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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: now, "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. >> is there everything else in the water? jonathan: at 4:00, a dramatic rescue on the bay. alison: to pull a man from the frigid waters. borts caught off-guard by the wavers out there. jonathan: really, it was a chance encounter that saved a life. brad bell is aboard the fishing turned rescue boat. this was lucky. brad: it was tremendously lucky. so we are on the boat. we are at the dock up on a lift. this is the south river. the rescue didn't happen here close to shore. i was way out there where the south river meets the bay. the person who was in the water was far from shore when yeah, the crew of this boat
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they had only caught three fish when the weather went bad. they saw the man in the water and they already had a float rigged with a line and they were able to throw it to him and bring him aboard. andrew and his buddy has caught a lot of fish on the boat the chum bucket. saturday they were in the right place at the right time to save a life. hall shot the video as the crew of the fishing conditions. >> i look this way. we hear a "whoa, whoa, whoa" and they were yelling "man overboard!" brad: at the mouth of the south river south of annapolis, far from shore, a man is in the water. >> as rough as it was, you had to be on top of the guy to even notice him. brad: the crew reacts. >> is there anybody else in the water? brad: they position the boat and as dark approaches a rescue is made by one of the
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other boat didn't see him, he wouldn't be here today. brad: that man also lucky the chuck bucket is a big, comfortable boat and they were able to get him aboard, get him wrapped up able get him warm and here to shore. the man is okay. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you more about how that man came to be in the water out there. and also the additional of the weather saturday as the winds were blowing. on the river, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: that is incredible. thank you. it's certain le that time of year. the snow is sticking there in the mountains. you can feel the bitter wind as soon as you step outside. how much longer until the winds die down? stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has timing. it feels like it has been windy for days. doug: the winds will gradually but slowly diminish. the center of the high pressure responsible for this
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it will take a couple days to get closer to pass overhead. it will stay breezy tonight. the dew point is 12. that is how dry the air is. that is why we have increased fire danger out there. the cool temperatures with the winds producing the wind chills at six or seven degrees cooler. it feels like 28 at winchester now. 27 in hagerstown. feels like 39 in the capital. the forecast in the evenin cold and windy. it's going to feel like the 20s in the morning. we have the weather forecast in 12 minutes. jonathan: we look forward to it. thanks. d.n.c. staffer seth rich murdered july 10 in bloomingdale neighborhood of d.c. abc7 has now been following the investigation very closely as rich's family is hoping the police will get the break that leads to the killer. stephen tschida has the emotional plea for rich's
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stephen: on a cold day the parents passed out flyers about the hot morning of july 10. now months after seth rich's murder we know he fought his killers. possibly leaving them with signs of a struggle. >> he had bruises on his hands and bruise on his face. stephen: someone shot rich twice in the back while he walked home through the bloomingdale neighborhood at 4:20 a.m. >> maybe go that way. stephen: today the 27-year-old d.n.c. staffer's parents returned to wash in the reward for vital information to $125,000. >> i need your help, please. we don't know enough. stephen: lobbyist personally put up $100,000. >> it could have happened to any one of us. me, my republican staff or my democratic staff. stephen: the riches are
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surveillance video is out there that could provide images of rich's killers. >> please california the police -- please call the police, tell them what you saw. stephen: this is a flyer that the riches have been handing out throughout the bloomingdale neighborhood. today we also learned that this was the stretch where seth rich was walking. he was killed over there. from the beginning we were told he was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time. today we learned he was talking with his girlfriend but sensg phone. said he had to go. seconds later, he was killed. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: you can see the twists and the turns of the investigation at just search "seth rich." any updates in the case and we will get them to you both here and online. skytrak7 over a deadly crash in prince george's county earlier. police say the s.u.v. driver veered off the road, hit a tree and flew in a creek.
