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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. doug: we are on storm watch. winter officially doesn't begin until two weeks from today. somebody forgot to tell old man winter that. we are getting a taste of winter tomorrow and especially on friday. the story, a little disturbance will move overhead tomorrow. clouds will increase tonight ahead of the system. it passes overhead tomorrow morning some computer modeling suggesting there could be scattered rain showers with we especially south of the metro area. other areas will start the day with sunshine. through the day tomorrow, everybody will get in on the sunshine. the cold front comes through later tomorrow evening and that is going to sweep through just with a few gusty winds. a definite drop in temperatures. the bus stop tomorrow will look like this. cloudy in morning. 36 degrees. 42 at recess time. 46 at dismissal time. again, a few morning showers, a few wet flakes, especially south of washington. then as we look ahead to the
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everything wind chills are in the low to mid-30's. overnight tonight, in the morning hours of friday, it will feel like the teens in most areas. the weather will stay extremely cold. right into this upcoming weekend. just a quick note on the current temperatures, single digits and teens in the upper midwest. all the cold air is headed here. we look at the next ten days and what it will bring up in the next ten minutes. jonathan: we'll check back with doug at 4:15 or sooner the first to get updates when you want and wherever you are, just download the stormwatch7 weather app from google play or from the app store. alison: we have breaking news out of tennessee where charges were filed in the deadly wildfires. at least 14 people were killed. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. even more damaged. tennessee attorney general announced two juveniles now face criminal charges. we will have an update on this as soon as more information
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michelle: the ntsb is revealing more about that deadly bus crash in baltimore. this was the scene november 1 when a school bus slammed into a car and then into an m.t.a. commuter bus. the school bus was going nearly twice the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter is in the newsroom with what was revealed today about the school bus driver's medical history. brianne? brianne: we have learned the driver of the school 67-year-old glen chappelled a his -- had a history of crashes and seizures. he had been involved 132 crashes in the -- 12 crashes in the past five years. he was going 57 miles per hour when the bus he was driving struck the mustang on november 1. the speed limit along the stretch of frederick avenue in baltimore is just 30 miles per hour. we do understand the driver was driving the school bus for
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held a contract with baltimore city public schools. the report says a week before the crash paramedics have been called to the company because chappell was exhibiting seizure-like symptoms. at the time of the crash there was also a teacher's aide on the school bus. more on what the teacher's aide told investigators coming up at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: that is scary. the party at m.g.m. national harbor starts tomorrow night at 11:00. as big as the event will be in prince george's county people one big night. they are expecting to hit the jackpot. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live at national harbor with a look at the potential economic impacts down the line. they are hoping to hit the big. brad: yeah, you know what? that is why the politicians rolled the dice on this. they wanted to bring this casino in. this week we have taken you on a tour of this facility. we have talked about concerns about traffic. now it's time to get down to dollars and cents.
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if it succeeds a in a tight economy as predicted the m.g.m. national harbor resort and casino promises to bring a windfall to state and local coffers. already 3,900 people have been hired for newly created permanent jobs. >> these are people buying housing. good paying jobs. $60,000 and up. brad: rushern baker says the real money comes when the state starts to collect the 41% of the take from slot machines games. amounts that will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year and must go to the education trust fund to support public schools. additional money goes to localum pact grant -- local impact grant and horseracing industry. prince george county expects direct payment of $35-$41 million per year. >> we have already slated 50% of those dollars have to go to the k-12 and the community college.
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harbor is expected to spur new development. ahead -- the head of the resort says m.g.m. pledged millions in charitable giving each year. >> when we come into communities, we are just not another business. we will be a partner. brad: now let me give you one more number about this economic growth in this part of prince george's county. so we are in national harbor now. the casino is there. the outlets are farther up the hill. 10,000 people are employed. when we come back at 6:00, we will have more on the story. including talk of a possible additional sports landmark in this region. we will tell you what it may be at 6:00. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. stay with us to lead up to and through the opening tomorrow night. we'll have team coverage all
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alison: also developing this afternoon, the all-clear was given before 2:00 in upper marlboro after the courthouse and a nearby daycare were evacuated. a suspicious package was found in the area. children were taken to a nearby fire station there. richard reeve was on the scene. rich, really tense moments for a good part of the afternoon there. richard: yeah, a stress. and a difficult afternoon for hundreds of people. this whole area filled with evacuees. there was a suspicious pack knowledge their midst. then they heard the words "code red." skytrak7 high above as an urgent evacuation ordered from the courthouse, nearby daycare and businesses along main street. dozens of county employees given the code red to get out. workers, civilian and children. >> you hear about the different things on the news or whatever. you never want it to happen to your own child. dropped everything i did. i came over here.
