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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news news, this is a breaking news alert. kimberly: abc 7 is following three breaking news stories. the health of star wars star carrie fisher, after a midflight heart attack for stop we are also following a shooting in falls church and a deadly crash in d.c., where
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tom roussey arrived a short time ago. tom, what did you find out? ,twosuch a sad situation days before christmas, a man was hit and killed. the car that was fleeing the police was coming over the hill on east capitol street. then it slammed into that vehicle. neighbors say that a man was taken out and given cpr by the police, but later pronounced dead at the hospital. the car that was fleeing the police did not stop. here is video of other cars that it hit further down east capitol street, near the intersection of benning road hitting two other cars. one person had to be taken to the hospital from that accident, but their injuries are not life-threatening. the car that was fleeing the police wou
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juvenile taken into custody. the police say they cannot tell me if they are looking for anybody else. this all started when police officers saw a vehicle that had been carjacked recently and started chasing it. the police officer lost the vehicle for a time but eventually while it was trying to flee the police it wound up here. the car where the innocent man died is behind me. after the vehicle fling the police kept going, it hit two other cars down benning road. at this hour, we do not know the name of the innocent man who was killed in the one car, and we don't know the name of the juvenile suspect taken into custody. live on east capitol street, tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: a tragedy, tom. breaking in falls church, a shooting and a massive manhunt. sky track 7 was over the scene.
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hospital. the police are telling abc 7 the injuries are life-threatening. we are told the gun man ran towards falls church high school. and this just into the newsroom, shot in southeast. homicide detectives are being called to the 2200 block of mountain view place. no word on a potential suspect. l.a.,w breaking news from the health of carrie fisher, the "star wars" star who suffered a heart attack in the middle of a flight from london to los angeles. she is reportedly stabilized but in critical condition. a serious medical emergency in the sky for carrie fisher. heavy, medical emergency. while on the united airlines flight, fisher reportedly suffered cardiac arrest.
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assisting the passenger. they are working on her right now. kimberly: a fellow passenger know how to't process this, but carrie fisher stopped breathing on the flight home. hope she is going to be ok. shortly after landing, the laa fire department performed cpr and transported her to the hospital. she is best known for playing princess leia in "star wars," a role that she reprised last year in "the force awakens." -- markels tweeted, hamels tweeted, "as if 2016 could not get worse, sending all our love." "starnow,
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one" is in theaters. for younger fans, carrie fisher is the bridge to the previous generation. >> hearing that happen to her is terrible. >> as a kid, i loved watching the movies. we had a lot of fun watching the movies together. i hope she is ok. kimberly: there has been an outpouring of support for fisher online from fans and fellow celebrities alike. lindsey mastis is here to share some of that. lindsey: william shatner of "star trek" asked everyone to stop for a moment and spend special thoughts to carrie fisher. christina applegate tweets so much love being sent to you. and peter mayhew, who plays chewbacca, said thoughts and prayers for our friend and everyone's favorite
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are hoping for the best. kimberly: thank you. accidents on i-95 south this evening brought the holiday getaway to a crawl. this happened in northern virginia at the height of the rush-hour. aaa protects this will be a record-breaking year for holiday travel in the u.s., today being the worst day. 90% of the people traveling are hitting the roads. aaa forecasts tomorrow will be rough also. steve: the clouds are lowering in the temperatures are in the lower 40's stop reagan national 42. the wind out of the south keeps us above average in terms of overnight lows. if you are staying out late tonight, doing last-minute holiday shopping, a lot of the stores open 24 hours now, 42 degrees at midnight, the war 40's 1 a.m. -- lower 40's 1 a.m. by 2:00 a.m. you will need an umbrella for
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timing of the rain tomorrow, plus looking ahead to new year's eve. kimberly: it's tough to get used to that. we have a little time. developing and fairfax, two murders two miles apart. inst, a man found dead springfield on blarney stone court, then a woman found dead a short drive away. has that story where a vigil was just held for a victim. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: tonight's vigil in this parking lot near hudson boulevard was specifically for one of the victims. here are some of the candles left behind. his brother and some of his closest friends all say he had a positive impact on their lives. circle, friends and family remained silent as the reflected on his life. >>
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to high school with them. he was really cheerful, youthful, a goofy person, just always put a smile on your face. >> he was so personable, kind, genuine. annes'murder is believed to be connected with burke, aboutr in two miles from the townhome in springfield where yohanne was found dead last night. they both suffered trauma to the rubber body. was a former soccer player at the university of mary washington in fredericksburg and also played amateur soccer for a soccer club. >> he had a lot going. to say it's tragic is an understatement. it is a shock.
