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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we are told also the arlington county police are here now. the latest information we have according to the sources is one person is in custody. this started in the d.c. area. someone stole a d.c. housing authority police vehicle and took police on a chase. at this moment, you can see the onramp two the 395 northbound on the way to washington is shut down. we are off of king street at the moment. that is the latest information we have right now. as we get more information we'll get it to you. that's it for now. back to you. jonathan: thank you. maureen: president-elect donald trump added three names to the list of the cabinet nominees and two of them are stirring big controversy. within hour we have learned the president-elect will nominate montana congressman ryan zinke to head the department of the superior. his pick for secretary of
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jeff goldberg is following the trump transition for us. what is the latest? jeff: certainly a big day today. donald trump nominated former presidential candidate and republican rival rick perry to head the department of energy. you may remember perry is the individual who famously could not remember the name of the energy department during a debate in 2011 when he was talking about the government agencies he would eliminate. trump's pick for secretary of state is getting more attention. since donald trump named rex tillerson as no, ma'am fee -- nominee for secretary of state support is coming in from establishment figures. >> we couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishment is stepping forward to serve the nation. jeff: but critics have questions about the deep ties to russian president vladimir putin established through
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john mccain says the c.e.o. has led a company that is funded efforts to deny climate change. >> they have been part of an effort to buddy up the water and suggest to people we don't need to worry about this as a problem. i'm troubled by that. >> rick perry at energy and pruitt at the e.p.a., george mason political science professor says the president-elect is sticking with a tam -- campaign theme. >> trump is being unwilling to go with the media consensus of who a good cabinet pick would be. jeff: a star-studded day at trump tower. trump meeting with can kanye west and bill gates. >> conversation about the power of innovation. jeff: some leading republican senators express concern about
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including john mccain, lindsey graham and marco rubio. the confirmation hearings are shaping up to be big political battles on capitol hill next month. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: president-elect trump has two positions to fill in the cabinet. several high profile people have been interviewed for secretary of agriculture and secretary of veterans affairs. all of mr. trump's nominations must be confirmed by the u.s. senate. jonathan: in a series of tweets president-elect says the business won't do new deals in office. he said he will hand over control of the company to his oldest sons. the president-elect a wednesday news conference about the future of his business until month. maureen: more breaking news. the maryland governor's office confirms that prince george's county liquor board chairman charles caldwell is stepping down. caldwell was cited for a d.u.i. on thursday after involved in a crash outsi
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the current vice chairman of the board will take over as temporary chair. doug: we are in good shape on tuesday. getting ready for the arctic cold front arrives. we will see the temperatures take a dramatic drop. give you a look at the rain south and southwest of the city. that will continue for the evening hours. maybe a shower could make the metro area. snow north and west may make the western zones but it won't last for long. skies will clear overnight. outside a stray flurry the winds are light. tomorrow morning is on the breezy side. the temperatureses will climb to 43 with sun. then more clouds tomorrow night and then the cold front will arrive tomorrow night to result in a blustery day on thursday. wind chill on thursday. less wind and cold on friday and a morning mix of the rain and sleet and snow saturday morning. busy weather forecast comes your way in 11 minutes. jonathan: we'll see you then. stay ahead of the weather
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weather team. this is a great resource. you download the free storm watch weather app in the app store or on google play. maureen: the man who opened fair inside a d.c. restaurant he believes was trafficking children faces federal charges. a control affidavit for edgar welch shows he tried to recruit others to help him in his mission. of course, there were no children being held at comet ping pong. welch's information came from the fake news stories. no one was injured in the incident last week. but welch faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. jonathan: well for years, the drivers in arlington complained about this. they park for a minute, they turn around and come out and boom, the car is gone. now county leaders are considering new rules to crack down on what is known as the predatory towing. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter joining us live with the new developments. i'm sure everyone is listening closely. br
