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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. new overnight, a cease-fire agreement in syria. the push for peace while you were asleep. larry: plus details on a murderer. what happened when we went to getting into the kernel history of a man accused of killing a d.c. yoga teacher. and after a taste of spring, it's right back to winter. the temperature drop this morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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yesterday after work. it was so wonderful. veronica: you want to do strolling around. why not. now we are talking about the wintry weather nearby. winter storm watch for some areas of western maryland. i really think that early tomorrow morning at this time there could be some slick spots across northern maryland. i will show you where in just a few minutes. today you will need the sunglasses and a nice, warm coat headed out the door. let's take a look at the temperatures. they will go down a little bit before they start to rise up at 7 a.m. bad, cool and clear across the area. temperatures throughout the day will stay flat, getting up to 45 to 46 degrees during the afternoon hours. we have got all of the sunshine and clear skies for today. still high pressure for us
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rain shower starting tomorrow morning, could get about a 10th of an inch. we will need just a small umbrella heading out the door. here's a look at the future weather. green, 3 a.m. tomorrow morning. notice the areas in purple and blue? that is when the snow could be mixing in in areas like vicksburg, hagerstown, even frederick, maryland. the rain is pulling out of here at 7:00 a.m.. i'm going to leave you with a look at those high spots in virginia, even western maryland. winter storm watch. wrote by road in a few minutes to talk about tomorrow morning in detail. jamie: we have not seen many big issues on the roads. right now traveling in the district, take a look behind me. it looks good along the national mall, no problems. maybe you want to head out early
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the monuments. definitely going to be chilly, but nothing to worry about. i do want to talk about one other thing on 95 as we moved to the map, this is going to be some heavy volume heading north further towards newington. take a look right here at the express lanes. do you see the flashing lights? we have some accident activity and let's talk about the backup in about 10 minutes. what you need to know? we will drop on that. jummy? jummy: breaking right now, progress for peace in syria. turkey and russia have reportedly reached an agreement on a plan for a cease-fire. according to turkish media it will take effect after midnight. the agency said the terror groups, without mentioning which ones, will not be a part of the agreement. the civil war in syria prompted by the arab spring has killed more than 430,000 people. larry: the man charged with murdering a d.c. united -- yo
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arraigned today. the body of tricia mcauley was found. hundreds of people gathered northwest for candlelight vigil to pay tribute to her. she was praise for her kindness and generosity. >> those of us who are touched by her and got to experience her love and caring will carry that forward on her behalf. mary: she was also an actress, appearing in productions at the washington state guild and was in several movies as well. as friends and family mourn the loss of their loved one we're learning more about the man accused of taking her life. sam sweeney is live in northwest d.c. this morning with new information about the past of the suspect. past is disturbing and his family says he should never have been let out of jail because of his past crime. we are at the ogre studio where at 5:30.t class candles and flowers are here this morning.
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at 1:00 this afternoon he will go before a judge. this is not the first time dwayne johnson will go before a judge. recently arrested for stealing electric toothbrushes. because of that he was supposed to have an ankle monitor, but he never showed up for that. stepfather says that the criminal justice system went too easy on him in the past and he never should have been let out of jail here again he adds that the 29-year-old has a history of mental illness and may have been living on the streets. previously, he had been in upper marlboro, maryland. disappeared christmas night. johnson was driving around with her dead body in the trunk. it's unclear how she died or how she and johnson came in to contact. the medical examiner says that tricia mccauley was strangled and badly beaten. the police say that she
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a stranger and it is possible that she was picked at random. i'm sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. breaking news out of waldorf, maryland, a fire force people to evacuate as -- at an assisted living facility smoke spreading to multiple units. people on the floor were evacuated while the other floors had to shelter in place. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. larry: first responders recovering this morning after their ems responded to a fire. he crashed into another car in northwest. one otherember and person or taken to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they were responding to this, a fire in an apartment in the cathedral heights area of northwest. fire crews say it was a kitchen fire that was quickly put out. a
