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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: right now, the winter blast sweeping the country bearing down on the dmv. larry: temperatures dropping dangerously low. snow plows are at the wedding -- snow plows are at the ready. autria: the chill makes getting to school anything but simple. more fun. oh, get ready. as you are waking up at 6:00 this morning, it is feeling decent out there. but it is only going to get worse. veronica: every hour we are seeing the wind pickup, the temperatures drop little bit. it is cold, so pull the boots out, your wool. larry: exactly. veronica: it is going to be a cult
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for today but for tomorrow. it will have the highest wind with it tomorrow. a wind advisory to the north, northern maryland. you see some of the wind, 25 miles per hour, frederick, maryland. that is why they have the advisory northward. clarksburg, 8 miles per hour out of the northwest. the feel like factor in haymarket virginia is 18. 6 is what it feels like right now. this is all live data currently coming in. we are bringing in the latest information. betweeneratures riding 28 and 38, the actual air temperature. with all the blustery conditions, it is feeling much colder and more intense. you will need to cover up throughout the day that by 6:00, the temperature drops to 24 degrees. the windchill will go from the teens in the afternoon to single-digit easily during the late afternoon and evening.
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temperature 27 degrees. comparable temperature, but with less wind, not quite the bite that we will have to deal with today at high temperature on saturday, going up to 54 that is an umbrella because it looks like there will be somewhat weather. with early rain and the forecast, that system comes in, temperatures will be rising in the upper 20's to low 30's. between friday night and saturday morning is when there could be some icy conditions. we will talk more about this and take it hour-by-hour. all the pink that you are seeing, d.c., beltway, northward, that is where there could be some icy patches. that long, winding stretch out of bethesda -- if you travel at area, you know that once the pavement gets what we have a number of accidents. now the possibility of a wintry mix could cause some problems. keep that in mind for sao tome.
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-- keep that in mind for saturday. northbound i-95, not much of a delay northbound getting out of stafford because of an accident. an earlier power problem outside west falls church, so an additional amount of time needed on the origin silver line. tonight we have been talking men are in-- boyz 2 town. early0 -- you want to get that you want to get there early. the circulator could help you out as far as parking goes. keep in mind the alexandria water taxi is available for you guys coming out of virginia. in the next 10 minutes we will update the ride on the roads and the rails. autria: a suspect is on the run after two people are found shot
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in their car in montgomery county. 911n and a woman called after they had been attacked. they are in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police and prince george's county are trying to figure out what happened that led a man to being shot and killed in temple hills. withs found in a driveway multiple gunshot wounds. sam sweeney is talking with these on the scene, and we will larry: check in with him in a few minutes. larry:do not forget -- larry: do not forget to sign in for news alerts. the winter blast pounds dozens of states across the midwest and northeast. i want to start in buffalo, new york three in whiteout conditions, lake-effect snow kvitova dubbing one to three inches of snow per hour and bringing whiteout conditions. the lower overnight temperature there is 10 degrees, and it is getting even
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tomorrow. i hope you are not headed to buffalo. same story here. the d.c. snow team loading up a fleet of plows. they hit the roads at 9:00 last night in case there was any light snow. with the temperatures plummeting, the city is activating its cold emergency alert about an hour from now. meaning the city will have additional services and support ready to help anyone affected by dangerously cold weather. officials across the dmv have been up for hours, making sure buses run on time. in past years we have seen problems with buses running in a timely fashion. autria: they spent yesterday afternoon checking batteries and making sure that buses are using winterized diesel. we say good morning to ryan hughes in greenbelt. >> being prepared is the name of the game on mornings like this. that is what school district are doing.