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aggressive. others say it's necessary. has this happened? you get out of your car and park it in a lot. you walk to the business and come back this. you are standing in an empty parking space. now tonight the county board will vote on the new requirements about towing. it has been a long debate that stirred many driver complaints in arlington. cars towed minutes after the driver steps away. >> if there are two people in the car and one goes to the 7-eleven and the other goes across the street, should the person be towed? no. brianne: tonight jay and the four other board member will vote on the requirements for towing public property. one of the most controversial is requiring to tow truck drivers to get permission from the property owners to tow. >> i hope the board will act for consumer protection and balance this situatn
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the aggressiveness has gone too far. >> brian: many oppose oppose -- many support it but the county opposes it. >> it's unfair to move it over to business. brianne: the owner of advanced towing says we believe as many other entities it's onerous, redundant and unnecessary to reauthorize activities authorized through the prior written contractual agreement. there are additional signs in lots and more information on the tow receipts. some of the other things will be looking at is this. additional signage inside of a parking lot. not just on the entrance to make it more obvious to drivers among others on receipts. and photos that would have to take of the car prior to towing it away. the county board mee
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underway tonight. brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead for us at 6:00, an end to fighting in aleppo. the new developments there and why the united nations is demanding access to the war ravaged city. >> volunteers left out jackets, scarves and hats for those in need at frederick. i'm
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maureen: a rockville man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing his neighbors. scott tomaszewski received two life sentences after pleading guilty to murder. tomaszewski left on a family trip to alaska after staffing richard and julianne vilardo on mother's day 2015. when police arrested tomaszewski in juneau, investigators say he was carrying a knife and money with traces of the victims' blood. a sheriff in the prince george's county sheriff office is off the job accused of serious crimes. sergeant connelly was arrested yesterday in anne arundel county charged with assault, sex offense and false imprisonment. police have not elaborated on the allegation against him. the sergeant has been on police officer duty since a peace order was issued for him in november. jonathan: we have a happy ending to pass along to a story we brought you yesterday on abc7. missing retired police k9 found safe. cooper the blood mound had been missing since
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the blood mound just retired after nine years on the force. they found him safe. maureen: frederick, and the warm gesture that they hope are making a difference. jonathan: look at the video from the morning. a sunrise at the capitol. how beautiful is that? the coming days are far from sunny and warm. the arctic air is arriving here with cold in area. we have the foreca
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jonathan: want to get you back to breaking news in alexandria. this will probably be the cause of a lot of people being late tonight. a woman arrested on interstate 395 after a brief chase with police. the woman is we are told, she has been arrested. but we are told she stole a d.c. housing authority vehicle and drove it to the commonwealth. this is a live picture of the aftermath. all the lanes are closed.
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359 is a popular interstate. the wrecker is coming in to load up the stolen car. we don't know the condition of it. no one was hurt but you can imagine the traffic is impacted. he uses the route to get home call them and say find an alternate route. maureen: this is chapture on video -- captured in video in aleppo where blocks of the city are deserted. this is as the syrian government says it regained control of the one-time rebel stronghold. reports are emerging of the government soldiers killing citizens in the street in the final advance. the united states is demanding immediate cease-fire. jonathan: the quote heard on chain is chilling. it just said, "i'm a goner." those are among the last
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of the crew of the el faro as they struggled to release the sinking ship. it sank in hurricane joaquin killing all 33 crew members. the 500-paged transcript is the longest ever produced by the ntsb. maureen: right now we are getting ready for bitter cold. in frederick the volunteers are working to help everyone stay warm. as amy aubert reports the volunteers are using coats, hats and scar evers to reach the community in a big way. amy: on monday he and his daughter help spread a message. >> to be part of the community. he said his sister was asking for donation in the form of jackets, scarves and
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they wanted to spread warmth >> to market street and this side as well. >> the group said they had a jacket around each of the poles. there is only a handful left. ingly thought some one forgot it. >> showing the kindness of the people in frederick. >> the hats and the shirts are still sitting today. nearby a message of hope. >> only a few left for tuesday before the frigid temperatures are expecting to roll in. >> unless you're homeless people don't know how cold the cold is. >> community rallying together tying on hope and a by a to keep warm on a -- and a way to keep warm on a chilly night. >> generosity is outstanding. >> not a hand out. it's a hand up. >> in frederick, amy aubert, abc7
