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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: we are following details on a story out of the district. police making an arrest in connection to the death of tricia mccauley. she went missing on christmas day. her body was found overnight. sam sweeney is live at headquarters in northwest. he joins us with the latest. sam: she was a yoga instructor, part of sag
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, and now she is dead. and man took her car and was driving around in it with her body in the trunk. he also robbed a cvs in southwest d.c. a man walking his dog spotted the car and called 911. i caught up with the man to hear his story. >> i recognized the car. the man was smoking this cigar or something. dancing to the music in the car. sam: dancing while her body was in the trunk. sir, how like -- hello are you? off,s edgy and seemed aggressive, something. how he described him. arounds mulling it
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within five or 10 minutes, there .s the car sam: seconds later, police swarmed the area. in the car -- >> they found tricia mccauley deceased in her vehicle. sam: police took the driver into custody. tricia went missing christmas night. food she prepared for the party was left on the counter in her apartment. and policeappeared say it showed up, involved in a robbery monday morning at a cvs and southwest. >> the suspect was involved in a theft at the cvs. he assaulted employees at that location. sam: police connected the dots and they released the critical missing's persons -- critical missing persons alert with the suspect'
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suspect chose tricia randomly. he did not know her. we are learning more about tricia and the investigation. rapidly developing. we will have that this afternoon. jummy: thank you. we want to get to another developing story. d.c. police investigating a deadly hit and run. it happened this morning on 14th street in northwest. amy is live this morning. what we are on learning about this one. spoke to a witness who saw everything. it happened on 14th street as the woman was trying to cross the street. a woman was struck and killed near the crosswalk. take a look at this video. around 6:25. in
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woman's age or whether she was walking in the crosswalk or not. police are looking for a black damage. front headlight neighbors say she was a nice and friendly woman. i went to her aid. i was angry, but i could not do anything about him driving off. i turned my attention to her and tried to comfort her. >> she was a nice person. she would give you anything she had. it is sad it happened. amy: the witness i spoke to says he looked up from helping her and saw a rainbow covering the entire area. he said that brought him comfort. jummy: thank you. new developments covering metro. metro general manager paul wiedefeld ha
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underground wi-fi at all metro stations. this is a major expansion based on positive rider feedback. will be ablers to use their phone to call for help in an emergency at all underground stations. we want to get a check on the traffic. going to start with a look at 95 in virginia, again, today, slow southbound. the look of the southbound lanes of 95, south of the beltway, pretty heavy and slow. towards the heading occoquan, very heavy and slow. towards prince william parkway, it is getting a little better. a little further down, south into stafford
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time once again today on 95. blockinggomery county, two lanes, here is the jama. jummy: thousands of americans are dealing with holiday travel troubles. blizzard conditions are causing problems from western states through the midwest. in the dakotas, near whiteout conditions have left more than down.les of highways shut authorities issuing a no travel advisory. parts of north carolina, cars are careening off ice covered roads. in nebraska, wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour caused a semi truck to flip over. in minnesota, high wind knocked out power,
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20,000 customers in the dark and grounded flights. right now, we want to look outside at the capital. here at home, it is sunny and warm. doug hill is here with a look at our forecast. doug: it feels like spring out here. 62 degrees at midday. we will clear this guys out the father west you go in washington, the more sunshine you see. still overcast in washington and areas east. we will see improvement. the issue is the cold air behind the cold front is lagging behind. it is 63 and frederick. 66, luray. deal.a one-day cool air will move in. skies will be clear. late afternoon and early evening, temperatures will drop. cold front location now, clearing skies developing
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with here. shape. be in good tomorrow morning, we will wake up to sunshine. temperatures colder this morning. 33 in manassas. city.rees in the we will check out the new year's weekend forecast in about heaven minutes. jummy: see you then. president obama and shinzo abe the visitingstory, the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor together. the visit comes months after president obama's trip to hiroshima. >> part of our mission here is reconciliation. event is a great reflection of the reconciliation that has happened. jummy: shinzo abe laid a wreath
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visiting the monument. while the current commander in chief is in hawaii, the incoming one is a voicing his displeasure. he is going after president obama about comments he made during a podcast. president obama says if he were running for a third term, america would rally behind him. donald trump said no way. ahead to whating is going to happen on january 21. i think barack obama will be aggressive and assertive in taking on donald trump. donald trump also called the expansion of israeli settlements illegal. he said the u.n. has potential, but right now it is a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. big thank you to the dallas cowboys. why it helped the redskins playoff championship.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: post-christmas shopping chaos leading to mall madness breaking out across the country. elizabeth hur has details on what may have caused the fight and false alerts. scramblingshoppers for cover. >> we heard running and boom, boom, boom. >> kids hitting each other, trampling each other. conabeth: ohio,
