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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a gun. he called 911 to report murder-suicide after killing his wife and little girls. the investigators arrived to find four bodies, including that of buckley. today the community expressed sadness, especially for the little girls 5 years and 17 months. >> they don't deserve it at live yet. horrible. stephen: buckley lived here with his parents. we just heard from howard university about 20 minutes
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student. he was slated to get the ph.d. this december. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. 55 years in prison is the man prince george's county faces now for killing a 3-year-old girl. a jury convicted davon wallace of second-degree murder late last night. prosecutors say in 2014, wallace fired several shots at a home in landover after an argument killing knijah bibb. wallace wi february. larry: 7 on storm watch as the first major snowstorm of the season making its way through the midwest. look at the pictures. they just get you chilly looking at it. half a foot of snow fell in nebraska. another three to five inches. now they will bring it in the single digits. meteorologist steve rudin joining us from the weather center with a look at the storm that could come to our
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or feel anything like that. steve: no. nothing like that at all. we are talking about a cold front that will arrive in the afternoon to the early everything hours. you are going to feel it and hear it. above average temperatures overnight. we talk about the weekend outlook for you. going from 67 to 68 tomorrow afternoon. the cold front will move through. passing showers. behind that the wind will gust upward of 40 miles per hour. wind chill factors will make
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alison: he was held at gunpoint after trying to sell a pair of shoes. tonight the staff sargent looking to make money off air jordans spoke to q mccray about being robbed and this is an interview you will only see on 7. >> he pulls out a gun. next thing i see is a barrel. >> brothers edwin and eric are reliving the near-death >> as soon as he put it to my face he shot. >> all over a pair of newly released air jordan 12s in royal blue. they were reselling them in southeast d.c. >> we are still new here. he are unaware of what is the dangerous area. >> the suspect fired three rounds and missed. edwin is a third degree black
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shot. we didn't realize it. >> the brothers are in the service. the shoes cost them $190. but the sale could have cost them their lives. the sneaker head's have been reselling shoes for years now. >> it's for my passion. music. i love piano. they're expensive. >> for the suspects police believe it may have been a gang initiation. >> did he shoot first? >> yeah. he didn't give a chance to stick up or empty our he was trying to kill us. q: there is a $10,000 reward for anyone information leading to an arrest. the pair of shoes stolen were different sizes. there is a ten and a nine. in lorton, i'm q mccray. alison: keep track of crime in your neighborhood with the spot crime maps at jonathan: a developing story from oklahoma where the residents are suing more than two dozen energy companies over manmade earthquakes.
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that the company triggered the quakes injecting the wastewater from oil and gas production under ground. it's a process known as fracking. in recent years oklahoma has had hundreds of earthquakes nearly all of which traced to underground wastewater disposal. just hours ago the obama administration now blocking new oil and the gas drilling in the arctic ocean. the new five-year offshore drilling plan blocks right in the areas north of the inlet. >> these are vital positions. it will tell us the direction
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former military intelligence chief michael flynn position of the national security adviser. a fierce critic of president obama's military and the foreign policy. he has been on them campaign trail many times. representtive mike pompeo of kansas is the choice for c.i.a. director. often a key challenger to hillary clinton. trump plans to meet with his pick for the defense secretary this then the secretary of state job. g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney who has had harsh words about trump meeting with trump this weekend. south carolina governor nikki haley. a number of the key appoint its are very much in the air. >> we have a great number of men and women and the qualifications coming forward. serve the new administration.
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>> he plans to appoint jeff sessions. and rudy giuliani is still possibly in the mix as secretary of state. coming up at 6:00, a d.c. government connection a name you will recognize visiting with trump this weekend. from the news desk, richard reeve, abc7 news. larry: we have heard statistics about a spike in hate crimes. as k police chief has had enough. >> each one of the cases represents a victim and community hit hard. >> montgomery county top cop taking to the internet to condemn a recent rash of hate crimes as the schools, churches and a sports bar. >> we know that many of the cowardly acts are committed under the cover of darkness when no one is watching. >> compared to last year, montgomery county hate crimes
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anne arundel is up 16%. d.c., 13%. arlington, alexandria, fairfax, prince george's county didn't have the data readily available. many blame the contentious presidential election for the spike in hate with recent figures showing 49% of the montgomery county hate crime aged at one's religion. 44% at one's race or ethnicity. 5% toward >> imam leads the afternoon prayer every week in downtown silver spring. he and his muslim congregants feel targeted. the f.b.i. report hate crime nationwide against muslim americans rose 67% last year alone. >> call upon the authorities.
