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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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terror. we have more. >> we have learned in addition to the nine lives lost, another 50 people have been injured. a number of those with critical injuries. according to the reports the suspect believed to be the driver of the truck has been arrested. the passenger of the truck has now died. what we are working to find out whether or not this is an accident or deliberate act. tonight for the first time we are hearing from the folks on the ground at the christmas market at the time the truck came barreling through. >> went just past me and my girlfriend. it went on and carried on faster. >> we know this is less than a month after the u.s. state department calls for caution in european markets and other large gathering places. in the last hour the white house issuing a statement in part saying the u.s. condemns in the strongest terms what appears to have been a terrorist attack. reporting live, brianne
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jonathan: thank you. developing tonight a shocking attack in turkey as a gunman assassinates the russian ambassador to that country right on camera. the attack, all of it on video. abc7 news not showing the actual shooting but this is what happened after the shooting takes place. jonathan: the gunman was himself a police officer. he called it an attempt to get in between the country's relations. and developing at this hour, sh
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switzerland. the gunman is still on the run and the motive is unclear. this mosque was frequented by somali immigrants. >> texas puts president trump over the top. maureen: as you heard, texas cast the deciding vote.
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>> northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg reports the votes were accompanied by the calls for change. >> they need to respect the popular vote. >> invide the chamber, the virginia 133 electoral college representatives -- 13 electoral colleges representatives meeting to award hillary clinton's 13 electoral votes. >> also share your disappointment and concern and the outcome of the election. jeff: it was a bitter-sweet and at times an emotional moment for all of them. knowing that clinton won the state and the popular
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>> i cast my vote for hillary clinton. jeff: but lost the election. >> i was proud to vote for her today. i look forward to the next four years when we can get it right. >> we came out on the short end in the commonwealth but we came out nationally on top. >> a spokesman calling for unity. >> it's time to come together as a country, work together and make america great again. >> many democrats they spoke with want trump to succeed as president but they hope he reaches out to democrats. after losing the popular votes by nearly 3 million. in richmond, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: changing the sounds, protest filled the air outside the state house as the electors cast their vote. no surprises inside as they gave hillary clinton the state's ten electoral
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another cold night across the area. get ready. the latest cooldown comes as tens of thousands of people plan to spend hours outdoors. jonathan: monday night football will kickoff in two hours' time. you can watch it on abc7. skytrak7 is live over fedex field. that is where the redskins will be beating up on the panthers in short order. by the time the game ends, it will be cold. chief meteorologist doug hill will join us now with how cold we will get. doug: it will be cold at the start, too. 41 or lower. the temperatures are falling to the upper 20's when the game is over. but no strong winds tonight. plenty cold. perfect football, mid-december evening. what will happen here when you wake up, skies are clear. 19 in manassas. 24 in dale city. it's 27 in the city. through the day tomorrow we check out the bus stop forecast.
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37 at recess. 40 degrees for dismissal. it will start off cold but warm to 40. the next few days shows we will hit 40 tomorrow. close to 50 on wednesday. mid-50's on thursday. travel weather for friday and the complete holiday weekend forecast coming up in eight minutes. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. as always, remember you can have the access to the storm watch 7 team latest forecast and the alerts. download the storm watch weather app. it is available for free in the app store or google play. maureen: still ahead at 6:00, the washington capitals flex their artistic muscles at a children hospital. how you can help the good deeds become better. jonathan: plus, the illness that has pediatric i.c.u. wards filled to capacity at hospitals across the area. we will tell you what it is. maureen: what happened on the hours before a d.c. yacht club went up in flames.
