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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> thanks for watching. every night you'll get the latest on the topics that matter to the business of government. like technology, defense, work orce, security and industry. >> the woman whoas
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>> tim joining us live in leesburg with the investigation that's happening now. how did they find this person in the first place? reporter: a deputy was working another case when he stomachbled upon the property and those animals. all 112 of them are here behind this fence at the animal services center. hey are all up for adoption. nina's team is keeping busy tonight. the shelter just took in more than 100 animals which include pigs and chickens, ducks and dogs. >> for the last 10 years we cannot find any record of any cases bigger than this one. reporter: investigators say kaitlin leger was starving the animals and keeping them in demorble condition at her leesburg property. we stopped by it but the gate was shouth shut and there were plenty of no trespassing signs. >> it's not fair to see an animal losing weight, starving to death.
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suspect is facing two dozen count of animal cruelty. and nearly 90 counts of inadequate care. animal services says this operation has doubled the number of animals they have here at the facility. you can see the ducks are right behind this fence. the chickens are over there. and the pot-bellied pigs are right behind the ducks. all of them are ready to be adopted. the dogs are $100. the pigs are $30 and the birds are only $1 apeels. if you see other animals in need of help, don't forget to call. >> we want to help. we want to address the problem as quickly as possible, so that it doesn't come to this. reporter: the suspect is out on bond. she's facing up to a year behind bars and a $2,500 fine. just for each animal cruelty charge alone. >> thank you. we turn to berlin now. and the active manhunt for who was behind this week's deadly truck attack there. we're going to show you
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amri. germany says he's armed and dangerous and on run. his wallet and i.d. were found in that battered semitruck after it plowed into a christmas market killing 12 people. and he's no stranger to police. according to the associated press, he was under surveillance until september. after a tip that he was trying to get weapons for an attack. amri had wanted asylum in germany. however, he should have been deported and it appears he may have slipped through the cracks. president-elect donald trump speaking about the tragedy today. president-elect trump: an attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. it's got to be stopped. anchor: trump was asked if this would impact his plans to create a muslim registry or to ban muslim immigration in the u.s. trump's response, quote, you know my plans, all along
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jonathan: new information about the election tonight. the final results are in. hillary clinton topped donald trump by 2.8 million popular votes. but it's the electoral votes that count the most. in fact, more americans voted for hillary clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in u.s. history. anchor: a woman in charge of anne arundel's drug lab is arrested. she was charged of having a controlled dangerous substance. police say she was found carrying pills that were not prescribed to her. the department is now asking the d.e.a. to step in and do an inventory of the lab. meteorologist: temperatures out there right now mainly in the 20's and 30's. d.c., reagan national airport, now at 36 degrees. head over to culpepper, you're at 26. let's talk about your forecast for the day tomorrow. sun rise,
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sunshine as we move through the midday hours, highs will eventually make it into the lower 50's. winds are going to begin to kick up. especially during the afternoon hours. out of the northwest and around five to 10. but still a nice day to get out there and do a little bit of last-minute holiday shopping. shouldn't have any problems with the weather. coming up in just a few minutes, we're talking about travel plans. traveling thursday and friday and for this upcoming weekend, christmas weekend, what to expect christmas day and for the last day of 2016. all that coming up in just a few minutes. anchor: thank you. new at 11:00, you might remember this scene, it was awful. a surprise winter storm created nightmare out on our roads. that was almost a year ago. now the national weather service is out with a new tool that's trying to make sure this never happens again. tom joins us live with how it works. tell us about it. reporter: this is a map from that night you're talking about that's on our website,
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every single one of these red dots represents an accident. it was absolutely awful. so the national weather service says it wants to prevent this and one of the things the weather service thinks was a problem is a lot of the drivers who were out that night didn't get enough warning of what was potentially coming. >> we were all focused on the blizzard that was going to arrive about another 24 to 48 hours later. reporter: in its own way, january 20 was worse than the blizzard. icy roads created such chaos that evening rush hour lasted until morning rush hour. all that, even though only an inch of snow fell. >> a fraction of an inch of snow during rush hour. on frigid roadways thofmentse three things are all you need. reporter: partially in response to that horrible rush hour, the national weather service announced in this youtube video it's creating a new warning. the plan is to get a notice like this out to the public 24 hours before a rush hour weather threat. the n.w.s. also says it will call transportation officials around here to warn
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more information, it's going to help things. it's not only going to help school districts and it's going to help metro. reporter: we talked to storm watch seven meteorologist about the plan to warn of potential rush hour trouble. >> if it doesn't happen, say the first time, after they give this advisory or the second time, i wonder, are they going to take it quite as serious? reporter: the national weather service admits it will warn about trouble that may not come. even if it's only a one in three chance that it happens, sometimes one in three is enough to change plans. this again is an example of what the warnings will look like. they're going to put them out on social media and then a lot of other ways, the weather service says. it does emphasize the word possible. they say sometimes definitely they will warn about things that don't ultimately happen. but they want this to be on folks' minaldses so they can at least think about what they'll do if the worst does happen. jonathan: thanks. new developments now. we have new images to show age progressions of for two missing
