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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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where police say they have arrested a man after a woman was assaulted after a traffic accident on halloween night. brianne carter in the satellite center with the details. >> brian: in the last hour we learned the stafford county office arrested roberto flores sibrian. they say flores sibrian was arrested thursday in north carolina and is now facing charges of rap sexual battery. flores sibrian was aid so be living in -- was said to be living in the fredericksburg area prior to the assault. victim was driving east on kings highway when she was hit by an s.u.v., allegedly driven by flores sibrian. the woman was dragged out of her car and into a ditch where she was sexual assaulted for more than two hours. flores sibrian now held in north carolina on $100,000 bond. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news.
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back against crime newsletter at michelle: get ready for the big chill. jonathan: the coldest air of the season is heading our way in time for the weekend. nice shot of the white house. flag is moving at a brisk pace. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on how much to bundle up for saturday. doug: quite a bit. the story was a cold front came through earlier this afternoon but the temperatures are 63 degrees. mild st airport. gusty wind. often the colder air follows several hours behind the cold front. that is the story tonight. we have northwesterly winds and mild temperatures. northwesterly winds at 10 miles per hour in reagan. 15 in leesburg. 17 in hagerstown. those wind speeds and the gusts on top of that will increase tonight at the same time the colder air moves in. so the short-term through this evening we will slowly drop from the 60's through the 50's. by 8:00, 53 degrees. clear skies and gusty winds.
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overnight it will get cold. low to mid-30's. widespread frost advisory in effect from 1:00 to 9:00 a.m. morning. you see the area. metro to the east. southern maryland to the bay. tomorrow a freeze watch in effect. we will show you those areas coming up here in 16 minutes. michelle: thank you. we are 70 days from inauguration day. trump tweeted this morning he had a busy day planned in nw running the government. in the last two hours we learned that vice president-elect mike pence will take over the transition team. the talks presumably happened in trump tower where security is getting tighter for the next president. that includes check points on fifth avenue and no fly zone over the building. jonathan: voter turn-out hit a 20-year low in the election. today harry reid released a
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in it he writes this. "innocent law-abiding americans are racked with fear, especially african-americans, hispanic americans, muslim americans, lgbt americans and asian americans. watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent americans cry tears of fear does not feel like america." he goes on to say, "if trump wants to roll back the tide of hate that he unleashed he has a tremendous amount of work to do and he must begin alison: after two days of protest around the country and in the capitol, the d.c. police tweeted with the various demonstrations anticipated in the district in the coming days m.p.d. will be on hand to monitor and assure safety and stability for all. while police are on guard other groups are trying to bring people together and a cry for calm. richard reeve has a look it at one push today.
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church. they usually have a friday service here every week. but this is more than a service. i was a he is of solidarity. let's take you inside for a moment. a lot of people here, hundreds of people attending this event. a lot of the folks are well aware of the discussion about the muslim immigration ban. a lot of folks are troubled about the trump campaign site, the official site where the discussion about that ban disappeared on election day. but then reap day. ban saying, or calling for a total and a complete shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. until the u.s. representtives in the words of this can figure out what is going on. many here are young. they were born in the u.s. they are american citizens but they have family overseas. they say they hope the president-elect is well aware of constitutional rights, freedom of religion. they say look, we are all part
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after the election with president barack obama. his concession speech saying that he is my president. i think that is the tone we need to set now as americans. as work hard to make sure that president-elect trump works for all americans. richard: we reached out to trump campaign numerous times but we did not hear back. coming up at 5:00, we will hear f college student. her views on all of this. live in falls church, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> she has very little impulse control. i understand that. >> tell me why your officers -- >> where is your impulse control? michelle: that is hagerstown's mayor after a 15-year-old girl was peppersprayed by police. it has been a fire storm since that incident and now it is taking a toll on voters.
