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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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president obama: i believe it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face. president-elect trump: mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many more times in the future. scott: it were as if trump was getting his private tour of the d.c. power structure. first from the ryan ball cony a view of the platform built for the inauguration and a private meeting with senator mitch mcconnell. afterwards trump ignoring onslaught of shouted questions heeding the first bit of advice given to him by the man who he will succeed. >> first rule. don't answer questions when they yell them at you. scott: the meeting between mr. obama and president-elect trump set to be about 15 minutes.
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minutes. he identified today the top three priorities for once he gets in office. we will outline those for you and hear more of the insightful exchanges between the president-elect and president obama coming up tonight at 6:00. larry: president obama could be in us best friend in the next 70 days or so. it wasn't just donald trump. this was a family affair. scott: we had the soon-to-be first lady melania trump who met with michelle obama and the pences here as well who made the rounds. governor pence quite familiar with capitol hill since he was a congressman for so long but a different capacity. larry: absolutely. the first step toward inauguration day. see you at 6:00. thank you. alison? alison: meanwhile, dozens of protesters made themselves heard outside the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue today. this is one of several protests all across the country in the last 24 hours. there were fires in the street of portland.
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atlanta. people took to the streets to express their displeasure of course with the election results. in omaha, police had to use pepper balls to get the crowd to disburse after three hours. stephen tschida live outside the white house with what is happening at this hour. high, what is the latest? stephen: well, alison, ten seconds ago this group over here burst into shouts, denouncing trump and the election. pennsylvania avenue was filled today with eo meeting between trump and president barack obama took place. in of them who came here today to express their disapproval. small eruptions of protests across the nation's capitol including outside the white house where president-elect donald trump met with president barack obama. many here in the nation's capital expressing the same grief and anger over the outcome of the election.
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racism, bigotry and misogyny. stephen: the protests here loud but peaceful. >> we are unhappy with this. the entire campaign that trump is running is built off of the racist ideas. >> after his visit to the white house, trump met with the congressional leaders on capitol hill. >> wherever he went scattered among the protesters in d.c. trump supporters. >> he is going to bring the right people on board to make the country move forward and regulations away and end obamacare. stephen: this demonstration again just sprang up. apparently spontaneously. many of people participating on what is going on and what would happen. many people here outside the white house unaware. this is what we have seen across the nation's capitol in the last couple of days. likely the protests to continue for the near
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larry: opponents are making themselves heard across the country the president-elect has plenty of support. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in chester, maryland, live for us. he picks up the team coverage after speaking to reporters today. brad? brad: we came to the eastern shore because the eastern shore is trump country. among the peak we spoke to are the -- among the people we spoke to are the people that work work boat to harvest oysters, clams and crabs. they told us they fe chance at a good future. they don't appreciate the protests. cross the bridge eastbound and you will be greeted with the trump signs and you might spot bumper stickers like these. nobody is protesting the election of donald trump here. >> i want a businessman to know workweek is more than 40 hours.
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>> the protest i don't put credence in it. >> if you don't like it get out of the country. brad: hillary clinton won maryland but on the eastern shore trump victory was a rerounding -- was resounding. just in from a day catching oysters denny says people here want change. >> you have to give him a chance to do his job. if you don't like it, say something. brad: even clinton supporters say it's time for unity >> i'm not pleased but it is what it is. we have to deal. brad: in the land of the amber fields and blue water, one man says he hopes everybody just chills. >> i don't think it's as bad as people on left fear it will be and i don't think it will be as good as some of the right think it will be. brad: a lot of people supporting trump weren't
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they are hoping for the best. you have to give him a chance before you start protesting, one person said today. that is what we are hearing over here. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. well, it's so secret that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg has strong feelings about the new president. you may recall her scathing comments about trump in an interview last summer according to the "new york times." she appeared to wear the collar she opinion for the court. but the court didn't issue any opinions yesterday. the vacancy on the supreme court is an issue people will be watching in the first 100 days. he also said he will back out of the climate deal in morocco this week and repeal president obama's healthcare reform. the number of the signups for that surged yesterday to the highest level since the program started.
