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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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speaking while facing a judge. he allegedly walked in the comet ping pong yesterday intent to rescue child sex slaves. universities say he told them -- investigators says he told them he drove to washington after reading a story online about "pizza gate." it's a fake news story circulated in the presidential campaign alleging a link between hillary clinton and child sex ring run out of comet ping pong. >> they're lying. what people are saying. you know, it's not the truth. >> a restaurant employ the restaurant when he heard three loud bangs. he ran back in to comet ping pong and saw welch. welch wavered an assault rifle at -- welch waved an assault rifle at him. prosecutors claim welch fired three times in the restaurant. everyone got out safely. the charges also state that welch told investigators he had an assault rifle and a handgun on him. now as far as the fake news
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in on it today. a spokesman calling the fake news syndrome cor roseive for the country -- corrosive for the country. welch will be back in court on thursday for another hearing. we may hear more on what motivated him then as well. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the other big story we're following is a drastic temperature drop. a lot of rain headed our way. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the chans we hope the rain will stay rain. doug: yeah. there is no reason to believe it won't stay all rain. temperatures are not coming until friday and saturday. a lot of days to go. we will find rain, all rain and maybe, just maybe touch of sleet in the far northwestern part of the viewing area tomorrow morning. here is the story. you look at the radar. it is moving in. the heaviest rain in georgia, alabama, from a gulf coast system that is going to spread up the the east coast in the next 24 hours.
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pickup time. cloudy and 37. recess time, lunchtime, dismissal time. most of the afternoon and the evening will be rain. rain could be heavy at times in spots. by the time it ends maybe up to an inch. we need the rain. here is the timing according to the future cast model. 9:30 moving south and west. the yellow areas will designate where there are heavier downpours and an idea where it may happen. anyway you cut it, it will be a cold day with rain. plan on that. plan on impacts in traffic. but it will quickly clear out late tomorrow night. wednesday, back in the sunshine and a warming trend. we will talk about the cold air and the next ten days coming up in a bit. alison: thank you very much. other news now. a republican lobbyist has added $5,000 to a reward for information leading to seth rich's killer bringing the total amount offered to $130,000. a democratic staffer rich was shot in northwest d.c. in
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fought back in a robbery. meanwhile, demands for justice today from the widow of a store clerk beaten to death early saturday morning in spotsylvania. >> i hope he gets the electric chair. i don't feel sorry for nobody like that. i hope he gets the death penalty. maureen: the -- alison: the arraignment held for washington, the police say used lumber to kill the clerk. supposed to celebrate the wedding anniversary next week. jonathan: president-elect donald trump is tapping a former rifle for a cabinet job -- a former rival for a cabinet job. he is nominating neurosurgeon carson. carson was one of the first to throw his support behind trump when he ditched the efforts to become president. democrats are slamming the nomination saying carson has no relevant experience.
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to filling half of his cabinet. he continues to hold meetings at trump tower. today he discussed climate change with al gore. the former president vice called the meeting interesting. alison: the president-elect will meet with another critic tomorrow in d.c. mayor muriel bowser arrives at trump tower. d.c. bureau chief sam ford tells us what is on the agenda. sam: with mayor bowser going to trump tower to see trump, what should she talk about wi >> definitely housing and education. >> i'm sorry, i'm quite pessimistic about the whole thing. i wish her well. it would be nice if something good came of it. sam: opinions varied as did the surprise some registered that the meeting was taking place. bowser's office released a
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sam: this contrasts with mayor bowser in trump's campaign who called idiotic the statement that mexican-americans were rapists. while she attended the ground-breaking for the d.c. hotel in 2014, she skipped the opening last month saying it was a campaign event. hours after trump's victory, she lamented what it meant for the d.c. obamacare. >> they want to repeal obamacare. that has an impact we have stood up. healthcare benefit exchange that has federal funding and other implications. sam: this is not the first time that heavily democrat d.c. lived with a republican congress and republican president. bowser looks forward to sharing her priorities with the president-elect and seeing d.c. continue to grow. reporting from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news.