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posted on the website that the mayor lost his re-election bid by 58 votes. a recount is underway. we'll have more at 5:00. jonathan: veterans day. q mccray is at the "live desk" with a look at the local events. q: as you know, today is the day we thank service men and women for their part liberties. nowhere was it more apparent than here in the d.m.v. "taps" played at the tomb of the unknowns today moments after president obama laid a wreath in honor of the more than 18 million members of the armed forces past and present. an annual veterans day tradition that takes place on the 11th hour of the 11th day
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he also addressed the crowd at arlington national cemetery. president obama: we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect and we owe you our freedom. q: veterans were honored at the opening bell of the stock exchange. as you can see, the traders stood during a moment of silence. from the "live desk," i'm q mccray, abc7 news. alison: okay. thank you. across the country, parades like this one you are looking at here in austin, texas, service. but another salute to the troops had veterans getting on a plane instead. john gonzalez was at reagan national airport when some embarked on a trip of a lifetime. john: for many of the service members their injuries are new, wounds still fresh. lives altered forever. this is a chance that they can have fun dealing with the
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troops and that we care. john: unforgettable veterans day. 70 service members and their families are flying to las vegas in an excursion called "salute to the troops." a sendoff filled with pomp and circumstance here at gate 35 at reagan national airport. >> what i love about what they are doing is they make the safe and accessible. john: once there, they greeted them with partnered with american airlines and the m.g.m. to make this trip a reality. for many of the wounded and the recovering service members. it will be their first trip since leaving the hospital. >> i was in afghanistan, kandahar investigating looking for an i.e.d. when i stepped on it and was blown up. >> old friends meet a lot of the new warriors and their families.
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smith, legally blind and amputee is thrilled to travel with her four-legged war buddy. >> he is my service dog. he has been around for seven years. he is my hero. >> at reagan national airport, john gonzalez, abc news. michelle: we want to thank this moment to thank you all. thank all of those who are shared their pictures with us of veterans with us today. you can still upload pictures at lindsey mastis joins us lindsey: we have gotten so many heartwarming photos of the veterans. these are a few. we have christina pearson who took a selfie. wendy jacob is showing photos of her and her father in uniform. she said her father is a world war ii vet. this is a picture of 100-year-old frank a navy vet. rank tarkenton. a navy vet. he witnessed the atomic bomb
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this is jack. he is a world war ii vet and here he is visiting his parent which are world war i vets. this is a picture of irene england, a world war ii female air force service pilot. i wanted to show this photo. this is me and my pop who is turning 85 left month. he learned carpentry in the air force my entire family, everyone except me, of course, went into construction and real estate. so we want to thank all the veterans today for their cos own families. back to you. jonathan: thank you so much. still ahead at 4:00, a wounded warrior gets a special presence on veterans day. i'll have that story coming up. alison: what bonnie black's family has to say now that her estranged husband is convicted. >> you have that question.
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more than his teammates. scott abraham introduces us to
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jonathan: we are back and brianne carter has a look at the delays. brianne: a heads fun you
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department of transportation will be doing work to repair the pedestrian bridge over kenilworth avenue at douglas street northeast. ddot says drivers should expect moderate to heavy delays. all thanks to the lane closures that will happen as a result of this. now traffic controls will be in place to warn drivers the work expected to last until december 5. now with a check of how tonight's traffic is flowing, let's check in with jamie sullivan. jamie: what we are seeing now is the traffic that is lighter for you. one spot is the trouble spot. that is 270. as you head southbound on the spur, it's slow. once you get to the capital beltway, chevy volume on the -- heavy volume on the outer loop from maryland to virginia. mainly seeing it near river road. you clear out getting to the american legion bridge. the big picture look, seeing mostly green. on friday we see the lighter volume but of course because of the holiday. we have a lot more green than
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in the district not bad at all. the southeast/southwest freeway looks good. we are accident free. if you travel to baltimore, 20 minutes between the beltway. we just updated so just under 30 minutes. i would say the b.w. parkway is slow as well but since we don't have crashes, either way you take will work. sun glare is out there this evening. look at traffic. jonathan: all right. michelle: thank you. jonathan: the sun glare is nasty. have you seen it? alison: it's difficult. jonathan: even when is down it's bad. michelle: this season at battlefield high school offensive lineman jake is playing hard but he has a heavy heart. as scott abraham reports his number one fan is missing from the stands. scott: a roller coaster of emotion. >> you have that question. why my mom? why does the good person have that? scott: battlefield guard jake had his world turned upside down in may.
