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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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alison: the trump begins in -- trump presidency begins in 72 days. we have team coverage and how people are responding but we begin with the chief political correspondent scott thuman in times square in new york. you did a great job for us last night. thank you so much. the big question today trump defied the polls and won despite losing the popular vote. how did he do this? scott: well, school dumping was a key. but where he chose to do it was integral. he went to the rust belt, the middle chunk of america where he spent so much time. territory four years ago was in barack obama's column. last night all of that changed. while the new president-elect was in new york city to celebrate one of the biggest
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solidified. the midwest. the rust belt often labeled the heart of america. no better example than wisconsin. no republican had won here since 1984, maybe why clinton didn't feel the need to stump in the state. she made zero appearances here while trump bounced. >> you don't see any hillary signs. with recall trump. it's crazy. look at us. pennsylvania paid off. the map of this mid-section near flip from four years ago from bold blue to republican red. >> i don't like open borders. i think that is ridiculous. this country needs jobs and lots of them. >> frankly you saw the market. you saw it. we didn't think it could happen. trump turned it on its head. scott: it was in ohio that trump told me the message to
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speculation that some voters may stay home. >> i don't think people are fed up. i think people are excited about us. i can tell you, we are heading ohio now by four points. we expect to do well in ohio. we are excited about what we are doing. we'll bring jobs back. scott: ohio is a state that voted for donald trump and 28 of the las has been dead on. alison: of course, donald trump had a very dramatic noted break with the establishment. the republican party. moving forward, how do you see all of them working together? not just with the democrats but with the republicans, the people in his own party? scott: they don't have a big choice now do they? republicans have control of the house, the senate and now the white house.
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donald trump went head to head, nasty relationship at one point publicly between he and paul ryan. paul ryan has 82% approval rating among republicans in his own state. that is a gamble. trump won on the bet. as a result you saw paul ryan come out and very con selliatory -- conciliatory. so they have to come to the reality they can get in line or they will be in the minority in the de alison: okay. scott thuman live in new york city. thank you so much. we'll see you when you get back. larry: with the election over the focus in our area is on the transition. 72 days until the inauguration, the abc7 instapoll asks will the country unite behind donald trump. you can weigh in now. and richard reeve is outside live with what obama administration is saying as it
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trump transition team. richard: you can see the decor getting set up and ready for things. because the election was yesterday a lot more people coming by the white house to take pictures. we saw trump people here. we saw anti-trump people here. now the key figures calling for a smooth transition. a mayor change after the battle for the white house. >> working together we begin the urgent task of rebuilding the nation and renewing the american dream. >> instead of vitriol, olive branch as the presidential transition begins. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> the trump and the clinton camps no longer trading barbs but urging cooperation. >> constitution enshrines the
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cherish it. >> the two and a half month transition process began last june. trump and the clinton campaigns began working with the white house coordinating council. president obama: we are all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. richard: there are deep wounds here. >> hillary clinton looks like she will come close to win the popular vote if not win it out right. that will raise questions about mandate after the election. >> still, president obama says the george w. bush transition went smoothly and he wants the same this time. >> i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set eight years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure it's a successful transition. richard: don't forget president obama had execute orders about immigration and
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all of that and we have to see how smoothly thing goes before the new occupant of the white house takes his new home here. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. larry: thanks for that. there has been backlash for donald trump's victory including at home. this is a protest at american university. they are setting fire to the american flag. a junior on campus captured the video saying that while the flag was burning students were denouncing trump and saying america is one person told us burning the flag is like burning institution suppressing them. alison: the tight race in the nation was mirrored in virginia. while hillary clinton carried the state, all it takes is a trip to two different counties to see a vastly different opinion. brad bell made the trip in votetrak 2016. he is live in manassas tonight. hi, brad. brad: we have been talking to people in votetrak 2016.
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virginia, hillary clinton got 50% of the vote. donald trump 45% of the vote. 5% went to other candidates. this shows how close it is. it varies fa county to county. the passion that elected trump is on full display. >> very ha >> american has spoken. they are tied up with the political machine in d.c. they elected an outsider who isn't a career politician. >> get up the road in manassas in prince william county -- many are feeling the day after blues. >> very sad for the country. i hope we can come together. >> these are the numbers. stafford voted 52-43 for
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clinton. not a surprise to manassas city councilman ian lovejoy, a republican. >> manassas straddled the rural urban edge. but overtime it's teetering closer to the democrats. >> in stafford -- >> we needed a change. it's been a bad eight years. we are military in stafford. brad: the divide remains. we hear this in stafford county -- >> i don't like it. i wanted hillary clinton to win. brad: find plenty of support for trump in prince william. >> i'm happy. i don't have to leave the country now. >> coming up at 6:00 we take the soapbox out of the hummer and setting it up so once again people can be heard on the election in their own words. as we have been saying unfiltered and unedited. in manassas, brad bell, abc7 news.