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>> hate is unsellable. the acts are crime against all of us. kevin: i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: president obama says 6-year-old boy can set an example for all of us to being more tolerant. alex wrote a letter to the white house offering to take in a syrian refugee and his family. today the white house posted a video of alex meeting with the president to talk about it. >> it's so nice to meet y >> good. >> you look very nice in your suit? is there >> thank you. >> is that a new suit? >> hmm-mm. >> i thought so. >> remember the boy in syria? can you please go get him and bring him to our home? >> those are words of a 6-year-old boy. >> i liked your letter so much i ended up reading it to everybody. everybody heard what you said.
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hopefully it makes other people think the same way. i was very proud of you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. alison: the video of the little boy in syria touched so many people. you see how it touched a small child as well who could tote the video. jonathan: kid has a great heart. alison: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we take you to interfaith service designed to bring us all together after the election. death a legal win for 134-year-old girl hoping for another chance at life. alison: the "good morning washington" team hard at work for monday. >> monday on "good morning washington" it's secure i.d. day. security chip on your credit card is supposed to protect you from hackers. but "7 on your side" investigators how safef from identity theft the chip card is. >> at 6:00 a.m., good morning good morning happy holiday hour.
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turkey bucks in time for thanksgiving. >> plus stay with us for traffic and weather every ten
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winter wonderland in california. or is it? this is what it look like this afternoon after a malfunctioning fire alarm at if san jose airport. that sent this. this is a flood of foam out of the new hangar. this guy trayed to bite through the foam -- guy tried to bite through the foam. i was tall. i came up to a stop sign. we don't know what happened here but we will let you know as soon as it comes in the newsroom. jonathan: nobody is having a bad day. speaking of signs. signs of the actua the country. check this out. disney world unveiled a drone holiday light show at the disney springs complex last night. more than 300 drones hovering over a lake. then they shift to a different holiday themed shape. how cool is that? those are all drones. alison: very cool. jonathan: that show debuts as the house of mouse celebrates another milestone. this is mickey mouse's birthday.
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he doesn't look a day over eight. an matted short called "steam boat willie." and they were celebrating all things mickey on "good morning washington." alison: fun party there. >> i don't hear him talking but he does stalk. alison: he does. jonathan: yeah. alison: sometimes. high voice. ice opens its doors at national harbor tomorrow. the annual spectacle features 2 million pounds of the hand-carved ice sulture -- ice the theme is christmas around the world. ice is open most days through the first of january. jonathan: cool. alison: another sign that holidays are almost here the national gallery of art opened up the beautiful ice rink in the sculpture garden today. funny. when it's 70 degrees. hopefully it doesn't melt.
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wenter is like this year? let us know at >> while we are on the subject check in with the experts. doug hill is at tysons corner to help with a tree lighting. >> we have an hour to go before they light the tree but it will be fun. teaming up with i-heart radio. warm this year compared to last. but the question is what is winter going to bli begins but every november we look ahead with the weather team. let me present the winter weather outlook. every year around this time you are bombarded with the winter weather outlook, government forecasts, private meteorologists and armchair enthusists with the forecasts. will there be more snow than last year? colder, drier, winter?
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i have no idea how much snow will fall. we make it in november but it's guesswork. we are in a la nina pattern and the water temperatures are cooler than hour. history says this offers no strong signal of what the winter weather will be like. there are other scientific factors to consider. listen to this list. the arctic observation, the pacific, the madden julian the aleutian low, and the gulf of the alaska. what will happen this year? stormwatch7 believes this winter will feature average to slightly above averages temperature and slightly below average snowfall. this is a prediction map. the heaviest snow like in most winters we expect to be in the mountains two feat or more. western zones 12 to 24 inches.