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>> my last conversation with my mom was two days before she passed. that time she was interrupting me and continued to say i love you, i love you, i love you until she ran out of breath three or four times. she wanted to make sure that those were the last words we heard from her. scott: battlefield head coach knew he had to do something to help the all conference linemen. this season every player is wearing a special decal on their helmet paying tribute to jake's mom. >> i put it in the front left, to our heart. it's also, she is always on our mind. scott: since the loss of his mom, jake is a leader on the field and also at home. he look after his father and his sister sonya. every minute of every day, jake thinks about his mom trying to become the man she envisioned. >> she is going to find him to be a great young man. fulfilling all of her wishes and dreams. >> he continues to do so every
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my dad cheering me on. i see an empty spot next to him. that represents her to me. >> a young man on a mission to keep mom always smiling. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. michelle: beautiful story. jonathan: we wish jake and his team the best. good kid. alison: so moving. what a mature young man, too. michelle: sure. alison: fantastic. jonathan: turn our attention to the weather. this was a little chilly. ain't nothing compared to what is coming. of cold air. temperatures will warm up by sunday. tonight and tomorrow night, the coldest two nights of the season. we will get back to where we should be. michelle: rebound. doug: yeah. rebound nicely. time lapse. vantage point along northwest washington. sky of sunrise. beautiful sunshine. you will see clouds to accompany the cold front through the area. i mention at the top of the newscast. the cold air lags behind the surface cold front.
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the 60's. trust me, they will get colder tonight and tomorrow night and the winds are a big story as well. take a look at this. beautiful image. iridescent clouds. some call it a sun dog. it's a really iridescent clouds in the atmosphere. beautiful picture in clarksburg by ed. i appreciate that, ed. just beautiful sky conditions out there. we will see clearing trend through the evening and the temperatures will drop as well. so it will be a chilly nig and it's friday night football. scott abraham is reporting live throughout the evening hours. the temperatures are 47 by 7:00. a bit of a wind chill as well if you are heading out to root on the teams at the game. the advisory for frost. frost advisory from 1:00 until 9:00 tomorrow morning for the entire metro area to the bay, to southern maryland. those are the counties. tomorrow night in the same time period in the same areas a freeze watch is in effect. the forecast overnight is clear, cold.
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sunrise. 30 to 40 for overnight. looking ahead tomorrow at 11:00 in manassas. sunny, breezy and cold. good parade weather for the veterans day parade. i'll be back in 12 minutes and we'll look at the weekend and coming up next week. jonathan: still ahead for us, we are kicking off the weekend with a look at the events going on around the area. alison: then later fighting nearly two dozen fires in north carolina. michelle: how crews think they started. >> i'm gary our veterans. each day to me is veterans day. but on this special day i want to make a big salute to everybody serving our country all around the world, here at
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man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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jonathan: we are back now with a look at the pictures you shared wi day. upload pictures at we love seeing each and every one of the photos. you can check out the gallery on the website michelle: thank you for sharing those with us. veterans are being honored for their service across the country. jonathan: our suzanne kennedy has a story of one service member in our area who is getting a life changing gift. suzanne: it is a dream house by anyone's estimation.
