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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, for some time a break in the showers but it's still day outside. warm. humid. michelle: it's muggy out there. we could see more storms heading into tonight. the timing is critical for the commute. check this out. jonathan: we sped this up. michelle: you wish you could move this fast this morning. so much congestion and backup, a lot of folks taking it slow because the the rain was coming down heavy. jonathan: i wish the producer would have told me. i would have dramamine ready. the question is could wet roads and weather affect your ride home? stormwatch7 meteorologist steve rudin has the forecast. steve: wet weather is on the way. if you haven't been outside in the past couple of hours, it's humid and warm. the temperatures right now near 70 trees.
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front. head in closer. nothing severe. heavier rain showers at this hour. inside the capital beltway it's dry. you have to head north to rockville to see light rain at this time. around the 270 spur, the beltway. no problems at least right now. the wet roadways are in the forecast later to temperatures will fall in the 60's. period of rain. maybe you will hear an embedded thunderstorm or two. cooler temperatures on the way. we look ahead to the upcoming weekend. jonathan: this is view from mobiletrak7 on g.w. parkway heading to the beltway. we'll check the road conditions and the travel times across the area. jamie sullivan is joining us
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picture look at the afternoon ride. we'll have it in a few minute. last night severe tomorrows and possible tornadoes are blamed for killing at least five people across alabama and tennessee. big degrees were ripped out of the ground falling on top of homes and cars. this is near huntsville, alabama. if that wasn't much different really in tennessee, just across state lines. power lines twisted to the ground. this is just outside of chattanooga. we have much more of this video and the severe weather coming up for you. michelle: speaking of tennessee, firefighters are getting help from the rain. hitting the state as wildfires tear across gatlinburg. this dramatic video of residents escaping in time. 250 homes are destroyed. three people are killed. the next threat coming up. no matter where you go, take the weather app with you and download it from the google
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a councilmember is facing d.u.e. charges. michelle: it's not his first. we are learning more. brad bell has more. brad: there was some language there. this is his first criminal charge we are aware of. jamel franklin has had a clean record until but this happened a week ago. two vehicles totaled. two people were injured. the public is only finding out about it because our sources tipped us off. the crash happen mop night at 11:30. at dower house road. according to the state police, county councilmember jamel franklin in a county-owned car plowed in the back of the mercedes stopped at a light.
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injured -- mercedes was injured. franklin fled the scene. the trooper spotted him 70 yards away walking back toward the crash. he was taken into custody and brought to the state police barracks. according to the documents obtained by abc7 he had blood alcohol level of point 1.0, over the .08 legal limit. he is charged with d.w.i., d. u.i., causing a collision. cars were totaled. the man has back and neck injuries and the woman suffered a concussion and spent the night in a hospital. franklin was uninjured. we have called franklin pretty much all day long. multiple phone calls. he has not answered or returned our calls. a little while ago his lawyer issued a brief statement saying that this matter will be dealt with in court. just a very short time ago we had an taunt to speak to the
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two people injured in this crash. her comments will be coming up at 5:00. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: developing this afternoon, a martial arts ininstructor accused of assaulting a student. a 13-year-old girl told her parents that randon millir inappropriately touched her. they contacted police. millir worked in the 6300 block of columbia pike was let go from job and turned himself in. he is held also developing in prince george's, police are trying to figure out how a man died in the middle of the street. police received a call about the man this morning around 6:45 in hyattsville. when they arrived on the scene the man was unresponsive with trauma to the body. he later died on the scene. right now there are no strong leads or arrests.
