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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: at 4:00, recovering from the double beltway mess. hours stuck on the roads after two separate crashes. update on the great get-away. michelle: airports, train stations packed from long security lines to sold-out trains. if you are considering a last-minute get-away, good luck. jonathan: if you are not getting away and groceries are on your list. you are one of the lucky ones if you are done. with last-minute shoppers hoping to fill up for a feast. michelle: thank you for staying with abc7. we have team coverage to help you navigate the final angle before thanksgiving. jonathan: doug hill has an eye on a storm moving in the midwest. michelle: jamie sullivan, richard reeve and brianne carter have their eyes on all modes of transportation. jonathan: and q mccray is trying to get his hands on the last turkey on the shelf. let's start it off with doug
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the heartland -- storm in the heartland. doug: the storm is over western section of illinois. but the cold front will come through and bring us showers. not the heavy rain you see. look at the graphics. you can see slower to your area, light rain showing up. that evaporates before it hits the ground. we wait until tomorrow when the showers head our way. closeup that shows the cloud cover than anything else. through the evening, it will remain cloudy. th the mid-340's by 8:00 tonight. when you wake up, it will be in the upper 30's to 40's. typical cloudy, and a cool start to thanksgiving day. there is the possibility of scattered showers and the best chance is in the morning until noon. it might get afternoon sunshine as we head to the lower 50's. the rest of the thanksgiving day holiday weekend forecast coming up shortly. jonathan: looking forward to it. thanks. stay with the stormwatch7 team
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your phone or tablet. find it either way. download the weather app from google play or find it on app store. jamie: of course, we are seeing traffic not great right now. abc7 is on traffic watch. one of the worst spots you can see american legion bridge. this is not it. we have other spots that are bad. richard reeve in mobiletrak7 and he is checking on 95 now. a slow go. richard: i-795 near woodbridge. the traffic is moving along on a stop-and-go basis. it has been like this all afternoon. i want to show you what we are dealing with in front of us. not bad. we are moving along nicely. take a look at behind us. you can see it's also moving. i wish you could see just to the left, though. the southbound lane, pretty much nonmoving at all. this isn't just the ordinary commute obviously. this is a very special day.
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that is 91% of you who are actually traveling getting to grandma's house tonight. that is up 6% from last year. some of the folks are like kiona holmes from jacksonville, florida, traveling many miles. 736 miles to get to where she is going in rockville, maryland. she says it's been a slow-go. >> we decided to visit his brother and his family this year. why not? >> is it worth it sitting in the car? >> with two kids. i guess. maybe. the jury is still out. we'll see. richard: it really is amazing because seconds ago we were traveling along. how much fast were we going? 40 to 45 miles per hour. now we are on i-95 north.
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not going anywhere. that has been the situation all day long. jamie sullivan with the rest of the traffic for us. i'm sure there are other places that are clogged up as well. jamie: that is textbook stop and go. in the 50's and then you drop down to 15 or less than that. american legion bridge, other spots. 7-mile backup. yes. we have that now. i have more coming up. back to you. michelle: see. j very much. all right. for those who haven't left and are going great distances, you might as well avoid getting behind the wheel. michelle: about 10% of those getting out of town are arriving tonight are flying or taking the train. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter at union station. this is one of amtrak's busiest days. brianne: it is indeed. but the real thing is you wouldn't be able to tell it by the line outside.
