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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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temperatures will plunge below freezing and it will stay that way for a couple of days. alison: it will feel dangerously cold when you wake up tomorrow morning. jonathan: don't look now, some of us might see snow coating on the ground overnight. let's get the party started with stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill who has a look at the first winter blast. doug: listen. it will happen in 12-hour period from 7:00 p.m. tonight and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. the overnight low is 18 to 28 degrees but that is half the story. the other half is the extremely cold wind chills. as far as the snow goes. if computer models are different. there might be a push of moisture on the leading edge of the cold front. sooner to the west, later to the east. i don't think we are going to see much of anything in the metro area. if there is a coating of snow, it's northeast and southeast, maybe to the eastern shore. the chesapeake bay. it will be cold indeed. any flakes will blow ar
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will be bright and sunny. it will be windy and cold throughout the day. wind chills in the morning is brutal. it's going to be 10 at joint base andrews and it won't change much throughout the day. there will be sunshine and a little improvement on friday. not because the air warms up but the wind chill will diminish. there is a wind chill advisory in effect late tonight along the blue ridge and points west in the mountains. a two-day deal tomorrow and friday. we will pull out on saturday. when i join you here in 15 minutes we will talk about a wintry mix possibly on friday before it warms up. michelle? michelle: thank you. a big question for some parents and students will school buses start on a sub freezing morning. it has been a problem in the past. q mccray is in arlington with how schools are making sure everyone gets to the destination on time tomorrow. q, what is the plan? q: yeah, well, listen
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the students on time, michelle, they have to start early here. at the arlington county public school system bus yard. at 4:00 a.m. when the start team shows up. what does the start team do? what the name suggests. they get on the buses. and they start the engines. it's as simple as that. the start team is made up of the bus drivers who are called in early on weather emergency days. the other bus drivers still show up at 5:00 a.m. to check the fluid and the tire pressure. but the start team is important because all the buses run on diesel fuel. when it's cold outside and freezing temperatures they have a trouble starting. they may stall or they may not start at all. that is important that the start team gets here at 4:00 a.m. >> the bus may not start in the morning and we need the buses to take the kids. we do not want the kids standing on the corner for 30, 40 minutes waiting for thes but that bo
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public school district has 170 buses. at any given time they are transporting 13,000 students. so safety is their paramount concern. i reached out to the other major school districts in the d.m.v. you will hear what they are playing for tonight at 5:30. for now that is the latest live from arlington, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. alison: thank you. don't miss weather, traffic, school and breaking news alerts. download the abc7 news app from the app store and google play. well, actor alan thicke died suddenly yesterday. he was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son when he suffered a heart attack. thicke is perhaps most known for his role as one of america's fathers, a star of the 1980 sitcom "growing pains." but as kidd o'shea shows us, there is much more to his career and his family life. >> ♪ show me that smile again ♪ kidd: alan thi
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"growing pains." according to his website the show is still syndicated in over 65 countries. >> what? you are not excited about seeing yourself in diapers will drool running down your chin? kidd: you may not have known he hosted dozens of game shows and tried to take on johnny carson with "thicke of the night" and he is credited launching alex trebek's career. alan thicke was a composure of the original 1975 theme song for "wheel of fortune" and "facts of life" and different strokes." he never saw a tv until he was 7 years old. according to the "new york times" he grew up in a small town in ontario, canada where they didn't have tv. he appeared on an episode of "fuller house" on netflix. he posted "season two looking good. i even like the ones i'm not in." that
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his friend posted on twitter -- last night carter thicke, his 19-year-old son who was skating with him at the time of his heart attack took to twitter and said -- "i love you, pops." jonathan: i don't know how it could happen. unless he had a history of it. alison: the news came as a surprise to many people. jonathan: lindsey mastis is in the newsroom with the express of shock displayed on the social media. as soon as this happened, social media went nutty. lindsey: absolutely. not just celebrity friends, hi tamly member is reaching out on media. they are in disbelief but they want to let the world know how impactful he was on their life.