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>> we are all going to need the extra layer or two. doug: the polar air is coming in. it won't hang on for more than a couple of days. that is good news. let's get started here. the clicker is ready to tell the weather story. tonight the clouds continue to be overhead. we are monitoring light rain west of the city. farther western maryland could just get a few flakes. but as the temperatures drop we'll see the clear skies. you might get a look at the super moon if you are awake before the moon goes down. the rain and the snow here. rain to the south. as we get to the everything hours we may see a split between the snow and the rain. much of the area not getting anything. skies are becoming partly cloudy. the winds will be fairly light. breezy in the morning here as the system moves offshore. this model has showers i
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north and west. everything is clearing out overnight. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. until we hit late afternoon hours and the clouds increase again. that is advance of the cold front. tomorrow look for the sunshine and 43. cloudy late in the day. cold front coming through late tomorrow everything. some may see a flurry's as the front passes through. on thursday the change with partly sunny and windy. wind chills in the single digits and the teens throughout the day. on friday we get less wind. winds won't be a feature at all. but highs again around 27 degrees. the future wind chills from the storm watch 7 weather commuter look like this for 8:30 thursday morning. it will feel like 13 in the city. 7 in frederick and leesburg. two above in winchester and 4 in luray. feels like 10 in joint base andrews. through the day the numbers won't change. it will fee
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outbreak in winter but this time it's still autumn because winter doesn't begin until wednesday morning. weekend will see the progress. in the transition to warmer air we have a chance that saturday morning four or 5:00 until 9:00 there could be a mix of snow and sleet. more rain could develop with the gusty winds. 58 on sunday. a quick peek at the next ten days shows dramatic drop and the rise on sunday. before another one comes through. we have a warmup and then look at the travel leading up to christmas. stay with us. "abc7 news at 6:00" continues after this.
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erin: the capitals look for the fifth straight win against the islanders today. they welcomed oshie back to the line-up on friday against the abeers. he has been -- sabres. he has been out with an upper body injury but he is healthy now. he scored a goal and had an assist against buffalo. there was a big win against vancouver on sunday and the team is starting to gel right now. >> i feel like last season we were as a team, i think everyone was sharper. a little more on top of things.
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normal. definitely nice to get in the game routine again. erin: great to have him back. two former a.c.c. foes maryland and boston college will clash in the quick lane bowl in detroit. that is the day after christmas. head coach d.j. durkin's first year the terps are seeking the first bowl win since 2010. the squad had a four-game slide down the stretch in which they were outscored 191-49. that is before they beat rutgers to gain bowl eligibility. earlier today, robert burton spoke with him about the terps' upcoming bowl game. >> i'm thrilled for the kids. i think one of the cool parts are in a bowl game in the right and the reward. our guys deserve it. they have done a tremendous job. they have bought in to what we are trying to do. it has been hard and difficult for them. in a good way. e
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do. we are far from perfect but they fought through it. for the seniors to go out the right way to play a postseason game is important. erin: meantime, d.c. united spread good cheer as r.f.k. stadium was transformed to a holiday wonderland. presence for children in need. the u.s. marine corps is generous and surprising the kids with their own bikes and helmets. very nice. meanwhile, the ravens parting ways with the future hall of famer. the potential future hall of famer. the kick returner devin hester today after the team lost to patriots. said goodbye. jonathan: a lot of sound going away. thanks. maureen: cold weather coming our way. doug: steve rudin is watching it and he will update you at 11:00 with a look to the weekend. maybe warmer. maureen: i hope so. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see yo
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tonight, inside trump tower. the president-elect emerging from the elevators with kanye west. what the two then said. and it came just hours after mr. trump's choice for secretary of state. critics pouncing on rex tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin. breaking news tonight. a hung jury? what we've just learned, and what the judge just ordered in the case of the florida wife accused of plotting to kill her husband. police staging this scene, telling her her husband had been killed. the grandfather, 73 years old, unarmed, shot and killed by police. tonight, his family says, he had dementia. new surveillance right here tonight. the arctic blast moving in this evening. 100 million americans facing wind chills 10 to 20 below zero. and the major recall at this hour. the popular kitchen applia


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