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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what are the demands that you have for the university now? >> there are several demands. it comes from a small group of the student organizations. who decided that these were the priorities. that this is an image and a new image of our country. and the campus we want to create. jeff: i'll ask you one more question. a lot of disagreement with donald trump but he is the president. he did win. do you accept the results? how do you go toward knowing he will be the president? believes in. >> we accept the results, we don't expect his pollty. we don't expect his racism or bigotry. we are staying here until he changes that. until he agrees that he is not going to deny climate change. jeff: thank you for your time. we appreciate it. the protest is wrapping up here at g.w. the speakers coming in one after another. this is coming up there. they accept results of the
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positions of donald trump and lo l protest his policies moving forward. we will watch this from g.w. and bring you updates as it developing in the studio. larry: that comes after the high school students opted to be protesters rather than pupils today. many went to the trump hotel before heading to the step of the u.s. supreme court. stephen tschida was with the marchers giants us live with the latest. stephen: an army of the high school students assembled here in front of the down pennsylvania avenue. past the u.s. capitol. all the way to the u.s. supreme court. where they blocked traffic. out of school and on to the trump hotel. longs of high school students assembled to denounce the president-elect and show disapproval. most are too young to vote. many are unable to say why
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>> some are 18 and profess to voted called on the incoming president to be considerate of specific groups. >> stop disrespecting women. stop disrespecting african-american people. >> after protesting outside the trump hotel. the students continue the demonstration right down pennsylvania avenue. blocking traffic. they want to carry the protest to the capitol. >> i'm for a peacef to forget we are here. when asked about the current president, calls for unity and most said they support the idea. as long as their voices are heard. >> this is a democracy. i understand that. that is how legitimacy happens. transfer power smoothly. that is what happened every
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>> we spoke to an organizer of the demonstration and she called on participants to be peaceful as possible. there was bottle throwing and theft of property we understand. we checked with the d.c. public schools who says this is not excused absence. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now to a shakeup about. former michigan congressman and the house intelligence chairman mike rogers left the team. no official reason was given for this. the remaining members including mike president elect mike pence met at trump tower today. in washington, congressional democrats signed a letter to the president-elect urging him to rescind his appointment of steve bannon as a top adviser. >> it is easy to look at a tv
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the hate. when you say that and look at the tv camera and the next moment the action you take is to appoint steve bannon who has a history of ugliness and division and bigotry. larry: there have yet to be cabinet announcements. alison: dr. ben carson says he has no interest in a cabinet position. >> a big question is what trump will do in the first 100 da scott thuman is at the capitol hill bureau. it looks like the affordable care about is near the top of the agenda. scott: you are right. that is one of the first three agenda items he will tackle right away. he will have some momentum it seems because on the house side with speaker paul ryan and on the senate side with mitch mcconnell, both are willing to move forward with real light speed on this issue. they want to repeal and replace.
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sorts. trump said listen for example we don't want to kick people off due to the preexisting conditions. we want them to allow to be allowed to continue to have the insurance they enrolled with and continue to get the insurance if they need to sign up in the future. when it comes to 26 and under staying on the parent's plans president-elect trump is saying that is fine. he will need congress to act on these issues. these are not executive the difficult pass in 2010. so he is going to need congress to push through these things. for the average consumer if you just enrolled or signed up for a plan the plan is good for the year. nothing will change. they can't boot you based on what may happen in the next few months and once president trump takes office here. last thing we say is there is a bunch more to explain.
