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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here. i am told the prince george's county police will be providing update for us in the not too distant future. we hope to have information and bring it to you as we get it. larry: police say he crashed a car and then ran and now he is facing drunk driving charges. brad bell has details. brad? brad: brad: the allegations are serious. the only reason the public is finding out about it now is because sources tipped us off. jamel franklin was counsel chair and believed to have aspirations to run for hayer office. today he is laying low, not answering repeated calls.
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saying the matter will be addressed in court. the crash happened november 21 at 11:30 p.m. he slammed in the back of a mercedes stopped at this light on route 4. councilmember allegedly fled the scene. trooper report spotting him walking back. he was taken into custody. his blood alcohol just over the legal limit. the couple in the mercedes are banked up. >> they have significant injuries. mercedes and the rear end car is gone. >> this is the damage to the county-owned s.u.v. franklin was driving. he is charged with d.,i., d.u.i., negly jeny driving and causing -- negligent driving and causing a collision. >> our client it doesn't matter who hit them. they were injured coming home from a date night in d.c. something completely
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brad: all of our questions have not been answered. spokes penn is asking if we can submit them in writing. one question has mr. frank frank lost his county fleet privileges? we are waiting for the answers. we will let you know. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thank you. the murder of a long the time ben's chili bowl employee considered a cold case until now. police announcing they arrested three men for timothy spicer. the detective recently noticed a picture of the victim wearing sunglasses and connected the sun glasses to the ones worn by the suspects. michelle: 7 is on storm watch. we are finding out if it is affecting the evening commute. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin will tell us when
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area. steve: you have to give it another four or five hours and then it will be out of here. the heaviest rain north and west of d.c. that is good news for the busy rush hour commute. around the capital beltway it is relatively dry. at least right now. the wet roadways will slow things down moving through the evening hours. this will arrive later. it will bring us a chance for a rumble of thunder but more importantly much-needed rain. the temperatures in the 60's. michelle: stay connected with
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facebook and twitter feed. larry: this is a view from the nasa satellite of the smoke in georgia, north carolina and south carolina. last night a tornado tore through and we have look at the twister and the fires that are plaguing the reporter: heavy wind, rain, fire. wreaking havoc across the south. there is a tornado. a trail of destruction. there are thousands without power. more damage in mississippi. but no one killed.
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hurt tonight. it could be the other way. >> in tennessee -- >> nobody expected this. >> six people are dead. authorities blame mother nature and the wildfires. >> overnight eight fires before the rain arrived. >> we are experiencing small mudslide and rockslides. there is no longer the foliage holding everything together. >> if storm on the move to threaten areas tonight. the damage is done. the work won't be finished in quite some time. they do believe the worst is over with more rain in the
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but there is no timeline for when the residents can return home. michelle: the trump transition team named more members of the president elect cabinet today. wilbur ross will be secretary of commerce and steven mnuchin tapped as secretary of the treasury. mnuchin is already laying out some of the priorities for the new administration. >> we need to make sure that for the 21st centuries. we have the roads and bridges and the power grids and the infrastructure that support the country. michelle: this afternoon, two-time senate candidate and wrestling executive bill mcmahon spotted in -- linda mcmahon spotted in the lobby of trump tower. she wouldn't comment on what she met with president-elect about. >> trump did tweet he will leave the business empire
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trump said in the past he would shift control of the business interest to the three adult children. democrats re-elect nancy pelosi as the leader today. but 63 lawmakers supported ohio congressman tim ryan for the job. that is the biggest opposition for pelosi since she first took over the position in 2002. michelle: virginia governor terry mcauliffe was one of hillary clinton's biggest supporters in the presidential campaign. what does he thin northern virginia bureau chef jeff goldberg spoke with him today about that. and what could be in store for the trump administration. >> hope you had a good thanksgiving. jeff: despite his ally hillary clinton lost the election terry mcauliffe calling himself the eternal optimist