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>> moments before a trio of k9 security dogs detected something suspicious about a package on a delivery truck. a truck not familiar to courthouse security officers. >> we have some a surety of the trucks we see all the time and sur ray that we know who they are and what they are. this is not that. it was a little ankst. richard: authorities went on high alert and activated the bomb squad and x-ray techs. getting the building cleared evacuated like that for an emergency in the middle of the work day? what is it like? >> it's hectic. you don't know what is really going on. you have to keep the children calm. they were nervous. richard: finally the all-clear. the package was innocuous and everyone was safe. better safe than sorry. authorities still not telling
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you know. live in upper marlboro, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. as the trump transition continues we are learning there may be more to the call between trump and taiwan's president than what trump tweeted about. work on this started long before election day. and former senator bob dole worked on behalf of the taiwanese government. according to the "new york times," the call not only shatters decades of diplomatic protocol but raises questions about taiwan relations with the u.s. through a seasoned lobbyist. it raises some concerns about future u.s.-china relations. meanwhile for those hoping for a spot in the president-elect cabinet, not much real estate left. a few slots left. retired marine general john kelly is reportedly his pick for homeland security. lana zack has more as we are now six and a half weeks away
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>> i delivered to the president-elect and his senior adviser and chief of staff a letter signed by 14 mayors that put together from across the country. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel is hoping that president-elect donald trump will protect up documented students whose parents brought them to the u.s. >> they are trying to achief the american dream. no fault of their own their parents came here. they are something we should hold up and embrace. lan ab: cabinet picks. >> they have spoken several time since the face-to-face oval office meeting after the election. >> the president-elect promising he will announce more cabinet positions soon. sources say the president-elect is likely to announce retired general john kelly as the head of homeland security. >> i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the all-time great cabinets that has been assembled in the nation's history. >> mr. trump says he narrowed the choice for secretary of
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meanwhile, the president-elect was named "time's" person of the year, an accolade he told nbc he celebrated. >> it's a great honor. it means a lot. especially me growing up reading "time" magazine. it's a very important magazine. reporter: the president-elect will travel tomorrow to iowa and he has announced the intention to make the long-serving governor there the next ambassador to china. in northwest, abc7 news. alison: so let's what you just heard. donald trump earning the cover of "time" as person of the year. michelle: it's not the first time he has been the "time" cover story this year. jonathan: no. the first two were not flattering. look at this. you can probably bet that "time" wasn't thinking that trump would actually win person of the year or just a few months ago maybe not win the presidency. check out the cover of an august issue showing trump in a meltdown. that was followed by the cover in october which said, "total meltdown." michelle: trump mentioned he
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i wonder if he read the prior issues. jonathan: he didn't tweet about it. maybe he didn't. i'm not going to read the magazine anymore. alison: back at home we want to talk about d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she broke ground on redevelopment project in ward five today on north capitol street. as bureau chief sam ford reports thousands of jobs are promised with brand new affordable housing options. but not everyone is excited about the sam: they crowded in among the mcmillan silos to launch 25-acre, $720 million develop development. >> i have literally driven or walked or been driven by the site just about every day of my life. sam: the mayor was quoting her mother. >> "when are they going to do something about that place?" one, two, three. sam: today they did.
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did the ceremonialground breaking to concert what -- ceremonial ground breaking. build in 1905, the city used sand to filter the water supply. it was part of the army corps' duty but the corps started to use chemicals for the process in the mid-1980's so it just sat here. the city bought it. for the neighbors including those across the street there is no >> keep it like it is. keep the land like it is. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> why not? >> traffic. the traffic is horrible now. imagine more people shopping, living, whatever. a horrible idea. sam: there are lawsuits but the developers seem confident. sam ford, abc7 news.
