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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hanukkah. bulletin sent to law enforcement warns isis sympathizers may target holiday gathering including those at churches. the warning comes as we learn the man blamed for monday's deadly truck attack in germany has been killed in a shootout with police in italy. we also learned anis amri made a video before monday's attack. q: anis amri was shot and killed in itly but the death did not end the terror threat in germany. they are still lacking for accomplices. the death of 234-year-old anis amri brought a europe-wide manhunt to an end but not ended the police investigation or the terror threat. >> the success of the manhunt means that the alert threat in germany has not been changed. it remains high. >> amri was shot and killed after police spotted him b
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italy train station. they want to know how he got to milan and oh helped them along the way. >> it's about uncovering the networks to discover more of the background of everything in connection with the investigation. >> they knew that he had links to a network of the isis recruiters in germany. in a new video released amri pledged allegiance to a letter of isis. for months he was on a german intelligence list of the dangerous islamist in the country. 549 names long. >> there are other people connected to the attack still at large is the worry. >> he tried to deport him unsuccessfully that led to a conversation between the german chancellor and the tunisian president. >> i told the president we need to speed up the process of returning
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>> we found out since amri left tunisia he has had six aliases and three nationalities. including one of them being italian. he spent years in italy four in prison trying to burn down a center he had been living in. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. hijacking incident in malta is now over. two men took over a plan after it left malta. the hijackers later agreed to let the crew go and they surrendered. the men wanted to force the plane to go to rome so they could demand asylum in europe. israeli leaders are blasting the obama administration for refusing to use the veto power in the united nations. they passed a resolution to call israeli settlements a
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international law. ambassador to the u.n. abstained from the vote. the president-elect was quick to react saying -- as to the u.n. things will be different after january 20. of course, inauguration day. russian president vladimir putin mane while would like to downplay the messages yesterday between him and the president elect that seam to hint at a nuclear -- seem to hint at nuclear arms race. maureen: at a news conference putin said he did not consider the u.s. an aggressor. he denied a role in hacking the democratic national committee before the elections. trump released part of a letter that putin sent him in which he urged better relations between the u.s. and russia. the russian president said in part relations between russia and the u.s. remain an important f
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stability and the security of the modern world. thousands of washingtonians are hitting the road for the holiday. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing of the rain for us. >> if you have the travel or the outdoor activity it's dry. when we get overnight hours that is when we see the rain move in. rain through the morning. by 1:00, the rain should be out of here. some area they get sunshine in the afternoon. as far as the travel conditions tomorrow, the northeast coast early in the morning with the showers. they will clear out quickly. skies will clear out across the great lakes and the midwest where it is snowing now. south is beautiful and warm and sunny all the way through florida, southern plains. texas. rocky mountain region is fine. west coast is drying out for a day. the only snow in the forecast tomorrow is the east of salt lake
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we check out the entire weekend coming up. maureen: a.a.a. predicted today to be the peak of the holiday get-away traffic. 2.5 million people from the area are expected to drive out of town for the weekend. you see from the mobiletrak7 that traffic right now is moving well. if you are headed north. but the southbound lanes are still at a crawl. for more, getting out of town for the holidays is an all-day affair. brianne carter has spent her day, almost mcauliffe of it, talking to people on a road trip. she is live on i-66. what are the spirits like this holiday? brianne: everybody is in good
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on a regular friday get-away. with car full of family he is driving to florida. to be with the family for the holidays. >> going to florida! >> brianne: a few hours in the trip, he noticed tire trouble. >> it has a sensor. >> with that behind him he is hoping for the smooth sailing for rest of the way to the sunshine state. but traffic slow downs could be inevitable for anyone hitting the road. a.a.a. says the number of people behind the wheel is a major increase. 85 million in 2008. this year is expected to be 103 million. that is a record. in virginia alone they will see a jump of 2%. >> get away before it's
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busy. i have christmas tunes prepared in case it gets bad. >> this is almost unbelievable how great the traffic is moving for those hitting the highway come later tonight. amtrak is different from what they see on thanksgiving. the travel on the rail is spread out between now and the days through new year's eve. brianne carter, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you. in addition to the latest headlines and the weather reports you can get updated traffic reports on the free abc7 news app. still ahead at 6:00, a multiple dollar effort to restore the least known monuments. where the money is being spent. first, why a judge is granting an appeal for the man convicted in three hay profile murders in
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alexandria. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maureen: the man convicted of three high profile murders in alexandria will return to court in 2017. a judge granted charles severence's request to appeal. he is serving three consecutive life stenses for the m
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ron kirby and ruthann lodado. it will focus on evidence and whether they should be been tried separately instead of together. appeals court is expected to hear the case in february or march. two people have been found dead two miles apart in fairfax county. police say the deaths are related. this morning the body of a woman, 22-year-old was found outside a home in burke. hours later, the 22-year-old henok yohannes was found dead in his home on blarney stone court in springfield. both died of upper body trauma and the police say the killings were not random. they have asking for anyone with information to contact them. fairfax county police officer facing a lawsuit over the use of a stun gun in the arrest. a
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23015 and it shows the officer shocking him in the back while his hands were on a police car. fairfax police say he was reaching for a knife. and the officer used appropriate force. the county officials would not comment on the lawsuit. next at 6:00, >> a famous bell tower in arlington in dire need of repairs. i'm chris papst. how much it will cost and who will pay for it. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the rain headed our way. when it will arrive and what