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>> i have known trump for 20 years. i have had dinner with him and played golf with him. when i run in 2009 he wrote me $25,000. trump has a plan to spend money on infrastructure. >> we love infrastructure. i take him at his word. trump is a deal-maker. so listen, i look forward to >> it was not all praise for the president-elect. mcauliffe is not a fan of the post-election twitter rants. >> put the twitter down. i don't know why he keeps doing it. >> especially one claiming voter fraud happened in virginia. >> something he should quit talking about. it embarrasses him and it's not good for democracy. jeff: governor mcauliffe said he has spoken to hillary clinton multiple times and for her it's a hard and a difficult time. he believes that hillary
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public office. michelle: maryland state senator curry is rescinded the general election. he cited the quote "petty political jockeying and deal-making involved in naming a replacement." larry: fairfax county martial arts teacher is under arrest for allegedly assaulting police say 27-year-old randon millir inappropriately touched a 13-year-old while she attended a summer camp in july. then he kept in contact with her. he is charged with sexual encounter with a minor. michelle: the police investigated a deadly shooting outside manassas grocery store. today we have new information about the suspect police are
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stephen tschida is live with the latest. stephen: i got off the phone 135 minutes ago and they tell us the one wanted in connection with the shooting sparked panic among shoppers inside the store. 23-year-old roberta brandon. they are looking for her tonight but they acknowledge she could be anywhere. group of acquainta the altercation accelerated. the victim, a man and a woman began fighting. they maintain 23-year-old brandon of woodbridge opened fire shooting 24-year-old jackson. he staggered back into the food lion and collapsed near the produce department.
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took place in the store rushed to back and huddled in fear. today we went to jackson's home. the neighbors who knew him didn't want to be identified. meanwhile after the shooting. brandon jumped in a vehicle and took off. another man arrested on the zone is cooperating with police. the food lion in woodbridge. investigators say she has connections across the metro area. they are having trouble tracking her down. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: sign up for breaking news alerts from abc7 at larry: new developments in a deadly police shooting.
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vincent acted lawfully. >> saying when the officer shot and killed keith scott did the right thing. officers say scott was armed when officer vincent shot him. surveillance video shows the outof what appears to be a holstered gun on his ankle. michelle: coming up at 5:00, the ntsb joins the investigation in the deadly plane crash in colombia. find out what the pilot told air traffic control moments before the p the government sticks of the board. we need to change it. >> this marks one year on the job. a look at the progress that paul wiedefeld hoped to make. >> commercial property in montgomery county. i'm kevin lewis with the details still ahead. michelle: but first, what this man grabbed before taking off
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michelle: take a look at this. a flaky character makes off with a bucket full of flakes. police in new york are searching for this man in the
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it contained a $1 million of gold flakes. they don't think he knew what he took at the time but they think he is hiding in florida. larry: britain's new five-pound note has been in the headlines for being able to play music or not fitting in certain machines. now vegans take issue with the currency. the notes known as the "fivers" is derived from an on the bank of england to change how the it is made. petition has more than 100,000 calling for a change. michelle: the strangest stories der rive from the bill -- derived from the bill. you saw the one where it played records and now this. larry: how much? here you go. this is what i owe you. michelle: still ahead for us, this story.
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businesses that don't clear the sidewalks in a timely manner. the commercial property owners will clear the si adjacent to the land. if they don't the code enforcement could issue fines up to $500 per day. >> some owners ignore the responsibility. >> the sponsor of the bill contend it's not a money grab but an incentive for the commercial property owners to
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the impact is substantial. the county has to come clear the property. >> residents support the legislation. if the residents do it, they should do it as well. >> it's convenient. small business owners might have problems with it. >> the transportation and the environment committee they hope it passes by mid-january. a soggy and a gray day outside. but no snow in sight. steve rudin has more. steve: imagine if it was cold enough to have snow. we had six inches of rain. chevy chase with ten-one ratio. it is not the case. all rain. half inch in german town and
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and .5 of an anymore bethesda. the last day of november. early spring. the further north and west we have temperatures in the 50's. cooler air tonight. around the right now it is dry. that will change by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. we have showers lifting toward the north and the east. leesburg with moderate rain. poolesville at 5:23. you have a heavier rain in your area. at the bottom of the hour georgetown and damascus you will see heavier rain moving overhead. midshipmen looking at the moderate rain -- middleburg looking at the moderate rain. the cooler system to bring us potential for thunderstorms later this evening.