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to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: the flames destroyed the clubhouse. and two other buildings at the district yacht club near the washington navy yard. no one was hurt. it came hours after a christmas party on sunday. the flames did not reach the dozens of boats docked on the anacostia river. no word on the
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club members vowed to rebuild. jonathan: authorities have yet to reveal the name of the tanker truck driver killed in a fiery crash saturday morning. investigators are looking into whether speed, road conditions or combination caused the truck to go flying off the bridge in baltimore and then it exploded. in addition to driver it killed one from prince george's county. several people are still in the hospital from the multi-vehicle crash. some people's gifts may be delayed this holiday season. you can see why. a white box truck crashing in a pond off the beltway in 210. it's contracted by the u.s. postal service. the two workers in the truck escaped. they are okay. the postal service hasn't given an update on what happened to everything in the truck or when it will find its destination. maureen: up next at 6:00, the illness that is causing pediatric i.c.u. wards to turn away patients across the area. jonathan: live look at fedex field. it's
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layered up tonight for the game. doug hill has a forecast and what to expect on christmas day. maureen: our coverage of tonight's game means if you want to watch "jeopardy," you need to head to the sister station newschannel8 at 7:30. "great christmas light fight" will be shown at 1:30 a.m. on abc7. so set your d.v.r. here is what the "good morning washington" team is working on for tomorrow morning. >> thanks, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington," the final countdown to finish your last-minute holiday shopping. we will tell you about the hottest items you can score the biggest deals on if you wait until after christmas. >> plus, michael winters is here to talk about his star role in the new play "straight white man." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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jonathan: a christian rap artist sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing his music producer in rockville. ryan salandy was convicted in september of run doing william mcdaniel and then just driving off. >> he is gone forever. he can't get married. he can't have a girlfriend. he ca
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nothing. jonathan: police say that salandy and mcdaniel have been fighting over c.d.'s. salandy could be out nine years with good behavior. once he is released from prison, salandy will be required to attend anger management courses if he ever wants to drive again. maureen: north carolina governor pat mccrory called a special session of the state legislature to repeal a law some blame for his defeat last november. house bill 2 viewed by many as discriminatory toward the lgbt community led to boycotts and cost the state millions in lost business. today the charlotte city council recinded some of the lgbt protections that -- rescended some of the lgbt protection that prompted the passage. jonathan: doctors are seeing unusual spike in a relatively common respiratory virus this season affecting kids. it's called r.s.v. the increase in the cases have pediatric intensive care units around the area packed with kids. because of the lack of space, one patient with a serious
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the way to johns hopkins in boulevard for treatment. >> as -- in baltimore for treatment. >> i'd love to have more resources for my patients. we have an excellent relationship with if tertiary medical centers and it's rare we can't get a patient to them. jonathan: for those who have lowered immune system it can lead to pneumonia. maureen: the washington capitals spent their day visiting the children and spreading holiday cheer. jonathan: we were there when they brought smiles to the kids at med star university hospital. >> the washington capitals are spending time off the ice. to spread holiday cheer. signing autographs and playing games with the young kids inside the pediatric oncology clinic at the med star georgetown university
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>> we bring a smile. having a hard time right now. >> 4-year-old is now in remission. at 12 months old he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. today he is making the solar system out of play-do with his friend defenseman nate schmidt. >> it's nice to replace the bad memories with memories like this. we are thankful that they are here. >> the kids get a few moments out of the hospital room or away from treatment to forget about being sick. >> sign these! my shirt. a piece of paper. and all that. and the hockey puck. >> putting their artistic skills to the test. capital theme canvas paintings that will be auctioned off to benefit tracy's kids, a program helping young families cope with the stress of cancer. >> it's fun to be here. the kids are having fun. we are having a great time. >> these are memories the kids wil
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thurs that will -- pictures that will last a lifetime. maureen: we have breaking news from prince george's county. skytrak7 is over the scene of a crash in adelphi. rescuers working to free a person from a minivan after hit a tree. two people have already been removed from the vehicle. both are expected to survive. jonathan: change the gears to talk about the weather situation. a lot of folks are bringing blankets and all kind of ways to keep warm tonight. doug: it will be cold. we are used to wintertime and the football games being cold. the winds are what is so bad. but we get a break. the winds are not strong at all. but it's cold. tell you the story tonight. a look, we start off with the winter green resort. they are way up in the elevation. over 3,600 some feet in the air. only 20 degrees there. the snow guns have been on. powder now and then. if you have the holiday plans we will take you there.
