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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 26, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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touchdown earlier tonight with the carry. >> todd: this florida state team, not going to be able to play in the acc championship game, probably still going to get a very good bowl assignment, maybe even a new year's six bowl. >> joe: if clemson wins, they go to the college football playoff. so, then you go with the highest ranked acc orange bowl. that could likely be florida state. >> jo >> todd: going to be without dalvin cook next year, but a very talented team coming back. >> joe: next sunday, we're going to have the college football playoff selection show. it's going to be a four-hour special. to exclusively reveal the college football playoff semifinal match-ups. this year, it's the chick-fil-a
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fiesta bowl. we're going to sit back, find out which game we're calling here. but it's going to be a wild ride of controversy between now and then. because things have gotten wacky in the big ten, where the perceived second-best team in the country will not be playing in the big ten title game, instead, it's going to be wisconsin and penn state. and then, you've got things in the pac-12 still to be decided, with washington and colorado. and start framing the as deondre francois -- you think it means just a little something in this rivalry? francois able to celebrate the eight-yard touchdown run. >> todd: guess who the lead blocker was? dalvin cook. it's a little quarterback counter. they pull a guard. he leads up. and dalvin cook, one of the best running backs in america says, you know what? get in my back pocket, young
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kind of like that, francois fumbled on the carry, they get a chance to run it again and he scores a touchdown. >> joe: logan tyler bounces it off the upright to keep that p.a.t. streak alive for florida state. always a fun night with these two. stadium, where aerial coverage is provided by goodyear. watching over the hard work and determination of blimp-worthy athletes for over 60 years. goodyear, official sponsor of the college football playoff. and that college football playoff needs to get filled in. will clemson be able to get through virginia tech? who would have predicted that
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bedlam awaits in the big 12. colorado and coach mcintyre, he's got to be the coach of the year, doesn't he? >> todd: he's had a phenomenal year. but chris peterson, also, what he's doing at washington, how they've played this year. that's an interesting match-up, as well. >> joe: conventional thinking is if everything holds form, if the s.e.c. and the acc, the favorites win, ohio state's already in the clubhouse. there's going to be one spot to fight for. committee is really going to get put to the test. how important conference championships are to them, in trying to determine who the four most deserving teams are. >> joe: and the s.e.c. championship will be these gators against number one alabama. their ninth championship meeting. the most between two schools in the s.e.c.
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championships. bama's 6-4. of course, last year, alabama won it 29-15. and it will be a defensive showdown, no doubt about it. it has been a fun ride to arrive at this point of the college football season. i'm glad you've taken i joe tessitore, todd blackledge, holly rowe with you here in the final minute from tallahassee. todd, we talked about whether or not there was a college football playoff implication on this game or not. 41 players, between these teams, came from just 15 high schools in the state of florida. 41 out of 15 schools. they have known each other for a long time. as teammates, as rivals and now
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>> todd: it's an interesting rivalry, too, as holly touched on it. florida state, florida wouldn't schedule them for the longest time. and then they were forced to schedule them. the miami/florida state rivalry is a little bit more respectful. there's a little bit more bitter feelings in this one, between the seminoles and the gators. the schools are closer together. and the feelings are a little bit more intense between the two schools. >> joe: for year, florida wouldn p for the older fans, it means a lot especially. austin appleby, 14 of 29 tonight, only 109 yards passing. as he cranks this up and gets it complete to lewis.
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has had to deal with. they've been shuffling up that offensive line, as another strike to lewis. of course, luke del rio was ahead of appleby on the quarterback depth chart. there he is. we invite you to stay tuned for the ford wrapup after the game. mac and mark and stan. curious to hear their opinions, as to what has happened today. cassidy's done a great job all night long, as well. final half minute here in tallahassee. appleby with cronkrite out of the backfield, as he steps out inside the 30.