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saeve evans turned himself in after they put the word out they were looking for him. they video of shooting a gun in the area where the teen was killed. he has not been charged with her death but has been for having a gun. murder at a manassas grocery store, a man gunned down outside the food lion in holy road last night. the police are looking for roberta brandon. we have the search happening for her. stephen tschida, what happened? stephen: well, jonathan, we ha all day. 20 minutes ago we got the latest from the prince william county police. we know that the change took place in front of the food lion. the victim was jacqui jeras -- the victim was jackson. and the shoppers in there were fearing an active shooter was inside the store. they panickedded. i created a lot of concern. at this time the search is on for the woman police believe
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it started inside the food lion around 7:00 last night. the altercation accelerate and moved outside the super market. the victim began fighting with a man and a woman. tonight they are looking for the woman whom they believe opened fire. 23-year-old roberta brandon of woodbridge. moments after the shooting brandon jumped in a vehicle and took off, sparking an intense search. brandon lives seven miles from the food lion in woodbridge. witnesses say she jumped in the car sand took -- car and took off. police don't know where she went. they are trying to track her down. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: a prosecutor in north carolina said the officer who shot and killed keith scott in september did
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scott to drop a gun before officer brent vincent shoots him. scott's family says he was unarmed but the surveillance video from a nearby store what you are looking at here shows the outline of what appears to be a holstered gun on his ankle. >> the victory and thank you tour begins tomorrow for president-elect donald trump. the president-elect cabinet is now the suspect of tonight's kenneth moton has more on the victory lap and the latest nominee. kenneth: trump is going to leave the great business in total for the children to run the country. this come's as trump fills key economic post. secretary of commerce, fellow billionaire wilbur ross.
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mnuchin. >> we will have the most significant middle income tax cuts since reagan. we will incorporate the child care program. so this is going to be a tremendous boon to the economy. kenneth: steven mnuchin praised trump's deal with carrier to keep a thousand factory jobs in indiana. v.p. elect, mike pence's home state. >> the president-elect and the vice president picked up the phone and called the c.e.o. of united technologies and told them we want to keep jobs here. i can't remember >> trump is expected to release the details in indianapolis thursday. it's the first leg of the thank you tour which ends later in the day in cincinnati, ohio. trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state. sitting down for dinner with mitt romney who once called trump a con man. reince priebus on fox news. >> when he makes a decision it's the decision best for america regardless of
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romney, senator corker, former c.i.a. director petreus and former mayor rudy giuliani. for trump's business, the house democrats are calling for congressial hearing to examine his potential conflicts of interest. jonathan: what would you do for access to trump on day one? michelle: donors are being asked that and some are willing to pay six or seven figures for upclose encounter with the president. q you can get for the money. that is a lot of cash. q: i'm talking about a lot of money. all five of the ticket packages right here. they are not cheap. these are the five packages for the 58 presidential inauguration, exclusive events now. what better place to get reaction what we found out to head to the site of the big show. capitol hill. >> how much do you think it would cost for one of the exclusive events? >> $2,000. >> higher.
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>> shoot high. i don't know. $5,000. q: multiply it by five. >> ridiculous. q: that's right. $25,000. >> that is a down payment for the house. q: they only go up from there. $1 million. >> disturbing. q: it's important to note traditionally presidents raise money to pay for their own inauguration. trump's team is million. president obama raised $50 million. >> a lot of money. >> it's a lot of people to house. you can feed a lot of people. q: there are five packages. the more you pay, the more exclusive the event. the million-dollar package gets you a candlelight dinner with president-elect donald trump and mike pence alone with the families. there is even a ladies lunchen
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>> you get to meet melania trump. >> sounds like a waste of money. >> or you can sit with president-elect trump or mike pence. >> barf. q: yeah. she is not happy. if you can't afford one of the five packages, don't worry about it. you can watch the swearing-in ceremony with the national mall for free. all you have to do is contact the local representative or senator's office. you can also watch it here on abc7 and newschannel8. they raise $75 million and trump says let's match it and donate to charity like the woman was talking about. q: big fan. michelle: that would be big league. jonathan: one quick party. q: yes. jonathan: wow! thank you. coming up next at 4:00, for us. a simple pair of sunday glasses broke a cold case wide open. michelle: plus, unexpected
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also this -- >> hateful and yeah, that really surprised me. >> sexist and hateful. just some of the language being used on dating apps. "7 on your side" with the new group of women becoming
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michelle: an update to a cold case that had gone cold until now. a long-time ben's chili bowl employee murdered. now police have their suspect. sam ford explains how a pair of sunglasses broke the case wide open. >> it was unbelievable to hear that he was gone. he worked that day. sam: recalling when timothy spiceer was killed. he worked from 16 to age 25 when he was sho outside anacostia metro station in november 2007. >> he loved his car with the dark windows. i guess he fought for it. sam: police announced they arrested three men for first-degree murder. the girlfriend of one lured him to the metro station to be carjacked. according to the court papers police had the car and one of the suspects in custody in 90 minutes of the shooting but only years later a cold case detective looking at cell phone pictures of the victim