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the stop-and-go that happens at the intersection leading into the entrance here of union station. then the backup to be able to get in and out. well, that is something we have not seen much of today. let's take you inside of what we have seen in terms of the line getting to the gate at union station. many folks say they got here early because that was the word from amtrak, to plan ahead before your train. they haven't seen the crush of the travelers like they have say on thanksgiving or christmas of other years. a similar scene at the airport. what we understand from the airport officials is the travel there has been quite spread out over the week. of course, they will all be returning. many on sunday. so that is going to be the key focus for the folks at the airports across our region as well. but we talk to the travelers today. many said they got to the airport two and three hours in advance. and many got through security
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waiting. >> i was at the airport yesterday and it was packed. today doesn't seem so bad. >> this is before christmas and it's worse than that. not that bad. brianne: one of the things we have noticed here at union station is an increased security presence. and a new screening tool. we will take you inside to get a look at that coming up here at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: we'll see you then. a double barrel beltway mess traffic for a time on the outer loop. then there was another crash. our sam sweeney was reporting right by the scene when people started getting out of their cars. you can see. they should be driving. out of their cars taking pictures and video. they just stood there waiting. >> good afternoon. it has been a traffic nightmare on the beltway this morning in maryland and virginia. two separate crashes have caused backups that have
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sam: on one of the busiest traffic days of the year, a traffic debacle unfolded on the beltway. >> this is the most brutal morning i have ever had. i'm just trying to get to work. sam: this rider truck turned over, smashing three cars and another truck. the second truck's fuel tank ruptured and created a hazmat situation and shut down the outer loop at the beltway at the american legion bridge for hours. backup in both directions stretched more than seven miles. in total, five veh involved. this b.m.w. barrelly recognizable. >> i -- barely recognizable. >> i got held up on the traffic for overturned truck on the bridge. sitting there for two hours. sam: by 10:30 when the first crash cleared another accident happened past georgetown place, shutting down the beltway. by 11:00 this morning this was the scene on the beltway. >> then i get so close to my job and the road shut down again.
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far. sam: the good news in the first accident everybody is expected to be okay. on the accident behind me, we are waiting on word on the condition of those taken to the hospital. sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. michelle: abc7 is on your side. helping you avoid big backups. head to to sign up for the breaking traffic alerts. the great turkey day get-away is only matched by the great rk jonathan: guaranteed, every year, someone forgets the trimmings and they say i'll go to market to get it. everybody has the same thought. last-minute shoppers now and some might be jumping off the couch and going to the market. q mccray in alexandria. plenty of procrastinators are getting to know each other. they are hitting the same store at the same time. q: they do. "plenty" is the right word to use. take a look for yourself. this place is packed.
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wegman's here in alexandria. this place is packed full of people looking for the last item to make sure that tomorrow's feast is perfect. what would a thanksgiving feast be without dessert and maybe a beautiful apple pie? i think the crumbled ones, too. they have everything you need here. we passed by sames club. safeway. trader joe's. they are all packed just like this. wegman's is no different. they is the busiest day for their stores, because people are waiting to buy whatever they need to make sure that the feast is just right. if you are a do-it-yourselfer, head to the store to get chicken broth and flour to make gravy. if you are like me, you can buy all the fixings. they have potato salad and
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>> pumpkin. q: pumpkin, apple. how are you doing? you don't mind if i ask you about your shopping. >> sure. q: why wait until the last second? >> we want it to be fresh for holidays. q: okay. >> we were invited by my sister at their home to celebrate thanksgiving. we were assigned to bring dessert and we want it to be fresh. q: you got pumpkin pie. the 5:00 hour we will tell you where the turkeys are and talk about the reason for procrastinating. some of them are hard to believe. i will let you be the judge. stick around for that. that is the latest from wegman's in alexandria. come get yourself roasted brussels sprouts? jonathan: yum. not that she is a procrastinator but michelle says get greens, beans,
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do you mind pick it up? michelle: you name it, i need it. jonathan: you're the best. q: that is going viral by the way. jonathan: new at 4:00, a video circulating of a nazi style in the district is disgusting leaders here and overseas. the german government saying they were repulsed by the group made by the white national group national policy institute over the weekend. despite the video, the german government spokesman said they have co handle this situation. nazi, germany, you will remember was responsible for killing millions of people and starting world war ii. michelle: today, the ntsb go team continues to investigate the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga. there was no alcohol or drugs in the driver's blood. and memorial growing at the woodmore elementary school. five children were killed in the crash. the oldest was just in the