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a lot. well south and west of us moving north and east. we are talking around 8:00, 79:00, 10:00 tonight. all of this is out of here by midnight to 2:00 a.m. the future cast. the stormwatch7 around the capital beltway. 5:00. most of the shower activity north and west of us. by 9:00 p.m., heavier rain from gaithersburg to eldersburg. the final line will push through tonight. then the winds out of the south will chan out of the west/northwest. that is going to bring the cooler, the drier air across the mid-atlantic. hour-by-hour for the overnight, the temperatures start off in the 50's by early tomorrow morning we are in the middle to the upper 40's. when you wake up, getting ready to go to the metro stop or take the dog out for a walk, have a warm jacket. sunglasses. something you haven't needed for the past couple of days. bright sunshine tomorrow morning. the sunshine great news.
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middle 50's by 11:00. lower 50's by 5:00 p.m. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7, the first seven will show the temperatures cooling down for weekend. great christmas tree shopping weather. upper 40's. late next week, finally core of much colder air on the way. that should get everyone in the christmas spirit with the daytime highs in the lower to middle 40's. nice treat today with the highs around 70. bye-bye to that. it's gone. larry: i never t this. it was almost too warm today. steve: humid. i took the dog for a walk and ohh! michelle: it will return tomorrow. thanks. larry: well, this weekend, join the abc7 team for a toy for to thes toy drive. we will be at the -- toys for tots toy drive. think about stopping by with a new unwrapped toy and say hi to us. michelle: developer based in japan bought fannie mae's
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the 60-year-old building to a shopping center. they are relocating to the former post office headquarters downtown. larry: from the court to the capitol. michelle: find out what brought a superstar to the hill today. larry: plus -- >> water is life. we must do everything in the human capacity to protect it. larry: protests spr michelle: but first, here is a look at what is coming up
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
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military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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larry: new developmentsments ine crash of a charter plane in colombia. moments before the crash the pilot said the plane was out of fuel and the electrical systems failed. 71 people includg when the plane crashed in a mountain side. six people survived. michelle: the f.b.i. says terrorist influences may have inspired the attack at ohio state monday. mike carter-conneen joins us from the once-in-a-lifetime with details we learn today. mike: investigators say a university police officer shot and killed 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan within two minutes of the attack. the somali-born student ran the car in a group of
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butcher knife. the officer who stopped him was already nearby responding to report of a gas leak. today the f.b.i. discussed the possible motive for the attack. >> all we know is we believe he may have been inspired by anwar al-awlaki and/or isis or isil. our investigation will determine that. it is too soon to draw any conclusions. >> he was a refugee who spent several years in pakistan before coming to the u.s. in 2014. this was his first o.s.u. enrolled in the business school. he injured 11 people. tonight three are still in the hospital. at the live desk, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: find out what smashed this fire in the middle of the night. michelle: later, a minor fender-bender escalates to something worse and it is caught on camera. larry: first after the fire, then the storms picking up the
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when the mayor thinks the when the mayor thinks the resort town c?? ?? ??
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well, this is still a very active scene live in upper marlboro, maryland, where you can see a strong police presence from prince george's county police.
