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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a tip last night in the police that led to the arrest. this is adrian johnson also known as duane johnson. he was arrested last night. charged with first degree murder in the killing of 46-year-old tricia mccauley. tricia mccauley pound murdered in the trunk -- found murdered in the trunk of her car. >> we know this will be painful from the family and friends. >> she was last heard from 4:30 on christmas day but did know show up for dinner at a friend's house and was not on a flight out of town from the reagan airport. that same morning johnson robbed a c.v.s. in southwest d.c. and assaulted employees. later they
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driving mccauley's scion at the time of the incident. >> we don't believe that the suspect knew the victim. >> after 11:00, jonathan padgett who had seen johnson's face and the car on social media walking the dog in northwest d.c. when he spotted him in the car bouncing up and down to loud music. he called 911, the tip that led to johnson's arrest. >> it was frightening. a moment that you know i'm here to do something. i have to do something and mike sure it's effective. >> she was an actress and a beloved yoga teacher. >> she was a very inspiring person. i feel like she lived her best life. according to court records, johnsson was set to have an ankle bracelet installed december 21.
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as he relates to this case, the police have not revealed any information on how, when, or where he came in contact with tricia mccauley. just some of the questions that police will try to answer as the investigation continues. live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. tim now to tim barber live from the yoga studio where mccauley taught classes and friends are holding a vigil tonight. tim? tim: they just opened the door here. you can see how many people are inside now. it is packed. she usually teaches the 5:135 klos so this hour was emotional on top of the somber twists and turns in the last several days. despite the darkness, her friends are focusing on her friend's beautiful life. you can feel the love this afternoon. one friend told me she wishes tricia were here
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people how to cope with this because she always seemed to have the right words. >> a lot of other teachers will let the intern to check people in. she never allowed that. she wanted to know every student that came in and greet all of them by name to learn every person's name. she went above and beyond. that is who she was. after the hour of meditation, they are going to walk to a park here. we'll go with them and have the story at 11:00. jonathan: so sad. thank you. a special parkland drive in aspen hill is shut down after a mercedes-benz hit a woman as she was getting her infant daughter out of the parked car. this happened two hours ago. a postman says the mercedes was driving erratically. they airlifted her to baltimore shock trauma. her infant has le
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injuries. police are speaking to the other witnesses but no criminal charges have been filed. covering metro tonight all undergoing stations with offer free wi-fi by the end of 2018. right now, six locations, union station, gallery place, judiciary square, metro center, l'enfant plaza have wi-fi as part of a pilot program that was launched in august. metro says 60% of the underground stations should have wi-fi this time next year and the remaining 40% will have it in two years. they are working with four major cell phone companies to provide service in the tunnels. t-shirt weather in december. really? that is what we are enjoying now. the temperatures are about to take a dip again. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on what the next few day have in store. doug: it's more like late december tomorrow but it's not terrible. today we were in the upper
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national. it's 62 in fredericksburg at 6:00. the numbers will drop this evening because of a cold front. but at this hour look at the 60's and the 50's. farther west the temperatures will drop and you have to go west to get the cold air. colder temperatures will arrive overnight. by morning we will range 30 to 40 degrees across the viewing area with clear temperatures. it's 37 in largo. 34 in fairfax. 38 downtown. the day planner for tomorrow shows plenty of sunshine in the forecast. we start in the 30s and we climb to 44 at mid day. 45 in the afternoon. enjoy the sign tomorrow. rain is back on thursday. we will put together a ten-day outlook for the planning purposes coming up in ten minutes. jonathan: thanks. surveillance video in the abc7 newsroom. police are looking for two men involved in a deadly shooting that
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7-eleven. this happened about just on cedar street in northwest d.c. james dorsey jr. shot after an argument that took place in the store. but then it carried outside the store. police are asking if you recognize anybody in the video the police would like to hear from you. coming up for us at 6:00, remembers a amount gone too -- remembers an actress gone too soon. we remember carrie fisher. and why this is an historic moment at pearl harbor. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrifice for all of us by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. if you'd like to do this, go to you can nominate a veteran today. nominations are accepted through tomorrow. back afte
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: historic scene in a sacred place. within the past hour, president obama and japanese prime minister shinzo abe visited the uss arizona memorial in hawaii. not the first japanese leader to visit pearl harbor, he is the first to visit the
