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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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has been issued. so far we have been monitoring what has happened in japan. we have not seen the tsunami come ashore. we will keep an eye on it to let you know if anything should change and we will get back to you. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. alison: see you soon. thank you very much. meanwhile, back at home. a conference inside the reagan building brought white nationalists to the nation's capitol. this past weekend the group was largely peaceful but there was a brief fight between supporters and some of the hundreds of th well, now a popular local restaurant is apologizing after the group took a controversial photo after dinner. kevin lewis live in friendship heights with this part of the story. what happened? kevin: they are telling us the group of the white nationalists gave a fake name when they made reservations here at the italian restaurant late friday night. it's worth pointing out the
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once everyone was seated things went south in a hurry. this photo posted by ex-mtv reality star tila tequila created a nightmare for the little italy. the image of her and fellow white nationalists given a hitler salute taken friday in the banquet room on the popular italian restaurant. on saturday the restaurant wrote on the facebook p that generated even more backlash. prompting maggiano's to take to facebook again. today posting in part -- >> would you eat there in the future? >> yes, i will. >> dine there?
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kevin: everyone we spoke with today told us they will give them another chance. especially because the restaurant says it is donating $10,000 to a non-profit that seeks to rid the world of hate. >> i think the nation is a great step and -- the donation is a great step, especially toward a cause working against the group that was there. kevin: the non-profit group is called the antidefamation league. today we contacted the off also here in d.c. to confirm maggiano's donation but so far we have not heard back. live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> man overboard! man overboard! larry: from recreation to rescue, the fishermen from chesapeake bay came to the aid of a man from the south river. but the winds on the water
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bay. >> is there anybody else in the water? >> this is the caught on camera moment a man's life is saved. his small boat blown over? powerful winds a mile from shore. he is running out of time when he is spot and pulled aboard a fishing boat. >> he was happy. real happy. probable cause saturday was a bizarre day on the water. it started out nice until 4:00 p.m. when the winds came. >> the waves went from four to five to probably six feet high. brad: the same dangerous conditions leading to a tragedy on the bay as two fishermen are killed, a third missing and believe lost. they responded to 13 rescues on the bay in two hours. knowing the danger, they raced to show. when he sees something in the water. >> as soon as i realized it
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another guy on the boat yelling -- >> man overboard! brad: they threw the man a line. >> we yanked him out of water like a fish. brad: the grateful man explains he became separated from the sailboat and others passed him by. only two more boats passed the area before dark. >> we just happened to see him. brad: now we are live aboard the fishing vessel the boat. the name of the boat is the chum bucket. we are at the dock here on the south river. interestingly enough, the man who was rescued we are told he is okay. but nobody got his name. we haven't been able to hear his side of the story. we are told a number of things went right. one, the man in the water had a personal flotation device, life jacket on. the water temperature was 504 degrees so -- 504 degrees so he could survive for a while. the crew of the chum bucket are good boaters.