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block of old ford road and fort washington. we're not told what caused the driver to leave the road and they have not released the driver's identity. alison: developing today, a rash of violence targeting police officers. this is across the country. the surveillance video is from san antonio and this is where police say this man gunned down one of their own. q mccray has a look at the video, the manhunt and the violence across the country. cop-killer in action. san antonio police release this footage of the accused murder walking into its very own station. >> officer down. q: four hours before he drove the mits by shoe behind -- mitsubishi behind officer markoni and shot him twice. >> we are working to investigate the case and we
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q: memorial grows in front of the headquarters for the 20-year veteran. one of four officers shot in the line of duty in three states over the weekend. in st. louis, a father of three is in critical but stable condition after he was shot in the face twice. also while sitting in his patrol car. >> the officer says he saw the muzzle flash and the felt the grass breaking in the window as the shot came through and struck him in the head. q: there were two more shootings. another in missouri and shot in traffic stop. san antonio's detective marconi was the only one to die. the search continues for the prime suspect. we found out the suspect in the florida case is in custody right now. both accused shooters shooters n missouri were killed in separate gunfires with police in gladstone and st. louis. and we found out in st. louis and san antonio now, officers will be making traffic stops in pairs until further notice. from the "live desk," i'm q
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we want you to look at the video one more time. police want you to see the video because this is the guy they say right now in san antonio they are looking for. they believe this is the guy that walked up, ambushed and executed the officer. the chief is the one who saw the videotape. he put it out today in hopes that somebody would see the connection and call them right away to pick him up. emily bachman with our sister station with the growing memorial from the case. do they believe that this shooter and this officer had any relationship whatsoever? emily: the police chief is staying tight-lipped about the details but he released a possible motive earlier today. he said the police officer was targeted and targeted because of the uniform he was wearing. the police chief says this man was apparently looking for the first person in uniform. that is how he set his target. jonathan: emily, what is the
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this killing? emily: you can see by the growing memorial, this is a giving community. outpouring of support for the police department. we see people come one trays of cookie, balloons, flowers, candles, not knowing what they can do to support the officer but doing whatever they can. it's really similar to what we saw in dallas earlier this summer. jonathan: emily, i understand there was dash cam video that was rolling at the time of the shooting. is any of that going to be released? will any of that help with perhaps identifying who this guy is? emily: it won't be released right now. i can tell you that the department headquarters is only a couple of years old. it's really in the heart of san antonio's tourist district. not too far from the riverwalk we are so famous for. it happened 50 feet that way. that is where the officer was gunned down. the police chief says the dash cam is extremely helpingful. we are assuming video and
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but the police chief said he can't elaborate on the video but feels confident based on everything he knows he thinks the suspect targeted the police officer simply because he was a man in uniform. alison: horrific. jonathan: emily bachman from the sister station in san antonio. we appreciate your time. thank you. viewers turn to "7 on your side" for help when they feel they have been cheated or taken advantage of. we do our best to alert and protect and investigate for you. alison: one of the frequent concerns we hear about is identity with that in mind the entire "7 on your side" team banded together for a major eeffort we have today. calling it on your side secure i.d. day. chris papst is in falls church and helping you destroy data you don't need anymore. hey, chris. chris: data you don't need but can till stel your family. if you put your credit card number on the computer it's likely on the hard drive.
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at the e-asset solutions and destroy your hard drive to make sure that someone can't get your conversation. your credit card probably has a chip in it. do they work? lead investigative reporter lisa fletcher reports. lisa: swipe, insert or enter the numbers. that new e.m.v. card has your back, right? >> no idea. >> it slows down by transactions. lisa: it's meant to put the information in a for a not that makes it useless if criminal gets ahold of it. but retailers say there are two problems. it doesn't make online transactions more secure than a traditional card and it's not as safe as it should be for in-person transactions. >> he with are the largest economy in the world, the most
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world. the fact we have a substandard card security compared to the roast of the world is shocking. lisa: brian's group represents the largest retailer ins america like home depot, target and wal-mart. he said for years they have been asking the card industry to require a chip and a pin number instead of a signature to give them two levels to ensure against fraud. >> it ensures it's a legitimate ca the person supposed to be using it. lisa: he says without a pin number hackers can use your chip card online unfettered. they just enter the information in front of them. the chip itself doesn't do you any good because it's not utilized. in a retail store, hackers can damage the chip so when it is inserted the machine prompts the user to swipe.
