the next election and encouraging her to step up and actually run. we have to see what happens. alison: are you sure it's not michelle marsh 2020? lindsey: no last name. jonathan: motion to nominate her. michelle: you will be jonathan: these two would be fantastic. thank you. michelle: let's check on the traffic situation. jonathan: jamie sullivan is here with details. jamie: this is what we are looking at now. very wet roads. this is 66 passing nutley. you can see the sheen on the road. talk about how slow. 23 minutes, that is what it
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closer to the fairfax county parkway. now the big picture look around the capital beltway seeing a lot of red, a lot of green, too. then a few yellow spots mixed in. kenilworth avenue is going to be heavy as you try to leave the district. we see the heavy traffic as well heading outbound 395. slow go crossing the american legion bridge to maryland. as you wrap around you can see on connecticut avenue we are. you get a break to continue closer to college park. then you are on the breaks again continuing south toward green belt. so we have slow spots. heading inbound 395 crossing the 14th street bridge, police activity. be careful. make sure you watch for the emergency crews. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. it is an interesting day. you notice when you walk around half the people you bump into are euphoric and the other half are in a chroma. nice day outside.
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breath. relax. let's move forward. alison: it looks a little cloudy in that shot there. doug: other than it's pouring down rain outside. jonathan: forget what i just said. that was four hours ago. doug: we had a rainbow. i showed you that before the commercial. we will get more of that in the next couple of days. doppler now. area of showers. we had a cold front go through the morning. the upper level low pressure center spinning around the pinwheel the showers. they will get out of here in the evening. after that we will see rapid clearing. a look, and nothing heavy now. the heaviest showers develop in the chesapeake bay. now over the eastern shore. this is what we have on the future cast. notice the direction. north to south. that is in response to the upper level low. the 6:00 tonight showers that you notice they fade off to the east later tonight. by 11:00, we are clearing out. gusty winds and colder and the
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the forecast from the stormwatch7 weather center is overnight clearing, breezy and cooler. 37 to 43 by morning. northwesterly winds 10 to 15. that means a wind chill, probably going to feel four or five degrees colder because of the winds. the forecast through the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. breezy. temperatures 62 degrees for a high temperature. as we head through the next seven, look ahead to veterans day on friday. plenty of sunshine. winds are lighter in the morning. 62. a strong cold front will come but look what it does by saturday. saturday a full day of sunshine. high of 49 degrees. we will flip the winds to the southwest to sunday and warm it to 60 degrees. through early next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday. lenity of sunshine. highs lower 60's. just a couple of degrees above average. we need rain. we aren't getting enough to whittle away at the deficit. it's dry out there. jonathan: see anything in the long-term crystal ball?
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doug: eventually. hopefully. maybe by the middle of next week we might get a storm system to bring rain. jonathan: eventually. a meteorological term. doug: maybe. if. jonathan: coming up next at 4:00 -- how great is she? she is not tired enough to stop by and share olympic gold. simone biles joi morning crew this morning and the reason she is in town and when she starts training for tokyo. kellye: applesauce, gram crackers, cereal. senior citizens are packing food for local children. i will tell you how it works
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michelle: welcome back. throughout the evening here on the rights on the side of the building here in arlington. now take a look here. this is what the electoral map looks like today. donald trump with 290. hillary clinton with 228. of course, once trump made it to the magic number which we all know is 270, those results were projected on to the side of the empire state building. jeff barnd is live at the capitol hill bureau today with
4:25 pm
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immigration reform, how to combat isis and chattering hope for the liberal majority in the supreme court. >> the supreme court appointees will be the defining moment in trump's presidency. it will extend beyond his life, our life and for the next 30 years based on the supreme court precedent. >> it's not just the current president policy he defeated. >> he is running as a republican but he fought the republican establish. , the national people seen as attacking them donald trump fought them and won. jeff: political insiders say it will be interesting to see how trump's brash style will unify a nation. >> i didn't want either one of them. we had no choice. we don't know who is telling the truth. everybody lies. jeff: and how trump will fit in the traditional bipartisan framework inside the beltway. now the president will be meeting with trump in the
4:27 pm
power. reporting live from capitol hill, i'm jeff jeff barnd. back to you. michelle: thank you. coming up at 4:00 -- >> there is one segment of donald trump supporters that played a big role in his big victory last night. now they are speaking out with a lot of pride and excitement. i'm jeff goldberg. who we are talking about coming up. >> today frankly was a very emotional one in the d.m.v. i'm kevin lewis with that story still ahead. alison: ahead new at 5:00, for years people complained about predatory towing in arlington. why is a moving with considered to make it even easier for tow truck companies? what abc7 found when i return at "abc7 news at 5:00".