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raising questions about whether the group could be completely defunded once donald trump officially becomes president. the maryland chapter says it gets ten volunteer applications each week. but yesterday it received more than 60. one other note investors on wall street are getting a boost after the election for the second day in a row. the dow closed at a record high. it finished the day up 220 points. larry? larry: other news. we are getting an idea summer's devastating flood in downtown ellicott city. a study found that the flood caused loss of $67 million in economic activity. labor income losses estimated at $23 million with 150 jobs lost. the county lost $1.3 million in revenue. 44 businesses have already reopened and two dozen more will be back in the next two weeks. alison: unfortunately the mercury is heading in the
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to winter. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check of the forecast. it's already dark. so strange. doug: getting that way. the sun is down. but a beautiful evening and the winds are light right now. tomorrow is gusty. and in fact the coldest push of air of the fall season coming here late tomorrow. 60 right now. but the numbers will continue to go down. in fact, our temperatures trend here through 7:00 or 8:00 is in the mid-50's. seasonally cool in the time you wake up tomorrow morning on friday. it looks like we will be ra a cold front is coming through tomorrow. it will be sunny and breezy. but the cold air is going to take a little bit to get here. by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, it will feel like the future wind chill. 50 in washington. 61 in fredericksburg. but by tomorrow everything when the cold air comes in with the gusty wind this is what it feels like 11:00 tomorrow night. feel like the mid-30's in the suburban areas. bundle up, we have a cold saturday and warming trend on sunday. we will fill in the numbers of the seven-day forecast coming
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larry: talk to you then. new developments in the murder case near a well-known elementary school in alexandria. boris castro was sentenced her his role in gruesome deadly stabbing that happened a year ago. northern virginia burrow chief jeff goldberg reports the latest in a line of prosecutions designed to stop the ms13 gang. jeff: gloria castro lopez leaves court in alexandria with a family attorney after her son 19-year-old boris castro is sentenced to 30 in which the victim was stabbed 96 times. >> they accused him of this. he did it but he did it because he was afraid. her son told him if he didn't participate in the crime with the other gang members we would then be hurt as well. jeff: authorities say it was ms13. in december 2015 the body of 21-year-old almandarez found in a park behind cora kelly elementary school near four
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castro and two others for killing saying the victim was targeted for testifying against an ms13 member in court. in court today castro said he was sorry. >> i don't think he showed remorse. it's almost impossible to make sense of a crime like this. jeff: three ms13 related murrers happened in alexandria. a big number for a small town. and today they arre shooting of a man in manassas two weeks ago. several others were arrested in connection with the murder. >> the frequency and the violence have been on the rise in the several years. it's an issue of a con sen for me in my office -- concern for me in my office. >> the hope for prosecutors like brian porter is crackdown by the local law enforcement and the f.b.i. is combined with stiff penalties handed down by judges will help slow
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13 virginia and in maryland. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: help stop crime in your neighborhood by signing up for the "7 on your side" fighting back against crime newsletter. go to alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> brand new mural now graces the side of a prince george's county elementary school. it is colorful and vibrant but it also sends an under lying message to the community. i'm sam sweeney in capitol hill heights. i will tell you what larry: plus, two more police officers ambushed and shot. one of them is dead tonight. what we are learning about the man who pulled the trigger. alison: then, a little later, trump hotel blocks from the white house is becoming a real magnet for protesters. what does it mean for the people trying to work and and ad
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richard: we are surrounded by the buildings in now the trump administration is talk about a hiring freeze and that is not a popular idea. donald trump announced plans for a hiring freeze in gettysburg, pennsylvania, in october. it's a top priority in contract for the american voter program. the plan would reduce the federal workforce through attrition. not replacing people who leave government service. that idea goes further than most g.o.p. spending plans. for years republican lawmakers
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security employees by 10%. by filling just one of three vacancies. federal workers we spoke with say any white house transition is stressful. but many are concerned about losing their jobs. or doing more with less. >> the impact would be huge. a lot of people would be looking for the jobs. most people find the jobs directly as a federal government or a contractor. i can't imagine. my people live paycheck to paycheck. they would be losing their place to live. richard: there would be some exceptions. the military, public safety, public health. the problem for employees there are not many specifics so far. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from an expert who says it might be a good idea for the administration to go slow on this. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. larry: our unusually fall weather is taking a toll on
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tomorrow and we have the coldest air of the season tomorrow night. but it will only last one day and then it will warm up again. this is a time lapse there. there is more con trail from the jets than anything else moving overhead. it is going to stay clear tonight. the temperatures are chilly in the morning. the numbers at the moment run in the upper 50's to the near 60. 60 in washington.