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early start. you can see behind me there, trying to make sure the buses are ready to roll. the lights are flashing. they are inside warming them up because these -- because this brutal cold can do a number on the batteries, the tire pressure. they did a lot of checks, checking those batteries and the tires and making sure that the diesel fuel and everything else was working properly. in arlington county, a start team was in at 4:00 a.m. trying to get everything ready for the cold here in prince george's county. you can see now a lot of the lights are flashing. these drivers are inside the everythingng to get picked up for the cold weather. they had some problems in the past at different school districts. the goal here is they do not want these kids to be on the corner for 30 to 40 minutes because, as you have been mentioning, this is dangerous cold. they are t
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sure everything is ready to roll. ryan hughes, "good morning washington." larry: may be the best total of all, the stormwatch 7 weather app app. it is free. download for your iphone or android and get the latest on this dangerously cold weather straight to your smart phone. an effort to make the holidays brighter. autria: we are taking you live to the wash fm radio thought it how you can help, coming up. larry: and donald trump's daughter. the
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," your number one news in the morning. veronica: on this thursday, it is our first winter blast. it is not only affecting areas in and around d.c., but look to the south of us. richmond at 17. the current windchill reading is 9
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through the carolinas, this is the first winter blast -- is 9 at roanoke. through the carolinas, this is the first winter blast. 10 degrees is what it feels like in germantown. the wind continues to pickup, staying between 10 and 20. with gusts it will be much higher. readings later could top out at 35 to 40 miles per hour. the wind starts to diminish this evening. tomorrow, light wind out of the perhwest at 5 to 10 miles hour. high temperatures in the upper 20's. you can see this morning, 12 degrees in d.c. 13 is what it will feel like around joint base andrews. college park, heirs of warrington -- areas of --rington -- of warrington it will feel colder
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we have a cautionary light for this morning. roads breezy. will talk more about the impact on area roads from the next weather alert day that will be here saturday morning. julie: it is becoming an issue with construction. i am not sure if the reason why some of these folks are out there late in the commute is because the next couple of days they will be harry, but we'll show you that any moment. northbound 95, slow out of fredericksburg. that explains this delay putting north from iii had an inbound toward the parkway headed into stafford. southbound,aryland, this is tying up the left side of the highway. roadwork or northbound kenilworth avenue continues to block the right lane. hopefully they wi
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the southbound lanes are open. additional delays on the orange and silver lines due to our problems outside west falls church. back in the next 10 minutes, we will keep a close eye on your ride northeast. autria: sam sweeney is live in temple hills with news out of prince george's county. an officerrre scene, on routine patrol finds a man dead laying in the driveway. earlier in the morning, neighbors heard gunshots but never called 911. kidd: good morning, i'm kidd o'shea at children's national. look at the beautiful christmas tree in the lobby. and it is the second annual washington kids radio thought and. find out if we reached our goal from the last hour.
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age-defying formula is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick. put your lips first. my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. larry: it is 6:16 on this thursday morning. we are staying on top of breaking news in temple hills, where police found a man dead in the driveway.
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what is the latest? sam: we are in the 2700 block of colebrook. you can see an active police investigation. they brought out the spotlight. this happened at 2:00 in the morning. to findfficer happened a man laying dead in the driveway of his home that is lit up. the body is still on the scene in front of this car. police are on the scene, homicide investigators working to find out exactly how this happened. several neighbors heard gunshots earlier in the night, but nobody called 911. the officer happened to be on routine patrol. at this hour, still no information on a possible suspect or motive. as soon as we have it, we will set a long. in princelive george's county, sam sweeney. jummy: evacuations in aleppo, syria, taking a dangerous turn. pro-government forces opened fire on ambulances trying to leave that city.
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that rebels and civilians can leave the city, but troops are shooting at ambulances. at least three people have an hurt. the new evacuation effort comes 24 hours after yesterday's failed cease-fire. metro isppening today, deciding whether to suspend late-night train service for another two years. it has been closing earlier since the safetrack maintenance program has been in effect. the board will also discuss an incident on the red line monday were six red line cars detached. and we will get an update on july plus the willamette at east falls church. donald trump's daughter is now in the market for a home in d.c. they were shopping in georgetown this weekend in the same neighborhood as one of the hottest listings in the city, 5.5six-bedroom,
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bath mansion owned by jacqui kennedy. cabinet members are also looking for homes in the district. right now, making the holidays brighter for those in need. autria: kidd o'shea is live at wash fm radiothon in northwest d.c. kidd: good morning, autria. if you have never been inside children's national, let me show you around. this is what patients and families see when they walk in. a beautiful christmas tree. you have the studios here, hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling. place that make it a is not scary, a place that is comfortable for families and for the kids that are here as well. our guestsntroduce that have been here all morning long. did we reach our goal? >> absolutely. we had five medical makers.