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on "growing pains" and she said, "i loved alan. he was one of the smartest and funniest men i have ever known. we shared a life changing success and friendship." kansas who plays d.j. on "fuller house" and "full house" she said she is saddened beyond words. her brother was an actor on "growing pains" as well. this is the photo that kidd showed of carter thicke saying he lost his best friend and his idol as well. the celebrity tweets keep coming through. talking about how much he loved hockey and his family. how at a loss they are. but, of course, there are a lot of fans who are at a loss as well. they grew up with him as their tv dad as well. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. a sad passing. appreciate it. today was silicon valley day at trump tower. representatives from the top tech companies meeting with donald trump as he continues to fil
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cabinet. karen travers has the latest on the trump transition. karen: sitting down with leaders from the top companies. >> to be there for you. you call my people. you call me. it doesn't make any difference. there is no formal chain of command. karen: silicon valley is not exactly friendly campaign for trump. in july, 140 tech executives and entrepreneurs wrote in an open letter that trump would be a disaster for innovation. due to the views on immigration and the global economy. none of today's attendees signed that letter. trump announcing wednesday he picked former texas governor rick perry to lead the department of energy, an organization he once said he -- an agency he once said he would eliminate. and he offered interior secretary job to ryan zinke, a retired navy seal. both selections have been criticized by environmental and clean energy groups. but the pick for secretary of state that is drawing bipartisan
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potential conflicts of interest. last night trump launched a public defense of his choice of rex tillerson who has had a long relationship with russian president vladimir putin. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. >> no surprise, russians have been effusive of their praise. >> he is getting more love from russia than people in the united states senate. >> donald trump has not yet announced his picks to lead the department of agriculture and veteran affairs. mike pence says the work of the transition team will continue in the holidays. reporting from northwest, karen travers, abc7 news. michelle: goldman sachs the big investment bank is getting ready to replace gary cohen who is tapped to lead trump's policy team. two current members will
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cochief operating officers in the new chief. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the federal reserve will raise a key interest rate for the thirst time in a year. so here is what it means for you. student and car loans as well as the fixed rate mortgages should see little to no impact. adjustment rate mortgages, credit card loans could rise. the news of the fed rate hike was not received well on wall street. the three key u.s. indices plunged in afternoon trading. jonathan: i hate when it happens be it has been going up nonstop. still ahead for us at 4:00, the major air carriers that are joining forces. michelle: annual tradition in the district comes to an end. alison: also next the yearly reminder to water your tree. how fast it can ruin your christmas. and the number of calls across the country firefighters respond to every year. >> one former employee says uber
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through information uber gets your hand on when you ride. i'm scott taylor. up next, a "7 on your side" alert if you need to watch
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jonathan: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. ads forgettlemaning -- forget getting it there overnight? how about in minutes? jeff bezos
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company made the first drone delivery on the 7th of delivery in england. he says it took 13 minutes from click to delivery. jonathan: wow! alison: here is what the customer ordered. an amazon fire streaming device and popcorn. michelle: it's probably still warm. alison: probably was. michelle: amazing. jonathan: that is the future of things. uber drivers using a tracking device to spy on you. michelle: information uncovered claims that uber is doing that. jonathan: "7 on your side" investigative reporter scott taylor says if it's true it's creepy. scott: we discovered startling claims that employees at uber may have been able to track anyone from celebrities to even you. according to a court filing by a former uber investigator. as part of a wrongful term night lawsuit he alleges that uber's lack of security regarding the customers' data was resulting in employees being able
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profile politicians, celebrities and personal acquaintances. >> the data included the trip origin, the trip destination, the route taken and the type of route. >> we spoke with him. >> he said it was ongoing problem. since so many people had wide access, anybody could look up anything. uber shared a warning, you may not access the account of anyone you know personally or celebrity. >> a lot of the apps on
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that we use have pretty intrusive privacy items on there.
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roads but ubers doesn't believe they need approval because drivers are in the test cars. jonathan: that is also creepy. retail sales were sluggish in november. up not by a lot but almost four per season tage up from last year. that is good news. this might have been on the christmas list. check it out. don't bet on finding them under the tree. you know what they are? apple's highly anticipated air pods. the shipping time is four weeks. that is well past christmas. but they will be available in stores next week. they will be $160. abc7 on traffic watch this afternoon. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on the ride home. it looks me
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not as many crashes but let's talk about the slows spots. 20 minutes on the inner loop from tysons to the american legion bridge. a live look to show you how heavy the inner loop traffic is. clear from mcclain. slow patch from 66. but that is the only area on the outer loop in the northwest corner. seeing the outer loop delay on the bottom of the beltway. 395, slowing for you crossing the 14th street bridge to average 12 miles per hour. you can see volume here. the wizards game later tonight at the verizon center. we will see heavy traffic inbound as well as the typical outbound. bottom side near the wilson bridge we have the volume. 95 past the occoquan southbound you can see the volume. if you are heading further south to triangle we have volume. like i said, there are no big crashes. michelle?