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shockwave through the district. so much a plan to discuss the changes to the d.c. council and the push for statehood ended up to focus on entirely on donald trump. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has reaction tonight. sam: it was a packed news conference on a number of issues that sometimes felt like a wake. >> woke up to the nightmare i did not want to wake up to, unfortunately. >> mayor bowser led d.c. officials in congratulating president-elect donald trump adding the city's ready to work on the >> many of our residents are angry, and hurting. >> immigrants called her afraid. there is the healthcare law. >> they want to repeal obamacare. well, it has an impact on the district of columbia. we have stood up healthcare benefit exchange that has federal funding and other implications.
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for hillary clinton -- >> the outcome is not good. >> bowser called some of trump's ideas idiotic and asked if she regrets any of it. >> i don't recant anything i said but i hope and i have said previously and i do, we have to take him at his word. he says he wants to bring nonsupporters in. brad: that definitely describes d.c. sam: i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: we have more on trump victory rehead including how women are responding after a disupon doesn't night at the clinton camp. we will meet with women thrilled for the pick. alison: tonight at 7:00 we are
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round table discussion begins at 7:00 at newschannel8. we hope you will join us at despite the gloomy weather outside we did find a ray of sunshine. larry: it was nice. look at this. skytrak7 flying over derwood, maryland, when it scotted a gorgeous rain beau -- spotted a gorgeous rainbow. to get a rainbow, you need rain. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the rain and when it will move out. in a few more hours we should see clearing skies. look at what is coming our way for the next couple of hours. they are scattered showers. the rain has been moderate at times. i wouldn't say heavy rain but we have had moderate patches in the wake of the cold front. zoom in now. loudoun county has fair amount of showers. everything moving at a good clip because of the gusty
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weather or three steps ahead of the weather by downloading the storm watch 7 app. easy to find. you can download it at the app store or get it on google play. overnight it's breezy and colder with the clearer skies. tomorrow there are temperatures from the upper 30's to the upper 40's. if cold snap a trend or just a one-davissor? we will let you know in the extended outlook. coming up in a few minutes. larry: thank you. we talk to you soon. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- more towing in arlington? what is being proposed to make it easi alison: plus, with what is done in the area to ease people's post-election anxiety. larry: plus, shock and sar row as millions of -- sorrow as millions of people learn america did not elect the first woman president. how they are coping and what
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alison: america's first wait for the first female president will continue but it doesn't stop people paying respect to susan b. anthony. this is the end result. thousands of women went to the champion for women suffrages grave in new york.
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barely see the gravestone underneath it. the look of sorrow after the swing state and swing state fell last night it became apparent that hillary clinton would not america's first woman president. fears over donald trump's treatment of women only exacerbated the emotions. kevin lewis joins us live from rockville to talk more about how mothers and daughters are responding today. kevin? kevin: hi, alison. a source of hope for million of american women. but tonight, shock and horror and a question of how long women will have to wait before a female makes it to the white house. >> to all the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and me i want you to know that nothing made me prouder than to be your champion.
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moved women to tears. >> women still can do anything they want to do. we just may have to try harder. >> women like amanda stone who has a full-time career and 4-year-old daughter at home. >> what we are saying is we would rather have a misogynistic racist person because he is a man in the office than god forbid a woman. kevin: it gracely concerned this muslim. a howard county resident with a 4-year-old son. >> she was so moved she took her child to manhattan, the watch party and then this, the dreary return trip. the spirits visibly shattered. >> i knew my youngest daughter
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>> ed it's sad. sad for me. >> many american women are jubilant today. coming up today, jeff goldberg talks to the female voters who cast their ballot for president-elect donald trump. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: a number of events wer bring everyone together after the election. therapy dogs were on capitol hill to help with post election recovery. the national cathedral is holding healing and the reconciliation prayer service to bring the nation together. you can catch another service planned here at 5:30. alison: it was unbelievable to see the numbers last night. at one point it was new hampshire divided by 15 votes. an entire state. so you talk about divide. it certainly exists there.