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is embedded on the stripe. chip and pin is common in europe. nearly 60% of the visa cards in the u.s. don't have chips. if that is you, call and ask for one. it's not perfect but it's better than the magnetic stripe only. lisa fletcher, abc7 news. chris: this is the hard drive we just destroyed. just destroy it li this, believe it or not, would still have your personal information on it. and could be retrieved unless a giant magnet is used to take it and wipe the information off of it. with that in mind, "7 on your side." we are here at e-asset solutions and we'll be here until 6:30. you have two hours and 15 minutes to get down here. anything that you have, any electronic you have that has your information on int, your family's personal information
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but just for today until 6:30. we are at north maple avenue. falls church. easset solutions. two hours and is a minutes to get down here. we hope to see you. for now, live in falls church, chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: what a great resource. thanks very much. coming up next at 4:00, the pope makes a policy on abortions permanent. alison: also next at 4:00, police and protesters clash over a pipeline. the extreme measures they used jonathan: later, the trump transition. when the president-elect plans
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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jonathan: breaking news coming in. 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck a tsunami warning has been issued following the latest quake. we will follow the story and bring you new information as soon as we get it in the newsroom. look at this. police and protesters clashing in north dakota in the middle of the night. this is all about the dakota access pipeline. police were spraying the crowd of 400 with water cannons despite the weather being
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the pipeline will contaminate the drinking water. alison: pope francis has extended indefinitely the power of catholic priests to forgive abortions. this is, of course, a controversial decision. brianne carter has reaction now from congregations in the d.c. area. brianne: pope francis is giving priests to forgive abortion indefinitely. >> i'm gla and i'm glad he is a type of pope we have and can serve. brianne: the holy father granted the power for priests for the duration of the holy year that ended sunday. the announcement to continue the practice came in an letter that said there is no sin god's mercy cannot wipe away when it finds a heart
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pope francis said the stance on abortion has not change and writing in letter abortion is a grave sin since it puts an tornado an innocent life. catholics say this continues to open doors to many in the church who may have felt pushed away. >> i believe they would say back to the church. brianne: dino anders believes the pope is continuing the message in the basis of forgiveness and love. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: again, want to show you something now. this is a television from tokyo keeping an eye on the harbor near fukushima. we understand there has been a 7.3 earthquake that struck off the coast. tsunami warning has been
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immediate. it's a gradual wall of water that goes up. the last time they saw it, it was up 10 or 20 feet and swarmed much of the city. it caused the nuclear reactor on the coast there to melt down. you will remember all the problems caused by that. we will keep a close eye on this. if anything should change we will let you know. in the meantime, abc7 on traffic watch. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the ride home. not too bad this week considering it's a holiday week. jamie: at least at the beginning of the week, today tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday it will get rough out there. a lot of slowing. right now 38 minutes is what it takes to occoquan to triangle. we had a brushfire near dale city and accident near route one and so that has added to the congestion. here is a live look to show you how much volume we have heading south near dale city. we have volume out there. the beltway, a lot of slowing.
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corner. northbound 4 miles per hour tysons to 270. this is near the american legion bridge. it shows how heavy we are. nothing to report as far as big crashes. bottom of the beltway, what a gorgeous shot, too, of the trees here. you can see the heavy volume right here. we are seeing this on the inner loop closer to national harbor. outer loop not too bad getting to joint base andrews once you get past national harbor. a lot of slow spots but it's pretty. back to you. alison: doug is here now to talk about the weather. like two weekends in one. we had a warm day on saturday and then boom, frigid. doug: i was been telling everybody all week long it would happen. late afternoon on saturday when the front come. boom! jonathan: if winds were strong. dowses we saw the wind shift where i live near chesapeake bay from 7 miles per hour to 45-mile-per-hour gusts in a
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alison: it's still breezy. doug: going to be a little bit longer. tonight and tomorrow breezy. wednesday is better. by the morning it should calm down. this is just cold. those are the winter temperatures. early temperatures for this time of the day with the clear skies. the winds help b the lighter the winds the lower the temperatures will go with the dry air. but the dew points are 12 to 14 degrees. we won't get that cold but air temperatures from 22 in manassas to 29 in largo and 33 downtown. with the gusty winds it means the wind chills will drop in the teens. low 20's elsewhere.