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thank you. check this out. this is about as big as a scare as you can have on the roads. s.u.v. slides off a minneapolis road and into an icy monday. the aftermath all caught on camera. people pulling over to run to help while the woman who was behind the wheel climbed out the back to start breaking through the back window. here is what one person said. >> i knew she was heading to the pond. i called 911. i said close your eyes. there is a lot of glass. we pulled her out of the vehicle. michelle: great work. the driver told police the windows fogged up and she couldn't see. jonathan: it's not just one person running down the hill. half a dozen
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to work together and get her out. alison: thank goodness it way daytime and they could see her vehicle. jonathan: scary. doug: good point. michelle: get ready for really cold air. >> we have had cold fronts but it's going to female like the middle of winter. this afternoon, get a look at what is going to happen in the next couple of hours. we will see a steady increase in cloudiness. temperatures drop from 40 to 30's. later tonight around 11:00 that the computer models indicate that the time the front will arrive. it's accompanied by now snowshowers, area of flurry and maybe south of the metro area light rain at times. if there is any accumulation, it looks as if it will be the east and the
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washington. maybe on the part of the eastern shore of maryland. it clears out and the winds will pick up and the temperature will drop. then we have lower temperatures and the high winds. the winds chills will tank. as a pint of comparison in the past five years this is when we had each year the first measure rabble snowfall at reag -- measurable snowfall at reagan national airport. it didn't happen last year until the 16 of january. december 2016 -- december 26, 2012. sometimes we wait a while for the first snow. i point that out because projections here say places like joint base andrews, eastern superb to annapolis may pick up .2 of an inch. a possibility as the polar air plunges across the area. we know the bus stop will be sunshine. but it will be windy. very cold. the temperatures are dropping a degree or two in the day. we will have the single digit wind chills throughout the day around the region
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up on friday. we have sunshine in the morning. the clouds increase. the next system is organized friday everything. this is 11:30 friday night. snow could develop with a wintry mix to the west. cold front approaches. this keeps most of the action north of washington. but a brief wintry mix saturday morning is a possibility. then it may dry out later saturday. another stronger front is bringing rain and maybe heavy rain later on sunday. in the meantime, there is the big change. 20's the next couple of days. 50 degrees. any morning mix will change to rain on saturday. sunday rain is developing. becoming windy. 58. cold or the clearing weather monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. looking ahead to christmas eve ten days away, the skies are partly sunny with the temperatures 51. jonathan: thanks. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it was an attempted robbery. he saw the camera. that stopped him. we will let you know where
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striking next. alison: it can't be said enough. you have to take precautions with the christmas tree. we will show you how fast one can burn.
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michelle: it's the season of porch pirating. alison: this is a new one. stoop scrooges. pretty clever, right? jonathan: these are nice terms. the people owning the homes where the packages are stolen
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nice -- alison: using bad words. jonathan: some of the guys are getting caught. "7 on your side" fighting back, this is horace holmes. this is your beat now. it's nice when they catch a knucklehead. horace: let's help. this one didn't get away with the package. that the good news. look at the picture, though. a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you are caught with your hand in cookie jar. prince george's county police sharing this. a man tried to snatch a package from a home in the 4100 of ellis street in capitol heights, maryland. the camera catches him. a week ago today around lunchtime. we were joined today by detectives with advice to protect your porch. >> we do really encourage people to purchase or somehow acquire cameras for the front of their house. it makes our job easier. if you do go back and look at his face,