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battleground states non-had been called. it was so close and so many different states. >> incredible. let's talk about the weather. we had rain. but a pretty rainbow, too. doug: we saw that in the early afternoon. one batch of rain with a cold front this morning. second batch in the afternoon with upper level disturbance that will bring gusty winds and air tonight. almost through it. look at the time lapse. this is a view from the john champs high school. 51 degrees the cloudy and damp this morning. go through time. we see it clear out briefly. we had a rainbow and part of the area look nice. this other batch of rain with the system i describe moving through. that, too, will be passing through over the next couple of hours. bottom line is clearing, breezy and colder later tonight. right now we are down to 56 in washington. 54 in hagerstown and luray. 55 in culpeper. 54 at joint base andrews. 57 in annapolis. through the evening, temperatures will slowly drop
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clearing of the skies. the showers will be over. the gusty winds pick up out of the northwest. we wake up tomorrow with chilly morning and clear skies. we look at the live doppler. the areas of the rain falling over loudoun county. southwest through prince william county. stafford, northern neck. southern maryland to annapolis. all of this is moving south and the southeast. after that, i think it's done. then we will see the clearing skies. nothing heavy right now. continue to make their way from north to south. again in the next couple of hours that should be that. we will see clearing skies overnight. one thing to keep in mind as you make plans for the morning to go to work and go to school and take the kids to the bus stop, whatever they have in mind. temperatures are between 37 and 43 degrees, we have gusty winds. 15 miles per hour, maybe stronger through the early morning. there are wind chills there. it will feel chilly compared with this day. then we look down the road to
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system weather for the rest of the -- seasonal weather for the rest of the week. northwesterly winds kick in through the everything. we get to friday and reinforcing cold front comes through. no rain with the cold front anticipated. however, the winds will become gustier out of northwest as we head through friday afternoon. the core of the colder air will rush in here on friday and saturday. in fact, all week long we have been forecasting highs to remain in the 340's for saturday. even with the sunshine. the good news is the high pressure will quickly move out of the wa around on us. by sunday it's a good ten or 11 degrees warmer. still get up and down in early november. pickup time for the kids at the bus stop. sunshine, breezy and 44. 55 at recess. 62 at dismissal time in the afternoon. the next seven days shows the temperatures taking the nose dive in the day on saturday. highs only 49. sunday we will do better. winds turn southwest. we will jump up a lot. go from 49 to 60 on sunday.
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90 or 92. i mean 62 degrees. same on tuesday and wednesday. quick note monday evening when the moon rises it is a super moon. it will be the brightest and the lagest that has appear -- largest that appeared in 68 years. the closest to the earth it has been. if you miss it, we are not going to have another super moon until 2034. alison: we can't miss it then. we have to catch it. doug: weather looks good for it, too. should be beautiful. alison: i love doug: many, many times. alison: thank you. coming up tonight, we are looking closer still at the upcoming trump presidency. the concerns by some groups now that trump singled out during his campaign. why they say his message of unity this morning did not ease their fears. larry: first, arlington has a reputation for being a haven for predatory towing. now some fear the new
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alison: bonnie black was stabbed to death in april 2015. the pair had been involved in a bitter divorce at the time. a neighbor found bonnie black's body after seeing the couple's children playing by themselves outside.
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larry: an issue that has been going on in arlington. tow truck driving off with your car minutes after you park. as brianne carter explains some fear a new proposal can make it easier for the predatory tow truck companies to flourish. brianne: d.j. parked for five minutes to find his car towed. >> it's i understand parking for a long period of time. a couple hours. an hour. but you know, literally, you know, it's a public parking lot. you park and turn around and the car is gone already. brianne: according to the county data the number is up from last year. it could bring more people to the parking lot in the county. the proposal before the board
5:27 pm
storage lot could be from the county line by a quarter mile. a car could not be tow from maryland to d.c. they are trying to bring competition and not adding unreasonable distance that folks have to travel to pick up the car. they are discussing more signs inside the parking lot. the signs have to be posted at the entrance of the parking lot. the companies have picture of the condition before it's towed. they provide protection to the vehicle owners and balance the needs of the property owners and their customers. the county is expected to have a public hearing on proposed code changes december 10. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: still ahead at 5:00, sharing a bit of positivity in our area. the unique way a community is encouraging others to bring smiles.