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with a line attached at the ready to throw to the man and bring him ashore. a happy ending and a close call. on the south river, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: you are not kidding. those winds came up quickly on saturday and are still blowing quite a bit. >> it has been days we have had the winds. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here. you told us it would be like this. when might it settle down? doug: slowly diminish so still gusty tonight the center of the high pressure is overhead and winds will calm down. what we will feel like is the wind chill in the 20's. feels like 36 in annapolis. not far north of where brad bell is, 39 in manassas. 38 at reagan national airport. as we go through the evening hours we will see the clear skies. the winds will be gusty. the temperatures will drop overnight between 22-33
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temperatures because of the gusty winds. at the bus stop tomorrow morning it is cold. average temperature of 29 degrees. pickup time is 46 degrees as we hit midday, recess, the late morning and the dismissal time. still breezy. winter coat, we will need them for a few more days. we look ahead to the thanksgiving travel day and the weekend in nine minutes. alison: thanks. the weather conditions cause officials at the national park to extend fire restrictions to the entire park. so the new restrictions will start today. that means you cannot light a fire in that park unless you have the gas fuel camp stovers. and smoking is only allowed in vehicles and parking areas. a fire ripped through a family's home in upper marlboro this morning at 3:30 on largo road. family of three and their dog were inside when the fire
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investigators have not said what started the fire but one victims said he thought it started only the front porch. larry: the family of a d.n.c. employee who was murdered in bloomingdale areing the your help -- bloomingdale needs your help. his mother says she needs help. >> you don't get feen a mother and her -- get between a mother and her cub. my son is dead. it doesn't mean anything. i will, we murder. but i need all of you. >> reward were information is at $1125,000. alison: virginia judge set education for man in new
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the prosecutors say they were beaten and stabbed to death before the killers burned their house. he will get a choice of the lethal injection or the electric chair. larry: virginia health commissioner says opioid epidemic is -- [inaudible] alison: "7 on your side" as the maryland attorney general orders a moving company to pay half a million in penalties for a.g.'s words "scamming consumers." we reported on this in may and kimberly suiters is at the live desk now with the conclusion to this story. kimberly: this puts all moving companies on notice.
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original estimate and hold the goods hostage until you get paid. that is what best offer moving is accused of doing according to the attorney general of maryland, giving 391 maryland consumers lowball estimate and raising the amount it charged. we tracked down the owners of the best offer moving. first to their home and then at fault. the attorney says the consumers are always under estimating what they have to move. with the flagrant case, best offer took with the goods belonging to a family deaf and cerebral palsy. a touchdown boxes they took
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devices. we interviewed the mom to get the money back. >> i was like they have to be crazy. this is not what they told me. kimberly: they wanted to tell their side of the story. i reached out from the attorney but i have not heard they might want to look at the fine as a warning shot. alison: thank you very much. it looks like things will keep moving at o'hare airport over the thanksgiving holiday. more than 500 workers voted to strike but they say they will stay on the job until after the busy travel holiday. instead they will take part in the nationwide day of protest
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workers plan to call for union writes and a $ -- rights and $15 minimum wage. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> we have to get out of this truck. we pulled over. flames start shooting. larry: this is what was burning in the back of the pickup that has a chain making changes before the busiest shopping day of the year. alison: plus -- four officers shot in less than 24 hours. what larry: first, we may have the wins but at least we don't have the snow. where they are getting socked
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larry: "7 on your side" to help you protect your personal information. it's secure i.d. day and the abc7 help center is full of people who can answer your questions about preventing identity theft.
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christ -- chris: we are at e-asset solutions to have your digital devices destroyed. we are doing this event until 6:30 tonight. whether it's a blackberry like we used to have or the flip phones or even the older cell phones anyone can be a victim as horace holmes reports. >> a macy's card and they bought a $1200 television there. horace: this is william cooper i.d. theft notebook.
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horace: his identity has been stolen so many times he facetiously checks to see if he is still cooper. >> my information taken from the driver's license, they opened >> they were looking for a refund. horace: who is this? the attorney general of the state of maryland. >> the point is if somebody can steal the identity of the attorney general, they can steel your identity. horace: your information could be floating around in cyber space waiting for someone to exploit it. who could it be? >> drug gang getting out of
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>> police told william cooper his i.d. was stolen by organizedded crime gang after they discover who had was using his identity to open up credit cards in stores in connecticut. later after he filed taxes he learned the thieves filed taxes in his name and had even opened up a business. >> made up a name, computer computers. they wrote off the fraudulent losses. they wrote off 40,000 in home interest loans in cooper's name and months later cooper still has to keep a close eye on the mail. >> we accept the fact it will happen periodically. horace: horace holmes, abc7 news. so come on down. chris: eassets solution in north maple avenue in falls church. they will come in and take this device out of the computer, out of the laptop and the phone.
