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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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larry: our maryland pure row chief brad bell is live with details you will see only on 7. brad? brad: the whole incident took place last april around and behind the national market here in lauren. it was back here behind this construction trailer that the police caught up with the suspect. >> the officer says it was an accident. they are standing behind the claim. we have the body cam video so you can see for yourself. >> watch the body cam video carefully. an officer looking for a burglar checks an unlocked door. men he cracks it open the officer pulls the trigger. the suspect just inside is shot in the back. the juried man -- injured man identified and is pulled out and the police immediately
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>> the officer explains he didn't mean to shoot him. he pulled the trigger when startled. a grand jury cleared the officer of criminal wrongdoing. the fact that doesn't sit well with the lawyer. >> officers are in a position of power. they receive special training for this. >> the attorney patrick he has recovered physically but struggled with the fact he was almost kimed. >> whether you see this as an accident or intentional shooting the laurel police department has to take responsible for the case. >> he has a lengthy criminal record and the spokesman for the prince george's state attorney says he goes on trial next week for the crime he allegedly committed the night
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>> the officer involved in this remains on administrative duty. he is a full police officer but he is not having contact with the public. the police department says it is possible that once they complete an administrative review, he will be ordered to have some form of retraining. in laurel, brad bell, abc7 news. we have seen rain most of the day. there is more on the way. is the rest of the night a what can you tell us? what is happening. >> we are looking better through the evening and the overnight. most of the rain coming to an end. it lifts north and east. the skies will clear a little bit. as that happens we have to deal with fog. dense fog. culpeper and winchester with visibilities around a third of a mile. no problems inside the capital beltway. but it will likely change tonight. forecast for this evening,
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we will talk about what to expect tomorrow for the morning rush hour commute and a cold front that promises to bring thunderstorms come tomorrow afternoon and evening. more on that in a few minute. jonathan: see you then. thanks. new develop in the the transition to president-elect trump. he is meeting with the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. romney is considered a contender for secretary of state. this as trump makes two appointments. pick for secretary of h is tom price of georgia. known for opposing obamacare. he is a doctor himself. the nominee for transportation secretary is expected to be elaine choa who served as labor secretary under george w. bush. maureen: will trump tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or
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that burning the american flag is an express under the first amendment to the constitution. workers at the reagan national airport want $15 an hour. tonight they are pushing for an increase in the minimum wage and threatening to strike. brianne carter joins us live with more on the battle going on and how it could affect the holiday travel. we hear the workers say they cannot afford to pay the rent. brianne: many of the workers here at the reagan national airport, those that help yo tarmac say they aren't making enough to live. tonight saying that breaking something they are keeping on the table. >> workers rights -- >> brian: fighting for $15. airport workers marched alongside union organizers and the faith-based leaders at the reagan national airport demanding the airport
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>> it is about the money but it's about better living for us. >> he is living paycheck and paycheck. >> i have to get a second job to help out. >> some employees are working two or three airport jobs. >> if i made $15 an hour i would only have one job. they join the fight for 20 airports where strike. it will consider hearing views of the stagedholders --
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airport authority. this includes job at the airport. unarmed security and the custodians. jonathan: in a week they will vote on paid family leave plan. if it is passed it could be the most generous in the country. today mayor bowser is not ready to support this yet saying most people using the benefit live outside d.c. maureen: still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new twenties after yesterday's horrifying attack at the o.s.u. campus. we hear from the survivors as they are trying to pinpoint the motive.
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buildings. tonight they turn deadly. why an oily sheen is on the potomac and what they are
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maureen: three people are confirmed dead in gatlinburg, tennessee.
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community last night, destroying homings and businesses. rain helped douse the wildfires but the situation remains uncertain. >> it's difficult to go out into a community and try to protect an serve others. when your own property and everything that you worked for is burning down. but that is what the men and the women have done for the last 24 hours. >> indeed they have. t aquarium survived the fire. the flames came within a few yards of the aquarium but the firefighters pulled them back. jonathan: new againments today after -- developments after yesterday's attack on the ohio state campus. police say abdul artan slammed a vehicle in a crowd of people standing around and then he got out and he started slashing victims with a butcher knife. isis says that artan was a
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the somali born honor student posted online he was upset by the treatment of muslims and saying before the attack i can't take it anymore. 11 peak were hurt -- people were hurt in the attack. >> it felt like someone punched me in my hand. then i looked down and saw it was full of blood. >> artan was shot by a police officer who was there in less than one minute. the motive is under investigation. >> investigators have recordings from the site of the plane crash in colombia. 71 of the 77 people on board died. among those dead are members of a brazilian. also on board were -- among those dead are members of the brazilian soccer team. the plane crashed in the side of a mountain near medellin.