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and 50 is the high for the afternoon. if you are traveling tomorrow, wednesday is a big day but a lot of people get out early. the showers continue through the northwest. rocky mountain areas are clear. showers through the high plains in upper midwest. fairly quiet weather for the rest of the country. the temperatures average to below average coast to coast. as far as the future cast locally the high. it gets closer to us wednes off. i goes offshore and the winds will turn south to warm us up. here comes a cold front that could affect us early on thanksgiving morning. that means possibility of scattered showers. some models has it sooner but this one has 8:30 to 9 says. it will move through and get out of town thursday afternoon with sunshine returning in the forecast. clearing skies friday. breezy and cooler for saturday
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way monday and tuesday of next week with the system temperatures throughout the stretch. jonathan: thank you. the breaking news we are keeping an eye on is in japan right now. this is the fukushima nuclear plant. this is what people in japan, in this area are seeing on their tv right now. how disconcerning could that be? alison: this popped up. evacuate immediately. this popped up in the last 30 seconds. we are watching to see what we are not sure how far off the coast it is. if it was 100, 200, 300 miles off the coast it would take a while for the tsunami, just basically an underground wave that continues to gain strength as it moves toward shore. we will keep an eye on it and let you know. tsunami warning issued and they are telling people along the coast evacuate they are telling people along the coast evacuate immedi fios is not cable. we're wired differently. they are telling people along the coast evacuate immedi that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes
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kimberly: i'm "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters inside the help center. it's secure i.d. day. if you are watching us since 5:00 you know we have been hard at work. we are joined from representtives at e-assets solutions in falls church and the f.t.c. all the experts here are gathered to answer your questions about identity theft. not only how to protect your information, how to prevent it, but how to cope with it if you are dealing with it right
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tonight. the number to call is 703-236-9220. back to you. alison: thank you very much. still to come on "abc7 news at 4:00" today -- a legacy continues. the annual tradition with a new face. >> always find a way to work his way back to service, man. alison: trayon white's message to the people of ward eight who helped elect him to the council ahead. jonathan: plus t cabinet positions today when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns. here is a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington" tomorrow. >> thanks, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," three stores, three memberships. where are you really saving monday this black friday? "7 on your side" puts the retailers to the test. >> at 6:00 a.m. it's "good morning washington's" happy holiday hour. seven lucky winners will get $100 in get-away cash for gas.
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. quasi'm q mccray live from -- q: i'm q mccray live from the sat late center. breaking news to show you.
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strikes off fukushima in japan. a tsunami warning has been issued. we will follow the story and bring you information as it develops but we know about the evacuation orders now for the west, the east coast of japan. we checked on any effect on america. in hawaii to be exact. right now there are no tsunami warnings issued for hawaii. but again, right now we are reporting that there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in japan. there is a saw sue warning in effect. a mandatory evacuation. we will be on top of the story throughout the afternoon. for now that is the latest here from the satellite center. back to you. alison: thank you. back at home, president-elect donald trump is working to fill in the cabinet. lana zack with how the transition is creating controversy.
4:33 pm
the president-elect and his transition team. some potentially being considered for cabinet positions. others consulting as the administration starts to take shape. some of the meetings were with former critics of mr. trump. >> a lot of his former rivals. they all love america and they are looking forward to having a say to what happens next. >> among the visitors scott brown. and his passion. reporter: he expects to hear if he is offered a cabinet position after thanksgiving. the governor of oklahoma mary fallin said no job offer was made to her. >> initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> a democratic congresswoman from hawaii. she shied away from the press but released a statement saying, "i believe we can disagree even strongly but still come together on issues
4:34 pm
today his senior adviser defended one of the meetings on the day following the election with the business partners from india. >> we are confident he is not breaking any laws. he has lawyers, accountants and advisers to tell him what he must do. >> the president elect needs to figure out how to disentangle his many business interests from the new role as a publicker is -- public servant. he is operating in 18 different countries. zack, abc7 news. jonathan: trump is spending time demanding an apologies from actors from the musical "hamilton." alison: while mike pence attended the performance the cast read a statement afterwards directed at him. lindsey mastis shows why it is creating a fair storm on social media. lindsey: this happened as the performance ended was mike pence was walking out. they are sharing the statement on social media but they encourage the audience to record it as well.