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and put it through a shredder to destroy it like you would a piece of paper. you can have it done for free. protect yourself. protect your family. 7 is on your side. until 6:30 it's free tonight. alison: thank you very much. 7 is on storm watch tonight. the first major case of winter brought this. and a foot and a half of snow. the same storm brought inches to the mountains in western maryland. that is not that far from us. larry: walking back and forth this morning i kept thinking at least it's not snowing. at least it's not snowing. alison: but it was windy. >> all day. the winds have been kicking. alison: i'm telling people on friday. doug: if you want to see snow drive three and a half hours
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the sunshine at 4:00, that is the afternoon weather conditions for january or end of december. taste of winter without the snow locally. get the time lapse from the weather bug vantage point of northwest washington. a few clouds and it turns into a sunny day. the sun is not so high in the sky now. the trajectory will get lower four and a half weeks or so. four weeks actually. so it is going to get chilly tonight. current temperatures across the region, 36 in hagerstown. 46 in fredericksburg. 43 in annapolis and the district. 41 at luray. 34 in winchester, virginia. on top of that we have sustained winds between nine to 12 or nine to 13 miles per
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it feels like winter outside now. as far as what will happen in the morning with the clear skies. the winds will be breezy, maybe ten miles per hour in the morning but they will gust up once the sun is up. 26 in fairfax. our forecast at the bus stop, the kids will need winter coat. temperatures are 29 for an average. recess time is 50 degrees by dismissal time. it's a chill in the air. we will add a few degrees through the rest of the week. i don't see any signs we are heading to the 60's or the 70's. traveling tomorrow, the best weather in the country. sunshine from maine to florida. heading west to the mississippi river valley you have a cold front.
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snowshowers in the higher elevation east of the rockies. you get in inner mountain west. fairly pleasant weather tomorrow. rain when you get through northern california, washington. temperatures at the highs tomorrow, below average coast to coast. cool pattern nationwide. the high pressure kicking up the winds getting closer to us in the next 36 hours it will slowly diminish the winds. slow process. by early wednesday morning the high should be overhead and a couple miles per hour. in the afternoon that high will move offshore and it will kick south. it will bring a chance of showers here early thanksgiving morning. they will hang around until midday. the sun breaks back out and pleasessant thanksgiving in the -- pleasant thanksgiving in the 50's. next day, tomorrow is breezy.
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showers on thursday morning. thanksgiving afternoon is fine. sunny friday. front over the weekend with the cooler temperatures. the next chance of rain come monday and tuesday of next week. the scattered showers and the partly cloudy skies. the daytime highs in the mid-to-the upper 50's. that is it. alison: all right. larry: local land mark called a perfect place to experience american culture. alison: find out where it is. plus, the group of fire is hitting hardest in hagerstown. larry: first, a is coming up tonight on abc7
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alison: police say two attacks on police officers over the weekend were targeted. now the search is on for a man who shot and killed an officer in texas. this attack in san antonio was one of four all over country. this was just in 24 hours. as northern virginia chief jeff goldberg reports local police departments are talking about precautions for their officers. jeff: norton has seen plenty in his years as law enforcement but he is disturbed by what he saw this weekend. is there it concerns me greatly as my peers in our line of work. jeff: yesterday in san antonio, detective benjamin marconi 50 years old
5:26 pm
traffic ticket outside police headquarters. >> i think the uniform was the target. jeff: sunday in st. louis a police sergeant was shot twice in the face sitting in traffic in a marked police vehicle. he remains in critical condition. two other officers were shot on duty on sunday. one in gladstone, missouri, one in florida. >> this is a reminder for us to be vigilant and look out for one another. officers have been killed in the line of duty this month alone. 2016 has been a violent year for law enforcement. line of duty deaths are up 8% from 2015. and gunfire related deaths are up 70%. captain norton says any officer knows they signed up for a potentially dangerous job and vigilance is critical. >> most people are not there to harm us. they are supportive of us.
