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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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michelle: first tonight, the man that the navy says was the sailor from woodbridge it was the first american killed in syria. the first american casualty in syria against isis. tom roussey has what we know. .
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new area where there is a strong islamic state presence, this part of northern syria, on thanksgiving day, the military says. a bomb went off and the injuries to scott deighton from the bomb ultimately led to his death. according to the defense department, scott deighton was from woodbridge. it's not clear how recently he had lived in woodbridge. he was most recently stationed in virginia beach. he soldier to die in combat against the islamic state in the nation of syria. he had a very long career in the military, since 1993. had been awarded 19 medals, including the bronze star. he was assigned to a unit whose job it was to dispose of bombs, and it was a bomb going off that ultimately led to his death yesterday in northern syria. reporting live in the newsroom, tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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the police have identified the 16-year-old girl shot to death in broad daylight in southeast washington. it happened near the corner of 12th and i street, right in front of the potomac gardens apartments. anna-lysa gayle has reaction. anna-lysa: several bullet holes were noticed when we got here, several along this street shortly after brie anna detectives are trying to figure out who killed her. for hours, crime scene state surrounded this complex. us is where the 16-year-old was shot multiple times, just before midday. >> took the phone out of her back pocket. she was not breathing. anna-lysa: this woman who says she is a cousin was by her
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>> i was hoping she could come back with us one more time. anna-lysa: investigators have left neighbors with lots of questions. >> somebody knew something. when you know something like that come it is best to allow the identity to be revealed. anna-lysa: mayor muriel bowser tweeted this in reaction to the murder. "i'm sick the young life." >> it's crazy she died the day after thanksgiving. anna-lysa: a $26,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. in southeast, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. michelle: the police are looking for the last of four suspects in a robbery and murder in falls church that happened overnight at the skyline square apartments
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identified. the police have charged a man with burglary and murder. two other men are being charged and they are also looking for another man. 7 on your side helping you fight back against crime. check the spot crime map on to stay aware of the latest crimes near you. a scare today at the national zoo as we surgery. the cub had bamboo stuck in his intestines. the emergency surgery came just as the zoo began one of its signature events. tim: it is beginning to look a lot like the holidays at the national zoo. >> i like all of them. i like how they glow.
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life is the perfect girls night out. >> i like some of them. some are blue. tim: there are more than 500,000 zoo lights which take weeks to set up. >> i think they are pretty. tim: the cost is covered by donors so that thousands of visitors can enjoy the colorful show for free. >> it's nice to have a bunch of families having a good time. tim: but there is one animal who will not be around this weekend. bei bei surgery to remove a clump of bamboo from his bowels. vets expect him to recover. until he does, visitors will have to check out some of the other animals, some of which light up. >> it has been very cool. >> i think it's great. i went to disney and saw a bunch of lights, and this is comparable to that. it's amazing. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news.
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him tonight with trained staff watching panda cameras like this one behind me. tomorrow they hope to introduce soft foods to his diet. it will be a while before he is back on his typical diet of bamboo. brian: the temperatures at 11:00 not to chilly, about 50 degrees downtown. the wind is light. by tomorrow, we will be picking 15, 25, gusty at times. that will feel even colder tomorrow. if you have weekend chores like hanging holiday lights, do that sunday. both days, though, lots of sunshine. michelle: we are hearing for the first time from the frederick woman who survived a bear attack. as kevin lewis reports, she was able to celebrate thanksgiving with loved ones and she has a lot to be think all for.
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that it was not my grandchildren walking down that driveway that night. kevin: she recalled maryland's first recorded bear attack. >> i heard this a norm is growling and i turned to look. the bear grabbed me by my face. she threw me to the ground. kevin: the protective mother bear, about to let pounds, snapped her arm and pelvis, crushed many teeth, and left a number of puncher wounds. >> she put her paul on my back and pinned me to the ground. there was no way i was going anywhere. kevin: between attacks, osborne called 911 on her cell phone, certain she was about to die. dnr officers attempted to track the bear, but opted to kill it, a decision that osborne supports. >> it was a perfect storm, i think, because of her and her cubs that made this happen.
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understandably emotional this weekend. >> i think i'm very lucky. the amount of time that she bit me and mauled me, i'm amazed. i feel like there was an angel on my shoulder that evening, i truly do. kevin: doctors will not say how long her recovery will take. she may have permanent injuries, but she says that is a small price to pay for survival. michelle: police in northern california are looking for the people who abducted a mother who was missing for three weeks. she was found yesterday near sacramento, about 150 miles south of where she was last seen while jogging near her home. the police think she was kidnapped and held captive. tonight, the 34-year-old mother of two is enjoying the holiday weekend with her family.
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just very excited to see one another. michelle: the police are looking for two women who are thought to be armed. they still don't have a motive, and they don't think that she knew her captors. donald trump's white house transition has key positions ultimate. he named kt mcfarland as his deputy national security advisor. she trump also named donald mccann as white house counsel. the transition team had no comment on the recount beginning in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein is questioning his victory there, as long as with -- as well as wins in michigan and pennsylvania. still ahead, a black friday deal too good to pass up. >> it something else to focus on. michelle: where you can get a
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weekend. first, you had to see this to believe it.