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think is worth the price of any surveillance camera. horace: the doorbell cameras are good, too. you can talk to them and scare them. see pictures like that on the special web page. log on to under the "7 on your side" tab click on porch priorities. we have posted it if you want to take another look at the guy. when we post the videos on the web page, update you throughout the holiday. the shipping and the shopping season, if you recognize any of the suspected porch pirates contact the police. they would love with the homeowners to catch them. jonathan: did you see the viral video of the person with so many things stolen they put a timer in a box. it blows up with something in it. yard droppings. that is waun way to get rid of
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them. thank you. jonathan: coming up next, up in flames. christmas ruin if you don't take precautions with the tree. you won't believe how fast the tree can go up in flames. we will show you up next. michelle: we take you shopping with the cops. the new unlikely bond and the friendship forged between d.c. police officers and the young children getting a special holiday treat. alison: coming up at 5:00, a doctor set out on a cross country return an his family grew along the way. the amazing journey and how the d.c. children will benefit at
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credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: by now it's a safe bet that a lot of folks have the christmas tree up. alison: tonight an important reminder to water it. michelle: we sent john gonzalez for the university of maryland for an important demonstration. john: we are inside the fire protection engineering department at the university of maryland. witnessing dramatic demonstrations. the engineers showing us how quickly the beautiful christmas tree inside the home can go from this to this in seconds. take a look. this is a natural tree watered
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it's still fully engulfed in under 30 seconds. the nationwide numbers are startling. christmas tree the five times deadlier than a regular house fire with 230 house calls around the country each year and average of six deaths. take a look at this. this is a very dry fir, the difference is alarming. fully immersed in ten seconds. it gives you an idea if it's in the living room how little time you have before it turns into a tragedy. >> this is really important to make people aware of the tremendous hazards that are associated with the christmas tree. especially if it's not properly cared for and watered on a daily basis. the unwatered tree, the fire goes up quickly to the point that you can't do anything or much about it once it gets going. the essence, the essential piece has to be that you stop that event from starting. statistically most of the christmas tree fires happens
4:32 pm
is still inside the home but being neglected. get the tree out as soon as the holidays are over. in college park, john gonzalez. back to you. jonathan: good reminder. if you bought a snowshoe i feel ready to go. doug: you don't need it tonight. you might need a snow blower. 40 is where we are headed in the next hour. waiting for an ark -- front to arrive -- arctic front to arrive. it will blow in overnight. this is the clouds moving from the west. it will depict snow and mix ain rand to the south. there is a possibility there is an area with covering, a brief covering or glazing on grassy areas. this is east of the metro area and eastern shore. we point that out
4:33 pm
tenth of an inch. two tenth of an inch of snow. it looks like it will clear out. what will change is the temperatures. for the friends in allegany county it could feel like six below zero in the morning. through the day it won't warm up much. bitterly cold. have a fair amount of sunshine. not as cold as the wind chill friday as the winds diminish. the day planner tomorrow a lot of sunshine and windy and cold. the air temperatures will stay cold on their own. friday is 27. cold but less wind. saturday is a wintery mix that is tu
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50 for rain. some is heavy on sunday. highs with 58. it will turn colder with another front on sunday and monday. jonathan: this august dozens lost everything in an eng explosion at flowers branch apartment. it was a horrible scene. parents at the complex worrying about the holidays got a welcome sense of relief. >> they are serving 14 low income residents each year. the concept is simple. people come to have donated shirts, shoes and household items they would otherwise go without. today mothers were invited to pick christmas gifts for their children. th
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four kids ages 2, 9, 10, and 4 months old. last week she said the immigration officers deported her husband to honduras after he was caught driving drunk. that has bankrupted her. she says without today's event the kids would have gone without gifts this christmas. >> the stories we hear and that will be coming with a new administration, maybe with new immigration laws are tough. they have amazing life with dreams and hopes. >> interfaith work says unlike some donation centers, everything that comes in back door goes out the front door. this time of the year toys are certainly in high demand. reporting in rockville, kevin lewis, back to you.
