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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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friend killed in a car crash. alison: tonight, the anguish of loved ones left behind as loved one search for clues in the devastating investigation. jonathan: tom roussey is live where the vigil was held. this is terrible heartbreak. tom: it is hard to imagine how everyone is dealing with this. it is so awful. children went to this elementary school. just out the side that's just outside school, the was a vigil attended by about 100 people were the family asked for prayers and help. >> ? this little light of mine i'm going to let it shine ? >> they were amazing, amazing kids. tom: a couple months ago, this
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>> it so hard. it's unbearable. tom: family members say they are rallying for the parents. mom is in critical condition. >> she is fighting right now. she is a strong woman. tom: this happen friday morning on i-95 in south carolina. they were going to georgia for a wedding whe behind. the truck went on top of the car in both vehicles when off the road. the three children and a family friend were killed. >> i was at work when my husband called me and told me. tom: it does not appear the family had health insurance. she launched a gofundme page to help. >> everyone, from the bottom of their hearts, it will help
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three special kids. >> always smiling, always so sweet. tom: nancy torres is in a hospital in north charleston, south carolina. the police in that state are still investigating what led the tractor-trailer to ram the family's car from behind. live in wheaton, montgomery county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: so tragic. and now breaking news, an amber alert fr virginia. a four-year-old girl has been abducted according to the police. or as a search for annabel richardson, believed to be in extreme danger. the police believe that she was taken by dylan richardson. they might be in a 1995 are giddy chevrolet van -- they might be in a burgundy chevrolet
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that rudy g lonnie is donald trump top choice for being secretary of state. this after backlash from the appointments of stephen bannon as trump's chief strategist and counselor. white nationalists praise the former breitbart ceo, but it was criticized by muslims. >> we hold the president to the highest the rights of all americans. jonathan: according to multiple news outlets, the president-elect once is three eldest children come his son-in-law and wife, to have top secret security clearance. alison: happening right now, they are not old enough to vote, but tonight they are protesting the outcome of the election. we have video from seattle, were
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the streets. a district representative said this would account as an unexcused absence for those students. the students say they are concerned about trump's stance on immigration and other issues. jonathan: hundreds of students walking out of montgomery blair high school, marching miles through the streets, demonstrating their frustration with the election of donald trump. nobody was hurt. the police say the only thing they had to deal with was somebody throwing a tt tried to calm a nervous nation, striking a tone of tolerance, urging americans to give president-elect donald trump a chance. jay korff reports. jay: the voters spoke. donald trump will be the next president. jay: president obama says he respects the will of the voters, but also voiced his concerns in
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regard, noting the campaigns in stark difference in governing. president obama: of course i have concerns. he and i differ on a bunch of issues. jay: he stressed that he believes that mr. trump wants to do right by the merchant people. president obama: i think he is sincere and he wants to move the country forward. jay: president said he and his team are working diligently to mature that mr. trump's as possible. president obama: my goal is on january 21 america isn't as strong a position as possible and -- is in as strong a position as possible. jay: he said mr. trump may also want to be conciliatory towards groups who felt minimized in the election cycle. president obama: it's important to reach out and give signals of
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comment one senior positions that mr. trump has filled. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: this just in tonight, montgomery county police asking for help as they investigate two cases of hate vandalism. friday, swastikas were drawn on the mirrors and walls of a boys restroom in bethesda. the school sent a letter about they are still actively searching for whoever did it. and in hillandale, hate-based vandalism at the affair scoble church of our savior. -- at the scoble church of our savior. if you have information in either case, please call the police. there is no award of up to $10,000 for information. steve: a few showers right now. if you are walking the dog, you
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overnight, upper 30's north and west. for the day tomorrow, cloudy skies, but don't forget the sunglasses. midday sunshine allowing temperatures to rebound to about 60 degrees. the upcoming weekend, a warming trend as we move into the upcoming weekend. more on that coming up. jonathan: new at 11:00, a school community and rockville is on edge after the arrest of an after school counselor last week. the police say he and appropriately touched a five-year-old girl on the playground. parents want to get answers for how to make sure this never happens again. tim barber reports. tim: the parents packed into the cafeteria tonight. somewhere from the school, some were from other schools with the same program.
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is suspected of sexually abusing a five-year-old girl at flower valley elementary. the owner of the company that employed ramos held a meeting at the school tonight. >> as the father of six kids, i would want as much information as possible. tim: kids after hours has been in business nearly 30 years without any allegations of sexual abuse. what kind of background checks do you do? >> the background they go through the fbi database as well as the state of maryland. tim: the montgomery county police department was tipped off to ramos by child protective services. they believe that he inappropriately touched the girl several times outside the school between august and november. the afterschool program takes care of approximately 150 at this elementary school.