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december 7, 1941. the two leaders placed wreaths at the memorial and they dropped flowers in the well above the rack. president obama: historic gesture that speaks to the power of reconciliation. and the alliance between the american and the japanese people. a me minder that even the -- a reminder that even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship. jonathan: back in may president obama became the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, the site of the first u.s. nuclear bombing. everything is back to normal now at trump tower. this is after the police evacuated the building an hour ago because of the suspicious package found there. it turns out it was a bag filled with kids' toys. people were allowed to go back to the building. president-elect trump now lives in the tower but he is vacationing with his family in florida for the holidays. coming up f
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search for a hit-and-run driver in -- d.c. and the clue they now for the investigation. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen. tonight "star wars" fans reacting to the passing of their beloved princess. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports a surge from otto porter last night and what scott brooks has to say. and the cowboys say merry christmas to the redskins after beating the lions. how did you
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jonathan: d.c. police looking for a car on your screen that was involved in a hit-and-run crash that killed a deaf woman. i happened this morning. police say jacqueline cole struckwhile crossing 14th street near parkwood place. she was in a crosswalk at the time she was hit. the vehicle here hit her and should have serious front end damage. if you know the vehicle or see a vehicle with serious front end damage police want to hear from
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family, friends and fans are remembering their princess. best known for princess leia in the "star wars" franchise, carrie fisher died today. she suffered a heart attack on a plane on the way from london to l.a. on friday. now we have on what the fans say about the beloved actress tonight. she did pass too young. mike: jonathan, we moved across the street in downtown silver springs to get closer to john playing the trombone. a huge "star wars" fan. carrie fisher wisconsin -- was the daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. she is known for being candid about her adic
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she did this in the many books and the one woman show. the feature debut was in the 1975 hit "shampoo." she was in "the blues brothers" "when harry met sally" and other films. she will be remembered as princess leia with the iconic buns, the beauty, brains and her toughness. many consider her one of the greatest and the first female action stars. >> the ultimate rebel girl. she made us girls proud. she didn't just, she wasn't just a princess in a beautiful outfit. she was a tough girl with a gun and saved hans solo. i love her books, too. >> she is really strong. made me have a connection to her. i really enjoyed it. mike: as you saw, she had fans of all ages. carrie fisher reportedly died of a heart attack that she suffered last week. she was 60 years of the.
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spring, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks, for more on how celebrities and the fans remember carrie fisher go to the website you can go to the facebook page. and leave your own comment. a lot of folks left thoughtful ones there. two days after the loss of george michael we are learning about the singer's secret charitable work. he gave millions of his dollars to children's charities and even volunteered at a homeless shelter but he never made a big deal about it or bragged about it. the director after a british youth charity said the singer donated so much to the charity over the years that they were planning a special tribute concert to the singer next year as part of the organization's 30th anniversary. george michael died at the age of 53. in consumer news now. primeprimeamazon prime businesss booming over the holiday. it shipped a billion items
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program. a billion. more people signed up for prime which is $99 a year and it includes free shipping on most items, video streaming and other perks. a million items. if you -- a billion items. if you have something from the holiday that needs to go back, return shipping is busy. ups expects to deliver 1.3 million packages back to retailers january 45 in the national return day. by the end of the first week of january they expect 5.8 million returns to top last year's record of 5 million. doug: how much of the presents i gave you are you spending back? jonathan: 2.5 billion. who counts that? doug: i can't even deal with the numbers. i deal with 60's, 70's, 50's, 40's. jonathan: good numbers to deal with considering. doug: take today. we were in the 60's. check it out. we don't show you the almanac
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when we have a significant number. it's 68 degrees. the official high for the afternoon at reagan national. four degrees shy of the record set on the day in 19713. the average high is 44. it's still comfortable. it's 61 at reagannable. 56 -- at reagan national it's 54 in herndon. in the early morning the temperatures as the high temperatures build in will drop hour by hour. by 7:00, we will be at 38 degrees downtown. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. a more seasonable day. it's on the button for normal for late december. we look ahead to the future cast.