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captain louis avila who was injured in afghanistan in 23011 when an i.e.d. exploded. he lost a leg, in a wheelchair and has limited mobility. his chevy chase home is the start of a new life for the wounded warrior. >> we have called this the road to freedom. definitely this arm is going to restore his independence, your pride, your mobility. your safety. suzanne: the home i smart homes built by the gary sinise foundation. the rise program offers wounded veterans a forever home. >> this house was designed specifically for them and by them with our architects and our designers. everything in here is put here and placed here specifically for luis to take better care of himself. suzanne: the house features state-of-the-art technology.
4:24 pm
a lift to help captain avila to get from his bed in the morning or any time in the day to get here to the bathroom. the entire house can be controlled by touching an ipad in the kitchen, all of the appliances are at avila's level making it easy for him to prepare meals from a wheelchair. today the home was dedicated with hundreds of dignitaries on hand. captain avila, his wife and three children will move in next week. in chevy chase, suzanne jonathan: what is so amazing about the project with mr. sinise, he has done wonderful for the veterans, so many of the carpenters and the people, the tradesmen they donate their time and a lot of the goods to put the homes together. that says a lot about the companies and the workmen. michelle: thank goodness they do. that technology would be so expensive. alison: he is so deserving. jonathan: no question. so many just like him, too. absolutely. he said 50 homes they put together. they have more in the process.
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coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- snatched out of the yard. an update on the dog stolen from a local home. >> earlier in week a jury convicted david black in the murder of his estranged wife bonnie black. this morning we sat down with bonnie black's mother and sister. coming up, their thoughts on the verdict. alison: all new at 5:00, students setting fire to an american flag at american university. two days late responding. what he is telling protesters about the controversial action when we return ahead at "abc7
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your si days since bonnie black's estranged husband was convicted of killing her, in her arlington home. today her mother and sister sat down with northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg. he is here with a story you will only see here on 7. it must have been some interview. jeff: so powerful, jonathan. we traveled to pennsylvania to speak to them about the verdict and david black and about bonnie black who they miss dearly every minute of every day. betty app armstrong is bonnie's mother and tammy
4:29 pm
kindest, smartest, warmest people they ever met and she suffered greatly after a long divorce from her exchanged husband which included a custody suit for their children. david black was arrested a few months later and earlier this week a jury convicted him of first-degree murder as jonathan mentioned. for benny ann and tam -- betty delivering relief but no joy. >> i wasn't happy, because she is still dead. she is not coming back to us. i am not going to hug her again. >> the phone rings and you think it will be here and no, it will never be her again. jeff: coming up at the top of the hour, 5:00, you will hear much more from our conversation this morning including what bonnie black's mother and sister said after getting that horrific news about the murder. why they decided to sit down
4:30 pm
5:00. until then, live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. update on a story we brought you yesterday. d.c. police say a stolen dog is now safe and back with the owner. surveillance camera recorded the crime. you are watching it here. you see a man walking in southwest and stopped to pet the animal. second later he reached over the fence, picks up the dog and walks off. police hasn't said if anyone was arrested or where th jonathan: nice to know the back now is right -- with the rightful owner. it was a nice day. chilly. doug: 64, 65 today. the chilly air is coming in now. jonathan: it was chilly, doug. doug: no! jonathan: i was up at 6:30, it was chilly. doug: i explained earlier, the cold front comes through the majority of the time is cold air this time of year lags behind by several hours. sometimes three hour, five hours. very rarely does it come in right away. that is what we are dealing
4:31 pm
temperatures are starting to fall and they will continue the trend overnight. let's start with this image. frost advisory in effect from 1:00 tomorrow morning until 9:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow night at the same time in the same exact place, we have a freeze watch in effect. definite change of seasons is underway if you haven't noticed. temperatures tomorrow morning will range between 31 in germantown to iii in dale city. 38 in downtown washington. 34 in waldorf and la plata. 31 in manassas. so the winds will dimi but it will be a breezy side tomorrow. sky conditions will be perfect. tons of sunshine. it's going to be chilly. 52 for an average high in the metro area. it could be a few parts of the area north and west may get to 49 for a high. then on sunday the winds change direction a bit and it will warm us to 60 degrees on sunday afternoon. that is a perfect weather for when the vikings come to town at fedex on sunday afternoon. the average high is down to 59 degrees.
