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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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autria: high wind, heavy rain, the same system is headed in our direction. we have you covered before the rain as we deal with the heavy fog. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: this line of storms responsible for several deaths for you were asleep. jummy: breaking news out of northeast alabama. reports are now coming in that as many as three people are dead and four children are in critical condition through that state. they were hunkered down in a 24-hour day care that was ripped to shreds by heavy wind. not far away other buildings were demolished. three people were pulled from a home and they say that the son of the family held up a wall to keep it from falling on his mother. scary story from that area this morning. as soon as we hear anything new
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portions of the southeast still under a tornado watch for little while longer. even he central tennessee had as many as 27 tornado reports yesterday. all part of the same system headed this way, fog for us with temperatures that are warm and 55. maryland, it is very foggy. when i came in this morning it was probably 10 miles per hour under the speed limit just from heading in on the part. going until 7 a.m. here is the rain right now. mainly southwest of d.c., mount vernon, manassas, all pulling to
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hand for today, we could get another inch. we will talk more about the gusty thunderstorms later, but again it will go from moderate impact right now to moderately high impact expected later today. let's go to johnny gonzalez who is out in storm trak 7 with the very latest. johnny? john: good morning, veronica. you are gh an eye on the fog and rain. you can see the highway crew meeting with the arrow. -- leaving at the arrow. that is the offramp to get onto 66 west. there was a car spun out, actually facing the wrong direction. as we get back on the road, we
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wanted to clear it up as quickly as possible. again, very wet roads this morning. the fog is dissipating. looks like it is getting clearer , visibility better than it was just half an hour ago. you definitely want to take it slow. we have drizzle and rain drops on the roof camera. you definitely want to take it easy this morning as we drive the beltway here the inner loop the beltway headed towards tysons. julie wright, a lot of traffic on the roads right now. julie: why not continue that commute into montgomery county? we have a crash new georgia avenue. the fog may be improving the boy we have some accidents out here from king street headed north. with one overturned on eastbound 32, only the left lane is squeezing by in howard county.
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loop, to left lanes blocked after georgia avenue, closer to connecticut avenue. tying up your commute headed west. metro is checking in your medical center. the red line a single tracking because of the disabled train and you will find them single tracking where we had a deer struck on the red line. another traffic watch in the next 10 minutes. over to you, larry. larry: a mixed bag in tennessee. on the left side of your screen this is live radar. finally some rain coming in as people deal with these devastating wildfires. look at how strong those storms are. new here this morning, the potential for lightning strikes. at least 14 fires are burning in the area. three people are dead, 14 more are heard as officials are
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damaged or destroyed with new numbers this morning. we know that 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate. investigators say they have reason to think the fire was caused by humans. as soon as we hear more on this one, we will let you know. autria: a man shot and killed inside of a food lion grocery store and manassas while customers were still inside at around 7:30 last night. trying to track down a suspect but say that there are conflicting stories about exactly what happened. right now no one is under arrest but police do not believe that there is a threat to the community. new developments at 6:05 this morning to a store that we first reported yesterday. d.c. police revealing brand-new surveillance footage showing another person of interest at an attack at the grand hyatt in northwest.
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yesterday. she was able to escape and if the man in the video looks familiar to you, call police right away. larry: one year to the day that paul wiedefeld assumes his job. a lot has happened since the arrival. we are in the 11th surge of safetrack, which started back in june. right now metro is still in the middle of a contentious budget that'll. he is responsible for addressing a $285 million gap biggest sticking point in his plan, laying off 1000 workers in producing service. brianne carter will be there and she will let you know everything that comes out of today's meeting. autria: a fond farewell to a police officer, retiring after 61 years on the job. the lieutenant's turning in his
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tour of duty with the department today. he joined the force as a rookie back in 1955. he served the montgomery county pd his entire career. he says he isn't done, that he plans to take tomorrow and friday off and come back next week as part of the volunteer corps. congratulations. larry: that's dedication the missing pieces of his cabinet being named. a sitdown dinner could provide the biggest clue as to who gets the big spot next. the fog and what comes after it,
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veronica: well, november from 30th is the official end of the atlantic hurricane season.
