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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. top, theght off the region feeling the winter blast for a second day. the freezing temperatures are making life pretty miserable for many in our area. by this time tomorrow, the concern may be icy conditions. stormwatch 7 is covering all the angles for you. we will check in with sam sweeney in a moment. we begin with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: if this cold air is going to stay around all day tomorrow, we would be looking at
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accumulation, but that is not going to happen because just as the moisture moves in, the coldest air will move out. that leaves us in that kind of liquid issue -- freezing rain, sleet -- and that is why there are so many advisories up. a winter weather advisory to the metro area, far east and west. accumulating sleet and freezing rain -- we have an ice storm warning up for garrett county, just for the south through west virginia. a freezing advisory -- a freezing rain advisory to the west. above 32 degrees tomorrow morning, that is when our concern will start to lesson. temperatures will be tens and 20's. these are warmer values than yesterday as the cold air will pull out. the futurecast shows plenty of keller notes -- plenty of clouds lowering and thickening. a brief area of snow may
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the biggest concern after that, when more moisture fills in at apeecomes more likely with toe of sleet and freezing rain across the area. we advise anyone in the metro area, if you have a discretion of going anywhere tomorrow morning, wait until 10:00 because temperatures will warm up. not so much across the pennsylvania and maryland border area, and also far to the north in the higher. those ice problems could linger longer. we might even see a glimmer of sunshine trying to break through the clouds. much warmer tomorrow afternoon. after that, we will look for another system to bring rain and even warmer temperatures for sunday. we have more to tell you about the ice. i will have that in about 11 minutes. jummy: we will see you then. sam sweeney continues team coverage.
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a lot of phone calls, i am guessing, today, sam. sam: it has been a rough start for a lot of drivers around the area. we are at an air machine. you can see three cars lined up. the air machines are certainly the moneymakers this morning. earlier this morning around 5:00 in the morning, we took a ride along with a triple day to truck. we were -- we took a ride along with a aaa tow truck. we did not get a lunch break. the calls started coming in before the sun came up. we were busy by 5:45. >> the cold weather pretty much zaps power. sam: by daybreak, the calls were mounting. this kept him out of work for the morning. >> i got up this morning trying to fill up the truck, and as soon as i got up in here trying to fill this, i got a vicious flat.
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in the time it is taking to switch this tire, you can see the exhaust has been dripping here, and it freezes on contact. by 8:00 a.m., the line at bp was not for gas for air. this driver tried to help as many people as he could. on a normal day, this aaa branch takes in 120 calls. today they expect 215 by days end. >> you have to check the air pressure. tire monitors let you know when your tire is low. if you check in the cold weather you will be all right. jummy: the cold weather -- cost johnold weather his entire tire. >> they got here within 15 minutes and saved the day. you -- if i could give you one piece of advice from the tow truck reiber, he said if you have one of these keyless entry smart
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sure you do not keep it near the car full-time. when it is nearby, it tells your car to be on standby. when you come out in the morning, your car will not start. hard to believe we will see 50's and 60's this weekend. sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. jummy: thank you. the frigid temperatures made the morning pretty miserable for students going to school and for metro riders trying to get to work. -- johnzalez has that's gonzalez has that part of the story. john: if you are trying to get to work or a student trying to get to school traveling today, with these dangerous cold conditions, very difficult, a daunting task. actually feels colder than ground level at the platform at the landover metro station. we have not seen a lot of people on the platform, many of them trying to stay in their warm cars as long as possible. but then they have to come out and get on this train. this is
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you look miserable. >> i am from buffalo, so i'm used to cold. buffalomeone from calling this cold. what do you do, layer up? >> i have my gloves, my hands in my pockets right now. i will probably put them on once i go back into the shelter over there. john: get inside as soon as you can. we have been talking to all kinds of folks this morning, parents waiting at the school bus stops with their children's. it was painful to watch these four little ones waiting for 15, 20 minutes for their buses to arrive. it looks like they were very layered, but it was difficult. the school bus drivers had to get up early this morning to get those diesel engines going. after all, some 78,000 students here in prince george's county use the school buses, about 1200 altogether. it is a difficult day to try to travel with these very low temperatures.