4:32 pm
be on sunday. happening at 6:30. they have all day activities. santa claus, orchestra, fireworks and our own veronica johnson will be there as the master of ceremonies. i was the emcee last year and it's spectacular. i'll tell you that. look at the next seven days. plenty of sunshine. 60 degrees on sunday. monday we are keeping an eye on this. that is the night of the super moon. we could have clouds and a slight chance of a shower. 57. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. it's be partly cloudy skies. speaking of national harbor, steve rudin is there and he will talk about weekend weather in a live report in 15 minutes, michelle. michelle: thank you. 7 salutes the 11th month on the 11th day at the 11th hour this veterans day. it began at armistice day commemorating the end of world war i. prince harry led one of the observances in england.
4:33 pm
the street and laid a wreath. jonathan: soldiers from every war since the mexican american war in 1840's retired at this facility in northwest d.c. it's been around a long time. michelle: on veterans day we thought it would be appropriate to release a powerful documentary about the vietnam veterans memorial we have been working on for several months. jay korff is the stories are so gripping. jay: indeed. thank you. yeah, we spent months working on the stories. when we first started we thought it would be a regular story on wjla's newscast. as the stories unfolded we realized we needed to do much, much more. let me tell you where we are. this is a green area that is normally off-limits. but for today and for memorial
4:34 pm
media. earlier in the field, there were veterans here to say thank you. one of the striking things about the wall as it's called the fact that people for generation have been leaving behind keepsakes and leaving behind offerings at the wall collected every day and go to a warehouse. many of the items are not impersonal. many of them are personal and connected to an actualv veteran whose name is inscribed on the wall. the items go to the warehouse. we were able to get exclusive sneak peek inside many months ago. when we toured the facility we left stunned. just volume of the items the number of items. hundreds of thousands. the power of the items so overwhelmed we decided to focus in on three items and we connected them with the living people. who are connected to somebody
4:35 pm
this exclusive story is on tonight. abc7 news at 11:00. longer than normal story. then additionally right now at is our exclusive three-minute documentary called "left behind." it's evocative, powerful, memorable. we hope that it helps in this healing process that is the vietnam veterans memorial. live in washington, jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: you did a great job. i highly recoen see the deck monetary it's something -- documentary it's something you don't want to miss. great work. thanks. "7 on your side" health alert now for women. is the risk of suicide after breast implants real? or is this as one plastic surgeon calls it just a fringe issue? >> she knew she was sick from the implants but the doctors would not acknowledge that. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters looks at a potential dark side to breast implants. we have that coming up for you.
4:36 pm
up art at an auction for more than expected. find out what else is for sale today. ?? ?? jonathan: sounds good. but first, take a moment to listen to the u.s. navy the brass quartet that was established in 1999. led by chief petty officer john schroeder. they joined us on "good morning washington" on this veterans day. a look at more veteran photos you shared with us at gallery. we have put it on the website. for all who took time to send pictures in and for all the vets, thank you for your service. we just moved into this house and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed.
4:37 pm
has been invaluable.
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kickoff. don't miss emporium and eat your way through the two-day marketplace tomorrow and sunday. the food festival is featuring 95 vendors for around the country. discover delicious food and purchase top quality products from a line-up of the great artisans, chefs and producers. you won't find anywhere else. fans can attend a record release party of the group's
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finally go cheer on the washington redskins as they take on the minnesota vikings. the kickoff at 1:00 p.m. on sunday. hail to the redskins. have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. michelle: a london auction with artwork by david bowie the biggest seller was a painting called "air power" that was sold for $9 million. the entire first part of the two-part sale netted more than $30 million. jonathan: holy call. still ahead for us at 4:00 -- remembering the man behind the most prolific songs of the
4:41 pm
wishes to the astronaut reid weissman who was responsible for some of the most memorable pictures from the international space station in the last few years.