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seven of which became hurricanes , including matthew, which left us on our toes. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration classified this year as near to slightly above normal for the season. now here we go into meteorological winter starting tomorrow. so get ready. we talking about moisture across the area if it's not raining where you are, it soon will be. we have got this swath of moisture headed towards hagerstown. as promised, we told you about this yesterday. last night steve rudin mentioned it as well. you can see the showers right and said the beltway right now and eventually up 95. what's rare today, kind of unusual, talking about rain jackets and back to short
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wrapping up until midnight. look at the temperatures. 56 this morning. 70 degrees this afternoon. we will take a look at the timing in just a couple of minutes. there's a snapshot their of 9 a.m., you can see how hard it will be coming down through the morning hours. we will take you hour-by-hour in about 10 minutes. julie: looking at a lot of fog out there, accen the red line single tracking into separate stretches due to a disabled train single tracking between tacoma and fort totten because of a deer. keep this in mind. the outer loop of the beltway, a 50 minute commute towards 270. look for it to be almost an hour and a half drive. the problem is the crash past georgia avenue tying up the left lanes working your way past the
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along eastbound 66 as you try to work your way over towards the rosslyn tunnel. a crash year where the mainline is pretty much blocked, people using that strike safety zone to get by. back in the next 10 minutes we will keep a close eye on your ride to the west on 66. autria? autria: a week on the run, what went down after a day of rate and the story of a scary jailbreak is still far from over . plus new developments as the new
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autria: more pieces falling into place for the donald trump white house. he's pledged to spend billions on infrastructure and we know that he has tapped the former late -- faber -- former transportation secretary, elaine chao did, to lead the department. numerous reports are out now
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former goldman sachs partner, is the choice for treasury secretary. coming up, we are breaking down a high-profile dinner in manhattan. the late-night meeting the donald trump held that is setting up cabinet speculation rumors. larry: new outrage calling for harsh penalties for flagburning. he tweeted that nobody should be allowed to burn it. perhaps loss of ruled that burning the american flag is attracted under the american constitution. josh earnest called the practice awful, but said that freedom of speech is what allows trump to send a controversial tweets. autria: seems it protesters are also making some preparations. >> things that he later claims
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that he didn't mean it, it all needs to be taken seriously. >> the national park police will be consulted about the events and how to provide security. jummy: breaking overnight, police making an arrest after two inmates cut their way out of a california jail and spent days on the run. this was after a day of raids in california his partner in crime is still on the run. escaping with two other prisoners last wednesday night by cutting through bars covering a second story window and then repelling onto the ground on a bed sheet of. they are facing possible life sentences to be convicted of burglary, extortion, false imprisonment and other charges once they are picked up. larry? larry: new body camera footage of a police involved shooting in laurel back in april.
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robbery suspect. in the video you can see the unidentified officer crack open a door and pull open the trigger. he was shot in the back, but he survived. the officer claims he pulled the triggered -- pulled the trigger by accident. >> whether you see this on the spectrum as an accident or even an intentional shooting, the laurel police department still has to take responsibility. there he: he is about to go on trial for the crimes he allegedly committed on the night he was shot. autria: this story has been lighting up facebook feeds all week. have you seen it? a goat suffering from severe anxiety. she is only calmed down when she is wearing her favorite duck suit. she put the costume on as a joke but was shocked when the goat instantly calmed down. polly has gone viral.