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6:00. a lot to short through. we will tell you what is possible and not in the first 100 days when it comes to haste for all americans. alison: thank you. larry: they are looking at how big of a stand to build in front of the wilson building. four years ago they spent money for the heated vi parade. but this morning city council members don't want to spend as much for trump since he is "hostile to the residents." alison: no need for heated enclosure if you venture outside today. chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on the forecast. pleasant today. doug: a cloudy, damp start but the skies cleared up and it
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the sun below the horizon. 57 degrees. if you are headed out for the next few hours the temperatures will start to drop. after you get to 11:00 or midnight. drop in lower 40's for the metro. 38 to 45 by the morning. keep ahead of storminess. download the stormwatch7 app on the app store and goo for kids on the bus stop for wednesday is sunshine and chilly. 44 at pickup time. 59, nice at recess. 46 and comfortable with afternoon clouds. we will check a warming trend for you in ten minutes. larry: thank you. we will talk to you soon. a man accused of killing a 5-month-old in a stroller was in court today. 45-year-old john miller was charged with involuntary
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mindy and her son tristan in a crosswalk. miller be in court december 5. alison: two years after her daughter was killed, bibbs mother says time has not healed all wounds. brad bell spoke with her after this morning after opening statements in wallace's trial. brad: a crime that stunned and sadded many. 3-year-old bibbs shot and killed in a home as she tri hundreds attended the funeral in august 2014. the death sparking outrage over violence against children. two years later her mother says the pain has not eased. >> i am reliving the moment every day. >> the trigger man is on trial facing first-degree murder charges. >> in court her mother is the first witness. she describes the death of her
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feel. what you want to say. thinking about the last memory with her laying there. brad: in opening arguments wallace's lawyer admits wallace fired six shots at the home where she was visiting after he had a fight with other occupants. claiming that wallace only wanted to scare not kill. prosecutors say the opposite is true. >> regardless if he didn't mean whatever my baby is gone. she no longer says with the comfort of the family she will sit through the trial. it is expected to last three days and then the jury must decide is it first-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter as the defendant claims. larry: "7 on your side." alison: sign up for newsletter at larry: new developments
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michelle marsh has a look at the finished product. michigan this is exciting. the scaffolding came down on a project a few months ago. but today was the first chance to really see what was done inside. it dates back to the civil war and weighs nine million pounds and last restored in the eisenhower administration and was in need of that were repaired. all the cracks were repaired using a metal stitching process. >> careful details. today they took an abc7 photographer on a tour of the completed work. it took 75,000 piece of equipment and pipe to erect the scaffolding.
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a lot of hard work. i can't wait to see it for myself. that is such a unique view. it is probably best seen with the photography that we had today. >> we look at the shot behind you. it looks brand new. alison: i remember when the scaffolding went up. we thought years, it will up there for years and it will never happen. here we are. fantastic. michelle: just in time for inauguration. you may have heard supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg referred to as r.b.g. she said what she thinks she has in common with the namesake. >> notorious b.g. after the knower toes you b.i.g., the well-known rapper.
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they called the tumbler i said of course. we have have one thing in common. we were both born and bred in brooklyn. alison: she has done her research. larry: a little bit. on the back of the c.d. she owns. coming up, what may have kept the >> giant employees could go on strike if they don't come to terms with the union contract. we are telling you if it could happen before thanksgiving. >> how busy could the roads and the runway be heading to thanksgiving? >> if you are heading to an
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larry: an hour ago southwest airlines says the person shot and killed at will rogers airport in oklahoma city was an employee. the person was shot in the parking lot. the airport has been shut down since the shooting around 1:30
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alison: "7 on your side" now heading in the thanksgiving holiday. triple-a is predicting 49 million americans will leave home this year for thanksgiving. they predict most will go by car. 5% will fly. 2% will turn to the bus or train. larry: air travelers have a choice to maket they book. an airline is offering the basic fairs that will mean the lower prices if you carry less stuff. are job willing to give up your carry-on for a cheaper ticket? brianne carter has more. brianne: this is new basic economy fair offered by united airlines. under the new cheaper fair you will still get food and drink on the flight but you won't get a seat assignment until
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there is no guarantee you will sit together. if you choose a basic fare you are only allowed a carry-on of a personal item, purse, backpack or briefcase. you won't be allowed to bring a carry-on suitcase. there is one exception. certain reward members will be allowed the full-size carry on bag. they say it will simplifying the boarding process. if you choose a c middle seat with the laptop. back to you. larry: thank you. don't be startled if you see or hear low-flying planes late tonight and tomorrow morning. norad is planning training
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larry: there are loud booms and there was a gun battery that was practicing at the cemetery. it happens on tuesday but people tend to hear it in the falls when leaves that buffer the found fall off the trees. let's talk about the weather. >> a matter of time before we get the temperature will go up nicely. time lapse from the belle haven country club. we have breaks on the horizon. heading through the evening hours the numbers are holding
