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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mainly east of i-95. highs: 43-49 winds: se 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. cold. lows: 29-34 winds: light wednesday: partly cloudy. highs: 39-46 winds: nw 5-15 mph a mild morning
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north-- travelers are dealing with their first big blast of wintery weather. and as we get ready for a serious drop in temperature-- millions are preparing to hunker down and bundle up. mary moloney has more. developing now.
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driver is behind bars after he causes what witnesses call a high speed crash in falls church. it happed
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sleepy hollow road. police say orellana later claimed that he fell asleep at the wheel before he plowed in four parked cars. witnesses say the force of the sunday crash lifted hector orellana's car right off the road. "his speed was such that the rear of his car was elevated up off entirely up off the road by the force of the impact. he was leaving a traiof sparks up off the road. i had not yet noticed at that time that he did not have a front right tire." orellana is now charged with dwi. police say he could face additional charges as well. happening today. the north carolina man-- charged with firing an assault rifle inside a local pizzeria will be back in court. relatives tell the washington post that edgar welch's behavior has changed dramatically in the last few months after he hit a child with his car in october. welch was arrested this month after he fired an a-r 15 inside
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drove to d-c to investigate a fake new story about hillary clinton running a child trafficking ring out of that building. also happening today. lawyers for comedian bill cosby will try to keep some of his accusers from testifying at his upcoming sexual assault trial. prosecutors hope to call more than a dozen women to show that the comedian had a pattern of drugging and molesting women for decades. he charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee back in 2004. he has pleaded not guilty. now to the trump transition.. this morning, president-elect donald trump is expected to announce his pick for secretary of state. the likely nominee is already being criticized for his close ties to russia. lana zak has more. meanwhile-- trump's victory in wisconsin over democrat hillary clinton is a
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was, following a recount. yesterday, the state certified the results of the recount spearheaded by green party candidate jill stein. trump's lead widened by 131 votes, after the recount of nearly three-million votes. stein also tried unsuccessfully for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. she alleged without evidence that voting machines could have been hacked. recounts there were halted by the courts. new rules for your next uber ride. the company is officially laying out a list of do's and dont's when you get in the car. the most
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no flirting! that goes for all ubers, especially uber-pool -where you share a ride with strangers. that one's generated some buzz. the others- are fairly standard - like no damaging things, cursing, and vomitting. a bittersweet morning for john wall after an amazing performance on the court last night. but it just wasn't quite good enough. it was a battle of point guards-- with wall dropping 32 points-- including this lay in to bring the wiz within 5... bradley beal dropped in another 29 but on the other side-- miami's goran dragic.... was just a little bit better. he had 35 points-- leading his team to a 112-101 victory. wizards are now 9-14 on the season. coming up. a burning skyscraper lights up the night in dubai. the latest on the
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part of a luxery apartment building. plus, police on the look for an unusual porch pirate in missouri. but this may not be exactly what it seems. the details.. coming up.
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temperatures - arctic blast thursday & friday - single digit wind chills thursday - warmer weekend - wintry mix saturday am to all rain today: mostly cloudy. slight chance of pm rain, mainly east of i-95. highs: 43-49 winds: se 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. cold. lows: 29-34 winds: light wednesday: partly cloudy. highs: 39-46 winds: nw 5-15 mph
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coming up. depending on where
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that perfect gift home for the holidays can really cost you. what experts are saying-- coming up. plus, towering inferno. a late night fire guts part of an apartment building in dubai. the latest on the people inside.. coming up.
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this was the scene overnight in dubai as a high-rise
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apartment building burst into flames. it happened on dubai's palm island, just after midnight. firefighters say the 14-story building was safely evacuated and the fire is not out. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. developing now.. a kitten is recovering, after a disturbing case of animal cruelty in greenbelt. someone tied her up with an electrical cord, and left her in a storage room at the franklin park apartments. after about six days, a woman who lives there heard the kitten crying. she found the animal with the cord wrapped tightly around her neck. the cord was connected to a wall outlet, and the
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water. animal control officer howard stanback thinks someone was trying to electrocute her. he's searching for the person responsible. the kitten is doing fine, and will be available for adoption in about two weeks. the u.s. postal service plans to deliver 750-million packages this holiday season. that's 12-percent more than last year. here are some deadlines, to make sure your package gets to its destination by christmas. mail it by this thursday, if you want standard ground delivery. fedex has a friday deadline for standard ground service. with u-p-s, you have until next monday, december 19th, for its three-day select. if you're willing to pay more, the three major carriers will deliver by christmas.. if you mail your package by december 23rd. an elderly woman caught on camera stealing packages from a porch in missouri is under arrest. and when police started questioning
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suspect-- they discovered that she could be tied to three other cases of package theft. the victim had three packages stolen from his porch last wednesday. his home surveillance camera recorded the same vehicle passing his driveway four times in less than five minutes. then the video showed the actual theft. police suggest having packages dropped at your back door.. or you could arrange to pick them up yourself. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - roller coaster ride of temperatures - arctic blast thursday &
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- single digit wind chills thursday - warmer weekend - wintry mix saturday am to all rain today: mostly cloudy. slight chance of pm rain, mainly east of i-95. highs: 43-49 winds: se 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. cold. lows: 29-34 winds: light wednesday: partly cloudy. highs: 39-46 winds: nw 5-15 mph
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coming up.
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wars story flies into theaters in just a few days. but you may get to see it earlier than that. how you can win free tickets to an early screening.. coming up.
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a brazilian soccer club - killed in a plane crash... .. will not be fined for missing its final game. the team, and its competitor, faced nearly 60-thousand dollars in fines for canceling the match. brazil's superior court for sports justice decided not to levy the penalty. the plane was on its way to the championship in columbia when it crashed, killing most of the team. this is the time of year when millions of people head out to buy a nice christmas tree. but be careful-- you may come home with more than just holiday spirit. pest control experts say aphids-- lice-- spiders-- and several other kinds of creepy critters frequently make a home in trees when they are on the lot. and to keep costs low-- many sellers don't spray the trees to keep them off. homeowners can take action to protect themselves.. "the best thing to do is actually shake the tree while you're on the tree lot and inspect it with your eyes." "you can actually see them. they look like salt and pepper. little spectacles." pest control experts also say most of the
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and not venture out into your home. spiders are the exception. they do whatever they want. "rogue one: a star wars story" hits theaters this weekend. but you may not have to wait until then to see it. we are giving away tickets for an early screening to rogue one. you'll have several opportunities to win all morning long.. and the next happens in about half an hour... at 5:24 this morning. just call into the number we give you.. for your chance to win 2 passes. there is much more coming up on good morning washington. coming up.. breaking news about president elect donald trump. what he now says he will d
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becomes president..
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member. a new secretary of state nominee expected to be named in just hours. why the president-elect's pick could bring the u-s closer to russia. plus - new details about the man who stormed into a d-c pizza shop, armed with a rifle. the event in his past that his parents say may have been a trigger. and bracing for an


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