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people who say they are battling depression or cancer or that they just lost, you know, a loved one, and i look at your feet every day and seeing these little goats, if they can do it, i can do it. autria: she owns a farm with over two dozen goats, all of them with special needs. veronica: there's a video with audio over the goats are quacking. [laughter] autria: are you serious? [laughter] veronica: funny. we can all put on our thunder jackets. rapid uptight. here we are at the end of november. talking about way warm temperatures. of course, the other thing we're talking about today are some storms and pockets of moderate rain as well. dealing with some pc fog that has been out there all morning
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it started developing, but we are seeing signs of it lifting. 57 is the temperature at montgomery college. you can see the fog starting to lift a little bit. part of the reason that the fog is starting to improve is that we are starting to get some rain in here. right now into d.c. the rain is right inside of the beltway right now, right around areas of interstate 95. have got another area down south in keeping my eye on. fredericksburg, stafford, all for the folks commuting into d.c. this morning you will be hitting the wet pockets and wet roads. as promised, i will be taking you hour-by-hour year. look at just how bright the showers are. an indicator to us that we are looking for moderate to heavy rain and a few storms embedded in all of this. when the line comes through at
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nasty, 61, very warm, topping out today at 70 degrees. i will have a look at the weekend weather coming up in 10 minutes. julie: a number of accidents on the roads this morning. the latest is a long 66. traveling in down this morning towards the tr bridge, this is where we have the crash. single file to the right is how you get by, just before the entrance for the rosslyn tunnel. that should be off the road to the shoulder, with big-time apps and a 1 hour drive from college park towards 270 by 7:30. the problem is the accident on the outer loop after connecticut avenue but before 270. that is quite the eyesore on the outer loop of the beltway. back in the next 10
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larry: live look right now at mobile trak 7 on the roads. this is what you will be looking at stepping outside to get your car. wet roads all the way to work. it is a thick, heavy, very humid morning. veronica will have the details for you in about six minutes. autria: also new details on the missing california mom found alive after three weeks. sharing disturbing details about her -- we have the details in the first look on "gma." >> the terrifying details of the alleged kidnapping coming to life. among the injuries, police say that she was branded. a message, burned into her skin. >> i would think of that was some sort of exertion of power and control and or maybe some type of message. >> her husband described in agonizing three weeks in which his wife was tormented
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and was covered in multicolor bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings. her signature long, blonde hair had been shot off. >> obviously a sick person may have wanted to humiliate them, where her down.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. 6:30, call it the storm system of good and evil. blamed for destruction and death in the south, praise for putting out the fires in tennessee, causing dense fog and rain. we have veronica johnson with the latest. veronica: the rainfall total, down from six inches in september, getting the rain and fog out there. allow some extra time throughout the day, not just for the morning hours.
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getting a break by lunchtime with gusty thunderstorms later on. it's cautionary throughout the day. the fog, gradually starting to improve. we are seeing the inquiries getting shaved back from the national weather service. it once was all the way over to fairfax and now includes anne arundel, howard, and other areas north and east. showers inside of the beltway right now, walker mill as with another pocket of moderate rain working its way to the northeast in the next hour or so. keep that in mind as you hit the road in the next couple of minutes. best chance for rain, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.. then the evening hours when we get the storms coming up in about 10 minutes. right now, let's hit the road with storm trak 7 and johnny gonzales. john: good morning.
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getting a second wind? that is kind of what we are seeing here on the outer loop of the beltway with a lot of red lights. take a look at our dashcam here, we are essentially stuck in a backup caused by an accident as you get off the beltway on to the 270 spur. there appears to be an accident there. one right lane is closed right now. this traffic is backed up for several miles. well, we are not sure if need details on exactly what happened, but we can tell you that there have been a number of accidents. we have actually seen to spin outs on the beltway. one of the near tysons, another one behind us. as i say behind us there is a shot of -- well, more brake lights, beltway on the inner loop, the was an accident on georgia avenue near the exit there. we have been monitoring the fog and rain.
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you can see the raindrops on your screen right now. obviously it appears that this is a factor in the accident. take it easy this morning as you get to where you are going. back to you inside. julie: mobile track is not moving at this point. we are looking at and over one hour commute from college park headed towards two separate incidents. we have the crash after another wreck on the exit towards 270. that is what you are sitting in, bumper-to-bumper traffic making her way around towards the exit. randolph road north of the beltway, use it as an alternate. to the westbound, 66 coming from manassas, a one hour commute and within the hour i don't think much is going to change except we are going to add more time to the commute.
6:34 am
the left lane getting by eastbound on seven. back in the next 10 minutes to keep a close eye on the truck -- top stretch of the beltway for your. jummy: from syria, state news agencies reporting that eight people, including two children have been killed as the rebels held the government districts in aleppo. this comes from sources wiin the police department. the rebels and the syrian forces have an fighting there for years and we have new numbers from the united nations estimating that the fighting has displaced anywhere from up to 16,000 people looking to get away from the violence. we will keep you updated. larry: breaking this morning in anne arundel county, officers opening fire after an apparent barricade situation in glen burnie last night.
6:35 am
female neighbor. we are told that all of the injuries are minor. autria: frustrated parents are demanding that the district re-think of the plan to bus hundreds of students to a different school. parents met with mayor bowser last night to discuss the controversial plan. 316 students in georgetown would be temporarily lost -- bus that parents say is too far. >> she's four years old. on a bus every day across the city, it's not right. >> during the meeting, parents were presented with a few alternative options. those schools, though, are even farther away. larry: outrage in several schools after the district considers banning santa claus.