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percent of humanity that is evil and bent on doing harm to our officers. jeff: in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- tensions rising. the latest exchange between the police and protesters fighting a pointline. larry: later, protecting your identity. alison: why some experts say this is a matter of time before yours gets compromised. larry: but first, trump's treatment. critics are analyzing the
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jonathan: there is a warning on the coast of japan on the eastern side to get out and evacuate. that is what they saw on the screen right there. that is japanese television you can see. tsunami. evacuate. they believe there could be as high as 10-foot wall of water, the tsunami. we have not seen that yet.
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if we get updates we will let you know what happens. i'm jonathan elias. back to you. alison: keep us posted. thank you. back at home now, we turn to the presidential transition. after a weekend of meetings at the new jersey golf course, president-elect donald trump returned to trump tower to meet with potential cabinet members including former texas governor rick perry. right there former massachusetts senator scott brown. news chiefs for off the record discussion. over the weekend president-elect had public debate with the cast of "hamilton" on broadway and "saturday night live." we look at whether trump deserves the tough talk or is being unfairly targeted. scott: no arguing. his every move is scrutinized
5:32 pm
and skewed from the stage on broadway. are trump and team getting a fair shake? after trump chief of staff appeared on "meet the press" sunday nbc tweeted. asked if he can rule out registry for muslims priebus sides i'm not going to rule out anything but the full answer had more enlightening response. >> we won't have a registry based on religion. and need to be on a register. >> we are going to have to get used to danging to trump's tune. >> the professor of politics at washington university. >> you could predict it before the election. i predicted there would be no honeymoon and that you can't bring the country together.
5:33 pm
president obama scaled back a bit. president obama: people should take a wait and see approach. scott: while obama had his critics at inauguration time, the outright attack weren't as broad in scope. >> we have had the most contentious ugly election in memory. the people don't want to hear it. the smartest thing democrats can do is don't scott: but he said trump could stand to show restraint, too, and doesn't need to tweet insults back. arguing he has other things to worry about. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7. larry: the new bridge coming to town, the maryland transportation authority board voting unanimously to build the bridge. construction for the project is set to begin in 2020.
5:34 pm
one in maryland and virginia. alison: take a look at this. tense protest continue against the dakota access pipeline. the 1,000-mile project, four-state project, critics say will hurt the native american site. police are trying to block protesters from crashing a bridge near where they set up camp. police say they have been pelted with rocks and burning logs. 17 protesters and one officer have been hurt. jump in oil prices is being credited for record highs on wall street today. the dow jones/industrials, nasdaq and the s&p 500 all finished the day at record highs.
5:35 pm
toy off the shelf. because it burst into flames. they bought a dump truck for the grand supered it caught fire in their truck. the flames were so intense a washington state trooper couldn't put out with -- it out with an extinguisher. >> i am in the back to grab my purse. i'm leaning over and i hear pop and the glass shattered in and there was smoke inside. larry: the fire was eventually ruined by the toy. toys are us working with the manufacturer to determine the cause of the fire. alison: the maryland state fire marshal's office investigating the cause of a predawn fire that destroyed the nearly completed hos stis facility. they report started around 3:00. a $5 million facility with room for 12 patients and it was supposed to finished
5:36 pm
hos stis residence in washington -- hos tis residence in washington. sam: i'm sam ford with the story next on abc7. q: have you seen this man. he gave the police dog and a helicopter the flip. next. >> new at 6:00, this was the scene a year ago. life-changing motive in the
5:37 pm
steve: the weekend starts early this week because thanksgiving if you are joining the alexandria turkey trot in dale city there are showers in the early morning hours. temperatures in the lower 50's
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" wall of justice. we have live fugetives for law enforcement on the wall. one is a new fugitive that ran
5:40 pm
crashed into a cash. he is wanted for possession of stolen property and felony hit-and-run and felony eluding. they are also searching for perez for aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties and raymond davis for abduction and robbery and thomas for strangulation and domestic assault and battery. the police are on the look out assault. let's put the wall of justice in motion. spotlight on glenn. glenn was in a domestic altercation in northwest d.c. >> he approached the victims as they were on the residential steps. glenn throws a punch. striking the individual. >> he is 26 year old, 5'10", 160 pounds.