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less than six inches in southern maryland and the eastern shore. maybe you can forecast better yourself? we'll invite you to forecast the winter weather with it. just use computer program or old school with the pen and the paper or color it in but give us your prediction for snowfall and send it to at we will collect them in the early winter season. when the wenter is over we you in and make you famous to give you stuff from the weather team. a lot of fun. steve: enjoy the milder temperatures. it's 40's to 40's downtown d.c. tomorrow is looking good, the first half of the day.
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the cold front will roar on through. let me tell you, you will feel it and hear it. dry in the morning. here is the cold front advancing from the west around 4:00 in the afternoon. to the west of d.c. the skies will darken. the winds change direction on the north/northwest behind the front. that is going to usher in the coldest air of the season with the wind chill factors by tomorrow night. 20's to the lower it will feel like the middle to the upper 60's tomorrow afternoon. the front moves through, 7:00. a cold start to sunday. forecast wind gusts of 25 to 35 and 40 miles per hour. moving through the day tomorrow. the air is so cold we could look at the accumulating snow across garrett and allegany
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windy and cold for redskins game. thanksgiving day will be dry with temperatures in the middle 50's. shock to system on sunday. let me tell you. >> we're spoiled. it's the time of the year that temperatures drop off at night. alison: coming up, we tell you why the people here spent the that others don't have to. horace: perhaps you need a plumber or electrician. these folks are here to help you. 703-236-9220. give them a call. ask your questions. we are here from now until
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alison: "7 on your side" the smart shopping week teamed up with consumer checkbook to show you the power of the comparison shopping. we asked the viewers to share the projects with us. horace: we solved a leaky roof, we changed windows and
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pets. we want to introduce you to a dog with a problem. let's watch. meet stephanie stephens and her energetic 2-year-old beagle remy in need of the professional teeth cleaning. >> we clean her teeth daily. you can still see the caked on things on her teeth. >> she did research on her own and the price estimates she has been given for cleaning have her shocked. >> she took "7 on your side" offer to have consumer checkbook, a nationwide non-profit advocacy group do the shopping for the best price for the dental care. consumer checkbook took bids from 13 animal clinics and hospitals in the county. they are all companies that meet the standard and rated in the monthly periodical. >> the only way to make sure you get a fair price is shop
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>> the highest bid they found came in at more than twice as much as the lowest. lowest was $218. just by shopping around consumer checkbook potentially saves stephanie $250. >> as a dog owner sometimes we do treat them as humans more than probably we should. but you know, remy, i can't help it. i can't control it. somebody i want to take care >> she is a cutie. you saw kevin a minute ago in the piece. kevin is here from consumer checkbook. you have been doing this for 40 years. what is the bottom line? >> shop around. you can save a lot of money getting a few extra prices. you don't have to give up quality for lower prices. high quality companies charge all kind of different prices. the saying you get what you pay for doesn't hold true when it comes to the local services. the only way you know if they
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don't be afraid of the low price. >> you have done that and you have a list of the good contractors and services. >> we evaluate them for quality and price. they don't correlate. you think high price companies mean they do great work. that is not true at all. high price companies can do lousy work also. the only way to know is do some comparison shopping and make sure you get a good price. >> thank you. if you want to know more information about the consumer checkbook go to our website at the top under the banner we will see click smart shopper week. you can get more information. 703-236-9220. the folks are here from now until 6:30. back to you. alison: thank you. great work all week. we appreciate that. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- sorting out the fake news headlines from the real thing online.
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came to the mosque to denounce anti-muslim rhetoric and violence.
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jonathan: christians, jews and muslims came together for regular prayers.
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hate-filled attacks since the presidential election. sam: this afternoon before friday players at d.c. oldest mosque, christians, jews, sikhs and buddha came to talk. >> if there is a registry for muslims i will be the first to say am muslim. sam: the members of the positionk note it was built 80 years ago for african-americans and has chairs for seating among most others. the -- a number of the mosque are military. >> after serve 30 years on active duty. >> a member, muslim born army vet. >> 32 years. i paid for it.