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talking to are just all at a loss. >> he was a well loved guy. my heart goes out to his family. we just saw him recently, and i'm sure they will be grieving for a long time. anna-lysa: no arrests were made in connection with either murder. the police say they do not believe these were random crimes. yohannes was from ethiopia. in fairfax, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. convicted in man three high-profile murders in ,lexandria, charles severance's has requested an appeal. he is serving three consecutive life sentences for the three murders. his appeal will focus on evidence in the case, as well as whether the cases should have been tried separately instead of together. the appeal could be heard as soon as february.
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is facing a federal lawsuit over his use of a stun gun during an arrest. [yelling] kimberly: a bystander shot the video in september 2015. the man in thet back while his hands were on the police car. fairfax county police say the man was reaching for a knife and the officer used appropriate force. in the war on terror, the fbi department and homeland of security -- he fbi and department of homeland security say that people sympathizing with isis are calling for attacks and holiday events, including at u.s. churches. that came after a german terror suspect was killed in italy outside of a train station in milan earlier today.
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they showed a gun, -- instead he showed a gun, and an officer shot and killed him. he is believed to be the man behind the wheel of the hijacked truck that plowed through a berlin christmas market earlier this week. a busy day for president like donald trump on twitter. a day after tweeting about expanding the nation's nuclear arms ability, he'd announce the un security council resolution demanding israel halt settlement construction in palestinian territory. , " things will be different after january 20." next, giving the gift of hearing. something was telling me i had to do something. kimberly: a little girl's first with sound.
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kimberly: from appleton, wisconsin, the minnesota vikings
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off the runway into the grass. some of the players are just getting off the airplane now. everyone was ok, but they take field packers at lambeau in green bay in less than 12 hours. a clinical trial is giving a virginia family a christmas gift they will never forget -- the gift of hearing for their 2-year-old. tim barber talk to them about the rare surgery that transformed their daughter's life. >> ♪ here comes santa claus here comes santa claus ♪ tim: some of us might take the sights and sounds of christmas for granted. not the quintanas. was born deafanna and the doctor said cochlear implants would not work. >> something was telling me i had to do something, not to give up. tim:
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clinical trial in boston for auditory brainstem surgery. itthe best way to describe is new electric wires to her brainstem. tim: arianna became only the fifth baby in the country to receive the groundbreaking surgery and it was a success. >> it was a miracle form me. >> the way she reacted, the impression on her face, like, "where is the sound coming from?" the 2-year-old just returned to virginia and sunday will be her first christmas with her new gift. >> she has always been my gift. my gift for her is to hear. tim: tim barber, reporting from fairfax county, abc 7 news. canerly: right now, arianna only hear loud noises, but doctors believe that she will be up to you hear all kinds
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sounds. shoppers now scrambling to find last-minute presents. anna-lysa gayle found plenty of procrastinators and bailey's crossroads. anna-lysa: shoppers filled this parking lot friday evening as they stop their cars for last-minute goodies. >> i got a water filter for my dad. this will save him some money. >> i love it. anna-lysa: what else are you picking up? >> this stress reliever roller, for my mom. wow, what other stores have you been to? >> burlington, mall. anna-lysa: what are some of your last-minute gift ideas? >> gift bags, whatever we could find, honestly. anna-lysa: inside, we found some shelves almost anti-. most of the -- most of the shelves were almostempty.
