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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> i thought it would be a lot worse. anchor: we're one hour away from christmas but he still had a little bit of time to pick up a gift. we show you what is open. >> i am not unfamiliar with the threats that might happen. we are thinking about peace.
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charges told you alert tonight. the warning from the fbi and homeland security has millions repair for christmas services. and, a heartbreaking diagnosis. the man who designed the smithsonian's newest museum says he has als. the one thing he wants visitors to experience and legacy he is proud of, just ahead. abc 7 news at, 11:00, on your side. in,or: the fog is rolling visibility dropping and becoming somewhat of a problem. rudin hasist steve the advisory. foge: the heaviest of the around the metro area and closer to the potomac river. the southern montgomery county district, arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland and points to the south.
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on sunday. just because it is set to expire at 6:00 a.m. does not mean that all fog will be out of here. this building has improved a little bit at reagan national. now it's about 2/10 of a mile. a mile in culpeper. take it slow if you are doing that last-minute shopping tonight. temperatures will fall into the 40's. the skies will begin to clear out just a little bit. we will give you the full forecast for the rest of the weekend plus talk about new year's eve. more about that coming up in just a moment. midnight mass is tonight, too. when you are on the roads. if you think you have time to get someone under your tree -- get something under your tree before everyone wakes up.
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reporter: there is always time. we are seeing trickling out of this cvs and at the store in particular, shoppers still have a little under an hour to get those last-minute essential. 'twas the night before christmas and the crowds were out. >> last-minute shopping for my kids. car still the parking lot at the target in falls church and shoppers pack their banks with everything from holiday meal essentials to wrapping paper and even a bicycle. >> we kind of had most components of things. we kind of new, last-minute, we can grab those things. sure if the shelves were empty or whatnot. reporter: some shoppers say they were expecting it to be even busier. quest surprisingly not that bad. >> i thought it would be a lot woe.
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reporter: even with a shopping list getting checked off, some say they still have a long night of holiday preparation ahead. >> just trying to make sure that i get it all. reporter: the store that we were at earlier tonight was open. many target stores closed at 11. some of them closed a little bit earlier at 9:00 and 10:00. kimberly: thank you, amy. spending habits of changed dramatically over the past years. november and december now account for less than 21% of annual retail sales. as peak, those two months used to account for more than one quarter of all american retail sales in a single year. that nearly 5% difference in spending would have translated into $70 billion.
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foundation. in a release through his transition team, president-elect trump said this move was to avoid appearances of -- appearances of conflicts of interest. the foundation had been investigated for self-dealing, spending donated money on himself and businesses. this morning, president obama delivered his weekly address to deliver everyone a merry christmas. he was joined by the first lady. pres. obama: let's resolve to recommit ourselves to the values we share. on behalf of all the obama's, sasha, and that ny, merryker son christmas, everybody. kimberly: the first family is spending their winter break as they usually do in hawaii. the war on terror is hitting home this holiday season.
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before christmas. isis apparently wants its supporters to target churches, even in the u.s.. i'll reporter is in alexandria with the heightened sense of awareness in -- awareness and security. reporter: the franciscan monastery in northeast washington is preparing for a marathon of masses this christmas eve as parishioners light nearly 1200 candles. a warning from the fbi. it is telling law enforcement to remain vigilant. isis told supporters to attack churches. >> we are not unfamiliar with the threats, but that is not the message we are leading with tonight. reporter: christmas celebrations will go on as planned, but with added concern. the terror group publishing the names and addresses of thousands of churches with a call for violence. >> fear is
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not our attitude here, peace is our attitude. reporter: this comes only days after 12 people were killed after people -- after a man barreled into a crowd at a christmas market in berlin, germany. good shepherd catholic church in alexandria has been training ushers to be alert for anything. >> training them when to intervene and when not to intervene. isorter: the fbi investigating the credibility of the threat and parishioners are saying they will not live in fear. >> i think we can't give into it. i think this is a celebration of christmas, the meaning of christmas. reporter: ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world are in bethlehem, the site where christians believe jesus was born. the holiday has helped raise spiri
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spike in violence between .alestinians and israelis a growing memorial for an innocent bystander who was hit by 17-year-old boy driving a stolen car. the story broke just about 20 hours ago. our elisa gale has reaction from community members and family. friends of 31-year-old kenneth morris junior decorated this treaty on christmas eve. the makeshift memorial comes a day after the driver of a stolen nissan, the impact causing morris's car to spin out of control before hitting the tree. loud noises.rd the >> the car was mangled. police were everywhere. airbags deployed.