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one. i'm not asking the right to stay here. i earned the right. >> speaker after speaker called for rally around the muslim community citing recent increase in attacks. infuriated was a trump supporter on cable news cited japanese internment camp for precedent. >> to say the supreme court upheld internment of japanese does not make it right or moral. [applause] th out of me. >> in northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: take a look at this. 150 business executives spent last night outside sleeping on the ground. this is part of the covenant house sleep out event which asks people to spend one night the way a homeless child
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to fundraise $5,000 for the cause. homelessness has declined but there is still work to do. in virginia it declined 10.5%. 20150 to 2016. homelessness in maryland declined 8%. district has a big mucher problem. since 2015, the number of the homeless people jump that is almost an 8% bump. jonathan: securing the border is a leading topic for president elect donald trump but all the problems may not come from the other side. an army of americans are task with securing the 2,000 miles between the u.s. and mexico. 60,000 employees work for the customs and the border protection to make it the largest federal law enforcement organization in
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all that security look like an opportunity. this week on "full measure" with sharyl attkisson, investigation in agents seduced by the dark side of corruption. alison: a first of its kind case in england and maybe in the world. it has been approved by a high court judge. a 14-year-old girl with terminal cancer wanted to be cryopreserved when she died. the teenager did not want to be buried but frozen. this in brought back to life in the future when there is a cure for cancer. the girl died last month. cryogenics preservation is unproven technique but her family is paying $46,000 for the preservation. family, friends and colleague of the trail blazing journalist gwen ifill will fill the a.m.e. church. they are gathering to remember the managing eder to --
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hour. there is a celebration of life tomorrow at the same location at is 1:00 a.m. jonathan: former fox news anchor gretchen carlson is opening up about her experiences with sexual haxment. one -- sexual harassment. we explain how she takes on the touchy subject with her children. >> your life has completely changed. >> i thought i'd be sitting home at the start of the fall and being sad every day. i have worked my whole life. but this so wonderful for a reflection on who i am. and what kind of mother i can be to my children. and to my family. >> gretchen carlson used to be an early riser. now she is up late at night thinking about her kids and yours. >> how do you go about starting a conversation with your children? >> well, specifically talking about empowering your children.
5:35 pm
kids right now. they don't need to know the details. but the most important thing is for them to understand that men and women are equal. they will equal in our family. they are equal when you get to the workforce. >> you tell your daughter that is not always the case, that the ideal? >> yes. she has seen it and brought it to my attention and asked me questions about it. she will say mommy, has that happened to you? you know as a parent when the appropriate time is children can handle that kind of information. she is 13. i tell her a little bit more than i tell my son who is 11. he will get there. >> you are hopeful for the next generation? >> i'm very hopeful. but i always look at the glass half full. you have to. jonathan: you can watch "20/20" tonight at 10:00. followed by abc7 news at 11:00. alison: coming up at 5:00, turning one of the happiest
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something to give back to the community. horace: i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" help center. 703-236-9220. we are teaching you how to be a smart shopper. do you need an electrician or a roofer or a dentist you can trust? give us a call. 703-236-9220. jonathan: coming up new at 6:00, 7 salutes veterans making a difference in other people's lives. what inspired them to start a program to make sure that veterans wounded on the battlefield and the oth
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steve: the weekend is here. it will start off nice. temperatures are in the middle 60's in the afternoon. then a strong cold front moves through. 46 degrees for a high on sunday. i will take you out and look at the redskins football forecast. the temperatures are upper 30's.
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alison: weddings are a big business in this country. some couples say they already have everything they need
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after serving in the peace corps in africa tonight's working woman came up with a big idea with lots of heart. kate glance is about to celebrate the first birthday of her company. she came up with the idea seven years ago on a bus in tanzania. >> it was incredible and the most formative experience of my life. alison: she is talking about her time in the peace corps afte african village where she lived and would often think about the tradition at home to throw increasing lilavish weddings. >> it was a true lightbulb moment. what if there was a wedding registry instead of pots and pans my community could buy blankets and textbooks for the kids at the orphanage i work at? alison: she pulled it together and called it heartfully.