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coverage of tomorrow's meeting. watch for d.c. bureau chief sam ford live reports from new york starting tomorrow at abc7 news at noon. more signs that donald trump's son-in-law may have a job waiting for him in the new administration. cnn is reporting that ivanka trump and her husband are house hunting in the d.c. area. her husband played an important behind the scenes roll in trump's campaign. to get a job in the administration he will have to navigate complicated jonathan: the michigan republican party has appealed a federal judge's ruling to hope to stop a state wide recount. it began a few hours ago. green party presidential nominee jill stein is defending recount efforts in several states. >> the outcome will be we have an election system we can trust. that is our first and foremost contention here is to verify the vote and ensure we have accurate, secure and a fair voting system.
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hillary clinton each lost 20 votes in the six counties that finish recounting the ballots. a total of 20 each. stein filed a federal lawsuit in hopes to get a statewide recount in pennsylvania. alison: just ahead at 6:00, why someone parked a gondola outside the d.c. government's headquarters. >> new proposals that cowell impact how fast you can drive. just how low will the speed limit go? more on that coming up. complication in recovery efforts in the devastating fire in oakland. while the whole neighborhood is spending the night without while the whole neighborhood is spending the night without power. c'mon in, pop pop!
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alison: in the meantime, president obama offered condolences to the loved ones killed in the fire. they have identified 33 of the 36 bodies recovered so far. tonight power has been cut to hundreds of nearby homes and businesses to allow workers to disassemble part of the building in their recovery effort. jonathan: a long-running dispute over the dakota access pipeline shows no signs of ending. this weekend, the army corps of engineers denied the permit
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reservoir. standing rock sioux says the vic forry may be short-live -- victory may be short-lived with president obama about to leave office. >> it's too much of a risk to the drinking water, to thousands of people. too much of a risk for the sacred sites all along the route in area. too much of a risk for us as a planet. jonathan: the trade association representing oil and natural gas company called for the inco decision on january 20. until then, obama administration said it will work on an alternate route for the pipeline. a call for help tonight from the groups that place holiday wreaths on arlington national cemetery. they do it every year. wreaths across america is the group. they are pushing back the deadline for donations until december 14. that is in part because it's 15,000 wreaths short.
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alison: coming up next at 6:00, a push to lower speed limits across montgomery county. why police are saying those behind the plan need to put on the brakes. jonathan: first, get the winter coat handy. when the bottom will find out on the mild temperatures and the rain coming between now and then. alison: here is a look at what the "good morning washington" team is working on for tomorrow morning. >> thanks, alison. washington," it's one of the hottest holiday gifts for kids and almost impossible to get your hands on. but why some say it doesn't live up to the hype. jonathan: be the first to see "rogue one" in imax 3d. >> tell me you have a backup plan. jonathan: all this week watch for your chance to call in and win tickets. >> plus, stick with us for
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jonathan: check this out. unusual sight this morning. following the morning commute. but look what felt off a truck. a gun. big gun.
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it was part of a convoy leaving for quantico. the wreck shut down southbound lanes for hours and launched a cannon in the woods. jonathan: no serious injuries reported but took a while to get it back up and running. unusual situation in montgomery county. police are speaking out against a push to lower speed limits around the county. they don't want them lowered. abc7's transportation reporter brianne carter explains what is being proposed and why police say it's >> the slow drivers down is a problem. brianne: lawmakers are looking at speed limits on some roads. how slow will you have to go? one bill set to be introduced in the upcoming general assembly would call for a drop from 0 to 25. on roads where no speed limit is posted. it would make this road 20
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low a speed study would have to be done. >> 20 miles per hour would be the exception to the rule. it won't be the everyday rule. brianne: lawmakers were originally looking forward to put a third deal and lower the speed limits around schools to 135 miles per hour. after discussion including -- to 15 miles per hour. but after discussions including some with police it's off the table. the captain said 15 miles per hour wasn't realistic. people are able to run faster than that. so today we tried to put it to a test to see how difficult it is to low of a speed. >> the police department is not out to enforce speeds that are unreasonable and unrealistic. you can weigh in on proposal at a public hearing wednesday night. the general assembly will have the final say when they take up the bills in the upcoming legislative session. in rockville, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: take a look at this. gondola in front of the wilson building. it's part of a full-scale
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council to fund the gondola to connecticut -- to continue arlington and georgetown. the d.c. council signed off on a study but they have not committed to the project. it could cost up to $90 million. life is returning to normal for one of the most famous resides enclosure after emergency surgery. they are closely watching his diet to avoid a food blockage that threatened his life. jonathan: bei bei looks big for 15 months old. one producer said he is fat for a panda. he is overweight. they are trying to reduce his weight. alison: he gets sweet potato. doug: maybe if they steamed
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to digest. alison: good point. doug: works for broccoli. alison: weather wise, a cold bottom dropping out. doug: we have wintry temperatures and precipitation. and we need it. tomorrow is just cold, miserable day. we get them around here this time of year for the weather pattern. tonight the temperatures will drop through the 40's. overnight it will be lower probably in the 30's in the suburban areas by morning. western zone and colder temperatures north and west. we are talking about the wakeup in frederick, 32. hagerstown is 35. martinsburg is 33. it's these areas well north and west of the metro there could be sleet where the precipitation begins in the morning. majority of the area, metro points east and south will have all rain all the time. the wake untemperature is 40 in the -- wakeup temperature is 40 in the city.