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luray. 58 in fredericksburg. 60 in washington. you are headed out this evening for dinner or any outdoor activities the numbers will drop five or six degrees between now and 9:00. dress accordingly for that. tomorrow morning headed to work or the bus stop. these are the wake up temperatures. 44 in aspen hill area. clouds tonight. some clouds are going to move in tomorrow afternoon. there is a cold front and the winds will continue out of the northwest. it will become gusty through the afternoon, the everything and tomorrow night. rainfall will be scant or scantily or -- i guess scantily. scattered along the front. mostly over the higher elevations. no rain for the viewing area. all the viewing area. passing clouds at most.
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bringing in the colder air. temperatures can hit 62 tomorrow afternoon. the high pressure is going to move in from the north and northwest. that is a chilly day on saturday. we only sunday the high shifts south. result the winds will turn west. that will warm us right back up again. i hope all of our cold fronts are like this. veterans day, breezy. saturday is chilly. 49 for a high. getting through sunday it's sunny and warm back up to 60 degrees. cold start.
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we look ahead to sunday. sunny at national harbor. they have the christmas tree lighting. it occurs at 6:30. veronica johnson is there as the master of ceremonies. i had the jos last year. it is a blast. things happen 1:30 all the way through. santa arrives. orchestra. the national harbor. 62 tomorrow for veterans day. thank you for your service, veterans. 49 on the day saturday.
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closer to completion. larry: we will show it to you coming up. plus -- >> well, i'd kind of like to do it again. larry: what this woman and some friends are crossing off their bucket list. >> it's not even thanksgiving yet. signs of christmas are popping up around the area. do you think it's too soon? i'm ryan hughes. i will have reaction coming up. alison: but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc -- today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday
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in canonsburg two officers were ambushed on arrival. the defense attorney said the dead woman was the suspect's girlfriend but the police could not confirm. alison: well, today a touching tribute was up vailed to a mother and daughter killed in prince george's county. nashante davis taught at bradbury heights elementary school in capitol heights. you see it right there. sam sweeney was there when the mural was dedicated to her and her daughter chloe.
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avenue in capitol hill, you can't miss the colors. >> it's vibrant. it reminds the world how nashante and chloe were. >> the mural sits on the side of bradbury heights elementary school in capitol heights. the same school that nashante davis worked before she was shot and killed as she buckled her 2-year-old daughter in her car seat last february. as davis lay lifeless on the event the gunman turned the gun on 2-year-old chloe davis-green. ex-boyfriend admitted to pulling the trigger. this incident again reignited the battle to combat domestic violence in prince george's county. the leading cause of murder in the county. at least 13 kids have been killed in the last two years. >> that ought to astonish all of us. it's the work we all have to do together. it's not one person. we can't solve the alone. this is a community issue. this is not a police issue. this is not a courthouse issue. it's a community issue that
5:26 pm
mural to be a permanent tribute to nashante and chloe and a reminder there is help for the victims who need it. >> we have 139 providers co-located by the courthouse. we encourage people to come out and make use of it. there are services there, counseling services. we can assist individuals who want to leave dangerous situations. >> chloe davis-green would have turned 3 years old today. her dad remains behind bars facing two life sentences without the eligibility of parole. prince george's county. i'm sam sweeney, back to you. larry: sad story. coming up at 5:00 -- >> that was her life-long dream to be a mom. she got to do it. larry: five years after we brought you her incredible story of survival and motherhood a local woman is givener thed at arlington -- interred at arlington national cemetery. a special story you don't want to miss. >> the saying goes there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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alison: 71 days for the trump transition team now to get ready for the changes at the most. just a few -- changes at the white house. people are trying to work or
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protesters. kevin lewis is there live with a look at how they are coping with that. hi, kevin. kevin: hi, alison. they are coping better than they might imagine. every hotel guest i spoke with today said it was easy to tune out the noise of the protesters. nevertheless the front entryway to the hotel is shut down as a precaution and d.c. police are on scene. it's certainly not the greatest curb-side app protesters shouting negative remarks at a hotel where rooms start at $484 a night, taxes not included. >> i had their lobster salad. he recommended it. it was excellent. >> guests like patricia lloyd of california say the trump hotel has been a delight to visit. >> fabulous. absolutely. stayed at the willard. to me it's the cat's meow as far as lodging.
