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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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anchor: anchor: coming up, a horrific crime. neighbors described the chaos after the crime. trump builds his white house team. who will play a big role? breaking news out of montgomery county, as the police are investigating a stabbing. anna-lysa is live. >> this all happened on the west side of the metro station.
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exactly what happened. fire and rescue said that the two were stabbed this afternoon and it is not clear what led up to the incident. the victims are described as two young adults. they are searching for 3 suspects in connection to the crime and it is not clear how we will bring you the latest, as soon as we know it. anchor: thank you for that. we are following a story in prince george's county. the police say they were stabbed by their father. the stabbing was not the first time the police were called to their home. >> it is hard.
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have known the kids for years. >> christian stabbed his children on saturday night. >> everybody was screaming and i was grabbing towels. >> the neighbor said her home turned into chaos, after the boys ran inside for help. >> it is terrible. >> the police swarmed last night. >> there was everything, the ambulance, fire trucks. >> her grandson have become erratic. >> he was scared. >> the uncle of the boys did not want to go on camera.
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escalated from there. >> there was an emergency evaluation and he has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault, and related charges. >> whatever he is going through, i know he is hurting. >> dillard has been charged with sexually assaulting the woman. ryan hughes, abc news. >> prince george's county police say that the victim had a prior sexual relationship and the police say that a neighborhood canvas was unsuccessful. new information about the shooting in northwest
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cardozo high school football game and was walking back to her car. she realized she had been hit in her forearm. her condition is unknown. big development in the trump transition. he is tapping reince be part of his staff. bannon ran the conservative website, breitbart. this comes before trump's first interview. tonight, he says that he is
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people who are here illegally. paul ryan said that mass deportation is not the republican focus right now.. paul ryan: we believe that a border security bill is the first priority and that is what we are focused on. >> trump said that part of the wall could include fencing. the new york times lost thousands of subscribers because of inaccurate coverage. the new york times and that the opposite is true and that they have added customers. trump said that he believed that more countries should have nuclear weapons, including japan, to defend themselves.
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that continue. people who support immigrant rights are marching in manhattan and they are speaking out aga inst other measures. at home, in d.c., people walking through the streets in opposition. vandalism and hate messages. in silver spring, a church with "whites only." the vandalism appeared after they said that they would be cutting some of the spanish-language services. the local clergy gathered to stand in solidarity with parishioners. >> we are firm in rejection of violence and we are a nation of immigrants and people of all cultures and faith.
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violence in our land. >> the bishop is calling on the president elect to separate himself from these acts of hate. >> it is an eerie sound. the destruction is coming up next. >> we are holiday spirit of the annual tree-lighting. you will see it right here on abc seven. -- abc 7. >> we will talk about this as temperatures fall into the 40's.
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6:30. on your side. >> people stopped to remember the victims of the terrorist attack in paris. the city came to a stop as the president -- they reopened with a performance by staying. -- by an earthquake hit new zealand. two people died when the earthquake triggered landslides and tsunami waves along the coast. on the other side of the globe, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits argentina.
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argentina. it is beginning to feel a lot like fall. there is some winter in the air.
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anchor: i kno >> it will be setting around 6:36. be sure to be out there and looking at it. earlier this evening, this was a great shot and you could see it coming up. it will always be higher up in
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so, what we are looking for is about 14% bigger and that makes it about 30% brighter. so, early tomorrow morning, that will be our next best chance. overnight, it is going to get cold and the temperatures with the mainly cle as chilly as this morning. the sky is clear and you will not need the umbrella in the morning. the rain starts to move in late in the morning and it goes into southern maryland and there are
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started and the clouds will move in. it is mostly dry around lunchtime and you will have the wipers and the lights on. it is 60 on tuesday and it really looks nice going into the work week. as we head into next weekend, saturday looks good and stick around into sunday. >> a solid win over the vikings
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>> now, the teodoro sports desk. >> this was a positive one for the redskins. it would not be easy. her cousin fires deep and it is a nice catch. now, we are in and it is ticked off by smith. the game ball goes to him and the redskins have more. >> how impressive is the job that smith is doing?
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t wo-tip int and he had a couple of moves. >> that was nice. some soccer and the fifth straight title. it is a corner kick and they take him the big ten hardware. it is sunday. stay up with us. it is 11:35, right here. it should be a fun show and a happy show.
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>> happening right now, the tree-lighting ceremony. i think i hear her voice. let's listen. >> we are live and we are ready to light that tree. enthusiasm as the lights come on. all right. we have a couple more seconds. why don't we bring over mr. peterson? we're going to come over this way. nobody is nervous. all right. here we go. come on over.
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this is a world of social media that we live in and i will be keeping an eye on that clock. is everybody ready? six, 5, 4, 3, 2, one.
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>> merry christmas. happy new year's. it is the tree-lighting
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squeezing in to kick off the holiday season. hope you have a wonderful holiday and we will be back here .
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