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taken off the suspect. the case was on again. and witnesses and d.n.a., yesterday one suspect went through court, today two others. as ben's they were heart-broken over tim's death. on the wall of fame hangs his picture and a letter his mother wrote them after his death. he also had a 5-year-old son at the time. >> the son and the son's mom come annually on the little boy's birthday. sit here by the photograph. and have lunch. sam: many memori hard-working young man and his car. >> it meant everything to him. he loved the car. it was his pride and joy. every time he came down the alley, we felt like a jet coming down the alley. sam: in northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: good news from california national guardsmen. they the not have to repay the bonus money. the pentagon first ordered in to repay the enlistment bonuses. they worked out a deal to include funding in the
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the house and the senate are expected to sign off on this. michelle: facebook employees are apologizing to their big boss for deleting his posts. in two recent postings, c.e.o. mark zuckerberg responded to the controversy over the fake news spreading on facebook. but both were taken down because they thought they were fake news stories. the posts are now back up. >> abc7 is on traffic watch today. jamie sullivan has a look are we seeing green or red? >> more green than red. but in the red spots it's rough. water main break we start with. ninth street northwest. this is blocked off between emerson and faraguit street. before this point it's slow. richard reeve knows what i am
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us an update. richard: "slow" is the word. we are looking at the interloop. we are about to get on the 270 split. boy, boy, it's crawling. look here on the outer loop. they are not having fun. it is sprinkling but we have mostly dry pavement. back to you. jamie: 66 the commute right now with a little volume heading inbound. you can see that there are no crashes to report. we have one water main break crossing the american legion bridge. this is near where rich was. the nice thing is no big crashes right now. keep you updated. back to you. jonathan: anytime you add water to the mix when it comes to the commute it's a mess.
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steve: this is light rain but the heaviest rain won't come until tonight. we get everything out of here. tomorrow like anything happened. i like that. outside we go right now. i will show you the temperatures not so normal for the last day of november. looking at the 66 degrees at reagan national. just ht fredericksburg. cooler air north and west of us. we will feel it tomorrow. stormwatch7 satellite and radar. most of the wet weather west of us. we have a little bit of shower activity. midshipmen is wet -- middleburg is wet. if you head to tysons corner
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roadways. it's a busy area. congested this time of evening. this will advance tonight. i will show you the future cast to give us idea timing out when the showers and maybe a thunderstorm will arrive. moving through 4:00 this afternoon, there is the wet weather. heavier rain will arrive this is the best likelihood or the time period we may hear rumble of thunder. moving to the 11:00 hour and after midnight. it will begin to clear out. the skies begin to clear. that means the sunglasses for the day tomorrow. over night lows will fall in the 50's. eventually waking up to the temperatures tomorrow morning to be in the 40's. warm jacket. you will need that. once again, the sunglasses will make it feel nicer out there. here is your day planner for tomorrow.
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i will take you out to look at the ten-day outlook. the first seven for you. for the weekend, the upper 40's. then in the lower ''s on monday -- lower 50's on monday. the next ten days moving through. late next week, the temperatures for the daytime highs in the middle 40's. that is what we need to make it feel like the holiday season. michelle: next at 4:00, in th online world of dating, harassment is a growing problem. >> not every man harasses women. but every woman you know has been harassed at some point. michelle: the growing trend. vulgar responses to rejections and what a woman says to disrespectful suitors. >> there is a tornado right there. jonathan: deadly storms. coming up a look at the massive system creating more
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michelle: from tinder to, millions of people use apps to find love. jonathan: but "7 on your side" found an alarming number of women being the target of sexual assault online.
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have changed the way we date. but clinical psychologist say it also transforms the world of sexual harassment. >> the whole concept of people are too sensitive. i think people aren't sensitive enough. lisa: look at the messages sent to women online. ranging from you look doable to the more aggressive i want to get you accidentally pregnant. others too obscene to repeat. when men are rejected the vulgarity continues. one ma mod if you lost a little weight, sweethearth. 29-year-old alexandra says she receives messages while using the dating app. so e created a -- she created a site to publicly shame harassing suitors and she started a petition to stop harassing messages and pictures on social media. >> not every man harasses woman but every woman you know
4:27 pm
lisa: the pew research center reports 42% of women who online date have been harassed. while online, 26% of the young women say they experience stalking and 25% are targets of online sexual harassment. and the spillover effects from the online sexual harassment can be damaging to the victims. >> you feel afraid. you feel you can't go out into the cyber world without being harmed. victims should speak up and report incidents of sexual harassment. and refuse to tolerate it. jonathan: ahead at 4:00, he is the driving force behind decades of success on the force. meet our coach of the week. but first -- >> there is a tornado right there. >> it was huge. the moment the tornado touched down in alabama. now we are getting this drone
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. >> there is a tornado right there. michelle: it was a didly tornado outbreak overnight.