6:36 am
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larry: right now, "good morning washington," looking you up with for tickets to the six flags holiday in the park. to get your hands on them, it's so easy. give us a call. autria: all right, let's get a check on your forecast and get ready for some rain and fo it's been a while since we had temperatures that were over 70 degrees, but it is going to be very warm today. you will notice it first thing this morning along with the fog, building and some extra time for your commute. i left you with this just 10 minutes ago, the rain timeline, best chance between now and the morning hours. moderate chances for the afternoon, even between 5 p.m.
6:40 am
after 9:00, when the weather front will be stepping through the area and could be with gusty thunderstorms right now on radar. look at this pocket down here just southwest. it hasn't moved into warrenton for areas around it as of yet. culpeper right now, seeing some of the heaviest rain around the area. not much an inch over the last couple of hours. look at what we are forecasting. still over one inch to come today. that's the way it will be right now, soggy this morning. temperatures falling into the 50's. your stormwatch forecast today, 71. tomorrow, 56. all of this rain should end right before midnight.
6:41 am
off in montgomery county, where the outer loop of the beltway has been troubled with seat -- with three separate accidents. we are looking at a 55 and a commute coming from college park to go northbound on 270. accident activity was on the left side of the road, now they are on the process of moving everything to the right. we know that mobile trak 7 is stuck in the delay. traveling southbound on 95 you johnny g is out there on this mess. again, over a one hour commute expected north of the beltway. as well as 410 south of the beltway to avoid this mess. let's continue back on 66 coming inbound, leaving business 234 towards the beltway. 95, not to be forgotten.
6:42 am
city and the beltway. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on your ride into bethesda. autria? autria: big updates after the death of fidel castro. larry: and the plans in the days ahead as millions mourn his passing. sam: we will have the details surrounding this shooting, coming up area jummy: jummy: jummy: i'm following breaking -- up.
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autria: alert. a team of meteorologist is tracking the rain moving in and the fog moving out area down south, it's the exact same storm system the killed at least three people overnight. a very busy morning for the weather up and down the east coast. larry: let's get to jummy olabanji for the latest on those tornadoes. jummy: reports coming in that three people are dead and as many as four children critically
6:46 am
it appears the children were hunkered down in a 24-hour day care center that was ripped to shreds in the heavy wind and rain. other buildings, just demolished. rescue crews pulling three people from the houses, they even say that the sun was holding up a wall to keep it from falling right on top of his mother. coming in in the last hour, new video out of mississippi. people there are seeing severe weather as well a grocery store ripping off the roof. officials warned that another round of those storms headed that way later today. we are staying on top of the story all morning long. as soon as we your any news from the area, we will head back to you for the latest at 7:00 this morning. make sure the join us there. larry? larry coleman the same storm system bringing relief to the north. finally, rain in tennessee as
6:47 am
devastating wildfires. potential for lightning strikes with that storm. 14 fires are burning in the area. three people are dead. 14 were hurt. officials calling the scene apocalyptic. 250 buildings damaged and destroyed. noon him or's this morning, we know that 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate. investigators say they have reason to think the fire was caused by humans. as soon as we get more, we will let you ow autria: it's a tricky drive this morning. be sure to download the free weather app to get the latest update on your smart phone. first, developing right now, a bazaar shooting. a man inside of grocery store, killed. larry: sam has the latest on the
6:48 am
unfolded here behind me at this food lion. 7:30, shoppers are here, and a man is gunned down in front of the stores. take a look at the scene. paramedics rushed to the scene, got him to the hospital, that is where he was pronounced dead. police still do not have any suspect description. they say there is no threat to the public, which likely means that the shooter and victim each other. as soon as we have more information, we will pass it along. autria: thank you, sam. columbia, a team of investigators arrived to figure out what caused the crash that killed 70 people. people gathering now last night to remember the victims. among them, almost every single member of a brazilian soccer club traveling to play in a regional soccer tournament.
6:49 am
the game was supposed to kick off tonight. the lack of apparent fire damage among the wreckage points toward fuel starvation as a contributing factor. larry: the ashes of fidel castro will be making its way to havana. he ruled in cuba for almost 50 years. thousands will be going to memorialize their late leader. today's move will bring his ashes to the final resting place in santiago. there until sunday. autria: curious timing this morning as rumors heat up for a key pick in the trump cabinet. he was spotted eating dinner with mitt romney late last night in manhattan. romney's name has long been thrown around as a potential pick for secretary of state. they were both joined by reince priebus. this would be their second meeting since the election.