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20 but he could bring legal baggage with him to the oval office. why problems are far from
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: anger in parts of the country overnight and into today after the election of donald trump. many taking to the streets saying he is not their president. even this afternoon, we saw protests at american university where students burned a flag in protest. now much of the outrage is centered in communities that feel donald trump discuss not represent them. that is after a campaign that saw him belittle some minority communities and threatened to been ban others from the country. q mccray went out today for reaction. president-elect trump: it is time for to us come together as one united people. q: donald trump wasted no time trying to mend relationships once he won the white house. the campaign though successful was considered divisive and hostile to many.
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do you see any positives in the future? >> with donald trump, no. q: we caught up with mexican-american aguilar in mount pleasant. he fears trump's administration will deport some of his relatives. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> i don't think that it's a wise or intelligent decision. >> i'm devastated for minorities. q: this woman was worried considers trump a sexist and misogynist. >> grab them by the [bleep] -- >> i have three daughters around 30 years old devastated by this. >> then there are trump's comments about the muslim community. >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> he has lived in the united states now for 25 years and he
5:33 pm
about the community. >> i don't care about that. i don't care. >> he don't like muslim. but we like american people. >> q mccray, abc7 news. alison: the stock finished the day up. a dramatic rearers sal from this morning when the dow futures cratered 800 points as the election came to a close. however, the dow finished the the nasdaq was 58, the s&p 500 finished 24 points higher. donald trump will be sworn in of course january 20. but before that, the president elect has legal troubles to work out. which is not unprecedented in american history but it is very rare. "7 on your side" watchdog investigator chris papst is here to explain. >> mr. donald trump is sworn in as president, he will be
5:34 pm
stand to defend himself. so as he prepares to lead the free world he is juggling with his own legal problems. now trump's legal challenges have been very well documented. on november 28, he will go to trial in a class action lawsuit in san diego involving the now defunked trump university. the suit alleges that the people who paid up to $35,000 for business classes were defrauded. it's expected that trump will testify in that trial. now this is just one of many lawsuits that have the president elect tied up. into his presidency. trump has also threatened legal action against women who accused him of sexual assault in the campaign and against chefs who backed out of contracts to work at the new trump hotel in d.c. now as far as the suits, there is some historical precedence here. in 1997, a supreme court ruled that a sitting president is not immune from litigation for actions they did before taking office. this comes from president bill
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sexual harassment by paula jones. in that case, justice john paul stephens wrote, "although scheduling problems may arise we have confidence in the ability of the federal judges to deal with both of these concerns giving the utmost deference to presidential responsibilities." but, of course, trump could forgo all of this if he wants to. he could simply drop many of the cases he has filed. such as the against the chefs d accused him of sexual misconduct. chris papst, abc7 news. alison: we will see what happens. thank you. tonight we are taking in-depth look as what we expect for a trump presidency. the roundtable discuss begins at 7:00, newschannel8. fairfax county owners rejected a new tax that could have meant million for revenue for the county and the schools at
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the county board that want the power to tax prepared foods up to 4%. larry: this election wasn't just big for the republican party. it was huge for marijuana supporters. six states had major breakthroughs as we try to legalize the drug nationwide. california, nevada, massachusetts, passed the measures for recreational use of pot. florida, arkansas, north dakota voted to allow pot for the medicinal purposes. arizona shut down measure and call. alison: voters in phoenix ousted. controversial and outspoken maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. they denied him a tenth term. he faces contempt charges and he will be replaced by a former phoenix police sergeant. larry: well, just ahead -- >> smart women realize voted
5:37 pm
>> they stood by their man. the mood of the woman for trump tonight after his big win next at 5:00. alison: firefight. what lit up the early morning sky in california and why residents nearby were told to stay inside. larry: coming up tonight at 6:00 -- the investigation into the fire. and why police may only get
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middle of the week and looking forward to the upcoming weekend. i will be one of the coldest days with the average highs around 49 degrees. at least rebound to around 60 on sunday. good deal of sunshine to enjoy throughout the weekend. if you are getting up early sunday morning veterans day 10k on ohio drive southwest.
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30's. by mid-morning around 50 degrees. middle 50's by the noontime hour. the outlook from the storm watch 7. there is the cold saturday. 60 on sunday. lower 60's come monday and tuesday. don't forget the super moon. that is monday everything. don't miss that.