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starbucks massive expansion. that makes you happy. we have that ahead. michelle: you may be decorating for the holidays. you won't believe how many people get hurt every day. plus the number one thing you can do to stay safe this holiday season. jonathan: bottled water in short supply. the oil to boil water in one of the biggest county and the issue that started the major inconvenience ahead. more than 2,000 service men and women died in hawaii. today we remember them. coming up, i have sights and the sounds of today's pearl
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jonathan: 7 salutes as we get a look at upen vessels damaged in the -- sunken vessels harbor. they sent an expla -- pearl harbor. they sent an exploration dive. the sub showed years of rust. one as you can see has a massive hole in the side of it. unclear if that is from years of at the bottom of the ocean or perhaps that was where it
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alison: above ground, jets were flown and in a missing man formation in a moment of silence. vice president elect mike pence shook hand with veterans at the ceremony at joint base pearl harbor. more than 2,300 people died in the attack in 1941. december 7, a date that will live in infamy. that is how f.d.r. announced to the nation that japan attacked pearl harbor. michelle: as you mention, alison, it has been 75 years to the u.s. servicemen. jonathan: here the world war ii memorial is where those who fought and died is being remembered today. q mccray is there. you got to meet a survivor of the attack? q: i did. his name is jack. 75 years ago today he was in hawaii when the bomb exploded. today he was in washington, d.c. at the world war ii
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they are here to honor people like mr. hugman, people who fought and sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom on the day. it was some ceremony to say the least. heartwarming as well. they sang "the star spangledded banner" and played "taps" for those who died on that day in the surprise attack. in all 2,403 american heroes died. more than 1,000 others injured. the crowd here to honor and president bush and john mccain. >> many american families were changed that day. many endured the pain of separations from loved ones. many suffered the pain that time never completely heals. the loss of children and parents and siblings. q: president-elect donald trump also marked today's 75th
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"today we are the bearers of the torch of freedom. these brave americans passed on to us. in honor of their faithfulness and for the sake of generations to come, we will never allow that flame to be extinguished." now when i started this live report i talked about mr. jack hugman. i am working on his story for you and we'll have it for you in the 6:00 hour. until then, that is the latest here live from the world war ii memorial. i'm q mccray. back to you in the studio. the report. thank you. first lady michelle obama is participating in the annual toys for tots toy drive. today she dropped off some toys and helped collect at joint base anacostia boeing. abc7 is also helping in the effort to collect toys. if you can't make it to a toy drop site, send one to our studio. just six days left. go to by december 133 -- december 13 to donate.
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jamie sullivan has a look at the ride home. it's dry out there, not the terrible situation we had yesterday. jamie: it was rough. yesterday we had so many accidents popping up. today is just the delays. heading outbound on kenilworth avenue, 14 miles per hour. that is the average. as we pull out a little bit, 395. i want to show you a live look past the pentagon where you have some of the heavy volume heading south. moving well in the h.o.v. lanes. northbound no delays getting into town. i will say the capital beltway, we both directions through college park south to greenbelt. talk about the slowest spots right now. northbound d.c. 2395. 11th street bridge, b.w. parkway is 22 minutes as the average. just under 30 minutes on the inner loop from the 270 spur to 95. outbound on 66 from the beltway continuing to the fairfax county parkway. just under 30 minutes. so we have slowing out there. a live look shows you 270 near grady grove road. boy, what a difference a day makes. >> it does.
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weather changes caused by a strong flow of winds in the upper level of the atmosphere. we will continue to see that. it's partly sunny and northerly winds at 8. clouds roll in the area tonight. tomorrow morning, i will tell you about in a second. temperatures will start the drop in the low 40's by 9:00. most areas will wake up to the temperatures in the lower to the middle 30's. also we will wake up to the west. temperatures are slightly colder. this area is expected to be might have sunshine there when you wake up. 31 in berkeley springs. 33 in hagerstown. 32 in national football leesbur. the local wakeup temperature is lower 30's. 30 in college park. 32 in burtonsville. fairfax is 31. 308 in southern prince county. what is the possibility of snow tomorrow morning? it's there. a small chance. we think most of the area will
4:22 pm
there is a chance. maybe a 30% chance of rain showers with a few wet flakes mixed in south of the metro area briefly in the morning. drier air will come in and we should get back to the sunshine. tomorrow night is when the strong cold front arrives. winds will pick up a bit. these are the direction of the winds coming from the northwest. bringing this cold air mass from canada through the high plains to the great lakes in our area through friday and saturday. we will have the wind chills in the teens. cold weekend. rain or snowshower late saturday or sunday morning. i don't think it has the impact because we have middle to the end of next week. we will have a colder air mass than the couple of days. we settle in for a long stretch next week and weekend.