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maureen: we now know that the double stack trains are running through virginia avenue, the virginia avenue tunnel in the district. the first of the trains passed through the tunnel this morning. this marks the halfway point in a $168 million project. c.s.x. is replacing a 112-year-old single track tunnel with two tunnels handling the larger train. the work is expected to be
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the federal government is going to spend $4 million to restore a monument many may not know exists. the monument in arlington would offer one of the best views of the district skyline if it were open. chris papst joins us live. where is all the money going to go? chris: it will make it safer. it does need to be updated. the paint is shipping off. the last restoration was in 1995. that was paid for by the dutch. this time is our turn. for the last 65 years the bells
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between of the famous sites the marine corps memorial lies a less familiar monument. >> for us this has a special meaning. for us it's a sign of peace. >> the 127-foot-tall bell tower gift from the netherlands to thank the united states for liberating the country in world war ii. it needs $50.8 million restoration. it has been closed to visitors for years. [bells toll] the royal netherlands embassy is seeking another $1.8 million in donations to complete the upgrade that includes adding three bells to bring the total to 53. making this a grand carilion one of two doesen in the world. >> this i
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friendship between the netherlands and the united states. we have been friends for more than four centuries. we would like to emphasize the relations. that is why it is worth investing. >> a big part of the $is .8 million is to send some of the bells back to the netherlandss to be refurbished and make the three new ones. maureen: thank you. abc7 news has a new series with captivating, intriguing and the share-worthy stories. get a first taste of the show. "abc7 stories" this sunday starting at 12:30 here on abc7. speaking of intriguing, captivating and the share worthiness, here you are on time. doug: the older, and yet debonair chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the weather. maureen: i missed that part. doug: i know you did.
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rain moving in overnight and the morning but that is the worth of it. not the ice. rain. 36 in joint base andrews. the clouds will continue to increase. the rain will inch the way closer to the area with the approachable frontal system. this is developing as it gets closer. there are patches of snow in michigan but it will move to ontario, canada overnight. this looks bad but snow north of the chicago. most of it is light. pick up an inch or two in wisconsin. steady rain at times in the morning. if temperatures are above freezing. the rain will end according t
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noon. 7:00 the rain is widespread. when we move to sunday the weather pattern is more questionable. there is a split whether the winds are out of the northeast to drag in the low-level moisture or be more northerly and give us sunshine. if we wind up with cloudy skies on christmas day. sorry. if we wind up with sunshine, it is my personal christmas gift to you. think about that. the forecast for christmas and first night of hanukkah. christmas eve, rain in morning. end in the afternoon. partly cloudy tomorrow night. christmas day we hope to see sunshine as the temperatures will hit 48 degrees. the first day of kwanzaa on monday.
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60 on tuesday. another frontal zone. we may see the showers develop in the afternoon. planning ahead to wednesday. noticeable drop in the temperatures wednesday. bumping back to 51 on thursday with another cold front, and showers. 45 on frday. new year's eve, new year's day it looks like partly cloudy, the temperatures in the low to mid-40's. that trend will continue in the first week of 2017. scott abraham? scott: thank you. great matchup on the ice. last year's eastern conference finalists tampa bay comes to town for a meeting with the cats. we will explain why the boys in red have an extra jump. sports is next. stay wait, does this mean you're going to have to get a jobnow. where you like, tuck in your shirt? and carpool to work with people who are all like, "good morning"? and go to meetings where you pitch brilliant ideas and win the respect of your peers? and have to try to fix that annoying copy machine?
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scott: if i were to tell you before the season started the capitals would be in fifth place in the metropolitan division before christmas you'd be getting worried. fear not. the caps are in the toughest division in hockey. six points behind the first place columbus blue jackets. washington is perfectly fine. they have won six of the last eight games. at the morning skate the caps getting ready for the showdown with eastern conference power house tampa bay. what better christmas gift for the caps than to get three points before a three-day
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>> there are added points. this is the important part of the season. it scott: we are less than 24 hours away before the redskins invade the bears. jordan reed and will compton are among those listed as questionable. no matter who plays or who sits out this is a must-win game for the skins to remain in the playoff hunt. >> we have a sense of urgency. we should. we shouldn't wait until week 16 to say now we play hard. majority of the guys play hard. we want to bounce back from "monday night football." >> ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ scott: ah, yes, th
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season is here. and the maryland football season getting in a detroit frame of mind. this video posted on the twitter account. avery edwards, walker, adam green busted out the musical talents emulating detroit legends marvin gave, eminem and kiss. monday the terps will face boston college at the quick lane bowl in ford field in detroit. opening kickoff set for 2:30. the wizards travel to milwaukee to face the bucks. tip-off at 8:00. washington are playing well. winners of four of the last five and looking for another win tonight. maureen: glad the terps were not driving while videotaping. scott: well said. safety first. maureen: the latest, sir? doug: steve has an eye on things and update the timing of the rain tomorrow morning and look ahead to the new year at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is next. join us again at 11:00. h
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as we come on the air, holiday travel at a standstill. long delays at some of the nation's busiest airports. the dangerous drive home. and the one-two winter weather punch still on the way. breaking right now, carrie fisher suffering a heart attack. what we've just learned. the christmas terror alert. the new warning tonight. isis targeting american churches. the growing furor over donald trump's words on nuclear weapons. is the president elect doubling down on beginning an arms race? and the christmas letter he received from vladimir putin. why he calls it "very nice." and, still not done with your holiday shopping? don't worry. even the biggest procrastinators still have time.


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