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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  December 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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flames rip through a warehouse. sam sweeney is live on the scene with what we know.
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a blast of arctic cold is surging
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a blast of arctic cold is surging
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freeze lingers over much of the country. more than a dozen deaths are now blamed on this wintery blast of snow, sleet, and ice.. with hundreds of highway accidents reported coast to coast. richard cantu has more. meanwhile-- we are learning more about a fiery, chain
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baltimore over the weekend. a medical spokesman says 7 people remain in the hospital after that pile-up on i-95 . police say more than 60 vehicles were involved in the accident that happened during icy road conditions. a gasoline tanker truck skidded off the highway and exploded on impact. 2 people were killed. when bad weather hits, you can stay updated 24 hours a day. for the latest forecasts, traffic impact, and live dopplar radar-- just
4:37 am the redksins don't play until tonight. but football fans in maryland have plenty of reason to smile this morning. the ravens eagles game came down to the final seconds. after philly scored a touchdown to get within 1 point. and thats when things got really interesting. scott abraham has more. again.. the redskins play tonight-- hosting the carolina
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and you can see that game right here on abc-7, washington needs to win to keep pace with the new york giants and green bay packers-- two teams also vying for a wildcard spot in the
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coming up. she was one of the first stars to be "famous for being famous". now hollywood is mourning the death of zsa zsa gabor. the details coming up.. plus, another chilly morning outside, as winter weather impacts the travel plans for millions of people. meteorologist eileen whelan will let us know if the worst is over.. her in depth forecast.. is coming up.
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coming up-- this is painful to watch. a 300-thousand
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destroyed after its driver commits a relatively minor infraction. what he did... coming up.
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good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
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southeast. we are live on the scene and will bring you more details.. coming up. happening today. the electoral college will meet today-- to make offically select donald trummp as the next president of the united states. electors will meet in all 50 states, plus the distrct, to elect trump. but the vote is under new scrutiny this morning as some critics have held out hope electors will reject trump because of clinton's victory in the national popular vote and questions about president elect trump's qualifications. one of hollywood's most flamboyant celebrities has passed away. actress zsa zsa gabor has died at the age of 99. both on the screen and off of it-- she was among the most famous socialites in hollywood. abc's linsey davis has this look back.
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car lovers may want to look away
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a 300-thousand dollar lamborghini pays the ultimate price after its owner was caught driving with fake license plates in taiwan. the r
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lengthy legal battle-- police decided to tear the car to pieces. authorities say they didn't want the sportscar to be sold for parts. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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the first stand-alone "star wars" film leveled
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dollars on its opening weekend. that's the second-largest december opening ever... trailing only last year's star wars: the force awakens'. there is much more coming up on good mornign washington. we are following breaking news.. a warehouse fire in southeast. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you a live update.. coming up. ♪
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a firefight on two fronts. the southeast waterfront lit up with flames. a live report as crews work to put out hot spots on land - and boats. plus - a reefreeze on the roads. drivers on alert after an icy weekend. stormwatch seven is monitoring the spots that could be slick for your morning commute. good morning washington. i'm autria godfrey. and i'm jummy olabanji - in for larry this morning. we'll get a check on your forecast in just a minute. but first - let's get to that breaking news in the district. a fire, on the waterfront... sam sweeney is live on the scene.?


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