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that you would suggest? >> oh, my god, well, i think it's better to think about what can make their everyday life a little bit easier, as opposed to what will surprise them for just a few seconds. anna-lysa: or if you have a tough time finding a gift, you can always do this -- route.nt the gift card steve: the temperatures right now are still in the 40's. we will stay like that inside the capital beltway another few hours, then the rain moves in. if you are doing late-night shopping, be prepared. early tomorrow morning, you are likely to run into showers. the travel forecast for the day tomorrow, north and west of year, things dry out around detroit and chicago with sunshine. further south, beautiful warm temperatures.
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of sun and clouds. cooler than average temperatures san francisco and los angeles. let's talk about what is going on in terms of our hourly forecast this evening into the day tomorrow. the temperatures eventually make it near 50 degrees. the satellite and radar, all of the action to the south and west. across and closer come ohio, indiana, kentucky, this moves our way tomorrow. the temperatures eventually fall into the 40's, heavier rain by dawn. 7, theast, stormwatch heaviest rain around here 7:00 a.m., 8 a.m., and as quickly as it arrives it is out of fear. that is good news. we may see some sunshine christmas with daytime highs in the upper 40's. highs satu
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50 degrees. christmas eve temperatures fall into the 30's. ♪ steve: i like the music. upper 40's christmas day with a good deal of sunshine. the temperatures 48 degrees sunday. lower 50's the first day of lower 40's wednesday. we ring in the new year with in the highs january 1 low 50's. kimberly: during the holidays, memories are often made at the debtor table -- at the dinner table. nominate a veteran to win a dining room set. utes nominate a deserving veteran. next, uber take self driving cars
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kimberly: a 7 on your side consumer alert -- uber's self driving cars arrived in arizona today via a self driving big rig. san francisco was not ready, so burlesque. here is on -- so uber left. eurozone as governor was there to welcome the self driving cars. now the debate over milk. milk made from soybeans, almonds, and rice be able to call themselves milk. foodss part, the soy association has petitioned the fda to recognize the term soymilk. scott: easy transition to sports. kimberly: milk does the body -- scott: we are talking
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so it makes sense. navy trying toend their season with a victory on the armed forces bowl. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: hockey
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nation's capital, at the verizon center, tampa bay came to town for the showdown with the capitals. 55 seconds into the game, the caps get on the board. john carlson, the first of two goals on the night for him for stop in the second, dmitry orlov to alex ovechkin, slamdunk for the great 8, his 15th goal of the season. caps win 4-0. the armed forces bowl, navy battling louisiana tech. navy behind 45-38. malcolm harry at quarterback after the other quarterback went down with a in injury. touchdown, game tied. la-tech marches down the field. three seconds left, the game-winning 32 yard field goal. navy loses a heart record, 48-45,
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at 9-5. the wizards on the road taking on milwaukee. otto porter jr., 4-4 from three-point range, but the wiz down 15 at intermission. parker off the glass. 123-96.blown out, less than 24 hours until the redskins invade soldier field. redskins have ruled out su'a cravens. jordan reed is questionable. it is a must win game for the skins to remain in the playoff hunt. every game that we play, you should not have to wait until week 16 to say we play hard. the majority of our guys have
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from monday night. school sportsgh final comes your way on news channel eight. a big high school show coming your way.
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steve: here is the forecast, highs near 50 degrees saturday. rain during the morning, clearing out by the late afternoon into the early evening. christmas eve, upper 30's. christmas day, should be a little bit of sunshine, with daytime highs into the upper 40's. 60 degrees for parts of next week. we will take it. kimberly: not enough snow. scott: we need a white
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jennifer aniston. director tom ford. tom holland and the world premiere trailer. "this week in unnecessary censorship." music from friendship. and now get it together, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being with us. we are happy to have you.


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