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today the governor visited the school to express the heartbreak that so many are feeling now. >> you are not supposed to have classrooms with empty desks. the sorrow is incredibly deep. michelle: the driver to the bus johnthony walker charged with vehicular homicide and six children are still in the hospital. jonathan: wayne state university police officer rose is in grave condition aft he was patrolling near campus. he radioed in to say he was looking into the possible break-ins because someone was stealing g.p.s. from cars. someone he was speaking with opened fire. there was a massive manhunt with the police saying they arrested the killer in the case. coming up next at 4:00, the government's pran to get -- plan to get you to stop using your phone behind the wheel. michelle: next at 4:00, can
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the mannequin challenge of holiday traffic ahead. jonathan: yikes! in the wave of blad -- black friday ads, j.c. penney stands out. the key to getting the $500 buck coupon up next. michelle: this is the view from skytrak7. beltway at u.s. 50. the folks getting out of town and heading over the by a. we are back with a complete traffic report to show you the
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jonathan: the traffic is back, we know that. but look at this. five-state in both directions. it's los angeles, california, and it stretches on for mild. the world famous 405. famous because once you get on it, it's forever to get off of this thing. this is what it looked like last night with people traveling a as bad with folks trying to get to grandmother's house for thanksgiving. a mess all year long. not quite this bad but it's bad. it does go on for miles. to again, put it in perspective. if you think we have it bad in d.c., which we do. it's not the 405. we just don't measure up quite as bad. there are a lot of things these days to distract drivers and the government is trying to eliminate one of those things. smartphone makers are being asked to lock out most apps when the phone is used by
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driving. drivers could still make calls but the phone would lock out the ability to enter text messages or browse the internet or launch apps. the only exception is the naver gation systems would be allow -- navigation systems would be allowed. michelle: many of us are now making black friday shopping plans. why you try to hunt down the best deal, one department store's ad may stand out. "7 on your side" consumer reporter kimberly suiters reports on a catch to manage expectations. kimberly: so as y friday ads, this one might catch your attention. a $500 off coupon offered by j.c. penney. but "7 on your side" wanted to find out what are your chances of actually snagging one jonathan: the ad stands out for promising give away of $500. >> that is a great lure to get people here. kimberly: shoppers like brenda
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>> that would be great to get $500. kimberly: they will give the early bird coupons for $10 off, $100 off or whopping $500 off your purchase. but the website consumerist read the fine print and says it comes with catches. each store will give out one $500 off coupon. only one out of every 100 coupons will be for $100 off. the other 99 will give you just $10 off your your c.c. penny didn't do anything wrong. wallet calls it third best black friday retailer with deep discounts. >> i would like the free $100. i don't plan to spend $100 at j.c. penney. kimberly: but it's a reminder what you first see may not be what you will certainly get. >> there is a catch. there always is, isn't there? kimberly: if you didn't hear it right. there will be only one $500 off coupon in each j.c. penney
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get the $10 off coupon. reporting in the newsroom, i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. michelle: a device that is supposed to help you save a life might do the opposite. the c.p.r. training device being recalled. the problem here is the ncap can come loose in a person's mouth when they use it to train. the c.p.s.c. says to stop using it. jonathan: all right. second ago we looked at 405 and we saw what a mess that is. abc7 is on traffic watch. jamie sullivan has an idea how it jamie: it's at a low pace. it's nothing like l.a. traffic. but i want to start with the slower areas. the tough stretch of the beltway is over 30 minutes. 95 northbound. this is in maryland. 38 minutes, which is not too bad between the capital beltway and the baltimore beltway and then in virginia, 95 heading south from the occoquan to triangle, 36 minutes. a live look right now at the american legion bridge. i mention 95 south.
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mobiletrak7 and he has been heading northbound on 95. richard: it was stop and go. it's better now. we are getting on the beltway. 4 5th north. we are zooming along springfield. while we talk about the traffic, let's explain why we are seeing so many people on the other than it's thanksgiving. let's line this up. the numbers from a.a.a. 1.1 million are traveling on the roads for the next couple of days. that is 91% of the people traveling. doing it by car. increels of 6%. either we like to be in traffic or we love our cars. i don't know. take a look and see what is
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the beltway will likely be more crowded. jamie: you are lucky now but the slowing is coming if you continue north to get to tysons. will's focus in on maryland for a moment. heading northbound on 95. we talked about how it is not bad between the beltway. you get an idea here closer to the i.c.c., past that point. you see brake lights up ahead. 2370 this rough spots right now. you can see the traffic is bumper to bumper. 24 minutes from 370. continuing to clarksburg at 121. you can see averaging 14 minutes. it's stop and go, starting out in germantown and gaithersburg continuing north to clarksburg. we will keep a close eye on the delays. the one good thing about the afternoon commute we don't have any big crashes we are watching now. that may change so stay with us. michelle: we will. thank you.