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at abc7 news at 4:30 -- bottled water flying off the shelf after a boil water issue in part of the county. >> i wouldn't be as stressed but i don't want them getting sick. jonathan: the problem that is prompting the order and how the families are coping coming up. >> how dangerous can these be? i'm scott taylor. coming up, "7 on your side" helps you stay safe wile you
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jonathan: 'tis the season to do holly decorating around the house. michelle: if you are not careful, all the efforts can turn dangerous. alison: scott taylor has a holiday alert that could save your life. scott: who one will forget the fire that killed a family of six in annapolis when a corroded electrical floor outlet sparked a ch according to the consumer product safety commission last year, 14,000 people were injured nationwide due to accidents with holiday decorations. that is 230 injuries per day. lacerations are the top decoration-related injuries. >> so if you are going to purchase holiday decorations and you have small children in the home, we urge you to opt
4:27 pm
resistance. >> that is a concern, right? >> that is a concern. it could present a fire hazard. scott: consider trading in the christmas candle for battery operated ones with no flame. 41% of holiday injuries involve falls. if you are going all natural on the tree, our experts at the meadow farms in vienna, virginia, have the number one safety tip to prevent a fire hazard in your home. >> get a fresh cut on the bottom. 1.5 to 3 inches off the bottom. take your tree home and put it in water right away. that will allow the tree to remain hydrated. scott listen -- scott: the last tip. before you buy, run your hands through the branch of the tree. if you get a lot of needles falling off, buy another tree and keep it watered. scott taylor, abc7 news. michelle: next at 4:00, maryland governor larry hogan
4:28 pm
how much time off he wants residents to get if they need it. that is coming up. >> of course, the grocery store is busy this time of year. but not usually this busy for this reason. i'm jeff goldberg. i will tell you what it's all about coming up. alison: new at 5:00 -- >> the national park service throwing up obstalls to protest around the
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: new at 4:00, maryland governor larry hogan wants all working marylanders to have sick leave. he announced he will introduce a paid sick leave law requiring businesses with 50 or more employees to offer five paid sick >> employees without the benefit are sometimes faced with hard choices about the health and welfare. like whether to risk showing up to work sick or not receiving a paycheck. michelle: businesses with less than 50 employees would offer tax incentives if they offered paid sick leave. jonathan: in the meantime, part of prince william county the folks living there are now told they have to boil the
4:32 pm
in short supply at a goesry store abc7 visited. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in gainesville. this is dire for some folks having to boil everything they drink. jeff: yeah. the grocery store you mentioned is busy. this is in gainesville. everybody wants this bottled water. people have been coming in and out. we saw people coming in one after the other loading up on the bottled water. inside the store, water aisle is pretty much empty. this is 9,800 customers here in this area, this is gainesville and haymarket. they are advised to use bottled water or boil water for the next 48 hours because of a loss of water pressure after a water main break. it happened last night near
4:33 pm
>> i am glad we were warned about it. i'm frustrated to have to boil the water. >> not thrilled it takes two days. >> it's okay tobrate as long as use don't -- to bathe as long as you don't drink it while you are bathing. jeff: the water is not definitively unhealthy or tainted but because of the water main break the e.p.a. has to test it to make sure that the water is okay. that will take until friday. this is causing problems for people living the area but also restaurants and the schools. also creating some unique challenges for one in particular person we spoke with today. we will have much more on that at the top of the hour at 5:00. until then, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we have a lot to talk about here. the potential for snow. you say that word and people want to run away.