6:50 am
romney feels about taking the position that says so far he is impressed with the trump transition efforts and cabinet picks. larry: crazy weather out there, wet, thick and steamy. veronica: it's all going on today. fog, rain, live doppler, talking about high temperatures with potential for isolated, strong, maybe even severe especially in areas of fairfax county and areas of 66, continuing to move through the area today. there is a lot more where that came from. virginia, roanoke, the interstate 81 area, all pulling in. impacts later today, we could get some isolated storms with gusty winds, that's the main potential for the afternoon hours. 2:00 to 11 p.m., we could be
6:51 am
lunchtime today, topping out later at a high temperature of 71 degrees. warm and breezy through the day. walking the dog? shopping? travel? caution is the watchword today. make it a short one for your poochie woochy. yet, i said that. what as a matter of fact, as we go into friday morning it will be a cold one. 30's starting out this weekend, under 50 degrees. with all the wet roads across the area, let's go to john gonzalez. john: that's right. we have been keeping a close eye on the dense fog that you been talking about in the rain it's picking up right here in montgomery county.
6:52 am
accidents. this is the latest right here. you can see a tow truck on the scene. it's a pretty nasty crash on the outer loop of the beltway just as you pass the internet to hundreds -- i to 70 exit. we understand that this traffic starts back at 95. we picked up and got into this traffic at the georgia avenue exit and we waited for half an hour. no ambulances on the sce injuries. but right now police have that right lane closed off year on the outer loop of the beltway as crews worked to clean up the mess. again, it has been a nasty morning on the beltway, so take it easy. we have got some fog left over and again, the rain, really coming down right now. julie, get us around these accidents. julie: there are a number of them to deal with.
6:53 am
lot of headache and time this morning. this is a 68 minute commute right now from college park towards 270. by 8:00 we are looking at a one hour 15 minute drive on the top side of the beltway because of those accidents. heads up, traffic is moving well below speed. western seven at ashburn village drive, construction overnight with the left lane getting through. a crash reported outbound on the memorial bridge but for delays towards the potomac crossing. back in the next 10 minutes for another update on the top stretch of the beltway. jummy? jummy: breaking news, new tweets just in from donald trump who said that just a few minutes ago -- i will be holding a major news conference in new york city on december 15 to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great is this in total in order to fully focus on running the
6:54 am
just one of three tweets this morning that basically go on to say the same thing, so we will be keeping a close eye on this story. once again, the 15th, a news conference scheduled by trump. autria? autria: last night the capitals hosted there annual casino night in pentagon city. attendees also bid on equipment during a live auction. >> it's fun to enjoy it with the fans. different levels than what you're used to. autria: this is the fifth year of casino night. larry: all right. kidd o'shea easier to get us in the now.
6:55 am
down rumors of a breakup between katy perry and orlando bloom. now people are reporting that she was sporting a massive ring on her left hand after a fancy dinner in new york city. net -- not to be mistaken with the massive ring on the finger of autria godfrey. larry: you should watch the show monday. breakup, what's that? autria: it's strange how we can go straight from our they together to our they engaged. kidd: they did a snapchat video of them in onesies together, orlando bloom holding summit's baby, and then they were out in new york city and spotted with a big ring. it was huge. it was gold. it didn't look like an engagement ring. like a yellow diamond.
6:56 am
autria: kidd: that's a thing. i know nothing about this. -- autria: that's a thing. kidd: i know nothing about this. jummy: look that up. kidd: larry wilmore has a new deal with abc. comedy central unexpectedly canceled "the nightly show" a few months ago. under the multiyear deal he will develop his own projects and supervise others, working with the studio to develop upcoming talent. he is one of the people behind "blackish," which he left to go do his own show that didn't work out. abc, happy to have him back. now, time for your 62nd express. >> three people dead, for children in critical condition. they were hunkered down in a 24-hour day care that was ripped to shreds.
6:57 am
ever seen. >> last night, multiple shots rang out. >> the discussions i've had with the president-elect have been enlightening. barry: 316 students temporarily bused to another school or two miles away. >> across town is niculescu. >> if you are a driver, you are not going to like it this morning.
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousa through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. as trump's team announces a deal to keep hundreds of jobs here in the u.s.


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