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yeah. that is snow. part of the midwest are ready for a white thanksgiving. this is in northern wisconsin. jonathan: that nice to look at but not that bad. michelle: it's gorgeous out there. warmer than yesterday. doug: fine. the winds are down. the clouds rolled in and it's overcast let's get started. live look at national harbor. the steel gray skies. southerly at 8 miles per hour. air is dry. a lot of the rain on the radar west of the metro area is no making it to the ground. the shower chances will be mostly tomorrow morning.
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lower 40's. outlying areas may hit upper 30's. this is the area we are talking about. these areas here south and west of the area. this is the largeers area reaching the ground. the future cast is tracking this for us through the overnight hours with the continuation of cloudiness. early in the morning the rain most of it is to the north and west of the area. 6:00 a.m. light scattered shower here or there. through 10:30. after that we might see a glimmer of sunshine in spots in the afternoon. cloudy day. maybe a glimmer of sunshine or two. here is the holiday outlook. thanksgiving day. beautiful. you are with friends and family. it doesn't matter if it's cloudy with showers in the morning. midday the showers should end and we will see sunshine as the temperatures climb. go out, ten days for you to see if this there are big storms lurking. i don't see anything
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30% chance of light shower in the morning. friday, another front. then clearing. cloudy and 52. sunday sunshine and then warmer on monday. computer modeling is suggesting a stronger storm system may develop in the late tuesday, wednesday time frame but too early to tell. it would bring a possibility of the measurable rain, something we haven't had and something that we need in the washington area. that is it. jonathan: all right. thanks very much. coming up next at 4:00 for us, donald trump will be spending thanksgiving with his family. but he has been busy. his new cabinet picks. we will share those coming up. >> all i have ever known was competing on the men's side, high school level, the collegiate level. professional ranks. michelle: in tonight's coach of the week, a local legend takes on a new job coaching one of washington's women's
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>> juan dix xon made his name as a player that led maryland to national title in 2002. but now he has a new role on the court. head coach. robert burton has more with the coach of the week. robert: the familiar face now at u.d.c. no introduction really needed here. but just in case he is maryland basketball legend
4:28 pm
basketball coach. head coach juan dixon. how does it sound? >> sounds like it was meant to be. robert: did you ever think you would be coaching on the women's side? >> never. all i have ever known is competing on the men's side. and the high school level, collegiate level, professional ranks. something i know for sure, the young ladies, working with women, they pay attention to dai coaching style. >> i called everybody in my family and told them. we have a foy mouse guy as our coach -- famous guy as our coach. i followed his career. i was happy and ready for the season. jonathan: no question. he has had teachers along the way. >> late flip saunders enddy jordan. they will experience everything i dealt with. they will experience it in the
4:29 pm
for life. robert: with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. jonathan: congratulations to coach. we are less than two months away from inauguration. the gears of government are starting to shift from one president to another now. coming up next at 4:00, we will go one-on-one with general michael hayden to break down what comes next. michelle: plus the president pardon tater and tot and explains why his daughters ditched today's event. president obama: this year, they had a conflict. [laughter] michelle: so just for them, and you, we put together the
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jonathan: we are on traffic watch. it's not moving too bad considering the time of year it is. this is usually the busiest travel day of the year. right now traffic is moving along. jamie sullivan will have a big picture look at the get-away and the backups coming up at 4:50. 20 minutes. the footure first family arrived in florida last night. today the president-elect trump tapped betsy devos for
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carson as h. u. d. secretary but yet to name a secretary of state. so what is concerning about a president trump? scott thuman sat down with the former head of the c.s.a. and the n.s.a. to find out. scott: general michael hayden has run the highest levels to the intelligence ranks from the central intelligence agency to n.s.a. he has also been a harsh critic of donald trump. one of 50 top national security veterans to do the campaign. has anything he done since being elected caused you to change your mind at all? >> he has moderated some positions. you know, the phrase i used in the campaign was simply if he governs consistent with the language he used as a candidate i have been concerned. he has begun to modify some but i'm still concerned. scott: he might temper his approach on torture. >> he came out and said something quite different.