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making it work the best way they can. in landover, john gonzalez. back to you inside. jummy: the nation is feeling the effects of the winter blast. police in western pennsylvania say 22 tractor-trailers and 37 cars were involved in an accident on interstate because of slippery roads. look at this video. it was similar in oregon, everything there in a layer of ice. >> mike we'll kept spinning and i could not move forward anymore. mayhem.s we cannot see what was happening until we got up here. jummy: brown two of the arctic blast will send air crashing into the area next week. temperatures are expecting to be -- temperatures are expected to be dangerously cold, between 20 and 30 below. you can follow us on our facebook page, twitter, and appload the stormwatch 7 fo
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phone. new, the man accused of firing a gun in a northwest pizza shop was in court this point. edgar welch played -- edgar welch played -- at welch pled not guilty. the report turned out to be false. he is expected in court early next month. is at oddste house with president-elect donald trump over reports of rush upon election interference. president obama is now vowing to take action. what will the united states do in response to these brazen cyber attacks get go -- these brazen cyber attacks? electionussian interference has sparked several battles. there is the white house versus the kremlin and the white house versus the trump transition team. now the incident facing president obama is, who should be
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for russia. u.s. retaliation is coming. pres. obama: i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action, and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized. some of it may not be. >> the president telling npr he confronted vladimir putin at a summit of world leaders in china this past september. pres. obama: mr. bruton is aware of my feelings about this because i spoke directly about him. >> u.s. officials say they have solid evidence the russian president personally ordered and directed the cyber attack. >> that is not something they say likely -- that is not something they say lightly. >>
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himself will be a target of the investigation into hacking. >> there is no free pass. we have to hold people accountable. >> last night hillary clinton held a thank-you event in new york city. she said she was proud to have stood up to vladimir when she was secretary of state, telling her supporters she believes the russian president held a longtime grudge against her because of comments she made about rush' 2011 parliamentary elections, not being free and fair. the russians have demanded the u.s. provide evidence of its role in the hacking or else stop talking about it. but that is unlikely to happen. president obama holds a press conference this afternoon. karen travers, abc 7 news. jummy: now to a developing story in syria. the evacuation of thousands of was haltedaleppo after gunfire interrupted -- asked
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erupted. was helped broker the evacuation deal, still hopes they can resume. closer to home, the public is getting a chance to say goodbye to astronaut john glenn as his body is lying in state at the ohio statehouse. this is a live look at the viewing taking place. the memorial service for john glenn will be held tomorrow. vice president joe biden is expected to speak at the service. he died last week at the age of 95. he was the first american to orbit the earth. coming up on "abc 7 news at noon ," new information in the mystery of the murder of jonbenet ramsey. we will take you live to new york city for details. also, christmas lights are nice to look at, but some of them may be a danger to pilots. a warning from the faa. jamie:
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construction. outbound bw parkway, 10 miles per hour is what you drop down to, also some volume northbound on kenilworth avenue. from theinly seeing it 11th street bridge, close to eastern avenue. if you are traveling along the capital beltway, not bad at all. we are in pretty good shape in maryland as well as virginia. a live look in virginia, passing van dorn street, we look good in both directions. too bad a 95, not variety ride, but northbound past lorton, problems mainly because of an accident. everything has mainly been moved to
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been charged with arson after an early morning house fire in montgomery county. the fire broke out before 2:00 this morning on sea island court in spencerville. the firefighters got on scene, the flames were shooting through the roof. the water shooting out of the hoses froze to the side of the house because it was so cold. out safely.e it now to a warning about laser lights popular around the holidays. can be aays the lights distraction to pilots. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne: it is the holiday season, and that means lots of merry and bright decorations. could all those christmas lights be a danger to planes in the sky? across the country, laser light projectors like this star shower and similar brands are flying off the shelves. the faa is warning decorators about the new projectors, saying they could cars
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cause harm to pilots or aircraft to the star shower parent company telling abc news the product complies with faa guidelines. as a next her caution, the instructions recommend the user not project the laser light at or within the flight path of an aircraft, and to avoid direct eye contact. in november of 2015, a california coast guard pilot was blasted by a laser while flying. >> you can see just green light flooding the entire plane. suzanne: only after landing learning that the bright green flash had come from a christmas display. >> i was very surprised that a christmas decoration sold commercially off the shelf has the power to eliminate an aircraft. suzanne: faa is cautioning homeowners to make sure that they are aimed at buildings, not toward the sky. jummy: good information there.
