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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: first at 11:00, a stormwatch winter weather update. freezing rain and a wintry mix will arrive overnight, complicating saturday morning plans. the good news is this will not last long.
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stormwatch team coverage. meteorologist steve rudin has the timeline. steve: it will not last too long, but the impact could be more significant. , a winter advisory weather advisory for the d.c. metro that includes arlington, alexandria, fairfax, the district, prince george's and montgomery county. the further south is where we have a freezing rain advisory including fredericksburg. spottylooking at a freezing rain later tonight into early tomorrow morning. we are not the only ones dealing with the rough weather. at least overnight. if you have travel plans north and west of d.c. towards western maryland, western pennsylvania, you will run into ice and snow. new york,ns to philly, and boston, a chance of light snow and freezing rain. the detailed forecast come outlining the times.
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looking for a wintry mix to ice. it will be slick on sidewalks mainly north of town. 6:00 a.m. until 10 a.m., we look for the transition to all rain. by the afternoon, things begin to drive. the rest of the weekend into next week, a busy travel forecast for christmas weekend, and will it be white or green this year for christmas? all of that coming up. jonathan: schools are taking notice of the winter weather. montgomery county delaying school-sponsored activities and athletic events until 11 a.m. in trials county, activities start after 11 a.m., same thing in fairfax. -- in charles county and fairfax, activity start after 11 a.m. teams are working to mixer sure that the roads are safe. anna-lysa gayle has how they are preparing the roads. anna-lysa:
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assignments to make sure they know the neighborhoods to monitor once we start getting some of the wintry mix. crew members are prepared to work into tomorrow afternoon if needed. >> it has been pretty cold. had to change my clothing and everything. anna-lysa: crews at the virginia department of transportation headquarters stocked up on all of the equipment, including salt and sand. 1,100 trucks are being used to treat the roads. >> we have all the supplies on hand. we are looking for this to be more of a sleet, freezing rain, ice event. d.c. and: workers in maryland are also preparing, releasing notices, asking drivers to stay off the roads overnight into the morning. the lastng this is weekend befo c
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and about. >> everybody will be rushing out. we just want people to be cautious. if they can delay travel until about 9 a.m., it would really help. anna-lysa: debbie still has to do her christmas shopping. >> i'm going to go home and stay there. bowsersa: mayor muriel is asking drivers to use metro as an alternative if they must be on the roadways tomorrow morning. is reminding drivers to stay all the roads, especially between 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: anna-lysa, thanks. the last few days have kept d.c. human services busy. vehicles are out there taking folks to shelters. they say that the city declares a cold alert and then open additional shelter space. >> we are reaching people. we had
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39 individuals who came into shelter last night in the district. we are not aware of any fidelity's from hypothermia. those are important measures of success. jonathan: the director says that re people than normal came into the shelters last night. if you see somebody and think they need a shelter, you can be sent and a van will to try to encourage the person to come in out of the cold. stay connected with stormwatch 7, following us on facebook, twitter,, and download the stormwatch app. several parts of the country dealing with an early dose of winter weather. a lot worse than we are dealing with. winter storms from the midwest to the northern rockies. up to 10 inches of snow have fallen in
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minnesota, whitut conditions causing a driver to skid into a creek in upstate new york. sadly, that driver died. firefighters in boston struggled with the windchill temperatures of 15 below as they were battling a huge house fire in charlestown. justice after 14 years. today, a montgomery county doctor was convicted of stabbing a woman to death when she rejected his romantic advances. tonight we are seeing his videotaped interrogation for the first time. tom roussey is live in white oak with the story. jonathan, the victim in this case was a social worker who had come to john lutz's apartment to help him with his mental illness. while inside, prosecutors say he killed her, stabbing her to death. he left the body in front of the dumpsters. today, 14 years later, a verdict -- guilty of murder.