4:34 pm
totally comforting. >> even if you have been in politics for decades for that moment when you become the commander-in-chief, how big is the learning curve? >> it's steep for all of them but trump doesn't have experience. he is a businessman. scott: hayden says he and his colleagues would claw to get time for the incoming president to shape his approached and chimed in about trump's still forming team. n.s.a. chief but he spoke optimistically of other options. secretary of state potentials, mitt romney. he would do a good job with the world view that is a variance from the world view of the president-elect, particularly with regard to russia. scott: and selections. >> what i got from folks i know was sense of relief that mike pompeo had been selected as the director of central intelligence agency.
4:35 pm
what dore. -- ambassador? >> i was surprised that child of sikhs. i'm optimistic. doug: a lot of this has evaporated but we have showers for prince william to i-81. the next few hours the story of the biggest threat of rain making the travel wet in 68. give you a big look at what is happening. this is a little piece of the coming through tomorrow morning with a better chance of scattered showers across the region. this is what we have. i can't tell you by looking which ones are hitting the ground and which are not but it's still 50/50. light sprinkle and splash of water. don't let it set you back. it is temporary. tomorrow is a different story. there have are scattered showers. we don't think that is heavy. we think we will see the possibility of clearing in the afternoon. that is the story through the morning for washington and
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weather. for friday it's cloudy for black friday shopping or other outdoor activities. you have clouds. there could be more showers with a front that is coming through in the afternoon or the everything. they will be few and far between. we wind up with a ten-day outlook showing the cool temperatures in the next couple of days. breezy and cooler on saturday. 52. sunny on sunday. heading through next week it's pleasant weather. the temperatures are warming to 60. it's too far down the road to give you more than that but this is something to keep an eye on toward the middle of next week. michelle: new at 4:00, confusing and controversial robo call asking if they are muslims. for some it's tense times and just being asked that makes them wonder is there really a registry? jeff goldberg, plains where the talls are coming from.
4:37 pm
ambrine -- >> i was shocked. >> i felt violated. jeff: -- they never expected to get. on monday night -- >> it will be kept anonymous and confidential. >> do you identify yourself as a muslim? yes, press one. no, press two. jeff: she hung up before answering. >> it's scary. jeff: after a presidential campaign in which then candidate donald trump called for a ban by a spike in anti-muslim hate crimes nationwide since trump's win, the two women both muslims from fairfax county feared the worst. >> that it is the start of the tracking that has been mentioned to identify the religious belief and if you are a muslim. jeff: the big question was where was the call coming from? we called the council on american-islamic relations or cair who told us the source of
4:38 pm
emerge is a pro muslim non-profit promoting muslim outreach and relations across the country. reportedly doing a survey to better understand the feelings of the muslim voters after the election. they say they are still not reassured. >> not really. it gives an opportunity for people to copycat. jeff: the climate for muslims remains tense. >> this is what we are living in. our children are aware of it. jeff: in fairfax county, jeff goldberg michelle: next for us at abc7 -- is facebook working on a censorship tool? jonathan: we will let you know who it would want to use it coming up next. plus, how much would you pay for a piece of the eiffel tower? the five figure winning bid shatters all expectations. the five figure winning bid shatters all expectations. th fios is not cable. we're wired differently. the five figure winning bid shatters all expectations. th that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly.