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gators and fill it in, todd. >> todd: yeah. >> joe: last four years. >> todd: yeah, that is -- that's big. you mentioned, all these guys that know each other, played against each other. in many cases, played with each other. bragging rights over spring break. >> joe: cronkrite will get the first down here. 17-1 against in-state opponents since jim head coach. of course, usf on that list, as well, as an opponent. and this senior class for florida state, the four-year guys. 8-0 now against florida and miami. that has never happened before. to have four years of a sweep of both. >> todd: and this is a young
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lot of talent that jimbo fisher has to work with in the next few years. and you know recruiting will stay at a high level for jimbo. oh, that was burns. >> joe: and he just had to get rid of it. and perine, just trying to make the most of it, as hit the clock. that is four straight wins over florida. for the noles. and jimbo fisher. and what a night for dalvin cook. and doesn't he deserve it? 153 yards. jim mcelwain's got business to do. getting ready to face his old boss in atlanta. but this one means a heck of a
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florida. >> todd: another hug for dal vip. he's got one more game with him, whatever that might be in the postseason. >> joe: let's go to holly. >> holly: well, coach, i know for your seniors, a special night, to go out, never having lost to florida. what does it mean for you to see them do it? >> it's the first class to ever go 4-0 against miami, 4-0 against florida what these seniors have done for this program, very unbelievably proud of them and h this guy right here, he's pretty special. >> yes, sir. >> holly: he is pretty special. and dalvin, you know, they have a sign up on the jumbotron, thank you, dalvin. was this your last game tonight? and how proud of you? >> i'm proud of this team. the way we competed in this game, man. we have another go game to play. we're going to enjoy this win and i love this coaching staff, man. >> holly: i did one of your first interviews ever on signing day and you had big goals for
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>> that means a lot, man. this group, they did a great job. this o-line man, i have to give it to them. they did a great job of blocking for me and doing everything that i needed to do. and that's why we sitting at the top all together. >> holly: thank you, guys. a special night for both of you. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> joe: dalvin was awesome, but so was the defense. they didn't allow a third down conversion. the gators were 0 for 12. some defensive fireworks for the noles. holding a team without a down conversion? florida state hadn't done that since 1980. held florida to only 207 yards. ninth win for the noles, as we send it to cassidy hubbarth back in the studio. so long from tallahassee. >> thanks, joe. as you heard jimbo just say, the noles beat florida and miami for
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program history. welcome into the ford wrapup. and what a rivalry weekend it has been. headlined by the game, which lived up to the hype and then some. even if it left one coach bitterly disappointed. especially since we saw the first ever overtime between michigan and ohio state in their 113-game history. it was in front of a record-setting crowd at the shoe on pins and needles until the very last snap. ohio state tied it up to force keeps it himself. barrett, 125 yards rushing in the game. fourth and goal. wilton speigh. in double o.t., ohio state going for it. barrett gets the first down. jim harbaugh thinks it's short. saying postgame he was bitterly disappointed in the officiating. they reviewed the play, and the call stood. the very next play.
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ohio state completes the largest comeback win versus michigan, since 1987. urban meyer improved to 5-0, but his work was far from over postgame. >> that was an exciting win. that's my wife. i'll get right back to you, i'm at the p all right. bye. she said, bring a gallon of milk home on the way home. i'll take questions. >> that's one way to celebrate. but it's penn state who could celebrate a big ten east tithe with a win versus michigan state. third quarter. trace mcsorley throws deep to an open chris godwin. penn state wins 45-12 to clinch their first big ten east division title. they'll face wisconsin next saturday. and speaking of number six,
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cory clement with his second rushing touchdown of the day. wisconsin wins 31-17 to notch their third straight ten-win season. to the iron bowl. number 13, auburn taking on number one alabama. third quarter. jalen hurts finds stewart who does the rest. alabama didn't allow a touchdown the entire month of november. up next, they have florida in the s.e.c. championship game. south carolina, number four clemson. deshaun watson finds mike williams inside the ten. and williams carries a on his back, into the end zone. clemson rolls, 56-7, to clinch their fourth 11-win season in the last five years. number nine colorado taking on number 22 utah. utah down 20-16. joe williams stripped and takes it into the end zone. colorado wins 27-22 to get its first ever pac-12 south title. they will face washington in the pac-12 title game. so, with the buffs win, usc's chances at the title game are lost, but they haven't done much
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adoree jackson, a punt return touchdown, kickoff return touchdown and tesreceiving td i the game. now, while it's been a day filled with surprises, controversy, disappointment and elation on the field, the day started with a few headlines filled with emotion off the field, as we saw three big names in coaching get fired, get hired and stay put. charlie strong, fired after going 16-21 in three seasons at texas. he's being replaced by t herman, who went 22-4 with houston. and at lsu, the interim tag has been removed from ed sorgeron. louisville and kentucky. kentucky wins it 41-34. lamar jackson, four total tds, but three picks and a frun ch time fumble in the loss. and college football can't stop, won't stop.
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but they're down big to new mexico in their regular season finale on espn2. and byu and utah state in a close one over on espnu. that's it for the week 13 ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you guys next week. (door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? god get out! smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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mb straight ahead, a hectic investigation, a barbershop robbery leads to a chase and shots fired at the police. three departments are working together to find one suspect on the loose. and different reactions to the death of cuba's former dictator fidel castro. what it means for cuban-u.s.
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plus, it's the key to success in our country. why shoppers say they'd love spending big on small shops. the news starts now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. a barbershop robbery turned into a police chase and shots fired at the police. anna-lysa gayle has been following the story all night an with the story. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: kimberly, the barbershop is close now, but earlier workers were inside talking to the police about the robbery that happened earlier in the evening. the seat pleasant police say they are angry but thankful. investigators say that three men led the seat pleasant police on a chase after a robbery at a barbershop.