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alison: a huge fire at a plastics plant in northern california is now out. flames lit up the early morning sky over the city of lodi. firefighters warned nearby residents to stay indoors due to the potentially toxic smoke. no word what sparked the fire which investigators say involved plastic bottles waiting to be recycled to landscape edging. larry: on the same day america elected a man who promised to build a wall be marking 27 years since the fall of the berlin wall. on twitter, many called the coincidence ironic and some germans said they welcome americans who want to leave the u.s. after the election. alison: she is the first foreign-born first lady since john adams' wife. next at 5:00, what to expect from melania trump as she gets set to move in the white house. >> donald trump won big with male voters but it may have
5:42 pm
them push him over the top. the passionate words of the female voters coming up when
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larry: as we first showed you at the top of the newscast there are women visibly upset at donald trump's victory. there are also a lot of other women who couldn't be happier. jeff goldberg is live in fairfax with that part of the country. jeff? jeff: for the past month or so we have been speaking to female trump supporters who have been telling us all along that he would win the election. including the proud owner of the trump fairfax county. while donald trump did not win virginia, the female voters are very proud they say that other female voters across the country may have help put him over the top. alice butler short has been driving this truck around northern virginia for months. >> i am feeling great. jeff: never more proudly than today. >> i believe that this man was sent to us by god. that he was our last hope, our
5:46 pm
country. jeff: alice from ireland and a native of columbia helped lead the virginia women for trump effort. they believe the multiple accusations of the inappropriate touching against trump are all false. and they were not bothered by his comments on the "access hollywood" tape. >> who cares? we are not, you know, we are not going to date him. we are not electing a boyfriend. we are not electing a pope. we are electing a leader. >> because we like real men. they can say what they you feel it as a woman. you start following them. jeff: hillary clinton won the female vote by 12 points last night, one point more than obama in 2012. but at patty, a trump supporter from fairfax. >> i am amazedded. i am grateful. jeff: -- think the polls did not accurately reflect how many women support donald trump. >> i'm not going to date the
5:47 pm
we have a leader. jeff: patty telling us she believes a lot of voter male and female were not telling pollsters who they would vote for and went on to vote for trump. another reason that the polls were off. and all the women think trump will surprise people and unite the country in ways a lot of people may not expect. live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: jeff, thank you. of course, on january 20 a new first lady will move in donald trump's wife melania. the 46-year-old slovenian immigrant will become the first foreign-born first lady since john adams' wife. melania says her biggest platform is to combat cyber bullying and the impact it has on children. >> we need to teach them how to use it, what is right to say, what is not right to say. because it's very bad out there. children get hurt. >> the trumps have been married since 2005 and have a
5:48 pm
larry: time for a check on the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: we are watching very heavy traffic. starting off with 395 as you cross the 14th street bridge getting to the district. a slow go that continues on the southeast, southwest freeway toward the 11th street bridge. 66 another slow spot. starting out near the capital beltway. that continuing to the fairfax county parkway to take you over 30 minutes. the big picture look. a lot of slowing on the beltway. in maryland we see that as well as from the mixing bowl to the wilson bridge. here near georgetown pike. congested ride continuing north toward 270 as you wrap around into bethesda. we get a break near connecticut avenue. not too bad. then once you get to silver spring we hit the brakes again. you can see near new hampshire avenue, a lot of congestion. we just cleared away activity over on the shoulder. that has added to the slowing. wet roads from earlier and slowing but no crashes right
5:49 pm
back to you. alison: okay. thank you. all right. we have the lunchbox weather which we love. this is so much fun. where did you go today? doug: stormwatch7 meteorologist josh knight headed to john w. tolbert elementary school. when he was there what he we do on the program is talk obviously about the weather, answer the kids' questions. we show a brand new video we put together behind the scenes of how we forecast the weather, how we get it on a couple weather experiments then he takes them to a field trip. take them to kings dominion? no. air and space museum? no. even better. he took them outside to see the new stormtrak7. in the morning the kid cam was operated by sylvanna. we wound up with a cool question from tyler.