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? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? jonathan: it may not be the version that you know, but that is the man, the right there, he is the guy who wrote it. today fans around the world are paying tribute to the late leonard cohen. cohen's career as a singer, songwriter and poet at one point three different versions of the song "hallelujah" were on british charts at the same time. cohen just released the 14th studio album. he passed away peacefully in his home in los angeles at the age of 82. michelle: 300,000 women will get breast implants this year. it's the number one cosmetic surgery in the u.s. research shows the typical breast implant patient with high self-esteem and good mental health.
4:45 pm
kimberly suiters looks into whether breast implants has risk to mental health. kimberly: if you had never got breast implants would you still have this? >> yes, without a doubt. kimberly: flight attendant, model, mother. struggled to get out of bed every da acknowledge that. >> she asked to record her testimony if she ever died. >> i'm angry. kimberly: one year later on memorial day 2000 she took her own life. she was 49 years old. daughter kathryn knew her mother felt depressed and helpless. >> that is what drove her to it. >> he still has one of his wife's implants and the
4:46 pm
organ of her body including her brain. >> you believe the implants caused her to take her life? >> yes. it shocked us all when she killed herself. >> dr. zuckerman is the president of the national center of health research in washington, d.c. she met p.j. when she testified about implants at the f.d.a. >> the women who have breast implants are more likely to kill themselves. >> from two to 12 times more likely. according to seven different studies that zuckerma patients with implants and women after menopause who goes for the mommy makeover. >> they say they feel sexier after they get breast implants. but they don't feel better about themselves. they often feel worse. >> the self-described strong women had implants removed. >> i posted auto immune.
4:47 pm
implants and can imagine giving up. >> it took my career. so very pissed off, you know? kimberly: middle age women in general had the largest increase in suicide in 15 years. up 63%. but the numbers are small. nine women out of 1,000. most of patients are like the northern who asked to be anonymous for fear of being judged. >> implant manufacturers report high satisfaction levels. >> do you feel like the studies are worth mentioning to new patients? >> no. i don't. kimberly: the former chairman of the plastic surgery department at the georgetown university hospital. he performed thousands of breast implant surgeries for 40 years. >> there is something that is a significant issue.
4:48 pm
issue. >> he says it is a matter of prioritizing the real risk. like the buildup of hard tissue around the implants. the loss of nipple sensation and implants that break. >> you don't deny that risks or problems are associated with implants but suicide is not one of them? >> there are problems but suicide is unlikely. kimberly: 15 years ago. ed thought it was unlikely, too. >> closure. i don't have michelle: this just in. facebook isn't commenting about what appears to be a disturbing glitch with the social network today. some saw their profile top with the messages that the patients were in the process of being memorialized. that is what facebook does when users die so friends and family that can see posts that people make about them.
