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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: prosecutors have dropped local charges against edgar madison welch, the man charged with firing an assault rifle inside comet ping-pong, and now they are filing in federal court. john gonzalez is live with the details. good afternoon. because of certain details with this case, the fac
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state lines and the fact that there was this fake on life story that garnered national attention, at the request of the u.s. attorneys office the local judge at superior court has to miss -- dismissed the charges, and now this case heads to federal court behind me. federal judge, federal charges. welch could face that federal judge sometime this afternoon. the gun man's parents were in court today. they listened and watched intently, no comment for us as they walked out with their son's attorney. he told the washington post that a traumatic incident changed their son's personality. he struck a pedestrian with a car. the boy suffered minor injuries. no charges were ever filed. today in
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clean-cut and clean-shaven, escorted by marshals into the courtroom. he nodded in the direction of his attorneys and parents who were sitting directly behind them. since been in jail ever he was arrested after allegedly firing that assault rifle inside the very popular comet ping-pong. ring -- the fake child sex ring connected to hillary clinton and the pizzeria, now welch faces state linesrossing with a firearm, a federal charge that carries up to 10 years in prison. john gonzalez, abc seven. jummy: now we want to switch gears to talk about the forecast as we take a live look out on pennsylvania avenue. a mild start. temperatures are expected to drop. doug hill is here with a look at our forecast. doug:
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showing up on satellite radar. increasing cloudiness in areas of snow for western maryland, pennsylvania, and this will push in. some areas could see a few light showers or snowflakes, but no impact at all. things will settle down before the big outbreak of arctic air tomorrow night. stuffy mix briefly, light , but happy for the ski resorts. we are looking right now in front work where they have a little -- frostburg where they have a little bit of snow. that is the very light pattern that we will continue to see. increasing cloudiness, and it will be cold. dropping into the 30's tonight, and a peak of what is coming on our futurecast shows the cloudiness and the areas of precipitation get a little closer to the area
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and we will talk about that, the arctic outbreak, and maybe give you my christmas list. jummy: i know what is on it. sunshine and 80 degrees. has chosen exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson as his state department nomine. sam sweeney is live with more. cold --learned jump trump chose rex tillerson for the top spot. he has no foreign policy experience. jump says he has sealed deals around the world, and his relationship with world leaders will be an asset to the administration. many on capitol hill will have concerns about his relationships with vladimir putin and the kremlin, and he likely will face tough questions
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also at trump tower, kanye west met with the president elect and then they came down for what some call a bit of an awkward solve -- public appearance. mr. jump: we have been friends along -- mr.along -- mr. trump:n friends all along. sam: trump says he andkanye our good friends. we have learned trump last choice for energy secretary, tok perry will be the choice lead the department he once sought to eliminate. i am sam sweeney. obama was onent the daily show with trevor noah his ownht and addressed legacy and the future of the country under a new trump administration. as we have been reporting, the president-elect has not reviewed the daily
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available to him. the president offered a warning about the importance of those. president obama: it does not matter how smart you are. you have to have the best information possible to make the best decisions possible. my experience with our intelligence agencies is that .hey are not perfect they would be the first to it knowledge that, but they are full of extraordinarily hard-working, patriotic and knowledgeable experts. if you are not getting their perspective, their detailed perspective, then you are flying blind. jummy: president obama also used this appearance to urge people to sign up for insurance in the health care marketplace. the mug shot of the woman accused of rear end during the fairfax county police chief has been released.
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dwi and was under the influence when she slammed into the back of the chief's cruiser. the chief was not seriously injured. county polices are investigating a home invasion that happened early this morning and let them. jeanette kennedy has the latest. >> this is the block on which the crime happened overnight. prince george's county now looking for three to five suspects in connection with the overnight home invasion and nine --at 12:50 on the 900 block. investigators were on the scene on the quiet dead end residential street. i had a chance to talk to the chief about what happened. >> it was a home invasion to get marijuana and money. identifieduals who themlv
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were attired in black clothing and carrying guns and crowbars. ,> no arrests have been made and the chief issues this reminder to all county resident. the police will not show up at your door wearing a hoodie and carrying a crowbar. in most cases they will be wearing a uniform and will always have identification. jummy: new developments concerning the prince george's county liquor board chairman arrested for drunk driving. charles caldwell was arrested after the opening of the mgm national harbor casino. he had been in an accident involving three cars. he originally said he took a breathalyzer test that was inconclusive, but newly released police reports show he refused a breathalyzer after failing field sobriety tests. he asked police "is there a way we can make this go
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he is charged with dui and reckless driving. let's take a look at how things are looking on the roadways. jamie sullivan keeping a close eye on our traffic watch. jamie: we are going to start off with an accident on the gw parkway heading inbound before rosslyn, only the left lane open. clearing out but definitely some heavy traffic, about 13 minutes is your average getting through that stretch. midday roadwork on the bw parkway near for 10. .n the capital beltway, not bad we are completely in the green and one area where we are seeing 270me is to 70 westbound -- northbound. through clarksburg we drop into the 30's but quickly recover as you get past that. jummy: coming up, and urgent warning for a holiday staple. a massive
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millions of food processors. gas prices are on the rise yet again. why the price increase and just how much it will cost you four a gallon. after a mild monday, temperatures are going to drop.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: return to a major recall involving a popular kitchen item , probably one you have right now. cuisinartes on some food processors can break apart and end
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david curley has the details. the maker of cuisinart announcing a major recall of more than 8 million food processors. >> these are in millions of american homes including my own. they are urging consumers to immediately stop using the blades, seeniveted here working properly and the infomercial. but those blades can crack over time, sending small metal pieces into your processed food. imagine having broken bit of a metal blade in your food and in your mouth. there are dozens of incidents of cuts to the mouth and broken teeth because of these products. david: they say there are 69 reports of broken blades and 30 reports of cuts in consumers mounts or two injuries.