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a new goal. we need a more marital makers by 6:30. -- we need eight more miracle workers by 6:30. everything is there any dollar -- have an update for you coming up in just a bit here on "good morning washington." veronica: he will have all of those songs in his head. larry: over and over. because i am not going out. veronica: stay inside where it is cozy and listen to that. autria: all day and night. we do have the cold today and tomorrow, the cold and wind. this weekend is not going to be all that bad. it is just that saturday morning, those critical hours until we warm up that we have to worry about. this weekend, not that bad at
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the average high, 47 degrees. where we will be today, about 26, toy seven. yesterday we were in the upper 40's. -- about 26, 27. yesterday we were in the upper 40's. it will feel like 9 today. then you add the wind, and that is what really makes it feel that much worse. right now, eight degrees, the feels-like temperature in germantown. in at the wind, a drive wind for us, the front came through overnight . it did not deliver much in the way of flurries. temperatures normally go up. today they are going down. from 31, 30 degrees. 26 degrees. as the wind picks up, that is what will make it feel pretty brutal. by 1:00 a.m., 12 degrees.
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readingshe wind chill are cold conditions. at least we are not looking at subzero readings. still, a couple of minutes outside and you can get frostbite. 62, that is 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. the weekend not bad with some showers around from time to time. i will show you when. better to wake up at the crack of dawn just to get some warm weather? veronica: maybe. isie: this wintry weather something we have not had to think about in a while, so check that battery. thehing over three years, temperature when it drops this cold will drain that battery. have a spare set of keys. just be on the safe side. now, this is the inner loop the beltway out of annandale approaching gallows
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braddock road. also in virginia, 95, still a struggle north of route 3. before the way tying up the left lane. stretchre on the talk -- on the top stretch, this is tying up the right lane. we have more of "good morning washington", in aoment. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> i am living here in prison right now, that's what it is. why this could all boiled down to a lack of concern for
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: the closely watched case of a south florida woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband has ended in a mistrial. >> ith
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a bombshell announcement in the murder for hire case polito --lia did dalia dipolito. now the man at the center is speaking out. >> i am surprised they left so much on the table. michael, who the hit man was hired to kill. the hitman was an undercover police officer. wanted to find her guilty said this is real. this is what she wanted. coming up, we will have more on her case. with your "gma first look, go i am diane macedo, abc news, new york.
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ove event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. announcer: now, "good morning washington," on your side. larry: at 6:30, the weather alert
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it will feel like the temperatures are in this and it is. it is dangerous. we are getting you ready to keep you and your family safe. here we go, right into this thursday morning. i'm larry smith. autria: i'm autria godfrey. we have coverage all morning long of this winter blast. let's get you started with veronica johnson. hours, we are48 going to stay in the deep freeze. the worst of it is today because of the cold air moving in and because of what is behind me. you are seeing a lot of color. that is indicative of the wind that has been picking up. 26 mile-per-hour gusts. even higher gusts off to the north and west. martinsburg close to 40. some 50-mile-per-hour gusts today across areas of northern maryland. that will bring down the feels-like temperature print reagan national, 20 degrees is what it feels like. the
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subtract 10 to 15 degrees from that to get the current readings. we had dry pavement for today. the front came through last night. not much flurry activity at all in by the end of today, it will drop to play for. very low windchill readings for today. the air temperature, 18 tonight. so -- thethis time period laterime today and eileen whelan has more on how to stay ahead of the cold. it is all about making sure you have enough layers. that is going to be critical. you do not want to have any exposed skin. i have so many layers, it does not feel that bad. but the wind is gusting. we have stormtrak 7 out here at l'enfant plaza in d.c.