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>> they were putting the door down. elizabeth: chaos and commotion inside more than one dozen malls, most caught on cell phone cameras. police rushing in as panicked shoppers rushed to get out. police revealing a loud nor ease -- a loud noise during a food -- during a fight was mistaken for gunfire. police in aurora, colorado say the fights were organized on social media. something going on about a fight that was going to take place here at the town center, which is what drew all of these people who were up to no good to our mall. elizabeth: police say they are investigating to see if social media is to blame. dozens were arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. thankfully, no
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12:15 pm and the postal service will deliver it where it is needed. you can nominate a veteran to win a dining set. go to the website to nominate a veteran today. it all comes down to this. the redskins' playoff hopes. it is thanks to their rivals, the dallas cowboys. the game' loss makes playoff pass rest on one game. the redskins need to be the giants at home on sunday. worst scenario, if the packers and lions tied, the redskins are out. that won't matter without a
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hopefully, by 4:25 on sunday, there will maybe be good weather. doug: if th had won one of the games they should have earlier in the season, we would not be down to this. i'm just an old weather guy. what do i know about football? it is definitely spring-like out there. a live shot from our camera on montgomeryampus of college. blue skies breaking out. that will be the pattern. skies will brighten. will climb.ures it will feel like spring in late december. colder air behind the cold front will, out tonight. temperatures running about 20 degrees above average. anderatures in the 60's the
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east of the appellations. charlotte, 64. the other side of the mountains, it starts to cool off. definite change, cold air heading our way later tonight and for tomorrow. about 40 degrees in this city, as cold as 30 and some of the outlying suburbs. next few days, the temperatures drop into the mid 40's. another cold front comes our way. in the morning, a few spots west flakesington, maybe wet mixed into the pattern and we clear out by friday. there is an indication out west, wet flakes in the western suburbs. a look at new year's eve, it will be sunny. clouds increase. a better
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chance of showers on new year's day. a better chance of rain, monday. this friday will be windy after this next front. showers on monday, tuesday and wednesday, temperatures getting a little bump. uph the warm front, we jump and the cold front drops us to reality. tuesdays in a row we will be in the 60's. that is my favorite day of the week. right now, we want to take a live look at the resort in mchenry, maryland. than 57 million people are heading to the slopes this year. independent resorts are holding their own, finding new ways to attract skiers. website ofcheck the the place you are he
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new year, new you. tips to help you make a new resolu
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jummy: a quick look at the stock market. points.up about 18 we will keep an eye on this one. our news coverage continues for the day. streaming services say fans cannot get enough of george michael. since his death, streams of his music has skyrocketed by more than 3100% on spotify. the top songs are
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last christmas, careless whisper, faith, freedom, and wake me up before you go-go. night for music lovers happening at mgm national harbor. bruno mars is coming to town. he will take the stage tonight. he is promoting his third studio album. if you are looking for a late holiday present, we hear some tickets are available. health matters. this weekend begins the new year. it is a time when people make the resolution to lose weight or get healthier. many of us fall short as the year progresses. a new resolution helps keep you on track. >> keeping our new year's resolutions may mean adding balance to our lives. if you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may be a nice side benefit. weight, eatto lose a serving of vegetables at e
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your daily routine. these will leave no room for unhealthy habits over time. the screen, tv, computer, or other devices. being sedentary is not good for the waistline. step outside and get fresh air. it is good for the mind and body. in when itl the task comes to eating. when you pay attention to what you put in your mouth, it cuts down on mindless eating. a theme as your new year's resolution, a word or phrase that describes how you want to feel, instead of what you think you should do. authenticity, clarity, or kindness. theme, afocus on your can have a positive impact on your behavior. a look at the two baby panda cubsho
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debut on monday. they were born in october at a safari in china. the cubs and their mother have been in the care of breeders. to collect -- for their name
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jummy: unseaso
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doug: about 20 degrees above average. 63 degrees in washington and 63 in annapolis. 60 in luray. enjoy the afternoon temperatures. thursday, some showers in the morning and back to sunshine on friday. chili, near 40. strong, gusty wind. the holiday weekend, 40 nine degrees on saturday. for new year's eve, plenty of sunshine but clouds will increase during the afternoon. we could see sprinkles late saturday night just before the ball drops. as a better chance scattered showers develop on sunday with a high of 47 and a better chance of rain coming our way on monday. jummy: hopefully the fireworks can still go off. thank you for joining us.
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>> hello, everybody. get ready. because in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here very, very rich. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. we're in the middle of a very special game. today, our returning contestant is fulfilling a lifelong dream to be on this very show. he's only 3 questions away from winning a million dollars. so, from pittsfield, massachusetts, please welcome back rick beltaire. [dramatic music] ♪ rick, welcome back. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> good to have you back.


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