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reporter: morris was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> a life lost. shortly before the collision, police were after the stolen lexus which was taken from the 1400 block of a street days before. once it crashed, they went after the driver. the suspect has been identified as david mclean. the 17-year-old was charged as an adult with murder. direction -- he would be home with his family to celebrate christmas. reporter: morris's family released this statement which says in part, "as you can imagine, or family is distraught over this senseless death. we asked for your prayers and thoughts in our time of need." are searchingce for two other suspects. they were also inside that stol v
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designed the look of the smithsonian's newest museum has been diagnosed with als. one thing he says he wants visitors at the national museum of african american and history -- after american history and culture to experience. plus, making christmas right for one family. grandparents lost everything in a fire. all they cared about were gifts for the grandchildren. who stepped in to help and the early unwrapping, coming up next. abc 7 is tracking santa. norad has a
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: we are expected to have more of an update on actress carrie fisher, but night was is coming out of hollywood tonight. we know that she suffered in a. heart attack shortly befe
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angeles landed. her brother is saying she is receiving excellent care of an elaborate on her condition. had it on a book tour and was working on a series for amazon overseas. she was also sent to be in star wars episode 8. the lead architect of the smithsonian museum of african american history and culture has als, lou gehrig's disease. he said that the diagnosis came months before the museum opened. the architect is from durham indios he held his story will help raise $250,000 through his foundation. it would go to als research and support for families battling the disease. he discussed what he envisioned visitors experiencing and his legacy within the building. >> i will be just sort of watching and singing. i fully expect people to have different reactions and take something different
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hopefully they will be uplifted in some way and they will be changed by virtue of coming here. we've posted its entire interview online to our website, fire officials in d.c. helped a woman who's a partner destroyed during a fire. they helped her find a way to make this christmas special for her littlest loved one. all of the gifts she had bought for her children and grandchildren were destroyed, but the christmas spirit is alive and well with the help of toys for tots in washington. they got the gifts they were hoping for. >> when we realized the ages of the kids, we realized that we currently many of them out. at that age, everybody enjoys christmas and receiving gifts. the grandparents say they lost everything in the fire but they were most nc
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our hopes of a white christmas are dashed. -poll tonightak -- tonight asked you this. the weather was perfect for sensitive to water ski down the potomac today. that means that was way too warm. not bad this afternoon once the rain stopped falling. santa joined by reindeer, the grinch, l. screen --to the water waterskiing santa website, this tradition happened back in 1986. if we had with the video one more second -- steve: i'll bet you it is about 38, 40 degrees at this point. it is called. the cold enough to freeze.
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made it really pretty out there but instead, we have ball -- we have fog. a dense fog advisory in effect with the district, alexandria, southern maryland. it does not include montgomery county or hagerstown. once again, until 6 a.m. his abilities have improved at reagan national airport of the past hour or so. it is going to return as we head through the overnight hours down manassas, a mile in about a half-mile in culpeper. temperatures on the chilly side but not freezing. 39 at the airport. quantico at 40. we will show you satellite and radar at this hour. a few clouds here and there but the fog will be a bigger issue. partly cloudy
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winds out of the north i just around -- the north at around 3 to eight miles per hour. 35 tomorrow morning in fairfax. theod deal of sunshine for day tomorrow. or high temperature eventually rebounds to the upper 40's just around 50 degrees under partly sunny skies. just around 5-10 mile-per-hour winds, likely to add a little bit extra chilled to the air. it is going to look pretty nice out there tomorrow. clouds will increase later in the day and then by monday, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be just a little bit warmer. as we move into the day on tuesday, even milder yet. the first day of one's on monday. middle 40's by wednesday. let's talk about new year's eve.
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see temperatures in the 30's and we will ring in the new year on the first day of 2017 with 50 degrees. around we will keep that trend going well into the new year. still no sign of snow but last year, keep in mind that we had a very mild november, mild --ember, in january, we went kimberly: the redskins kind of did that. >> they don't need with the brakes, they need to go full throttle. they still
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announcer: now, the toyota sports desk. >> i am almost certain that every skins span have a trip to the playoffs on their christmas list. today certainly helped. the redskins dominating the bears in chicago.
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takes the handoff and resident of the middle for a seven yard touchdown. early 7-0 league. later the first, thompson strikes again, this time through the air. 17 yards for the score. 14-0.up matt barkley fires into triple coverage. rishaad greenland is there. eland is there. kirk cousins finds the goal line for the nine yard score. the half.ed 24-14 at third quarter the skins defense continuing to recap it. berkeley's pass picked off again by josh norman. a few minutes later, cousins would keep himself again for his second rusng
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game. 31-14.ncomplete control, in the fourth quarter, brown takes it all the way for a 61 yard touchdown. redskins win 41-21. >> it was a sense of urgency. there always is though. every game is important and we know that they all matter. we always feel that. it is the chicago bears. you throw the records out. this is an iconic organization, and a lot of history here and a lot of great players on the field. >> when he is comfortable back there and he can go through 1, 2, sometimes three progressions, he is pretty darn good. then the receivers winning the one-on-one battles. kirk finding holes in the zones was very crucial for us. >> kirk cousins
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to you by his wife. one think the redskins need to make a playoffs -- to make the playoffs, a loss from tampa bay. they were playing the things today. third quarter, 13-7 saints. 20-7, saints. later in the third, 20-14 s aints. passes for an 11 yard score and the saints knockoff tampa bay to get the skins just a little more hope. packers hosting the vikings. second quarter sam bradford a nice play action fake. he makes the catch, takes it to the house for a 71 yard score. later in the second, aaron rodgers. he ran back about 15 yards before reversing field. .ackers go on to win it they are still ahead of the redskins in the playoff hunt.
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the ravens will battle the steelers for complete control of the afc north. that is a fierce rivalry. kimberly: what do you think make a difference for the redskins today? >> kirk cousins' jacket. it has got to be the jacket. kimberly: coming up, the christmas the prize of a lifetime. a woman goes into l
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kimberly: we have been sharing birth stories while anticipating this story. let's talk about a gift coming early. how about a baby boy? a connecticut woman was only to the hospital and she knew the baby wasn't going to wait. she told her brother to pull over to the side of the road. the state911 and trooper was forced to play baby catcher. out, thehe head came court was wrapped around the neck a little bit. i was able to get it loose and then she delivered the baby. it was a great childbirth. breathing.pontaneous i am not an ob/gyn but i play one on tv. -- baby ebenezer
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