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problems, flooding several floors. fortunately, no one was hurt. jummy: coming up, remembering a hollywood princess. >> no matter how much we fought. millions of
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veronica: out the door this morning, getting ready for a chill under a clear sky. 40 to 43 degrees in most neighborhoods. cute that in mind, you will need a coat heading out. you will need sunshine and 60 degree warmth. today is topping out 63 to 67. putting us back to more seasonable conditions across the area. dry and nice, but overnight some clouds will start developing and even some rain showers. these are the roads weather could be a few slick spots setting up around the
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towards 270 and frederick, maryland. 34 degrees at 5 a.m. tomorrow and snowith the rain mix coming into the area. hagerstown, a possibility towards cumberland and even areas down to mineral and grant. between 3ility is a.m. and 9 a.m. tomorrow morning that we may have to deal with that. the immediate metro area though, it will be fine with wet conditions across the area early thursday morning. by noon, we are good to go, drive. we will talk about what happens behind the system, i will get the cold and show you the windchill temperatures in about 10 minutes. we have an accident 95 northbound in virginia in the express lane. a live look just to show you the few flashing lights right there. you can see a lot of people are slowing, the volume is building and through lorton. you can get by, nothing is closed. a crash in alexandria just coming in
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madison street. if you live in alexandria, heads up, you may see some of those emergency crews out. everything about this is in the green. looks great from centreville, 270 headed south from germantown , volume in the 50's and 60's. there is a crash being reported right now on the inner loop closer towards the bw parkway. will keep you updated on that accident in 95, virginia. back to you guys. at trump tower. still ahead, the mystery bag but the building on lockdown. jummy: the cub scout can't that -- larry: the cub scout
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. jummy: chaos at trump tower in new york as the building was evacuated tuesday night. unattended bags caught the attention of police and had to be inspected by the bomb squad and secret service. it turned out to be a bag of
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the president-elect to donald trump was not in the building he has been spending the holidays in florida. larry: security moving into place three days before the massivnew year's celebration in times square. police say that they are increasing security from years past. there is no specific threat, just concern about the general potential for trouble. >> in light of what we have experienced in this country and the attacks overseas, law-enforcement has to take every situation seriously. law -- larry: those attacks include so-called lone wolf attackers from france, ohio, in germany. expect to see dump trucks used as barricades in addition to armed police officers. an estimated one million people will pack into times square to see the -- the ball drop. jummy: a child in sick caucus, new jersey, upset about being kicked out of the cub scouts. the eight-year-old was kicked out -- was born a girl, named jody,
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a boy named joe. they say that he does not meet the eligibility requirements. the organization says that they refer to the information on a child's birth certificate. >> i was having fun and everything but not one person said something about me. his mother says that he has been a happier child since he was allowed to live is a boy. larry: an iowa mother this morning, mourning the loss of carrie fisher. her role as princess leia catapulted her into pop culture immortality. she passed away tuesday after going into cardiac arrest. we have more on her lasting legacy as the tributes come pouring in. quite you are braver than i thought. >> nice. come on. >> carrie fisher's role as the only female lead in the original st
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superstardom. >> this is our most desperate hour. .elp me, obi-wan kenobi >> winning so many battles as princess leia, but tuesday morning winning the final fight in a los angeles hospital. her untimely death comes just days after she collapsed on the flight and went into cardiac arrest, spending christmas weekend fighting for her life, with family, including her mother and daughter at her side. have seen her pullout and survive so many things before. >> she chronicled her personal struggles with mental illness and drugs in memoirs. postcards from the edge was later made into a movie starring meryl streep. last year, theas pop-culture icon returning to the spotlight in her most famous and ultimately one of her final roles. wityo the force it