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jacob and sarah hoggle disappeared from montgomery county two years ago. now jacob would be 4 years old. his sister, sarah, would be 6. their mother is charged in their disappearance but she has repeatedly been deemed unfit to stand trial. a bizarre scene this afternoon in oxon hill. you can see it right here. the truck slamming into a town home along owens road. the good news, there were no life-threatening injuries. residents of that townhome now have been displaced. it's possible a crash happened on the road before that truck veered off and hit the home. but police are still investigating. 10 people can't go home tonight after an early morning fire in green belt. nobody was hurt. that's the good news. that's when the fire broke out at a condo building. 30 people were forced to evacuate. some were allowed to return home. but others had to find another place to stay. the cause for this fire is still under investigation. alison: and an update now on a story you first saw on 7 over the summer. an
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30 months in prison for running a complicated fraud scheme. she also has to pay back some $800,000. that woman bought brand name purses and then returned counterfeit purses to the store. this happened at department stores all over the country. she pleaded guilty to wire fraud back in august. jonathan: 7 is on your side now with a consumer alert. it is the holiday shopping crunch and time is really running out. but all hope not lost. so what options do you have now? lots of stores let you shop online and pick up in store. for instance, at, you can shop until 6:00 friday and pick up until 6:00 saturday. amazon is offering eligible prime customers a special where you can order before 9:45 on christmas eve and have it on your door step by midnight. it is estimated that three out of four shoppers wait up until the very last minute to get their christmas shopping all done. alison: wow. that's amazing. new tonight, a secret
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tonight, park police in maryland pulled off an amazing surprise for a very deserving family. as jeff reports, they were given much more than just toys tonight. corporal randy green corporal moves with purpose. the christmas caravan is off for ashley morris and her kids from maryland. earlier this year, ashley's husband, allen, who suffers from a medical condition, accidentally backed the car into angela, who was seriously injured. medical bills piled up and both ashley and allen overwhelmed, lost their jobs. >> my family's had a rough year this year. reporter: tonight the morris' thought they were just being treate
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but turns out there was a whole lot more on the menu. >> i thought it was just a little thing. now it turns out it's really big. reporter: donations of gifts, paid medical bills, cash and a 2008 mazda. >> this is your car. >> no, it's not! >> wonderful. so wonderful. i don't have to worry about if my electric's going to get cut off or i come home and all my stuff's out in the yard. i'm just so blessed. reporter: corporal green feels much the same. >> this is what you want to do every day as a police officer. reporter: and ashley morris will never forget it. >> people really, you know, come together to help somebody that really needs help. reporter: really something to be a part of that story tonight. excellent to see. corporal green says he considered 30 different families for tonight's gift giving event. spending hours doing research and interviews before choosing the morris family. donations for the family came in from individuals and businesses from all over prince georgia's county.
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jonathan: what an amazing thing to do. thank you. it was a national controversy with the epicenter right in north carolina. >> it's bad for how we are looked upon all over the country. even my mother in the hospital, she says, what are you all doing in north carolina? jonathan: that so-called bathroom bill up for a possible repeal. the outcome and the backlash coming up neck.
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jonathan: the death toll now is going up after ana massive explosion that took place outside a fireworks market in mexico city. at least 32 people dead. dozens others hurt. the deadly blast shook the ground and sent smoke billoing into the air yesterday. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked this explosion. alison: tonight north carolina's governor-elect said efforts to repeal house bill 2 will continue next year. hours ago, that state's senate rejected a repeal of the controversial law known as the bathroom bill. >> some of you now don't particularly like the bill for political reasons. >> a clean repeal is what it
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will take for us as a body to say, no, no, no, you misunderstood us. we are open for business. we do not discriminate. alison: house bill 2 bans people from using public bathrooms that do not correspondent to the sex listed on their birth certificates. its passage, of course, led to boycotts, canceled events and cost north carolina millions of dollars in lost business. jonathan: new at 11:00, feds ex now trying to figure out how many pack -- fedex now trying to figure out how many packages are unaccounted for after a truck was carjacked. it happened near phoenix. the driver was holding on as the two thieves drive away. the driver was not hurt. police did find that truck a little bit later. but they have not made any arrests. alison: tonight the end of an incredible jeopardy run by a young woman whose life ended too soon. america watched as cindy stole won for six straight nights on the famous quiz show. there's a heartbreaki
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planned to donate her prize money to cancer-related organizations. >> i think it's important to set goals for yourself no matter what -- how much time you have left. i think that being able to come on jeopardy and be able to say, ok, i want to do good, i want to do something that will leave the world a better place to kind of have that goal in mind really made me feel like it was something to strive for and it was something to help me keep going. alison: she passed away december 5, just eight days before her first episode aired. her final total from her time on jeopardy, more than $ 103,000. jonathan: an update in a high profile murder trial of robert dufert, the 73-year-old is a real estate heir made famous by the hbo series "the jinx." he was arrested after the final episode of the show aired beus