4:35 pm
part -- we, sir, are the diverse america who are alarmed an anxious that your new administration will not protect us but we truly hope the show inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us." donald trump got so mad he tweeted multiple times calling them rude, saying that they harassed pence and he also said that they should apologize. boycott hamilton is r or place for the statement. others are supporting the cast and this woman wrote "don't apologize for a thing." "hamilton" is so popular it is very difficult to get tickets and a lot of people are hoping some people will boycott the show so they can take the tickets. back to you. jonathan: thanks. the "7 on your side" phone
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you can get answers to your questions about identity theft because that is very common out there. a lot of people are dealing with this, and it is a pain. members of the federal trade commission are here to help you out. we are running a data destruction event right now so if there is information you have you want scrubbed or destroyed forever from all the devices you have, join e-assets solutions on maple avenue in falls church. former white house adviser and the republican u.s. senate running for the virginia governor. he sea political consult tant and the former chairman of the republican national committee. he was a counselor to george president bush. ralph northan is run to succeed term-limited governor terry mcauliffe. alison: the opioid epidemic in virginia is being declared a public health emergency.
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anyone in the state to buy naloxone. that is the opioid overdose treatment drug. people can buy it without a prescription. several other states recently enacted similar laws. jonathan: street in germany named after the country's most famous dominatrix. dominika. she is getting her own street. interesting. a road in red light district will be named for the one-time prostitute who died in 2009. but she 1980's campaigning for rights for sex workers. niehoff also worked to help women struggling with drug addictions. it's a renaming of ten streets after famous german women. alison: she was the first choice. jonathan: social media site says it will open new offices in london to make room because it has a workforce of 1,000
4:38 pm
the u.k. is one of the best places to have a tech company. all right. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- workers are set to strike at one of the bezziest airports -- busiest airports. we will let you know when they will be walking off the job. alison: plus, a "7 on your side" consumer alert if your iphone 6s keeps shutting down for no reason. you are not alone. the affected models and the
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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alison: the pending airport strike in chicago is not going to ruin your thanksgiving plans. 500 nonunionized united airline workers voted to walk off the job but won't do so until the tuesday after the thanksgiving holiday as they fight for higher wages and better benefits for the families. they say they take away from you and yours. >> we respect families traveling to be together. and that is why we are holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. our strike will start on tuesday after thanksgiving, november 29. alison: o'hare is one of the busiest airports in the country handling 77 million passengers just last year. jonathan: wow! coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- there is a problem with the
4:42 pm
the simple fix that an is offering and the model -- an is offering and the model that shuts down for now reason. that is next. kimberly: 500,000 consumers complained about identity theft to the f.t.c. last year. a phone bank from "7 on your
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kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. "7 on your side" is hosting a secure i.d. day. if you will take a look on half of your screen, we have a data destruction event going on now. this is free, it's in vienna. head to e-assets sol company. consumers are asking us how do we trust you all? >> well, that is a great question. there is nothing better than transparency. we run a completely transparent operation so you are welcome to come down in person to see how the process is done. kimberly: who is the watchdog for you group? >> we're certified by a company that does audits to make sure we are doing what we say we are doing. kimberly: how customers come in? >> each day 40 to 50
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kimberly: you are seeing it go on now. a live event. now show you behind the scenes of how the process works. "7 on your side" went to e-assets solutions in falls church where they destroy data by remove the person information from any device with a magnetic drive like a laptop. >> hard drive work there magnetism. when you shred it the magnetic makes it harder to access. that is true. but it's not destroyed. this destroys the magnetic field. kimberly: physically destroying your hard drive is not as easy as it sounds. >> some drill a hole and take a hammer to it. but it doesn't destroy the data. kimberly: this is a hard drive that someone dropped off in the last couple of days. >> what happens, this just wipes it clean.
