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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: that breaking news begins with a rough start to the thanksgiving travel rush. at this hour, part of the outer georgetown pike is shut down because of this accident. traffic was so bad that some people are actually getting out of their cars and walking around. some people say they have been stuck for hours, and all of this comes after another crash that closed the outer loop this morning, right near the american legion bridge. that crash included a flip-over tractor-trailer, and a truck that was leaking fuel. we are not the only ones dealing
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405 freeway in los angeles. total gridlock. travel experts say the best time to venture out was before 11:00 a.m., otherwise they say to wait until 7:00 tonight for all those conditions to improve. it is not a game this new. 7 is on your side for everything you need to know to get year thanks giving destination safely. here is sam sweeney. sam: news. two lanes on the beltway at georgetown pike have just reopened, but this is the second accident that has shut down the beltway for hours. if you are a parent with a child, this is not the place you want to be. some people told us they were trapped for more than three hours. >> it is a traffic nightmare. sam: on one of the busiest travel days of the year, a
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>> this is the most brutal thing i have ever seen. i am trying to get to work. sam: this morning a ryder truck flipped over, creating a hazmat situation. the crash shut the outer loop of the beltway down at the american legion bridge for hours. the traffic in both directions stretch seven miles. five vehicles were involved. >> i got held up for the i was sitting there for two hours, and i get close to my job and the road is shut down again. it has been three hours so far. sam: and another accident happened just passed georgetown pike, again shutting down the beltway. at about 11:00 this morning, this was the scene. >> then i get so close to my job and the road is shut down again, so it has been about three hours
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you can see the backups persist, and this backup continues on for miles, all the way to rockville and bethesda. if you can avoid this portion of the beltway at this hour, it would be in your best interest to do so. that is the latest. back to you guys in the studio. jummy: we want to get a look of traffic around the region. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: we are seeing some traffic sam gave you the breakdown of the accident, but let's talk about how slow you actually are. 82 minutes, just about an hour and a half to travel between 95 at this point in maryland, continuing to the 270 spur. 60 of those minutes is in this area, past connecticut avenue continuing to the 270 spur. let's talk about southbound -- this traffic, 57 minutes from
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american legion bridge, which is where we have seen the most activity. this does not look like it will loosen up anytime soon. if you plan to leave the house in an hour and you think this will be clear, probably not. let's plan on bumper-to-bumper traffic. here you can see, near the american legion bridge, how heavy the traffic is. this afternoon, the big problem will be traffic on all of our interstates. the right now the issue is the outer loop of the cap into virginia. jummy: right now, our team coverage continues out at reagan national airport with suzanne kennedy, who is live where there are a lot of lines. suzanne: we are starting to see the lines go again here at reagan national airport. we saw a midday lull, but they are creeping back up. again. the long line started around 5:00 a.m. this morning.
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fly from november 25 to november 29. the agency, the tsa, is monitoring some -- is modernizing some lines. technology is helping to ease the burden of travel. you can see this app by my tsa is helping people to long they can anticipate waiting at airports so they can plan ahead. reporting live at reagan national airport, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. jummy: one of the busiest airports this thanksgiving weekend will be chicago's o'hare international airport, a huge hub there is so far the lines have been moving along. snowy weather in parts of the midwest is expected to create some delays.
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decided to wait until after the holiday to go on strike. let's go to chief meteorologist doug hill for a look at the holiday forecast. doug: plenty of sunshine, with a live look over the potomac river. gorgeous out there. sunshine, but this afternoon we will see increasing cloudiness. it should be over class -- it should be overcast by 6:00, 7:00 this evening. it will drop mostly in the 40's overnight. eastern side of things. high-pressure, sunshine with clouds advancing. this next system will make a move on us tomorrow, given his periods of showers at times -- given us -- giving us periods of showers at times. clouds over spreading the region, mostly high level. as we get to the early morning hours, that is when the front gets closer. by 6:30, 7:30, clusters of
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a few more isolated showers, and that should be that as far as the weather and the threat of any rain for thanksgiving. this forecast holds not only for the metro but for a good chunk a few miles north -- east and west of the metro as well. jummy: thank you. 7 is on your side throughout the day with the latest information on your thanks giving forecast, as well as traffic conditions. our coverage begins today on "abc 7 news at 4:00." now we get you to the trunk transaction. donald trump -- big news being made this morning. south carolina governor nikki haley is on pace to be the ambassador to the united nations. this raises questions about his business entitlements. >> the president-elect has named
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the 44-year-old two-term governor has accepted. a mother of two, she said first female, the first minority, and the first critic of the trump administration to be considered. >> some people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that is just not true. >> by following the trump election, she called him a meanwhile, the question over mr. trump celebrating himself from his business interests became murkier after an interview with "the new york times" and she said, "the president cannot have -- in which he said, "the president cannot have a conflict of interest." he may run afoul of the
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thing i would be most worried about is the possibility that he stays involved in any way, then he is subject to lawsuits. >> a public battle is playing out over secretary of state, david trace indicating he would be interested in the position, and rudy giuliani and mitt romney are said to be vying for the top post. jummy: a g clinton's campaign to ask for a recount in three key states. they say they recount should include pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. they point to clinton receiving 7% fewer votes in counties that used electronic voting machines. the scientists say the machines could have been manipulated or hacked, even though they have not seen evidence of that. the man who shot and stabbed a
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spend the rest of his life in prison. a jury found him murdering that guilty of murdering joe -- a jury found him guilty of murdering joe cox, the first british lawmaker killed in office in a quarter-century. closer to home, it has been two years since marion barry passed away. he will be memorialized today forever. friends and family gathering to and build a monument in his honor. that will be placed at congressional cemetery in southeast d.c. the monument was commissioned by the barry family. coming up, new information about the maryland woman who was attacked by a bear. we will have an update on her condition. >> and the 17th annual feast of
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take a look at the roasted turkey being served.