5:41 pm
she knew there was a market for a wedding registry for charitable giving. >> every weekend i see couples getting married using our site. thousands of dollars raised by the communities to support amazing projects around the world and domestically. alison: heartfully has 60 non-profit partners so they can filter by location and issue and find a project that speaks to them. glance was named a tori burch designer honors female entrepreneurs. she is not out to change weddings completely but hopes to help others one wedding gift at a time. >> it's not steering the industry in a new way but saying there is a way to be extravagant and be socially minded. so that everyone wins. alison: soon heartfully will be expanded to other milestones like birthdays to baby showers, anniversaries
5:42 pm
able to purchase holiday gifts there as well. jonathan: fantastic. alison: a great idea. one of those i can't believe it didn't exist before. jonathan: i love that when people do something, the need was there but nobody took time to do it. coming up for us at 5:00 -- >> nine children adopted today in montgomery county. i'm with amy aubert with their heartwarming story coming up. >> best seat in the housed a midfield for playoff football. i'm scott abraham.
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so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. horace: horace holmes here in the "7 on your side" center. 703-236-9220. all week we have been teaching you how to be a good shopper. consumer checkbook rate contractors. if you want more information you can click on at the top of the page.
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consumers checkbook to call them now. back to you. jonathan: november is national adoption month. today nine children were adopted by the forever families. amy aubert was in the courtroom for the emotional ceremony. [applause] amy: it's all about that moment. >> just for them to say their full name. their full nam amy: they officially added two to the family on friday. >> the amount added to the family, we are grate to feel have them part of our life. >> 8-year-old david and 3-year-old jay for three and a half years, they cared for them. now to boys are taking on a new last name. >> it's overwhelming.
5:47 pm
adoptions going through montgomery county friday. >> we know where we are going. we are doing it as a family. it is overwhelming. happy and amazing to see there are happy endings. >> a celebration in courtroom with balloons and festive attire. >> this is absolutely fab mouse. the best day. >> the best day. for so many involved. >> today it was like missing that is now put together. the puzzle is complete. >> in rockville -- >> come back up. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: how nice! jonathan: how great is that? alison: warms your heart. jonathan: congratulations to the forever families. fantastic. alison: they will have a good thanksgiving. check in now with jamie sullivan on traffic watch on friday. jamie? jamie: it's a slow one out there. let's run through heaviest areas. we are not talking crashes. it's just slowing. take a look here.
5:48 pm
and the headlights outbound. the big picture look is not bad through the prince george's county. inner loop delay from college park getting to greenbelt. bottom side of the beltway. this is a volume from eisenhower to wilson bridge. take a look. bumper to bumper working your way north from tysons, closer to the 270 spur. this is the inner loop compared to the outer loop. it's broken up a little bit. it's heavy. if you head to bal is a better option. b.w. parkway is slowing. back to you. alison: very good. another lunchbox weather today. steve: we do. a good one. our meteorologist molly visited lindburg elementary school. while she was there she showed them a special behind the scenes video.
5:49 pm
stormtrak7. we have a great weather question. >> hi. my name is sherilynn. my question is how do you know what the weather is going to be five days in advance? steve: that is a great question. how do we know what the weather will be on the extended outlook? now we have a ten day extended outlook on abc7 and newschannel8. we look at models, different weather models. we take the weather trends in consideration. we put it together and there you have it. it's part science, and part knowing the area and a lot of things go into it. to keep it really simple we use a lot of different data from a lot of places to combine it to one place. alison: very good. put it all together. thank you, steve. jonathan: talk about sports now. what will happen? big weekend.