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and 58 in hagerstown. temperatures will drop thereafter. no frost expected. mid-to-upper 30's in suburban areas. southern zone from manassas to the northern neck, middle pennsylvania and southern maryland to the bay, upper 30's to the very low 40's. the next few days we are in fine shape. it won't have must have effect to bring us added clouds in the afternoon. the same on thursday. we expect a shy of 68 that is
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average. good way to end the week and get in the weekend. there is a free lighting in tysons. there is alum by kris allen to bring in the holiday season. some guy in a red suit with a white beard might be there. last year he came on motorcycle. then saturday morning is the th silver -- parade in silver spring. sunshine and cool in the morning. brian and julie will host and you can see it on newschannel8. partly sunny through the day. we have increasing clouds. once the front will go through we have high pressure on
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winds. a few flurries are possible on the day sunday. 68 degrees is a mild reading. it's colder for sunday and monday. it will quiet for thanksgiving but we are not to a information wednesday or thursday. we'll take care of that in due time. alison: thank you. coming up later facing off. georgetown's turn to host the annual showdown against the university of maryland. we will have a preview for you. >> i'm scott taylor with the "7 on your side" team. we have an important christmas list up next. the top ten worst toys of this year. larry: but first a look at
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including "david blaine: beyond magic" and then stay tuned for abc7 news at
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larry: watch released the list of the top toys for this 2016 that are potentially hazardous. scott taylor joins us live
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parents need to know about to check the little ones at home. >> there is a total of ten on the list. we want to show you popular ones. if you have the little ones about the peppa pigs for the age range between 2-3. you can see on the paggage here it has -- package here it has a warning for choking warning. but some don't have it at all so watch out for that. a cool toy here the bump and the bo you can see the ages 4 to 12. it has warning to avoid risk of serious injury or death. it does not provide protection. that is common sense but look at the packaging. the little ones are running around with no head gear and no safety gear at all. make sure you buy that because it is not included the packaging. the 10-year-old wants one of these. they want the nerf rilo blaster. a blaster. there is no warning at all on
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like here say the nerf balls that come out extremely fast. they will want to get the head gear. safety protection as well. we have the entire list and the top ten worst toys on the website. you log on and take a look. scott taylor, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much! larry: take a full look on the website. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- "7 on your side" to help you save money on the next home improvement >> today the district government wants the climate ready d.c., a plan to adapt to climate change. i'm mike carter-conneen in northeast washington. coming up details and the how district leaders say the election of trump will impact the effort. >> washington, d.c. will remain a sanctuary city. i'm chris papst. coming up, what does that mean?
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alison: washington, d.c. will remain a sanctuary city.
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chris: it means when donald trump is president on january 20, washington, d.c., might find itself in a political battle. president trump will be under pressure to fulfill his campaign promises concerning illegal immigration and d.c. with other sanctuary city will put up a fight. >> not happening anymore. >> we will end the sanctuary cities that resulted in so many needless deaths. cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayers dollars. >> it's seen as a city that
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four in the region including washington, d.c. which does not honor the federal deportation parents. >> i want to stick to the policy unless we is good run not to. >> according to the center for immigration studies there are 3030 injury dictions that the federal government considers sanctuaries. d.c. councilmember jack evans says d.c. will retain the title. mayor bowser released this statement -- >> we support the immigrant population. not put them in danger of being deported. christ: other cities publicly
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sanctuaries even if funding is cut. but it might depend on how much is cut. chris papst, abc7 news. alison: thank you. let's get back to jeff goldberg in foggy bottom right now where the j.w. substitutes are wrapping up a protest. jeff? >> the protest is wrapping up 15 minutes ago in front of the administration building here at the g. they marched up g.w. avenue and back to campus to protest donald trump saying to the administration a list of demands. a lot of the organizers saying they want the administration for the school to be socially conscious of issues important to them. protesting a number of issues. immigration, abortion, race, a number of issues.
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attended. we have more at the top of the hour. alison: thank you. larry: president-elect trump does not believe in climate change and he plans to pull u.s. out of the deal in paris last year but the french president says the deal is irreverseal and the united states needs to respect the decision made to join the deal. the paris plan was ratified by other countries to curb emissions around the world. alison: in the face of the largest protest to date the company building dakota pipeline asked the court to intervene. they want the court's permission now to lay the pipeline under a missouri river reservoir.
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and the department of interior said they would consult with the local agencies. larry: the district government launched a plan to list a dozen ways that d.c. preparing for the climate change. as mike carter-conneen reports after the election it's less certain. >> the d.c. department of the impact of climate change along a flooding hot spot especially with the disadvantaged residents nearby. >> we are seeing what the climate change micro vents. that's what happened in ellicott city. >> the climbed ready plan rolled out today -- climate ready plan rolled out today had 77 action items involving almost every agency in the government. >> we graded out the stream banks so there is more room in the active channel to hold floods.