4:34 pm
it's two weeks from the beginning of winter but we are getting a taste of it. some areas could see wet flakes. then it will get really cold friday on the weekend. give you a recap of tonight. increased cloudiness. temperatures fall through the 30's. by tomorrow morning we will be in the 30, 34 degrees in most areas. these are the current temperatures. we don't show temperatures in the other part of the country often. i want to look at the six in cheyenne, wyoming. it's 17 in wells fargo. this is an air mass from canada. it's accompanied by the gusty winds. these temperatures moderate, they always do. if you factor in the winds by friday it will feel like mid-winter. future cast brings the clouds tonight. it paints a picture of tomorrow morning south of the metro area there could be rain
4:35 pm
it will be brief and pass by. the sun will come out. most areas are bright and sunny. cold front comes through tomorrow night. it leads to wind chill. feel like the upper 20's to lower 30's. it won't warm up a lot on friday despite the sunshine. after that, it gives you a quick look at what we expect. more ups and downs. we will pull out of it a bit colder air mass moves in for the middle and the next of next week. winter is coming. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. starbucks has plans for rapid expansion. 12,000 new locations in five years. so if you thought there was a starbucks on every corner now, apparently not. jonathan: well, u.s. employers
4:36 pm
wanted ads posted than in september. down to 5.5 million calls for help. hiring and posting still at healthy levels. economists say this news means hiring is expected to accelerate and soon. a rush now against time for the holiday package deliveries. now you have to do the math. michelle: still have to do shopping. holiday delivery -- gearing up for a record holiday delivery season. sam sweeney has what you need to know so the gift will arrive on time. sam: this is the super bowl for shipping companies. fedex is going to ship 317 million packages this holiday season. how do they get it done? i will try to explain in less than 60 seconds. a plane lands at dulles with the containers on board.
4:37 pm
they are unloaded when they get to the facility here. they go down the conveyer belt and they are sorted one-by-one by these people and on to trucks and then off to the neighborhood. in the afternoon, the whole process happens in reverse. the trucks are loaded up again. this time in the community. they are brought back to the facility. loaded back on the conveyer belt. the whole process happens in reverse. feld exhas more than 400,000 employees to make it happen. added for the holidays. one of those is right here. tony, you run this officer. tone thy, one -- tony, one of your biggest challenges in the d.m.v. is weather and traffic. how do you work around that? >> weather and traffic are obstacles for us. the meteorologist on site in memphis help us get the packages to the customers on time. sam: speaking of memphis, 50% of the packages will touch the ground in memphis. the largest shipping hub for memphis.
4:38 pm
this year christmas is on a sunday. reporting in alexandria, i'm sam sweeney. back to you in studio. michelle: who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe? according to a pet i.q. survey it's not your significant other. jonathan: this is an interesting survey. 900 people participated. not a small survey. 900 people. 61% came away saying they would rather smooch their pet if they were stuck between a loved one and thei 39% said the significant other is their pick. the numbers are shocking. jonathan: rather kiss their dog than their mate? really? i michelle: don't know what it says about the coupling. still ahead for us at abc7 news. it was oakland's deadliest fire. recovery efforts finished but now investigators are keying in on one household appliance that we all have as potential flashpoint for the fire. that is coming up. jonathan: plus, a wild police
4:39 pm
colorful, too. look at the sparks. we will tell you how it came to an end coming up. >> look at the parking lot. oh! hit a pedestrian right there. jonathan: the cyclist but okay but wait until you see the conclusion of the chase. much more from the chopper conclusion of the chase. much more from the chopper reporter who has had a lot o fios is not cable. we're wired differently. conclusion of the chase. much more from the chopper reporter who has had a lot o that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year.
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michelle: all right. perhaps not surprised by police chases in los angeles but when someone wants to get away, they really go for it there. jonathan: this guy doesn't even have a wheel to ride on. he was on the rim. desperate. sparks in the street. still going 80 miles per hour with the happening -- what that happening. michelle: insane. jonathan: you have to hear the reporter and the chopper describe the conclusion. ready? cue it. >> that's it. that's -- whoa! that's it. oh, -- oh! trying to get through. the truck is not letting him go. the truck not letting him go through there. very dangerous situation. he is following commands or he has done this before. not really clear. but right now though he is walking toward the officers. he has his and out. michelle: i love this. he sees stuff like this a couple times a week. jonathan: i know you have to drink coffee in a helicopter in l.a. but he has to cut back a little bit. police were trying to get the driver pulled over for driving under the influence. everyone was okay.