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instrumentation that measures the wind speed, and the wind -- we have had one gust, just 55 miles per hour. the air temperature is still 30 degrees, but it feels like 22. so many other neighborhoods that you are waking up to right now are feeling even colder. it looks like maybe on mapping system here is frozen as well. it will be getting colder later today. coming up in 10 minutes, i will let you know how it feels for your commute heading home. we will talk with a few commuters. looks like everyone has been watching. everyone is bundled up. a lot of people have the heat on full blast in the cards this money. you get back inside of that car, you little eskimo. some problems in virginia -- the inner loop headed up to gallows road, the stalled vehicle tying up the left lane. you are on the brake
6:34 am
a 21 minute commute between the springfield interchange and 66. the trouble continues on 95 northbound, a 30-minute commute from route 3 up toward aquia. that is where we have the crash blocking the left lane. kenilworth avenue, the works own was on the right side of the highway. and a new problem northbound on 95, 40 minutes from dale city to springfield. this is where we had an incident that was in the right lane that they moved to the shoulder. in the next 10 minutes, we will have another update on your ride on 95 in virginia. larry: abc 7 is on your side. autria: we are bundled up this together. john gonzalez is going down the checklist with everything you need. john: good morning. bone chilling temperatures, and we are going through the checklist because when you have this arctic blast, we become
6:35 am
properties -- cars, houses, and bubblewrap might be helpful. we will explain why in a second. we are getting our kids together. we are live at zimmerman's ace hardware. this is the time of year, gary, that you are transitioning. what are we seeing? gary: we are seeing more snow shovels, ice scrapers, sidewalk scrapers for the ice. john: maybe a little snow tomorrow night. gary: exactly. john: you may want to keep warm with extra heaters. gary: heaters are so essential but dangerous. any kerosene heaters, you do not want to run them inside. just caution, caution. johnand you have stuff
6:36 am
when you talk about a car kit, what are some of the -- got her big you break down on a cold morning like this. what do you really want to have around? gary: make sure you have extra bike and and gloves and hand warmers to keep warm. an extra charger for your cell phone because you want to call for an emergency, snacks, snickers bars. john: bubblewrap -- i will let you explain what this is all about. bubblewrap people are using on their windows. it does the job. john: thank you, gary. we will be with gary all morning long here at the heart worst -- all morning long here at the hardware store. to sign up for our stormwatch 7 forecast
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latest forecast for the winter weather sent straight year phone. autria: the big acts coming to the national harbour, and what you need to be paired for in the day ahead. plus, those brutally cold temperatures are only dropping. getting the
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autria: this morning, all the critters at the smithsonian national zoo are getting ready to ride out the cold. many of the animals love the cold weather, like this tiger playing in the snow. they have to keep an eye on all the big cats, monitoring their behavior to make sure they are healthy and safe. otters get heated rocks. pandas are native to the cold climate in china. they absolutely love the winter weather, which you all remember this photo. none of that stuff is coming anytime soon, though. on where it depends you are. it will be a huge weekend for ski resorts because late friday night, early 70 morning through pennsylvania, west virginia, a good chance there will be some natural snow around here.