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vehicle. anna-lysa: instead of stopping, the chase continued into d.c., ending here in southeast. that is where one of the suspects fired at an officer while running away. >> he turned towards the officer and filed a single -- fired a single shot at the officer. the officer was not struck and did not return fire. anna-lysa: two of the three suspects was caught, one w gunshot wound, but detectives say he was not shot by an officer. he is listed in critical condition. >> we don't know if it's self-inflicted or inflicted by another suspect. we are grateful all officers were uninjured today. anna-lysa: charges are pending for the suspects who were caught. the suspect to fire the shot at the officer is still on the run. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news.
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tonight, the death of fidel castro. he ruled cuba for nearly 50 years. he died early this morning at the age of 90. reaction has been mixed. a nine-day national morning period is underway in havana, cuba, with flags flying at half staff, but flags are flying high u.s., especially in florida where many cuban exiles found refuge. will bring cuba closer to democracy. mourning on the streets of havana. by contrast, celebration of the streets of miami's little of anna -- little havana. >> it may be a new beginning for the cubans we all love. kimberly: the same was said at the cuban embassy in d.c. >> just a simple note, thinking
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made. kimberly: some regret that the death did not come sooner. >> for my grandmother and family who wall came over here who suffered, i was pretty a static -- i was pretty ecstatic. >> remember that cuba is closer to us. >> we are meant to be friends. why should we be enemies? kimberly: president obama picked up on that theme, reacting to castro's death. saying that we extend a hand of friendship to the cuban people. a statement from donald trump read that the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his people. trump has threatened to break
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with cuba. castro's death is expected to spark more interest among americans to travel to cuba, but it's a complicated process. you need to fall into one of 12 categories approved by the u.s. government, which includes visiting relatives, educational research, or traveling to compete as an athlete, and you need to sign an affidavit before you leave. yoal insurance. five major airlines are flying to cuba with five more beginning in a few weeks. mega shopping did not end on black friday. the deal seekers flooded local stores or small business saturday. amy aubert caught up with the crowds who say there is something special about shopping local. amy: crowds of people packed the
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shopping bags in hand. >> i think it's great. i'm glad to be part of it and i'm glad there are many other people out today. >> i love the unique things that you just don't find at the big box stores. amy: shoppers filled the christmas attic, supporting the local store on small business saturday. >> i think small businesses are the cornerstone of the community. >> they want an experience that is unique, cozy, and fun, to find unusual things. amy: the shop has been in her family for over 40 years. >> remember that you are feeding a family, you are helping a family when you go to a small business. amy: shoppers showed support of local restaurants and stores across the area. ellicott city had huge crowds this afternoon.
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saturday since the flooding the summer. >> and feels great to know all those people are coming out here to support the small businesses. amy: the owner of christmas attic said that every year small business saturday gains momentum, thanks in part to signs just like this one spreading the word. in alexandria, amy aubert, abc 7 news. kimberly: old-fashioned advertising. a 7 on your side consumer alert about snag big dig discounts -- big discounts, but not all of them left the house. they spent 3.4 billion dollars online, up 24% from last black friday. adobe which tracks online retail transaction said that shoppers used mobile devices to dialogue the deals. there was $1.2 billion in mobile
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shopping, breezy, a little cool. what's get a look at the first look at the forecast. sounds like tomorrow is the day to put the lights up. josh: absolutely, the wind will be a lot lighter. national harbor, clear skies taking over. that means colder temperatures tonight. high pressure building and will do is a nice favor tomorrow, squashing the wind. sunshine. just clouds right now in the shenandoah valley. early tomorrow morning it will be colder. some of us start in the 20's, a lot of us right around freezing. with the sunshine, 40 degrees by 9 a.m. if you are heading out early for church or anything, have the heavier jacket ready. lunchtime temperatures back into the mid-50's. warming up, and it will not be as windy, which will make a
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closer to 70 degrees in some areas this week, and also heavy rain. i will time that out and when you need the umbrella coming up. kimberly: new tonight, president-elect donald trump is condemning attempts to force recounts in three critical states. he tweeted that the jill stein green party effort is a scam, and it's being joined by the "badly defeated and demoralized dems." are looking into the recount efforts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. they have raised several million dollars for the recount efforts. >> this should be a nonpartisan, people-powered effort to ensure that we can rely on the integrity and security of our vote. kimberly: wisconsin officials announced friday they are moving forward with the first presidential recount in state
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threat to "cleanse america." coming up, what was in the hate filled letter that is now under investigation.
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