5:50 pm
i'm in fourth grade. i'm at the school of john w. tolbert. my question is how does new technology help you be a better meteorologist? doug: that is a great question, tyler. that is everything in this business. just as an example in 38 years i have been on television doing the weather. when i first started we had one black and white photograph of a satellite a day. that is it. just one. we would put it on a camera stand and take a picture of it. in the past 38 years we gone from that to tens of thousands of images we use in the course of a weather cast. the internet was a huge change. that does it. new technology, new satellite, the new go satellite going up soon. all things move in the speed of light. it seems like every eight to ten years technologically there is a huge advance in your business that enables us to do a better job forecasting the weather and presenting on home. computer graphics. we just showed your name on the screen. that kind of stuff. 15, 20 years it looked like -- alison: you wrote it on a
5:51 pm
dramatic changes. the cool thing is the changes happen more and more frequently and this is an exciting time to be in the business even for an old grandpa like me. alison: you have to adopt. which you do well. quickly. doug: pretty much. yeah. larry: nice. alison: thank you. we love that. okay. larry: time for sports. politics everywhere. robert: yeah, they say you can't miss sports in politics. in this situation, it could be different. okay. the country watched donald trump become president-elect last night. that means professional athletes saw it too, of course. they are this. erin hawksworth has reaction from some of the local sports stars. especially were you up late -- erin: were you up late watching the election? >> yeah, i watched it. we were up until 12:30. then i checked out. erin: were you surprised by the election last night? >> i was. i didn't watch it. i heard about it. erin: what do you think about trump? >> no comment. erin: were you surprised? >> not really. i knew it would be close. i felt like it could have went
5:52 pm
impressions? >> it was crazy. i couldn't believe that, i couldn't believe trump ended up winning. erin: did you watch the election last night? what did you think? >> i didn't watch it. it is what it is. you know, it's weird. projections were all wrong. trump is the president now. we have to listen to him for four years. erin: were you happy trump won? >> was i happy trump won? you know, i don't have much of a comment. i got to be careful with what i say. but you know, i think i'm optimistic about the future. robert: a lot of "no comments" there. gymnastics sensation simone will be at the verizon center for the kellogg's tour of gymnastics champion. the tour features the 2016 men and women gymnastics champions and medalists. she had a message to the young people out there who hope to
5:53 pm
do. >> they forget we started where they are. i hope they realize that. and i hope they see the final five had so much fun in the process that you can have fun and be successful. that is like what our team was. robert: coming up at 6:00, the pats head coach bill bilicheck had to clear something up about a weather. alison: i heard tom brady he can't talk about politics anymore. >> like the players on the redskins. "no comment." larry: more damage that could be done. coming up next at 5:00 --
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feel about the big election we can all agree a little positivity goes a long way. amy aubert shows us how today one group is hoping the message grows. amy: two artists tying up the loose ends. >> people are interested. amy: spreading a colorful message about positivity. >> this area is incredibly diverse. it's an absolute gem. if we can do something to brighten the mood, make it more special. yeah. we are amy: this is the fourth year they put the tree together. calling it "positivitree" and fill it with all colors. >> meet foricly it functions as a vehicle for inclusivety shelter. amy: this tree will be filled with 200 umbrellas just like this one. >> it remind me of different people of different nationality and different colors. amy: passerbys stopping to
5:58 pm
amy: a message that is spreading quickly. >> we all need to feel we are welcome somewhere. the idea of umbrellas we are all under one umbrella on the planet. >> this sparked me today. i needed it. it's awesome. >> the team hopes to finish it in the next couple of days. they will light it up this weekend surrounded by big events. >> it will be a party. we felt like people are ready to just kind of some amy: some fun and positive feelings. >> an inclusive rainbow thing that you would think in a child's crayon box. that is the way it is supposed to be. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: that is all for us at 50:00, our post-election coverage continues right now at 6:00. trump and clinton strike the same tone in the victory and concession speeches. will the country now be able to move forward together? and a live look outside
5:59 pm
a look at the message next on "abc7 news at 6:00". announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: donald trump proved the pollsters wrong and came away with a win to become the country's 45th president. jonathan: hours after the acceptance speech, hillary clinton gave emotional concessional speech to a crowd of crying supporters. how did we get to this historic result? we have live team outside the white house. brad bell is in votetrak 2016 getting voters' emotional reactions. maureen: but first, start with scott thuman. he has been covering the trump campaign from the beginning and he is live in new york city. scott? scott: where it all began. now where it has come to a conclusion. nothing in this campaign has been easy or clean-cut. in fact, prime example of that is the final tally.
6:00 pm
clinton is actually leading in the popular vote. she is ahead despite losing. what matters more right now is the electoral college. it shows how much further this country and the political process has to go in sorting itself out. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. and i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for scott: no disguising the dispointment for hillary clinton wednesday after giving an acceptance speech 12 hours after she hoped to give a victory one. >> if we stand together and work together with strength in our convictions and love for this nation, our best days are still ahead of us. scott: republican elders and leaders who had openly supported other candidates fell in line the day after.


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