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the keyers should be happen, they will continue the snow gun. we are sharing the almanac page to get in step with the average and the actual temperatures. today's average high in december is 46. we only hit 39. the morning low of 31. it's close to average. 6. we could do that occasionally. a nice number to ponder. 74. happened a long time ago. we are not going to be near 74 but we see temperatures in the upper 40's and 50's later this week. tomorrow morning, tuesday, we start the with clear skies. 20 in berkeley spring and hancock. to in winchester. 23 in leesburg. 18 in frederick. in the metro zone, low to mid-20's will be the story. 20 in burtonsville. 21 in reston. 23 in lorton. 27 in downtown washington. with light winds. the winds are taking a break. over the next few days the weather is quiet. we will
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40 in the afternoon tomorrow. 49 on wednesday with sunshine. minor frontal system will come through thursday with clouds. isolated sprinkle or shower but 55-degree temperatures. when we look ahead to friday, a get away day. it looks good coast to coast. the eastern three-quarters of the nation quiet. look at the temperatures. boston is 45. rapid city, they have been below zero and they are 36 above. so quiet weather and break from intense cold. a little rain to get into the portion of the southwestern section of the arizona, pacific northwest rain. that is about it. the christmas eve and the first day of the hanukkah with calls for clouds and sunshine. passing shower forecast eve night. christmas day, a few clouds and 53 degrees. look at the next ten days. any more icy cold air? not really. the temperatures are warming up to 505 on thursday. cooler on friday. 50 on christmas eve. christmas day is 53. a jump to 63 on monday. it looks like another front
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temperatures back to the average maybe cooler than average by the time we hit the end o next week for new year's eve. but no sign of a huge arctic outbreak anytime soon. maureen: might be arctic outbreak at fedex field tonight if the redskins don't win. jonathan: no kidding. erin hawksworth is out there now standing by the field. it's first of all, it has to be hot for the skins. they have to win tonight. erin: absolutely. this is a crucial game, jonathan. we are just about two hours away from kickoff. more people are starting to file in. including josh norman! this is a big game for him. we will talk about it next. just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhhhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it. just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all. are you sure? positive. huh, so i guess i could just check my credit score then.
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erin: i'm erin hawksworth live at fedex field. we are just two hours away from kickoff. a big game between the redskins and the panthers. perhaps the biggest game of the redskins season so far. joining me now to talk about some of the biggest storylines in this game is former nfl defensive back. john, what's up? >> trying to stay warm. erin: that is the biggest storyline, how cold it is here. i have full under armour on and i'm still freezing. let's talk about josh norman. what a big game for him. >> this is a big game for him. and also for team. he wants to come out and prove that he
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the plays for the panthers. now he is with the washington redskins. he wants to help them make it to the playoffs. he wants to prove to the panthers that hey, you made a mistake allowing me to leave and i will make you pay for it tonight. erin: if you had to give him advice, how does he contain the emotions? >> look at it this way. this is a big game. playoff implications for us. i can't do anything to hurt my team. so he has to come -- i hope he concentrated the whole game to prepare and control my emotion and play football. erin: do you think he will get penalties tonight? >> maybe early on. he will try to get psyched up to play football. make stuff happen. get in the receivers' head. he may do t?hat. erin: abc7 has you covered. 7:30, that is the pre-game show. and then 8:30 is kickoff. so stay with us all night. we are not going anywhere. it is cold but we
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here, won't we? >> we will be here. but we will find a heater somewhere around here. >> yes! the players get a heater so we are hoping to sneak some of that heat. back to you. jonathan: all right, erin. maureen: good luck with the heat. jonathan: thanks. maureen: thanks so much. doug: it's chilly but look at the numbers and the weekend. the crazy wind chills and temperatures. maureen: just trying to make it better. i know. doug: tonight, no winds to speak of. 17 to 27. cold start. but we will warm to 40 tomorrow. 49 on wednesday. thursday a slight chance of a shower. christmas eve and the first day of hanukkah 50, with evening shower possible. 53 on christmas day. jonathan: at least we are not shoveling. doug: not yet. maureen: that will come one day. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us tonight. see you tonight at 131:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the horrific images coming in from the christmas market. the truck plowing into a crowd in berlin. at least nine killed, dozens injured. you will hear from witnesses on the scene tonight, and what the white house just said about this apparent terrorist attack. also breaking tonight, the chilling moment. the assassin pulling out his gun in the middle of a gallery. then, the ambassador assassinated in front of the cameras. the gunman shouting his message. >> it's official. just a short time ago in this country, electors finalizing election day. but not before tensions boil over. >> this is my america! the manhunt under way, and the new reward tonight, after the deadly road rage. the little boy shot and killed, riding with his grandmother. and the deep freeze tonight. wind chills 50 below zero. thousands of flights


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