4:43 pm
is bummed. michelle: my favorite part is when he is not using the words. "buh, buh, buh, buh!" jonathan: you know what he meant. michelle: love it. next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- oxygen mask coming down. and muslim -- and an emergency landing aboard a southwest flight. passengers describe what happened before this. jonathan: scary. we have the latest from oakland and the investigation in ever. the recovery efforts begin but investigators are keying in on
4:44 pm
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jonathan: something we are just getting in the newsroom. former astronaut and senator john glen has been undergoing treatment for a week at the cancer treatment in ohio. he was the first american to orbit the earth and the oldest person in space. now at the age of 77, glenn served as a payload specialist on board the space shuttle. that was in 1992. he served in the senate from 1974-1999. here is something that you never want to see happen when
4:47 pm
check that out. the cabin oxygen mask dropping from the ceiling. it's disconcerting. it happened overnight when a southwest plane had to make an emergency landing in mississippi. one passenger said started with what felt like a big bump. then the pressure starting building. the officials have been unable to confirm exactly what the problem was. fortunately, nobody was hurt. michelle: developing in oakland tonight. recovery efforts following the city's deadliest fire. today, investigators at the warehouse whre 36 people died are keying in on a common household appliance as a potential cause while prosecutors consider criminal charges. lauren lister has the new developments. lauren: officials zeroing in on a refrigerator and other appliances in the warehouse as the reason for the massive devastation. crim search for bodies here now complete.
4:48 pm
that is the final number. >> a dance party going on when the building became an inferno. most died of smoke inhalation, spending the final moments reaching out to loved ones from inside. >> people calling knowing they are going to die, making the last reach out toward your family. >> survivors, shaken by the trauma. >> in my studio. it was my dogs. when i heard the cries for reporter: questions how people were living in the warehouse. it wasn't zoned for residential living. it received six complaints in the last two years. one former neighbor claiming he called police twice a week to complain about fights and loud parties but got little response. >> this is treated as a low priority call. you have to kind of question whether or not these low priority calls kind of cumulatively add up. it did. it added up to a horrific tragedy.
4:49 pm
the warehouse telling abc news there were three previous fires there but the routine was not to call the power department because the power was being used illegally. safety issues heavily scrutinized as part of the investigation going on here. lauren lyster, abc news, oakland. michelle: the pakistan international airlines jet went down shortly after take-off the flight was headed for the capital islamabad. it's believed all 48 on board the atr-42 turbo prop plane were killed. jonathan: must-see pictures from aleppo. this is in syria. amidst the new development in a civil war you can see what is happening with the city. president obama calling for immediate cease-fire and calling for russia and iran to
4:50 pm
estimated 200,000 people left in aleppo. they are now running out of food, water and medicine and situations being described as dire. michelle: the trial of the man who shot nine people it at an african-american church began today. this morning final jury selection in the dylann roof case. at one point roof was going to represent himself but he changed his mind. roof will still act alone in sentencing phase. if convicted he could face the death penalty. joth remember the heroes that fought back during the attack on pearl harbor. in this abc news salutes report, lindsey mastis shows us how miles per hours are -- how americans are making good on the promise. lindsey: thanks to social media, everyone sees the post and they can share condolences. on twitter, the u.s. army is asking that you honor the men
4:51 pm
remembering. the u.s. marines, they shared this photograph. this is the oldest living pearl harbor survivor. ray chavez is 104. he says, "i can't forget it. i never will." the "new york times" tweeted their front page from that day. it says, "japan ward on u.s. and britain make a sudden attack on hawaii. heavy fighting at sea reported." our facebook page we shared a live event showing the upen is now a memorial. there is plenty more to see and remember. and today it's just a click away. back to you. steve: the weekend getting closer and closer. we will start you off this evening on the cool side. mainly clear skies. temperatures will be in the 40's. if you are going to go out for an evening run or maybe walking to a restaurant. you will be fine. just make sure you have a jacket to keep warm. tomorrow more sunshine murphing through the late morning hours -- sunshine
4:52 pm
morning hours in the afternoon. cold front will clear the region. temperatures in the upper 40's. winds out of the west. get ready. we have a strong cold front. i will bring the coldest air of the season for the day on friday. highs then only in the 30's. on saturday we have the christmas parade in leesburg. temperatures at 5:00 in the middle 30's. lower 30's by 7:00. a good weekend to buy a christmas tree. the stormwatch7 ten-day outlook. after a cool rebound we will rebound to 50 on monday. just when you thought we were going to warm things up a little bit, huh-uh. it's even colder air on the way for the middle of next week and into the following weekend. with the daytime highs just around freezing. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. it looks better than 24 hours ago. jamie: yesterday was rough!