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flood mitigation here to plant trees. they are promoting the use of the underground cistern. >> it doesn't of course the quality of life -- affect the quality of life at all. >> it is unclear what trump's presidency will mean. on the campaign trail he called global warning a hoax. >> it will be on the local leadership. to across the world to mitigate climate change. >> d.o.e.e. director says appealing to trump he would frame this as a business argument. >> look at manhattan and new york city wiped out of hurricane sandy and they were without power. >> they acknowledge it will cost billions in the next several decades. for now d.c. might have to go it alone. alison: sad news out of
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remember this? one of the bald eagles pulled from the storm drain in orlando died. we showed you the rescue live last thursday. one of the eagle flew away and the other was taken to a bird sanctuary and died from the injuries last night. larry: too bad. larry: coming up at 5:00, there could be a strike at a biggest eating holiday of the year. >> a popular spot proposing big changes. i have that story coming up. >> new at 6:00 -- >> video you have to see. where a woman's car ended up underneath a tractor trailer.
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. looking ahead to upcoming weekend, thanksgiving parade. we will see the temperatures to make it into the lower to the middle 60's. for daytime highs. a lot of fun out there for that one. let's take a look at what is going on in terms of what we have. the clicker is not working. there it is. the weekend forecast, mild on saturday and then the cold front late saturday night to sunday. highs on the sunday are in the middle 40's. could see a few flurries.
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larry: a former w.w.w. champion has a new title. duane the rock johnson is this year's sexiest man alive. "people" magazine gave him the title scaling him sweet, smart -- calling him sweet, smart and cultured. this is not the first this year. in "forbes" he was hollywood's highest paid actor. alison: he has had so many incarnations. there he is. larry: to be an average college football player and still have major success in your life. good job, rock. alison: listen to you! larry: a neighborhood hot spot is proposing big changes. alison: we are talking about the arlington cinema and the draft house. they are asking for your help on the ideas moving forward.
5:41 pm
the support for the community amazing. >> people walk in and say oh, my goodness. >> greg runs the arlington cinema and draft house. >> for decades it's run movies. i would like to see it run movies regularly. >> this summer he says things got tough. >> we decided why don't we ask our customer what is would you like the future of the arlington draft house to be in the case of movies? we are still doing comedy. but we nee vies if we are going to still do movies. >> they sent out an e-mail over the weekend to let out their plan to ask if the feedback. >> any small business owner can tell you if you are not adapting you don't continue amy: their plan is separate entertainment by seasons. they would run first release films for four months in the summer and comedy seasons for the eight remaining months. >> i came for a movie. i'm biased.
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>> outpours of the support from the community amazing. so far opinions on what to do seem split. >> it means a lot to a lot of people here. they appreciate it. this is historical thing. no matter what what happens we will see changes go into effect may 1. he hopes to keep movies movies n some form. >> this is an arlington treasure. i'm honored to be the caretaker of it. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00, the power of comparison shopping and a story we can all learn from to save money. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live at the verizon center ahead of the big game between
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alison: "7 on your side" with smart shopping week. we are saving viewers big money. several weeks ago we asked you if you were planning a big
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"7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes joins us again. today you find a way to save on windows. tell us about it. horace: that is correct, alison starling. we did this to show you power of comparison shoppings. we chose five families and the project and consumer checkbook in d.c. did shopping. today we see if we can help about the major expense of window replacement. after 19 years, jim mccounsel and john mentis still love their home, a slice of the country in the middle of the city they say. they love the view outside of their windows. they just don't love the windows. >> the locks started breaking. the mechanism to tilt windows in started breaking.
5:47 pm
if it's really windy they whistle. >> then the noise. >> we have ten lanes of traffic. horace: from 18 companies from $8,000 to $8,946. >> the lowest bid is $10,000 less than what they paid for the windows two decades ago.