5:41 pm
assault. if you have any information about glenn call the metropolitan police department. also remember cohen from last week? he turned himself in. you "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. alison: sign up for the fighting back against crime newsletter at larry: today the "7 on your side" team is helping you fight back against identity thieves. chris? chris risk-reward. the thieves are getting away from stealing your card or your purse and what they really want is your hard drive. alison: and kirk cousins still trying to prove he is one of the nfl's best quarterbacks. find out which former redskin player he has finally won over coming up. larry: as we head to break. yo, adrian?
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identity. kimberly suiters is in the help center. kimberly: earlier today i talked to my "7 on your side" colleague chris papst about this. he said that it is likely your identity has already been stolen. i said well hold on, wait a minute. all of us? what do you mean by that? he said yes, it's likely your personal information already been bought or has been taken. the question is has it been used fraudulently? chris looked into why criminals get into the business of i.d. clinton, maryland, has always worked so you can imagine his surprise last year when he was charged with stealing $3,400 in food stamps. >> for two yaf years somebody got benefits in my name. this is crazy. >> his wages were garnished, his job in jeopardy and forced to hire a lawyer to prove his identity was stolen. >> the name on the document is not me.
5:46 pm
the date of the birth on the document is not me. >> but the social security was. >> eventually the charges were dismissed. but the record remains. >> i now have a record for something i never did. >> why did willie sutton rob banks? that is where the money is. >> what happened to wash has become common. says this c.e.o. the company examines i.d. theft trends and found many traditional criminals like have shifted to stealing identities to get government money. he called it a $300 billion heist. >> that take advantage of the fact government has to pay quickly. >> if someone steal heroin or a car they can get years in prison but i.d. thieves are rarely punished. washington found out who stole his identity. the person was a convicted
5:47 pm
walking around scot-free. >> a risk reward. if you get caught the penalty is not that bad. >> it's the perfect crime for the next decade. >> chris papst, abc7 news. kimberly: identity theft is so huge. more than 500,000 consumers complain just like this gentleman did to the federal trade commission. if you are concerned about resolving if your information is stolen and you want to destroy your digital data, call us here. we are hosting a phone bank with the experts to walk you through that. call 703-236-9220. they will be here until 6:30 tonight. alison: thank you. check on the roads now. jamie sullivan on traffic watch tonight. hi, jamie. jamie: it is slow out there.
5:48 pm
southbound 295 to get to the 11th street bridge to the capital beltway near the national harbor. the mixing bowl is 45 minutes. it's 32 minutes on the inner loop from tysons north to the 270 spur. this is a live look near the american legion bridge to give you an idea why it is heavy. we have volume out there. you only average six miles per hour. one thing we don't have, it's heavy for this time around. back to you. alison: okay. thank you very much. well, ben's chili bowl may be a local land mark, of course, but it's also one of the best places to experience american culture. expedia is out with a list of the 15 best places to get a
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not a surprise for those of us who live here. we knew it already. larry: i like to just people watch. alison: a lot of fun. doug: watch people eat? larry: i do that, too. alison: well, speaking of the eating, we have lunchbox weather today. we love it. doug: brian van de graaff out this morning visiting the kids, the fourth graders in germantown for a lunchbox weather very cool. when they go, they answer questions and they have the science experiences. today brian brought a tornado chamber and simulated a tornado. other weather experiments. shared a video with them. explained how we put it
5:50 pm
stephanie. we have a group question from demorris, isabelle, anthony. >> our question is how do clouds change shapes and colors? doug: good question. how do clouds change shape, size, color? they have all kind of shapes and colors. each one has its own story. each cloud has its own name. we call them genres, different type structure, the size, the shape and the color has to do with a lot of factors including moisture in the air climbing to different heights above the ground. it's when the air rises up or flows down rapidly. turbulence. have you been in an airplane and felt it bumping? the air moving in different directions can cause turbulence to cause the difference, the shape and the appearance of the clouds. the overall weather pattern controlling the conditions,