5:50 pm
but not here. questionsable for the redskin. jackson is questionable for sunday. d.c.'s own vernon davis will have to step up again. having a good bounceback year. 26 receptions, 382 yards. two touchdowns. surprising a lot of people including his head coach. >> it has been sur praising frankly. i wasn't -- surprising frankly. i wasn't sure what we'd get with vernon. i didn't know how fast or how much he was into football. he is unbelievable with the work ethic, his desire to get better and the natural speed is still there. he hasn't lost a step. he can fly. robert: he is balling. it's friday. we talk high school football. playoffs. tonight this game takes us to ashburn where scott abraham will join us. he is live. scott, what's up? scott: tell you what, rob. we are still an hour away from
5:51 pm
look at this atmosphere already. this is the dog pound. they are ready to rock and roll. band is playing. the high school football game of the week takes us to loudoun county. all guys will be on ashburn tonight. in the regular season the spartans topped the bulldogs 10-7. in fact, that was the last time they suffered a loss and they have won four straight games. if the any indication what to expect this is going to be a tough, physical and a defensive game. >> got to play our brand of football. do the things we do well. not let the rivalry get to you. that is the biggest thing. the kids play with the emotion. they will make the mistakes but they can't make mistakes because they are caught up in rivalry. scott: if you are going to the game or any high school football game, send us your
5:52 pm click high school football button. the photos may be featured in the high school tonight. one more look. this place is ready to go. robert, it will be a good one. see you later. robert: all right. thank you. it's always a good night if you can barely hear scott talk. every friday almost. jonathan: there is nothing better than a great high school rivalry. robert: we love it. alison: nice it's not too cold i thought you'd say you were in high school two weeks ago. jonathan: i didn't need to. you took care of it yourself. alison: all right. thank you, robert. well, if you are looking for the holiday cheer, look no further than six flags. seriously. for the first time ever the amusement park will host one of the biggest christmas displays in the washington area. more than 5,000 lights will illuminate the park at night
5:53 pm
elves. there is a live show and trip to santa's workshop. >> there is nothing like this in the d.m.v. six flags america is the only place to walk through gorgeous christmas lights. ride roller coasters in the dark and see santa. is there we have a variety of the kids focused shows anybody can come see. alison: running through the night. the park opens up january 2. jonathan: there is nothing better than a roller coaster late at night. we'll give you good news about the holidays but this might not be good news but a good heads up. getting through chicago o'hare international airport may be more frustrating than usual in the coming days. the reason i say that is 500 union workers are preparing to go out on strike. baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, wheel tail
5:54 pm
this won't shut the airport down but slow things down a bit. you have been warned. alison: a lot of the newsroom have a saying, "trust but verify." jonathan: the toll not doing so could take a life in the
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
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alison: a big part of our job is make sure that you are informed. checking the facts so that you don't have to. but as kristine frazao attention to social media headlines that don't always come from the sources that check the facts. kristine: have you seen these on the social media news feed? they are fake news posts. made to look legitimate. complaints of the pervasiveness of fake news have even come from president obama himself in a press conference in germany. president obama: if we can't discriminate between serious
5:58 pm
have problems. kristine: even trump got in hot water when he retweeted a false post. >> there is no way to tell what is real and true and what isn't. kristine: did it affect the outcome of the recent election? law professional says probably not. >> you might have had a few people read a zany website and go i c clinton or donald trump because of a zany reason but most people in america are rational. kristine: misinformation didn't just come along with the internet or the social media platforms. there is a long history of misinformation, especially in the presidential campaigns. >> if we go to the presidential election of andrew jackson, the newspapers
5:59 pm
speech and shouldn't be limited by the government and the only onus to sort facts from fiction is on the consumer. >> let the buyer beware. kristine: i'm kristine frazao reporting. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00", on your side. maureen: we are getting a clearer picture of the cabinet plans to assemble. he named his pick for attorney general, c.i.a. director and national security adviser. richard reeve joins us with more on the selection and what we can learn from them. rich? richard these are key positions that are part of trump national security apparatus, many are sharp critics of the obama administration and the policies. >> are you looking forward to the meeting? >> as the parade of possibles meet at trump tower --
6:00 pm
>> former military intelligence chief michael flynn getting the nod as the national security adviser on the trump team. >> there is a lot of pieces of input for decision-making rather than just the one you are providing. >> flynn has been a fierce critic of obama foreign policy. mike pompeo from kansas is c.i.a. director, key challenger to hillary clinton. democrats are calin >> this is getting more and more disturbing. clear that donald trump is not trying to bring the country together. >> then mitt romney. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> the 2012 g.o.p. presidential candidate has had few kind words for trump and now they are mending fences with romney a possible secretary of state nominee visiting trump this weekend.


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