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side" consumer alert about another data breach. this time they are students who attended public schools in frederick county. the students impacted were in the school system between november of 2005 and november of 2006. stolen information includes name, social security and date of birth. the breach took place before 2010. f.b.i. has been notified. alaska airlines purchase of virgin airline is complete to make it working together the fifth largest airline in the country. the deal was first reached in april. it was approved by the shareholders and the next step is to get the f.a.a. to sign off on allowing the airlines to operate as a single carrier. michelle: navy football has become one of the most consistent programs in the country. this year will be the teen's 13th bowl appearance in 14 years. the players are constantly changing and one person remains the same. robert burton introduces us to the coach o
4:37 pm
>> navy head football coach nuimoto has a lot to brag about. nine wins so far and the winningest coach in school history and he is named the a.a.c. coach of the year for the second straight season. the list goes on. >> it came to a school that you serve voluntarily. nobody forced them to come. it's not a draft. it makes you feel good with the things that are happening in the country that you have kids like that. they are unique kids. they serve another purpose. >> i see my family rarely and he maze this my home for me. i feel welcome and cherished to be part of the team. >> most coaches care about you but our coach is on another
4:38 pm
anywhere but navy coaching football? >> i have been here a long time. i don't see myself anywhere. i get paid to do this. i love doing this. with the coach of the week i'm robert burton. >> next at 4:00, a story that will have you rethinking sending your kids to play in the snow. unfortunate accident that killed a little boy. >> d.c. tradition comes to an end. the reason why the mother of a slain officer says she will stop cooking her other officers. don't forget to wake up with "good morning washington." this is stormwatch7's verrückt with a preview -- stormwatch7's veronica johnson. >> thank you. we are live across the d.m.v. with the winter blast and the impact on your commute. >> a specialist from the international spy museum is here with an inside look at russia and the current d.n.c. hacking sc
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and weather every ten mi
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michelle: that is not any barking dog. that is vladimir putin's dog. jonathan: don't mess with the dog or the owner. he doesn't like journalists. that is my shocked face
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the meeting with journalists with not so much the dog ahead of the trip to japan. the dog came out. the dog was actually a gift from japan. thank you after russia helped following the massive earthquake and the tsunami five years ago. michelle: you can see it took a treat and that silenced him for a little bit but he started to bark again. jonathan: saw the journalists. that was it. michelle: this is over. more treats or i'm going to keep barking. jonathan: you don't suppose he was trained that way? michelle: nahhh! jonathan: the cynic in me. check this out from jupiter. you can see the cloud pattern. michelle: that is juneau spacecraft that snapped the pictures over the weekend flying by 40,000 miles from the planet. yeah. flyby there. capturing what looks like storms. the little white ovals you see. juneau is in the midst of a 53-day orbit around the fifth planet from the sun. jonathan: very cool. michelle: neat. jonathan: from a long way away. michelle: you can see the
4:43 pm
there. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- warning to parents about the kids playing in the snow. the unfortunate accident that will give you pause about letting them run out and play. sam: i'm sam ford in gibson washington where the mother is holding the final dinner honor hof her slain sun for members of the m.p. -- slain son for members of the m.p.d.
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michelle: in south carolina, there is new video in the trial of dylann roof. it shows roof in a makeshift shooting drill. using a gun with a laser taking aim at different targets. the 22-year-old has confessed to killing nine members of the charleston church in a bible study in 2015. prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty. jonathan: well, today does mark four years since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. flags were at half-staff. there was a moment of silence to remember the 20 students and t
4:47 pm
there. here in our area there was a protest held at the n.r.a. headquarters in fairfax in honor of the victims of sandy hook elementary school. a group of gun violence prevention organizers have been holding monthly vigils and rally to draw attention to what they say is n.r.a. continued opposition to any policies that may help reduce gun violence. andy parker, the father of alison parker a journalist shot to death in a live report had strong words about the n.r.a. >> they are simply gun salesman. they don't really care about you. they don't care about your family, your community. or frankly their own members. jonathan: we tried contacting the n.r.a. multiple times for a comment on the protests but we never got a response. michelle: now to a developing story out of new york. sad one here where one teen is dead and the friend is recovering after they were buried alive in snow. this happened at a parking lot where the kids were playing in green witch, which i
4:48 pm
new york. the parking lot is where the public works crews were dumping plowed snow. after the boys were reported missing officers followed the tracks to the parking lot and started digging. they found both boys. 13-year-old joshua died. they are looking at how they became buried in the snow. jonathan: it's an annual tradition coming to an end. she has cooked holiday dinner for officers. they come by the house and she has food set up for them. a month ago they took time to honor her and took her
4:49 pm
shopping. sam: we are outside the gibson home. folks who live in d.c. a while. you remember this. the standard d.c. police car. that was the type of car in which brian gibson was killed 20 years ago. it was a simple. miss shirley gibson says after 20 years this will be her last holiday dinner memory of her son. brian gibson who was killed at age 27. by a cop hating gunman. waiting for a light to change. shirley gibson started the dinner because she missed cooking for her son.
4:50 pm
the dinners make her happy. >> some days it's yesterday since we lost him. other days it's been a hundred years since we hugged him. when they have the vest on their chest and service weapon on their side it's like getting hugs from brian all day long. sam: the police chief came today and from a private donor gave her $40,000 of the travel vouchers on the princess cruise lines. at some point she said she wanted to take a cruise. so a private donor made it possible.
