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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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recently opened his second store and has plans for a third. robert: that music video looks fun. kimberly: what a great idea. robert: ugly sweaters, ugly dancing. i'm kidding. kimberly: posts what is you really only need one. robert: one too many. kimberly: we will need will sweaters this week. ryan: absolutely. a little bit of snow tonight in the northwestern suburbs between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. a chance of snow wednesday night into thursday morning. keep the stormwatch 7 weather app handy for that. kimberly: it's that time of year when we take the news all the way to midnight. don't go anywhere.
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kimberly: russia interfered in the presidential election to help donald trump win. that is according to an assessment by the cia.
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sides are calling for an investigation. reporter: prime seating for the president-elect. donald trump taking a break from the transition, taking in the army-navy game in baltimore saturday, even answering questions for cbssports. >> is in a humbling thought that in six weeks you will be the commander-in-chief? >> it's humbling come it's a great honor, but it's a great responsibility. is fighting back against a new article that a secret cia report found russia interfered in the u.s. election to helptrump win. individuals connected to the russian government reportedly provided wikileaks with hot females as part of a wider russian operation to boost -- with hacked emails as part of a wider russian operation to boost donald trump. question the cia, saying this is
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saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> i don't know of they are behind it and i think it is public the relations. reporter: the new york times is reporting that intelligence agency found that russia also hacked the rnc but did not release the information they gleaned from the republican network. >> the conclusion they came to was based in part that the rnc was hacked. >> he's basically attacking the cia to defend vladimir putin. for a sitting president-elect to attack a u.s. agency to defend russia is quite an amazing situation. boeing says that it will work with the incoming administration to control costs for the new air force one. ceo spoke with the president-elect hours after donald trump threaten to cancel the contract, citing the high price.
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years old next year. work on the replacement is still on the early stages and the new airplanes are not to be delivered until about 2022. a long road to get to the mgm national harbor approved and built, and the casino features 124 table games, 39 poker tables, 3,300 slot machines. hotel rooms,o 308 theaters, and several restaurants. the casino floor was packed for thursday's opening. so many people showed up at the gambling area reached capacity in less than an hour. tim barber shows us around. tim: tonight was loud and in your face. pizzazz withgas hollywood elegance. we even spotted sarah jessica parker signing shoes in her new boutique. the main attraction was the 125,000 square foot casino. >> we put togethe
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dealer's school in prince george's county with prince george's community college, so we have a lot of new dealers. tim: if gambling is not your thing, you can pack yourself in the spa or enjoy a show in the 3000 seat theater. project ision dollar creating 4000 local jobs. more thanry hotel has 300 hotel rooms that cost from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars -- several thousand dollars per night. wrist fine dining, with 50 restaurants. -- there is also fine dining with 50 restaurants. kimberly: now a milestone for metro. romana has launched wireless service on the, orange, and silver lines. it is the first section of underground tunnels with any service at all. other tunnels are slated to get wi-fi next year. 7 on your side with health matters.
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making sure that nobody else gets the mumps. a doctor diagnosed one student with the highly contagious virus this week. anna-lysa gayle looks at the steps the university is taking. >> i was kind of surprised. heard of the mumps being prominent for a long time. anna-lysa: students at georgetown university are checking their immunization records to mature they have received the mumps vaccine after a student was diagnosed with a contagious virus. >> i went back and checked my records to make sure i had the vaccine. anna-lysa: the university's associate vice president of student health has reminded students that symptoms may include fever and swelling around the jaw. some of the best ways to avoid spreading the disease is for students and faculty to wash their hands, cough or sneeze into a tissue, and avoid sharing drinks and eating utensils.
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contract -- contact respiratory secretions when coughing or sneezing or direct contact. >> i'm pretty worried. especially we are living in a communal setting, sharing bathrooms and all that. it's important to sanitize all the time. >> it makes me nervous knowing there are people here who have not had the immunizations when they should. we have to submit records before hand. kimberly: that was anna-lysa gayle reporting. coming up -- is russia coming clean to olympic organizers? new revelations about the country paused doping program. first, the reason a court stop this much touted redevelopment project in its tracks. ryan: and snow chances in the forecast for the suburbs tomorrow morning. the forecast
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q: welcome to seven on your side wall of justice. is accusede people of swindling people who trust in him. according to the arlington county police department, this person duped people out of jewelry, leading them to believe that he would sell t
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he is wanted for fraud. for prince william county police want dwayne what's field for possession of stolen property, felony hit and run. and luis perez for aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties. the metropolitan police department is searching for this and this person, but for burglary wonderful stop let's put the wall of justice into motion. metropolitan police say that jomo dawes burst into the home of an acquaintance and stole money and jewelry. handgun anduces a pistol whips the person. 6'2", 205ears old, pounds. he is wanted for burglary one. if you have information, contact the metropolitan police department. 7 on your side's
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against crime. i'm q mccray. kimberly: 7 on your side is helping you fight back against crime and all of our neighborhoods. tracked the crime in your area using the spot crime map, at he is running for governor of virginia. today republican nominee corey stewart announced he is giving away a free ar-15 to what he calls a lucky supporter. he says the giveaway will happen in january when he rolls any proposal for "constitutional guny," which would allow owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. prevents campaign this, and they believe the raffle is inappropriate. as we near the anniversary of the sandy hook shooting, that person used in ar-15. the d.c. sniper also used in ar-15. work on
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mcmillan sand penetration site has ground to a halt. appeals hasrt of halted work on the site off north capitol street the day after the groundbreaking ceremony. the court says the zoning commission and the mayor's office failed to address how the plan would impact the northwest d.c. neighborhoods. no word yet on how the city plans to respond. still ahead on saturday news extra, back in business. a tennessee landmark fighting back after a disaster. and the forecast also coming up. [ 80's music ] can i get anyone a beer? make it a redd's apple ale! redd's apple ale. also for a limited time in ginger apple.