4:31 pm
four states. at least five dead, more injured in alabama and tennessee. stormwatch7 brian van de graaff shows how bad it is. >> there is a tornado right there. let's go. brianne: -- brian: from louisiana to tennessee, death and destruction. northeast alabama tornadoes ripped apart homes and businesses leaving animals to road the roads. killing three people in th trailer and critically injuring children at a daycare center. >> trees and some 18-wheel beds and things that were tilted over, near tilted over. brian: in mississippi, trucks and barns no match for strong winds gusting over 60 miles per hour. >> we are really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. >> i thought it was my time for a minute there. >> in tennessee, the storms turned deadly. this is as people began to get
4:32 pm
wildfires swept through a resort area. dollywood theme park spared for now and parton said in a statement she is praying for all the families affected by the fire. including those whose homes were gutted, the cars and the belongings scorched. the governor calling this the largest forest fire in a century. resulting in at least three deaths and forcing more than 14,000 to scramble for safety. this man still looking for his mother. >> she called me at fire. i told her to get out immediately. we got disconnected. brian: tennessee finally some relief for firefighters today as the first rain in nearly two months is beginning to fall. >> we are in a drought as well. the heaviest rain between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight. it's not all over the place
4:33 pm
this is the future cast. in terms of the temperatures. by temperatures in town to middle and 60's. look how it shades to lighter blue. when you wake up, you will notice noontime temperatures and brilliant sunshine many lower 50's. upper 40's in winchester, middle 40's in there is nothing like last year about the 30's. this is moving over the d.c. metro area. well, as quickly as it arrives it's out of here by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. winds change direction out of the northwest and bring a cooler day for tomorrow.
4:34 pm
of you planning ahead, mainly clear skies. recess, middle 50's. when the kids get out of school it's 55 to 56 degrees. talking about the ten-day outlook and the upcoming weekend. maybe you are going christmas tree shopping. what to expect with the forecast in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. did you see the fog? jonathan: cool. michelle: so it was thick out there but it caused problems for drivers. jonathan: great for photographers. lindsey mastis shows us the us on social media today. michelle: fog is instagram gold. lindsey: this is from the boat club high performance program. i love the caption. do you need to see more than ten feet past your bow? this emily. she took another photo from last night at the francis scott key bridge. another view of the bridge in the daylight. fog was everywhere. this is the picture captured in annapolis.
4:35 pm
videos and after seeing all of these i regret not pulling over last night on the drive home to take some pictures. it was beautiful. but nerve-wracking when driving through it. back to you. jonathan: thank you. you can share the weather picture with us by going to we share your pictures throughout the day and the newscast. they are proposing to require auto makers to put labels on the sun rises with the instruction on how to file safety complaints. nhtsa said it didn't have enough people to thoroughly analyze the 75,000 complaints last year citing a lack of funding. jonathan: sad day. the man who invented the big mac has died.