6:41 am
maybe a few flakes. temperatures. they are falling throughout the area. the windchill readings -- 18 degrees in bethesda, maryland. that is at walter johnson high school. kingsview middle school coming in at 6 degrees with windchill. stormtrak 7 is showing you the winds, gusting around 50 miles per hour. temperatures will be rising saturday to about 50 degrees, late in the day. it is early in the morning where we will still be running around freezing. with the new system coming in, that is when we are talking about the next event, another weather alert. today is a weather alert is of cold. temperatures will be dropping today. freezing rain for saturday, and one more time we will make our way into monday. with the potential for some black ice
6:42 am
there could be quite a few spots with the rain coming in sunday afternoon. amounts on sunday could be just over an inch. julie: on the roads you will find heavy volume delays, especially in virginia. for those pushing north on the beltway as well as 95. a 40 minute commute from centreport parkway. on northbound 95 from dale city continuing toward springfield, there was a crash at 6:44 squeezing in the right lane. you can see, a 42 minute commute from potomac mills. winter tips for your cars -- you have to check the batteries and the tires. details as has more we get ready for the winter weather. how are you? ryan: good morning. school buses are ready to roll out of the lot in greenbelt, but the drivers got an early start to their for this bitter blast.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria:
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six: 45, the wind is whipping up and the temperature is dropping. larry: we are dealing with brutal cold as the winter weather sweeps the country. and it is only going to get worse. autria: the stormwatch 7 weather team is with you this morning, and we start with eileen whelan l'enfant plaza metro eileen: it feels cold now, but i have been telling folks as they forcoming off metro to pair an even colder evening commute. the wind has been really accelerating within the past hours and we have been out here, measuring gusts upward of 40 miles per hour. everyone looks to be taking a hint. they are going to be needing to bundle up completely. i especially caution kids, getting them to the bus stop this morning. make sure they have a hat. that is where most of your heat escapes. as long as you have your head covered come you're good. boots are going to be a great
6:47 am
a thermal shirt on as well, and all the extra layers -- gloves, exposed skin could be susceptible to hypothermia or frostbite just within 30 minutes of being outside. it is cold now, getting progressively colder the rest of the afternoon. we have wintry weather possible saturday morning. here comes another gust. back inside to you. autria: look at the people behind her trying to walk against the win. larry: the district is getting ready for today pass winter blast. overnight, the snow teams spread areas, the first-freeze overpasses and bridges. additional services will be available to protect residents from severe weather, including emergency shelters. we have a list of warming sites and shelters on our website, school officials have been up for hours making sure that the
6:48 am
problems with buses staying on time. autria: yesterday afternoon they checked batteries and made sure that buses were using winterized diesel. we say good morning to ryan hughes in greenbelt. good morning. as eileen was saying, when the wind whips, it is brutally cold out here. we have a lot of layers on, trying to stay warm. the school bus drivers are inside the buses trying to keep them warm. you can see a line of buses now getting ready to roll out of the lot, this coming after several hours of warming these buses up, getting in early to make sure that these buses are ready to work in this cold weather. the dangerous cold making it a little bit extra challenging for different vehicles, and buses like these that can kill your battery. it can give you bad tire pressure. they are trying to be proactive to not have the buses breakdown on the roadways
6:49 am
over the years there have been issues with kids being left stranded at bus stops in 30, 40 degree weather. that is not what they want to have right now. the bus drivers got in early yesterday, checking batteries and tire pressure. county, a start team got started around 4:00. the buses are ready to roll pay live in greenbelt, ryan use -- ryan hughes, "good morning washington." larry: one of the best told you can have is the stormwatch 7 winter weather app. breaking right now at 6:49, we are staying on top of two stories overnight. the first, a man shot and killed and found dead in a driveway in temple hills. it is still a busy police scene. neighbors heard gunshots overnight but no one called 911.
6:50 am
--l shut -- the scope people two people found shot in their cars. they are in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. larry: covering met -- autria: today the metro board is set to vote on whether to suspend late-night train service for at least two more years. it has been closing earlier since the safetrack maintenance program has been in effect. the board will also discuss monday's uncoupling incident where six red line railcars detached. an update onget the derailment at east falls church from july. larry: opening at the mgm national harbor casino -- its first big concert. boyz ii men will be performing in the theater.