4:53 pm
commute that typically would take 35 or 40 minutes an hour and a half. everything was doubled yesterday. today, this is typical heading outbound on 66. this is near the vienna metro. we had a crash prior to this point but it was cleared away not too long ago. 66 is the average speed past the beltway. 14 miles per hour. stick with virginia to 395. past the pentagon, you get to duke street and you see more volume. we have everything in the shoulder. you the get buy. but slow approaching. what we see in the northwest corner bumper to bumper volume. closer to the 270 spur. we have an earlier crash on 66. right now no accidents but we have heavy volume. but no rain. back to you. michelle: looking good. thank you so much. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- prince george's county has a new basketball team. and a new head coach. how his goals for success go
4:54 pm
the "good morning washington" friends are working on for you bright and early tomorrow morning. >> thanks, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," we are live as they put the final touches on the m.g.m. national harbor casino. just hours before the huge grand opening. the glamour, the excitement and the concerns about the $1.4 billion luxury resort. >> plus, all the week call in for your chance to be the first to see the all new "star wars" movie. "rogue one: a star wars story"
4:55 pm
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michelle: chuck pickard's hopes of playing in the nba didn't come true. but it doesn't stop him to help others accomplish dreams of their own. robert burton has more on the coach of the week. robert: when it came for somebody to coach the a. him twice. >> i leaped off the table toward it. robert: as head coach, he is hoping to leap over challenges that come with coaching this brand new team. like the surrounding neighborhood. >> prince george's county has a lot of things going on with it and with the community. i feel as though giving them a second chance opportunity helps the county overall. you know, helps everybody overall. the quality of life and so forth. the enrichment of the county
4:58 pm
things like job opportunities. >> over the years it's been a second chance for players that didn't make it to the nba but he wants to use the league for something else. >> to be a better person for society. that is win of win for me. robert: the prince george's county native has big plans for the future. do you want to nba? >> absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. hey, rob, absolutely, man. >> with your coach of the week, i'm robert burton. alison: a health alert. the water warning in a local county and when they can go back to the tap. six people died in the baltimore bus accident. a government report reveals a driver's troubling health issues. step aside, beyonc?. step aside, adele.
4:59 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: plenty of side today but we could see the first wet snow flakes of the season tomorrow morning. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the timing of this. doug: this is a possibility in the morning, especially south of the metro area. there could be wet snowflakes as a little upper air disturbance ahead of the main cold front swings through. the future cast shows the clouds increasing throughout this depiction we see possibility of 7:00, 8:00 in the morning the band of the light rain showerers and wet flakes mixed in, especially south of town. they will quickly clear and the skies will turn sunny through the day. it will be breezy. in the 40's. the cold front will come through later tomorrow night. the result is wind chill by the evening in the low 30's in the metro. in the morning it will feel like the teens to the lower
5:00 pm
upper 30's. but it will feel like it's below freezing awful day long. the kids are good shape in the morning. 42 at recess. 346 in the afternoon. but it all changes for friday morning bus stop when the wind chills will be in the 20's. all because of the current temperatures in the upper midwest, freezing cold. it's headed here. alison? alison: okay, doug. download the stormwatch7 app. remember, before winter hits full stride to stay one step ahead of the weather. larry: about how many times you do it each day. the act to turn on the faucet to get water. tonight in part of prince william county people can't do that after a water main break. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has the latest on the boil water advisory. that is a pain, jeff. jeff: it is. it was not i.r.s.ed until late last night until after the water main break. a lot of people didn't find


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