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muttered a confession. today a judge says he'll appoint a third party to review evidence in this trial. durst stands accused of killing his friend 16 years ago. alison: we are getting a look at the schedule of events for the presidential inauguration on january 20. the official start will happen when president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery. if you want to see the full schedule of events, just go to our website, wjla quom. -- jonathan: today metro started selling its mem are a -- commemorative card. it's preloaded with unlimited trips for january 10. there are questions about why president-elect trump's pictures aren't on the cards, because obama's picture was. metro said that it tried to get permission but it didn't get a response from the campaign. meteorologist: a few cloud out there right now. not going to amount to a whole lot. partly cloudy for the overnight ho
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anywhere to go, 29 to 36 degrees. winds out of the south. waking up tomorrow morning, maybe walking the dog, getting a cup of coffee, a lot of folks are off now for the rest of the weekend, into the upcoming weekend. 33 in bethesda. chilly start. upper marl bro at 33. near freezing in wood bridge. forecast highs tomorrow, nice out there. 53 degrees. we'll see a good deal of sunshine. especially later in the afternoon. it's going to -- winds are going to kick up out of the northwest at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. travel plans for the day tomorrow, if they take you to hub cities like detroit or chicago or st. louis, you're looking just a partly cloudy skies. so no problems there. up toward the north and east of us, boston and new york city, you are fine for the day tomorrow. look at the beautiful day tomorrow in miami. around 82 degree. new orleans will be in the middle 60's. and the further west you go, going to see temperatures that are going to be suitable for this time of year. fee knick, temperaturear
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temperatures around 64 degrees. san francisco, you're npnth upper 50's. i'll take you to look at the 10-day outlook. and our temperatures are eventually going to cool down as we end the year. but let's talk about tomorrow. 53 for a high. upper 40's on friday. first day of hanukkah and 50. quansa, monday, the lower 50's. rebounding to 60 on tuesday. then we end the final day of 2016 with highs in the 40's and nighttime lows in the 30's and ower 40's. >> ♪ night divine o night ♪ alison: music filling the metro. the voice is going viral. and abc 7 spoke to this singer about her holiday message which
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born out of ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jonathan: during the holidays memories are made at the dinner table. help us set a place at the table for those who have sacrificed so much for us by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. easy to do. 7salutes and m/ nominate a deserving veteran. you can do it today. nominations accepted through december 28. alison: you've got to see this. an otherwise gloomy metro ride brightened by a beautiful voils. >> -- by a beautiful voice. >> ♪ o night divine o night ♪ alison: wow. this is tymara walker, a professional singer. she works with cirque du soleil. she was visiting from las vegas last month here and like many others, she found our metro system confusing, so she broke
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[laughter] and she told abc 7 today, it's with good reason. >> the whole reason i was singings with because this is like my first christmas that it was just like, oh, my god, i have no weight, no burden, i'm healed. alison: so walker is a domestic violence survivor. and she says she is happy to have been able to unite metro riders and the people who saw the video. and she has one high profile fan after this. after the video came out, president obama started following her on twitter. jonathan: that's great. alison: she sounds gre. jonathan: if you get confused, just start singing. alison: make everybody else happy. [laughter] jonathan: you're always singing. you must be confused. reporter: the wiz out tonight in chicago. the john wall show. featuring bradley beal.
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reporter: wizards in chicago tonight against the bulls. hoping to even the season series at 1-1. they did just that. played defense tonight. that turned into offense here. off the rondo miss. morris, the outlet pass to wall. he gets the slam on the other end. s which up by five after that -- wiz up by five after tha
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turned it more offense. more which is the rebound again. this outlet to bradley beal. he finds wall for the evening bucket. wall finished with 23. wizards get a solid win on the road. 107-97. hockey, caps taking on the red-hot fliers in philly. the caps also hot. . coming into tonight, game tied at 1-1. eller out of the air. like that, the caps go up 2-1. this one was decided in the shootout, though. similar on thes, couple of nice moves, gets -- simmonds, couple of nice moves. college hoops, american university taking on the number one team in the country tonight. villanova. it turned out just like you'd expect. the wildcats, josh hart scored 20 points, as nova won their 18th straight game. 90-48. a couple of other quick scores. the fourth-ranked maryland women's team
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tonight 77-57. the g.w. women fall to 14th ranked stanford, 71-52.
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alison: last look at the weather. meteorologist: tomorrow the going to be a pretty good day. clouds early on. more sun later in the afternoon. breezy but lower 50's for daytime highs. upper 40's on friday. christmas eve and the first night of hand can, 48 degrees. christmas day, around 50. as we move into monday, kwanzaa, 53. 60 on tuesday. -- e 40's as we alison: got all the holidays. jonathan: all of them. meteorologist: all together. jonathan: before anybody gets in trouble here, we'll say good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- blake shelton. from "nocturnal animals," andrea riseborough. and "this year in unnecessary censorship." and now, watch this -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome to the show, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we know why


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