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it. it's very nice. he did a wonderful job. >> it was only two weeks ago that the president-elect opened the five-star property. today the d.c. police zip tied metal fences to create a wall around portions of the hotel as the staff attempted to carry out the jobs as usual. >> we came here and thought we would have a drink, happy he won. >> vietnam veteran family. the sound of the angry protesters, many students at the prestigious georgetown day school and too young to even vote. evidently not a bust for trump business. there was speculation that the president-elect trump would spend the night here at his new hotel. but we have just learned his boeing 757 aircraft has
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city. we are live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: we are less than a month away from the new m.g.m. grand opening. today the lion statue was traveling outfront. lion traveling 35 hours on a flatbed truck to get here. alison: speaking of traveling. the tree at the center of the holiday celebrations at the new york rockefeller center is now on its way to manhattan. there it is. 94-foot tall norway spruce. it was cut down in new york and then loaded on a truck this morning. it's just one of a lot of the signs that the holidays are in fact coming. alison: it's not even thanksgiving yet. today's abc7 instapoll is asking if you think it's too early to start celebrating christmas. cast your vote at while you see what people told
5:33 pm
>> taking a walk or drive down wisconsin avenue in georgetown it's hard to miss the sign of the season. christmas wreaths are hanging on light poles lining the street. >> when christmas stuff comes before thanksgiving you are rushing it. ryan: starbucks is also spreading cheer revealing the holiday cups with the red design. getting into the spirit. >> i like because i like christmas a lot. it doesn't bother me too much it comes out before thanksgiving. it's nice. >> there are signs on the street advertising for thanksgiving. behind it is signs for christmas. some people tell us they want to focus on one holiday at a time. >> start christmas decorations after thanksgiving, maybe the first week of december.
5:34 pm
each year. santa's sled academy landed at fair oaks mall. from now until christmas eve the kids can try on a flight suit, power is sleigh and dance on magical life. it's fun for the kids but some think it's too soon. >> i love christmas carols. but i think there is a window when it's wonderful to hear it. >> the leaves are still changing but watch out. christmas is coming. ryan larry: she is not going to complain. alison: right. larry: little kids -- alison: the one thing i understand with santa, it's nice to get the pictures if you want to put it on the christmas cards. you can get it early. larry: early. i can't get into it until first week of december. we have breaking news. look at the video.
5:35 pm
another eagle is heroing over an eagle stuck. trying to protect it and help it out. the crews croed the road this is happening on. you can see them. they are trying to figure out what they can do to help. we will update you on the story as soon as we get new information. unusual video we see out of orange county, florida. alison: want to mention that peak to hear bald eagles are in orlando. but there are. i have family down there and they see them quite often. this is interesting. we have to see how it plays out. larry: hopefully it will work out well. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> we may be scared spitless, but that is okay. >> what the group of friends is doing that has them scared but thrilled. >> the d.c. government cause's election brought out -- government's tuesday's election brought out new faces. we will introduce you to three
5:36 pm
crime caught on video. what happened seconds after this video of a man passing two dogs that almost defies belief? larry: then tonight at 11:00 -- >> they robbed her of her health. and she was as i said in such pain and she just she couldn't take it anymore. larry: the most popular plastic surgery in the country. but could about? a d.c. based researcher for women's health issues look at all the studies that have been done on the breast implants and suicide and say women with implants are 2 to 12 times more likely to kill themselves. plastic surgeons are not on the same page when it comes to warning the patients about this issue. "7 on your side" takes a
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steve: one day till the weekend. wind chill factors five or eight degrees colder than that. 60 on sunday. the average high for this time of year in the upper 50's. stay with us.
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larry: we talked about this. a bald eagle in a storm drain. you can see this. one bald eagle is stuck inside the drain. the other is protecting it. the workers are trying to protect it and figure out what to do. this is in orange county, florida. down in orlando. the orlando area now. we have a wider shot. they zoomed out and then back hopefully this comes out well. alison: you are never too old to cross something off your
5:41 pm
>> exciting! exciting! alison: won't you love the audio? that is 93-year-old peggy gruder on a zip line. she went to the mall of america in minnesota. >> it's an inspiration. >> it's super fun. i think it's amazing. indescribable. more than i could dream of. follow your dreams. this has been, i just can't tell you how wonderful been. larry: there is a play on "red riding hood" and the granny is a stunt double.