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mark hamil, tweeting that there were no words, that he was devastated. >> known for her witty sense of humor, joking that she wanted her obituary, inspired by an exchange she had with george that no matter how i go, she wants it reported that she drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own brought -- bra. larry: knowing who she was, i didn't follow how closely how funny she was. in the past 24 hour so many things coming out about her. >> we were just saying how quick witted she was. just on it. quite that is what is so sad, it's not until people pass that you really realize even the good things that they have done. >> how talented they are. >> what a loss, this year, over and over. >>el
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>> thank you ray much. gone, we arelong in the upper 60's now and looking at more wintry systems coming in. one that will bring more rain with it on thursday. each of these now could have a little bit of wintry weather at least nearby. for thursday monday. he that in mind. for next thursday as we talk rain, probably not a good day to be out in the early part of the day to do any exchanging or returning of gifts, but today, saturday, you're good to go. you will need to put on more clothes, bundle up, start to dress in layers as the end of the week we get the lower temperatures and wind. 40's, holding mid steady, running in the 40's. kind of what you see when you step out the door this morning is how the afternoon is going to be. along with sunshine and dry conditions, not bad at all. we are already tracking stormwatch 7, a cold front coming together with this area
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the south, converging on the area to give us the rain. lasting until 9 a.m., 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. got aonday we have slightly higher threat against most of -- both of these of the onset. it may have an impact on area roads. as promised, the cold, look at the windshield. 20 to 25 degrees on friday. 25 to 30 is about as good as it's going to feel during the afternoon hours. if you wanted winter back there? jamie: i don't. i think i want that one day you were talking about that will be in the 60's. as soon as you get into lorton, you drop down and you are only about in the 30's due to an earlier issue that we had closer to the fairfax county parkway. now everything is completely gone. what is not gone is an accident d
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northbound on north washington street at madison. taking a live look, in this area right now we have one of the cars, a truck on its side. you can see the vehicle involved in the accident as well. the traffic has been reported in this is a live look from alexandria. best to avoid. talk to youwant to about alternates in the best way to get around the accident activity. act to you. up, christmas gift disappointment. not because it is an ugly sweater. the hot holiday for
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larry: taking a look outside, mobile trak 7 at the scene, police activity with jamie sullivan here tracking this for you and to tell you how to get around the crash and alexandria. forecast here in just a few minutes as well. frustrated parents
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that those hatch a morals -- hatchimals, the hot holiday gift, are not worth the money. hottest toys of the holiday season may not be what it's all cracked up to be. >> frustrated parents are in planing that the interactive toy takes too long to hatch or doesn't hatch at all. the company says they are hoping to troubleshoot the issues. amazon, shipping more than one billion items around the world during the busy holiday shopping system. season. >> 62% use the mobile device to make the odors -- orders. you will be about to stream up to 50 live-action and animated disney movies on lou. >> disney owns part of who loot and the exclusive deal includes the nightmare before christmas and sister act. >> ♪ i will follow him wherever he may go ♪
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. fight, caught on cramped -- camera. a growing manhunt for the two men caught in the act in the video. clean, russian officials on olympic doping. breaking right now, and overturned bus in alexandria. let's get right to the latest on how it affects your commute. jamie: it will affect your commute. especially if you live in alexandria. there are two vehicles behind me. it's hard to make out, but this is the bottom of the box truck. you can see the back of it right here. entrapment was right ordered, but let's talk about how to get around this. it is north washington street headed northbound, completely blocked credit white street. let's talk alternates. pendleton at north columbus, there are so many parallels. it is not going to be difficult to get around, it will j
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if you are going to be traveling on 395 you look great headed into d.c.. interstate, new issues. same thing on the gw parkway. maryland, clear, no issues near 95. 270 is moving very well, continuing closer to the 270 spur. interstates are quiet, that's what i anticipate it to be like for most of the morning and even this afternoon without to many people out there. keeping a close eye on the accidents and alexandria, closing down north washington street. not bad out there on the road, but it is definitely chilly. got at least ave quiet start, but clarksburg, 36 degrees right now. one of the cooler conduct -- cooler places. herndon, a few high clouds holding, 40, 46, temple hills, .oming in it 42 barely very light winds currently out of the west and northwesbe