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: the stage was set for hillary clinton to shatter the glass ceiling and be the first woman elected to the president of the united states. but instead of shattering the glass ceiling the dreams of some women around the country shattered when trump pulled
4:31 pm
exactly what they wanted. we have team coverage of both sides. kevin lewis spoke to the disappointed but let's begin with northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg. women for trump. jeff? jeff: the women supported trump with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm like the woman who owns this trump sign here in fairfax. they have been telling us all trump was going to win the election last night. the banner reads virginia women for trump and has bumper stickers for women supporting trump. we spoke to patty, an attorney in fairfax who the polls did not accurately reflect the female support that trump had across the country and across
4:32 pm
they were not influenced by the "access hollywood" tape. >> we are not worried about the lapping wage. we think most men use the language. >> i'm not dating the guy. country and protect me. jeff: the women we spoke to said it made no difference to them that the democratic nominee was a woman. we have that element and interesting stuff in the 5:00 hour. until then, live in fairfax. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. even though mrs. clinton lost
4:33 pm
clinton won the popular vote. 59,700,000 to 59,500,000. winning the popular vote doesn't get you anything. now some women hoping to share the moment of the first woman becoming president with their daughters, that is what they are hoping for, are now trying to figure out how to talk to them about what happened. kevin lewis is live in rockville with that side of the story. the last 12 hours. i have seen it first-hand and i have won a number of somber and bleak facebook posts. simply put. today has been an emotional one for many americans. howard county resident sent us these photos of her 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. as a muslim american she told me she is afraid of the potential impact trump will
4:34 pm
also expressing sadness. she took her daughter ellie to her the clinton rally in manhattan. then a dreary photo of the return trip today. ellie peering out the train window. her spirits visibly shattered. in the county, 74% of the voters picked clinton. every mother i approached today told me they h with their daughters. >> i mostly just called to say you know i'm thinking of you. i know how much it would impact you. i have no words. it's rare i'm speechless. i'm an extroverted person. >> this morning i thought about talking about it with her and i think i will at some point but right now it's a raw wound for me as well.
4:35 pm
right now i'm too angry. kevin: today i spoke to a married lesbian woman who has two young girls and she is concerned that president-elect trump could reverse same-sex marriage on a national scale. we're live in rockwell, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: with every change in administration, several key issues are now in question tonight. donald trump has said he will repeal president obama's healthcare reform. with a republican majority of the house and senate it shouldn't a problem. from is also the question of the open -- there is also the question of the open seat on the supreme court. this week the united nations is holding meetings in morocco about implementing the paris climate accord. a deal that president-elect trump said he is ready to back out of. jonathan: stay with abc7 and for complete coverage
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as this develops in the next weeks and months. michelle: escape from politics, let's talk about the weather. doug: there is a system that is rotating east. if you give it two or three hour most of the rain will be here. i will tell you what is coming in after the rain. i'll tell you now. gusty winds and colder temperatures. there is a good patch of rain south an another area on the west side of town moving through virginia. a few sprinklals could follow. the rain moves out. the rain moves out. skies will clear. it will range between 37 and 42 by morning. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. breezy. it will hit 62. on friday, breezy for a while. then it's windy in the afternoon as a cold front moves through the area. that will drop the
4:37 pm
that. touch cold air will come in that by the time we get to saturday even with a full day of sunshine we are expecting high of. what up to 60 on sunday. the biggest super moon in 68 years. it will appear 14% bigger. 30% brighter. keep your fingers crossed for clear this will be a heck of a celestial show. that is the latest. michelle: thank you. we are following breaking news out of san diego. two f/a-18's collided over the pacific. one of the pilots made it back to base. we don't know if it's miramar or camp pendleton. we also don't know about the other pilot involved in this. we will follow the story as it develops and bring you more information as soon as we get it. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- getting to know you.