5:42 pm
alison: good for her. that was pure joy for her. larry: age 93. never too old. speaking of, it's not quite 93. "ses see -- "sesame street" debuted today in 1969. the show aired in 120 countries around the world. alison: there you go. larry: happy birthday. alison: got to love cookie monster. larry: yeah. coming up at "abc7 news at 00 court today. with the washington wizards. robert burton has this emotional story. >> watch them turn into little boys. it's been rewarding. alison: we introduce the twin boys two years ago sharing the breast cancer journey of their mom. givenerer -- interred at arlingn national cemetery this week. coming up, the special
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larry: they struck up the band today to celebrate the marine corps' birthday. they were established in 1776. alison: exactly five years ago this month we first introduce you to air force veteran candace adams ishmuril. we followed her breast cancer battle through the birth of her twin sons. sadly her cancer came back and earlier this year she passed away. today in her fou chapter on her life mike shows how the mom was honored. >> she was laid to rest in a place she loved and revered. at her grave the flag was presented to her husband ryan an air force pilot. >> she was looking for a way to serve. mike: diagnosed at breast
5:47 pm
affairs officer made it her mission to educate other women. she beat the disease and later declared cancererer-free. but it came back. >> it's okay. i want her to watch them grow. mike: doctors thought she might only live six months to a year but still candace and ripe recommitted to becoming parents with he from aer surrogate. this is despite she might might be a single father. >> they are just talking to talk now. it's as difficult as i thought it would be but it is worth it every day. mike: candace lived a year and a half longer than the doctors expected. raising little ryder 15 months. >> it is unfair. she should have gotten a lifetime with him. she was there when he started to walk and see them develop in their own people. mike: this is not about me but
5:48 pm
friends and she allowed me to share her story. we celebrated milestones together. she attended my wedding and i attended her funeral. what i will remember most is her beautiful smile, full of joy as she faced challenges. >> you are allowed to feel sorry forous but only for a little bit. have your pity party and move on. >> the twins just turned 2. before she died she gave ryan instructions to make sure they grow up patriotic americans, respecting the flag, st. joseph's catholic church at capitol hill where they got married and the boys were baptizedded. at the end of the funeral as pallbearers escorted her flag-draped coughen the organist played one of her favorite songs. "god bless america." she would be so proud. at arlington national cemetery, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: a wonderful story. alison: wow! speaking of proud, the boys will be so proud of their mom one day when they understand
5:49 pm
larry: absolutely. the stories. there to chronicle her life and her journey. nice job. thank you. tomorrow, "good morning washington" is celebrating our veterans so be sure to send us our photos to or you could tweet us with a #gmwvets. we will honor the service members tomorrow at 4:24. the team will be here then on "good morning washington." alison: tonight at 6:00, a unique moment for veterans. teenagers. the pog of the greatest generation spending one-on-one time with students. the life changing lessons for both young and old. plus inside president-elect donald trump's first 100 days plan. the second thing he is planning that now has federal workers a bit on edge. larry: time for a check of the roads. sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: 95 in maryland is a rough spot for us now. take a look at how heavy we
5:50 pm
17 miles per hour. that is the average. right at 212. we have a crash taking out three of the right lanes. two lanes to the left get by but it is still bumper to bumper. the b.w. parkway, if you are thinking of using that, it is bumper to bumper as well. either way you go. route 29 is a good option if you live in laurel. use it as an alternate. you can see the brake lights heading north. let's switch gears and talk virginia for a moment. outbound 66, lots of delays. the stretch is 34 minutes from the capital beltway continuing closer to the fairfax c parkway. and the big picture look a lot of red on the top side of the beltway. we are seeing that basically on the inner loop and the outer loop, that whole stretch. that is a look at traffic. doug, it's cool tonight already. doug: temperatures are starting to fall. clear skies. reinforcing push of the colder air coming in here tomorrow evening. let's get a look here as the numbers as we head through the everything. 58 at 6:00. drop through the nighttime hours we will drop through the 50's. through the overnight, we see the numbers drop further.
