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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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cabinet. he takes the oath of office in about two months-- but some of his recent appointments are sparking backlash right now. abc's janai norman is live in northwest with more. meanwhile-- british prime minister theresa may spoke about trump's historic victory last night in london. she connected meanwhile-- british prime minister
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last night in london. she connected trump's unlikely rise to power, to britain recent vote to leave the european to leave the european union-- telling other leaders that both votes illustrate a larger frustration from voters. the prime minister is
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the president-elect at the "earliest opportunity". a school community in rockville- on edge- after the arrest of an after-school counselor last week. after-school counselor "raul alejandro ramos" is suspected of sexually abusing a five-year old girl at "flower valley elementary. last night-- the owner of the company that employed ramos held a meeting at the school-- to face concerned parents. the owner-- bob sickles-- tells us that nothing in ramos' past made him think ramos could be a threat. "kids after hours" also gets references for their employees, and tests them for drugs. in ashburn-- police are investigating a reported assault inside an ashburn restaurant bathroom. elevation burger employee, luis ore, is accused of following little girls into a
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abduction and sexual assault of someone under 13 years old. ore is on the sex offender registry. covering metro. today-- the agency will shut the doors on most of it's in-person sales offices. the move is part of a series of internal actions metro is taking to reduce expenses. four metro of the now closed sales offices are located at metro center, pentagon, anacostia and northern bus garage. on average, each of the four offices day metro officials say the closure will help minimize the impact of possible fare increases and service reductions next year. coming up. a violent scene at an anti-trump protest on a college campus. and it only got worse. we'll tell you what happened next.. plus, they were lucky to escape with their lives.. now passengers onboard this flight are demanding more than that.
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- warming up each day (upper 60s by friday)
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week today: am clouds, stray shower early. pm sunshine. highs: 58-62 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 33-42 winds: w 5 mph wednesday: morning sun, becoming mostly cloudy. highs: 60-63
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condolences coming after a journalism trail blazer passes away. more on the life and legacy of gwen ifill. plus, an iconic cookie maker is trying something new. but-- it may taste pretty familiar. the details.. coming
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on ohio state university. as you can see-- a man ran down the steps inside a campus building and charged into one of the protesters. police quickly moved in and detained the attacker. the ohio state student body president later tweeted that the man is facing assault charges and has been suspended from the university. friends and family members are devastated by the deaths of three montgomery county children. they and an adult family friend were killed friday.. in a car crash in south carolina. the children's mother is in critical condition. a vigil was held last night at arcola elementary school in wheaton. tom roussey has more. developing now.. 18 passengers who
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were aboard an american airlines jet that caught fire last month are filing a lawsuit. the plane was on the tarmac at o'hare airport in chicago when the engine failed, sparking the fire. everyone on board safely evacuated. 20 people suffered minor injuries. the lawsuit claims general electric sold a faulty engine that boeing used to assemble an unsafe aircraft. the suit targets those companies, plus american
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a west virginia town mayor is facing calls for her resignation. this comes after she appears to offer support for a facebook post that many are calling racist. pamela taylor posted, quote.. "it will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady back in the white house. i'm tired of seeing an ape in heels." the town mayor then replied, "just made my day pam." now a petition is calling for both women to lose their jobs. the "new york daily news" reports, taylor has now been fired. she was the clay county development corporation director. taylor says her post was not intended to be racist. taylor says she and her children have received death threats over the incident. new developments in the case of a michigan police officer seen flying a confederate flag during an anti-trump
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officer michael peters was suspended with pay after friday's incident. but last night he turned in his resignation. a man who was at the rally says peters drove around with a confederate flag on his truck, then got out and drank a beer. officer peters was off duty at the time of the inci apology. seven's on your side with a traffic alert for anyone driving in dc two new speed cameras are now out, and even though they're not giving out tickets just yet -- you'll want to know where they are. dc police tell us the cameras are on hillcrest drive, and alabama avenue southeast. those are both areas where they say speeding and pedestrian safety are a big issue. the cameras will start their 30-day "warning period" on december 15th, and then on january 14th, you can expect actual tickets.
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there may now be a candy bar that is perfect for you. oreo is teaming up with european chocolate company and is introducing the "milka oreo chocolate candy bar" and "milka oreo big crunch chocolate candy bar." now-- both bars have oreo cookies in the middle. but the "big crunch" is a giant candy bar meant for sharing, weighing in at 10-and-a-half ounces. both bars will be availible nationwide in january. weather. toss to eileen - am clouds, pm sun today - warming up each day (upper 60s by friday) - big cool-down late
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shower early. pm sunshine. highs: 58-62
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winds: w 5 mph wednesday: morning sun, becoming mostly cloudy. highs: 60-63
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ifill. she died yesterday at 61 years old. and as david muir reports-- friends and loved ones are now remembering her as a standard for fairness and integrity. it's xx and xx
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the trump presidential transition. the new favorite for secretary of state. plus - president obama's calls for unity - falling flat, as protests continue for a sixth straight day. the d-c demonstration in the wk and wet roads making for a slick start for your commute. team coverage from stormwatch seven - and the traffic center. good morning washington. toss to eileen - am clouds, pm sun today - warming up each day (upper 60s by friday)


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