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on the bay, the temperatures are around the 40's. to low 40's early in the morning. the heaviest rain is well downstream. but it will move northeast steadily. overnight tomorrow and it looks as though the future cast shows the leading edge of the rain will get in the metro area sometime between 9:30, 10:30 tomorrow morning. notice on this map, areas of purple indicate most likely spot for sleet. even in those areas i think much of an impact. plenty of rain through the midday and the afternoon. it could be heavy at times. it will move out. clearing overnight tomorrow. wednesday is back to sunshine and moderate temperatures. as far as how much rain, this is the projected. some see .8- .9 of an inch across most of the area. it will whittle away the deficit. we are almost under 6.5 inches
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that is a step in the right direction. the next event is a strong cold front on thursday with showers. then turn to much colder weather behind there. look at friday. highs only 38 with the gusty winds and the lower hims. -- and the lower temperatures. monday we will get to about 52. another system could head our way tuesday/wednesday with a chance of showers followed by another downturn of temperatures. that is the latest. let's start with the good news. robert: let's start with baseball. is it good news? i don't know. it is for one guy. coming up in sports, wait until you hear what bryce harper is asking for. jay gruden addressed his reported tirade from sunday
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robert skins drop another to the cardinals last night. falling to 6-5-1. we saw in the post game press conference jay gruden was not a happy camper. he reportedly let the players know in the locker room after the loss. reports say he let the team have it after a slow start on sunday. he was asked about the tirade today.
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i would call it urgency more than anger. i don't think it's that much difference after a loss. make sure we clean up some things and check things. we are not out of the woods yet. long way to go. one game at a time. take the next days of the preparation for the eagles very, very robert: now that the redskins are on the bubble, do you think they will make the playoffs? to vote go to looks like the no are in the lead at the moment. the winter meetings began at national harbor. news from that. the closer melanton signed a deal with san francisco. speaking of deals, get a load of this one. bryce harper is reportedly asking the nats for $400
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yes. it looks like the nats are preparing to be without the former m.v.p. according to "usa today" the nats are balking at what hyper is allegedly asking for. i would be the major league first $40 0 contract. a couple of final notes. the capitals host sabres tonight at 7:00 while the wizards are in brooklyn. $400 million. jonathan: haven't gotten to the world series and not out of the first round of the playoffs but $400 million. robert: $340 -- 40 million a year! doug: the sun will come back on wednesday. it will be near wednesday. a stronger cold front on thursday will lead to colder weather for friday into the weekend. steve will talk about that and have more on the timing of the rush hour and the rain
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contract is something like that. jonathan: "world news tonight"
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tonight, breaking news. the bombshell inside the courtroom. the south carolina jury, and what they revealed a short time ago, after a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man in the back as he ran away from the scene. what happened inside that jury room. new reporting in the deadly california inferno. at least three dozen trapped and killed. an what the stairwell inside was made of. how so many were instantly trapped. the punishment. tonight, the father who left his boy to die in a hot car. what the judge says to the father in that courtroom. and you'll hear it. the shooting in the family pizza restaurant. the shooter with an ar-15, suddenly firing. authorities now say he came after reading a fake story news story involving the election. and, the nfl star.


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