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this started at 2:30 in the afternoon. the call came in for breaking and entering call. we are told a suspect may be inside a home. the residents in the area were told to stay inside their homes. no evacuations at this point. you can see plenty of people who live down the road, westphalia road are told not to go down the road. they are not allowed to go down. everybody is standing around bradley. you want to get home right now. you are hearing about the situation. what is your reaction to everything going on? >> what is my reaction? i'm ready to go asleep inside. i work all day. >> your sense of concern when you heard about a barricade situation, possibly firearms involved. we don't know that. this is happening. the police helicopter and the police presence, this is in
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>> throughout the neighborhood. >> thank you for your time. i'm told by the prince george's county police we should expect news from the public information officer at some point soon. obviously a lot of people waiting for more information. we are told this is active and it doesn't look like it's going to be wrapping up anytime soon. we will bring you updates as we get them. live in upper marlboro, maryland, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. first it was fires. now the threat of storms is raising concerns about the mud at least seven people are dead after wildfires destroyed hundreds of buildings in gatlinburg. thousands of others are displaced. the mayor says the town could reopen by the end of the week. justin hinton is there live with the latest on the developing story. justin? >> we would love to see the office complex.
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here. >> they aren't alone as the line to pass through the checkpoint to move deeper to gatlinburg road. a couple of minutes later and a thumbs up is a good sign. the wait on the other side is unknown. steve wilson knows first-hand what does. >> everything. >> that is his wife as they were leaving the gatlinburg home. >> only to find it gone the next day. everything. >> showing more concern for the people who have yet to find out anything. >> a waiting game all around for some news. any news.
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>> the mayor is telling people to be more patient. a little whale longer. starting tomorrow, they should have update for when folks can move in the home to survey the damage. tonight the curfew is in effect at 6:00 and it will end at 2:00 tomorrow. reporting -- at 6:00 tomorrow. back to you. michelle: thank you. larry: a massive fire from a pipeline explosion lit up the sky near kansas city, missouri. flames could be seen from they could feel the flame but they didn't feel the explosion itself. the ten-inch line buried underground and shut down. fire was out in a couple of hours. protesting against the pipeline through part of north dakota spreading to other part of the country. protesters are arrested after chaining themselves to con construction equipment in iowa. in north dakota, heavy snow didn't chase away those protesters who have been there for nearly five months now.
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engineer set up a deadline for protesters to leave the area. michelle: we have an update to the mysterious sheen on the potomac river. it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. the spokesperson for the d.c. department of energy and the environment says the 14-mile long plume still near the golf club. they believe it's made up of hydraulic fluid or some kind of lubricant. the source. larry: mayor bowser is heading to mexico city to talk about climate change with mayors of 40 other world citiesment on the've of her departure, they sat down with sam ford to say cities need to be in the forefront of the fight against global warming and other climate problems. >> the reason what i we focus on getting people out of the single occupant vehicles and
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important. >> this is the third day in a row in history. the heat that you have is the infrastructure. larry: bowser said she lobbied to attend the conference by the chair of the climate change leadership group. hidalgo visited d.c. two weeks ago. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- restaurant two wasn't born with a silver spoon but worked hard to get where he is today. >> you heard of the homicide unit. now they will start an enforcement squad. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, hear from a woman who wishes the stepdaughter was caught by police before it was too late. >> a site to see to believe.
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steve: let's talk about the weekend. it is almost here. great weekend to join us for toys for tots. 11:00 until 3:00. i'll be there. a lot of the stormwatch7 weather team will be there and your favorite faces on abc7 and newschannel8 will be there. buttal up. a lot of su and a lot of sunshine. grab your sunglasses. if you are chopping down the christmas tree, saturday, good
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comcast business. built for business. larry: back now with respects to james delegotti. you may not know hi know his famous invention. he developed the big mac at the mcdonald's franchise he owned in pittsburgh. his son said he ate one of the creations with two all beef patties, speccing sauce, pickle, onions on a sesame seed bun each week until he died at the age of 98. michelle: we launched a new series called "inspire" and we are featuring young people
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tonight proof tv can have a positive income on kids. meet a young man making his mark in the culinary arts world. >> i was younger and i would watch the cooking shows growing up. it was my window into the world. >> he is the sioux chef at washington, d.c. restaurant d.b.g.b. his appetite for a better life outside of the childhood neighborhood led him here. >> i grew up in a violent neighborhood. >> now he is really good at it. thanks in part to support from the career through culinary arts program. a non-profit that transforms lives through the culinary arts. his talents have been recognized by top chefs.