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strip is not magnetic so it won't work. it needs to be shredded. cell phones that hold the most personal information like photos and credit card numbers? >> cell phones need to be taken apart and shredded. just like you shred papers and papers. for old computers, digital cameras and cell phone get them wiped and if possible obliterate back now to the live data destruction event. take the digital data to 427 north maple avenue in falls church to e-asset solutions. it is free today because they have partnered with us at "7 on your side." if you have a question for someone from the federal trade commission, this is one of the top complaints from consumers. call 703-236-9220. we have experts here until 6:30 tonight.
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thank you very much, kim. let's go back to the satellite center. q mccray has an update on the breaking news. a massive earthquake that struck japan. now we have the tsunami warning, right, q? q: that is right. you know what? i'm going to start with the magnitude of the earthquake. according to the u.s. geological survey, they were calling this a 7.3 earthquake but they have downgraded it to a 6.9, which is still a major connection. we have video to live newscast going on this japan as we speak. the earthquake struck off the east coast of fukushima. which is 150 miles north of tokyo. people in tokyo we understand felt the quake as well. there is a tsunami warning in effect for the entire eastern seaboard coastline of japan. they are expecting waves that
4:49 pm
an evacuation. a mandatory evacuation underway for the city of fukushima. that is the latest for now. we will have more on the major earthquake in japan throughout this newscast. back to you. alison: thank you very much. well, "7 on your side" now with con sumeer alert. apple is offering free replacement batteries for some iphone 6s users. the phones randomly shut down and there appears to be no reason behind it september and october of last year. apple says there is no safety issue at all. jonathan: the year and the faces might have changed but residents in ward eight are happy for another year of a turkey giveaway. sam ford has how incoming councilmember trayvon white spearheaded this year's donations. [singing] sam: at temple of praise
4:50 pm
passing out thanksgiving turkey with fruit, vegetable and bread. >> it's a great thing. i am happy to be here to receive. i appreciate the blessings. sam: behind it all newly elected councilmember trayvon white. >> we from v to take care of the people, sam. that is what we do. sam: they call this a turkey giveaway. idea of marion barry, the councilmember is maintaining. for marion barr favorite event when he raised money however he could and the people lined up at a different church, union temple. but the atmosphere was much the same as today. >> find a way to win the way back to service. it's my job to keep his legacy alive. sam: a busy gathering full of volunteers from the hospital. >> when we told the employees, you know, we have 30 people signed up. sam: food and the fundraisers like operation hunger. >> we got it from shoppers and
4:51 pm
corporation donations. sam: 2,000 frozen turkeys and a holiday tradition in ward eight that is popular. >> it's what they are doing for the people. it's thanksgiving, a day for giving. sam: i'm sam ford, abc7 news. steve: it will be a chilly everything across the d.m.v. with the temperatures to hold in the 30's. mostly clear skies. not as windy as the wind advisory set to come down now in nine minutes or so. take a look at the travel forecast whether you are going across the country, chicago, 41 degrees. showers to the mid-portion of the country. denver in the lower 40's. sunshine in los angeles. tomorrow is 64 degrees. talk about closer to home on wednesday. a busy travel day up and down the east coast. it looks fine. high pressure in place. that is going to keep us dry. showers are in the forecast as wednesday move to early thursday morning. i don't think it will cause much of a problem around here. other than the shower
4:52 pm
of here by the afternoon and the early everything hours. waking up early thanksgiving day for the alexandria turkey trot through dale city. lower to middle 50's. thanksgiving day we are looking at the highs around 55 degrees and it will dry out later in the afternoon. check on a busy rush hour commute. monday afternoon around the d.m.v. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: the nice thing is, this is not the busiest this week. this is probably one of the best days we will see in the next field. you have a long stretch of slowing. this is near the fairfax county parkway. then the leesburg pike we have an accident that reported. the big picture around the capital beltway heavy inside. but focus in on the beltway. inner loop eight miles per hour. you continue to maryland. this is the inner loop near bradley boulevard. outer loop not as bad. then bottom side of the beltway. all of this volume as you
4:53 pm
it is congested. just one crash so far. jonathan: thank you. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> a law enforcement presence outside this middle school in lanham but the sheriff deputies are not concerned about crime. i'm kellye lynn. i will tell you why they are here coming up in "spotlight on education." alison: new at 5:00, the picture causing problems for a popular local chain and how the restaurant is reacting to the controversy. jonathan: the old saying dead men tell no tales but they can order business cards, credit cards, open accounts, get tax refunds, get driver's licenses. no kidding! every year million of deceased americans have the identity stolen as part of the "7 on your side" secure i.d. day. horace holmes telling us that story. this is not just a victimless crime. >> it just adds extra salt in the wound for anyone who lost a loved one, especially for a child. jonathan: heart breaking.