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jonathan: facebook is working to get access to china. michelle: there are strict limits there. it's currently blocked in china so they are building a censorship tool according to the "new york times." jonathan: a tool that would block posts from some user's feeds in some part of the world. the question is this. if censorship tool is activated, could the facebook manipulate other feeds as well? that is a big question. michelle: so many people use
4:42 pm
jonathan: zuckerberg trying to do it in china. but so many fake news stories so it's like what is next? there we go. we have talked about it. michelle: a small section of stairs that stood in the eiffel tower went for big money. jonathan: they took out a chunk and they were going to sell it. the collector paid $20,000, not $50,000 but $556,000 for the 14 steps that were once part of a winding staircase the third floors of the eiffel tower. they estimated it would be $50,000 but not ten times that. michelle: so many couple proposed that. it's special. jonathan: what if a billionaire bought it to say this is where i proposed to my wife. michelle: that is beautiful. hopeless romantic. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 --
4:43 pm
wait until you see how much changed the presidential
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michelle: it has been a two-year funding and design battle to have a graverstone placed where former d.c. mayor and counselman marion barry was laid to wrest. it has finally ended. sam: at congressional cemetery in southeast former mayor marion barry's friends and colleagues came to remember him on the second anni unveil his memorial. >> i can tell you this. not a week goes by in any neighborhood in the district of columbia where somebody will tell me, marion barry give me my first job. sam: his widow launched a fundraising campaign to pay for something different. she didn't say how much to promote interest by people who never met him. >> i knew there was a fine
4:47 pm
will give people the essence of marion, long after everyone standing here is gone. i wasn't thinking about today. i was thinking about a hundred years from today. sam: after the african ceremony of liebration to the dead, they unveiled the memorial. no statement, just snapping of the cameras and silence. not just marion but for his son who helped plan the memorial before he died. tragedy last summer. >> i'm amazed. it's beautiful. >> the widow said she waited for the unveiling before seeing the memorial herself. it was full of symbols, the seal of d.c., his civil rights legacy. jesus quote in mark. "if any man desires to be first. the same shall be last of all and servant of all." in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: breaking news just
4:48 pm
this is springfield, virginia. we flew over the scene. you can see the spot. the firefighters have the upper hand on and they have knocked it down good. when we were flying over it, the flames were moving good across the field. it's been so dry. the fire was on a park road. no report of injuries. if. fairfax county fire saying the scene looks like they have the upper hand. flames on the right side. they are not moving quickly. there is not a lot of wind. if they get the m it will slow it down. want to show it to you. jonathan: some of us will share a meal with loved ones, many others will not do the same. michelle: thousands of people in need are enjoying a feast in the district. we go inside the feast of sharing. >> some of the less fortunate are getting a treat. on the eve of thanksgiving. you can make the argument this is the largest thanksgiving feast in all the city. 5,000 d.c. residents from all
4:49 pm
what is now the 17th annual feast of sharing. oh, boy, the food looks and smells fantastic. table four just finished up their meal. how was it? >> wonderful! >> what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? >> i'm thankful to be here. this is my first time here. i have been to the christmas dinner but this is wonderful for me to know to be with the senior citizen and the young people. >> all kinds. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. >> let's go over where they are serving the food. take a look. you have a thousand volunteers today from all over maryland, d.c., virginia. you see the line of the volunteers here. they are ready with the trays. ready to get the food on the trays to continue to serve. take a look at the food here. we have the greens, the yams, the mashed potatoes and the stuffing. out of turkey. hello. turkey! we need turkey here! they keep reloading.
4:50 pm
look who is serving some of the turkey. mrs. durant, herself, the mother of the nba star kevin durant. how did you get involved? >> i asked my publicist to find something because i'm normally out of town doing something like this. so she recommended here. i said yes. i'm grateful to be here. >> thank you for talking to us. you know not only are the folks fed today but they have a chance to get their help screenings done. that sort of thing. coat drive. a great event hosted by army. jonathan: that is fantastic. there is one job that no knew president must be fully prepared for. michelle: it happens every year. pardoning the thanksgiving turkeys. this year's birds that were plucked from the dinner table are tater and tot. they will live the rest of their days from the basters, carvers and the hungry humans. jonathan: it was president obama's eighth and final pardoning, a job he has taken
4:51 pm