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parents as they walked out, but understandably they do not want to talk about this sensitive subject. live in montgomery county, rockville, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: and a disturbing development in ashburn, were a man is accused of following a little girl into a bathroom and assaulting her at a restaurant. the 20-year-old works at the restaurant. he is charged with sexual assault of somebody under 13 years old. he is on the sex offender registry. a driver charge now months after hitting and killing a mother and baby in a crosswalk over the summer in leesburg. the woman was pushing her five-month-old son in the stroller when they were hit. now the man has been indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving. one witness said that he appeared to be a in the phone --
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was in the crosswalk. jonathan: christian dillard will be held without bond, accused of raping his estranged girlfriend saturday night, then later stabbing his 2- and three-year-old sons. they are recovering from their wounds. alison: the police are searching for a woman who they say through hot soup on a metro bus driver sunday morning near union station. metro said the wom she boarded at the benning road station. 20 minutes later, she threw soup on the driver as she got off the bus. this photo shows the person of interest. the police are asking for help with leads. the driver was not seriously hurt. americans tonight are mourning the loss of a trailblazing journalist had a, gwen ifill die tonight following a battle with
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recently as cohost of the pbs news hour. president obama remembered ifill finally. president obama: she gave tough and thorough interviews. whether she sat at the debate moderators table or the news desk, she not only informed viewers but also inspired journalists. alison: you might remember that ifill 2008 vice presidential debates and also a democratic primary debate this year. she was just 61. jonathan: a car flying off a cliff in hawaii, a woman inside killed, her identical sister survived. the police say this was no
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jonathan: there are eight states coping with 43 different
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all the way south to alabama and virginia. thousands of firefighters are trying to get control. in north carolina, hundreds have been evacuated. air quality in atlanta is currently listed as unhealthy. several of these fires are suspected to be arson and most are still under investigation. alison: guilty on all counts, a georgia father convicted in the death of his 22-month-old son in 2014. the child was locked inside of a hot car for he was sexting with six different women, including a minor. he will be sentenced in december. jonathan: a woman accused of killing her twin sister by driving off a cliff in hawaii has been charged with murder for a second time. the police arrested alexandria duval friday. the original charge was dismissed because of lack of evidence.
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murder charge. >> it is unusual. basically the judge says there is not enough evidence to send the case to trial and prosecutor saying, thank you, judge, we will take this to the grand jury. jonathan: investigators say they found evidence that duval's vehicle accelerated before the crash. duval is awaiting extradition back to hawaii. and brendan -- he will be released from prison under if you're not thinly with the name, he was part of the netflix sensation "making a murder." he was convicted when he was 17. many claimed he was can worst -- many claimed he was coerced to give a confession. the state has filed a number to see order to stop the release. alison: the phenomenon called the super moon is still underway tonight. the moon has not been this big
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the lower 40's, upper 30's further north and west. manassas waking up to a chilly start, 35 degrees. the high temperatures on the zone forecast, upper 50's, near 60 berkeley springs, martinsburg, charles town. closer to the d.c. metro, potomac near 60, upper 50's burtonsville, downtown d.c. may hit 61. old town alexandria and lorton right around 60 degrees. a bit cool for southern maryland, but their average this time of year, upper 50's, near 60. same for fredericksburg. the futurecast shows showers ending for the rush hour. 7:00 a.m. may have lingering showers. a little bit of rain can go a long way slowing things down for the rush-hour commute.
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through the mid day lunchtime, closer to pennsylvania-maryland line, that is where you will see more sunshine, sunshine returning full force later in the day. keep in mind the sunsets just around 5:00, so will need sunglasses later in the afternoon. 60 degrees wednesday, 64 thursday. friday and saturday look awesome , upper 60's, near 70 degrees. the cold front will move through lateat few showers. sunday only about 50 with the windchill factors in the 40's. daytime highs will be in the 40's monday. after monday, we have to talk about thanksgiving. the first outlook for thanksgiving day, partly sunny skies, about 55 degrees. may throw when a few showers,
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week and into next. alison: steve, thank you. 7 on your side all this week with smart shopping advice and big savings. several weeks ago we invited viewers to turn to us and consumers check book if they had a big home-improvement expense. any of you answered, so we went comparison-shopping for roofing, tree trimming, new windows, and electrical work. all week on "good morning washington" and abc 7 news at 5:00, we will share the results and tips on how you can save. jonathan: a popular restaurant chain versus an army veteran. which restaurant is now saying sorry for taking away his free meal. alison: and this sleek watch is
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alison: 7 on your side with consumer news. this smart watches powered by your body heat. it costs about $100 and it uses thermal electrics to function. the company says it is not stopping with watches. the same type of power could eliminate the need for batteries in hearing aids or pacemakers.
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under fire for taking a free meal away from a veteran. the popular chain restaurant is saying they are sorry amid calls now for a boycott of the entire chain. an army veteran in texas said he went to get a free meal on veterans day when they offered it. another customer questioned his service because of his race, he said. the manager came over and asked to see his military id and he showed him the military id, then took the meal away. both sides are planning to sit down and talk about this. alison: imagine stopping to help a motorcyclist in need and realizing it's the boss himself. it happened to a group of bikers in new jersey. they stumbled upon bruce springsteen. the singer's motorcycle had broken down, he needed a lift. a drove him to a restaurant, and springsteen then bought them drinks and promised them concert
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backlash on their facebook page because springsteen supported hillary clinton, but they had the pictures to prove it to everybody who says, "yeah, right." jonathan: and his hog had broke down. erin: up next, jt-iii does his mark turgeon impression.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the terps and hoyas will face-off tomorrow night at the verizon center, the second straight year the crosstown rivals met. last time they had a 1973-1974. is this really a rivalry? we talked with both coaches today. coach thompson: what did turg say? coach turgeon: i think he said this game was bigger than most given the proximity. coach thompson: i think given the proximity at least. coach turgeon: that's good.
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powered with a five point lead early. it was all marquette after that. howard loses by 32, 81-49. i will try to keep this story "brief," a soccer match between bosnia and greece. players get tangled up, then the bosnian player tries to keep great player for making a play, pulling down his pants. whole new meaning to the term "super moon."
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steve: the rain will be out of here by tomorrow morning. may need the umbrella until about 10 a.m., then most of the
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afternoon, upper 50's. near 60 wednesday. a nice warm up friday. colder sunday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy monday, i guess. hopefully by now you've come to terms with the fact that no


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