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mysterious substance floating in the potomac. what precautions are taken ahead. maureen: a little more rain on the way but some improvement on the horizon. steve is back with the storm watch forecast next. erin: erin hawksworth with sports. the maryland team is off to a hot start. what has caused them to bond
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jonathan: it's beautiful but now there is a mystery on the potomac. a substance found over the weekend. the source hasn't been identified. the water officials are not taking any chances. >> on the rainy potomac, environmental mystery. >> hydraulic fluid or lubricant. something that is not breaking down the water. >> the flume 14 mimes long with the sections 30 x 60 feet inching its way down the
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>> the sheen is so thin it won't accumulate or attach to the absorbent material. >> the aerial photos show the last known location near the trump golf course. the material spotted near points rock, maryland. they have set up booms. they are going to shut off the 100 million of water a day. >> i am competent we the treat anything in the system. >> how much is leaked spilledded? 10 to 1,000 volume of fluid. they are trying to finds the source. >> it's so deluted out it would -- diluted out it would attack to the booms or the animal feather or fur. >> this that is the good gnaws
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figure this out. >> they will use a bonding agent to separate out the drinking material from the drinking water supply. >> they insist it's safe as the authorities look for answers. in northwest washington, richard reeve, news gnaws. maureen: the first family getting ready for the last christmas in the white house. tonight is a look at the amazing decor rations put -- decorations put up. the first lady michelle obama desaners six months ago on deck -- desaners six months ago for decorations and she welcomed the military families for the first look. jonathan: beautiful. a reminder heading to the holiday season you can show generosity. the toys for tots. we have a drive going this weekend. members of the newschannel8/abc7 team will be out there to collect toys. love to see you. come out saturday between
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christmas shopping. have your kids pick out a gift for another kid. maureen: steve is there. steve: i'm there and jonathan will be there. it's not going to run. sunny. on the cool side and get christmas spirit going. if you have not been to national harbor yet, check it out. jonathan: dress it up nice. huge tree. steve: it looks nice. the national wheel, it's quiet and dry. we have the fog moving in over the last n any lingering showers are moving north and east. visibility in winchester down to third of a mile. no worries inside the beltway. not now. in the next couple of hours you are fine. later tonight, you look to dense fog to overspread the area. especially west. the panhandle of west
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until 7:00. i would not be surprised if this expands further off toward the east. to include loudoun and fairfax county moving through the late night hours. nighttime lows fall in the 50's. cooler north and west of us. overnight lows well above average for this time of the year. waking up tomorrow morning, grab the umbrella. i promise you, you will need it at some point in the long. the temperatures to start the day are in the lower to the middle 50's. tomorrow's high will make it to the low er70's -- lower 70's for last day of november. sounds fantastic. the showers in the morning. clearing midday and cold front in the afternoon and the everything hours. it may trigger a few thunderstorms. not expecting anything to become severe.
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the temperatures will tumble. this is what it looks like on the future cast. the heaviest off to the north and the east of us. that is by the end of the rush hour commute. lack for a little bit of clearing. the glimmer of sunshine. showers reignite moving to the afternoon drive time home. this is the best likelihood time period you will see or hear rumble of the wind change direction. it looks brighter for the day on thursday. looking nice for the white house christmas tree lighting on thursday evening. 70 on wednesday. middle 50's on thursday. upper 0's on sunday. look what happens toward the middle of next week. instead of the temperatures going down, they will go up. we will see highs in the lower 60's thursday and friday.
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>> my kind of forecast. jonathan: this is good football weather. >> it is. across the country now. the redskins were helping students at the d.c. public scales today get in shape. and navy is prepping for conference championship game on saturday.
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erin: tonight maryland will face pittsburgh in the a.c.c. big ten challenge. they have been unstoppable this season with a 7-0 record thanks to melo trimble. he is the straw that stirs the drink. the maryland guard was named the conference co-player of the week. and maryland barely beat four days but the head coach mark turgeon says the team learned a lot from the experience. >> we grew up in the games. this is what you have to do playing four games in eight days and three in five. we bonded. if you have two huggers like that, close wins, it brings a team together. erin: huger. meanwhile the wizards held shoot-around at the verizon center before they flew to
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wizards head coach scott brooks knows o.k.c. well as he coached them for seven seasons. to hear what brooks had to say about the return to oklahoma city head to navy practiced hard today as they gear up to host temple saturday in the american athletic conference championship game. with quarterback will worth leading way, no team in college football is running as effectively as navy at this point in the season. you can see versus temple saturday at noon. that came is on abc7. the redskins had the day off today. up stead of doing work on the field they did charitable work off it. the players led 100 students for jefferson student academy for team building and the exercises that you see there. they are working to complete redskins fit, personalizedded fitness plan. awesome.
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the national league comeback player of the year. congratulations to him. jonathan: nats players picked up brass in the off-season. >> they have. now they need the world series. jonathan: national championship. steve: we have a cold prop on the way and start the day with fog. dense fog west of d.c. until 770 tomorrow morning. cold front rumbles through late tomorrow. it will bring us thunderstorms. behind the front the temperatures will tumble. middle 50's th lower 50's on friday. toys for tots on saturday. 51 degrees. cooler sunday but nice weekend to shop for the christmas tree. if you are into that. lower 50's on monday. 60 next week. >> wow! >> so much for holiday spirit. i like it. >> no come may wants. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next.
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tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. what happene crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter


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