5:48 pm
>> you think? two decades ago they paid $18,000 and now they can get $9,000 to get it done. that is what it is all about. shopping around to see the bids. then you make a decision about the contractor you go with. just because you get a low bid it doesn't mean you will get low quality work. tomorrow up the ladder. we do it all here. are going to do that? horace: no, another one. larry: we will call you holmes on homes. alison: thank you. see you in a bit. check on the roads with jamie sullivan. himself it will take you 53 minutes, continuing closer to the fairfax county parkway. still on the brake past that point continuing closer to
5:49 pm
on the capital beltway a lot of the volume on the inner loop north from tysons to the 270 spur. you know we always see the delays. in that northwest corner. there is space between the cars. if you are traveling in d.c., this is the latest. three or four minutes ago protesters are this may slow you down. we have some of the closures in place. please be careful. that is a look at traffic. back to you. larry: thanks. alison: it installment of the lunchbox weather. which we love. doug: this morning meteorologist brian van de graaff on the road in sterling for lunchbox weather program. he was there. these are popular with the
5:50 pm
there was a specific video to give them inside look at how to put the forecast together. took them outside to see stormwatch7. we have a weather question tonight from billy morales. >> hi, my name is billy. when you are in space can you see tornadoes happening on earth? why does the sky change colors before or after doug: two questions. can you see in space can you see the tornado happening on earth? right now the international space station is 250 miles up in the orbit. i will go up and down. you can't see the ground from there under if thunderstorm. with that the astronauts are looking down through the clouds. some of the superstorms the clouds are, the clouds
5:51 pm
so you can't see the bottom but you can see the top of the storm producing tornadoes. the quick answer about the color changes after a storm, well, that has to do with the sunlight being refracted by the raindrops falling. you will get the different colors in the sky. sometimes the storm will come in and it will look green. there are ice pellets and the sky is always fun to watch. larry: good alison: thank you. larry: good camera work, too. verizon rights on the line at the verizon center and that is where we find erin hawksworth. erin: another big tuesday night in the capitol. who do you think will win? hoyas or the terps? go to our website at to weigh in. in tonight's game is anything
5:52 pm
battle. a week ago tonight so much talk of the red and the blue states. tonight is red san jose blue on the court. >> the programs have history. >> rivalry albeit rare is going to be renewed. >> great game for the area. >> we understand the rivalry and intensity. good for both sides. erin: they haven't played each other in d.m.v. more thar than 20 years. when they got together a y the terps won a thriller by four. >> good game last year. >> ending was not what we wanted but close game throughout and came down to the last couple of minutes. they made the plays at the end and we didn't. >> maryland comes in ranked 24 in the coach's poll. hoyas are off the national radar. >> i think georgetown is a top 15 team in the country. i might be short changing
5:53 pm
>> be level-headed. it's a big game. especially get ready for red versus blue, maryland versus georgetown, more history in the making. >> can't way to play. this is exciting and the atmosphere will be crazy. especially this is going to be a great game. if this is will come down to the wire. who do you have tonight? >> that is hard. larry: i'm going with the hoyas at home. alison: have a good time. if you don't have the turkey, the stuffing the cranberries and the pies yet, you probably
5:54 pm
larry: find out why a local grocery store could be hard to
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larry: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. a week before thanksgiving and shoppers could scrammable to buy the food they need for the holiday. cheryl conner reports that workers at giant are threatening to go on strike. >> we work. we sweat. cheryl but giant food employees could walk off the job by the end of the week. for stephanie pryor, an 18-year employee at a silver spring store it's emotional. >> it feels like a stab in the back. that is what it feels like. >> what do we want? >> contract. >> when do you want it? >> now. cheryl: contract negotiations are going on but they have not reached a deal with giant. retirement benefit and the premium pay on sunday are sticking points.
5:58 pm
they want to take away time and a half. cheryl: teresa hopes the strike does not impact her shopping experience. >> they take you to the products. they don't have to. they could say there it is over there. >> a giant spokesman provided a statement that says in part -- the current contract expires on friday. >> they don't have your best interest. cheryl: workers say they will strike by saturday morning but two-third of the union members have to vote in favor. in northeast washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news.
5:59 pm
right in out at 6:00. >> inside the g.o.p. promise to dismantle obamacare. what a replacement healthcare plan could look like. police, retired d.c. lieutenant is accused of killing his son. the family troubled history and why an arrest warrant issued for the son after his death. plus, an amazing survival. how the woman trapped underneath this tractor trailer is doing tonight. >> now, "abc on your side -- >> president-elect donald trump getting his biggest taste yet of what the next four years will hold. on the security front, trump and mike pence received the first full presidential daily briefing. on the political front there are growing calls for trump to fire his just appointed chief strategist stephen bannon. many consider him too closely aligned with the white nationalists. house speaker paul ryan is urging patience.
6:00 pm
and incredible campaign. the president is judged on the results of the administration. jonathan: as for the trump administration, neurosurgeon ben carson is withdrawing his name for consideration for a cabinet position. dr. carson had been rumored to be leading the incoming administration's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. republicans have vowed to dismantle the affordable care act for years. with the incoming republican president, how likely is a repeal and what should you expect? our chief takes us beyond the podium and he is live at the capitol hill bureau for us. scott: accomplishing anything on day one as president-elect trump promised is a tall order. after all, many of the things can't be done through executive order when we talk about obamacare. it was a law passed by congress. you know very little moves quickly on capitol hill. but that doesn't mean you


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