6:51 am
visitors to an already packed casino. it has been filled to capacity multiple times since it opened last week. abc 7 will have a crew there tonight. ouria: we are kicking off seven days of giving before the holidays. each day next week we will be highlighting a different charity and showing how you can help. coming up, when we switch to newschannel 8, we will be talking about care, about their work helping families out of poverty in 95 countries, reaching 65 million people. it is a charity that is very close to larry's heart. you can learn more at 6:51 right now. we cannot wait until sunday when the warmer temperatures come in. veronica: actually, late saturday. it will be a brief warm-up that we will get over the weekend. starts monday morning again,
6:52 am
the wind, the low wind chill readings are have a strategy set and ready to go for today. so important. what to wear and larynx up to make sure they when you have -- what to wear and layering up. get a cup of coffee or just wait somewhere inside until maybe your ride comes or you can get to where you are going. the windchill in the single digits today -- that is the big story. we do not expect any weather system. it is when it came through last night that gave us the cold air, the arctic blast. tomorrow, windchill temperatures in the teens. take a look at tomorrow night. 18 to 21, the actual air temperature. there could be a flurry coming our way around 11:00 p.m., midnight. there could be some road issues setting up for the north and west of d.c., starting at 2:00 a.m. this is
6:53 am
bigger issues for saturday morning at the best chance of ice between 3:00 and 8:00 a.m. then our chance of rain drops off it then the temperatures warm up. the high be sunday, temperature reached early in the day. 60 to 62 degrees. that is plenty warm. temperatures fall complete, throughout sunday night, early monday morning. theres why monday morning may be some delays around the area, school delays potentially across northern maryland, where there could be black ice. christmas eve, 45 and drive. julie: on the roads key you will find -- on the roads you will find a busy commute eastbound. 450, we had to reports of a stalled car tying up the lanes with delays in each direction. a 16 minute
6:54 am
beltway northbound. is slowing to rubberneck past the scene. on 95 in virginia, a 30-minute commute -- a 33-minute toward a quiet for the north to over an hour commute. the accident activity is to the right shoulder as you approach 644. boyz ii men are in town at the national harbor tonight. that concert kicks off at 10:00. get there early, maybe come out and do some shopping, grab some dinner. the national harbor circular will get you there. do not forget about the alexandria water taxi. in the next 10 minutes, another update on the roads in the rails. autria: here is a little "in the now." ryan lochte has a new title on his resume -- dad. he and his fiancee are expecting their first child. with
6:55 am
photo of ryan lochte kissing her baby bump in the pool. he said, "my christmas gift came early this year. best gift i have ever received." larry: kidd o'shea is not here. us radiothon at children's medical center in northwest d.c. kidd: the second annual wash for kids radiothon. it has been a busy morning. did we reach our goal last hour? itwe have a new goal, though the goals just keep on coming. .ou need to call us we are urging all of you that are wash fm fans before you get in the car and listen to the station while you are watching us, call us and become a miracle maker. >> we are looking for 20 miracle
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it is a $20 commitment. we know you guys are going to come through this morning. kidd: it is incredible to hear the phone ringing right now. people are making a difference. want a hatchimal for christmas -- the number to call -wash fm 1. kidd: right now it is time for your "60-second express." >> some areas are expected to get below zero. veronica: by 2:00 -- that is the windchill reading. eileen: it is all about making sure you have enough layers on. you do not want to have any exposed skin. have
6:57 am
topped off and make sure your tire pressure is good as well. >> bus drivers are trying to make sure that these buses are ready to roll. sam: a man laying dead in this driveway in temple hills. several people hurt gunshots but nobody called 911. ivanka trump is now in the market for a home in d.c. observersst political expect her to play some role in the political operation. larry:
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good morning, america. life-threatening cold and snow spreading from coast to coast. more than 100 million people in its path. a rare snowfall paralyzing an entire city. this school bus sliding down the street. colliding with cars, these two hikers rescued surviving more than 30 hours in bitter temperatures. now a major storm targeting the midwest and northeast. bringing more snow and cold, 30 states are on alert. new overnight top intelligence officials tell abc news vladimir putin was personally involved with the hacking that interfered with america's presidential election. new details about the russian president's role. his denial, as well as president-elect trump meets with tech titan, the heads of apple, amazon, google and more. >> everyone has to like me at least a little bit. >> his children there too.


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