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can i get anyone a beer?
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redd's apple ale. also for a limited time in ginger apple. kimberly: russia will accept an international olympic committee plan to retest all drug samples taken by its athletes at the 2012 and 2014 olympics. the world doping agency found that russia's doping program was far larger than previously thought. international sports competitions have unknowingly been hijacked by the russians, coaches and athletes an uneven field, sports spectators deceived. kimberly: according to a report, more than a thousand russian athletes, including olympic metal winners, benefited from the state backed doping program and drug test coverup
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south korea, even after they voted to impeach the president for corruption. the fate now rests in the hands of a nine-judge constitutional court. court has six months to decide whether to remove the first female leader from power. the prime minister is serving as president in the interim. nearly two weeks after wildfire people, gatlinburg, tennessee, is open for business, so is the great smoky mountains national park. it reopened friday. a steady stream of visitors came friday to help clean up. two teenagers are accused of starting the devastating fire. turning now to the weather, a bit of snow coming, maybe a lot next weekend? ryan: you will have several chances of snow the next seven days. i guess we can anticipate that.
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morning in the northwestern suburbs, nothing inside of the beltway. other than the bitterly cold temperatures, feels like 22 in d.c., 20's everywhere, teens north and west and hagerstown. 21 at pax river naval air station. feww things, the next hours, the air temperatures will drop into the lower to middle 20's. that will be the weather story tonight and tomorrow morning. sunday services, or out and about in the morning, we will see snow shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia into western maryland, the best chance between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. we have some weather advisories for expected winter weather across pennsylvania today and tomorrow, winter weather advisory's in place for ctral pennsylvania up to state college
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, new york. lake-effect snow across the great lakes, but the weather front over indiana is what we see in the maps moving east. that introduces cloud cover after midnight in our area and with each class a chance -- and with the clouds a chance of precipitation. snow into the.m., far north and western suburbs. even upper montgomery county could see snow flurries tomorrow during the morning. that will move off to the north. we have heavy snow across pennsylvania and new york through the day tomorrow. i think just rather cloudy across our area, with highs in the 40's. another system comes knocking on the doorstep monday morning that i think will bring only rain the balance of monday morning. slowly starts to erode the cloud cover and precipitation and dry conditions , sunshine monday afternoon, dry conditions tuesday.
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the snow showers between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. to the north and west. the first chance of snow wednesday, wednesday night into thursday. a fast-moving weather system could bring us a dusting. the next chance of more significance no comes next weekend, seven days from now, when we will have to watch things with the stormwatch 7 weather app. a chance of wintry weather, potential snow, and we could be using shovels possibly next saturday with highs in the 30's. kimberly: maybe even do some push-ups and extra weights to get ready for the shoveling. up next on saturday news extra, a look at montgomery county's new initiative to
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kimberly: montgomery county says on average its residents are older than any other jurisdiction in the region and with age comes a number of ailments including dementia. kevin lewis shows us the steps the county is taking to help those citizens. >> montgomery county police are in this for the long haul. kevin: montgomery county is determined to ease the effects of dementia. the world health organization reports 47.5 million people worldwide currently have the disorder. by 2050, that figure is expected to triple to
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ike leggett's on sister died from these symptoms -- syndrome last year. >> it is one of the most devastating challenges we have in our society. kevin: montgomery county offers these information charts that can help first responders. they also offer bright yellow bracelets if a resident with dementia gets lost. nasa buys know who they are and where they live. this man's late wife benefited from the bracelet numerous times. >> i would get phone calls from the police, we found your wife. at montgomery general hospital as a jane doe. kevin: montgomery county fire will train firefighters and paramedics about how to spot signs of dementia and treat those with it as the police expand their public annoce
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>> the quality of life for those living with dementia is at the very core of our mission to protect and serve. kevin: kevin lewis, abc 7 news.
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