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brad: it was barely 12 hours after the crime was reported that the police had a man in handcuffs. tom: that is brad bell in march 2002. from the beginning, the police had little doubt about who had murdered 23-year-old social worker nicole castro. this video shows montgomery county detectives trying to get then-64-year-old john lutz to confess. the police did not need a full confession. inside his apartment, they found the murder weapon, a bag with bloodsoaked newspapers, and his bloodstained pants. and he had injured his hand. all of this has gotten real red from sitting in the chair. tom: why did it take 14 years to
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deemed incompetent, not criminally responsible. tom: the state's attorney's office said the judge finally ruled him content for trial and it only took the jury about a half hour to convict him. >> he deserves a length the sentence for what he did and for the safety of the public. the sentencing is scheduled for later this month. the state's attorney's office gave a statement from the castro family that says, "it has been a long and painful road. we have been waiting 14 years for this trial. finally today, justice was served." tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: tom, thanks. following breaking news in charles county. crashople killed in a along route 301 in newburg. both lanes are closed as the police tried to figure out what happened.
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for updates. a reckless race turns deadly in calvert county. a man is dead after a crash in lusby. the police say that lindsay kantor ran her car into ronald's car, forcing him to lose control and leave the road. he was killed. dui ands charged with vehicular homicide. montgomery county officers are using a specialized truck at a checkpoint. this is called maryland state police mobile breath alcohol testing truck. is used to test an arrest drunk drivers at checkpoints. you are reminded to have a plan for a safe ride home whenever you are drinking. don't drink and drive. plea in the bazaar shooting in a a d.c. pizza restaurant. edgar welch is accused of firing a ar-15 at
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ping-pong. he said he was trying to break up an alleged child sex trafficking ring. it was from a false news story. nobody was hurt in the shooting. president obama making it clear he believes russian president vladimir putin was behind the hacking to sway the election. president obama said he told putin months ago to cut out hacking. president-elect donald trump is not buying it. obamat president revealing he confronted vladimir putin about the russian hacking face to face in september, warning him not to temper with the vote on election day. >> i felt the most effective way to ensure that did not happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out and there would be serious consequences if he do not. jonathan: theia
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ordered the hacking of the dnc and chairman john podesta. president-elect donald trump -- >> they have no idea if it is russia or china. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> do these statements from donald trump involving the russians, what do you think? resident obama: i think the president-elect is still in transition mode, from the campaign to govern its. he still has campaign spokespersons filling in and appearing on cable shows. jonathan: hillary clinton is also speaking out, saying that targeted her because asked secretary of state she spoke out against corruption in russian elections. clinton blames her loss on the hacking and the announcement by fbi director james comey that agents were looking at new emails connected with her private
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another ivy league sports team has been suspended. -- princetonpended suspended their swimming and diving teams over what they called racial messages. this is the third message involving an ivy league sports group. canceled their soccer season after loosely ranking women and the wrestling team was found that they were sending lewd and racist text messages. 7 on your side fighting back against crime. today, three new neighborhoods targeted in d.c. tim barber joins us from capitol hill, where neighbors are stepping up to protect each other's gifts. there is nothing more frustrating than seeing it on surveillance or finding the package gone. this is one of e
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they all have a different way of protecting themselves. 'tis the season for giving -- and taking. >> we have had packages strolling around the block. too well that all thieves are lurking in the shadows. >> it's scary there is a person walking up my steps, standing there. tim: now she has gifts shipped to work. this is video of a man stealing a $300 box of gifts from a porch in southeast. the woman said she was planning to donate the whigs to veterans who need them. >> i do know the difference between right and wrong. just his mannerisms and the way he got in and out, he knew he was wrong. tim: they avoid these by a bringing packages inside. the other person is not home. >> w
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tim: 7 on your side has helpful tips on reporting on capitol hill, tim barber, abc 7 news. morning, aomorrow major service project to honor veterans. thousands are taking part in the wreathlaying event at arlington national cemetery. today the wreaths started to arrive. more than 300 trucks were packed to deliver to the participating memorials and cemeteries. we will have a crew to bring you coverage on air and online. it is something to see when those thousands of wreaths are laid on the headstones. it is the best christmas gift a local boy could hope for. it is something money cannot buy. santa claus paid a visit to stafford today. that is where the six-year-old told santa he wanted dad for christmas. that's all he wanted.