the years. president obama: there are certain days that remind me of why i ran for this office. then there are moments like this where i pardon and turkey and send it to disney land. like a turkey version of "dancing with the stars." taking a series of executive actions, that don't require congressional approval. well, here is another one. we can't wait to pardon these turkeys. i love this bird. the most powerful position in the world brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. i know some will call this amnesty. but don't worry, there is plenty of turkey to go around. there has been a fierce competition between a bunch of
4:52 pm
some of you caught that. jonathan: the best part is when you watch over the years you see his daughters. sometimes they are so bored. this year, they didn't even show up. like dad, we are not going it again. not happening. we have snapchat and facebook to go to. michelle: they are busy. they have their own lives. doug: they had nephews with them. little ones. michelle: a lot to talk about. doug: we talked about the fire down south. i had six than average since september 1. it's abnormally dry. part of virginia under a drought. we need rain, we are getting bit of it. by the drop in a few spots. looking at the doppler radar. it doesn't look like it's heavy to be sustained. part of a frontal system to work through. the storm center to which it's attached won't touch us. that will head through the great lakes. the story, we will see the sprinkles. temperatures in the 40's. then as we head through the overnight we will see the
4:53 pm
in the morning. i want to stretch that. this is the afternoon forecast where it brightens up. by the early afternoon in the latest the showers will end in the area or the threat of them. we may see afternoon sunshine heading to the 50's. black friday, cloudy day. we will head to 56. another front to bring somehowers to area in the everything and the night time hours. another front. after the front it will get windy and cold, windy and chilly. the average high is 54. now on saturday we will turn partly to highs to 52 degrees. on sunday the winds will lay down a bit. temperatures will hit 50 in the afternoon. it will see a bit of a warming trend next week. with the trends slower or faster out there? jamie: they are going faster than yesterday. we will say. yesterday, doug, the everything commute was a rough one. we are starting off with the skytrak7 which is a beautiful shot of the springfield interchange. you can see the mixing bowl here. that is why we call it the mixing bowl. some slow areas and some not so slow.
4:54 pm
northbound and southbound. south of the springfield interchange is congested. take a look at the map. to show you. like i said, better today than yesterday. nothing to worry about at all through prince george's county on the beltway. the slow spot is the northwest corner on the outer loop, though, from the spur. continuing south to the american legion bridge. kenilworth avenue slowing as well. but we look great on 66. the g.w. parkway, 395 leaving the city moving very well right now. american legion bridge, you a few areas though where we are heavy. still on 959 in maryland and virginia. 270 northbound, take a look here. very congested. we have an update if we have crashes coming in.
4:55 pm
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this is the time of year people start to book the springtime vacaon but beware. a new report says many come with hundreds of dollars in hidden fees. you saw an ad for a caribbean get-away for under $500? a new report says pack extra money. it says the package deals don't include the caribbean arrival tax. it's as high as $50. caribbean hotel taxes that can be as high as 18% in the dominican republic. resort activity fees of $20 a day in most islands.
4:58 pm
you buy. 15% in jamaica. for the doesn't that stink file. the fact that the vacation packages are not requiredded to show you all fees up front unlike the airline flight. federal laws require airlines to include all taxes and fees when showing you a flight. but that is not required for hotels or resorts. doesn't that stink? about travel says don't book your trip based on the first price that pops up. my website fine print or ask about the extra fees before you give the credit card number. that way you are not hit with a $50 surprise and you don't waste your money. >> tonight the thanksgiving get-away begins with a depackalled and the tappingalled mess was the beginning. dun angled mess was the beginning. >> a water company blames them for ruining the moneyu and you
4:59 pm
>> gobbles the turkey run amok. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. michelle: things are winding down as the holiday travelers reach the destination for thanksgiving but nevertheless the roads are very busy. right now skytrak7 is over the mixing bowl where things are moving. seeing a lot of stop-and-go and looking at the flight aware misery map. it's behind me to highlight country. pretty good so far. a lot of green. not looking too bad. we have team coverage tonight from the roads to the rails and the runways. let's begin with transportationer reporter brianne carter. brianne: happening right now we want to warn anyone who might be coming here to pick someone up or dropped off at the union station, expect delays along the northeast corridor.
5:00 pm
outside delaware where a train struck an individual on the track. this is as we start to see many crowds here tonight for the great get away. the wednesday holiday get-away is underway with the folks traveling near and far. she and her family took the train to a busy union station. >> more than what i expected. i expected it to be r thanksgiving. brianne: near the gates, police and security are highly visible. including the new security screening tool. according to the manufacturer's website, it screens the large crowds as they pass by and able to detect objects concealed under clothing. there is a security presence at the area airports as well, expecting a long security line, they got to reagan


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