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information leading into the forecast. aug: the metro area will have possibility overnight through 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning of some freezing rain and sleet that could cause limited issues. the temperature will be rising. if you have to go shopping or have plans tomorrow morning, put it off until 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. here are all the -- here is the list of advisors and watches and warnings. is kind of a. winkle -- i called it purple once. said never to call that again. it winter weather advisory and sleet and freezing rain all the way to our region. then we have a snow warning for western pennsylvania. winter weather advisory's for snow and sleet and freezing rain widespread. and it is all because we are locked in this cold air right w.
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we are showing snow on radar. the problem is none of it is reaching the ground. the fact that the air is so cold 7000, 8000 exists at feet in the air, but it evaporates before it hits the ground. tomorrow night, it will hit the ground in the form of sleet and freezing rain. the futurecast shows a brief band of snow just after midnight tonight. closer to sunrise, we will get sleet and freezing rain. temperatures are expected to rise close to freezing in the city, still above -- still below freezing to the north and west. then we will warm up. the skies will brighten through the afternoon and we will climb well into the 40's, probably into the low 50's. in sundaystem comes morning with showers likely. maybe a few heavier downpours. those should move out of the picture, too.
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get, a couple of tenths of an inch toward baltimore and the pennsylvania line. it will be limited. it will impact the metro area. more to the north and let -- more to
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jummy: we want to get to breaking news right now coming into the pentagon says a chinese worship saw a drone from the u.s. capturing data in the south china sea. a survey ship was about
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retrieve the unmanned, underwater vehicle. more on this story coming up later this evening. in the meantime, we switch gears to one of the most well-known cases in the country. 20 years later, the death of jonbenet ramsey remains unsolved. rnight on "20/20," amy obach looks into the case. you talked to a grandeur who wanted to indict her parents. what did they have to say? amy: he had a lot to say. he spent many years silent and wanted to speak up and speak out about the 13 months he and his fellow jurors spent going through all the evidence investigators had at that point in the late 1990's surrounding her death. he believes, as did the jury's -- as did the juror, that there was enough evidence to point to john and patsy ramsey, having placed
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situation to be murdered. you can take that for what it is. short ofously stopped handing out a murder indictment, but the juror also told me he agreed with the da at the time, not hunter's, decision to take that indictment to court. he said there was reasonable doubt. so the threshold they had as grand jurors, there was enough to indict, but he did not believe they would have gotten a conviction. jummy: another question -- who else did you talk to? what was the most surprising thing you learned from all these interviews? amy: we talked to a former friend of jonbenet ramsey, to family friends of the ramseys. we had a new review with john ramsey with barbara walters just a year ago. -- we had an interview with john ramsey with barbara walters just a year ago. you can see the handwriting analysis
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's ownnd patsy ramsey handwriting samples that she gave to investigators. it is pretty stunning when them up and look at them word by word, letter by letter. we will let you judge for yourself when you see that. that was perhaps the most stunning visual information that i got when you really got to see it up close, side by side. we are looking forward to that episode of "20/20" tonight. coming up after the break, any chance of a warm-up for the weekend? we will check back in with doug. are at the washington, d.c., medical center -- we are
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doug: clouds will be increasing today, 29. then a wintry mix early in the morning, then warming up to 54. even warmer temperatures on sunday. we will probably have some updates to these watches and advisories at 4:00. jummy: it is going like this this weekend. thank you for joining us this midday. watch "abc 7 news at 4:00." have a wonder
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