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michelle: but first, the consequences for a businessman after last year's deadly
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jonathan: there are new developments in the david
4:41 pm
two life terms after he was convicted of killing his estranged wife bonnie. he was found guilty of first-degree murder and breaking and entering and guilty of being armed with a deadly weapon intent to commit a felony or larceny. he will be sentenced on friday. michelle: in china head of a logistics company sentenced to death sentence after a fatal explosion that killed more than 170 people last year. the chairman of an international logistics company received his sentence for than 49,000 tons of toxic chemicals in the warehouse. that is what you are looking at. the aftermath. most of the victims in this explosion were firefighters and policemen. jonathan: well, the driver of a london train is now behind bars tonight after his -- i should say a tram was driving and it derailed killing seven people and injuring 50 others. investigators say the tram tipped over because it was
4:42 pm
workers remained on the scene for six hours trying to free passengers that were trapped. the driver facing manslaughter charges. michelle: about 250 firefighters in delaware spent the morning battling a huge fire. this happened at a complex off abandoned warehouses in wilmington around 2:00. look at the fiery scene. the fire chief said it tack them seven hours to get this under control. that is even with the help from crew from pennsylvania and new jersey. luckily, no one scene in new york. beth le mem steel plant up in flames. black plume of smoke could be seen for miles. explosions were hurt before the roof collapsed. hundreds of firefighters working to control the blaze. the cause is still under investigation. >> coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the field hockey tale wouldn't exist if it weren't for our
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michelle: back now with an update on previously conjoined
4:46 pm
at the top of their heads may be progressing ahead of schedule. the 13-month-old twins were separated last month. one suffered partial paralysis after the surgery. the others suffered seizures. doctors say they almost fully recover and will be able to leave the hospital soon for rehab. jonathan: amazing. the world health organization now has new guidelines for the care of pregnant women. they include getting healthcare services at least eight times during pregnancy. so tha visits in the last trimester. that doubles the previous recommendation. the w.h.o. says 3030,000 mothers die -- 300,000 mothers die wile giving birth and babies die before reaching the one-month mark. michelle: a special relationship developed between the children and the senior citizens in southeast. as kellye lynn shows us in the "spotlight on education" the seniors are offering children with food insecurity blessing
4:47 pm
kellye: once a week the residents gather to pack more than 100 bags of food. >> for me it's a blessing to help others in need. especially the children. kellye: children at a school that sits across the street from the nursing and rehab facility. stanton elementary school. >> it provides the ability-them to have nutrition -- ability for them to have nutrition throughout the weekend when they are not at school. the free and the reduced meals program. >> they are hungry. they are more likely to act out in class. they are more likely to misbehave and be unfocused. >> we get out of school, we like to eat the snacks. kellye: the blessings in a back pack program is about much more than food. what these seniors are giving, they are getting back. >> i just get a good feeling.
4:48 pm
kellye: especially when the children visit the residents. >> they sing. they work with us. it is joy and comfort for those that can't get out. kellye: attendance, academic performance and enthusiasm have increased for students in the program. >> it makes me really happy. kellye: in southeast, kellye lynn, abc7 group is also involved in blessings in a backpack at stanton. jonathan: capitol hill church in southeast is sponsoring 150 students in the program. good for them. michelle: outstanding program. >> the cubs won the world series. donald trump has won the election. so a lot really has happened since the summer's games in rio. one of the most recognizable athlete from the games and will be for a long time simone biles who stopped by "good
4:49 pm
chitchat. >> after tour i start my book tour. but then i take a it will time off from the gem and then i'll start training again for tokyo. jonathan: she is amazing. you still think about the moves she did on the mat. wow! how do you do that? she is in town now as part of the kellogg tour of gymnastics champion and spent this afternoon at gymnastics studio in arlington. look at the young girls and the looks on their faces. signing autographs. stars will perform at the verizon center tomorrow night at 7:30. michelle: that will be amazing. she is so small but she packs so much power. jonathan: you know what is funny? nadia gave birth to young gymnasts and i guarantee that simone has done the same. michelle: a lot of posters up in bedrooms. jonathan: yeah. time to honor one of the coaches and the mentors who mean so much to the youth in your area.
4:50 pm
where they are without the head coach is an understatement. robert burton explains with the coach of the week. robert: you are looking at the briarwood field hockey team. a team that wouldn't exist if it weren't for that man. >> i watched the video. robert: kyle lobbied to loudoun county for five years for field hockey to become a varsity sport at briar woods high school. this year, success. >> this has been a prideful thing we have built. not only sort of a great team at infrastructure for the girls to have a great opportunity to play. >> for kyle, every game is emotional. understand where the program started. this year they were one win away from making state. >> being at the precipice of going to state is unfathomable to me. i have the most wonderful group of 234 girls you could imagine. and many of them have been with me a number of years and have learned hockey playing for me. robert: coach wouldn't let us leave without thanking the
4:51 pm
know every day his team gets to compete is always a victory. >> i have a group of girls who are so passionate about playing sports and being a unit. that is life. life is about building teams and enjoying life socially with other people. then accomplishing goals. jonathan: with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. michelle: all right. when saw rain today. it was heavy at times. but not enough. jonathan: we need the way for the next two hours. then we clear it out. so by no means will it make things look better. we are in the middle of november. 50 for the evening hours. moistly cloudy sky -- mostly cloudy skies. showers will end and the sun will set in eight minutes. eight minutes to go. terms of the daylight hours. satellite and radar for you. the showers are drifting slowly to the south. it will be out of here for the next hour or two. it should amount to more.