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from the 60's yesterday to 20 degrees lower today, 45 to 46 with sunshine here throughout the day. this time tomorrow we will be tracking some rain and your best chances between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., that is the bar going way up. even a moderate chance of showers after 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. in those early morning hours there might be some other wet spots. we will get some wind tomorrow. over 35 mileay, winds, strong winds going lower, really bringing down the windchill values. coldness to wap up work week. we will talk about that and the look of the weekend, hey, we're going to ring in the new year. jummy: breaking overnight, a wisconsin mall evacuated after a shooting threat. reports of a gunman but no one was ever found. the in
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country. police say that they do not believe the incidents are connected. larry: an altercation that turned deadly, happening right now, d.c. police need your help finding the men involved. >> here is the first man, wearing a green shirt inside of the 7-eleven. looking relaxed, even laughing. it's a different story when he goes outside. here he has his coat and he joins another man wearing a blue jacket. junior,im, james dorsey is wearing black. it appears the guy in blue might have thrown a drink in his face. dorsey backs away but then it becomes a fight. police released several angles. here you can see the guy in green pull out a handgun, cocked it, and walked towards the victim. the men in blue stumble around for a bit, appearing to be kicking the victim of these down, even going back for something, perhaps a hat. take
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looking for the man in green. take a good look at his shirt. from this angle you can see his sandals. blue.gain at the guy in he has a checkered scarf and is wearing distinctive shoes. their faces are fairly clear, too. >> happening today, secretary of state john kerry will detail the obama administration vision for peace in the middle east. the speech comes as relations between the u.s. and israel sour. last week the u.s. abstained from voting on a resolution condemning the settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. john kerry is expected to address this issue in a speech later this morning. larry? scene in astoric historic place. president obama and the japanese prime minister abe visited pearl harbor. he is the first japanese leader to visit the
6:35 am
the battleship it was sunk by japan in 1941. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those that lost their lives here. in the spirits of the brave men and women whose lives were taken by the war that commenced in this place. larry: and may president obama became the first sitting president to visit your shema. neither leader apologized during the visit. the first time, russian officials admitting that they carried out a widespread doping operation. they told "the new york times" that it was an institutional conspiracy but denied that it was all state-sponsored, detailing how a lab director tampered with athlete urine samples and provided cocktails of performance-enhancing drugs. la
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jummy: the manhunt now, for the suspect. larry: big changes, you will need those this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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veronica: welcome to wednesday, for so many the kids are out of school, maybe will be doing some sightseeing. it will be tried, sunny, much lower than yesterday with the temperatures. back to the coast we've got the check on the sunglasses needed today. at the end of the week we will be wrapped up in the gloves and the scarves as well. even see your forecast for today , hitting 45 by 10 a.m.. temperatures rising only five to six degrees from where we will be this morning. tonight, 36, some areas lower than that. could be are a few icy patches but 43 degrees on thursday during the afternoon hours. the bigger change coming behind the system with wind chills coming from the 20's to 30 degrees. looking at ringing in new year, it is currently looking dry, temperature at midnight a 40 degrees. taking a look at the 10 day forecast
6:40 am
one issue in alexandria, we have a pretty serious meltdown with all lanes blocked northbound on washington street. they have one linda does get by. southbound there is a lane that is blocked as well. a couple of alternates, let's take a live look in this area. mobile trak 7 is there, giving you a different view from what we had before. here's one of the cars involved and here's the overturned box truck. out, but you can see the bottom of it, we have a record on screen and they are letting one lane get by in the northbound side. i anticipated may be close off and you might just get a better view of the whole intersection here. but they may close this off shortly once they up right that. again, we will keep you updated. one northbound lane into south vineland set -- southbound lanes are open. if something changes, we will let you know.