5:41 pm
family to complete college. >> cut below here. >> husband and the wife mean they lead locally and help the students land jobs at top restaurants. >> it is nice to see we can take someone who may have thought they didn't have a chance and turn them into a person that successful in the field. >> chef henson whipped octopus dish for us. now the joy of being a taste tester. >> that is amazing. michelle: that was delicious. he is active for the program that got him on the track for success helping other students and the internships. his ultimate goal is open his
5:42 pm
microphone that works. but he is an outstanding young man. he is just truly an inspiration to those who are surrounded by him. he has great energy. larry: so impressive. i am not a foodie. i'm impressed with people that can put it together. michelle: octopus. that is a first. larry: yeah. all right. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> said to the coach, i didn't say anything. build something i think. in my humble opinion. >> a redskins legend sto message for the coach and the players. >> if latest plan to get back to good. how metro plans to increase
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larry: covering metro tonight. a milestone for the transit system. one year ago today paul wiedefeld walked through the doors as general manager and sat down with brianne carter two days later to talk about the hopes for the job. today brianne carter checked back in with him on the agenda. >> it has been 365 days since
5:46 pm
metro. >> it includes shutting down the system twice. firing employees. launching safetrack. all hammering home the message to the employees and the riders that safety trumps service. now with safety still top of mind, the focus shifts to the riders experience and the responsibility. metro employees are accountable for improving the service through the measures of success. this is all part of the back wednesday which calls for cutting unplanned track delays by 50%. to do that, metro is saying they plan to have all of these, the 1,000 and the 4,000 series. the oldest and the least reliability off the system by the end of 2017. further communication, metro plans cell service along the eastern side of the red line and on the underground sections of the orange and the
5:47 pm
all of this is part of a larger effort to increase the reliability to turn plummeting ridership numbers around. >> if you knew then what you know now would you have taken this job? [laughter] >> uh, no, uh -- i have to look at my wife. close your ears. no, this is has been the greatest job i have ever had the opportunity to be. >> in northwest washington >> well, sign up for text alerts on metro from abc7 news. text metro to 43817. michelle: in 45 minutes you will have a chance to weigh in on the plans to expand expressway lanes along i-295 in virginia. the public hearing is 6:30 at the elementary school in alexandria. time for a check on the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. how is it going? >> a lot of volume out there.
5:48 pm
legion bridge. if you are traveling and the typically in the afternoon you see heavy volume you have it today. 66 along the capital beltway. you have it as you continue on the beltway closer here to connecticut avenue. you do get a nice break. past this point as you continue to silver spring. the water main break between emerson and farguat street northwest and it is closed. we started three hours ago they said it would take six hours before completion. we are looking fo big picture look to prince george's county not bad at all. the b.w. parkway though slowing heading south on the north closer to the beltway. 66 heading outbound. a lot of volume to the beltway and closer to fairfax. we have a break past that point. a look at traffic. larry: thanks. not something that you see on the road every day. a fender bender turning to road rage incident in the u.k.
5:49 pm
the driver of the flat bed truck gets back in his vehicle. and backs in the other truck. it gets better. minutes later he gets a shovel and smashes the window of the box truck. look at this. truck drive, not sure what caused this. >> we have a crazy video out of l.a. layer of action. you don't want to see. larry: who needs movies? >> this is time to talk about the lunch box weather. a lot going on. we have a great question tonight. this morning. earlier this morning, josh knight visited elementary school in alexandria for the lunchbox weather program.