4:52 pm
rush hour commute it's not so great. jamie be l be here in a minute to give you an update. lower 60's tomorrow. grab sunglasses. we will see the breezy conditions. wind gusts upward of 15 to 20 miles per hour. the weekend, wow! we are looking at the coldest day of the son on saturday. highs only in the upper 40's. that is ten degrees below average for this time of the year. we rebound to sunday. around 60 degrees. don't forget we have a veterans day 10k sunday at the the temperatures temperatures wt out on the cool sides in the middle 30's. rebounding to the mid-al 50's by noontime. stormwatch7 extended outlook after a cool saturday. 60 on sunday. the lower 60's on monday. tuesday, wednesday. the wet roadway and the rush hour commute. not a good combination with more. jamie: that is right. never a good combination. take a look at the heavy traffic heading outbound.
4:53 pm
that point. 23 minutes is the average. starting out near the capital beltway continuing closer to the fairfax county parkway. the big picture look slowing but the heaviest spot on the virginia beltway outer loop getting closer toward national harbor. then on the inner loop extremely heavy heading northbound. a live look in virginia near georgetown pike, which shows you how many brake lights we have heading north. as you continue to wrap around closer to connecticut avenue we are still slowing on the brakes and a live look getting into d.c. crossing the 14th slowing. keep that in mind. that is a look at traffic. we'll have more after the break. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
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jonathan: as vote 2016 comes to a close the nation looks ahead to donald trump's presidency. michelle: but he isn't coming in we take a look at the next first lady's potential role. reporter: melania trump decked in white taking a late night victory lap with her husband donald. now the first foreign-born first lady since john adams' wife. melania's road to the white house is anything but conventional. she met trump in 13998 when she was modeling in new york. the couple marrying in 2005.
4:57 pm
melania telling abc news he was the reason she was absent from the campaign trail. >> my priority is our son. i support him 100%. >> in july she was greeted warmly as she took the stage at the republican national convention. but her words widely criticized for bearing striking resemblance to michelle obama's 2008 d.n.c. speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. will do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say. reporter: after that, melania kept a lower profile but last week hit the battleground senate of pennsylvania to campaign for her husband, showing voters her more personal side. >> i'm an immigrant. no one values the freedom and opportunity of america more than me. >> melania revealing one of her biggest platform of first
4:58 pm
>> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. >> in this 21st century what is going on is very hurtful to children. to some adults as well. but we need to take care of children. >> hard to keep it away from your kids. >> it is. but we need to teach them how to use it. what is right to say. what is not right to say. because it's very bad out there. children get hurt. >> as the president-elect lets the win sink concede. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> and the president and the speaker of the house both call for unity. >> we are not democrats first, we are not republicans first. we are americans first. >> we need to rededicate ourself to make america great and make it a perfect union. >> with 72 days until we inaugurate if next president of the united states.
4:59 pm
larry: today president obama and hillary clinton urge nuenty. >> our constitution document enshrines the peaceful transition of power. we don't respect it. we cherish it. larry: clinton sa painful but the goal now is to go forward. >> we all want what is best for this country. that's what i heard in mr. trump's remark last night and what i heard when i spoke to him directly. i was heartened by that. larry: president obama will meet with the president elect donald trump at the white
5:00 pm
alison: the trump begins in -- trump presidency begins in 72 days. we have team coverage and how people are responding but we begin with the chief political correspondent scott thuman in times square in new york. you did a great job for us last night. thank you so much. the big question today trump defied the polls and won despite losing the popular vote. how did he do this? scott: well, school dumping was a key. but where he chose to do it was integral. he went to the rust belt, the middle chunk of america where he spent so much time. territory four years ago was in barack obama's column. last night all of that changed. while the new president-elect was in new york city to celebrate one of the biggest


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