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this spring and not due back until next month. check this out, jackson got a big surprise. jolly old saint nick took off the beard and hat. that's dead. >> -- that's dad. >> did you think something was going on? >> i thought there is something going on, but why. jonathan: jackson's mother is a very good secret keeper. she had been planning the surprise reunion since october. good to have him back. steve: very cool. winter weather on the way late tomorrow night -- late tonight into early tomorrow morning. as quickly as it arrives it will be out of here. sleep throughy it. satellite and radar, not much going on right now, but to the west is where we have freezing rain and snow developing. this moves our way through the early morning saturday.
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freezing. a wintry mix of freezing rain will likely start after 2 a.m. and continue into the early morning hours of tomorrow. once the temperatures are above freezing, we will see that switch over to all rain. meantime, a winter weather advisory for the d.c. metro, prince george's county, frederick, washington counties. garrett county has an ice storm warning overnight into the morning. further south, areas of freezing rain. that is into early tomorrow morning. shouldthese advisories be down about midmorning until noon time, as the temperatures rebound to the upper 30's, lower 40's in the afternoon. for the, looking at lower 50's by 7:00 p.m. warmer air moving overhead ahead of the cold front
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futurecast,ch 7 midnight tonight, no worries. 5:00 a.m., early risers running errands, you will run into freezing rain and a little bit of snow mainly north of d.c., hugging the mason-dixon line. warmer air moves closer to the surface at 8 a.m., changing over. arlington in the district, southern montgomery county, things will improve rapidly by noon time. we switch over to all rain, well above freezing. we will still have some slick spots. then sunshine really in the evening, late afternoon saturday. the cold front arrives sunday. that moves through. ahead of the cold front, the temperatures sunday morning -- are you ready for this -- lower 60's. through the afternoon the temperatures fall rapidly, into the 40's. the wi p
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the 10-day outlook from stormwatch 7, 52 tomorrow, 60 sunday. middle 30's monday. christmas eve, 50 degrees saturday, christmas day, those of you who like white christmas, not this year around the d of highs near 60. >> this one is definitely for us, the feel-good story of the year. jonathan: it started with a kind act of a nine-year-old girl.
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jonathan: a heartwarming christmas surprise in springfield. said a giftsergeant was dropped back into a box for another child after she received it.
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u.s. marine corps in a big way. at a special assembly today, they gave her enough toys for her and her entire family. and've been to 22 families on a bunch of crazy stuff, and it took a nine-year-old girl to surprise me like this. jonathan: they are donating the toys again, giving the toys to their church and another family in need. love it. we have some good stuff going on. wont: the capitals have five straight games, playing very well. the wash the capitals are surging -- the washington capitals are surging into the ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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male vo: comcast. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: don't look now but the capitals are one of the hottest teams in the nhl. unfortunately, so was every other team in the metropolitan division. the cap have won five straight, the penguins seven in a row, and the flyers 10 in a row. in the second, 1-0 hurricanes, nicklas backstrom leaves it for alex ovechkin, his 14th
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this heads to a shootout. , skates in win it end lights the lamp. the capitals win their sixth in a row, 4-3. at the verizon center, the wizards hosting detroit. the passingonoring of tnt broadcaster craig sager. ther the game, -- as for game, bradley beal was on fire. the wizards scored a season-high 65 points at intermission. john wall, from long range, draining four threes, leading all scorers with 23. wiz win. and watch monday's redskins-panthers game right here on abc 7. coverage begins at 7:30.
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madison football team, upsetting north dakota state, 27-17. the dukes advance to the championship game in texas on january 7. i know there is a happy director at mason, congratulations. have a huge newsroom and you could hear them screaming from across th
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jonathan: it will be a mess and a couple hours. a.m., but0 a.m., 3:00 if you are getting up early wet start, a little winter he, but we change over to all rain by midday. colder monday and tuesday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. have a good night. be safe.
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>> dicky: it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight ryan gosling, from "office christmas party" t.j. miller. and music from pentatonix. and now, once more, it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ]


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