4:54 pm
shocked by where the identity thieves operate. we have found out where and
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
alison: we all know the middle school years can be among the most challenging as the children cope with the issues like self-esteem and peer pressure. in today's "spotlight on
4:57 pm
the challenges with the support of an unusual partner ship. >> i will be trustworthy. >> in words. >> and in my actions. kellye: these sixth graders at thomas johnson middle school are committed to the highest standard. >> i pledge to always be fair. >> i pledge to always be fair. kellye: but they didn't get to this point on their own. >> you never give up on who you are because somebody else wants you to. the program is all about having the young cadets and self-confidence. >> it's teaching us to be respectful and responsible. kellye: characteristics sharped by the sheriff positive dep theys assisting youth -- deputies assisting youth or positive day. they visit classrooms where they emphasize self-esteem and character building and conflict resolution. the program is in the seventh year but it doesn't only meet weekly at school. the students can engage in the
4:58 pm
allow them to serve in the community. >> right now becoming an adult, accept responsibility and know right from wrong. kellye: 11-year-old ethan leach sees improvement for himself at school and at home. >> be a better person, be a leader, have more self-confidence. >> everybody understand that? >> yes, sir. kellye: in lanham, kellye lynn, abc7 news. >> man overboard! alison: tonight, a fishing trip ends with a s in the frigid chesapeake bay. the men on this boat his last hope for survival. how a popular restaurant is responding to a photo taken by some of the customers. and it's secure i.d. day on abc7. the "7 on your side" team explains why the threat has never been greater. larry: breaking news out of japan. an earthquake hit off the
4:59 pm
it has generated tsunami warning. jonathan elias is in the satellite center. jonathan: a scary situation off the coast of fukushima. the northern portion of the country. they have put out a warning on television telling people from the coastal areas to evacuate immediately. they are flashing red evacuate immediately for everybody to get to higher ground. here is why. between a 6.9 and 7.3 quake registered off the coast. we the coast but they issued a tsunami warning. this is an area we have seen with a problem with it before. in 2011 they had a 9.0 quake. the tsunami blew over the seawalls that surrounded the fukushima nuclear plant causing not two but three of the reactors to melt down releasing video active material all over the place. this is an area that has seen this before. they are telling people now to
5:00 pm
has been issued. so far we have been monitoring what has happened in japan. we have not seen the tsunami come ashore. we will keep an eye on it to let you know if anything should change and we will get back to you. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. alison: see you soon. thank you very much. meanwhile, back at home. a conference inside the reagan building brought white nationalists to the nation's capitol. this past weekend the group was largely peaceful but there was a brief fight between supporters and some of the hundreds of th well, now a popular local restaurant is apologizing after the group took a controversial photo after dinner. kevin lewis live in friendship heights with this part of the story. what happened? kevin: they are telling us the group of the white nationalists gave a fake name when they made reservations here at the italian restaurant late friday night. it's worth pointing out the


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