4:36 pm
mcdonald's quintessential sandwich. he was 98 years old. they sold it in union town 50 years ago. two all beef packages, pickles, onions, on sesame seed bun. the officials resisted the idea at first. didn't go nationwide until 1968. like he had to fight to get it done. michelle: wow! icon now. all right. fixture at american university for 28 years. the eagles volleyball coach has been the driving force behind numerous championships. but to some players he is more than a coach. he is a father figure. here is robert burton with the coach of the week. robert: barry goldberg built a volleyball dynasty at american university. >> back and forth. let's go. robert: 16 conference titles in 20 years. goldberg is reminded every day
4:37 pm
row of banners but he says this one isn't any old banner. >> you start in august training. we had three or four players coming back from the summer, having difficulties, personal or physical injuries. >> but the eagles flew through the adversity and the dominance continues. players say it's because coach barry plays more than the role of head coach. >> he is comforting. i will talk to him for hours. it feel like fiv by. it's really nice to have him. like an older dad, a decade dad here -- a second dad here. >> when they see i care more about them as a person volleyball goes a long way. >> sect father -- second father, coach, champion. >> to watch them grow up and
4:38 pm
it has been an exciting life for me. robert: i'm robert burton. jonathan: cool. good for him. congrats. michelle: absolutely. next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the goat gone viral. how the little guy is
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jonathan: life can't be easy being a goat. when goat is having a hard time being a goat. michelle: meet polly, the goat. she has severe case of anxiety. the owner found a way to help her cope. when nothing helped the owner put an old duck costume on polly. i was a joke at first but the next thing she knew the anxiety was gone and polly was happy. so was the internet. >> every day i get messages from battling depression or i am battling cancer. i look at your post every day. michelle: there was a goat in her arms. so still. she owns a farm with dozen goats all with a special need. jonathan: who knew that goats had special needs? cool.
4:42 pm
now he thinks he is a duck. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- funding in doubt for metro. d.c. wants to help. but maryland and virginia, they are not on board. the two big reasons why they are not ready to commit millions of dollars for metro. that's next. >> some neighbors say weekend traffic near the outlet mall can be a nightmare. i'm amy aubert.
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lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
4:45 pm
michelle: we are tracking breaking news to upper marlboro. police responding to a barricade situation. we have a reporter headed to the scene on westphalia as breaking and entering and the suspect is inside. as you can see in the picture here, it is closed down by police the roads there. as soon as we get more information we will pass it along to you. stay with abc7 for updates. jonathan: look at the tv now. this massive blaze is from a pipeline explosion near kansas city, missouri. that would be gas shooting out of the ground there. flames erupted in the sky like a massive inferno. people living nearby say they could see the flames from a
4:46 pm
explosion. it was a ten-inch line, a big one, carrying liquid propane buried underground. the pipeline was shut off and the fire was out in two hours. michelle: fidel castro's ashes are currently on their way to the final resting spot. it will be a four-day journey. people are lining the streets to sea the coffin holding his remains. as it is being driven to the city of santiago. the route traces in reverse the vic after overthrowing bautista in 13959. his ashes will be interred on sunday. entering the nine-day mourning period. jonathan: well, the new clarksburg outlets continue to draw crowds of eager shoppers this time of year. as our amy aubert explains some neighbors who live nearby describe the added traffic as a nightmare. amy: for some neighbors who live near the clarksburg
4:47 pm
always smooth sailing. >> bumper to bumper for hours. amy: john lived in the area for 11 years. >> just going anywhere is difficult. time consuming and frustrating. >> since the outlet opened he described the weekend traffic as a headache. >> our commute now instead of just seconds to 270 can be 15 or 20 minutes on saturday or sunday. >> this used to be two lanes the whole time. >> jeremy says on black friday, the traffic wasn't the only issue. >> we had so many on our doors saying can we give you $20 to park here? >> across the street from the outlet mall signs are posted warning outlet shoppers not to park here. others say so far they haven't had a problem. >> they are lane closures but right now it's okay. >> they are handling it.
4:48 pm
>> they released a statem aboutnologying traffic congestion -- statement and saying in park -- we are working with the officials, could have county police department, department of transportation and sate highway transportation and the maryland state police to organize, manage and ensure the optimal traffic flow to and from the center during the holiday season. some nabors hope it gets to a pace they are used to. >> you have to do what you have to do early or you are stuck in traffic. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: this morning transportation leaders met to discuss the funding and the future projects. the three jurisdictions are asked to contribute additional money to help close metro
4:49 pm
today, both transportation secretaries for maryland and virginia said that is unlikely to happen in the upcoming general assembly. >> i'm not sure it's a reasonable expectation. >> how do you get the confidence in the citizenry, the riders and the legislature to get the money. since paul wiedefeld took over as metro general manager. if you think about it, a lot has happened since his arival. we are in the 11 of the 15 surges. that is a system wide safety plan that began in june to repair and update the systems. wiedefeld is responsible for addressing the $285 million gap and the biggest sticking point in the plan laying off 18,000 workers and reducing
4:50 pm
time spent with metro today at the national press club. we have a look of what is coming up at 4:00. michelle: we needed the rain. rain totals were more than yesterday. steve: yesterday we only had a third to half an i believe of rain. now we increase it and more on the way. there will be more tonight. we are in middlet south and east. there is rain out there. much needed rain. but so far no thunderstorms. no lightning to worry about. don't be startled later tonight if you hear rumble of thunder and we are not expecting it to become severe. head in closer.