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michelle: some incredible video for minnesota. this is what happened when a would-be robber or tried to hold up a fast food worker last week. even though the theater has a gun, the worker fights back, punching and wrestling with him the police are analyzing clothing left behind to try to find the would-be robber. more credible video, this time from mexico. that is where for the second time this year they talk you know has erupted. the volcano about 50 miles southeast of mexico city sent smoke and ash about three miles into the air. the authorities are warning
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it is becoming a black friday tradition in chicago, and we are not talking about shopping. a group of activist took over the street and the magnificent mile shopping district, they are to protest the rise in the city. this is the second time the demonstrators have used the shopping district on black friday to get their message across. meanwhile come in our area, no major disruptions to speak of, just a lot of this, traffic. sky track 7 showed the jam lot at rundle mills -- wendell mills mall. finding parking was just as tricky as finding the deals. we have deals listed on our website at online retailers have a lot to be thankful for, and the long shopping weekend is not even over yet. shoppers have already shattered last year's records, spending
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billion in the last 48 hours. that is more than 11% increase from the same time last year. top-selling products include ipads and 4k tv's. for some scooping up black friday deals was not about electronics, they want a new family member, one who needed a forever home. as tom roussey shows us, the humane rescue alliance is offering that all weekend long. tom: robert conrad severely injured his back and his dog ran away, leaving him desperately wanting a new one. >> just something else to focus on other than my back. tom: he lives alone in frederick county, but thanks to the seven-month-old company is not alone anymore. conrad likely could not have
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adoption fees. >> it's a blessing. and i'm on disability, so it means more. tom: the waiving of adoption fees does not just apply to dogs. that also applies to cats, like this seven-month-old mr. whiskers. and it does not stop with cats. >> guinea pigs, turtles. tom: alex john with the rescue alliance says the holiday themed waving at of adopting these was made possible -- was made possible by a grant. the shelter had its own line black friday morning. some showed up two hours before it opened. >> instead of standing outside of walmart or target, you can get your new best friend for free. tom: the offer stands through saturday and sunday, but the shelter says that animals like these are being adopted fast, so you may want to come sooner
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holidays. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. michelle: now that black friday is behind us, the focus turns to small business saturday. last year 95 million shoppers spent $16 billion nationwide on small business saturday. it is especially important to downtown frederick, which was devastated by a flood 30 years ago. small businesses were instrumental in helping the area rebound and have been vital to downtown frederick ever since. >> finding something different. and they also support the community. >> it's a friendly atmosphere, walking with the kids, strollers, dogs. michelle: small business saturday is expected to bring 14,000 people and half a million in sales to downtown frederick. brian: outside today, we had a lot of cloud cover. through the weekend, we are
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times, sometimes gusting at 25. sunday is the better of the two days, the temperatures about the same, minus the extra wind. look what happens early next week, low and middle 60's. that is a big jump in temperatures. what is most important to me, this highlight it rain. portions of the are under an exceptional drought, from atlanta, portions of western carolina, alabama, mississippi, even tennessee. around here, we are starting to get into a moderate drought. that's a lesser classification, but we need the moisture. 5 to 6 inches down since september 1, and we will not get all this weekend. we will have a blustery feel saturday, but it will be a lot of sunshine. sunday, the wind will finally
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calm, a little unsettled weather to the west, moving towards us the beginning of next week. it will push in the warmer temperatures tuesday. by wednesday, if all holds together, a good slug of moisture. some of the model guidance says an inch to 1.5 inches of rain would be a possibility. the 10-day outlook, breezy saturday, sunday t win. monday, the warming trend again. 65, wet wednesday. moving out thursday as the showers taper off. back to seasonal. the rain may not be your favorite thing, but we need it. michelle: wednesday is a washout, that is ok. we have enjoyed plenty of dry weather so far. brian: positive attitude, thank you.
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michelle: a bittersweet moment sunday at the white house as first lady michelle obama welcomed the official white house christmas tree. it is the obama family's christmas in the executive mansion. the first lady was joined by her nephews instead of her daughters. you may remember austin and aaron ross in also attended the turkey pardoning wednesday. it is a 19-foot balsam for from wisconsin. in leesburg, a different sort of holiday tradition. instead of hitting stores, families hit the gridiron.
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age group. the reason, pretty simple. >> this is a lot more fun to do instead of shopping, waiting in line, all that stuff. >> the idea was to give families an opportunity to do an alternative activity on black friday as opposed to shopping. michelle: and they are eating healthy. this is the fourth year for the tournament. in that time it has grown from four teams to today, so it is a hit. need to work off all the calories. scott: absolutely. let me say this, i don't think that dez bryant and josh norman had pumpkin pie after the game. michelle: they need some. scott: another wild and crazy chapter has been written into the redskins-cowboys rivalry.
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who he will be sending a card to this year, dez bryant will not make the cut. a had several heated exchanges on the field last night in the cowboys victory over the redskins. the two battle ballgame come at times needing to be separated. after the game, the fireworks continued. >> they need to get their money back. i really feel like the guy is extremely soft. he does a bunch of talk. i would not let him talk to me like that. scott: norman said this in response, "don't step to someone when the game is over like that, when they are not even looking for you or even having a conversation with you. they won the game, so you have to tip your hat to them, but i don't do trash, and that was trashy on his behalf."
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hosting buffalo. the pass deflected off the defender, right to marcus johansson, his eighth goal of the season. caps on win 3-1. the wizards on the road, facing orlando. one minute to go, john wall explodes to the basket, lays income of foul. washington with the lead. wall had 26. the wizards win high school football, maryland 4-a semi finals. check out the effort, makes the catch, then uses his speed. out runs everyone, 73 yard touchdown. wise advances to the state final with the 48-0 win. men's college basketball, maryland-richmond right now tied
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news channel 8. and the maryland women won today. hopefully the terps a men's team will hold on and get the win tonight. michelle: the cowboys-redskins rivalry not going anywhere after the fireworks. scott: selfishly, i'm hoping
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michelle: small business saturday tomorrow, a lot of people out and about. brian: plenty of sunshine, but breezy. sunday, the wind will call him down. -- will calm down. the middle of next week, we could be in the 60's, with possibly much-needed rain wednesday. michelle: thank you for joining us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news but that's the way it has to be


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