5:50 pm
scenes video. he conducted weather experiments. then does the fun part. running kid cam and we have a weather question from brian romero. >> my name is brian. i'm a 12th grader. what is your favorite weather tool and why? favorite weather tools. what is your favorite and why? well, it depends what you are talking about exactly in terms of the weather tools. i like the technology tools that we have. so the stormwatch7 weather app and the weather apps are cool. you can track the storms and track weather warnings. all sorts of stuff. if it's hot out in the summer or cold in the winter.
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the stormwatch7 weather stick. this year we are forecasting possibly about 14 inches of snow. that puts it here. from here to here for the winter. we can deal with that. these items i love. michelle: last year it got a workout. larry: and compared to twice the last year. steve: too much. larry: thank you. what do you got for us? scott: i don't like the s word. "snow." i can stay a sidelines again with a shoulder injury. jay gruden said the final call for reed's status sunday in arizona may not be made until friday or saturday. if reed can't play for look for vernon davis to have a larger role against the cardinals. once practice was over. the players had a special guest in the locker room. hall of famer darrell green. a blast from the blast.
5:52 pm
there for us to look up to. >> the beloved hall of famer made rounds after practice. >> it feels good to be in the locker room. they can accept me or not. i know what i believe. >> green played 20 seasons for washington and helped the team win two super bowls. he likes the current team and has a message for >> they are building something special. the building blocks are the human beings. coach, you are building something i think. you are building something good here. >> what does it mean to hear? >> similarities between the teams he was on and the team we have now. >> green was the fastest
5:53 pm
>> are you still faster than the d.b.'s over there? >> pretty much. no big deal. they all know that. >> i withoutn't put it past him -- i wouldn't put it past him. it sounds fun. michelle: didn't even blink. larry: no. love it. a few championship rings. he like what is they are building. >> he can back it up. larry: thank you. nba superstar was in town today. michelle: find out why shaquille o'neal was hill to talk about serious business. larry: rat 6:00, a close eye on breaking news out of prince george's county. barricade situation. we have th stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up.
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jonathan: law enforcement officers on the hill. larry: shaquille o'neal was in town to discuss the officer charges to deal with impaired drivers. he took part in a panel discussion on new members of
5:57 pm
the police department in florida. >> cheryl conner reports this existed when she received a phone call that no parent wants to receiver. >> he looked at me and said, "she's dead." >> this is the survivor she was driving -- s.u.v. she was driving before it flipped and landed on the roof. the 16-year-old drank a combination of beer and vodka before driving to a party. >> her dad would say don't drink and drive. >> her parents wish she had a chance to get caught by police. now more drivers in fairfax county get behind the wheel drunk may get a lesson.
5:58 pm
>> eight fairfax county police officers and one supervisor are assigned to rotating shifts from 7:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. >> the d.w.i. enforcement squad went through extra training on how to spot an apparent driver. >> it could be weaving or driving at night without headlights >> her stepmom started to volunteer with mothers against drunk driving. >> i have had huge men and hug me. >> a hug felt with remorse is what she never felt from her stepdaughter. cheryl conner, abc7 news. maureen: breaking news in
5:59 pm
we are following reports for an hour and a half that a suspect inn a home breakup barricaded himself inside a home. jeff goldberg is on the scene. jeff? jeff: this is active scene. you can see the prince george's county police has the road closed. this starte the call came in to 911 for a breaking and entering. they have told residents to stay inside the home. no evacuations are taking place at this moment. but there are plenty of residents who live on the street who cannot go home. they are awaiting as the active scene continues to fold. we'll follow it to bring you
6:00 pm
maryland, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. we are on storm watch. stormwatch7 meteorologist steve rudin joins us with what we can expect tonight. steve: the last day of november. a cold front north and west that will sweep across the area this evening. then we are dealing with heavier rain across south montgomery county near the reston area. nothing that is going to become severe. don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder moving through the evening


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