5:51 pm
by how high the sun angle is in relationship to the clouds. whether there are water droplets or ice crystals they can cause the sunlight refracted or broken down to different colors. sometimes severe storms might have a greenish color or late in the evening the reddish color caused by the sun being slow on the horizon. great question. never had it before. alison: great question. great answer. larry: the questions they come up. very cool. so much fun. erin: the redskins offense had a break-out game. thanks in part to kirk cousins. his performance last night, we want to know did last night's performance prove kirk cousins is an elite quarterback? let us know. cousins went deep late and
5:52 pm
packers. we caught up with two former red zips, joe theismann and jefferson to get their take on cousins. >> last night's game was the best overall football game i have seen the redskins play under jay's tenure. the play by the stars. kirk stepping up. the two passes that kirk threw phenomenal. no one can appreciate the conditions as much as i could. having had to do it first of all. secondly, being down there to see what he is dealing with. >> he sold me. he finally sold me. the way the weather was and way he threw the ball was amazing. i can't, i can't sit back and
5:53 pm
homeboy did it. he really did it. erin: jefferson is sold. dan snyder looks sold as well. he is very happy. there is dan snyder. dancing to the song "jump around." that was in the booth in the game. the video has gone viral. that might be the happiest we have seen him in a game in quite some time. theis behind snyder at the time and offered unique move. >> dan was funny last night. after it was all over they kept showing clips of him dancing. dan is going oh, jeez. i didn't want to do that. he tries to hide his emotions tremendously. last night he let the emotions go. we see what a fan he is. erin: we saw the human side, the fan side come out and dance.
5:54 pm
emotions afterwards, too. he was really excited. erin: yeah. larry: almost on an eight-game winning streak. erin: doing great. larry: thank you. we look for the rides.
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jonathan: d.c. wants to make sure the city's alleys mayor launched a fourth alleypalooza push today. sam: what do you think if after 42 years of living the same house, the city shows up to announce it's time to repair your alley. >> i was thrilled she came to our alley. sam: mayor bowser and the ddot crew showed up today in the alley between 2000 of alice place and waterside drive northwest to tout her alley
5:58 pm
yous. >> alleys are critical part of the infrastructure and they have fallen in disrepair. sam: you can see the alley has issued. she moved here 28 years ago to an alley condo. >> i live on the alley. and i bought it in 1988. it was this bad in 1988. we complained through the years. and never got any response. >> this is the fourth alleypalooza. ddot did 200 of the this time. with this one, they will be particularly fancy. brick. >> hit's more expensive but because of the historic neighborhood that is the direction we go. >> we found an alley where the brick-laying is underway. the city spending $10 million a year on alley repair. >> we have a little dog and kids. and they are always playing in the alley. this is actually the backyard.
5:59 pm
alleys would stretch 350 miles. in northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> we begin tonight closely watching what is happening in japan where a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami warning. what you are seeing on the screen is japanese television. people turn it on see the red letters saying tsunami: evacuate. they want higher -- fukushima to go to higher ground. it was 6.9 to 7.3-magnitude quake that struck off the coast of fukushima. this area has a nuclear power plant that back in 2011 was another tsunami melted down three of the reactors releasing radioactive material. so there is a great deal of the concern with this. we have been watching this right now so far. we have not seen a tsunami come to shore. the damage from the earthquake is minor.
6:00 pm
we are hearing some people have been hurt but nothing severe. we will continue to monitor the conditions there to let you know if there are any changes. maureen: thank you. the holiday season here is heating up, just as the weather is cooling down. tonight will be frosty. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look for us. doug: the temperatures we experience this afternoon with a full sky sunshine is equivalent to what we'd see at the end of december and the first 42 in annapolis, 41 in the capital. tuesday morning the skies will be clear. a bit of a breeze. air temperatures. 26 in fairfax. 22 in manassas. 29 in largo and aspen hill. 33 in downtown washington. the bus stop forecast calls


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