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning with a clear skies and the light winds. through the day tomorrow. winds will slowly and steadily increase as the second cold front, reinforcing cold front comes in to make it a breezy afternoon for veterans day. plenty of sun and highs of 62. saturday looks terrific. sunshine and 49. sunday, 60 with sunshine. warm up quickly. pleasant weather continues through monday. keep an eye on clouds and then pleasant w wednesday morning. abc7's meteorologist molly cochran was out this morning to visit the kipd academy in northwest d.c. for the lunch box weather program. good kids interested with what is happening with the weather. learning all they can. molly did experiments and took them out to see stormwatch7. we enjoy visiting with them around the viewing area and we have a couple more to talk about next week. let's talk sports. erin hawksworth is here.
5:52 pm
president obama welcomed president-elect donald trump. after president obama met with that new champion, he met with several others. as lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers were in town today. obama saluted the cav's were rallies from behind to defeat the warriors and end a pro sports title drought dating back to 1964. well done. tomorrow is ve in honor of that they hosted veterans, wounded warriors and family members who lost a loved one in combat. robert burton at the verizon center today and has the story. robert: it's a time for support rather than season averages. >> what is going on, man? >> the boys in red, white, blue took time to appreciate those who fight for it. for point guard john wall, his daily stresses can't even compare. this gives a completely different outlook on life?
5:53 pm
come in with bad days and feel bad. every day they are going to do something. not know if they make it home or might not. >> i can't even put it in words right now. robert: the coast guard jamal had words when it came to trash talk. >> hey, hey, hey! play some d! >> to be able to do what we do, just so our families, friends and the athletes could enjoy the freedom to play basketball, do what they have to do to entertain everybody. it means a lot. >> some of them remember me from last >> well, you are memorable. >> thank you. that is why they remember you. [laughter] robert: paula davis' son was killed in afghanistan. she says his spirit lives on through events like this. >> everybody is so nice and kind and gracious that it helps in the grieving process, i think. we know the loved ones won't be forgotten. >> they are able to come here and able to get perspective. put a smile on your face.
5:54 pm
abc7 sports. erin: a great story. i love that. paula davis was so cute! they remember me from last year! great opportunity for everyone involved there. larry: excellent. alison: thank you. all right. well, still to come, tuesday's election in d.c. means a return to politics for former mayor vincent gray. larry: but meat the other new faces on the counsel --
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
5:57 pm
sam: ashley carter, new board member at large. >> i'm a republican but this is a nonpartisan election. a lot of it is working hard, making sure we knocked on residents doors in all eight wards. sam: ez lechted to the education board from ward
5:58 pm
marcus bachelor. a few years ago he was here with the boys in marshall high and then he was among those selected for a full ride scholarship to george waush university. >> this -- george wash washington university. he was elect to affidavit eight. >> -- elected to ward eight. >> it feels good to give back to the community that has given to me. fauntroy. we wished him well. then white, the councilmember. i was closing out, that is white -- >> don't just stand there. >> do something. >> don't just stand there -- >> do something. sam: i put the interview with the unusual call for activism on the sam ford 7 facebook page and nearly 200,000 views since yesterday. we caught up with him today to tell him that his video went
5:59 pm
i'm in the information age. i'm young and on social media. we have a lot of followers. our followers has followers. you know how that works. sam: new faces in the d.c. government. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you very much. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, the transition of power begins in washington. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. alison: while there were calls of unity inside the white house, outside protests against the man picked to be the next president. inside trump's plan for his first 100 days in office, what we found that has the federal workers on edge. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first tonight the nation watches as the president-elect meets with the
6:00 pm
this is as we learn more about donald trump's white house plans and more protests erupt across the country. we have the stories from stephen tschida and richard reeve in a moment. but first, our chief political correspondent scott thuman joins us with that crucial white house meeting of the trump transition. scott? scott: quite a day. a time to come together. those were the words in the oval office from president obama today. echoed by a president-elect trump. the two hoping the meeting with set the tone moving forward. president-elect trump: this was a meeting that was going to last for ten or 15 minutes. we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect for meeting you. the meeting lasted for an hour and a half. as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on for longer. scott: an olive branch in the


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