4:51 pm
for tots, the national harbor saturday from 11:00 until 3:00. temperatures are on the chilly side. that should put you in the holiday spirit. hope to see you down there. i'll be there from 1:00 to 2:00. temperatures are in the 40's. grab sunglasses. great weekend to buy that christmas tree. maybe chop it down yourself. we don't have snow flurries to make it look extra pretty but we'll take what we can ge saturday. introthe day on sunday. a quick look at the extended outlook. we have the temperatures to cool down for the weekend. warm it up briefly. another big cooldown late next week. jamie sullivan with a look at traffic. jamie: we are seeing heavy volume. we have the wet roads that you should expect. we don't have big accidents, though. behind me the american legion bridge shows you the volume. continuing on the inner loop heading north to 270.
4:52 pm
around? if you head north on 270, richard reeve has a great idea of what to expect in mobile track 7. rich? richard: that is right. take a look. we are only going 15 miles per hour. it is a slow go. the rain is starting. we are getting west pavement. folks should be very careful out there. back to you. jamie: one thing we are seeing is the be careful. still working on the water main break in the district. ninth street northwest is closed between emerson and faragaut street northwest. six hours is what they are saying. they don't expect it to be done until later. behind me, g.w. parkway, 66,
4:53 pm
same thing. we have the volume but no crashes. just wet roads. michelle? michelle: thank you. we want to go to breaking news in upper marlboro. police responding to a barricade situation. jeff goldberg just arrived on scene. what can you tell us, jeff? jeff: well, we can tell you that the road is still blocked off. this is westphalia road. we can tell a big police presence from the prince george's county police. we saw the helicopter flying above. all we know right now, not a call came in at 2:40 this afternoon for break and entering call. this is where the breaking and the entering call emanated at first. they are asking the residents to stay inside the home. however, no evacuations are taking place at this moment. we are waiting for the public information officer from the prince george's county police to give us more information.
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editions of abc7 news.
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diabetes dramatically affects people of all ages. 13-year-old danielle burns is top on the soccer field and in life. >> i think i'm a normal kid. i am. >> type i diabetes, known as juvenile diabetes. it stricks one in 400 children and can strike in adulthood. >> nobody 100% understands why the body does. it's not that someone ate too much candy and not enough broccoli. >> but they destroy antibodies to destroy cell making insulin. a hormone necessary to break down the food we eat in the bodies. recognizing the symptoms early can avoid serious complications. >> if a child starts to drink
4:58 pm
early on and get them to the doctor, the pediatrician or emergency room early in the course. >> daniel spent three days where he and his parents could learn to manage the disease for the rest of his life. >> the responsibility to keep himself healthy and alive each day is unbelievable. >> even though he has missed his share of the birthday parties and the sleep overs, he has an importa diabetes. >> just be yourself. don't think you are any different. than any of the other kids. >> for sinclair cares, i'm jennifer gilbert reporting. michelle: tonight a councilman in trouble with the law after a crash put two people in the hospital. abc7 tracking the hunt for a suspect after a fight turns deadly at a local grocery store. plus a sidewalk thief looking to strike gold.
4:59 pm
on and on. from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: it come to us from upper marlboro. there is a barricade situation and jeff goldberg just got to the scene. west failia at the intersection of darsy. a call came in at 2:40 this afternoon for breaking and entering at a home in upper marlboro. a suspect may be inside the home in question. the prince georges county police tell residents in the area not to leave the homes.
5:00 pm
here. i am told the prince george's county police will be providing update for us in the not too distant future. we hope to have information and bring it to you as we get it. larry: police say he crashed a car and then ran and now he is facing drunk driving charges. brad bell has details. brad? brad: brad: the allegations are serious. the only reason the public is finding out about it now is because sources tipped us off. jamel franklin was counsel chair and believed to have aspirations to run for hayer office. today he is laying low, not answering repeated calls.


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