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22 different models of food processors are being recalled. >> it is probably more on the 20-year-old side so we do not want consumers to be complacent even if they have had it for a long time. check the model number and make sure you do not have a recalled product. david: this recall was just ordered this morning. good to to find out if your food processor is one of the llions recalled. they are offering a free replacement blade. jummy: fire victims in tennessee will get help from some of the biggest names in music. dolly parton is hosting a telethon tonight called smokey all raising money to help fire victims recover and rebuild. dolly parton said when she learned the fire was ripping through her hometown she wanted to help. >>
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the people from the wildfires because this is my home, his or my paper, these are neighbors and people i grew up with -- these are my people, these are enablers -- neighbors and people i grew up with. jummy: money raised will feed into her my people find and will -- they are also accepting donations on the website, dollywood so good to see her doing that for her hometown. .oug: a tragedy, just awful get ready for winter. we have had plenty of warning. it is going to get cold and windy. sorry. jummy: i am hearing friday and saturday will be really bad. doug: thursday and friday the worst. maybe a little snow in the morning. harbor, anational little sunshine getting through the clouds but the clouds will continue to increase through the
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freezing. temperatures will climb a few more degrees but probably not much. 43 in annapolis, 37 in hagerstown. cumberland is missing right now but after the noon news we will go out and look for it. 39 degrees in winchester. med 40's for the rest of the region. precipitation, most of it very light with a little bit of snow mixed in. this is an upper-level disturbance that is going to move toward the area. i will show the darker blue area. there is some snow that is reaching the ground. this whole thing goes off to the east and there is a chance later today that some areas north and west may see a few snowflakes or sprinkles. that will pretty much be it, it will come and go and things will clear out noticeably for
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by the time we get into tomorrow morning i think it will clear out and will be sunny and breezy. butir amount of sunshine tomorrow night the cold front roles in. this is a big boy arctic cold front and you will feel it. snow showers, 80 a couple inches in the mountains. by thursday morning everything changes. we will be cold and windy and it will feel like the middle of winter. we put some numbers together. these are the forecast high temperatures for the next three days. the high in minneapolis for degrees on thursday, 15 in .leveland, 20 in washington and then we see what the windchill will be like, by thursday afternoon it will feel like 19 below in the twin cities and seven above in the nation's
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capital. the question is, will it stay bitterly cold for a long time? no. saturday morning there could be snow and freezing rain, and then a period of rain, 58 on monday. extending out we see fairly pleasant weather through tuesday, a warm front on wednesday morning. then we will start to warm up as we head toward christmas eve and christmas day. thanksgiving, we are past that, doug. doug: i know. jummy: maybe we will have a white christmas. doug: it is possible. anything is possible, but not likely. gas prices are on the rise again and could approach three dollars a gallon early next year following several deals that cut oil production. prices normally slump during the winter but since t
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assured a global glut of oil will these, gas prices have been on an upper trajectory. google has signed a deal with the cuban government allowing faster access to its data by an solving -- installing servers on the island. this will eliminate the long-distance signals that need to travel to the nearest google receiver in venezuela. this removes one of the obstacles to internet in cuba which has some of the world's most limited and expensive access. it has been a staple for the super bowl but will be missing from the next one. >> give me that. jummy: love those commercials.
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an ad for doritos, she goes, fritos, or some chips. they have ranked as one of the most satisfying and but they say running an ad did not fit their marketing plans. go daddy and toyota are choosing not to advertise during super bowl 51. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, christmas is less than two weeks away so if you want your gift to get to it destination on time, when should you ship it out? >> my name is sergeant brian smith, born and raised in baltimore, maryland. i love my city. i want to give a shout out to my family, tell them i love them and happy holidays.
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♪ that's right, only 12 days until christmas. the u.s. postal service plans to deliver 600 -- 750 million packages this season so few want your package do that to its destination on time, here are the deadlines. mail it by this thursday if you want standard ground delivery. fedex has a friday deadline for standard ground service and ups you have until monday for three day select. moreu are willing to pay all three major carriers are willing to deliver by christmas if you mail by december 23. today is the final day of
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our toys for tots drive and there is still plenty of time to give a gift to a child in need., order that toyota online and it is shipped here to us at the station. we make sure it gets out the door to a child in need. a little bit of sports news this afternoon regarding the baltimore ravens. games takeounced for place across the pond in london next season, and the ravens will be heading there against the jacksonville jaguars at wembley station in week three or four of the regular season. this is the first time they will play four games in london. it is going to be a roller coaster ride of temperatures. a final look at the forecast coming up.
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tomy: we are getting close thursday and friday, the coldest days of the week. doug: coldest days of the season. we will see increasing cloudiness, cold tonight, maybe a sprinkle or flurry. tomorrow, 43 and then the arctic front passes late in the evening. wind chills in the single-digit and teens. cold on friday. snow and rain on saturday turning to all rain. warmer on sunday. arming up just in time for christmas eve.
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>> what do you get when you combine amazing contestants with mind-blowing questions and a chance to win $1 million? 30 minutes of drama you don't want to miss. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me too! having seen almost every episode of "millionaire," our returning contestant is a super fan who could not be more prepared. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back laura o'dea. [cheers and applause] welcome back. >> hi. >> come on in. [cheers and applause] laura is back, a woman who has seen just about every episode from regis a


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