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jummy: we have got a crime alert to tell you about from overnight. larry: thieves targeting a store in alexandria. john? that's right, alexandria police investigating that one, but two armed robberies. the clerk at this 7-eleven, robbed at gunpoint. coming up you will hear what he has to say. sam? sam: the story making international headlines, the d.c. yielded teacher and actress, found murdered and dead in the trunk of
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> this is a breaking news alert. larry: a convenience store hit by robbers overnight. suspects holding up the clerk at gunpoint, they are now on the loose. john gonzalez's live of more in alexandria. john? john: we just spoke to that clerk. alexandria police are investigating two armed robberies at this hour. very similar
6:45 am
they are connected. the most recent one occurred at 3:30 this morning. this is not a stand-alone 7-eleven. homes above this convenience store, right down the street from the federal courthouse here. take a look, this is the clerk that we were talking to earlier. he told us that around three: 30 this morning a young man with a mask and a slim build came in, walked up to the counter, pulling out a black pistol, demanding all of the cash in the store. the clerk opened the register and he gave him all the cash. the clerk told us he's not sure how much money this guy made off with, but the earlier incident occurred on henry street right in the heart of old town alexandria at around 8:30 last night, about a mile and a half away from where we are here. the suspect in that case pulled out a firearm and took off
6:46 am
a cell phone. fortunately no one was physically harmed during these armed robberies. police are again trying to figure out if they are connected. no strong leads, no arrests. they are going to the surveillance video and the cameras here to try to get a better description. reporting live in alexandria, john gonzalez. have new information about the man suspected of carjacking and killing a d.c. actress and yoga instructor. we know that this is not his first run-in with the law. sam sweeney is live with more on this story. sam? sam: he has an extensive criminal past. 29 years old, from upper marlboro. recently arrested december 17. he was supposed to have an ankle bracelet put on but he never showed up for his court date. this morning you can see outside the obit studio, where that yoga hasher
6:47 am
remembering her. she taught every night at 5:30 and last night they held a vigil for her. today at 1:00 this afternoon her suspected killer will go before a judge for the first time. mcauley disappeared christmas night. johnson had been driving her car around with her dead body inside , according to police. at this hour it remains unclear when and where she died and how johnson came into contact with her. the medical examiner says that she was strangled and badly beaten. the post reached out to her family -- his family. his stepfather says the criminal justice system went too easy on him in the past and says that he should never have been released from prison. the father went on to say that he did have a history of mental miss. police believed that they were strangers and didn't know each other. possible the johnson shows her at random. reporting live from the bloomingdale neighborhood of northwest washington, sam sweeney. jummy: this
6:48 am
how the white house plans to punish russia for allegedly the with presidential election. "the washington post," reporting that punitive measures are on the table, including economic sanctions and of pneumatic censure. officials tell the post that other methods may include covert cyber operations as well. larry coleman reports of a deadly police involved shooting in northeast d.c.. others fatally shot sunday responding to a domestic disturbance. threatening officers with a knife, shot after refusing to drop the knife. the detective later -- detectives later allowed for the viewing of police body cam videos that show that he did not have a knife. way that you can spin this and say that he had a knife and the police were threatened, because they were not. we side with our eyes. >> the family members say they want to videos released. a spokesperson says he has seen a video and says it clearly shows that
6:49 am
police say that they cannot release the videos while the death is being investigated and need family approval to release them. abc 7 is pushing for more answers on the story. watch this morning at 11:00 as the interim chief sits down and takes your questions at 11 a.m. on news channel 8. jummy: of virginia dog breeder, accused of ament -- animal abuse. herch in post failed to get dogs the urgent medical care they needed. earlier this month they took seven puppies and other dogs from her home. officers said they found feces and urine covering the floor of the blankets and bedding inside of the house. all the animals tested positive for pargo. covering metro, underground stations offering free wi-fi ready and 2018. six locations, including metro center and l'enfant plaza, already ha
6:50 am
the pilot program. metro says that 60% of stations should have it by this time next year and the remaining 40% will have it within two years. metro said that they are working with the four major cell phone companies to provide service in the tunnels. jummy: if you don't love your christmas center from grandma, heads up, return shipping is get ups expects to deliver one point 3 million packages back to retailers on january 5. they call it national return day. who knew that that existed. expecting 5.8 million returns. through a coldg january, police at one company will be cruising the caribbean thanks to the boss. one ceo is paying for its more than 800 workers to take a cruise next month. the trip is a reward after the company met its goals for the year. the cruise was offered as an incentive a year ago.
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>> we finally got back in the black in 2015 and we thought it anld be nice to try to get incentive going again, get people fired up. larry: wow. so come the team set sail january 8. talk about a nice company christmas. i'm trying to figure this out. 800 times? jummy: there ain't no ports in iowa. [laughter] veronica: i her that story. wow. jummy: birch? [laughter] larry: education? name. irst [laughter] listen, you know, a lot of kids are still out of school, home and looking for some thing to do. sometimes the thing to do is to take them, you know, snow tubing, skiing. the ski resorts this weekend will be happy.