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this is possible could see a wintery mix but we are going to be dealing with rain for the morning rush. we could get a break when the cold front rolls through briefly. turn to colder air on friday. jump ahead to saturday, new year's eve. sunshine and clouds of 46. chance of a sprinkle late at night. new year's day, better chance of the showers developing through the morning. check out the numbers. 45 on tuesday. 45 on wednesday. thursday is 38. friday is 3. getting back to normal. no sign for an arctic air
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outbreak. no signs of a major storm or a zombie apocalypse. jonathan: thank you, doug. [laughter] i have never been a cowboy fan. i will never be a cowboy fan. it was tough to root for them last night. robert: they were giving last night. jonathan: they were givers. robert: gift the redskins a win for christmas. otto porter with a double-double. everyone still many giving spirit. sports is next. oh, how was the open house? so good! look. 800 square feet, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, 15 minute ride to work. dude! dude! i know! your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? how do i check? credit karma. it's free. that's great! that's super easy. um hm. that's a credit score. just whip bam boom, it's done.
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credit karma. give yourself some credit. eyes over there, dude. this apartment's hers. mine... thank you.
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robert: talk about the late christmas gift. redskins nation happy about the cowboys. cowboys had to beat the lions for the redskins to stay alive in the playoffs. looking back, was it awkward rooting for cowboys last night? go to let us know how you feel. last night complete domination from the cowboys. dak press scott 15-20. including a couple to dez. by the way, who had a touchdown pass. cowboys blew out the lions. now the redskins have to take care of business on sunday against the giants.
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>> obviously, the cowboys played good football for 14 games and they deserve to be where they are. we're still trying to get in there. if you don't make the playoffs, regardless of the record it's a disappointment. we have a good team and good players and we feel like we should be in there. it's not over yet. robert: the wizards got a give-back against the bucs. last night the m.v.p. otto porter. monster game. he made a career high of five three-pointers. 13-18 from the field. he grabbed 13 rebounds. mean double-double. that is what happens when you put the focus on john wall and bradley beal. >> otto does a good job. he is really flying in with the spacing. he should get six to eight threes in eight games. it opens up opportunity for
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they benefited from that last night. robert: big ten match-up. maryland-illinois. first half is all maryland early. jackson drives. the lay-up. hoop and the harm. put terps up 27-10. right now the maryland leads 52-33. in the second half. quick note the caps on the road tonight facing the islanders at 7:00. jonathan, my deepest apologies about our man derek carr. painful. jonathan: they were on fire! robert: so painful. jonathan: on to something more delightful. the weather. doug: it's nice tomorrow. sunshine in the forecast. tonight at 11:00, meteorologist josh knight is in for steve rudin to talk about the timing of the next chance of rain and looking to new year's eve and what the weather is for new year's eve night. jonathan: for all of us here at abc7 thank you for watching.
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tonight, we say goodbye to a hollywood force. carrie fisher dead at 60. the actress immortalized as princess leia in "star wars," unable to recover after going into cardiac arrest aboard an airplane. tonight, the tributes pouring in. plus, what she revealed in a rare interview right here with david on "world news." also tonight, mall mayhem in america. security stepped up after scenes like this. out of control teens in illinois. brawling in connecticut. was social media to blame? security scare. a trump tower evacuation. what triggered this scene tonight? new year's nor'easter? a winter weather alert out west. heavy snow and high winds. and all eyes on a storm system


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