4:51 pm
6:00. jonathan: a great tradition. >> check this out. they were hosting a shop with a cop event at wal-mart in northeast. a hundred kids got to go around and pick up the holiday gifts. one child spent part of his day with the interim police chief peter newsham. >> a way to talk to the kids. up to $100 to spend. we will spend it all. >> a lot of times the officers dig in their pockets so they don't leave without. they sponsor this event every year. >> colder temperatures are on the
4:52 pm
this is 40 for the evening. temperatures in the 40's. this is not too bad but it will change. we could see snowshowers as the cold front is moving on through. we forecast wind chills and what it will feel like inside the beltway tomorrow. 10 to 12 degrees. let's talk about the weekend. a lot going on. wintry mix early saturday morning for wreaths across america at arlington national cemetery. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 30's early on. the upper 30's with the rising temperatures through the afternoon and into the evening hours. the rest of your weekend outlook calls for the milder temperatures on sunday with highs that will make it into the upper 50's. close to 60 degrees. with a better
4:53 pm
on sunday. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. straight to jamie sullivan. jamie: quite a bit of a delay on the inner loop. we see the brake lights, the headlights here but you see a red line. that is slowing from tysons north closer to the 270 spur. outer loop is heavy, too. in the district we have a wizard game at the verizon center. the inbound traffic is heavy and the outbound on 395. let's talk about a closure in northwest d.c. seasonth street is closed. we are hearing a suspicious package. constitution avenue in eighth street in the stretch you can't get through because of the police activity. a live look shows the bottom side of the beltway is heavy. on 395 if you try to head south you get closer to the occoquan, same thing. delays as well. that is a look at traffic. we have m
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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michelle: day two of pretrial hearings in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. the hearing is to decide whether a judge will allow 13 of coses can's -- cosby's accusers to testify in the trial. prosecutors say the women's stories were committed by the same person. the defense is expected to rest its case later today. we are following breaking news now outside the iverson mall in temple hills. let's go to maryland bureau chief brad bell with the latest. i know you just pulled up on the scene.
4:57 pm
brad: this is a dramatic scene. had to be terrifying for people close to the mall. look here. you can see the blinking lights. we will go to some video. you can see crash in the entrance of iverson mall is a car. we understand that the car was driven by a man who had been shot. he was spotted by many people down here on the ground but he was able to talk to police. he told police he was shot in the district of columbia. so he was conscious and he was talking initially. we cannot give you any additional update on his condition at this point. nobody here at the mall injured. there is at least one secondary scene as well. we can show you the video of that as well. 23rd parkway. a mile or so from here. that is a place where police are investigating what i could count on the scene 15 shell casings on the street. what is described b
4:58 pm
this person here who was shot is telling police that he was shot in the district. he fled. people chased him. there was gunfire back and forth. all of that ended here at iverson mall. at this point, only one person shot. one person injured we should say. there is a hunt for additional suspects. at iverson mall, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: tonight a deep freeze is coming. it could do a number on a morning routine. the steps being taken now to keep you on time tomorrow. demonstrators marking the sandy hook anniversary descend on the n.r.a. headquarters. new concerns after election day. preserved for posterity. an electric mix of film favorites makes the cut at the library of congress. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: now that the sun is do
4:59 pm
temperatures no head downward as well. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here to track the winter blast on the way. doug: it looks like the arrival of the cold front is in six hours. about 11:00 tonight. the colder air lags behind the front. watch temperatures drop to 36 by 11:00. by 3:00 a.m., 32 in the city. 27 at 7:00 a.m. all the while the winds are increasing in speed. we may have light flurries or the snowshowers as well. the future cast has the front to arrive tonight, then colder air lags behind a bit. but it will clear out. so we see possibility of light snow or snowshowers. maybe enough to coat the ground a bit. south and east of the metro area. in and out. talking a tenth of an inch on grassy surfaces at most. clearing skies and the winds become the story as the temperatures fall. computer model suggest up to .2 as a possibility. not a probability. south and east of metro and on the eastern shore. the main
5:00 pm
the morning bus stop and kids shivering. the temperatures are mid-20's for recess and dismissal time. all day long the wind chills are in the single digits. alison: ski ski has more on how -- stephen tschida has more on how the commute could impact the weather. stephen: check out the salt behind me. is it going to get smaller. the trucks will start to load up on the salt in the next couple of hours to get it on the d.c. streets.


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