6:52 am
around thursday and even friday at the end of the work week. i'm giving that the green light. your coldest days coming up on friday. western maryland and into west central areas of pennsylvania and even, or one should say, especially west virginia. shopping, the one need to watch is thursday, but it's still a green light for that. running, best today, you won't have to deal with the wind for the high temperatures. 45 to 46 for a high. 38 in chevy chase. 39 in fort washington. temperatures taking a bit of a dip by about two degrees or so, going right back up after 7:00. theing at today, back into coats tomorrow. as the rain comes through early in the day, we will be all bundled up by friday. that is your high temperature, just 40 degrees.
6:53 am
average and with the wind it will feel like the 20 pass and 30's across the area. wewe get towards the weekend will be looking at dry conditions but again i think for anyone who wants to go skiing, those locations to the north and west, there could be two inches of snow. areas around berkeley, cumberland, four to six inches in some of the higher spots of west virginia. the area and blue tomorrow morning, there could be a bit of snow mixing in with the rain. 46 degrees for the high temperature today, running in the mid-40's for the upcoming weekend. yes, we have taken the rain out of new year's eve and new year's day. have in watching things closely in alexandria. we have seen the box truck on its side. they have actually up righted that. this is the intersection of north washington street. zooming in just a bit again, now is the correct decision. this is the
6:54 am
car that was involved. it's only the two vehicles involved. here arees right southbound. you have someone going through. lane is northbound. no longer completely blocked. it was earlier. the wrecker is still on the scene. once they get this out of there, they will reopen everything. in the meantime, try to avoid it , though we are not seeing a huge backup. give yourself a next were two to this isnutes, again, what you will have. as far as other things we are seeing, happy to report there is not much. it's a very easy morning for us. that's a look at traffic. you, jamie. kidd o'shea is here to get us in the now. all thatbeen talking the passing of carrie fisher. i want to people want to know what will happen to her dog, gary, who has been seen all over the place. tmc reports that her daughter will take over the duties, she
6:55 am
carrie fisher had always said that she wanted her to go with gary -- that she wanted gary to go with her daughter if at all possible. so, that is something that we should point out. also, he is four years old. he was adopted to help her as a therapy dog because of her bipolar disorder. again, almost seen every with her -- everywhere with her over the last couple of months. in hollywood for the taping of an episode that included carrie fisher, she was promoting "the force awakens. taping. that we interviewed jimmy kimmel after the show had aired. carrie was there, we were backstage and saw her walk in. gary the dog was there as well. she was part of this that they did in the opening. i remember her walking in and she was going over the script, she was asking for
6:56 am
things, wanted to change a couple of things. this was minutes before they were going on the air and the people behind the scenes were like -- we got to get you down here. gary is walking around and there like -- we are about to take national television and she was very relaxed and call me and the second that cameras went on she nailed it, perfect, gracefully walked on and did the interview and everything pretty neat experience and a great talent as well. time for your 62nd express. here. vigil was held johnson had been driving her car around with her dead body inside. his family says that he should never have been let out of jail. alexandria police found investigating two armed robberies. this was the most recent one here. a young man pulled out a black pistol. alexandria,ve in take a look behind me. north washington street headed northbound, completely blocked.
6:57 am
japanese prime minister, visiting the pearl harbor memorial. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences. >> trump tower in new york, unattended baggage catching the attention of police. turned out to be children's toys. >> morning the sudden death of carrie fisher. >> mark hamil, tweeting -- no words -- in a photo of them. larry: that does it for us this morning. jummy: moving over to news channel 8.
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good morning, america. the giant storm barreling across the country after dumping two feet of snow in the west, dangerous driving, trucks flipping over. trees crushing hopes. thousands without power right now and the travel nightmare millions could face this holiday week. trump doubles down. less than three weeks before his inauguration, the president-elect takes a new swing at president obama. suggesting the voters turned against him. this as trump adds another player to his administration. holiday murder mystery, the yoga instructor gone missing right before christmas dinner. the all out search and the new surveillance images helping police crack this case. ♪


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