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announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: three people will be homeless the thanksgiving after a car slammed into the house in montgomery county. this is the scene last night in gaithersburg. an suv crashed into the front of the townhouse and continue to drive into the first floor. the people inside were not hurt, but the driver was taken to the hospital. there is no word on the driver's
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figure out exactly what caused the crash. a woman is in serious condition after an early morning house fire in prince george's county. firefighters getting that call at 4:30 in riverdale heights. the victim needed help getting out of the house because she was in a wheelchair. one other person suffered minor injuries. investigators do not know what caused the fire. in maryland, the woman attacked by a bear is now out of the hospital. karen osborne black bear earlier this month in frederick. she suffered a broken arm, puncture wounds, and she needed 80 stitches. her husband told a frederick news post that she will need a few more weeks of rehabilitation treatment. many of us will spend time with family and friends, but not everyone is so fortunate. today thousands are enjoying a feast in the district, and john gonzalez is live in northwest
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john: some of the city's less fortunate are really getting a treat on the eve of thanksgiving. you could make the argument that this is the largest thanksgiving feast in all the city. 5000 d.c. residents from all eight wards are taking part in what is now the 17th annual feast of sharing. and, oh, boy, the food looks and smells fantastic. table 4 just finished up their meal. how was it? >> i am just thankful to be here because it is my first time here. i have been here for the christmas dinner, but it has been wonderful to me, to be here as a senior citizen with young people, you know. john: well, happy thanksgiving to you. let's go over to where they serve the food. we got a thousand volunteers from all over today, from
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on their trays to continue to serve. take a look at the food. we got the greens, the yams, the mashed potatoes, the stuffing. we are out of turkey. we need some turkey here. they keep reloading. look how good that roasted turkey is here. look who is serving some of this turkey. this is the mother of nba star kevin durant. how did you get involved akkad ? >> my publicist work it out, and i am thankful to be here. john: people have their chance to get their health screenings done, that sort of thing. there is a code drive -- there is a coach drive. here at the convention center, reporting live, john gonzalez. back to you inside. jummy: wow, great to see k.d.'s
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everyone can pitch in a hand. doug: i wish i could say the weather would cooperate. let's get started with a look around the region. overnight lows -- we show you these because we hit 32 degrees at reagan national the first time this season that we have officially been at freezing in washington. the first day we hit 32 degrees last year was on november 23 as well. maybe it is a trend. 27 is a low in leesburg, 21 in winchester, 19 in culpeper, 18 in manassas. keep in mind as we get into the end of next week, december 1, is the first day of meteorological winter. we are getting there, slowly but surely. plenty of sunshine for a while, at any time after 3:00 or 4:00, we will hit about 52 degrees. the clouds are the forerunners of the system, likely to bring you areas of showers tomorrow
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it should taper off by later in the afternoon. it will take a little bit for the front to get through. 6:00 tonight, overcast. pleasant enough, just cloudy skies. roman numeral a get to the early morning hours -- then when we get to the frontal system, that should bring in some showers. a secondary front will come in friday, and the friday front could bring a few showers as well. no major storming is expected for the next couple of days. outlook for thanksgiving, specifically scattered showers in the morning. then about 1:00 in the afternoon, we think the showers should be further -- fewer and farther in between. we will finish with a little bit of sunshine coming through, temperatures hitting a high of 53. we will stay partly cloudy through tomorrow evening. friday a lot of people get into the routine of black friday shopping. the weather will be on the cloudy side and we could see a shower here or there as the next
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with a stray shower and highs close to 56 degrees. let's look at the next 10 days. a lot of stuff to share and look at. 52 today, 53 tomorrow for thanksgiving. we get into the day on friday, 56 with an isolated shower. the weekend clears out, turns breezy and cooler. 52 degrees on saturday, 50 degrees on sunday. partly cloudy skies. computer models are bringing another system in with rain, tuesday into wednesday. we will see what happens with that. i know for sure that abc 7 news
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jummy: the fbi says it will not file charges against brad pit stemming from a dispute with his family aboard a private jet. it has review the circumstances and will not pursue further investigation. people familiar with the allegations said the investigation centers on treatment of his 15-year-old son during a flight back in december. angelina jolie days later, citing the health of the family. shoppers have all kinds of options in-store and online. becky is here with her got on where and when to buy. >> ready, set, spend. sales page tomorrow, thanks giving day. retailers --sales peaked
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250 bucks off and 190 nine dollars per macy's has this waffle maker normally 29 bucks, but with the markdown and the manufacturer's rebate, it is free. >> i love free and i love waffles. >> but the good news is that there are limited quality online doorbusters, too. like these tvs. calls has this online -- and this one. if this is a must-have item, you have to check the time that the deal goes live. even though they are online, they are still doorbusters, which means limited stock. but if you do not want the hassle of standing in line are timing your online purchases perfectly, good news. many sites are offering low prices on regular inventory,
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the apple watch on sale for 190 eight dollars, 70 bucks off. need a phone? samsung phones and the iphone 7. best buy and target can name a few. jummy: coming up after the break, we will have one final check of your thanksgiving
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jummy: as you sit down to feast tomorrow, keep in mind that the average person puts on 123 pounds. do not skip breakfast. this will help you not snack during the day. use smaller plates to help avoid loading up on food. and watch your alcohol intake. wine, beer, and spirits are loaded up with calories. all right. doug: good luck with that. the forecast today, sunshine increase. 52. 53 degrees tomorrow. and then things should call him down later in the day. 56 for a high temperature on friday. the quick peek at the weekend. plenty of sunshine, breezier and cooler. jummy: watch "abc 7 news at 4:00." have a safe and happy
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