4:49 pm
aren't dead. it even happened to facebook founder mark zuckerberg. we'll let you know if they make a comment on it. jonathan: that is a weird glitch. troubling numbers for those who just graduate college. it's hard to digest. on average graduates are down with $30,000 in student debt. more than half are working in jobs that don't require a college degree. however, some employers say they can't fill the they can't find workers with the right skills to do them. in north carolina, college-bound students are a second look at the degrees in useless majors instead. they are going old school to apprenticeships. >> one of my friends graduated college. four-year degree and he is working at best buy. that is not what you are striving for. for us after we finish our apprenticeship we are guaranteed a job with a base
4:50 pm
you can't ask for better than that. jonathan: the sunday on "full measure" with sharyl attkisson a look rat how some students are skipping college for cash. michelle: authorities believe the cause of the wildfires in the extreme western part of the state may be the result of arson. police are searching for a man driving a blue s.u.v. the wildfires burned through more than 25 state of emergency has been declared in 25 counties and the neighborhoods evacuated. jonathan: let's talk about what is happening with our weather. it's been a while since you found your heavy coat and needed it. you need it now. michelle: locate it now. you will need it for weekend. our friend steve rudin has on his. jonathan: with a big ornament,
4:51 pm
colder. there are ornaments here. they are gearing up to decorate the free. the official lighting takes place on sunday at 6:30. the temperature in the upper 50's. moving in the 8:00 hour, it will fall from the lower 50's. a few clouds here and there. veteran day parade in manassas at 11:00. t there. in the middle 40's to start. it will be warmer and there are sunshine. nice day for football. hope win. temperatures are around 60 degrees. look at the sunset. the tree lighting ceremony on
4:52 pm
johnson will be there. they will be the orchestra and the fireworks, the works. 57 degrees on monday. chance for shower. 60 on tuesday and wednesday. we will stay 50 and 60 as we move in to the end of next week. so a lot of fun here at the national harbor. jamie: i get the easy job today. there are a new areas that red. we talk about it now. traveling on the inner loop, the capital beltway. we are dropping down to 7 miles per hour. look here. we are going to see this with
4:53 pm
you will see the traffic get better. another is 270 on the spur. the volume we have seen all afternoon to continue in as you get to the outer loop. you can take 95 or the w.b. you see the sun going down. that is a look at traffic. jonathan? jonathan: thanks. coming up next at 4:00, knowing the difference between a good warranty and a bad one. whether you should bother with one at all. we have it next. michelle: but first, the u.s. army string quartet joined us in studio on "good morning washington" performing an arrangement of "america the beautiful."
4:54 pm
band. they will take to us a break now with more of a photos viewers like you share with us for veterans day. keep uploading the photos. we want you to send them to
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michelle: these days everyone wants to sell you an extended warranty when you buy something. there are some you may want to avoid. consumer reporter john matarese shows us what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. john: when your car is three or four years old, the warranty is in doubt. they will contact you to extend it. or will they? the warranty is up, contact the fun number immediately. but the urgent notice cards are not from the manufacturer. though they appear to be. they are from third-party warranty company filled with exclusions. the f.c.c. cracked down on a miami-based company that was blasting millions of car owners with robo calls and postcards. better business bureau say the warranty scam is still alive
4:58 pm
be suspicious of all notices to renew the warranty. if you are confused call the dealer to find out if it's legit or don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. alison: tonight, a candid emotional conversation with bonnie black's mother and sister about the man convicted in her a razor-thin margin. mayor's race still undecided. veterans day put in perspective as only warriors can do. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we are hearing from the first time from the family of the mother stabbed to death and left for her young children to find. last year, bonnie black was
4:59 pm
this week a judge sentenced her estranged husband to life in prison for the crime and this morning in pennsylvania bonnie's black talked about life since that horrible -- bonnie black's family talked about the life since that horrible act with jeff goldberg. >> she was loving and kind. she was beautiful. jeff: not a minute goes by that her daughter. the same goes for bonnie's sister tammy delgado. >> so many times a day i think my gosh. i need to tell her this. i need to call or text her. i can't. jeff: in april 2015, 42-year-old bonnie black was found stabbed and murdered in her home in south arlington. after neighbors noticed her young daughter around the house.
5:00 pm
no. >> i remember screaming. he finally murdered her. he finally killed her. he did it. jeff: he is david black it. at the time, bonnie had a protective order against him. they were going through a custody battle and she was days away from finalizing what had been an ugly divorce. >> he is a sick individual. >> months later black was arrested for the killing and earlier this week a jury convicted him of first-degree murder. a verdict that delivered >> there was no doubt. >> i thought if he tried to kill her we'd get to him in time. i didn't think she would die. >> tammy and betty ann say they were always there for bonnie. a devoted psychologist and loving mother who is missed always. >> we need to figure out a new


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